Learning Time



Parents choose this app for kids to develop their love for learning and reading habits at an early stage. The app comes with answers for almost all questions that your kid asks you. A range of subjects are covered in this app including English, Mathematics, values and a lot more. Kids can interact with the app through quiz, audio/video content, stickers and e-books while gaining knowledge and not losing the fun.


  • The app comes with following sections: Discover English with Ben and Bella, Time for Math, Learning values and Bonus apps
  • Topics can be selected by kids based on their interests
  • The bonus apps section provides more apps for kids including fun with ABC, community helper, nursery rhymes and opposites
  • The app provides a platform for language learning and kids develop good vocabulary

Why Choose This App?

  • Kids develop an interest in ‘real’ books at an early age
  • They gets an opportunity to get answers for their many doubts
  • Kids are even enabled to find answers on their own
  • They will be more aware about the real life objects
  • The app teaches the usage of index and alphabetical dictionary
  • They learn to pronounce the words correctly

Time to Learn is a platform that strengthens the bond between parents and kids.


Java, Swift, PHP, Xcode