Scope of Project:

Customer App: (Android + iOS)

Vendor App: (Android + iOS)

 Web App: (Web only)

Feature List:

  • Location wise search
  • Shop list with details like time, cost, pre-order etc.
  • Track the order
  • Push notification
  • Reviews, ratings, & feedback
  • A user can suggest new restaurant by their choice
  • Add favourites
  • Time management

Timeline: 3 months


Java, Swift, PHP


Pizza has always been a favourite dish for people around the world and this app lets you order your favourite pizza sitting back home from the shop you want. One of the important features of this app is that the user can select the delivery option which is pick-up or home delivery and it also has an integrated payment gateway feature for cash on delivery. To a certain distance there are no charges and after that, it might charge you for delivery.

As you have so many stores to select your pizzas from, users also have the option to pre-book your orders.

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