20 Best Sports Apps 2023

Every avid sports fan in UK wants to keep up with how his-or her team is faring– and the easiest way to keep abreast of the latest information is by downloading sports apps.


Whether it is football, cricket, tennis, rugby or any other sport, apps offer a way to get real-time updates on teams that you follow, their players, game schedules, match scores, etc.


All of this have been made possible with continuous technological progression and constant mobile app development for Android and Apple platforms.


mobile app development


With smartphones getting faster and more powerful each passing year, app development companies spend a lot of time on iOS app development and Android app development.



This is to absolutely ensure that consumers do not miss out on any of their sports updates and are able to keep in tune with their teams. This is especially true for sports fans.


Features such as game schedules, the latest team news, videos and scores can be accessed around the clock via sports apps.


So, which sports apps are making their mark in the UK sports scene?


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Here is a list of the 20 best sports apps in the UK for 2023.



FLASHSCORES.CO.UK Sportskeeda The Athletic
Bleacher Report FuboTV DAZN
SofaScore TeamSnap Sports Alerts
SportsEngine TheScore




As the best known TV sports channel, you can download their sports apps that provide constant updates, bringing the latest sports news and other information from every sporting event in UK. Looking for updates on game scores?


The latest news on different teams or leagues, the ESPN app makes sure that you have all this at your fingertips.


As a user, you can in fact customize the settings to list your favourite teams, so that you do not miss on any important update.


espn - best sports apps


Monthly subscriptions are also possible – choose ESPN+ and stream live feeds straight to your device and enjoy watching the match on the go.


The app is available for download from iTunes and Google Play store.


Download : Android, iOS




Another app which brings live scores straight to your smartphone screens is LiveScore. This is an app that has gotten its formula right.


It is slick, fast and lets users get scores of matches that they want, for every sport imaginable, be it basketball, soccer, tennis, cricket, ice hockey.


The app is easy to load, lightweight and simple to navigate.


Scores from every league across the globe, match results and statistics, pre-match line-ups, live match comments, live streaming, expert opinions –all of this combined together makes LiveScore a perfect sports app.


live score - best sports apps


LiveScore lives up to its reputation of providing fast and reliable information, available in one place.


It is one of the most trusted sports apps in UK and can be downloaded for both Android and iOS platforms.


Download : Android, iOS




Available on android and iOS, BBC has an impeccable reputation for broadcasting not just news but sports as well.


The official app under this banner guarantees information brimming with updates, statistics, scores, etc. via a multitude of features.


A free app, you don’t have to subscribe to have access to its content. This app also offers the most comprehensive coverage of a number of sports – all you need to do is fire it up.


BBC sport - best sports apps


Users can customize it to match their likes and preferences in order to get the notifications on the what their favourite team is doing, check out the latest headlines and receive any breaking news.


Live news streams and coverage of events can also be accessed on this super flexible app. Links to Radio 5’s live feeds and guides to upcoming events make this app a popular choice with many sports fans.


Download : Android, iOS


4. Sky Sports


Sports fans who want their daily fix don’t have to go any further – the Sky Sports news app has tabs for cricket, football, rugby (league and union games), formula 1 racing, golf, tennis and boxing to name a few.


What Sky sports is best known for is its coverage of cricket and football. Want upcoming events, live scores, league tables, TV listings and results for a specific sport?


sky sports - best sports apps


Easily downloaded from Google play store or iTunes, the Sky Sports app has it all.


If you want to watch more live video content, a subscription is not too expensive. Customize the app to suit your preferences and enjoy following your favourite teams all year long.


Download : Android, iOS


5. Fanzo


As die-hard sports fans, Fanzo is the best app for those who want to hang out with their friends at a local pub.

Find out which pubs are showing specific games and go there with those who support your team. And if you are not a local, Fanzo is the quickest and best way to find new friends at a local watering hole.

match pit

Fanzo strives to make its app user friendly and offer them the best possible app experience. Every major sport is covered.


Download : Android, iOS


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6. 365 SCORES


If you are one of those sports fans who loves hard core stats, the 365 Scores app is the one for you. Tailor the app to suit your specifications and never again miss a goal, touchdown or basket.


Join millions of other fans and enjoy 24/7 coverage consisting of live tables, game highlights, line-ups and the quickest score updates.


365 scores - best sports apps


With 365 scores, get in game views in a clear interface, which is as close to watching a live match as it can get.


Customize the app and follow your favourite sport and team, wherever you are. You can download 365 Scores from Android and iOS app stores.


Download : Android, iOS




If you play a sport and watch, then Teamer is the perfect app for you. Use this app to organize your team and stay in touch with goings on, find fixtures and locations easily.


Available for download on both Android and iOS, sharing information on your availability is also easy.


teamer - best sports apps


Teamer makes it easy for everyone to stay in touch via the app, whether it is a fitness test or a change in venue.


Use Teamer to replace other messaging apps with an intuitive interface.


Download : Android, iOS




Want to go to a game or sell your ticket if you are unable to make it to an event? In both cases or others, the StubHub app makes it easy for you to buy and sell tickets by acting as a hub.


You can use this app to access a multitude of events – not just sporting events but also music and comedy shows.




You may not be able to cover every sporting venue or event but if your favorite team has a deal in place with StubHub, then you are covered.


With StubHub, you can get the seat you want -that offers the best view of the game. The app can be downloaded from iOS and Google Play stores.


Download : Android, iOS




Available on Android and iOS stores, -this app has a user friendly interface and makes it the perfect one when you are on the move.


Customizable, it offers a sports calendar, live scores and over 100 articles every single day, web chats with a player, live races and matches with text commentary.


euro sports


Important sporting event coverage for tennis, football, F1 races, golf and many others are accessible via this app.


Download : Android, iOS


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10. FlashScores.co.UK


Want a simple sports app? FlashScores is the one that delivers accurate information and tracking results and stats on it is super easy.


Key features include push notifications, live match stats, real time scores for sports such as basketball, tennis and cricket to name a few.


flash scores


This free app is customizable too.  and is available for download on both Android and iOS platforms.


Download : Android, iOS


11. Sportskeeda


Sportskeeda is a must-have app for sports fans who want to stay up to date with the latest happenings in the world of sports.


One of the best things about the app is its comprehensive coverage of different sports. Whether you’re a fan of football, cricket, rugby, or any other sport, you’ll find everything you need on the app.

Sportskeeda Apps

You can also keep up with sports news and events from different countries using Sportskeeda app.


Download : Android, iOS


12. The Athletic


The Athletic is a sports app that’s all about giving you the in-depth stories and analysis you crave in the field of sports. Apart from sports news, you also find talks involving players, coaches, and experts and them breaking down the game stats and tactics in a way that’s easy to understand.

The Athletic Sports News

The app covers everything from football to cricket to rugby and beyond and you can find articles, podcasts, and even video content that’ll keep you entertained and informed.


The Athletic app isn’t free. You’ll need to sign up for a subscription to get access to all their content. But if you’re serious about sports and you want to stay on top of the latest news and analysis, it’s definitely worth the investment.


Download : Android, iOS


13. Bleacher Report


Unlike many sports apps out there, Bleacher Report is really focused on delivering content that’s tailored to your interests. It covers a wide range of sports, including football, basketball and more. When you sign up for an account, you can pick the sports and teams that you care about, and they’ll give you a personalized feed of news and analysis.

Bleacher Report Apps

In the app, you can read articles, watch videos, listen to podcasts, and even follow live scores and updates. The app is great for sports fans who want to stay on top of the latest news and gossip in the world of sports.


Download : Android, iOS


14. FuboTV


FuboTV streams all content about sports – football, basketball, baseball, and more. The app features a ton of live sports channels, including big networks like ESPN, Fox Sports, and NBC Sports. You can also find a bunch of niche channels in the app that you might not find on other streaming services.

FuboTV App

FuboTV app comes with features that make it easy for you to watch and record your favorite games in your mobile device. The app is a paid service, but it offers a free trial period.


Download : Android, iOS


15. DAZN


DAZN is another sports streaming service that offers all sorts of events – live or on-demand. No more having to plan your day around when the game is on TV. You can watch it whenever you want, wherever you want. And it’s not just the big events either. They’ve got lots of smaller fights and games too, so you can get your fix of sports all day long.


You can find content about all sorts of sports – from football to boxing to MMA in DAZN app. The app is a paid service, but it’s super affordable. Also, the app offers free trials and promotions that you can make use of.


Download : Android, iOS


16. SofaScore


SofaScore is a cool sports app that lets you keep track of all your favourite sports teams and players. It’s like having a personalized sports news feed in your pocket.

Sofascore Apps

The app covers a wide range of sports, from football to basketball to tennis, and more. You can select your favourite teams or players and get real-time updates on their games or matches. You can also see stats and scores for past games or matches, so you can keep track of how they’re doing over time.


SofaScore app is free to download and use. You don’t have to pay for a subscription to use it.


Download : Android, iOS


17. TeamSnap


TeamSnap is a popular sports team management app that allows coaches, parents and players to communicate and stay organized. It helps you manage your team, from scheduling games to tracking attendance to communicating with everyone on the team.

TeamSnap App

The app also lets you track attendance, so you can see who’s coming to games and practices and who’s not. This is really helpful for coaches who need to plan their strategy based on who’s available. You can also send messages to the whole team or just certain groups within the team using the app.


Download : Android, iOS


18. Sports Alerts


Sports Alerts is a handy app for sports fans who want to stay up to date on the latest news and scores. It covers a wide range of sports, from football to basketball to cricket, and more.

Sports Alerts Apps

Sports Alerts app covers a wide range of sports, including football, basketball, and more. You can customize that app to show you the sports or teams you’re most interested in. You can also set up alerts for specific games or matches, so you’ll get notifications when they start and when there are score updates.


You can also read articles and updates in the news section of the app about your favourite sports and teams and stay informed about what’s happening in the world of sports.


Download : Android, iOS


19. SportsEngine


SportsEngine is a comprehensive platform designed to help sports teams and organizations manage their operations. It includes a variety of features, such as online registration, team management tools, and communication tools.

SportsEngine App

The app allows you to easily create an account and start using the platform to manage your team. You can set up online registration, so players can sign up and pay fees online. You can also manage team rosters, schedules, and communications. You can also create a team website using the app where you can showcase your team and keep fans and parents up to date on the latest news and scores.


Download : Android, iOS


20. TheScore


TheScore is a popular sports news app that provides up to date coverage of all major sports leagues and events around the world. It offers news, scores, highlights, and analysis for a variety of sports, including football, basketball, hockey, and more.

TheScore Apps

You can personalize your experience in the app by selecting your favourite teams and sports, so you’ll get news and updates that are relevant to you. You can also share content with your friends and fellow sports fans in the app and engage in discussions with other fans through the app’s chat feature.


Download : Android, iOS


mobile app development




The sports apps available are diverse and offer a range of features for sports fans and athletes alike. From news and live scores to workout tracking and team management, there is an app to suit everyone’s needs. Whether you are a fan or a participant, these apps can help you stay engaged and informed with your favourite sports

20 Best Betting Apps UK

UK Sports betting apps are ruling the gambling industry for quite a while. It not only enables punters to wager on various live sports events, but also provides a user-friendly and highly accessible platform capable of live streaming as well.



Although online sports betting market broke out with radical approach with limited options and features, today mobile app development technology brought alive more capabilities than one could conceive during the days of website-only era.


Bet365 WilliamHill 888Sport
Ladbrokes Coral Paddy Power
Bwin BetVictor Betfred
Unibet Betway Sky Bet
Sportingbet GentingBet BETDAQ
10bet Novibet Smarkets
Colossus Bets Matchbook


We have described here a few great betting apps popular in UK that transcend the ordinary and empower gamblers with extensive control.


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From in-play and pre-match odds to personalized notifications and app-only promos, they are bursting with fascinating surprises.


1) Bet365


Developed after the website of the same title, Bet365 application offers all bets available on the site. Create an account, log in and place bets to enable live streaming service. Just navigate to sports event page to watch live sports and try in-play feature.


bet365 - betting apps


Punters can place bets on pre-event and in-play games or opt for blackjack, roulette and slots for casino betting. The best part is live video streaming and in-play events that bring over 600 sports events every week.


Creating a funded account with Bet365 means to enjoy the best odds on the betting event market and a great bonus. The well-designed app resembles the look of the website and is compatible and highly responsive for the smaller screen of smartphones.


bet365 - rating


  • Best for live streaming and football betting
  • Cash out feature
  • Casino betting
  • Custom bets with Bet Builder feature
  • Reliable user support

Google PlayApp Store



2) WilliamHill


Downloadable from its website William Hill, WilliamHill is crowned as the second most popular sports betting apps in UK in 2016. With this app on your smartphone, you are free to bet on all the markets and all the live online sports.


William Hill - betting apps


Marked with straightforward design and outline, it also comes with casino, bingo and in-play bet features. As you log in after creating an account, the app enables you to review your bets via bet slip tab with initial number of wagers set.The app navigation is quite user-friendly, fast and easy to use.


William Hill - rating


  • Bet boost to boost odds
  • Great free signup bonus
  • Daily flash odds for price surge
  • Cash in/partially cash in
  • Smartwatch compatible
  • Excellent customer service

Google PlayApp Store



3) 888Sport

888Sport is a glorious online bookmaker ruling the gambling industry for over two decades. Offering reliable banking options and customer support, 888Sport app is optimized to support Android and iOS devices.


888 sport - betting apps


iOS app download link is available on bookmaker’s website or on the Apple Store whereas Android app can be downloaded from Google Play.


Punters find a variety of sports events and betting options in the app for football, tennis, basketball, darts, and surfing. The eSports fanatics will be ecstatic knowing that 888Sport is reputed to be one of CSGo betting sites and provides excellent sports coverage.


888 sport - rating


  • Excellent sport coverage
  • Secure banking options
  • Cash out feature
  • Engaging In-play betting
  • 300% deposit bonus in Free Bets
  • 24/7 customer support

Google PlayApp Store



4) Ladbrokes


Ladbrokes is a quintessential betting app packed with many marvelous and complicated features. Betters can access betting slip and view options like deposit and current balance.


Ladbrokes - betting apps


There is a range of famous betting options and in-play events including Football, Horse Racing, Accies and Accumulators. You can access live and upcoming sports events like Horse racing, American Football, Basketball, Cricket, Rugby League, Golf, Snooker, tennis, etc.


With Quickbet, you can place a bet with single click while daily Price boost offers app-only exclusive promotions. You can set up both personalized home screen and push notifications to be informed of latest stats and Ladbrokes deals.


Google Keep - rating - betting apps


  • Single bet feature“Quickbet”
  • Live streaming of all sports events
  • Great selection of promotions
  • Excellent for Horse racing
  • Wealth of Betting options for Soccer
  • App-only daily “Price Boost” offers

Google PlayApp Store





5) Coral


One of the leading UK bookmakers, Coral online gambling owns a license from both the Government of Gibraltar and British Gambling Commission.


Coral - betting apps


The Coral Sports Betting app lets punters access vast range of sports betting markets (football, rugby, tennis and more) using its simplified A to Z menu.


Coral bookmaker is great for its Football and horse racing offering hundreds of most exciting markets on football events and best betting apps for all UK races.


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‘Enhanced Offers’ has special offers on horse racing. Punters can watch free live streaming of nearly 2,000 events on a weekly basis. Horse racing fans need to bet minimum £1 to enjoy live streams as well. Its unique thumbnail view streaming lets you watch race and browse simultaneously.


National Trust - rating - betting apps


  • Excellent live streaming
  • Hundreds of betting markets
  • Unique thumbnail view streaming
  • Enhanced offers for horse racing
  • Cash out
  • Best for football and horse racing

Google PlayApp Store



6) Paddy Power


Another most popular and well-designed sports betting app in UK, Paddy Power Mobile boasts of offering the live streaming of all UK and Ireland horse races.


Paddy power - betting apps


Another dazzling feature of Paddy Power is that it is quite reputed for is its live in-play bets. Users need to place £1 bet on the horse race to watch it live on their mobile. Users will be thrilled to access their bets on great variety of games with updated scores and results.


However, Football fans don’t have the luxury of watching live streaming of matches. The app also takes users to Paddy Power versatile poker and gambling club for diversion experience.


Bigstar - rating - betting apps


  • Fast, seamless and smooth navigation
  • User-friendly layout
  • Live streaming of all UK and Ireland horse races
  • Live in-play wagers
  • Versatile gambling experience

Google PlayApp Store



7) Bwin


Originally established in 1997 as UK betting platform, Bwin has a license from the UK Gambling Commission, making it a secure and trusted betting platform.


Bwin - betting apps


Bwin prides itself on having an elite sports book with diverse gambling products. The app offers unmatched sports coverage on over 90 sports with primary focus on football betting.


Bwin emerges as an incredible mobile version of its web platform with its elegant design.The most fascinating aspect is that Bwin covers the largest number of sports betting markets in the industry.


iPoll - rating - betting apps


  • Best for football betting
  • Cash out feature
  • Elite sportsbook and elegant design
  • In-app live streaming
  • Excellent coverage of live sports

Google PlayApp Store



8) BetVictor


Being in the business for 70 years, BetVictor is oldest bookmaker licensed from the Gibraltar and UK Gambling Commissions. Available in over 160 countries, BetVictor has about half a million betters.


Betvictor - betting apps


Designed mainly for football and horse racing betters, BetVictor has now become an excellent betting app with 4.5 stars, pleasant design, hassle-free navigation and handy tools for great user experience.


The app home screen has shortcuts for in-play sporting events. Also users have ‘Bet Slip’ feature to place bets in seconds. All the sports can be found in alphabetical order from the main menu. Users can create their favorite sports list.


Grab Taxi - rating - betting apps


  • Interesting odds for Horse racing and football
  • Unique tools like Betfinder for Horse racing bets
  • Cash out
  • Bet Slip for quick bets
  • Exciting welcome offers
  • Pleasant in-play service

Google PlayApp Store



9) Betfred


Another phenomenal name in the gambling industry, Betfred originated in 1967, and now offers incredible features in its mobile app.


Betfred - betting apps


Betfred stays on top of gambling arena with wealth of features including Hat Trick Heaven, Double Delight promotions, smooth cash out and great odds on various sports.


Users enjoy extensive control over their betting and experience glitch-free cash out. It furnishes excellent in-play events and high-quality live streaming for horse racing, football, tennis, and other sports. Racing Post feature informs punters about real-time stats and lineups.


888 sport - rating - betting apps


  • Betting Signup offers and odds
  • Promos: Hat trick Heaven & Double delight
  • Impressive in-play service
  • Racing Post for insights on football matches
  • Cash out feature
  • In-app live streaming

Google PlayApp Store



10) Unibet


The Kindred Group’s online sports betting platform, Unibet was launched in 1999 and it has staggering 15 million users worldwide to boast about.


Unibet - betting apps


The bookmaker provides extensive range of sports events and top-quality odds for punters to bet on, including football, tennis, great cricket and horse racing and more.


The app also provides its award-winning in-play section along with pre-match betting options. Punters can relish over 40,000 events using its live streaming service. The quick links to bets tab helps punters access top features easily while making the most of exciting promos.


bet365 - rating - betting apps


  • In-app live streaming
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Cash out
  • Secure banking
  • Quick links for bets tab
  • In-play and Pre-Match betting
  • 24/7 customer support

Google PlayApp Store




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11) Betway

Betway is a relatively new player in the world of sports betting, but their app is one of the best available. The app offers a wide range of markets, including in-play betting, and a range of promotions and offers.

Betway App

It has a clean and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to find the markets they want and place their bets quickly and easily.

  • Wide range of markets
  • Live betting
  • Competitive odds
  • Promotions and offers
  • Cash out
  • In-app live streaming
  • 24/7 customer support

Google PlayApp Store



12) Sky Bet

Sky Bet app is owned by the well-known media company – Sky. The app has a clean and user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and place bets quickly.

Sky Bet App

Sky Bet app is a great way to access a wide range of markets, including sports, politics, and entertainment. It also offers a range of promotions and offers, including free bets and price boosts.

  • Live betting
  • Competitive odds
  • RequestABet feature
  • Group bets
  • Bet and watch
  • Price boosts
  • Customer support

Google PlayApp Store



13) Sportingbet

Sportingbet app provides a range of features to users. The app has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and place bets quickly.

Sportingbet App

Sportingbet offers a wide range of markets, including football, basketball, tennis, and many others. It is a great choice for sports betting enthusiasts who are looking for a convenient app with a range of features and markets.

  • Build a Bet feature
  • Spin and Bet
  • Personalized promotions
  • Customer support
  • Advanced statistics and live scores
  • User-friendly interface

App Store



14) GentingBet

GentingBet is a popular sports betting app that provides users with a range of features and markets to choose from. One of the unique features of the app is its integration with the Genting Casino app, which allows users to access both sports betting and casino games through the same app.

GentingBet App

In addition to its wide range of markets and features, GentingBet also offers a range of promotions and offers, including free bets and price boosts. The app provides a safe and secure platform for users to place bets, with various payment options available, including credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers.

  • Integration with Genting Casino app
  • Multi-bet feature
  • Instant cash-out
  • Virtual Sports
  • Price Boosts
  • Live chat support

App Store




BETDAQ is a sports betting exchange app that allows users to bet against each other rather than the bookmaker. The app provides users with a range of features and markets, making it an attractive alternative to traditional sportsbooks.


One of the unique features of BETDAQ is its commission structure, which is lower than that of other betting exchanges. This means that users can potentially save money on their bets, as they pay lower fees on their winnings.

  • Lower commission
  • In-play betting
  • Cash out
  • Live streaming
  • Range of markets
  • Price Boosts
  • Enhanced liquidity

App Store



16) 10bet

10bet is a popular bookmaker in the UK, and their app offers a range of markets, competitive odds, and a range of promotions and offers. The app also offers a range of promotions and bonuses, including free bets and cashback offers and provides users with a range of payment options, making it easy to deposit and withdraw funds.

10bet App

10bet app is a great choice for sports betting enthusiasts who are looking for a comprehensive and user-friendly app. Its live betting feature, in-play statistics, and range of promotions and bonuses make it an attractive option for those looking to place bets on a range of sports markets.

  • Live betting
  • In-play statistics
  • Wide range of sports markets:
  • Promotions and bonuses
  • Payment options
  • Mobile-exclusive promotions

Google PlayApp Store



17) Novibet

Novibet is a relatively new bookmaker in the UK, but their app is already gaining a reputation for being one of the best available. The app offers a range of sports markets, including football, basketball, tennis, horse racing, and many others.

Novibet App

One of the unique features of the Novibet app is its virtual sports betting feature. This allows users to bet on virtual sports events, including virtual football, tennis, horse racing, and greyhound racing.

  • Virtual sports betting
  • Live betting
  • In-play statistics
  • Promotions and bonuses
  • Novileague football prediction game
  • Quickbet
  • Bet mentor

App Store



18) Smarkets

Smarkets app provides a unique and innovative approach to sports betting. It offers a range of features that make it an attractive option for sports betting enthusiasts.

Smarkets App

One of the unique features of the Smarkets app is its betting exchange, which allows users to bet against each other rather than against the bookmaker. This means that users can often get better odds than they would with a traditional bookmaker, as they are betting against other users rather than the bookmaker’s set odds.
The app also comes with other exciting features.

  • Betting exchange
  • Live betting
  • Advanced betting options
  • Low commission
  • Wide range of sports markets
  • Promotions and bonuses
  • Fast and reliable

App Store



19) Colossus Bets

Colossus Bets is a sports betting platform that offers users the chance to win big jackpots by predicting the correct scores of a series of matches. The platform allows users to create their own syndicates or join existing ones to increase their chances of winning.

Colossus Bets App

The platform offers a range of pools to bet on, including football, horse racing, rugby, and other sports. The pools typically consist of a series of matches, and users must predict the correct scores of each match to win the jackpot.

  • Pool betting
  • Multiple sports
  • Jackpot payouts
  • Partial cash out
  • Create or join syndicates
  • Bonuses and promotions
  • Multiple payment options

Google PlayApp Store



20) Matchbook

Matchbook app provides users with an alternative to traditional bookmakers. It allows users to bet against each other rather than against a bookmaker, which can result in better odds and potentially bigger payouts.

Matchbook Apps

The Matchbook app also offers a range of sports and markets to bet on, including football, horse racing, tennis, and more. Users can place both back and lay bets, which means they can bet on a particular outcome to happen or not to happen. The app provides users with a range of tools and features to help them make informed betting decisions.

  • Low commission rate of 1.5%
  • High liquidity pool
  • Wide range of sports and markets to bet on
  • Back and lay betting
  • Real-time data and analytics
  • Bet matching tool
  • Cash out feature
  • In-app live streaming

Google PlayApp Store


Final Remarks


However, it was our best attempt to focus on and choose the best premium ones in the category based on its current usability, unique features and betting odds, service quality and success achieved.



Apart from above list, there are still many more sports betting apps in UK. Hope these trending sports betting apps in UK will satiate your search for the one that meets your expectations.

17 Best Trivia Apps in the UK 2023

Are you fond of showcasing yourself as a smart individual with smart answers? Do you fancy people taking you for a know-all guy? Or have you ever imagined participating in one of those popular game shows?


Well, today’s much celebrated trivia apps in UK can let you be one. To get the answers right, you can join the world of some of the fantastic trivia/quiz game apps popularly used in the UK.


mobile app development


These apps effortlessly provide a stage where all the trivia lovers can use everyday intelligence to brag about how good you are.


They all present you with hundreds of brain-testing questions, leaderboards and, sometimes, live matches and money payouts.


So for those who think they are a buff any niche, described here are 17 best trivia apps in the UK 2023.



HQ Trivia and Words Jeopardy World Tour Quiz Explorer
British Quiz Psych! Millionaire Trivia
Trivia Crack Trivia.io Quizoid
QuizDuel Trivia 360 Popcorn Trivia
Family Feud® Live!
Bible Trivia Quiz Game
The Weakest Link
Songpop Classic Logo Quiz


1. HQ Trivia and Words


HQ has richly transformed the world of online trivia into a neat and highly attractive game experience. It holds live daily trivia contests on weekdays at 9 p.m. and the app continues to expand its themes by encompassing “Words”, Sports trivia and more.


HQ Words consumes players as they keep guessing the words and phrases. Each game has 12 MCQ and players get 10 seconds to answer each trivia question. Players can also have a chance to win some daily cash prize.


HQ - Trivia & Words


Answer all of them correctly and you can encase your share of the prize at stake. HQ has recently started awarding points to victors instead of cash.


Live contests, open trivia questions and real money payouts make HQ Trivia a worthwhile consideration as the best trivia app in UK.


Google Play - best trivia appsApp Store - best trivia apps


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2. Jeopardy World Tour


Jeopardy World Tour is an advanced take on the classic trivia game show for mobile players. The game has players participating in a solo play offline or competing with each other in head-to-head matches where they face MCQ questions across a wide variety of categories and difficulty levels.


Jeopardy World Tour


Players can get power-ups to boost each round by removing false answers or increasing the time limit for answers. You can challenge your friends in matches, go up against online strangers and strive to score big on online leader boards.


Or simply amuse yourself and enjoy your competitive self, playing a few rounds of trivia questions.


Google Play - best trivia appsApp Store - best trivia apps


3. Quiz Explorer


Quiz Explorer is for those who are both adventurous and witty enough to assist Quizington and his brave entourage as they go on an adventure and attempt to discover the uncanny source of Nile.


Be a part of this thrilling journey and, as you travel from Europe in 19th century to Africa, answer hundreds of fantastic trivia questions. Eventually you can get a chance to unlock treasure and trophies and solve the big mystery by piecing together the ancient world map.


Quiz Explorer


You can also meet new characters or use wonderful power-ups to help you on the journey. The game absorbs you in with 1000+ MCQ trivia questions across diverse categories, quest triumphs, journey across unfamiliar lands and other achievements.


Google Play - best trivia apps


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4. British Quiz


British Quiz is your witty entertainment pastime you need every time you wish to kill 5-10 minutes with a pub quiz game.


Covering many different categories such as entertainment, films, geography, history, literature, lifestyle, sports and general knowledge, the app contains thousands of professionally selected quality trivial questions, and none of them are ever repeated.


This means the question appears only once so that you have a fair and equal opportunity to play and win in the game.


British Quiz


The clever structure of multiple choice answers is built to create an impression that all of them can be the real answer. The game has “play with friends” mode to share the quiz with maximum 8 teams for your next quiz night at local pub or home with friends.


Players can keep track of scores via score card and leaderboard with highest score gets a gold, silver or bronze positions.


Google Play - best trivia apps


5. Psych!


Welcome to the game of zaniest answers that you can concoct to trick your friends and score some jolly good points. Psych! contains silly-looking questions like: What in the world is a mumpsimus?


The game resembles the theme of party games such as Balderdash. You can come up with weird and amusing yet credible answers to these questions and bring home the trophy.




Each player secretly contributes funny, unique answers and eventually the submissions are displayed on the screen. Players then figure out the correct one from the lot.


You earn a point if your answers match with somebody else or he/she chooses your submission. Additional trivia question packs and ad-free experience can be unlocked with In-app purchases.


Google Play - best trivia appsApp Store


6. Millionaire Trivia


Did you ever fancy playing a classic Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Well, Millionaire Trivia app represents its mobile version where the game show experience is recreated on your mobile touch screen.


Millionaire Trivia


Just like the original game, a pair of players attempt to answer trivial questions that go tougher as the game progress. Classic lifelines such as Ask The Audience, 50:50 and call an Expert are there for help.


Instead of PayPal cashouts, Players win points and leaderboard spot with coins and mystery boxes working as free-to-play elements. In a brief leisure, the app turns out to be an enjoyable trivia experience.


Google PlayApp Store



7. Trivia Crack


Trivia Crack has been a favourite for years, and it’s easy to see why. Users can choose from six categories, including science, sports, and entertainment, and compete against friends or random opponents.


Attempt trivia quizzes, challenge friends and family, own a virtual pet and play your way to the top using the Trivia Crack app. Users can also collect characters by answering questions correctly and use them to earn special bonuses or advantages in the game.


Google PlayApp Store


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8. Trivia.io


Trivia.io is a multiplayer trivia game that allows players to compete against each other in real-time. The app features a variety of categories, including movies, music, and sports, and it’s a fun way to test your knowledge against others.


Trivia.io Apps


Users can play against friends or strangers from around the world and climb the global leader board. The app also features various game modes, such as survival and classic, to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. The app has a sleek and user-friendly interface, with colourful graphics and animations that make the game more engaging.


Google PlayApp Store


9. Quizoid


Quizoid is a classic trivia game that features thousands of questions across multiple categories. The app also offers hints and lifelines to help players answer difficult questions, and it’s a great way to challenge your knowledge.


Quizoid Apps


With over 7,000 questions from different categories, including history, science, literature, and sports, users can test their knowledge and learn new facts. The app features multiple game modes, such as classic mode, arcade mode, and 20 questions mode, allowing users to customize their quiz experience.


You can also find a high score system, where users can compete with their friends or the global community in the app. The user interface is simple and intuitive, making it easy for anyone to use.


Google PlayApp Store


10. QuizDuel


QuizDuel is a popular trivia game in Germany that has recently made its way to the UK. The app features over 25 categories, including science, history, and sports, with over 200,000 questions to choose from.


QuizDuel App


Players can challenge friends or other players from around the world and climb the leaderboard to become the best QuizDuel player. The game is played in rounds, with each player answering the same questions within a set amount of time.


Google PlayApp Store


11. Trivia 360


Trivia 360 has expansive game categories, each offering thousands of juiciest trivia questions to keep you hooked. With minimum distractions, Trivia 360 triggers questions that have several forms such as multiple choices, true or false and identification trivia.


Trivia 360


Participants will select a question category and submit or rate questions. They can also view leaderboards. Towards the end of rounds appears advertising which may repel certain group of users who expect uninterrupted, fluid experience.


For such users, there is an in-app purchase option to remove ads.


Google Play - best trivia appsApp Store - best trivia apps


12. Popcorn Trivia


PopcornTrivia is a unique trivia app that focuses on movies and TV shows. With thousands of questions covering everything from classic films to the latest blockbusters, it is the perfect app for cinephiles and TV enthusiasts.


Popcorn Trivia


PopcornTrivia’s questions range from easy to difficult, so there’s something for everyone. The app also includes social features that allow players to connect with friends and compete for bragging rights on the leaderboard.


Whether you are a movie buff or just looking for a fun way to pass the time, PopcornTrivia is a great choice.


Google PlayApp Store



13. Family Feud® Live!


Based on the hit TV show, Family Feud® Live! challenges players to guess the most popular answers to survey questions. Players can compete against friends and family in real-time matches or play solo against the computer. The app includes a range of categories, from general knowledge to pop culture, making it accessible for players of all ages and interests.


Family Feud® Live! App


Family Feud® Live! also includes social features that allow players to connect with friends, chat during matches, and see how they rank on the leaderboard. With its engaging gameplay, lively graphics, and entertaining host, Family Feud® Live! is a must-try app for anyone who loves trivia and wants to have fun with friends and family.


Google PlayApp Store


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14. Bible Trivia Quiz Game


Bible Trivia Quiz Game is a unique trivia app that tests your knowledge of the Bible. The app features hundreds of questions covering a range of topics, from biblical history to famous Bible verses.


Bible Trivia Quiz Game


The questions are divided into different categories, making it easy to focus on specific areas of interest. The app includes a ranking system that tracks your progress and allows you to compare your score with other players.


Google PlayApp Store



15. The Weakest Link


The Weakest Link is a trivia game based on the popular UK game show. The app challenges players to answer a series of multiple-choice questions, with the goal of not being voted off as the “weakest link.”


Weakest Link Apps


The game includes a range of categories, from general knowledge to pop culture, and features hundreds of questions. The app also includes social features where players can connect with friends, compete against each other and see how they rank on the leaderboard.


Google PlayApp Store



16. Songpop Classic – Music Trivia


Songpop Classic is a music trivia app that tests your knowledge of songs from multiple genres. The app offers thousands of songs, from classic hits to modern pop tracks, and players can compete against friends or other players around the world.


SongPop Classic Apps


Songpop Classic’s social features allow players to connect with others, chat during matches, and track their progress on the leaderboard. Songpop Classic is a fun and addictive app that is perfect for music lovers of all ages and skill levels.


Google PlayApp Store



17. Logo Quiz


Logo Quiz challenges players to identify well-known logos from companies, brands, and organizations from around the world. The app includes over 3,000 logos to guess, and users can compete against friends or random opponents.


Logo Quiz 2023 App


The game is easy to play, with players simply having to guess the name of the company or brand associated with each logo. Logo Quiz is a fun and educational app that will test your knowledge of some of the UK’s most recognizable logos.


Google PlayApp Store




Whether you’re a pop culture doyen, sports fiend, a history aficionado, or a movie buff, there is always something for every trivia lover in these 17 trivia apps in UK.


mobile app development


These trivia apps are selected in the list since they are among the most favorite in the UK in 2023. So go ahead and try your knowledge for answering the diverse trivia questions and participate in live games to win the glorious prizes

13 Best Rideshare Apps in the UK

After the success of Taxi booking apps, there is now an untamed, unstoppable rise in popularity of flexible, convenient and options-rich rideshare apps.


From private sedan and SUV to humble taxi and car, on-demand ride-sharing services are all the rage across the globe. However, not all rideshare apps and carpooling apps have similar features and services. Some offer perks in terms of costs, while others are superior in overall satisfaction.


In this blog, we have compiled some of the best rideshare apps from across the globe.


Uber Bolt
Ola Via
Wheely Free Now
Gett BlaBlaCar
Addison Taxiapp UK
Arro Kabbee

1) Uber


Uber is an international star in the world of taxi booking and rideshare apps – there is no denial to that. It is still the most unrivalled in its league since it covers vast number of countries and offers ample transport options across the globe. From Moto Taxi to minivan and carpooling for budget-oriented people, Uber dominates in every option. Uber comes as a best app for short-distance travelling within a city.

Uber App

Uber believes in transparency of rates which are standard and automatically maintained. For people with concerns about its exorbitant rates, it offers a handy ride with great convenience.


Uber app is available for download in Google Play Store & Apps Store

Google PlayApp Store



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2) Bolt


Estonia-based Bolt app has its services across Europe and can be considered one of the biggest competitors of Uber. At present, the app provides its services in over 40 countries and 300 cities.

Bolt Request a Ride App

After facing a shutdown in London in 2017, the business was relaunched in 2019 and has been serving people in the city ever since. Apart from ridesharing, the app also provides food and grocery deliver as well as vehicle rental services.


You can download Bolt app from Google Play Store & Apps Stores.

Google Play

    App Store


3) Ola


India-based Ola Cabs is another popular taxi hailing app among Londoners. Users can book rides via app and calls. Ola has two basic cab services: Economy and Luxury. You can choose from the different modes of transport for commute in the app. All the payments are done either using inside-the-app Ola money or through cash.

Ola Ride App

At present, Ola operates in over 250 cities across the globe. The best part is they try to run greener businesses by promoting the use of electric vehicles to reduce carbon footprint.

You can download Ola from  Google Play Store & Apps Stores.

Google Play

        App Store


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4) Via


New York-based Via app is another rideshare app that operates in the UK. Via believes in transforming public transit from a synchronized system of rigid routes and schedules to a fully dynamic, on-demand network. At present, riders from over 20 countries and 400 cities enjoy the services of Via.

Via smarter mobility

Unlike its counterparts that provide personalized rides to customers, Via operates in a slightly different manner. Via collaborates with local transport authorities to improve public and urban transportation systems. Users of the app travelling in the same direction can book a single vehicle for commute. This option is economic as well as environment-friendly.


You can download Via from  Google Play Store & Apps Stores.

Google Play

App Store



5) Wheely


This London-based app is for everyone who loves fancy rides. The app offers its services only in few cities – London, Paris, and seven cities in Russia. Their aim is to provide luxurious car rides with experienced chauffeurs to their customers.

Wheely App

Wheely also offers business partnership where you can hire a vehicle fleet or book airport transfers for your important guests.


You can download Wheely from  Google Play Store & Apps Stores.

Google Play

App Store



6) Free Now


A subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz group, Free Now app operates over 100 cities across Europe. The company is a result of merging between “mytaxi” and Hailo – a leading ride-hailing app in the UK. You can either call a black taxi or hire private vehicles using the Free Now app.

FREE NOW (Kapten) App

In the UK, Free Now offers its services across the cities of London, Brighton, Edinburgh, Manchester, Nottingham, Oxford, Reading, Derby and Leicester. The company also offers e-scooter share services in many areas of London.


You can download Free Now from  Google Play Store & Apps Stores.

Google Play

App Store



7) Gett


London-based Gett started off as a Ground Transportation Management services provider for enterprises in 2010. At present, the app provides a variety of riding services that include providing corporate fleet, taxi, and limo as well as ride-hailing – all on one platform.

Gett - The taxi app

Though you cannot book private cars, you can use the app to hire black taxis in London. The company believes in providing environment-friendly services by ensuring that all the UK rides are carbon-neutral.


You can download Gett from  Google Play Store & Apps Stores.

Google Play

App Store



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8) BlaBlaCar


BlaBlaCar is the best reliable resources if you are aiming to go on long-distance travel across Europe using solid carpooling solution. Seemingly zany, the car sharing service is basically named after the concept of talking to strangers (BlaBla) and is available in in 22 countries so far.


As you create an account, you need to enter the details about departure point, destination and travel date. You will then see a list of drivers on similar itineraries along with the profiles of both drivers and other passengers.

BlaBlaCar travel by carpool App

You are also kept updated on the exact pickup and drop-off points, vehicle and the journey cost. Your request sent for the carpool is usually approved by the BlaBlacar driver. There are female-oriented services, too, where female drivers can take liberty to allow only female travellers to view their trips or female passengers can search only for female drivers.


You can download BlaBlacar from  Google Play Store & Apps Stores.

Google Play

App Store



9) Addison


Addison Lee is a veteran in the list. The company, founded in 1975, provides private vehicles for commute. It also provides delivery services to businesses and people. The app provides casual ride, business trip, airport transfer and even exclusive first-class transportation services.

Addison Lee Minicab & Courier App

Addison Lee has also entered into a partnership with black taxi operator ComCab, thus upgrading its status as one of the largest private hire and taxi provides in London.


You can download Addison from  Google Play Store & Apps Stores.

Google Play

App Store



10) Taxiapp UK


Unlike the corporate rideshare apps, Taxiapp UK is run by cabbies. The purpose of the app is to prevent the black cabs of UK to stay in business.


GPS is helpful, but its accuracy does not compare to the knowledge of the drivers with years of experience in driving through London’s complex road network. And that is what exactly makes Taxiapp UK unique. The drivers must have thorough knowledge of the roads to geet their licenses.

Taxiapp UK Passenger App

Taxiapp works as a non-profit organization that is only funded through membership. There are no extra or hidden charges. And the best part? Taxiapp’s cabs are wheelchair accessible and allow assistance dogs to ride with you. They too are a part of greener businesses in the UK with electric black cabs.


You can download TaxiApp from  Google Play Store & Apps Stores.

Google Play

App Store



mobile app development

11) Arro


Arro app simplifies your daily commute with features to book and pay for taxi rides. You can use the app to connect to the nearest available drivers around the


You can download Arro from  Google Play Store & Apps Stores.

Google Play

App Store



12) Kabbee


Kabbee app helps you hail the cheapest cabs in town, which includes that for airport transfers. The app also provides 30 minutes of free waiting time in case of flight delay and more.

Kabbee Corp App

Kabbee feature cabs from over 70 providers and lets users access over 10,000 cabs in London. Quality is one of the values of Kabbee that they ensure b hiring licensed drivers and disconnecting minicab fleets with poor ratings.


You can download Kabbee from  Apps Store.

App Store





XOOOX, pronounces as “zooks” provides you real-time pricing and ETA(s) from different taxi firms. You can find the cab that is within your budget among the list.

XOOOX Rider App

The drivers are in complete control of their businesses under XOOOX. They do not have to pay any commission or face any hassles.


You can download XOOOX from  Google Play Store.

Google Play



Rideshare apps are of great help when you abruptly plan to go somewhere or in case of an emergency. You do not have to wait for a bus or a taxi, not knowing when they might appear. You can just have them installed in your smartphones, sign up and search up for the nearest rides. You can even do the payments through the app and do not have to worry about carrying cash in your hand.


The above-mentioned list has some of the best rideshare apps in the UK. You can definitely expect more of them in the future with more sophisticated features.

Top 10 Kids Learning Apps in UK 2023

Technology’s influence on the education system today is undeniable. Whether it is a certification, a degree or to study new subject, kids are nowadays using learning apps to make learning in and out of the classroom easier and also a lot more fun.


mobile app development


Toddlers these days are more in tune with technology and interactive software that make learning easier. Schools around the world are investing a lot in technology to make sure that every child is up to speed with using smart tools for learning.


E-learning apps and presentations makes learning and retention better as students can recall information and facts much faster. Technology also improves hand eye co-ordination, boosts reaction times, and attention to details. Beyond programs for students, there are a lot of programs and resources available to teachers as well. E-textbooks, learning platforms, lesson planning tools, lessons, age appropriate materials, activities, etc. are changing the way a classroom is run.


Thanks to the apps format, learning is possible anywhere, at any time.


Here is a list of the top 10 Kids Learning Apps in the UK for 2023.


Endless Wordplay The Human Body
DragonBox Series Duolingo
 Reading Eggs Hopscotch Kids
Quick Maths Flow Free
ClassDojo Hit the Button


1. Endless Wordplay


Developed by the creators of the “Endless” series of apps, the Originator team works hard to bring the best “education + entertainment” apps to the market.


Children can use this app to learn how to spell, build new words and even write rhymes. English for many, may still be a confusing language which is made easy for learning via Endless Wordplay app. Learning is reinforced with fun as an important element.


endless play - kids learning apps


The app is designed with young learners in mind. The best part is that it promotes self-paced learning. Endless Wordplay app has some interesting features that make learning fun. The Alphabot reinforces learning with phonetics with interactive lessons.


Animation makes rhyming words come alive and helps in learning different words with the same spelling but different meanings. In the app, the first three lessons are free and additional lessons can be purchased. But, you will have to ensure that there is enough space on the smart phone so that all the words, based on level, can be downloaded for learning.


Endless Wordplay app is available for download in App Store & Google Play Store.


Download : Android, iOS


2. The Human Body


Want to fire your child’s imagination and get them interested in STEM subjects? Then Tinybop’s “The Human Body” app is the one to get. Your child can learn all about the human body in this interactive and animated version.


All a user has to do is install the Tinybop pass. Learn all about the human body in this interactive and animated version.

human body - kids learning apps

The app comes with eight interactive systems which describe the skeletal, nervous, digestive, circulatory, respiratory, immune, muscular and integumentary systems in detail. Your child will learn how the body works as a complete unit. The app’s vocabulary comes in 57 languages in label form for all body parts. The intuitive and kid-friendly design of the app is sure to grab your child’s attention.


The Human Body app is available for download in App Store & Google Play Store.


Download : Android, iOS


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3. DragonBox Series


This app is just perfect for helping every child get over their fear of mathematics and making it fun. A child will learn how numbers work with colourful and relatable characters. With four different activities, a kid can explore and master mathematics quite easily.


Whether it is the sandbox, puzzle, ladder or run section, this app uses pedagogical principles to make the child understand and have a great foundation in mathematics. The DragonBox Big numbers app builds on the foundation and lets your child develop their skills naturally.

dragon box - kids learning apps

The app comes with many exercises and tests to cement learning in different areas of mathematics. Children learn how regular and big numbers work and to do long additions and other functions by playing and exploring in the app.


DragonBox Series app is available for download in App Store & Google Play Store.


Download : Android, iOS


4. Duolingo


Thanks to the internet, countries with borders are meaningless. Knowing another language makes it infinitely easier to communicate.


The Duolingo app is the perfect way to learn a new language, whether it is Chinese, Dutch, German, French, Swedish or something else. It was even nominated as one of the best kids learning apps two years in a row.


Duolingo - kids learning apps


Duolingo app provides bite-sized lessons for free. The lessons last for 30+ hours, which is equivalent to having done a semester at a university. The painless and peppy lessons make learning fun and make it easy to progress to the next level.


Duolingo app is available for download in App Store & Google Play Store.


Download : Android, iOS


5. Reading Eggs


Reading Eggs is a popular reading apps for kids with access to a digital library of over 2,000 storybooks for children aged between 2 and 13 years. Apart from that, the app also features interactive reading games, lessons and more.

Reading Eggs Apps

The app promotes the five core components of reading, which include phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. It helps build the knowledge in languages in your child, which comes handy in school-related activities.


Reading Eggs app is available for download in App Store & Google Play Store.


Download : Android, iOS


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6. Hopscotch Kids


Designed for kids over 10 years and above, this is one of the kids learning apps that help children learn coding in a systematic manner. Young coders have access to a community who can help and guide in case of errors and also demonstrate easier ways to get around coding problems.


This is a free app up to a point, but getting a monthly subscription offers access to many other features, including the option of customizing a profile or even adding an image. The app helps children learn to code creatively, eventually using MIT’s app development tool, Scratch.

hopscoth - kids learning apps

The app helps children learn how to create new programs by combining knowledge from different sources. All in all, it is a useful tool for kids to understand and learn the coding process from an early age.


Hopscotch Kids app is available for download in App Store


Download :  iOS


7. Quick Maths


This app can be used by kids between the ages of 6 and 16. A great app to help in improving mathematical calculations, it fosters self-confidence by creating a foolproof base.


The app features exercises and prep sheets that are divided into multiple categories, ranging from easy to difficult. It ensures that kids can learn different parts of the subject without getting bored or frustrated while they practice the same tasks.

quick maths

  • Exercises on Addition and Subtraction
  • Tasks on Multiplication
  • Prep sheets on Division and Mixed math questions


You can download Quick Maths app from Google Play Store


Download : Android


8. Flow Free


This deceptively simple puzzle is addictive and helps kids spend hours improving their spatial and motor skills. There are several levels to choose from or play against the clock. It is colourful and fun – how relaxed or fast the game is, depends on what the user wants at a specific time.


flow free


The app features more than 2500 free puzzles. Your child can choose from free playing or against the clock modes. The colourful and clean graphics and fun sound effects make learning fun for children.


Reading Eggs app is available for download in App Store & Google Play Store.


Download : Android, iOS


9. ClassDojo


Designed for the Android platform, ClassDojo is one of the kids learning apps which connect students, parents and teachers. The main aim is to garner and foster a positive culture in the classroom and also keep communication channels open for everyone.


class dojo


ClassDojo app provides provisions for communication between teachers and parents through messages. You can also add updates to a child’s calendar, along with videos, photos and progress reports. Students can do their homework and update their portfolios in the app.


Download : Android, iOS


10. Hit the Button


Hit the Button app is another math learning app that is based on the popular online game of the same name. The app features quick-action math games for children aged between 5 and 11 years and cover a variety of topics, including multiplication, division and more. The person playing the game has to answer as many questions as possible in sixty seconds.

Hit the Button Maths

The app has provides provisions to teachers and parents to create up to thirty player profiles in the app. This allows the children to compete with each other or improve their own high score.


Hit the button app is available for download in Google Play Store


Download : Android, iOS


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Closing Thought


These are some of the best kids learning apps that help users to learn more and have fun while doing it.

It is wonderful that technology is making learning easy, thanks to the efforts of programmers and subject matter experts to explain simple and progressively complex concepts of any subject one can think of.


mobile app development


Learning apps promote visual learning that help children memorize and understand the concepts better through animated clips and colourful designs.

10 Best Free Diabetes Apps for Android & iOS

Healthcare industries have evolved by a huge difference ever since they have been enormously transformed by digital technology. Now there are mobile apps for fitness tracking and monitoring blood glucose, weight loss and even your diabetes as well. With these free apps, it is easy to watch and control your diabetes as you go about living your day.


Although the diabetes-centric mobile apps have unique features to assist you, their basic approach is to encourage good lifestyle habits including food intake, physical activity as well as blood sugar level maintenance.



They all are designed to focus on weight loss, calorie control, carb counts, insulin doses and diabetes-friendly diet.


Whether you have type 1, type 2, or progressive symptoms, these free diabetes apps ensure that your health data is accessible in one dashboard to simplify your diabetes management.


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In this blog, we will take a look at the 10 best free diabetes apps available in the UK.


Fooducate Accu-Chek
MyFitnessPal MySugr
Beat Diabetes Diabetic Diet
Diabetes Connect BeatO
Diabetes: M OneTouch Reveal


1) Fooducate


It all starts with what you choose to put in your body. Fooducate knows how important it is to manage diabetes and therefore keeps you informed of all the good foods you can try to maintain your blood sugar level.


Fooducate - free diabetes apps


It helps enhance your knowledge about which food is wholesome for keeping sugar in control and what carbs to avoid. Fooducate allows you to scan foods and see its calorie quality, sugar content and hidden ingredients.


Fooducate - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Ideal for a food-driven diabetes management approach
  • Encourages diabetes-friendly food choices
  • Suggests sugar-free lifestyle changes
  • Helps you discriminate between good and bad carbs
  • Scan and track food for its calorie quality

Google PlayApp Store



2) Accu-Chek Connect


Accu-Chek Connect is for those who are already advised to keep their body’s insulin level maintained for good health. This is the first-ever FDA-approved app that updates you with accurate insulin advice.


Accu-check - free diabetes apps


To get the best result, the patients require an activation signal from their professional doctor. Its insulin measurement feature then gets activated to generate information on blood glucose patterns that you can identify.


Accu-check - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Best for diabetic patients
  • Precise insulin level check
  • Doctor-approved app activation
  • Shows blood glucose patterns and trends

Google PlayApp Store



3) MyFitnessPal


MyFitnessPal might not be a typical diabetes management program, but it definitely works by focusing on individual weight loss goals. It works on the principle of maintaining a healthy weight, which is a vital part of diabetes management.


MyFitnessPal - free diabetes apps


It keeps your weight in control by monitoring your overall food intake and customizing what you eat. It features a food barcode scan that uses an internet connection to operate.


MyFitnessPal - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Best for individual weight loss goal
  • Helps maintain a healthy weight for diabetes management
  • Monitors and customizes your daily food intake
  • Food barcode scan
  • Focuses on low-carb Atkins diet

Google PlayApp Store



4) MySugr


MySugr distinguishes itself from other diabetes apps in the list by offering a clean, user-appealing and intuitive interface and it is completely free. It comes with a customizable dashboard and also allows you to link with your glucose monitor.


mySugar - free diabetes apps


MySugr app also sends reminders to push you to follow up with more specific details such as blood sugar levels before and after a workout session. You can also share this accurate data with your doctor so that you can discuss plans to manage diabetes or change insulin treatment accordingly.


mySugar - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Clean and intuitive interface
  • Ability to sync with a glucose monitor
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Reminders for checking blood sugar at different stages
  • Sharable information and charts

Google PlayApp Store




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5) Beat Diabetes


Popular as a pocket guidebook, Beat Diabetes is one of the best free diabetes apps available in the UK especially for beginners recently diagnosed with the condition. The app provides a great resort for patients who seek reliable information to quickly get on track.


Beat diabetes - free diabetes apps


You have here sea of diabetic information about avoidable foods, carb control, adding physical activities, complications, etc. The app sets you on the right sugar-free path in no time keeping you up-to-date with medical treatment.


Laughable - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Pocket guidebook with handy diabetes 101 information
  • Boosts your knowledge on best organic ways to defeat diabetes
  • Recommendations on workout routines, food, treatment options & more
  • Alerts you on unforeseeable complications

Google PlayApp Store





6) Diabetic Diet


Diabetic Diet, as the name hints, follows the basic approach towards diabetic care for people with or without diabetes. This app is a great tool that provides a wealth of resources designed to focus mainly on choosing a balanced diet and good food.


Diabetes Diet - free diabetes apps


It is all about what to eat, food routines and safest weight loss methods to fight the diabetic or prediabetic condition. It is even perfect for those who care about someone with diabetes.


Diabetes Diet - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Information-driven approach for diabetic conditions
  • Straightforward and informative do’s and don’ts
  • Focuses on a balanced diet and healthy food habits
  • Safe weight loss suggestions
  • Useful for pros and the newly diagnosed

Google PlayApp Store



7) Diabetes Connect


Diabetes Connect provides you a great way to track and manage your diabetes symptoms, treatment and food intake habits. By enabling features that you can toggle on and off, Diabetes Connect helps you control the diabetic condition.


Diabetes Connect - free diabetes apps


You can access your health dashboard either in an app or via a web browser. You have all the data consolidated in one spot so that you can easily track your weight, sugar level, insulin dosage, meals, calories, medications, etc. It also gets synced across various devices in use so you can monitor it anytime anywhere.


Diabetes Connect - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Brings all data in one common dashboard
  • Accessible across multiple devices
  • Updates on all-round diabetic parameters
  • Easy to print and share data with your doctor

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8) BeatO


With BeatO turning your smartphone into an active Glucometer, you don’t need a different glucose monitor. This app easily pulls data from its BeatO glucometer and allows you to measure and monitor your glucose level right on your smartphone.


BeatO - free diabetes apps


A team of BeatO-associated medical experts maintains sanity and intervenes with reminders of higher glucose levels and a health-centric lifestyle guide.


BeatO - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Reliable diabetic management
  • Backed by a team of medical experts
  • Pulls data of glucose level from Glucometer
  • Uses color coding to depict high, low and normal blood sugar levels

Google PlayApp Store



9) Diabetes: M


Diabetes: M is a full-fledged log app with all-round features to aid diabetes conditions including diet and nutrition logging and tracking, blood test reminders, blood sugar patterns mapping, insulin bolus calculator and integration with fitness apps.


Diabetes M - free diabetes apps


Its powerful tools show charts of trends for excellent glucose control in adjustable timeframes. It is also compatible with Apple Watch and lets you add multiple members with a paid subscription.


Diabetes M - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Ideal for minute diabetic management
  • Packed with a range of features
  • Nutrition logging, blood test reminders
  • Integration with a fitness app
  • Nutrition-based insulin bolus calculator
  • Tools to check trend graphs and charts
  • Subscription lets you add multiple profiles

Google PlayApp Store



10) OneTouch Reveal


This app works like a highlighter of trends in blood sugar if you have diabetes. OneTouch Reveal automatically generates insights and trends in response to your blood glucose readings.


OneTouch - free diabetes apps


This is especially beneficial if your blood sugar mysteriously goes off within a certain timeframe. The app highlights this as a crucial easy-to-see trend in a timeline and alerts you to take action.


Based on your log history, your physician can modify your diet plans and carb intake.


OneTouch - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Automatic insights and trends in blood sugar
  • Highlights important trends events on the timeline
  • Color-coded interface to highlight daily high/low readings
  • Close analysis of blood sugar patterns
  • Physician-recommended healthy diet plans

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Conclusion: Choose the best fit for your Diabetes type


These are the 10 best free diabetes app in the UK that you can prefer to install on your Android or iOS device. Some of these apps are still getting better with new updates as technology progresses over time.



The way modern AI-enabled platforms and chatbots are constantly disrupting the healthcare industry, we are likely to see the rise of more interactive and intelligent healthcare apps in the future, all enhanced with astonishing features.


This also sounds like a vivid prospect for startup enthusiasts striving to break into the digital healthcare market and build successful fitness-focused diabetes management apps.

10 Best Email Apps For Android 2023

Android-based hand-held devices are most widely used by people of all ages. The devices are equipped with various apps that make life simpler.



Most of the apps carry the basic functions of creating and sending messages. It is the additional features that the app provides that helps in deciding on which app to be used.


The user has to initially list out the purpose of his email use before choosing an app. The user has to decide whether his requirement is in organizing a to-do list, scheduling an event or aiming at increasing security and privacy.


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Some of the email apps that are popularly used in android devices are mentioned.


Gmail Outlook
BlueMail ProtonMail
Missive Edison Mail
Maildroid Spark Email
TypeApp Email Q Mail


1) Gmail


Google’s free email app Gmail is one of the most popular Android apps for email. Gmail sorts and organizes the inbox most efficiently which puts the app above par.


Gmail - email apps for android


This app is packed with features like marking messages as important, applying labels and moving them into folders. The inbox messages are sorted under labels like Promotion, Social, Groups, Forums etc.


The design reduces screen clutter, shows attachments and linked documents in the preview text. Switching between multiple accounts is very simple.


Gmail’s confidential mode offers extra security and privacy. The users can set an expiration date for the message, set a password code for the email or revoke access to the message at any time.


Gmail - rating - email apps for android


Gmail is free for accounts with 15GB storage. Monthly user fee is charges for more inbox storage and security controls. Gmail comes pre-installed on most devices.

Google PlayApp Store



2) Outlook


Outlook is considered to be the best email app for integrating your calendar. The mobile version consists of basic functions of composing messages, organizing inboxes and searching for options.


Outlook - email apps for android


The calendar function prompts the user to select the date and time to share the email messages with the recipient. A click on the ‘convert to event’ icon will create a calendar invite based on the recipient’s reply of a preferred time.


The app also syncs events from Facebook, Evernote, and Meetup. There is no other email client that can match Outlook in editing or updating the calendar from the inbox.


Outlook - rating - email apps for android


Outlook is free for personal use. Commercial users are required to subscribe to the service.

Google PlayApp Store



3) BlueMail


BlueMail is not very different from the competitors Gmail and Outlook. The settings menu makes the app stand apart.


Blue Mail - email apps for android


The numerous design options helps in segregating read and unread messages, resetting unread icon badge each time the app is opened, notifying do not disturb hours, blocking emails from an address or domain.


The default light and dark themes allow automatic switch between them at all times of the day. The theme can be customized with a colour picker.


Blue Mail - rating - email apps for android


BlueMail offers extra amount of control over email usage. It is one of the best android apps for detailed customization in email.

Google PlayApp Store



4) ProtonMail


This android app focuses on security and privacy.  The app gives importance to security features like password-protected messages and the function to render an email unreadable a few hours after it is sent.


Proton Mail - email apps for android


The app is very simple to use. Any window opened does not contain more than five buttons which makes it functionally very basic. Due to the security features, the recipient has to open each email received in new tabs outside inboxes.


Whether the app is used on mobiles or desktops, the servers have no way to read the emails sent as the message contents are encrypted from the moment it is sent till when the recipient decrypts the message.


Proton Mail - rating - email apps for android


An account on ProtonMail can be created within few minutes and it comes with all the security features included in a paid plan. Paid plans can be opted for greater inbox storage, custom domain and unlimited messages.

Google PlayApp Store



5) Missive


This app is useful for teams with shared inboxes. Missive streamlines messages on shared inboxes enabling everyone to know the status of the email.


Missive - email apps for android


Shared inboxes are created to provide responses to customer requests in the most simple and quickest manner. This app provides a chat feature which enables discussion of an email internally before replying to the sender.


Alternatively, the person who has to respond can be assigned the task and the other users can be informed that the matter is closed.



The app menu can filter inboxes by categories such as ‘Assigned’, ‘Closed’, ‘Assigned to others’. The Preference menu offers inbox organization, message notifications and team collaboration. Replies can be co-authored and multiple users can edit messages from their devices.


Missive - rating - email apps for android


The free app is for the use of teams of five or less and will have restricted search history. Paid plans include longer and detailed search histories.

Google PlayApp Store




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6) Edison Mail


This android app is for newsletter users. Edison Mail automatically segregates messages pertaining to Packages, Travel, Bills and Receipts, Entertainment. The app even reformats messages to show only pertinent information.


Email Edison - email apps for android


Edison’s automatic labelling function though better than Gmail, the latter scores higher because of its categorization under social and promotion labels. The app makes up for this deficiency with the consolidation feature.


All the newsletters are consolidated into a scrollable list, marked with an X to unsubscribe and a star to include the sender in the Favourites menu.


The additional feature of security monitors internet databases used to sell and trade personal information. A read receipt blocker prevents the sender from knowing when the message has been opened by the recipient.


Email Edison - rating - email apps for android


This app is speedy and easy to use. These email android apps are completely free.

Google PlayApp Store



7) Maildroid


Maildroid is a feature-rich app. The app interface is easy to use and navigate. The app has all the standard features of an email app like compose, delete, view, archive etc. This app has the option of saving the mail for later viewing even when offline.


Maildroid - email apps for android


It provides the choice to delete the mail from the device or the server or both. Emails can be encrypted with its built-in capability.


The ‘what you see is what you get’ feature is an advantage when composing designer emails from mobile devices. You can have multiple accounts and can switch between accounts with ease.


The app is free in the Google Play store and is ad-supported. Purchasing the app helps to remove the ads.

Google PlayApp Store



8) Spark Email


Spark Email is a new email app launched in early 2019. The app has a friendly user interface.


Spark Email - email apps for android


Apart from the basic functions of the inbox organization, the app has the additional features of sending emails later, email snoozing, sending reminders, pinning emails, and undoing sent mail. Each email address can be viewed separately or together in the inbox.


Spark Email - rating - email apps for android


The app is new and has its shortcomings, which are being worked on. The app comes free of cost.

Google PlayApp Store



9) TypeApp Email


TypeApp is a good and relatively simple android app. The user interface is similar to that of Bluemail.


TypeApp - email apps for android


The app provides support for all email services and inboxes. Features like push notifications, calendar and contact syncs, group mail service, and wireless printing support arevery useful.


TypeApp - rating - email apps for android


An added advantage is the customization feature including dark modes and themes. The basic version is free. Monthly subscriptions are available for advanced options.

Google PlayApp Store



10) Q Mail


Q  Mail app features scheduling of sending messages created at a later time. More than one message can be added to the queue. Mail folders can be switched.


QMail - email apps for android


The app can be synced with the mobile device and can be used without an internet connection. Email queue, their priority and history can be viewed.


QMail - rating - email apps for android


The app comes free of cost.

Google PlayApp Store




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Sending an email is the most effective way of accomplishing your communication goal. Whether you are a student or working professional or a business owner, email plays a crucial role in day to day life.



Depending on your purposes, the email you send will differ. An appropriate email app will help you in communicating the right way. In this list of best email apps for the android devices, you can find your suitable app.

11 Best Productivity Apps 2023

Smartphones help everyone in being more productive. They act like tiny computers, which connects to the web and allow us to do work using them. Several apps have been developed to aid productivity and various functions of work and life.



Productivity apps help to keep business to run smoothly and efficiently. The best productivity apps help one to get in touch with colleagues, provide updates on work progress and send documents instantly.


These Productivity Apps can be selected based on one’s requirements and ease of use.

Google Drive Google Keep Notes
Microsoft Apps Evernote
WPS Office Dropbox
IFTTT TickTick
Trello Lucidchart


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1) Google Drive

Google Drive is an amazing productivity app available on mobile devices. It is the most commonly used productivity app as it works well.


Google Drive - productivity apps


The app, with its Google documents, sheets, and slides, caters to the normal office requirements. It provides a storage facility in Google Drive. A PDF reader from Google and Google Keep Notes makes it a simple effective note-taking app.


Google Drive - rating - productivity apps


The app is free for storage of 15GB and paid for storage capacity above that.

Google PlayApp Store



2) Google Keep Notes


This app works on iOS and android platforms and integrates with Google Drive and Google Docs. The interface is simple and visually appealing.


Google Keep - productivity apps


The app supports all types of notes you would like to take. To-do lists, images, text, voice, maps and drawings can be done with ease. Web pages to be remembered can be noted. Keep notes converts voice notes to text.


Notes can be color-coded based on the most often read or on project types. The app uses labels to sort notes. The interface is similar to a cork board covered with different coloured notes. Scrolling through you can locate a note without going through folders.


Google Keep - rating - productivity apps


The app transfers notes to Google Docs, set up pop-up reminders based on time and date, allows for sharing notes.

Google PlayApp Store



3) Microsoft Apps


Microsoft apps include numerous apps that boost productivity. OneDrive, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneNote are some of them.


Microsoft Apps - productivity apps


These set of apps all work together to give a cohesive experience. Apps like Microsoft Remote Desktop allow you to dial into a Windows PC from an android phone.


Microsoft Apps - rating - productivity apps


Since all the apps are supported by Windows, mobile and desktop functions can be merged.

Google PlayApp Store



4) Evernote


Evernote has been a very popular app for many years. Evernote is a powerful note-taking app.


Evernote - productivity apps


The app captures any type of audio, text, picture and image. The app allows cross-device syncing. Organizational and collaboration functions are excellent.


Evernote - rating - productivity apps


Evernote converts photos into text, save them and makes the text searchable using optical recognition technology. This works for both typed and handwritten text.


The app is free and needs to be paid only if notes have to be synced with other devices.

Google PlayApp Store



5) WPS Office


This is an all-in-one complete free office suite app integrating all office word processor functions like Word, PDF, Memo, Spreadsheet, Presentation, etc. It is compatible with Microsoft Office Suite, Google Drive and Adobe.


WPS Office - productivity apps


The app enables office word processing to be done on-the-go on mobiles, tablets and other portable devices. One can create, edit, view, share office documents or while traveling or out of office. Presentations with layouts, animation and special effects can be made.


WPS Office - rating - productivity apps


The app supports document encryption and allows for recovery of deleted documents within 30 days.

Google PlayApp Store





6) Dropbox


This app is the most reliable for file backups and file syncing. This function helps one to access important documents at all times.


Dropbox - productivity apps


Documents can be saved offline eliminating the need for an internet connection to retrieve them. Photo and videos from the phone are automatically backed up in Dropbox.


Dropbox - rating - productivity apps


The basic version of the app is free. Paid plans exist for the extra features required.

Google PlayApp Store




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This free app makes your phone take up any task and perform it autonomously. The app makes schedules that tell various apps to perform tasks at varied times.


IFTTT - productivity apps


This app is a must when using smart lights and other IoT devices. Instagram photos can be auto-saved to Dropbox.


IFTTT - rating


The app does come with pre-made recipes for tasks. The app is powerful but it takes time to learn the various functions and adapt it to one’s needs.

Google PlayApp Store



8) TickTick


This app organizes tasks, chores, to-do lists, work details with ease.  TickTick comes with a calendar, reminder notifications, widgets and custom-made tasks with repeat functions.


TickTick - productivity apps


Tasks between colleagues at work or chores between household members can be shared.


TickTick - rating - productivity apps


The app allows cross-device syncing. With its simple controls and clean interface, it is definitely one of the best productivity apps.

Google PlayApp Store



9) Trello


This app is supported by Google Drive, Dropbox and Android Wear systems.  This productivity app is a great task manager. It helps one to be organized at work and at home.


Trello - productivity apps


Boards are created to help in keeping the various projects organized. The app permits one to work on each task, on the board, one at a time.The app allows for team collaboration either with colleagues at work or family at home.


Trello - rating - productivity apps


The app is entirely free and hence makes it a great productivity app for those working on a budget.

Google PlayApp Store



10) Lucidchart


This app helps in creating diagrams and flowcharts by anyone who needs to produce visuals. The app is compatible withiOS and Android platforms. The app is easy to use.


Lucidchart - productivity apps


Diagrams are created using a set of pre-made shapes designed for specific visuals such as flow charts, organization charts, room diagrams, family trees etc.


Lucidchart - rating - productivity apps


This app is popular as professional diagrams for work or personal use can be created. The app is very simple to use and has a basic free version.

Google PlayApp Store



11) Asana


This app is mainly used for team-based task management supported by iOS and Android systems.


Asana - productivity apps


The work management app contains a lot of information. The design of the app makes it easy to view what is required on the small mobile screen.


Asana - rating - productivity apps


The app allows keeping abreast with the team’s work while traveling or offsite. The status of all tasks assigned to the team members can be viewed. Teammates can view the progress of each other’s work. Further tasks can be assigned even when offsite.


The app can also be used for managing work in progress. Asana is considered one of the best apps for helping productivity.

Google PlayApp Store




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Final Thoughts


Always Remember what Steve Jobs said once “Your time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else life start making your own”.



You can’t change what happened and can’t go back in time. So utilize time in a better way. Success always depends upon time management . Hope these productivity apps should help you in leading a successful professional as well as personal life.

13 Best Money Making Apps 2023

With the invention of smart phones, humans started inventing and doing things we thought was impossible otherwise. Who knew a few years back that you could just face time a person sitting miles away from you, or can even text them?


Who knew transferring money could be so easy or that you can click, post and share your life on social media and interact with different people from different societies? It seems smartphones have apps to solve every problem in our lives.


mobile app development


But what is a greater problem than money? Undoubtedly, that is something that all of us require. Very few of us are aware that there are apps that provide money in return of performing simple tasks that. These are referred to as the Money Making Apps.


First, let us paint a clearer picture of what a Money Making App means. Money Making Apps are research applications that help one to earn rewards or points. These apps ask the users to do simple tasks, which when completed, the user gets these rewards.


The tasks are simple and could range from taking surveys, giving opinions, watching videos, downloading another app, playing games and many such things.


Once done, the user can redeem these rewards for cash and transfer it to their account. Although these money making apps don’t promise to make anyone rich, it does promise easy pocket money.


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Let us have a look at the 13 best money making apps currently available in the  UK market:


Survey Junkie FOAP
Google Opinion SlideJoy
Swagbucks My Points
Fluid Market Bookscouter
Coin Out Decluttr
Achievement iPoll
Swag IQ


1) Survey Junkie


Survey Junkie was founded in the year 2013. The basic aim of the surveys that are conducted by the app is to help different companies understand and improve the demand for their already existing products. It also helps companies to take consumer survey before launching a new product.


Survey Junkie - money making apps


  • It is a market research app that provides you money for every survey that you take.
  • At the time of signing in, the app needs you to answer a few questions that includes your demographic information, gender, health habits, rate of shopping, relationship status, income, etc. This helps the companies to understand the consumer status.
  • This app is easy to install.
  • One can also earn points by just setting up their profile.


Survey Junkie - rating - money making apps


Google PlayApp Store





FOAP is another money making application. Here, the users are asked to upload pictures that they have taken with their smart phones.


So basically, one can sell the pictures that they have taken with their smart phones at good rates. It is basically a crowd sourcing platform.


Foap - money making apps


  • There is no bar for photographers. Both amateurs and professional photographers can upload the pictures that they have clicked.
  • It connects photographers from around the world with companies and advertising agencies.
  • Almost every cellphone nowadays comes with a high quality camera. Therefore, many photographers can click and upload such pictures.
  • After uploading, one just needs to wait till the picture gets sold.


Foap - rating - money making apps


The con of this application is that one cannot be sure that your pictures will get sold at all. Although, one cannot expect to make a lot of money, they sure can target some side money.

Google PlayApp Store



3) Google Opinion Reward


Google Opinion Rewards was developed and launched by Google. Available in over more than 22 countries, anyone who is more than 18 years old can use the app.


Google Opinion Rewards - money making apps


  • Users are asked to answer a certain survey that comes from time to time.
  • When answered, the users earn rewards.
  • Android users can redeem these rewards by buying apps from the Google Play Store. iOS users can redeem these rewards via PayPal.


Google Opinion Rewards - rating - money making apps


Google PlayApp Store





SlideJoy is a money making app that pays you every time you open your lock screen.


Slidejoy - money making apps


  • This app when installed, users get an ad every time they unlock their lock screen.
  • The best part of the app is that it allows the users to earn passively. That is, even if the users don’t click on the ad, they would still earn rewards or ‘carats’.
  • You can redeem these via PayPal or Square Cash, or can even donate this money to charities.


The cons of the app are
  • Users can not put up any screen saver or picture in their lock screen. Ads would every time pop up on their screen.
  • The users need to wait for three months after signing up to redeem their rewards. After that the payout is monthly.

Google Play



5) Swagbucks


Swagbucks is another money making app that lets their users earn points or rewards. These rewards are called ‘Swagbuck points’.


Swagbucks - money making apps


  • Users are able to earn money through this app by taking surveys, shopping online, browsing pages, playing games etc.
  • This app provides a bonus to all the new users when they sign up.
  • There are numerous surveys available. Hence, there are higher opportunities of earning cash.
  • Users can either redeem their rewards as Gift Cards or take a cash back from PayPal.


Swagbucks - rating - money making apps


Google PlayApp Store



6) My Points


My Points is owned by Swagbucks. It is another money making app that offers points or rewards to users in return of some easy tasks.


Mypoints - money making apps


  • Users are asked to do simple tasks like reading e-mails, shopping online, watching a video and get rewarded for the same.
  • Users get rewards even if they don’t qualify for a survey.
  • Once enough reward points are accumulated, one can redeem them by either taking Gift Cards or cashing it out.


Mypoints - rating - money making apps


The con of the app is that it often re-directs you to a third party page when you answer a survey. The other is at many times one might not qualify for a survey.

Google PlayApp Store




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7) Fluid Market


Fluid Market is a bit different from the other money making apps we have come across so far.


Fluid - money making apps


  • This app lets you rent out your van or cargo, or any other car for weeks, hours or days.
  • It connects people with a vehicle to people in need of a vehicle.
  • Apart from this, one can also lend their miscellaneous items on rent like saws, drills, hedge trimmers, bike, rowboat etc.
  • As per their website one can earn up to $24 a year.


Fluid - rating - money making apps


Google PlayApp Store




mobile app develpment


8) Bookscouter


Bookscouter is one of the money making apps precisely for all the book worms out there. It connects the seller of books to the buyers.


Bookscouter - money making apps


  • Users can sell both their old and new books through this app.
  • Using the phone’s camera, the seller needs to scan the barcodes of the book and upload it.
  • The user would be able to see all the buy-back price of the buyers with the highest bidder at the top.


Bookscouter - rating - money making apps


Google PlayApp Store



9) Coin Out


Coin Out is a shopping rewards app that lets you earn rewards when you upload a receipt of any purchase. The receipt could be of any item from any retailer.


CoinOut - money making apps


  • The rewards you receive are not based on how much you spent.
  • There are chances of earning more if the condition of the receipt is better.
  • Although this app doesn’t promise to make one rich, it does promise free pocket money.
  • One can either cash in the rewards or choose to take Gift Cards.


CoinOut - rating - money making apps


Google PlayApp Store



10) Decluttr


Every stuff that is lying in your house that could be called clutter can now be called cash. Declutter allows its users to sell all your old and unwanted things.


Decluttr - money making apps


  • Users need to scan the barcode of the item that they wish to sell. After that the items need to be put into a box. The sellers can drop the box with a free Decluttr label.
  • Users get paid within the next day the app receives the order via PayPal or direct deposit.


Decluttr - rating - money making apps


Google PlayApp Store



11) Achievement


Ever thought of getting paid for being active? The Achievement app literally does that. The users get rewards for having an active lifestyle.


Achievement - money making apps


  • This app records all your activities including your steps and sleep. It works passively and runs in the phone’s background.
  • 10,000 points or reward equals $10. At reaching this point one can deposit the money directly to their bank accounts.


Achievement - rating - money making apps


The con is that it might take a while to reach 10,000 points.

Google PlayApp Store



12) iPoll


iPoll is one of the money making apps that gets you rewards for completing their missions. These missions could be taking surveys, giving opinions about stores and products etc.


iPoll - money making apps


  • The app collects some basic information about the users like preference, consumer habits, etc. and gives surveys accordingly.
  • For each survey completed, the user earns rewards.
  • The users can either redeem these rewards by taking gift cards or can even cash out through PayPal.


iPoll - rating - money making apps


Google PlayApp Store



13) Swag IQ


The money making from this app depends on how much general knowledge and IQ the user possesses. This app is an excellent fit for quiz lovers.


Swag - money making apps


  • The users are asked 10 questions, in a live game show. They get the grand prize if they get all the answers right.
  • Users who could not get all the answers correct get reward points for all the correct answers.
  • The reward points can be redeemed in cash through PayPal or an also be converted to Gift Cards.


Swag - rating - money making apps


Google PlayApp Store




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mobile app development


Now that you know which money making apps to download if you want to make a few extra pounds, start taking advantage of them right away. Remember, whatever you make of these applications are legit so there is really no need for you to stress over it at all.

11 Best Ebook Reader Apps 2023

Whether you buy specialist e-reader devices like Amazon’s Kindle or just choose to enjoy smartphones and tablets to satiate your reading voracity, considering Ebook reader apps still add practical value and convenience in UK.


There are Apple’s Books and Google Play Books are already there dominating as digital ebook reading apps, but why not opting for dedicated reading apps that offer a slew of incredible features?


mobile app development


In UK, the best eBook reader apps of 2023 that we are going to highlight enhance your reading experience, adding a lot of ease and perfection by means of extremely configurable settings, customization, support for a range of formats and unlimited subscriptions.


Some of them even do the unimaginable for reader, offering all-in-one marketplace platform and audio books.


Check out these 11 top picks in alternative eBook reader apps in UK (2023).



Kindle Google Play Books
Serial Box Scribd
Overdrive Bluefire Reader
KyBook 2 ComiXology
Moon+ Reader ComiCat


1. Kindle


Amazon’s Kindle is the most popular multi-platform e-book reader app with a robust marketplace, library and modern reading management system.


From contemporary bestsellers to old classics, Kindle store comprises of over one million titles.


It allows users immense flexibility and power to customize the display to their needs. It lets you change font size, background color, brightness, highlight text and other settings.


Kindle - best ebook reader apps


What is fascinating is that Kindle syncs your last read page, highlights and notes, and bookmarks between devices and platforms (Android and iOS).


Users can easily find and reach pages in any book with merely a couple of taps on the screen.


The latest feature Kindle Unlimited program takes a small monthly fee to let users access thousands of audio books and ebooks.


Google PlayApp Store




2. Google Play Books


Presenting you with thousands of books, fiction and comics, magazines, audio books and more content, Google Play Books allows readers to dive in the pleasure of reading their favorite books on their devices.


It works even on iPad if Google ecosystem is not favoring for some reason. The Ebook reader app also syncs across all your devices provided you are using Google account.


Its design embodies user-focused simplicity and offers ease of navigation.


Google Play Books - best ebook reader apps


The app enables all the reader-friendly options expected in a typical ebook reader app such as font changes, text highlights, annotations. People who rely on both Android phone and iPad can find it perfect to switch.


Google PlayApp Store




3. Serial Box


Earlier designed for iPhone users, Serial Box is now available for Android devices. The Serial Box approach is unique, though.


As if to offer compatibility with reader’s routine schedule or live journey, Serial Box doesn’t force them to pay for a complete audio book.


Instead, the app has convenience of letting you get short, episodic content from novels in small chunks – which appears to be perfect when you commute or are on a break.


Serial Box - best ebook reader apps


Serial box houses quality and variety in books ranging from drama and fantasy to sci-fi. Its paid episodes include both text and audio version.


Users can also avail discounts on a full story like “Bookburners” and “Tremontaine. For true digital book lovers, Serial Box has configurable reader and audio book player mode.


Google PlayApp Store




4. Scribd


Scribd is legitimately for those who seek unlimited content subscription service at some fixed cost every month. For this reason, perhaps, Scribd is dubbed “Netflix for books”.


Scribd seems to emanate from ‘Subscribed’ and lets you access an extensive library of books, magazines, audio  books, newspapers and even more for a monthly subscription charges depending on your chosen tier.


Scribd - best ebook reader apps


With all the functionality and features (highlights, annotation, bookmarks) included in this ebook reader app, Scribd makes for a clean, organized, customizable and easy to navigate app.


Google PlayApp Store




5. Overdrive


OverDrive champions the idea of bringing the digital media lending system often experienced in some public libraries with no extra cost right to your iPad.



The Overdrive Ebook reader app allows you to borrow audio books, Ebooks and other digital content from the collections of associated libraries so that you can read without actually leaving the residence and stepping into the local library.


Overdrive - best ebook reader apps


With Overdrive you have access to book collections 24/7, facility to create wish lists and automatic return feature.


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6. Bluefire Reader


Bluefire Reader is a unique Ebook app that is able to access your Adobe DRM content. The Ebook reader app can also access your EPUB and PDF files which means users can transfer files from other online or offline places and organize them conveniently in one place.


Like many other quintessential Ebook reader apps, Bluefire, too, gives users access to features like bookmark, highlight text, annotations.


Bluefire Reader - best ebook reader apps


To allow users to control their reading style,there is also a night mode for iOS devices. Minimalist and clean, Bluefire is perfect for those who don’t wish to interact with fancy frills.


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7. KyBook 2


KyBook 2 is a great eBook reader app with all-in-one support for many DRM-free formats such as RTF, ePub, DJVU, CBR and CBZ. KyBook offers various genres including poetry, prose, comic books, RPG rules, etc.


You can configure reading fonts and also use your own font files. Additionally, you are free to customize themes and layout, line spacing and margins.


KyBook 2 - best ebook reader apps


To access and read ebooks, readers can import files through iTunes store or go to their cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and Yandex Disk.


KyBook also supports OPDS catalogs to let readers access numerous free and public domain online content.


App Store



8. ComiXology


Renowned as a digital comic marketplace app, Comixology provides comics fans a fascinating platform hosting content from major comics publishers around the globe.


It features Marvel, DC and Image and more, and readers can even purchase and read stories on ComiXology website.


Available for both Android and iOS, its mobile Ebook reader app becomes a handy mobile comic reader.


comiXology - best ebook reader apps


The app allows readers to download, purchase and read on ComiXology. Its unique, notable Guided View mode enables small screen reading.


It has a new Unlimited mode that, as the name suggests, offers read-all-you-can subscription. However, users can’t make in-app purchases on or import in existing collections on iOS.


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9. Moon+ Reader


Moon+ Reader is another spruce and nifty Android e-book reader app whose differentiating factor is its highly customizable interface.


Hence, even if it does not stand as having a dedicated marketplace, the app’s UI makes it an outstanding consideration among other niche champions.


Despite not being a marketplace, readers will still have freedom to set font styles, backgrounds, multiple view mode, spacing, paging modes, autoscroll, etc.


The app has both free and a pro version that enables ad-free reading experience and also offers PDF support along with other incredible features.


best ebook reader apps


So if you already own a large e-book collection and need an Android app to read them with, Moon+ Reader becomes your smart solution.


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10. ComiCat


ComiCat is another premium Android comic book reader for DRM-free comic reading. Charging you less than single comic issue cost, ComiCat gifts you tons of features and customization options.


To find comics in supportable formats, the app auto-scans your mobile local storage or selected folders and then automatically organize them into a nice bookshelf view in series.


You can then reorganize them and start reading.


Comic Zeal Comic Book - best ebook reader apps


To ensure uninterrupted reading, its reader view has organic, engaging and unobtrusive interface with cool options and easy settings.


The app supports functionalities like cloud storage, password protection, image enhancements (contrast, brightness, saturation, etc) and manga-style displays.


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11. Marvin


We can’t finish the list of best Ebook reader apps 2023 without inclusion of Marvin. This feature-rich iOS reader app is highly configurable and supports DRM-free EPUB files.


From font changes, night mode down to customizable themes, text highlights and annotation, there is a lot Marvin has for every avid digital reader in the world.


Marvin - best ebook reader apps


Modern and innovative, the app also houses specialty fonts for dyslexic readers as well as awesome dictionary tools.


The features list still continues as Marvin offers text format tweaks like paragraph indentation, text justification and spacing.


Its organizing tools have glorious collection sorting feature, list and cover views and more. However, Marvin has just a small con – its inability to offer support for any other files except EPUB.


App Store






Reading Paper books sounds like a delightful, even fulfilling idea, but just compare that experience with the kind of feeling eBooks develop in avid readers on the go.


As the world turns and grows more dynamic, you need comprehensive reading solutions like eBook reader apps that accompany you and enable hassle-free reading even when you are traveling or sitting on couch at home.


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The large enough screen and the right app along with generous genre of books and magazines are all you need to drown in engaging reading time.


Consider the list above as you think of downloading Ebook reader apps in UK (2023).