Proximity Search



Proximity Search lets you know about the public events created on Facebook in your nearby locations. You can have a look at almost all events that are happening within 50 kilometers of your present location.


  • You can log in via your Facebook account and search for nearby Party, Conference and Concerts
  • You can just click on the desired events to know all available details regarding it including the event, image, owner, and description
  • The event owner’s profile info like his name, number of friends, his other events etc can be checked with one click
  • The app lets you invite any of your friends who might be interested in the particular event
  • You may even create a new event using this app and invite your friends to be part of it
  • The app lets you see your current location in the home view of the map and search for desired places within 50 kilometers
  • The specific tabs for commonly searched places like cinemas and hotels will make your search easy

Proximity Search is a great platform for people to perk up the social relations and the app ensures that you don’t miss out any of your favourite events!


Swift, Objective C, Java, X code, PHP, PhoneGap