13 Best Disaster Management Apps

Disaster Management Apps

When the woes betide and disaster strikes, its better to prepare yourself and stock 3 days of everyday supply and survival kit including water, simple food, radio, first-aid kit, flashlight, maps, batteries and a cell phone.


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But mobile technology also helps you stay safe in the emergency crisis. Nowadays Android and iOS users have access to a few handy disaster management, recovery and emergency apps that help you tackle the horrors of earthquake, wildfire, tornado, tsunami and flood.


The disaster management apps we have chosen in the list below offer massive practical value, real-time assistance and appreciable support.


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We have rounded up 13 best disaster management apps before and during the emergency situations. Learn about them and check them on your phone.


MyRadar Weather Radar Disaster Alert
First Aid: American Red Cross OnGuard Weather alerts
SirenGPS Earthquake Alert
Zello Walkie Talkie StormEye
ICE Medical Standard LifeLine Response
Humanitarian Kiosk Tsunami Alert


1) MyRadar Weather Radar


MyRadar Weather Radar actively keeps users updated time to time on approaching storms and provides them most accurate information.


myradar - disaster management apps


In doing so, it leverages high-resolution animated weather radars and 11 different overlay graphics.It also displays the cloud layer as typically shown by the satellite image.


myradar - rating - disaster management apps


To make it more precise, users can enable weather watches and push notifications of warnings and alerts about nearing thunderstorms and tornados.

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2) Disaster Alert


The Disaster Alert app uses an interactive map or list view features to update millennials on currently active global disasters and related hazards information.


disaster alert - disaster management apps


Apart from this, users are able to share with others critical information on hazardous emergencies or even add some if it is missing there.


disaster alert - rating - disaster management apps


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3) First Aid: American Red Cross


First Aid is a highly popular and widely used emergency management app in U.S. It gets you important information and life-saving tips and guide to help you overcome and live through everyday emergencies and natural disasters.


First aid - disaster management apps


This includes assistance in the dangerous situations created by hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes.


First aid - rating - disaster management apps


This app also has a slew of other essential apps to cover disaster-specific emergencies like Tornado, Wildfire, Earthquake, Flood and Hurricane.

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4) OnGuard Weather alerts


This is a professional and highly accurate disaster management app that monitors active weather alerts of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).


Ongaurd Weather - disaster management apps


It helps in terms of weather advisories, watches, and warnings for your location. OnGuard Weather Alerts generates a clearly audible, vibration or visual alert whenever an emergency is detected for your current location.




It measures the severity of the NOAA alert type (Advisory, Watch, or Warning) to generate an appropriate alert.


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5) SirenGPS


SirenGPS is your finest and quickest resort to address the chaos in disastrous situations. Usually, dialing 911 is not enough to get instant aid as dispatcher unit needs clear information about your location to reach you.


SirenGPS - disaster management apps


SIrenGPS gives you the ease of using just one red button to let them know about your whereabouts. If the community in the neighborhood has subscribed to siren 911, the nearest responders will get all the details you have entered in the app including your location, emergency contacts, medical history and more.


The app thus tries every possible way to come to your rescue in time.

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6) Earthquake Alert


Earthquake Alert as the name clarifies focuses on generating alerts on hazardous situations related to possible earthquakes.


Earthquake Alert - disaster management apps


It brings on your Android device all recent earthquake related news and summaries.


Earthquake Alert - rating - disaster management apps


The app alerts users of new earthquake disasters the moment they are reported as well as keeps them updated on all the important details from the U.S. Geological service.

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7) Zello Walkie Talkie


Zello Walkie Talkie was thrust into instant limelight and grew popular especially when news flashed that volunteers were reported using it to coordinate during hurricane-driven rescue operations.


Zero walkie Talkie - disaster management apps


It since rose to the top in the App Store. Apart from severe weather and disaster-induced situations, Zello Walkie Talkie, a push-to-talk communication app is equally handy in mild emergency cases, too.


Zero walkie Talkie - rating - disaster management apps


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8) StormEye


StormEye is another great disaster management app focused on providing exact information about existing storms near your location.


StormEye - disaster management apps


The app is handy for knowing how far the storm is shaping from your location and how malicious it could be.


GPS tracking app


You will be updated on the intensity and caliber of the storm, the direction it is going next, predictions about hail and its estimated size.


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9) ICE Medical Standard


Among disastrous situations, the vital health aspect of affected victims is often forgotten.


ICE Medical Standard - disaster management apps


ICE Medical Standard takes care of that and populates your phone lock screen with your crucial health information and emergency medical contacts.


ICE Medical Standard - rating - disaster management apps


So the first responders can know about your status quo – whether you are safe, concussed, injured or affected in any other way.

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10) LifeLine Response


LifeLine Response uses your GPS and cell tower parameters to get you a more immediate assistance in critical emergency situations.


Lifeline - disaster management apps


To avail the reliable and helpful service of this app, users will pay the subscription fee of $4.99 per month.


Lifeline - rating - disaster management apps


This is practically faster than what you experience with 911 emergency response.

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11) Humanitarian Kiosk


Developed by United Nations itself, Humanitarian Kiosk is an appreciable disaster management solution. The app updates you with real-time information pertaining to any emergencies from all around the world.


Humanitarian - disaster management apps


The information provides by the app is about independent locations where UN-OCHA can be of help.


In addition to their own, Humanitarian Kiosk keeps you constantly informed about any available global humanitarian emergency service.

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12) Tsunami Alert


Tsunami Alert gives you all the real-time feed on Tsunami happenings.


Tsunami Alert - disaster management apps


You receive alerts on Tsunami warning, watches, evacuation advices and more.


Tsunami Alert - rating - disaster management apps


It leverages the real-time data issued by NOAA Tsunami warning centers to send accurate Tsunami alerts for Canada, US, and countries spread around Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

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13) Noonlight


Noonlight is the paid app for emergency help and the subscription fees per month for the service is $2.99. Getting help and response with Noonlight is as easy as pressing and releasing the button.


Noonlight - disaster management apps


For riders and drives of vehicles who seek automatic crash detection and response, there is a latest update which costs $9.99 per month.


Noonlight - rating - disaster management apps


You just need to install and activate the app and all your emergency needs are addressed.

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Disasters and calamities do not ask before they strike. The weather can be quite deceptive and can unpredictably turn the beauty of nature into ugliness of its destruction.


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For situations like this, you have to be prepared all the time. These 13 handpicked disaster management apps are there for you in case you need helping hands or rescue assistance.


Try a couple of them and keep them in your smartphones for all future catastrophes.