Fun with Quiz



This is a comprehensive fun and knowledge quiz app for preschoolers, kids and toddlers. The app comprises a range of questions that are framed to test the knowledge of little preschoolers. The ease of use and simplicity is the highlighted feature of the app and kids can easily use it without any extra assistance.


  • Knowledge of kids are tested in various areas including number, shapes, alphabets, time, early science as well as day activities
  • The questions are framed in interesting formats like audio, visual and rapid-fire
  • Kid’s knowledge about various interesting facts is tested in a fun way.
  • They can interact with the app by answering the questions in the multiple choice format

This application is made interesting and challenging for kids as scoreboard is displayed after every game. The app also gives room for improvement as it provides suggestions by looking into scores. The preschooler can learn with fun as the app is designed to tease his/her brain and wits.

All the very best to our little champs!