Study.Net is a popular digital platform for students and teachers to enhance their learning experience through a wide variety of course contents. Students can easily and conveniently access the Study.Net course materials on their iOS device through this user friendly app. Users can simply download and save the required materials on their device any time.


  • Users can see the complete list of all available courses and materials with special indication on already downloaded ones
  • You can read or annotate PDF materials even when device is offline
  • You may simply play audio/video materials from the application
  • The app allows easy download of multiple materials for multiple courses
  • The downloaded materials can be printed using AirPrint

This amazing application has changed the way students and teachers interact with the course materials. The app has in fact established a platform for students to study whenever they want and whatever they want at their comfort from their handy devices. 


Xcode, Swift, Objective C