10 Best Real Estate Apps in the UK

Digitization has cast its magic across every industry we depend on. Be it shopping, gaming, performing banking services or buying a home – there is an app for everything. Technology has progressed from website to apps that are available in your smartphones and if industries do not change with the technological advancements, there is no way they would survive. The same applies to the real estate industry.


If you are looking to buy a new home, sell your old one or renovating your current residence, there are many real estate apps available in the UK that offer all the information and features necessary to do these jobs. It helps you even save the money you spend on real estate agents. You can use the apps to find a property of any size in the UK. Whether it is for rent or if you want to invest – you can do it all and find your dream home with the touch of a button.


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In this blog, we have listed the best real estate apps in the UK. They may not be the most popular apps available in the market, but they do the same job just as well with a slightly different focus, alternative search methods and use of specialist criteria to bring about similar effective results.


Here’s a list of the best free real estate apps used by those looking for homes in the UK.

Zoopla Property Rightmove UK
OnTheMarket Love Your Postcode
Nestoria AroundMe
Hoffr Knocker
UK Mortages DocuSign


1. Zoopla Property


Zoopla Property is one of the most popular free real estate apps in the UK. With a new and intuitive dashboard, finding a perfect home has never been simpler. You can easily search up properties for sale or rent in the app.


The app features thousands of listings that finding the property of your dreams with the prices has become an easy task. While using the app, the user gets to experience the following features:


zoopla - real estate apps


  • View homes along with prices
  • Contact information of listing agent
  • Map view
  • Personalized alerts
  • Custom searches
  • Photos


Zoopla Property app will keep you updated about the new properties that meet your criteria and are available on the market. It is a great resource and has proven invaluable to many users in their searches.


Download : Android, iOS


2. Rightmove UK


As the name suggests, choosing the app is the “right move” to find the property that you have in your mind. The app features millions of home listings – for rent and sale from all over the UK.


Users can also look for previous selling prices and market information on neighbouring properties in the app.


If you want to sell, buy or rent, properties, the following features of Rightmove will help you in the process:


right move - real estate apps


  • Receive instant alerts and send search results to your phone
  • Creating instant alerts and sending search results to your phone
  • Ability to sync browsing activity across devices to make sure all information is available
  • Schools in the vicinity and overall performance
  • Photos and floorplans of properties to help get a good feel
  • Selling prices of 20+ million properties all over the UK


Rightmove is one of the best free real estate apps to use while on a house hunt. The developers of this app are very proactive and look at incorporating suggestions by customers to make the navigation and interface better.

Download : Android, iOS


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3. OnTheMarket


OnTheMarket app defines convenience. It’s simple and clean interface makes search for houses in the UK and overseas an easier task. You can view and explore hundreds of listings with prices to find your perfect home.


You can find thousands of homes listed by real estate agents in the app that makes OnTheMarket one of the best free real estate apps to work with. It has the following features:


on the market- real estate apps


  • Ability to see any property listed as soon as it hits the market
  • “Current location” feature to see listings in the area
  • Clear and crisp photographs of rentals and with Google Street View
  • View schools and stations in the vicinity
  • Most current information on each listed property
  • Contact buttons to get in touch with the listing agent
  • Multi-image format for home searches


The company has updated the app to include contact buttons to make it easier for users to get in touch with the listing agent. With a multi-image format like the website, this app is great for home searches.


Download : Android, iOS


4. Love Your Postcode


Love Your Postcode app is similar to a real, well-established real estate agent. The app is so popular for its amazing customer service that it is often voted in the top 1% of the list of UK Real Estate Agents.


What makes Love Your Postcode app the best is its transparency, use of latest technology, competitiveness and top-notch marketing. Some of its features that make the app popular include:


love your postcode- real estate apps


  • Free next day valuation
  • A property specialist assigned to each client
  • Easy to contact specialists
  • Exhaustive property listings


No need to say more – check out the app and see what it can do for you the next time you are in the market for purchasing or renting a home.


Download : Android, iOS


5. Nestoria


Nestoria app is offers its services across over 40 countries and has multiple language options that the users can choose. It helps both buyers and sellers save time – they do not have to waste hours looking through ads to find that perfect home.


Searching for a property has never been this easy. Some of the features that makes Nestoriaa must have real estate apps are:


Nestoria- real estate apps


  • Direct contact with advertiser
  • Getting into the advertisements can have the best real-estate deals that causes to be the perfect symbolic thing from the entire brand of overrates
  • Receive emails about the property which interests you
  • Find exact locations on the properties and locate on a map
  • Filter ads by location, price, square footage etc.


So, where ever in the UK you wish to live, Nestoria is your experienced helping hand in the process.


Download : Android, iOS


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6. AroundMe


AroundMe is a very effective real-estate app that precisely shows a person’s location and offers information on neighbourhoods and properties for sale. Working as the local neighbourhood expert, its listings on everything including supermarkets, banks, schools etc. is quite extensive.


The following features of AroundMe app provides a good understanding of your new area and provides a smooth settling down experience:


around me- real estate apps


  • Filter results by inserting a kilometer range of your choice
  • Check operational hours of the shop, café, bar, restaurant, etc. that you are searching for
  • Street view
  • The app offers a street view and can also directly connect the user with the vendor via call or a weblink


AroundMe app makes moving to a new neighbourhood a not-so-difficult task. You can just follow the app and get to know the surroundings of where you are moving in.


Download : Android, iOS


7. Hoffr


Hoffr app is also called the “property market in your pocket” app. You don’t have to waste a lot of time placing an ad to sell or rent your property in the UK. Instead, you can use the app for a hassle-free experience.


Managing the process of listing and advertising is quite straightforward in the app, making it easy for the sellers as well. The app has the following main features that make it popular:




  • Free listings
  • No commissions
  • No registration or application fees



Hoffr app makes it easy for buyers/sellers to contact the other person in an effortless manner. The great layout and easy-to-use features make finding your next home easy.


Download : Android, iOS


8. Knocker


Knocker app makes searching for properties in the UK fun using the property listings provided by Zoopla. It is known as the “Tinder for Houses” app and makes searching for your next home less complicated.


Knocker app allows users to look for properties based on their location till they find the right property. The app has the following main features:


port knock


  • Home search based on current or specific location
  • Swipe through pictures till the right one is found
  • Free for download
  • Saving properties


Knocker app helps you find your dream home and helps you familiarize with the surroundings.


Download : Android, iOS


9. UK Mortgages


UK Mortgages is a free app by Mortgage Brain that has a simple, easy-to-use interface. You can use the app to find a home and kick start You can make use of the following features of UK Mortgages app for your property hunting:


UK mortages


  • Find a qualified broker easily and get advice
  • Information on a wide range of mortgage loans and interest rates
  • Mortgage calculator to calculate the amount you can borrow


UK Mortgages app helps you make sensible buying decisions and find the home that you have been searching for.


Download : Android, iOS


10. DocuSign


Buying and selling properties is not a simple task. It involves tonnes of documentation that can even affect the whole process. Studying all about legal documentation in real estate can be time consuming. And that is where DocuSign app shows the easy way out.


The app allows you to store, access and manage important documents from anywhere and at any time easily. DocuSign app has the following features that make the whole documentation process easy:


Change the way business is conducted with DocuSign. Some of its most useful features are:


docu sign


  • Unlimited Free signing of all kinds of documents
  • Sending and managing files from any device
  • Real time notifications when documents have been signed
  • Legally binding documents
  • Complete audit trail available to all
  • End-to-end encryption


Download : Android, iOS


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DocuSign is a paid app that offers zip Form integration, web branding and reusable templates for easy legal documentation. Convenience at affordable prices is what makes the app unique.


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Investing in, buying or selling of properties has become lot easier with the help of real estate apps. Whether it is guidance or property listing or any other associated task that needs to be done, the apps let you get it done in a hassle-free manner. These real estate apps in the UK can certainly act as your expert guide round the clock.