Math be Nimble



This mathematical game application is a brain exercise that enables you to get quicker, faster, and stronger with maths. This simple yet challenging game app lets you choose a colour and solve problems quickly. The user can earn awards and accomplish goals while enhancing the mathematical skill as well as cognitive focus and attention.

The app covers a range of areas such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, order of operations, sequences and basic algebra.


  • Playing a few quiz rounds a day enables users to learn to think quickly with math and enhance the problem solving ability.
  • Math Be Nimble is not just meant for kids but for adults also to play together and help each other
  • A unique combination of quick calculations and mental problem solving takes your maths aptitude to a new level
  • This game app gives an excellent training for all tests and exam preparations.
  • It is in fact a great supplement for homework and assignments

Players of all levels can use this app to practice the core mathematics skills without losing the fun element.

Download the app and start improving your maths skills one colour at a time. You can see progress in speed, attention, and focus, while elevating the mind skills in no time.


Swift, Xcode, PHP, Java, Android Studio