KPMG India



This is a comprehensive app that provides a complete overview of today’s business issues across the globe. It is made available in over 25 languages to assure its benefits for a wider user base. A global perspective of today’s business helps young business enthusiasts to get innovative ideas.


  • Users can customize the app content depending on their preferences
  • Business enthusiasts can get instant access to articles, thought provoking and in-depth studies and industry surveys.
  • App provides options to search and sort interactive library of KPMG publications across the globe which covers articles, reports and surveys
  • The desired publications can be selected and accessed in your preferred language.
  • The updated knowledge regarding auditing, tax and consulting over a wide range of industries can be accessed at finger tips.
  • Preferred publications can be downloaded to customized playlists for easy access whenever needed
  • Interesting thoughts and comments can be saved through interactive bookmarks or use annotation functions.

You even get a chance to connect with the experts of member firms across the globe. Learn about best practices and innovative ideas in modern business and enhance your business prospects!


Swift, Objective C, Xcode