Acoustic Bavaria



Acoustic Bavaria is your personal audio guide that can help you through your tour to the Neuschwanstein Castle. The app includes the history of the Castle Hohenschwangau, the back-story of Ludwig II and the Wittelsbach family with an audio advice which portraits the route of navigating between two castles with the help of photos that feature important spots.

In this app, the tour guide Jake Doherty invites everyone to explore the castle at your own pace, where he tells you the story of Wittelsbach family which includes history, murder, conspiracy theories, war and much more.


  • Help those who are interested in seeing the castle and knowing the history of the place
  • Audio content guide with every minute details
  • Zoom able sitemaps with hotspots
  • Each important point is marked within the app
  • Provide entertainment, information and history
  • It’s a real live tour guide app available in both Android & iOS
  • Users can also use the app offline
  • Get suggestions for new places or tourist spots near by
  • Can submit your ratings & reviews
  • Continuous data update regarding the castle and routes


Swift, Java, PHP, Xcode,Objective C,Android