Top 15 App Development Companies in Noida

App Development Companies Noida

India is well-known for its IT industry. It is not surprising to see IT solutions providers – from startups to tech giants having their offices in all prominent locations through the country. The country is a favourite outsourcing destination of businesses across the globe for its cost-effective, quick-responding, high-quality services that meet client requirements.


Talking about IT solutions, app development is one of the fields India contributes largely to. India has one of the largest numbers of app development companies and developers. According to reports, the country’s app development industry is predicted to generate revenue of $286 million this year, compared to the $133 billion in 2021 – a definite proof that app development industry in India is flourishing.


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There are many cities in India that can undoubtedly be nicknamed the country’s “IT hubs.” Bengaluru – the “Silicon Valley” of India tops the list, followed by Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Delhi NCR – Noida and Gurgaon, Ahmedabad and Kolkata. The companies in these tech cities provide a variety of IT services – app development included.


In this blog, we give you a glimpse of the top app development companies in Noida. The city is home to branch offices of some of the renowned tech giants – Microsoft, Oracle Corporation and Adobe Systems. Let us see the app development companies located in the city and the services they offer.


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Appinventiv Mobulous Technologies
InnovationM Resourcifi Inc.
Ksolves India Limited Appsinvo Pvt. Ltd.
Vipra Damco Solutions
PureSoftware Pvt. Ltd. ChawTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
OnGraph Technologies Appventurez
TechGropse Pvt Ltd. Codestore Technologies Pvt Ltd
Binmile Technologies


1. Appinventiv


Appinventiv is an award-winning organization with one of its locations in Noida. It provides innovative technology solutions to its clients, including startups and Fortune 500 companies. The company that started as a team of 10 members in 2015 is at its strongest today with 1000+ tech experts, engineers and professionals onboard, helping businesses in their digital transformation journey.


Appinventiv has over 1000 successfully completed projects to its credit. Through its services, that includes full-cycle software development, ideation and design, research and development and more, the company aims to help businesses and individual keep pace with the changing technology and related innovations.


2. Mobulous Technologies


Mobulous Technologies is an app development company with locations in the USA and India – in the city of Noida. Founded in 2013 with the aim of providing the best optimized app-based solutions to startups, small and medium sized business, the company has so far developed over 300 native Android and iOS apps across different domains.


Mobulous Technologies is known for providing innovative applications that have helped many businesses begin their digital entrepreneurship journey. The company provides a variety of services that include app development, web development and web design with the aim of helping businesses achieve maximum profit.


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3. InnovationM


InnovationM is an app development company based in the Indian city of Noida and the USA. The company constitutes a brilliant team of developers and software engineers who work toward building innovative software solutions to small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and large enterprises.


InnovationM provides a variety of services including web development, app development and UI/UX design. They also specialize in creating custom mobile apps across iOS and Android platforms and involving latest technologies like Blockchain, cloud technology, etc. The company’s main focus is on providing end-to-end solution development, which involves product development and custom app development across web, mobile, middleware and server back-end.


4. Resourcifi Inc.


Resourcifi is an outsourcing company based in the USA and India that specializes in app development services apart from staff augmentation and white-label solutions. The company believes in adapting to the varied business requirements and adapting the latest tools and technologies to create robust and innovative business solutions.


Resourcifi has a magnificent team of experienced team members who have proved their niche in their respective domains and have managed to provide even highly robust and complex business solutions with ease. Through its services that include design, development, testing and digital marketing, the company aims to help startups, SMBs, ISVs and enterprises in their digital transformation journey.


5. Ksolves India Limited


Ksolves India Limited is another award-winning software development company located in Noida, India. The company has over 8 years of industry experience – its team of over 300 developers successfully completing 550+ projects for clients of all sizes, ranging from startups to SMBs.


Through its services, Ksolves aims to simplify the IT outsourcing experience and well as creating powerful solutions that help businesses get through their digital transformation journey with ease. The company is publicly listed in the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).


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6. Appsinvo Pvt. Ltd.


Appsinvo is a leading app development company located in Noida, India. The company focuses on creating implement technology solutions that help boost the productivity and efficiency of businesses, thus helping improve their overall performance and guiding them towards success.


Appsinvo has expertise in providing a variety of services, including app development and digital marketing across different industries. Through their services, the company aims at helping their clients stand out among the crowd and adding to the investments in the field of app development involving innovative technology.


7. Vipra


Vipra is a tech consulting and solutions provider headquartered in Noida, India. The company offers variety of creative and strategic services through which they help transform businesses in terms of performance and success.


Vipra makes use of the expertise of its team, their innovative ideas and creativity to build exciting solutions that prove helpful to businesses. Their forte includes app development, web design and marketing, where they leverage the latest technologies and tools for the results that go beyond expectations of the clients. They not only use the best technology stack but also prioritize the needs and requirements of their client businesses in creating the best possible solutions.


8. Damco Solutions


Damco Solutions is a tech solutions and IT Services provider located in the USA, the UK and different cities of India, including Noida. The company is known for its deep industry knowledge, innovative IT solutions and services, expertise in the latest technologies and tools, well-planned development and testing processes – all which make clients, from around the world, trust them in their projects.


Damco Solutions have a strong and flexible team who are available for both onshore and offshore projects and can adapt to any project environment with ease. They provide a variety of services that include app development, automation and product engineering. Through their services, Damco helps businesses to be capable of standing ahead in the highly competitive market and find their way to success.


9. PureSoftware Pvt. Ltd.


PureSoftware is a software development company that provides tailor-made software products and services to businesses. They focus on leveraging their domain capabilities and expertise across difference industries and platforms in providing the best and innovative solutions to their clients.


PureSoftware provides a wide array of development services that include mobile app development, web and software development services, involving the latest technologies, such as big data, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and IoT. Their team of 500+ members have researchers, developers, and designers with expertise in their own areas of specialization. The company swears by providing innovative and cost-effective solutions for businesses to enhance their performance.


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10. ChawTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


ChawTech Solutions is an innovative IT solutions provider located in Noida. The company creates creative and innovative solutions that match business requirements to its clients with the aim of driving them towards success. Started in 2016 as a two-member team, ChawTech now has a strong team of 70+ well-experienced IT professionals who are behind the best solutions that the company provides.


ChawTech solutions’ services include app development, animation and digital promotions. Through the services, the company aims to reach the pinnacle of the IT industry, while ensuring that all needs and requirements of the clients are fulfilled.


11. OnGraph Technologies


OnGraph Technologies is an end-to-end product development company with branches in different cities across the world, including Noida. The company aims at making the lives of humans easy through its AI-backed innovative and sustainable business solutions. They believe in creating and managing long-term relationships with clients and business partners, while building cost-effective and high-quality app development services.


The services provided by OnGraph Technologies include mobile and web app development as well as development of solutions based on emerging technologies. Through their services, they deliver business solutions that reflect their expertise, transparency and customer-oriented approach.


12. Appventurez


Appventurez is a leading mobile app development company with one of its location in Noida, India. The company focuses on providing end-to-end tech-oriented solutions and services to businesses – big and small with the aim of enhancing their overall business lifecycle. The company has completed building over 139 applications across different domains for its clients.


Appventurez has a team of over 250 professionals that involve Android, Xamarin and cross- platform developers who work behind the different services the company provides – strategy, design and development with major focus on client requirements. The company believes in creating long-lasting relationships with their clients through their high-quality services.


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13. TechGropse Pvt Ltd.


TechGropse is a top-notch app development company based in USA, India and UAE that helps startups, businesses and large enterprises meet their digital requirements through their business solutions. Through their solutions, the company ensures that the requirements of the clients and the end-users of their solutions are fulfilled.


TechGrope’s services include custom and web app development and also the development of emerging technologies and mobile games. The ultimate aim of the company is to build the finest app solutions that help the clients meet the varying and complex needs of the changing world. In their service, TechGropse make sure that their clients are involved and that all their requirements are met right from the planning stage until the final product is handed over to the clients.


14. Codestore Technologies Pvt Ltd


Codestore Technologies is an app development company with locations in Canada, USA and India. The company provides flawless, cost-effective mobility solutions to businesses – big and small, ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies. The company has so far delivered over 200 applications to its clients with the aim of helping them reach their business goals in a faster manner.


What makes Codestore Technologies stand out is their tech stack selection as well as customer-centric approach that contribute to building solutions that ensure the best user experience. The company’s services include ideation and design, app development, software testing and more.



15. Binmile Technologies


Binmile Technologies is a custom software and app development company that helps businesses in their digital transformation. The company provides its innovative solutions to organizations – startups, SMBs and enterprises across different industries.


Binmile provides a wide range of business solutions and services that include app development, quality assurance and product engineering to name a few. Through the solutions, the company intends to provide technological advancements to its clients by understanding their requirements.


Being a prominent IT hub in India, Noida contains many more app development companies that provide the best innovative technology-based business solutions that help businesses turn to digitalization and also to keep their own clients satisfied.


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Like we said before, India provides a lot of options for app development companies and the above list is about the companies in Noida alone. If you are looking to hire an app development company, make sure that they are experienced in the kind of projects you have, provide cost-effective services and also keep your business requirements as priority.