Exploriverse Alphabet Flashcards



This comprehensive learning application is designed with the most modern reading Common Core standards. The app comes with building blocks that are ideal for any kid in kindergarten quality. The application is designed to be kid friendly in all aspects and explores every letter of the alphabetical series.  The audio (phonetic) and visual features of the app is meant to enforce the way in which the letters are spoken.

The app is available for both Apple phones and Apple tablets. Security and privacy features are met and it involves no third-party advertising or in-app purchases.


  • Kids are enabled to easily understand and differentiate uppercase and lowercase letters
  • They can identify the starting letters of simple nouns
  • The audio and visual features of the app enhances their quick learning capability
  • The fun and interactive animations along with sound effects make learning activity more interesting
  • The app comprises complete alphabets A through Z phonics as well as all 26 interactive animations
  • Its kid-friendly interface provides a platform for kids to learn with fun.

With the integrated interaction in the letter, the kids can experience cute animations for specific letters. This application is truly an ideal companion for kids in kindergarten quality level in private, public or home school.


Java, Android Studio, Swift, Objective C, PHP