10 Best Online Multiplayer Games

Online multiplayer games which are real time are a great time pass and obsession for this generation.


Those who love technology and have a thing for smartphone and digital tech have been evolving and increasing day by day.


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Since then, the mobile game and online gaming technology has evolved over the period of time focusing on user experience.


The game developers have also been increasing in present days inculcating several exciting elements and features to attract the gamers.


In this present era, there are several multiplayer online games which has attracted gamers.


Here are top ten games with multiplayer support.


1) Minecraft


This game is very popular among the younger generations and kids. It is developed by Mojang which is sandbox video game where players can use cubes to create constructions in a 3D setting.


mine craft - multiplayer games


  • Here it is possible to customize the setup according to individual taste
  • There are options to explore, gather resources and other similar features making it exciting
  • In the list of top grossing games of all the time
  • Can create own Minecraft world through monthly subscription
  • Price points for multiple players making it budget friendly


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2) Vain Glory


VainGlory is developed by Super Evil Megacorp which is known to deliver best user experience for multiplayer gaming experience among the mobile users. The game features for both iOS and Android devices.


vain glory - multiplayer games


  • This is one of the best strategy game
  • Players participate in battle in a 3 vs 3 match against each other
  • Its made to feel real with technology
  • Can destroy the enemy and get rewarded for teamwork and skill
  • Simple gameplay and touch control tools
  • One of the most celebrated esport in the online world


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3) Spaceteam


Spaceteam is well known multiplayer game developed by American Studio for iOS and Android. The game has spaceship which takes its players to rescue from disasters and save it.


space team - multiplayer games


  • This game allows you to follow instructions from your friends and play random buttons
  • Free game can be enjoyed over Wi-Fi
  • Cool upgrades and features for outfits, ships, freebies and symbols


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4) World of Tanks Blitz


This multiplayer game is developed by War gaming group and is known to offer best online war experience. Since its release in 2012, it has growingly becoming popular among 110 million players worldwide.


world of tanks - multiplayer games


  • Among most popular multiplayer games list
  • Free available to both iOS and Android
  • Can join 7 vs 7 battles
  • Can upgrade tanks with speed, armor and firing
  • Can have special kits in the apps


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5) Muffin Knight


Muffin Knight is well known multiplayer game offering captivating 3D environment with customization, unlockable things and platforming.


It is appealing game which attracts users with its best user interface and memorable experience in which it succeeds to provide to its gamers.


muffin knights - multiplayer games


  • Available both in iOS and Android
  • Mario like feel while playing
  • Themes compliments the characters within the game
  • Can increase battle levels and improve the characters
  • Has cross platform multiplayer accessibility


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6) Arcane Legend


Arcane Legend is prominent multiplayer game developed by SpaceTime studios. It delivers online game for thrilling game experience designed mostly for young players. It has simple levelling system which manages to engage you within through creating certain class for the characters.


arcane legend - multiplayer games


  • Three classes in Arcane legend to pick from: warrior, rogue or sorcerer
  • Extra perks and incentives within the game
  • Players have their own pet in the game which helps earning extra incentives


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7) Hearthstone: The Heroes of Warcraft


Hearthstone is developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It is well known absorbing online card game for multiplayers where the users can participate through creating monsters to combat others.




  • Has over 50 million players
  • Well absorbing within the game
  • One of the most famous card battling games
  • Interesting and compelling user experience


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8) Monster Hunter Freedom Unite


Monster Hunger Freedom unite is enchanting and absorbing as it gives series of action rich video games with role playing. Originally it has been a playstation 2 game.

monster hunter

  • Developed by Capcom
  • Makes session absorbing through its action rich game
  • Fantasy environment where player fulfills the quests through killing, trapping or hunting down the monsters
  • Available as online multiplayer game and play station portable games
  • Exciting quests can involve up to 4 players


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9) Magicka


Magicka is well known action adventure video game which can be accessed through android devices. It is stimulating in nature which absorbs us within the amazing interface it provides.


  • Developed by Swedish Arrowhead studios
  • Released in 2011 via Steam and was an attempt by 8 students Sweden
  • Based on Norse mythology
  • 200,000 copies sold in first 17 days of release
  • Later in 2013 came in mobile game version with graphics and glory
  • Addictive in nature through facility to add layers to create more chaotic and energetic battleground with explosions thunders and lightning.


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10) Modern Combat 5: Blackout


Modern Combat 5 is better known as Call of Duty of Mobile among the game enthusiasts. It is developed by gameloft and is loaded with interesting content which makes us addictive.


modern combat


  • Spectacular visuals and user interface
  • Allows to switch modes and customize characters
  • Multiplayer game allowing to break through items and players keep running shooting and sniping enemies
  • Absorbs us in the game with its best interface and experience


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Among the several real time and online multiplayer games, the above ten are known as best loved among the present day’s game lovers and enthusiasts.


They are quite different in nature and themes, and are engaging and absorbing within the game.


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Most of them offer customizable content which is well demanded by most of the players. They provide best user interface and graphics and hence leave us with unforgettable memories and gaming experience.


All you need in them is install the game and start gaming which will make you cling in the fantasy world right away.


The right way to get into the right games is to tackle the same problem that is been happening within a person and you need to tackle all the ways that had to be in a way that you can shower the entire thoughts to the person that has given the same light the way it had to be.