C-21 App



  • Take international entertainment business right inside your pocket with this app
  • Daily coverage of global market content
  • Access over 100 channels, across 8 categories
  • Get breaking news notifications, set sound for alerts
  • Add channels to favorites for instant access
  • Set reminders for your favorite show
  • Can select the category, set language and surf for your favorite channels
  • Schedule loads offline for your favorite channels
  • Sync the app to mobile network whenever available


Users can store your favorite shows for offline viewing, find out which is the most popular video, view and save reports etc. This app is subscription-based and has four different types of subscriptions – Regular, Basic, Premium, and Advance. Depending on the┬áplan, the┬áprice is calculated.

Users have the option of 1-month free trial and can share the experience on social media Facebook, Twitter, SMS.

Timeline: 2 Months

Technology: Java, Android


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