Music App



This is an awesome app that is designed specifically for people who have a love for music. The music students can utilize the features of the app to try and make more efforts to learn varieties in terms of music. The app is designed in such a way that music teachers and students can use it as a platform for music teaching and learning.


  • The user has to first make a registration in order to use the app
  • Teachers can upload music files to various categories
  • Students can log in & listen to their favorite set of music and get all details
  • Once connected, the users can see demo music libraries which can be retrieved from the server
  • The songs that come under different sections will be broadcasted live
  • Users can also make use of paid libraries that are classified in terms of flute, trumpet and oboe.

The users are supposed to purchase the desired songs in order to download it and listen to it. And the users will have to use the particular application that comes inbuilt with it to play the downloaded songs from the application. Those with love for music would be delighted to use the options like metronome which comes as part of the app.


Java, Swift, Objective C, Android Studio, PHP