Hearing Aid



The safety of deaf people is always at risks as they would often miss out the critical warning sounds like alarms and sirens. RedBytes developed the Hearing Aid app with the interest of Grey Group Singapore with an objective to solve the situation.

With an objective to make the life of deaf people easier and safer, the Singapore Association of the Deaf looked forward to implement a technological solution. Redbytes team took the challenge with open hands and successfully developed an app utilizing the sound capturing feature of the smart phones.

How It Works?

Hearing Aid is in fact a sound recognition app designed to assure safety of the deaf people.The sounds around the user are recognized and they get alerted through push messages, flashing lights, and vibrations. The app is pre loaded with alerts for the common warning sounds like sirens, bells,alarms, beeps, bells and rings.


  • The customization feature lets the user to record and store the warning sounds which they personally wanted to be alerted about.
  • Such customized sounds need to be recorded in a quiet premise as sounds in a noisy place would be difficult to get captured.
  • The minimum length of the customized record sounds need to be within 10 seconds.
  • The nature of such recording sounds have to be repetitive for results
  • This application can support a maximum of up to 10 sounds.
  • Baby’s crying, whistle sounds and thunder storm are among the most commonly stored customized sounds.

Lions Health Award is one of the reputed healthcare communications awards across the globe. As an honor, the Hearing Aid app was shortlisted for Lions Health Awards in June 2015. This app is truly a blessing for the deaf community.


Java, Swift, PHP, Xcode, Objective C