30 Best Free TV Apps UK

The app market for streaming movies and TV channel shows is crawling with numerous options. There are so many in the space, and it is not that easy to pick the one that matches close to your viewing tastes.



The U.K media landscape is also gaining quite a momentum as a bunch of private entertainment channels and providers, including long-standing BBC, are also diving in the pool to deliver the best streaming service of UK fans.


To tell you about what TV apps are worthy of attention in UK, we have put together the list of best free 20 TV apps in UK. You can download them either from online stores or using the specific web links.


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Let’s check what all have entered the list of best free 30 TV apps in UK and have power to immerse you in.



BBC iPlayer NOW TV Netflix Amazon Prime
MUBI Sky Go BFI player Eurosport Player
Disney Life ITV Hub All 4 My5
Pluto TV UKTV Play Popcornflix Rakuten TV
YouTube Crunchyroll Viki Red Bull TV
Sky News Bloomberg TV+ Hayu Freeview
TVPlayer Plex Apple TV+ Tubi
Shudder Crackle


1) BBC iPlayer


The oldest and most viewed, BBC forms the foundation of UK TV media and its BBC iPlayer is one of the unsurprisingly highly watched best TV channel streaming apps in UK.


BBC iplayer - tv apps


It appeals to UK audience with the most diverse set of content while treating them with 12 BBC channels. Its entertainment world essentially offers immersive documentaries, kids’ shows on CBBC and CBeebies and movies. You do need a TV license though to enjoy all its rich offerings.


BBC iplayer - rating - tv apps



  • Diverse and inclusive collection of content
  • Free, but with license fees
  • Offers 12 BBC channels
  • iPlayer Kids for children
  • User-friendly interface
  • Offline download capability

Google PlayApp Store





It is impossible not to talk about NOW TV UK while listing the best free live TV streaming apps popular across UK. Also quite popular in the United States and Canada, the app lets you browse through 9 categories of channels and from 10 countries.


Now TV - tv apps


There are many happy users who love its elegant and eye-catching UI. It provides over 150 channels for movies, entertainment, documentaries and Kids. The tv app is free though its paid tier charging £3.99 relieves you from ads and allows you to watch in any country.


Now TV - rating - tv apps



  • Easy to use and user-friendly
  • Browse through 9 TV streaming Categories
  • 150+ channels from 10 countries
  • Excellent Chromecast support
  • Stunning buffering speed
  • Watch later with Video scheduling
  • You can play it in an external video player

Google PlayApp Store



3) Netflix


Netflix streaming app is as good as it gets. After its sensational launch, Netflix has become equally popular in UK as it is everywhere else on the strength of its diverse, gripping content.


Netflix - tv apps


UK Netflix is typically designed for UK shows although its general license allows you to relish all of its Hollywood movies and US TV. Netflix UK nonetheless is one phenomenal app to satiate your lust for TV streaming entertainment.


Netflix - rating - tv apps


Some of the famous Netflix originals you can access in HD are Mindhunter, Stranger Things, Glow, Crown, Bojack Horseman, etc. Subscription fees start from £8.99 a month.



  • Simple and easy-to-access UI and controls
  • Incredible range of TV content
  • Flexible pricing
  • Ad-free streaming experience
  • Chromecast support
  • Watch later option

Google PlayApp Store



4) Amazon Prime


The online retail giant Amazon’s Amazon Prime Video has achieved quite a milestone in the U.K. premium TV streaming service. Tough rival to Netflix, Prime offers both standalone subscription at £5.99 a month and its whole Amazon Prime package at £7.99 a month along with yearly packages.


Amazon Prime - tv apps


Prime flourishes with numerous fresh movies, blockbusters and latest TV shows with amazing Prime Originals. An unlikeable repulsive factor is its hassling UI that doesn’t give comfort finding your favorite content.


Amazon Prime - rating - tv apps



  • Comfortable subscription packages
  • More affordable than Netflix
  • Offline download
  • Watch later
  • Multi-device support

Google PlayApp Store




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MUBI is another sought-after alternative for wonderful classic movies available in over 190 countries, including UK. Being a rich source of TV entertainment, MUBI is packed with great many choices of films at £9.99 a month.


MUBI - tv apps


You can also download to watch them offline as well as go social to share your favorite content. MUBI Go, its premium extension, is also a great destination for watching hand-picked movie experience with a weekly cinema ticket for a little higher monthly price.


MUBI - rating - tv apps



  • Amazing source of classic cinema
  • Available in 190+ countries
  • Offline viewing
  • Social sharing
  • MUBI Go offers weekly ticket to handpicked movies

Google PlayApp Store





6) Sky GoI


Sky Go app ends up in the list of free tv apps for its ability to offer great content to live TV streamers in UK. Sky Go app is exclusively built to serve existing subscribers of Sky TV giving them access to the range of Sky TV contents.


Sky Go - tv apps


Users who have subscribed for Sky Cinema and Sky Sports bundles are eligible for exploring the wide selection of live sports events and movies. The original app is free with ads and restrictive viewing. However, paying £5.00 a month lets you explore everything with Sky Go Extra.


Sky Go - rating - tv apps



  • Great streaming contents
  • View on up to 4 devices with Sky Go Extra
  • Awesome Sky Cinema and Sky Sports bundles
  • Offline downloads

Google PlayApp Store



7) BFI player


BFI player explores the unique edge of UK cinema, taking audience to the journey of U.K. indie and cult classic movies. This British Film Institute is not for Android app users as it can be streamed using Chrome web browser.


BFI Player - tv apps


It ends up on this list on the strength of its dedicated UK-exclusive live streaming experience. You subscribe to its £4.99 a month package and get on the tip of your finger access to its wealth of 300+ carefully crafted classic cinemas.


BFI Player - rating - tv apps



  • Best for classic indie/cult movies
  • Over 300+ well-crafted masterpieces
  • UK-exclusive streaming service
  • Built by British Film Institute

Google PlayApp Store



8) Eurosport Player


Dedicated to your sports cravings, Eurosport player is a free tv app where you can watch live sports events on the go in UK. The sports it covers are Grand Tour Cycling, Grand Slam Tennis, Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 and more.


Eurosport Player - tv apps


Apart from the usual, you can also access some bonus channels, on-demand sports videos, highlights and news. It supports Apple tvOS, tablet, smartphones and Chromecast.


Eurosport Player - rating - tv apps



  • Access to live streaming of Eurosport 1 & 2
  • On-demand actions on the go
  • Video clips for highlights, news, interviews, etc
  • Save your favorite sports to stay tuned to live actions
  • 7-day Program listing of upcoming sports events
  • Watch on Chromecast

Google PlayApp Store



9) Disney Life


As Disney Life kept young ones and little souls entertained before Disney Plus finally trundled in to lift the bar. The app is built to amuse die-hard Disney lovers who can stream classic Disney movies, Disney shows, and favorite Disney music tracks.


Disney life - tv apps


The app allows users to use the app on as many as 10 registered devices and watch it on up to four screens at times. The app has slick UI and smart parental controls. It costs only £4.99 a month which is not so extortionate.


Disney life - rating - tv apps



  • Impressive range of Disney movies and shows
  • Usable on 10 registered devices
  • Exquisite UI design
  • Watch in on 4 screens at the same time

Google PlayApp Store



10) ITV Hub


Being UK’s one of popular TV channels, ITV Hub app offers reality slices served with on-demand streaming and catch-up content. ITV Hub app suits for those  who are fond of watching reality shows, series and drama.


ITV HUB - tv apps


Electrifying and truly entertaining, the app presents great mix of soaps and documentaries. It doesn’t require you subscribe with a TV license if it is not live.


It does punctuate your entertainment with some ads which can be eliminated with its paid tier  for £3.99. The paid version also enables viewing it abroad.


Disney life - rating - tv apps



  • Designed to bring reality TV
  • On-demand videos and catch-ups
  • License-free viewing
  • Chromecast support

Google PlayApp Store



11) All 4


All 4 is a free TV app that offers a range of Channel 4 shows, including dramas, comedies, documentaries, and live TV channels. It’s a great app for anyone who wants to catch up on their favourite Channel 4 shows.



  • Personalized recommendations
  • Live streaming
  • Download for offline viewing
  • Parental controls
  • Chromecast support
  • Social sharing
  • Multi-device support

Google PlayApp Store



12) My5


My5 is a TV app that allows you to catch up on Channel 5’s latest shows, including reality series like Big Brother and The Bachelor. It also has a range of movies and documentaries, making it a great all-round app for TV lovers.




  • Live TV
  • Content from other ViacomCBS channels
  • “Continue watching” feature
  • Chromecast support
  • Subtitles in multiple languages

Google PlayApp Store



13) Pluto TV


Pluto TV is a free streaming app that offers a range of live TV channels, including news, sports, and entertainment channels. It also has a library of on-demand movies and TV shows, making it a great all-round app for TV fans.

Pluto TV Apps



  • Live TV channels
  • On-demand content
  • Personalized content recommendations
  • Multi-device support
  • Parental controls

Google PlayApp Store



14) UKTV Play


UKTV Play is a free TV app that offers a range of UKTV shows, including dramas, comedies, documentaries, and live TV channels. It’s a great app for anyone who wants to catch up on their favourite UKTV shows.

UKTV Play Apps



  • Original content
  • Download for offline viewing
  • Chromecast support
  • Multi-device support
  • “Resume” feature
  • Personalized recommendations

Google PlayApp Store



15) Popcornflix


Popcornflix is another free streaming app that offers a range of movies and TV shows, including popular series like The Walking Dead and Sherlock. It is a great app for movie lovers who want to catch up on their favourite films.

Popcornflix Apps



  • Large selection of free content
  • Curated categories
  • Multiple device compatibility
  • Parental controls
  • No subscription fees

Google PlayApp Store



16) Rakuten TV


Rakuten TV is a free movie and TV app that offers a range of on-demand movies and TV shows. You can also buy or rent the latest releases, making it a great app for movie lovers who want to keep up with the latest films and TV shows.

Rakuten TV Apps



  • Wide selection of movies and TV shows
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Rakuten Points reward system
  • High-quality streaming
  • Flexibility of rental or purchase

Google PlayApp Store



17) YouTube


YouTube is one of the world’s most popular video sharing platforms, and it’s also a great place to watch TV shows and movies. Many content creators upload full-length episodes of TV shows and movies, making it a great app for catching up on missed episodes or discovering new content.

YouTube Apps



  • Personalization
  • Live streaming
  • Social features
  • Multiple device compatibility

Google PlayApp Store



18) Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is a TV app that focuses on anime and Asian dramas. It offers a range of on-demand shows, including popular anime series like Attack on Titan and Naruto. If you’re a fan of anime or Asian dramas, Crunchyroll is a great app to check out.

Crunchyroll TV Apps



  • Extensive anime library
  • Simulcasts
  • Manga library
  • Localization
  • Free and premium options

Google PlayApp Store



19) Viki


Viki is another TV app that focuses on Asian dramas and variety shows. It offers a range of on-demand shows, including popular K-dramas like Crash Landing on You and It a won Class. If you’re a fan of Asian dramas, Viki is definitely worth checking out.

ViKi TV App



  • Extensive anime library
  • Simulcasts
  • Manga library
  • Localization
  • Free and premium options

Google PlayApp Store



20) Red Bull


Red Bull TV is a free streaming app that offers a range of sports, music, and entertainment shows. It’s particularly popular for its coverage of extreme sports, including mountain biking, surfing, and snowboarding.

RedBull TV Apps



  • Exclusive content
  • Multi-platform availability
  • Free streaming
  • Live sports events

Google PlayApp Store



21) Sky News


Sky News is a news-focused TV app that offers live streams of breaking news events, as well as a range of news shows and documentaries. It’s a great app for keeping up with the latest news both in the UK and around the world.

Sky News Breaking, UK & World Apps



  • Access to Sky News programs
  • Personalized news feed
  • Customizable alerts
  • Offline viewing
  • Easy sharing

Google PlayApp Store




22) Bloomberg TV+


Bloomberg TV+ is a finance-focused TV app that offers live streams of the latest business and finance news, as well as a range of shows and documentaries. You can keep up with the latest business and finance news in the app.

Bloomberg Apps



  • Live financial news streaming
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Personalized news alerts
  • Access to Bloomberg TV programs
  • Easy sharing

Google PlayApp Store



23) Hayu


Hayu is a TV app that focuses on reality TV shows, including popular series like Keeping Up with the Kardashians and The Real Housewives. It offers a range of on-demand shows and is a great app for fans of reality TV.

Hayu - Watch Reality TV



  • Exclusive content
  • Same-day streaming
  • Multi-platform availability
  • Customized recommendations
  • Free trial

Google PlayApp Store



24) Freeview


Freeview is a TV app that offers a range of live TV channels, including news, sports, and entertainment channels. It also offers a range of on-demand shows and is a great app for anyone who wants to watch live TV on their device.

Freeview TV Apps



  • Live TV streaming
  • TV guide
  • On-demand content
  • Multi-platform availability
  • Parental controls

Google PlayApp Store



25) TVPlayer


TVPlayer is another TV app that offers a range of live TV channels, including popular channels like BBC, ITV, and Channel 4. If you are in for a range of on-demand shows and watching live TV on your own device, this app is a good choice.

TVPlayer Apps



  • Live TV streaming
  • Catch-up TV
  • Record function
  • Multi-platform availability
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Easy search
  • Subscription options

Google PlayApp Store



26) Plex


Plex is a free media player app that allows you to stream movies and TV shows from your personal media library. It’s a great app for anyone who wants to access their own media collection on their device.

Plex Stream Movies & TV



  • Personal media streaming
  • Live TV streaming
  • DVR function
  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Easy sharing

Google PlayApp Store



27) Apple TV+


Apple TV+ is a streaming service that offers a range of original TV shows and movies, including hits like Ted Lasso and The Morning Show. This app is for anyone with an Apple device who wants to access exclusive content.

Apple TV Apps



  • Original content
  • Ad-free
  • Multi-platform availability
  • Family sharing
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Offline viewing

Google PlayApp Store



28) Tubi


Tubi is a free streaming app that offers a wide range of movies and TV shows from major studios and networks, as well as independent filmmakers and content creators. The app can be accessed on a variety of devices, including smart TVs, streaming devices, and mobile devices.


Tubi App


  • Free content
  • Large library
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Personalized recommendations

Google PlayApp Store



29) Shudder


Shudder is a streaming service that specializes in horror, thriller and suspense content. The app offers a wide range of movies, TV shows, and original programs, all of which are curated specifically for horror fans.

Shudder Horror & Thrillers



  • Horror-focused content
  • Exclusive programming
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Curated collections
  • Multiple devices

Google PlayApp Store



30) Crackle


Crackle app is a great option for anyone looking for a free streaming app with a wide range of content and personalized recommendations. With exclusive Sony Pictures content and original programming, as well as a large library of movies and TV shows, Crackle TV is a must-have app for anyone who loves movies and TV shows.



  • Free content
  • Sony Pictures content
  • Original programming
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Multiple devices

Google PlayApp Store



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Live streaming Technology is here to change the way you imbibe everyday entertainment. These best free 30 cool TV apps in UK are a great way to indulge in streaming visuals for those who want on-the-go TV experience.



By bringing the variety of entertainment at the touch of your finger, these apps are enough to make your day or help you unwind in the evening. Pick your favorite from the list of best free tv apps and download on your device to explore digitally advanced TV world.

13 Best Money Making Apps 2023

With the invention of smart phones, humans started inventing and doing things we thought was impossible otherwise. Who knew a few years back that you could just face time a person sitting miles away from you, or can even text them?


Who knew transferring money could be so easy or that you can click, post and share your life on social media and interact with different people from different societies? It seems smartphones have apps to solve every problem in our lives.


mobile app development


But what is a greater problem than money? Undoubtedly, that is something that all of us require. Very few of us are aware that there are apps that provide money in return of performing simple tasks that. These are referred to as the Money Making Apps.


First, let us paint a clearer picture of what a Money Making App means. Money Making Apps are research applications that help one to earn rewards or points. These apps ask the users to do simple tasks, which when completed, the user gets these rewards.


The tasks are simple and could range from taking surveys, giving opinions, watching videos, downloading another app, playing games and many such things.


Once done, the user can redeem these rewards for cash and transfer it to their account. Although these money making apps don’t promise to make anyone rich, it does promise easy pocket money.


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Let us have a look at the 13 best money making apps currently available in the  UK market:


Survey Junkie FOAP
Google Opinion SlideJoy
Swagbucks My Points
Fluid Market Bookscouter
Coin Out Decluttr
Achievement iPoll
Swag IQ


1) Survey Junkie


Survey Junkie was founded in the year 2013. The basic aim of the surveys that are conducted by the app is to help different companies understand and improve the demand for their already existing products. It also helps companies to take consumer survey before launching a new product.


Survey Junkie - money making apps


  • It is a market research app that provides you money for every survey that you take.
  • At the time of signing in, the app needs you to answer a few questions that includes your demographic information, gender, health habits, rate of shopping, relationship status, income, etc. This helps the companies to understand the consumer status.
  • This app is easy to install.
  • One can also earn points by just setting up their profile.


Survey Junkie - rating - money making apps


Google PlayApp Store





FOAP is another money making application. Here, the users are asked to upload pictures that they have taken with their smart phones.


So basically, one can sell the pictures that they have taken with their smart phones at good rates. It is basically a crowd sourcing platform.


Foap - money making apps


  • There is no bar for photographers. Both amateurs and professional photographers can upload the pictures that they have clicked.
  • It connects photographers from around the world with companies and advertising agencies.
  • Almost every cellphone nowadays comes with a high quality camera. Therefore, many photographers can click and upload such pictures.
  • After uploading, one just needs to wait till the picture gets sold.


Foap - rating - money making apps


The con of this application is that one cannot be sure that your pictures will get sold at all. Although, one cannot expect to make a lot of money, they sure can target some side money.

Google PlayApp Store



3) Google Opinion Reward


Google Opinion Rewards was developed and launched by Google. Available in over more than 22 countries, anyone who is more than 18 years old can use the app.


Google Opinion Rewards - money making apps


  • Users are asked to answer a certain survey that comes from time to time.
  • When answered, the users earn rewards.
  • Android users can redeem these rewards by buying apps from the Google Play Store. iOS users can redeem these rewards via PayPal.


Google Opinion Rewards - rating - money making apps


Google PlayApp Store





SlideJoy is a money making app that pays you every time you open your lock screen.


Slidejoy - money making apps


  • This app when installed, users get an ad every time they unlock their lock screen.
  • The best part of the app is that it allows the users to earn passively. That is, even if the users don’t click on the ad, they would still earn rewards or ‘carats’.
  • You can redeem these via PayPal or Square Cash, or can even donate this money to charities.


The cons of the app are
  • Users can not put up any screen saver or picture in their lock screen. Ads would every time pop up on their screen.
  • The users need to wait for three months after signing up to redeem their rewards. After that the payout is monthly.

Google Play



5) Swagbucks


Swagbucks is another money making app that lets their users earn points or rewards. These rewards are called ‘Swagbuck points’.


Swagbucks - money making apps


  • Users are able to earn money through this app by taking surveys, shopping online, browsing pages, playing games etc.
  • This app provides a bonus to all the new users when they sign up.
  • There are numerous surveys available. Hence, there are higher opportunities of earning cash.
  • Users can either redeem their rewards as Gift Cards or take a cash back from PayPal.


Swagbucks - rating - money making apps


Google PlayApp Store



6) My Points


My Points is owned by Swagbucks. It is another money making app that offers points or rewards to users in return of some easy tasks.


Mypoints - money making apps


  • Users are asked to do simple tasks like reading e-mails, shopping online, watching a video and get rewarded for the same.
  • Users get rewards even if they don’t qualify for a survey.
  • Once enough reward points are accumulated, one can redeem them by either taking Gift Cards or cashing it out.


Mypoints - rating - money making apps


The con of the app is that it often re-directs you to a third party page when you answer a survey. The other is at many times one might not qualify for a survey.

Google PlayApp Store




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7) Fluid Market


Fluid Market is a bit different from the other money making apps we have come across so far.


Fluid - money making apps


  • This app lets you rent out your van or cargo, or any other car for weeks, hours or days.
  • It connects people with a vehicle to people in need of a vehicle.
  • Apart from this, one can also lend their miscellaneous items on rent like saws, drills, hedge trimmers, bike, rowboat etc.
  • As per their website one can earn up to $24 a year.


Fluid - rating - money making apps


Google PlayApp Store




mobile app develpment


8) Bookscouter


Bookscouter is one of the money making apps precisely for all the book worms out there. It connects the seller of books to the buyers.


Bookscouter - money making apps


  • Users can sell both their old and new books through this app.
  • Using the phone’s camera, the seller needs to scan the barcodes of the book and upload it.
  • The user would be able to see all the buy-back price of the buyers with the highest bidder at the top.


Bookscouter - rating - money making apps


Google PlayApp Store



9) Coin Out


Coin Out is a shopping rewards app that lets you earn rewards when you upload a receipt of any purchase. The receipt could be of any item from any retailer.


CoinOut - money making apps


  • The rewards you receive are not based on how much you spent.
  • There are chances of earning more if the condition of the receipt is better.
  • Although this app doesn’t promise to make one rich, it does promise free pocket money.
  • One can either cash in the rewards or choose to take Gift Cards.


CoinOut - rating - money making apps


Google PlayApp Store



10) Decluttr


Every stuff that is lying in your house that could be called clutter can now be called cash. Declutter allows its users to sell all your old and unwanted things.


Decluttr - money making apps


  • Users need to scan the barcode of the item that they wish to sell. After that the items need to be put into a box. The sellers can drop the box with a free Decluttr label.
  • Users get paid within the next day the app receives the order via PayPal or direct deposit.


Decluttr - rating - money making apps


Google PlayApp Store



11) Achievement


Ever thought of getting paid for being active? The Achievement app literally does that. The users get rewards for having an active lifestyle.


Achievement - money making apps


  • This app records all your activities including your steps and sleep. It works passively and runs in the phone’s background.
  • 10,000 points or reward equals $10. At reaching this point one can deposit the money directly to their bank accounts.


Achievement - rating - money making apps


The con is that it might take a while to reach 10,000 points.

Google PlayApp Store



12) iPoll


iPoll is one of the money making apps that gets you rewards for completing their missions. These missions could be taking surveys, giving opinions about stores and products etc.


iPoll - money making apps


  • The app collects some basic information about the users like preference, consumer habits, etc. and gives surveys accordingly.
  • For each survey completed, the user earns rewards.
  • The users can either redeem these rewards by taking gift cards or can even cash out through PayPal.


iPoll - rating - money making apps


Google PlayApp Store



13) Swag IQ


The money making from this app depends on how much general knowledge and IQ the user possesses. This app is an excellent fit for quiz lovers.


Swag - money making apps


  • The users are asked 10 questions, in a live game show. They get the grand prize if they get all the answers right.
  • Users who could not get all the answers correct get reward points for all the correct answers.
  • The reward points can be redeemed in cash through PayPal or an also be converted to Gift Cards.


Swag - rating - money making apps


Google PlayApp Store




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mobile app development


Now that you know which money making apps to download if you want to make a few extra pounds, start taking advantage of them right away. Remember, whatever you make of these applications are legit so there is really no need for you to stress over it at all.

15 Best Free Movie Apps Watch Free Movies Online UK

OTT (Over the top) platforms have been on the rise since the pandemic hit. With new movies and shows being released immediately on the platforms, there has been a plethora of free and legal streaming content  available in the Internet, much to people’s interest. This has been a global phenomenon and UK is one of the countries with a multitude of movie apps with movies and TV shows to entertain the users. In this blog, we list out the 13 best free movie apps in the UK.


mobile app development


Many of these apps do not have the content stored in the device in which you watch the movie. Instead, they just stream the content over the Internet, which simply means having an internet connection, be it data pack, hot spot or Wi-Fi – whatever fits your bill is mandatory.


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Some of the best free movie streaming apps in UK are here to check out.



Crackle Freeflix HQ
Pluto TV Popcornflix
Channel 4 Films BBC iPlayer Films
Yidio IMDb TV
UK Mortages Vudu
Streamio Viewster
Bigstar Movies Plex


1) Crackle


Crackle is a free movie app that comes with a variety of hit TV shows and movies for you to choose from. The content is sorted into different categories in the app. Whether it is free movies, old classic or the latest hits, you can watch it all in this app.


Sony Crackle - free movie apps


The free content in Crackle app has ads. However, it is not even an issue when you consider the smooth and easy-to-use service it offers. The vast library of content in the app- many of which are from major production houses around the globe, make it worth exploring. You can download Crackle app from Google Play Store as well as App Store.


Sony Crackle - rating - free movie apps


The app allows you to watch TV series for free online. The large library from Sony production house and the trust in Sony makes this app recommendable.

Google PlayApp Store




2) Freeflix HQ


Free movies, anime, TV shows, you name it – all these content are available for free in the Freeflix HQ app. It also has a network of live TV channels and Sports channels that makes the app more interesting.


FreeFlix - free movie apps


The content in the app is absolutely free, but it contains ads. Some of the best features of the app is its easy navigation, built-in video player, great video quality  and  subtitle support that gives you the power to go beyond language barriers to view some of the best entertainment content. You can download Freeflix HQ app from Google Play Store.


Google PlayApp Store




3) Pluto TV


Pluto TV is another free movie app that comes with hundreds of free TV channels, on-demand TV shows and a multitude of movies. It is similar to other apps that provide free video content with ad support.


Pluto - free movie apps


The 17 curated movie stations for a variety of genre – horror, romance, comedy, and more makes it popular among users. The best part is despite the many number of features, the app is really simple to use.


Pluto - rating - free movie apps


The free movies also come with subtitles that allow you to stream your favourite movies in any language – even the ones you are not familiar with. Pluto TV is available for download in Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store.

Google PlayApp Store




4) Popcornflix


 Popcornflix is an app that mainly streams movies. It has a big movie library of over 700 movies and new movies being added to the collection with time. You can also stream TV series and original shows in the app for free. There is also a content section meant for children.


Popcornflix - free movie apps


The movies in the app are free, of good quality and are ad supported. You can download the app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Popcornflix - rating - free movie apps


While the streaming quality is just average there are issues related to buffering. The app works to the satisfaction of the user.

Google PlayApp Store




5) Channel 4 Films


Channel 4, the popular free commercial broadcaster in the UK also comes with a great collection of movies. The collection also consists of films from their in-house Film4 production company.

Channel 4 Films App

Channel 4 is accessible via Freeview – the live streaming app. You can also avail the on-demand “All4” service. The streaming service is absolutely free. All you have to do is to register and browse to choose the movie you want to watch.

Snagfilms - rating - free movie apps

Hence the new releases cannot be expected.

Google PlayApp Store




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6) BBC iPlayer Films


British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has its own on-demand player – BBC iPlayer that is rich in entertainment-based content. You can catch up on the recently aired movies and TV shows on BBC. There is also a large on-demand library with lots of interesting content.


Apart from paying the annual TV license, you can access all the content for free and without ads. All you have to do is to register an account. You can use your browser of BBC iPlayer app to watch the movies of your choice.

BBC iPlayer AppTubi - rating - free movie apps


Tubi TV maintains a catalogue of free movies and TV shows sorted by genre and are difficult to find elsewhere. Movies are of high quality and all films have subtitles. It is an excellent upcoming app and is highly recommended.

The free movies keep changing often. But the list definitely includes classics as well as not-so-recent Hollywood blockbusters.


Google PlayApp Store


mobile app development


7) Yidio


Yidio is a free movie app available in the UK where you can stream content from other sources. The app does not contain any content. You can look for movies in Amazon Prime, Netflix, Showtime and 300+ other services to watch.


Yidio - free movie apps


Apart from streaming content for free, the app also has many paid services. The app is great for managing your watch list as well as finding new movies.


Yidio - rating - free movie apps


The catalogue is huge and includes a lot of paid services. Yidio is an efficient app in managing the movies and finding free movies.

Google PlayApp Store



8) The Internet Archive – Feature Films


The Internet Archive – just like its name is a huge collection of free content, including movies, games, digital books and old websites. You can stream many of the oldest movies in the app for free. The collection consists of some of the real classics as well as movies you have never heard of.


Roku - free movie apps


The app features over 6500 free movies that include feature-length and short films, that are sorted into different categories, such as Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy, Film Noir and more. This app is really a treasure trove of some of the best movies ever that you can watch online for free or download to watch later.


Roku - rating - free movie apps


These free movie apps do not exist on Google Play and can be always explored for free streaming content.

Google PlayApp Store



9) IMDb TV


Owned by Amazon, this app was previously available only in the US. However, it launched in the UK in 2021, giving the British people another great source of awesome movies.




The app features plenty of licensed content from many popular studios and production houses, many of which are original productions. You can find many movies you are familiar with in the app. All the content is free to watch, but is ad supported.


Kodi - rating - free movie apps


You can use IMDb TV as a Prime Video channel that you can access directly through your browser and also as a standalone app in you Amazon Fire TV device. All you need is an Amazon account; you need not have a Prime subscription account.

Google PlayApp Store



10) Vudu


Vudu app is one of the apps with the biggest collection of free movies. You need to sign in to browse through the catalogue and watch movies. The registration process is free. You can even watch fee content, but with ad breaks. Since the app is geo-restricted outside the US, you will need a VPN to access the content.


Vudu - free movie apps


Vudu app has a simple interface and offers Dolby-backed HD streaming. You might have to pay an amount to view the content in 4K quality.


Vudu - rating - free movie apps


You can see the content in the app divided into different categories, mainly based on genre. There is also content for children.

Google PlayApp Store



11) Streamio


Streamio is a free streaming platform that offers streaming services from other platforms, such as YouTube, Netflix, etc. You can also sync the app with video-on-demand services.




You can get your hands on a wide variety of entertainment content in the app – an advantage it has over other free movie apps.

Stremio - rating


Streamio is available for free. However, whether the content you stream is free or not depends on the platform you are streaming it from.

Google PlayApp Store



12) Viewster


Viewster is a free movie app that is similar to YouTube. You can easily find movies based on genres in the app. The media player in the app is of good quality and also provides subtitles.




You can drop a comment after watching a free movie in the comment section of Viewster. There is also space for movie reactions and movie blog within the app.


Viewster - rating


You can personalize all these features once you sign into the app based on your preferences and interests. The app also has options to password protect the content and parental control.

Google PlayApp Store



13) Bigstar Movies


You can watch a wide variety of independent movies, art movies, foreign films, short films, documentaries and award winning movies in Bigstar Movies app. However, you cannot view mainstream movies in the app.




The app is simple to use and there are tabs in the app that sorts movies by genre and help you create a playlist. The only drawback is the plenty of video and banner ads that appear too often.


Bigstar - rating

Google PlayApp Store



14) Plex


Plex is a media player app where users can organise and watch their own media, on-demand Movies and TV shows. The app also has a Live TV section. The app consists of a great list of movies that you can watch for free with ad breaks. You can also stream the on-demand and live free movies through the Plex website.Plex Movi App

Google PlayApp Store


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15) Filmzie


Filmzie is yet another app that provides free movies and TV shows with ad breaks. What makes it different from other movie apps is that it has a great collection of indie movies. The app pays the filmmakers for the views; which means while you are watching the movie, you will be supporting the people behind it. The app has a collection of movies and TV shows you can browse through.FilmzieThere are plenty of free movie apps in the UK that has some of the greatest collection of movies – classics, indie, blockbusters and recent releases that is enough to satisfy the movie lover that you are. The free content often come with ad support. The best part about these apps is that you get to choose the movies you want to watch – a privilege you do not often get in normal television channels.


Google PlayApp Store




There are innumerable free movie apps available in UK to access the free and real mix of content online. Most of the free content is ad-supported.


Free movies can be viewed similar to a television, sitting through limited commercials. However, the movies are of good quality and the content original.

mobile app development

A word of caution though – “free movie or streaming” apps are notorious for cyber data pilfering and the onus is always on the user to check for proper security and privacy concerns first.


Make sure to as certain that the sites you are visiting are not breaking any copyright laws. In case of any doubt, use a certified and known VPN service prior to entering such dicey sites.

How to Create a Video Chat App in 2023

You might have noticed a sudden popularity in video chat apps since Covid-19 became a pandemic. Video chat apps like Zoom, Skype, Duo, etc serve as a great tool for visual communication across the world from our fingertips. Small and big businesses have understood the importance of video chatting, and want to create customized video chat app.


But the important question is – How to create a video chat app?


Let’s discuss about the different factors involved including the types, features, development team, etc.


Why your business needs a video chat app?


The corona pandemic requires people to maintain social distancing and to stay at home. So, most start-ups and business firms are now making use of video chat apps for communicating with colleagues and clients. This helps them to keep their businesses running.


A good video chat app results in a collaboration of various activities within the business firm without constant travel or physical meetings. It saves time, money, and can facilitate beneficial activities for the overall growth of your business.


You can speed up decisions even when employees are globally dispersed. Besides, the value of messages is amped up with facilities such app screen sharing, recording meetings, audio conferencing, etc.


Steps to Create a Video Chat App


Let’s now look upon the steps to create a successful video chat app

#1. Foresee Your Target Audience

Every developer desire to mould a successful app story.He/she should fix the intend and for whom they are creating an app. More than 55% of video chat app users are between ages 18 and 29, with around 40% of them being between the ages of 30 and 49.


From the studies itself, we could figure out the need for video calling apps among young users MVP


#2. Decide MVP vs Full-Fledged App

MVP Full Fledged App
A miniature form of an app with important features in minimum cost. Fully developed final product with entire features of an app.
Helps to test the potential of your app Fully working app as per the client’s requisites.
Determine the shortfalls of the app and how to improve them An app that is ready to use on multiple platforms.
Gauge continuous user feedbacks Gauge feedbacks via comments,reviews and ratings.
Time and cost-effective process of app development. Time consuming process of development with cost estimates.


#3. Front End elements

UI/UX design acts as the pivotal factor of the app’s reach and usage. The developer should tune the features following the type of audience.


A minimal and simple design for a wide audience whereas complex elements for an expert audience. But the overall design should be enjoyed by every type of users who will engage in the app.


#4. Back end elements

The unseen codes and commands behind an app are these back-end elements. The timely coordinated activities of back end developers are essential in a video call app development.


It can be either build through scratch or software. The former makes your app more flexible whereas the latter reduce your time consumption.


#5. Testing stage

The above said back end elements should give out proper results. A slight change in the codes could end up in a failure of your app. Testing should be done in each stage and ensure the best possible user experience. Stages of testing are acceptance testing, system testing, integration testing, unit testing, etc.


#6. Video streaming protocols

A protocol is mandatory for the proper functioning of apps. WebRTC (Real-time Communication) is a collection of protocols that enable systematic functioning of audio-video codecs and data sharing between browsers. It is a very secure protocol for video chat app development.


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Features of a Video Chat App

Let’s go through the features a video chat app should have.

zoom app features

#1. User Registration

This basic feature differs from app to app. Most apps avoiding featuring a long row of irrelevant information and instead provide a simple form. Some of the necessary fields are username, email id, contact number, etc.


Usually, a dialog box enabling users to connect the app through Gmail, Facebook, or Twitter account is added which enhances better user experience. Registration can assure the user to constantly engage with the app.


#2. Profile Creation and Management

With this feature, users can display their general profile information which can be changed whenever the user desires to. You can surf a person’s who you wish to chat with, and the profile of that person appears for the first time. So, the profile info should be right and easy to access.


#3. Quick Search and Contact List

Once you have a registered account on a video calling app, you can search for your colleagues or friends in no time. People on your contact list with an account will be already notified to you.

Further, you can add others by searching them via the app. A button action could help you see and speak without interruption for hours.


#4. Video and Audio Calls

This is the vital feature of a video calling app. The sole service of a video calling app is clear and quality visual communication with one or more people beyond expensive foreign calls, time zones, and geographical factors.


A video calling app should contain high quality audio call systems too. People use both audio and video call systems provided by the same app and can have uninterrupted calls.


#5. Group Calls

Zoom with its facility of conducting group calls with about 1,000 participants and 10,000 viewers has gained great popularity. The feature of group calling is now integrated into e-learning. This allows teachers to create classroom-like ambiance from the video chat app itself.


When coming to business, management can have everyday conversations or weekly meetings with who they want to speak with.


Other features like muting/unmuting users, adding people, removing users, conference hosts, etc can balance the environment and should take care of the number of users too.


#6. Chatting and Instant Messaging

Texting is a convenient and inclusive method of communication. Usage of emoticons in place of long text messages can make your friend know about your current mood and intent of the message.


In business firms, all communication is now facilitated via instant messaging services such as skype and slack.


#7. Encryption

Content (text, video, images) you share should be safe and circulated to the people who you wish to. The encryption process which starts from the sender ends in the receiver where decryption starts.


AES-256 AND HMAC-SHA256 are the two major protocols used in video apps. Developers should ensure the confidentiality of the user’s contents.


#8. Push Notifications

Getting notified about new messages automatically is a very useful feature. Whenever you receive a new message or call, you can slide down the notification bar and reply in no time.


Advanced Features of a Video Calling App


#1. Screen Sharing

You can share the screen activities with the person or team on the other side with this feature. It can be used for formal business matters, tutorials, gaming, and movies whenever you need it.


#2. Emojis And Stickers

Most people express their likes and dislikes with emojis now. They ensure a personalized experience for users. It is a very common practice among users of social media and video calling apps.


Users also have the ability to create custom emoji packs and share those funny stickers and emoticons.


#3. AR Masks

Augmented reality is an interface that adds content (informative and entertaining) onto the physical world. Some news channels publish their statistics using AR tools.


AR masks in video calling apps are widely accepted and enjoyed by users. Snapchat was well known for this in initial times. Later, most social media apps including Facebook and Instagram launched AR stickers into their apps.


#4. Virtual Noise Cancellation

Unwanted sounds in a formal meeting or friendly conversation can distract and irritate you. Artificial intelligence is deploying its efforts for cancelling the noises in video calling apps and help users have better calls.


Features Cost Time
User registration $500- $1000 37-40 hrs
Profile Creation and Management $1,550 31-35 hrs
Quick Search and Contact List $250-500 37 hrs
Audio Calls $1,300 26-28 hrs
Video Calls $1,450 29-30 hrs
Group Calls $2,500 33 hrs
Chatting and Instant Messaging $2,000-$4,000. 102 hrs
Encryption $500-1,000 30 hrs
Push notifications $1,000 to $10,000 35 hrs
Screen Sharing $1,100 22 hrs
Emojis and Stickers $1,200 24 hrs
AR masks $3,700 74 hrs
Virtual noise cancellation $4,000 95-100 hrs
Total $27,075 572.5 hrs


The above values on the development hours and cost is an average. It all depends on the number of functions and features that it offers to users.


video chat app develoment

Types of Video Chat Apps


We discussed the features of apps and their costs. Below are some of the popular video calling apps. Each app has specific intent, features, and target audience too.


#1. Everyday video calling apps

As the name suggests, it is used daily and mostly for friendly conversations. They can have all the basic and advanced features of a video conferencing app.


The main purpose is instant texting and chats. They are free apps and have no time constraints too. The number of participants is about 4-8.


WhatsApp: The moment you read this name; its icon appears in your mind filled with green shades. Most people now go through WhatsApp before starting their morning activities. It has influenced the digital world in a great manner, and it can have a video chat with 4-8 people at a time.


Facebook Messenger: It is an instant messaging app developed by Facebook. You can have uninterrupted calls with your Facebook friends. It has various effects, Arm asks, games included in chatting. But the participants’ limit is 4.


Google Duo: An app that can make you a participant through an existing Google account or number. About 12 participants can take part in video calling at a time. The low light, portrait mode, etc make it unique from other video calling apps.


#2. Entertainment apps

Video chatting plus entertainment sounds great. People love to engage with such apps. It contains built-in games and various activities with friends.


House party: Teens can lounge around the app like in a park. Inbuilt games allow them in the instant drop in and drop out group chats. There are many clones and activities to have fun with.


Discord: Great app for gamers. It allows voice chats while gaming or simple video chats. One must closely work with the app to get familiar with.


#3. Popular Video conferencing apps

These apps are one of the biggest technological blessings for businessmen and corporate world. They help in engaging up to 500 users at a time either for a meeting or a conference. It can be employed for work, e-learning, tutorials, etc.


Video and audio quality is high compared to other such apps. Companies keep revenue for buying a full feature set of these apps.


Skype: It is considered as the best solution for official matters. Employees can have intra and interpersonal communication in a very easy manner. It has been for a long time and supports quality video calls.


Zoom: Known for its participation limit and reliability. Many schools and universities deploy zoom for conducting classes, seminars, etc. But even then, reports are coming out that these apps provide poor security and low-quality encryption which has been deliberately misrepresented.


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Development Team of Video Chat App


An app with a full feature set and making it visible on the internet is the efforts of a skilled software development team. It can be a team comprising in-house members or can take people from global sources.


In house team members can assure more flexibility and long-term development. But speaking about outsources, it has a huge pool of talent, but costs may vary.


The average number of members various personnel and their duties are mentioned below:


Business analyst: Through constant data analysis, He guides the company to provide better products and services.


UI/UX Designer: Determines how an app interface appears and felt by users. He also accompanies optimization works.


Android developer: Responsible for developing apps for android operating systems


iOS developer: Design and build apps for Apple’s iOS mobile platforms.


Testers: Provide timely testing on each stage and ensure the end-product to contain all requirements.


Project manager: Manages and guides the team to avoid pitfalls and make them work under deadlines


Technical Stack of Video Calling App


Finding the best technologies for the features you need is a task. Developers can discuss the technical aspects with experienced developers or development companies.


The most important technical aspects in making a video chat app are:


Database MYSQL, Oracle
Programming Languages Swift, Kotlin, Java
Streaming Protocols WebRTC (STUN & TURN), RTP, RTMP
Encryption Protocols AES-256, HMAC-SHA256
Cloud Platforms Amazon EC2, Amazon S3



How Much Does It Cost To Create a Video Chat App ?


Estimating the cost to create a video chat app is extremely important. It depends upon the features and the complexity of your app.


As we know, an app is the end result of teamwork. Below are the table of various personnel involved and their cost.


Personnel Cost
Business Analyst $66,882
UI/UX Designer $15+
Android Developer $23,000
iOS Developer $27,000
Testers $20+
Project Manager $20+



To create a successful video chat app, various stages of development should be well planned and estimated.

Steps Minimum Cost
Front End Elements $1,000
Back End Elements $4,000
Testing Stage $5,000 – $10,000
Video Streaming Protocols $700
Total $13,200



The cost and hours can vary according to the platform chosen for app development, features and functionalities needed.


Revenue Generation Models of Video Chat Apps

After developing a dream app, you would think about building a strong customer base Gaining revenue is also an important area of concern. There are some methods to monetize your app.


#1. Advertisements

Advertisements have a prior role in generating revenue for your pastime words and engaging copies can make advertisements unforgettable. When they engage in video streaming, ads can be showcased.


But people don’t like interventions during their video calls for sure. Thus, you can display small promotional ads without interrupting the user.


#2. Freemium

We are very much familiar with the term as most apps deploy this strategy to make money. Video chatting apps are free and downloadable, but developers can add some premium features which can be used only by paying the premium amount.


The number of premium users can make developers realize and resolve the issues in the app.


Zoom provides free calls up to 40 minutes with about 100 participants. But to avail full features, one should pay $14.99 per month


#3. Paid calls

No one stays online always.You can make calls through the same app offline. The cost of such a call is surely less than that of a normal roaming call. Video call apps like Skype have specific rates on each country but cost less than that of a roaming call.


#4. Paid stickers

Video call apps now devote a major space for stickers and emojis. It helps in generating revenue and entertain users. Newer stickers are added so that users can’t choose other apps in a competitive era.


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app cost calculator

The demand for video call apps is increasing globally. Making a video calling app with thorough planning, and an efficient team can result in a great and successful video calling app.

Why Comic Brands also Need Mobile App?

When one hears the word comic books, the first thing that comes to mind is superheroes and Marvel comics. There are so many genres to choose from – alternative, Manga, fantasy, the so-called “graphic” novel for adults, horror, comics for children and so on.With app dominating the technology scene, books and comic are also going digital the way.


comic mobile app development


Mobile app now making it easier for fans to download their favorite superhero story to their phone and try out new comic books – as well.


As a die-hard fan, you don’t have to go looking for a bookstore to purchase a book that may not be available in store or worse still, could be out of print completely.


All the big publishing houses like DC, Marvel and others have made inroads into the digital world with the launch of their individual mobile apps.


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This move is prodding other comic publishers to make the same move. All one has to do is to only observe this frenzy to know that the time for the comic app is here.


The Business Model for The Comic App


Comic apps have their own category on  the Apple iTunes store and Google Play stores. -In fact, Google play store alone has over 100,000 digital comic listed on its platform.


You can navigate to – the Books category or in Entertainment and check which comic apps are available. Whether you want a specific genre or superhero story, comic apps offer readers a chance to go on a great adventure.


These apps are available in a subscription model as well and at different prices, based on the solution.


Developing a comic app is not very difficult. To start off the journey – for your brand, hire a good comic app development company. Once the app has been completed and tested, it can be published to help users get their favourite characters with just a click.


Just like people who love their Kindle app, there are others who are fans of comics.


There is no question that they are going to be thrilled with the level of accessibility being offered by a comic app like:

  • Reading their favorite superhero’s adventures anytime, anywhere
  • No need to carry bulky books when everything is available on their smartphone
  • Access to an online book store and an in-app purchase feature
  • Formats supported include .rtf, pdf, HTML5 and .txt
  • Notifications via pop-ups, texts and emails
  • Available for download on Android and iOS


android app development


The process of creating a mobile app for comics is no different than any other app. The actual  app development can be done one of two ways:

  • Create the app with independent software which will be able run without an Internet connection
  • Create it using a web-based app


Most app developers prefer to create web based apps as they are more user-friendly and have clean, simple features. Offline software is great for creating intense content.


It is entirely up to the comic publisher to choose the format that they want and then go forward with the process.


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Features Available  on A Comic App


  • User registration: This is the first step for users to get access to the app – either via email, social media log in or with a phone number.


  • Category: This section lists the comics available for reading. There are free and paid books to choose from. Users can go through the list and decide if they want to sign up for a subscription eventually.


  • Personalization: This is used quite a lot by publishers to recommend books based on their interest and choice of categories.


  • Tagging favourites: Allowing users to tag their favourites based on their preferences will pull up their favourite comic book. This feature prevents scrolling back and forth to find the one that they were reading last – in every individual category.


  • Reviews and Ratings: Every app prompts the users to rate the app and book and also write a review. By offering a section for either option, the feedback from this section can be used to upgrade the app and also know their preferences. This will help a publisher to serve their readers/app users better.


  • Push Notifications: This feature is crucial for any mobile app – it is used to inform users about new offers, book launches and even discounts on every purchase.


  • News: This is another feature which allows for importing of blog posts or other feeds with updates on new launches, movies and other interesting information.


  • Languages: Once an app is developed, adding a language is very easy. The same comic can be offered to readers worldwide in their native languages.


  • Payment platforms: These are being integrated practically into every app to make it easy for users to purchase what they want and also pay for subscriptions. Payment gateways could include debit/credit cards, PayPal or any other method, depending on individual countries.


ios app development


Current List  of Popular Mobile Comic Apps:


1) ComiXology


Easily one of the best known digital comic platforms, this app has published content from Marvel, DC comics and Image. All a reader has to do is download the app, buy the comic and get started  on their reading.


comixology - comic app


Available on both Android and iOS platforms, this app has a huge customer base. It also offers an unlimited subscription which lets readers buy and read all the comics that they want. Users however, cannot import any other collection they have.





2) Comics Plus


This is another popular platform for comic lovers to purchase and download digital versions of their favourite characters.


Readers can buy from multiple publishers and use the app’s built in uView (enhanced technology for reading) which makes reading on a touch screen device very easy.


comic plus - comic app


Built in parental controls ensure that children can access only appropriate content. Comic rentals are also available for a set number of hours. -You can check the app for further information.





3) Dark Horse Comics


Dark Horse Publishing has chosen to develop its own app and storefront. Their app makes it easy to read and offers support for right to left modes of reading.


dark home - comic app


Users can buy and also download free issues – these are usually teasers to get readers excited about an entire library of comics.





4) Marvel Comics


With this app, users have the entire Marvel library of comics to choose from. Subscriptions range from $10/month to $70/year. New comics are added often, and users have to be online to access and also read all about their favourite character’s adventures.


marvel comics


If you want to binge or re-reading all your favourite comics, this is the app for you.





5) DC Comics


This app works as a gateway to the entire DC catalogue for its users – they can read all the stories related to Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and more.


DC Comics


By downloading the app on different devices, it is easy to for a reader to pick up where they left off with a story. The app has a guided view reading mode which makes it extremely convenient to use for all readers, regardless of their age.





Cost of Developing A Comic App


The cost of developing such an app depends on factors such as:

  • -The complexity of the app
  • App size –
  • Number of platforms where the app will be hosted
  • Development region


Based on which country the development team is based in, costs could range anywhere from $10 – $250 per hour. Again, based on the number of features, it could cost up to $30,000 or more per platform.


However, if you are looking to build a cross-platform app with more advanced features, be prepared to shell out something in the range of $ 50,000.


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Comic apps are a special entertainment category targeting a specific user group. No doubt the experience of reading a comic on an app is very different when compared to reading a book.


comic app


Thanks to mobile apps, readers are able to access comics which are hard to find and what could be better than an app which promotes a love for reading?

13 Best Music Player Apps for Android

When it comes to music, we always expect more and need a player that will take the listening experience to an entirely new level. Smartphone users in UK usually have pre-installed default music player apps such as easy-to-use Google Play Music or device-specific brand apps.


Google Play offers traditional features and cloud streaming. But we still seek a robust third-party music application that exceeds default music app in quality and capabilities and gives advanced functions.



It is possible that default app does not contain all the powerful features such as customization, editing, sound control and file management.


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Hence, to surprise yourself with a rich music experience, consider the list of 13 best music player apps for Android devices in UK.



Pulsar Music Player Phonograph
Apple Music Musicolet
n7player PlayerPro Music Player
BlackPlayer Pi Music Player
Neutron Music Player MediaMonkey
Rocket Music Player Shuttle+ Music player


1) Pulsar Music Player


Easy-to-use, sleek and stylish, Pulsar Music player is an elegant Android music app in UK. For this strong reasons and the fact that it delivers totally ad-free music listening experience, Pulsar tops the chart and becomes a favorable, decent and worthwhile app in its niche.


pulsar music player


To address all your music tendencies, it coaxes you with all the powerful features such as:

  • Player with excellent Music files manager
  • Built-in tag editor for songs/albums editing
  • Quick search
  • Gapless playback
  • Sleep timer
  • Crossfade support
  • Audio visualizer rendering
  • fm scrobbling support


Google Play - best music player apps

2) Phonograph


If you are searching for a spectacular, sleek and smooth music player apps in UK for your Android device, Phonograph could be a valid choice.


What is special about Phonograph is its intelligent UI that dynamically adapts to the surrounding media content color to ensure your experience remains consistent and eye-catching.




Its smooth and clean interface makes navigating through different media files a breeze for listeners.


Along with basic functions of a typical music player, the app can also automatically fetch other essential information related to songs being played, including title, album name and artist.


Like Pulsar, Phonograph users can also use tag editor for songs and albums.


Google Play - best music player apps


3) Apple Music


Yes, surprisingly, Apple Music is also available in Play Store for Android users who love the content of original iOS apps.


The Android version is, as expected, quite elegant in look, and worthwhile as users can access over 30 million songs from Apple’s catalog.


apple music


You can also play Apple’s Beats 1, a music radio station, and explore tons of other special contents.


If you can neglect and are patient with certain small issues of Android Apple Music player, the app is amazing. It offers a free trial for three months for ad-free service.


Google Play - best music player apps


4) Musicolet


Musicolet is the perfect music player for those who love to play local music files stored on their Android device. Easy-to-use, lean and feature-rich, Musicolet stays true to its offering and excludes supernumerary support such as cloud and streaming options.


The best for offline music functionality, Musicolet surpasses many existing default music player apps in UK and third-party apps, without costing much space on your device.




Some of its excellent features are:

  • Multiple queues creation for songs
  • Earphone control for easy navigation
  • Tag editor for both metadata and lyrics editing
  • A sleep timer to stop at desirable time


Google Play - best music player apps


5) n7player


Respected for its innovative, unique and user-friendly UI design, n7player is another considerable music player app on the list. The app provides you with one-click access to songs and music libraries and a ten-band equalizer to tweak and modulate songs as you wish.


There are cool presets, too, and users will also like to customize its look and revamp it. The app allows customization for lock screen, widgets and more.


Its main features are:

  • Customizable elements
  • Equalizer with presets
  • Tag editor
  • Music scrobbling
  • Gapless playback
  • Album art grabber
  • Sleep timer


Google Play - best music player apps


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6) PlayerPro Music Player


Not as dominant as other music player apps on the list, the PlayerPro Music Player nonetheless comes with intuitive, user-friendly interface with many options and most loved by the users in UK.


For example, users can install custom skins and DSP pack. You can also find songs and albums easily with its smart playlist and folder management.


It has two versions; its free limited version will give ad-free experience for 10 days whereas paid version frees you from ads completely.

player pro music player

Advanced Features:

  • Customizable skins and DSP
  • Tag editor
  • Smart playlist and folder management
  • Ten-band equalizer
  • Handy import/export capability


Google Play - best music player apps


7) BlackPlayer


Simplicity does not always bore as this app proves. Despite being simple, BlackPlayer is powerful enough to live up to the expectations of the most demanding music listener.


What makes it simple is its minimalist design, flat but packed with an array of theme options and font choices. Usually, BlackPlayer supports widely used file formats such as MP3, OGG, FLAC and WAV.


black player


Great Black Player features:

  • Customizable design with themes and fonts
  • 3D virtualizer with basic equalizer
  • Gapless playback
  • Crossfading support
  • ID3 tag editor for embedded lyrics and metadata
  • Sleep timer.


Google Play - best music player apps


8) Pi Music Player


Pi Music player has all the vital features a true music fanatic would love to see in an app like this. Though it is still not the most flawless among music player apps, it has a simple and attractive interface built with a material design which makes it spectacular and eye-catching to users.


The Pi Power Share is the feature that stands out and perhaps seems to define Pi Music Player app. This feature allows you to send your personal playlist and songs to other device comfortably. Plus, you can also make your own MP3 ringtone with its ringtone cutter.


pi music player


Features to consider:

  • Pi Power Share
  • Built-in 5 band equalizer
  • 3D audio effects
  • Cool range of multiple presets
  • Custom MP3 ringtone cutter


Google Play - best music player apps


Neutron Music Player


Advanced and feature-rich, Neutron Music player earns this spot by being capable of delivering a 32/64-bit audio rendering engine, a feature that provides users with a paramount audio quality.


As developers confirm, this engine is independent of the OS platform it works on. Unlike other music player apps, the distinctive HQ audio playback of the app eliminates frequency resampling and bit truncation.


neutron music player


Notable features:

  • Real-time Spectrum Analyzers (RTSA)
  • 32/64-bit audio rendering engine
  • Sleep/wake timers
  • Crossfade
  • Gapless playback
  • ReplayGain (Non-destructive audio normalizing)
  • Dithering support


Google Play - best music player apps


10) MediaMonkey


MediaMonkey is another powerful and decent music player app that you can choose to search, play and manage music playlist smoothly. Easy in its file management and navigation, the app is doubtlessly powerful with advanced features such as podcast and audiobook management and five-band equalizer.


One can easily create a queue, change the playlist and sort tracks effortlessly. The Sterral part is that it takes only a few clicks to synchronize your media collection between phone and desktop.


media monkey


Significant features:

  • Five-band equalizer
  • Intelligent navigator
  • Scrobble support.
  • Support for Chromecast and Android Auto
  • Sleep timer


Google Play - best music player apps


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11) Rocket Music Player


Rocket is one those Music Player apps where users can search, play and manage their tracks and playlists on their Android smartphone with ease and smoothness.


This feature-rich app has grown famous among modern music listeners especially because it supports a gamut of media file formats such as wav, ogg, m4a, alac, tta, ape, mpc and more.

rocket music player

Salient features:

  • Ten-band graphic equalizer
  • Tag editor
  • Theme-based design customization
  • Custom lock-screens
  • Sleep timer


Google Play - best music player apps


12) Shuttle+ Music player


Powerful, feature-rich and effective, Shuttle+ Music player is incredible music app for Android device in many ways. It is relatively new in the market but the app has blossomed in its popularity recently.


The app provides a smooth and intuitive UI which looks to Google’s standard material principle. Users are allowed to customize its appearance using its built-in theme options and widget choices. The app is free to use, which sounds pleasant to many.


shuttle music player



  • Six-band equalizer with bass boost
  • Gapless playback
  • ID3 tag editor
  • Scrobbling support


Google Play - best music player apps


13) jetAudio


The last on the list is jetAudio which is one of the most loved music player apps. Due its simple, appealing and robust structure, one can easily become a fan of jetAudio.


The app supports all major audio formats like mp3, wav, flac, m4a, tta, wv, etc. Users can choose from over 30 presets and play shared audio files through home-based Wi-Fi networks.


jet audio


A few great features:
  • Staggering 10 bands graphic equalizer
  • More than 30 different presets
  • Sound effect enhancements (X-Bass, Reverb, and Wide)


Premium version gives ad-free experience plus some advanced features like Tag editor, 20-bands EQ, pitch shifter, MIDI playback support and more.


Google Play




The list of 13 music player apps for Android device is enough to send you far into the world of immersive music listening experience. Each app stands out in its own league and stunning as it is built with unique mindset to keep you engaged and entertained.


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You may download a couple of them from Google Play store (if you haven’t yet) based on your taste in music and realize its powerful effect.