IBS Food Scan



A mobile phone app for IBS sufferers and people that for one reason or another follow the FODMAP diet. The app makes use of your phone’s camera to take a picture of the ingredient’s sections on a food label and quickly comes back with a Green/Red flag to indicate whether or not the products are safe to eat or if it is likely to trigger IBS.

If you want to reduce your IBS symptoms, this scanner introduces you to the government recommended Low FODMAP diet. If you are struggling to remember what is and is not safe to eat, the scanner can be used to check the text written on product ingredients labels and tell you whether it contains foods which are likely to trigger IBS


  • Text scan functionality with 80% accuracy based on OCR technology used
  • Fact sheets and links to further information on the FODMAP diet
  • List creator functionality so you can save lists of packaged products you know to be safe
  • Introduces you to the only medically recommended diet to treat IBS
  • Helps you identify packaged products that are safe to save you time
  • Allows you to create lists which friends and family can use if they want to cook for you


Java, Objective C, PHP, Corona SDK


3 months