Clapp App

Scope of project:  

Clapp App (Android + iOS)

Web admin panel- CMS (Web only)

Timeline: 6 months


Android Studio, Java,Objective C, Xcode, PHP, Odoo (Project Management & Tool), Slack (communication software)


  • Watch live TV shows along with commenting options
  • Users can interact using applaud with Clapp, respond, comment or make a bu
  • Consist of seven emoticons for writing reviews, expressing moods and share feelings
  • Interact and connect with friends by doing clapp/bu
  • Maintain the saved list of your favourite TV shows
  • Mark/tag programs that you have already seen
  • Receive instant notifications on TV
  • Register people with “@nickname” during registration
  • A displayed chart shows the top-rated program, comments of the day, month and year etc.


The intention of Clapp App is to build a user-friendly platform associated with real-time updates of categorized TV programs. It provides video streaming as an add-on feature and statistical dashboard which tracks down user activity.

Exclusivity of this app is the provision of admin panel which customizes program category and several other settings as per requirement. Topics can be set by the admin and can also create categories, titles, and subtitles with a specified start date and end date.