NO App

Scope of the Project :

No app : (Android – iOS)

Web admin panel : (Web only)           

Timeline : 2 Months

Technologies/ Framework :

Java/Swift/Python, Django REST Framework, Firebase integration

Description :

NO app is created to help women in a situation of distress. This app can alert others that the user is in a dangerous situation and requires immediate assistance. This safety app for women allows user to register as adult as well as minor and create groups and join other user’s groups. By creating a group, the user can add contacts from her contact and call them to help her when in distress and by joining the other users groups, the user can respond to other users when they are in distress. The call is sent to all ‘NO’ app users in the vicinity, all the members in the caller’s group, the Police and the 24/7 live assistance call centre.

No app allows user to change the display language and choose the user’s preferred language such as Hindi, English, or Marathi. It also shares the location and user name of the distress caller.

Feature List :

  • Location sharing
  • Shows ‘ACTIVE’ or ‘INACTIVE’ against added contacts, allowing user to determine which contact have accepted the request
  • Group edit option to add new members to group, delete the group and to change the group’s name
  • Leave group option
  • Cancel a distress call, if the caller feels the danger has passed or if the situation has resolved
  • Shows the position of other ‘NO’ users in the vicinity and the position of the responders