This is an interesting application that allows users to earn rewards on everyday happening. The app lets you easily discover stores of your interest, the places you love to visit and even the places your friends have liked. Just download the app and install it on your smartphone to find out venues of your preferences while being part of exciting events and winning rewards!


  • Unlike other local search apps, Gobzer lets you promote your favourite destination to help them grow
  • Users can simply sign in with the preferred store or places on Gobzer favourite and explore more
  • You can easily refer your favourite places or shops to your friends and family while the app rewards you
  • The app offers a great platform for you to be a part of various privileges offered by local businesses programs.
  • With this app, users need not worry about the physical cards in your wallet and no transportation is required. You can simply enjoy privileges by sitting at the comfort of your home.

In addition to benefitting from custom & amp service, this is in fact a rewarding experience!