Flight Speak



This is an ultimate travel-friendly app where the airline users can track, share and rate their travel experience. The travelers can evaluate the flight on a simple scale so that the authorities and users can get an idea about how it went by. The users can also find interesting stuff like options to find deals at the airport you are traveling to.

Updated and personalized information of over 300 airports can be accessed by air travellers in the palm of their hands.


  • The airport WiFi information is gathered for users to know about connection details and whether it is free beforehand
  • The Twitter feeds from airports gives the most up-to-date information of multiple formats in one single place
  • The “Just for Family” section gives details like play areas for kids, rooms for nursing moms and pet resources
  • They can cut down on search time as users can easily find out answers to common queries like shopping, ride-sharing, store hours and transportation all from one place
  • They can even get live updates of the nearest bar open right now, latest TSA information, eating areas at airports and information regarding where to get picked up by your Uber driver
  • The users can easily share interesting airport stories and photos alongside other global travelers in the gallery
  • Users have options to share the FlightLog with friends on Facebook and Twitter

Flight Speak is, in fact, a smart, delightful and easy solution to all your ‘airport’ needs!


Swift, Objective C, Java, PHP, Xcode