Quiz Time



This is a multiplayer game app that keeps you entertained while gaining knowledge. This mobile quiz game that can be accessed for free can make your free time more interesting and enlightening. You get an opportunity to play with your friends online or meet new people with same interest.


This game app comes with some exciting features and options:

  • Players can choose from five main quiz categories – G.K, Sports, history, Entertainment and Science
  • You may play with 2, 3, 4 or multiple players according to the interest and comfort
  • The answer for each question can be chosen from 4 options before the time limit
  • Players can be invited to join your game
  • You may even quit the game in the middle if you wish
  • Graphical representation of scores of all users can be seen for various player levels
  • The leader board lets you search for any particular player where their scores and ranks are listed.
  • Social media integration feature lets you share your victories with your friends


Android, PHP, Java, Android Studio