This application is designed to serve the role of a productivity workspace to help make your work simple. A wide range of business tasks can be performed efficiently from a single platform. The easiness and simplification in the workspace is the key feature of the app.

Productivity tool integrations, scheduling, and workplace detail synchronization are the highlighted possibilities with the app


The user can login using Google account details or Office 365 after downloading the application. Followed by that, the user can make use of some unparalleled features:

  • ‘Conference Rooms’ lets you to search for workspaces in the needed area and make the selection from the list and reserve
  • ‘Date Picker & Time Picker’ helps you choose the date and time for the conference
  • ‘Location Search’ can be used for searching desired locations while integrating the current location
  • ‘Meetings’ option gives complete details of the conference like date, time, place and even the number of persons invited
  • ‘Meeting Cancellation’ allows you to just tap on the desired event to cancel it
  • ‘Check-in Options’ gives check-in sources for events or conferences which includes features like check-in, check-out option, meeting-cancel option, and meeting extension option
  • ‘Check-out the Rate’ gives the chance to review and rate the workplace with regard to the experience
  • ‘More/Profile’ shows the profile of the user and integration with tools like credentials (Google Account), conference tool (Skype), scheduling (Google Calendar )  and content sharing tool (Google Drive, One Drive)

Meelo was developed with the cross-platform Xamarin with native features. It is possible to share the code base at the same time.