Nightmare Nick



This is an interesting game app which is loved by kids as well as adults who love to play games during their free time. The game is all about Nick’s dreams in which he gets haunted by frightening versions of his many fears. All you want to do to win the game is to help him run from zombies, giant robots, and broccoli.

The game is designed with an interesting plot where players have to step into any of Nick’s childhood’s fears. During the game, you have to jump, slide, and dodge the way through 4 levels so that Nick survives until the morning. The game keeps on getting excited as you unlock the never ending nightmares and survive new levels while improving Nick’s score


  • Now you can compete with your friends and family across the globe as your high scores and candies get saved
  • Unlike the option to only avoid obstacles from behind, Nick is now allowed to avoid nearby obstacles through sliding
  • Users will no more accidentally select the links while trying to slide as banners are moved from bottom to top of screen
  • The pizza drop rate on Stage 4 is increased allowing players to easily start playing and compete on Endless mode.


Java, Objective C, Swift, Android Studio, PHP, Xcode