13 Best Rideshare Apps in the UK

After the success of Taxi booking apps, there is now an untamed, unstoppable rise in popularity of flexible, convenient and options-rich rideshare apps.


From private sedan and SUV to humble taxi and car, on-demand ride-sharing services are all the rage across the globe. However, not all rideshare apps and carpooling apps have similar features and services. Some offer perks in terms of costs, while others are superior in overall satisfaction.


In this blog, we have compiled some of the best rideshare apps from across the globe.


Uber Bolt
Ola Via
Wheely Free Now
Gett BlaBlaCar
Addison Taxiapp UK
Arro Kabbee

1) Uber


Uber is an international star in the world of taxi booking and rideshare apps – there is no denial to that. It is still the most unrivalled in its league since it covers vast number of countries and offers ample transport options across the globe. From Moto Taxi to minivan and carpooling for budget-oriented people, Uber dominates in every option. Uber comes as a best app for short-distance travelling within a city.

Uber App

Uber believes in transparency of rates which are standard and automatically maintained. For people with concerns about its exorbitant rates, it offers a handy ride with great convenience.


Uber app is available for download in Google Play Store & Apps Store

Google PlayApp Store



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2) Bolt


Estonia-based Bolt app has its services across Europe and can be considered one of the biggest competitors of Uber. At present, the app provides its services in over 40 countries and 300 cities.

Bolt Request a Ride App

After facing a shutdown in London in 2017, the business was relaunched in 2019 and has been serving people in the city ever since. Apart from ridesharing, the app also provides food and grocery deliver as well as vehicle rental services.


You can download Bolt app from Google Play Store & Apps Stores.

Google Play

    App Store


3) Ola


India-based Ola Cabs is another popular taxi hailing app among Londoners. Users can book rides via app and calls. Ola has two basic cab services: Economy and Luxury. You can choose from the different modes of transport for commute in the app. All the payments are done either using inside-the-app Ola money or through cash.

Ola Ride App

At present, Ola operates in over 250 cities across the globe. The best part is they try to run greener businesses by promoting the use of electric vehicles to reduce carbon footprint.

You can download Ola from  Google Play Store & Apps Stores.

Google Play

        App Store


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4) Via


New York-based Via app is another rideshare app that operates in the UK. Via believes in transforming public transit from a synchronized system of rigid routes and schedules to a fully dynamic, on-demand network. At present, riders from over 20 countries and 400 cities enjoy the services of Via.

Via smarter mobility

Unlike its counterparts that provide personalized rides to customers, Via operates in a slightly different manner. Via collaborates with local transport authorities to improve public and urban transportation systems. Users of the app travelling in the same direction can book a single vehicle for commute. This option is economic as well as environment-friendly.


You can download Via from  Google Play Store & Apps Stores.

Google Play

App Store



5) Wheely


This London-based app is for everyone who loves fancy rides. The app offers its services only in few cities – London, Paris, and seven cities in Russia. Their aim is to provide luxurious car rides with experienced chauffeurs to their customers.

Wheely App

Wheely also offers business partnership where you can hire a vehicle fleet or book airport transfers for your important guests.


You can download Wheely from  Google Play Store & Apps Stores.

Google Play

App Store



6) Free Now


A subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz group, Free Now app operates over 100 cities across Europe. The company is a result of merging between “mytaxi” and Hailo – a leading ride-hailing app in the UK. You can either call a black taxi or hire private vehicles using the Free Now app.

FREE NOW (Kapten) App

In the UK, Free Now offers its services across the cities of London, Brighton, Edinburgh, Manchester, Nottingham, Oxford, Reading, Derby and Leicester. The company also offers e-scooter share services in many areas of London.


You can download Free Now from  Google Play Store & Apps Stores.

Google Play

App Store



7) Gett


London-based Gett started off as a Ground Transportation Management services provider for enterprises in 2010. At present, the app provides a variety of riding services that include providing corporate fleet, taxi, and limo as well as ride-hailing – all on one platform.

Gett - The taxi app

Though you cannot book private cars, you can use the app to hire black taxis in London. The company believes in providing environment-friendly services by ensuring that all the UK rides are carbon-neutral.


You can download Gett from  Google Play Store & Apps Stores.

Google Play

App Store



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8) BlaBlaCar


BlaBlaCar is the best reliable resources if you are aiming to go on long-distance travel across Europe using solid carpooling solution. Seemingly zany, the car sharing service is basically named after the concept of talking to strangers (BlaBla) and is available in in 22 countries so far.


As you create an account, you need to enter the details about departure point, destination and travel date. You will then see a list of drivers on similar itineraries along with the profiles of both drivers and other passengers.

BlaBlaCar travel by carpool App

You are also kept updated on the exact pickup and drop-off points, vehicle and the journey cost. Your request sent for the carpool is usually approved by the BlaBlacar driver. There are female-oriented services, too, where female drivers can take liberty to allow only female travellers to view their trips or female passengers can search only for female drivers.


You can download BlaBlacar from  Google Play Store & Apps Stores.

Google Play

App Store



9) Addison


Addison Lee is a veteran in the list. The company, founded in 1975, provides private vehicles for commute. It also provides delivery services to businesses and people. The app provides casual ride, business trip, airport transfer and even exclusive first-class transportation services.

Addison Lee Minicab & Courier App

Addison Lee has also entered into a partnership with black taxi operator ComCab, thus upgrading its status as one of the largest private hire and taxi provides in London.


You can download Addison from  Google Play Store & Apps Stores.

Google Play

App Store



10) Taxiapp UK


Unlike the corporate rideshare apps, Taxiapp UK is run by cabbies. The purpose of the app is to prevent the black cabs of UK to stay in business.


GPS is helpful, but its accuracy does not compare to the knowledge of the drivers with years of experience in driving through London’s complex road network. And that is what exactly makes Taxiapp UK unique. The drivers must have thorough knowledge of the roads to geet their licenses.

Taxiapp UK Passenger App

Taxiapp works as a non-profit organization that is only funded through membership. There are no extra or hidden charges. And the best part? Taxiapp’s cabs are wheelchair accessible and allow assistance dogs to ride with you. They too are a part of greener businesses in the UK with electric black cabs.


You can download TaxiApp from  Google Play Store & Apps Stores.

Google Play

App Store



mobile app development

11) Arro


Arro app simplifies your daily commute with features to book and pay for taxi rides. You can use the app to connect to the nearest available drivers around the


You can download Arro from  Google Play Store & Apps Stores.

Google Play

App Store



12) Kabbee


Kabbee app helps you hail the cheapest cabs in town, which includes that for airport transfers. The app also provides 30 minutes of free waiting time in case of flight delay and more.

Kabbee Corp App

Kabbee feature cabs from over 70 providers and lets users access over 10,000 cabs in London. Quality is one of the values of Kabbee that they ensure b hiring licensed drivers and disconnecting minicab fleets with poor ratings.


You can download Kabbee from  Apps Store.

App Store





XOOOX, pronounces as “zooks” provides you real-time pricing and ETA(s) from different taxi firms. You can find the cab that is within your budget among the list.

XOOOX Rider App

The drivers are in complete control of their businesses under XOOOX. They do not have to pay any commission or face any hassles.


You can download XOOOX from  Google Play Store.

Google Play



Rideshare apps are of great help when you abruptly plan to go somewhere or in case of an emergency. You do not have to wait for a bus or a taxi, not knowing when they might appear. You can just have them installed in your smartphones, sign up and search up for the nearest rides. You can even do the payments through the app and do not have to worry about carrying cash in your hand.


The above-mentioned list has some of the best rideshare apps in the UK. You can definitely expect more of them in the future with more sophisticated features.

Top 10 Kids Learning Apps in UK 2023

Technology’s influence on the education system today is undeniable. Whether it is a certification, a degree or to study new subject, kids are nowadays using learning apps to make learning in and out of the classroom easier and also a lot more fun.


mobile app development


Toddlers these days are more in tune with technology and interactive software that make learning easier. Schools around the world are investing a lot in technology to make sure that every child is up to speed with using smart tools for learning.


E-learning apps and presentations makes learning and retention better as students can recall information and facts much faster. Technology also improves hand eye co-ordination, boosts reaction times, and attention to details. Beyond programs for students, there are a lot of programs and resources available to teachers as well. E-textbooks, learning platforms, lesson planning tools, lessons, age appropriate materials, activities, etc. are changing the way a classroom is run.


Thanks to the apps format, learning is possible anywhere, at any time.


Here is a list of the top 10 Kids Learning Apps in the UK for 2023.


Endless Wordplay The Human Body
DragonBox Series Duolingo
 Reading Eggs Hopscotch Kids
Quick Maths Flow Free
ClassDojo Hit the Button


1. Endless Wordplay


Developed by the creators of the “Endless” series of apps, the Originator team works hard to bring the best “education + entertainment” apps to the market.


Children can use this app to learn how to spell, build new words and even write rhymes. English for many, may still be a confusing language which is made easy for learning via Endless Wordplay app. Learning is reinforced with fun as an important element.


endless play - kids learning apps


The app is designed with young learners in mind. The best part is that it promotes self-paced learning. Endless Wordplay app has some interesting features that make learning fun. The Alphabot reinforces learning with phonetics with interactive lessons.


Animation makes rhyming words come alive and helps in learning different words with the same spelling but different meanings. In the app, the first three lessons are free and additional lessons can be purchased. But, you will have to ensure that there is enough space on the smart phone so that all the words, based on level, can be downloaded for learning.


Endless Wordplay app is available for download in App Store & Google Play Store.


Download : Android, iOS


2. The Human Body


Want to fire your child’s imagination and get them interested in STEM subjects? Then Tinybop’s “The Human Body” app is the one to get. Your child can learn all about the human body in this interactive and animated version.


All a user has to do is install the Tinybop pass. Learn all about the human body in this interactive and animated version.

human body - kids learning apps

The app comes with eight interactive systems which describe the skeletal, nervous, digestive, circulatory, respiratory, immune, muscular and integumentary systems in detail. Your child will learn how the body works as a complete unit. The app’s vocabulary comes in 57 languages in label form for all body parts. The intuitive and kid-friendly design of the app is sure to grab your child’s attention.


The Human Body app is available for download in App Store & Google Play Store.


Download : Android, iOS


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3. DragonBox Series


This app is just perfect for helping every child get over their fear of mathematics and making it fun. A child will learn how numbers work with colourful and relatable characters. With four different activities, a kid can explore and master mathematics quite easily.


Whether it is the sandbox, puzzle, ladder or run section, this app uses pedagogical principles to make the child understand and have a great foundation in mathematics. The DragonBox Big numbers app builds on the foundation and lets your child develop their skills naturally.

dragon box - kids learning apps

The app comes with many exercises and tests to cement learning in different areas of mathematics. Children learn how regular and big numbers work and to do long additions and other functions by playing and exploring in the app.


DragonBox Series app is available for download in App Store & Google Play Store.


Download : Android, iOS


4. Duolingo


Thanks to the internet, countries with borders are meaningless. Knowing another language makes it infinitely easier to communicate.


The Duolingo app is the perfect way to learn a new language, whether it is Chinese, Dutch, German, French, Swedish or something else. It was even nominated as one of the best kids learning apps two years in a row.


Duolingo - kids learning apps


Duolingo app provides bite-sized lessons for free. The lessons last for 30+ hours, which is equivalent to having done a semester at a university. The painless and peppy lessons make learning fun and make it easy to progress to the next level.


Duolingo app is available for download in App Store & Google Play Store.


Download : Android, iOS


5. Reading Eggs


Reading Eggs is a popular reading apps for kids with access to a digital library of over 2,000 storybooks for children aged between 2 and 13 years. Apart from that, the app also features interactive reading games, lessons and more.

Reading Eggs Apps

The app promotes the five core components of reading, which include phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. It helps build the knowledge in languages in your child, which comes handy in school-related activities.


Reading Eggs app is available for download in App Store & Google Play Store.


Download : Android, iOS


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6. Hopscotch Kids


Designed for kids over 10 years and above, this is one of the kids learning apps that help children learn coding in a systematic manner. Young coders have access to a community who can help and guide in case of errors and also demonstrate easier ways to get around coding problems.


This is a free app up to a point, but getting a monthly subscription offers access to many other features, including the option of customizing a profile or even adding an image. The app helps children learn to code creatively, eventually using MIT’s app development tool, Scratch.

hopscoth - kids learning apps

The app helps children learn how to create new programs by combining knowledge from different sources. All in all, it is a useful tool for kids to understand and learn the coding process from an early age.


Hopscotch Kids app is available for download in App Store


Download :  iOS


7. Quick Maths


This app can be used by kids between the ages of 6 and 16. A great app to help in improving mathematical calculations, it fosters self-confidence by creating a foolproof base.


The app features exercises and prep sheets that are divided into multiple categories, ranging from easy to difficult. It ensures that kids can learn different parts of the subject without getting bored or frustrated while they practice the same tasks.

quick maths

  • Exercises on Addition and Subtraction
  • Tasks on Multiplication
  • Prep sheets on Division and Mixed math questions


You can download Quick Maths app from Google Play Store


Download : Android


8. Flow Free


This deceptively simple puzzle is addictive and helps kids spend hours improving their spatial and motor skills. There are several levels to choose from or play against the clock. It is colourful and fun – how relaxed or fast the game is, depends on what the user wants at a specific time.


flow free


The app features more than 2500 free puzzles. Your child can choose from free playing or against the clock modes. The colourful and clean graphics and fun sound effects make learning fun for children.


Reading Eggs app is available for download in App Store & Google Play Store.


Download : Android, iOS


9. ClassDojo


Designed for the Android platform, ClassDojo is one of the kids learning apps which connect students, parents and teachers. The main aim is to garner and foster a positive culture in the classroom and also keep communication channels open for everyone.


class dojo


ClassDojo app provides provisions for communication between teachers and parents through messages. You can also add updates to a child’s calendar, along with videos, photos and progress reports. Students can do their homework and update their portfolios in the app.


Download : Android, iOS


10. Hit the Button


Hit the Button app is another math learning app that is based on the popular online game of the same name. The app features quick-action math games for children aged between 5 and 11 years and cover a variety of topics, including multiplication, division and more. The person playing the game has to answer as many questions as possible in sixty seconds.

Hit the Button Maths

The app has provides provisions to teachers and parents to create up to thirty player profiles in the app. This allows the children to compete with each other or improve their own high score.


Hit the button app is available for download in Google Play Store


Download : Android, iOS


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Closing Thought


These are some of the best kids learning apps that help users to learn more and have fun while doing it.

It is wonderful that technology is making learning easy, thanks to the efforts of programmers and subject matter experts to explain simple and progressively complex concepts of any subject one can think of.


mobile app development


Learning apps promote visual learning that help children memorize and understand the concepts better through animated clips and colourful designs.

15 Best Rideshare Apps across the Globe 2023

After the success of Taxi booking apps, there is now an untamed, unstoppable rise in popularity of flexible, convenient and options-rich rideshare apps.


mobile app development


From private sedan and SUV to humble taxi and car, on-demand ride-sharing services are all the rage across the globe. However, not all rideshare apps and carpooling apps have similar features and services. Some offer perks in terms of costs, while others are superior in overall satisfaction.


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In this blog, we have compiled some of the best rideshare apps from across the globe.


Uber Grab Easy Taxi Brazil
Placie Lyft Hitch
BlaBlaCar PopaRide Wingz
Zipcar Gett Ola
Wundercar sRide Gojek


1) Uber


Uber is an international star in the world of taxi booking and rideshare apps – there is no denial to that. It is still the most unrivalled in its league since it covers vast number of countries and offers ample transport options across the globe. From Moto Taxi to minivan and carpooling for budget-oriented people, Uber dominates in every option. Uber comes as a best app for short-distance travelling within a city.


uber - ridesharing apps


Uber believes in transparency of rates which are standard and automatically maintained. For people with concerns about its exorbitant rates, it offers a handy ride with great convenience.


Uber rating - ridesharing apps


Uber app is available for download in Google Play Store & App Store.


Google PlayApp Store



2) Grab


Grab is the leading super app of South East Asia and is quite popular across Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar. As registration completes, users can book a taxi within the app in merely few minutes by choosing from the different transport modes – from motorbikes to cars or buses.


Grab Taxi - ridesharing apps


Apart from ridesharing, Grab also offers food and grocery services, financial services and much more.


Grab Taxi - rating - ridesharing apps


You can download Grab app from Google Play Store & App Store.


Google PlayApp Store



3) Easy Taxi Brazil


Easy Taxi started off as a website with a catchy slogan “your ride, one touch away”. Based in Brazil, this e-hailing app is operating in over 30 countries at the moment, serving in over 400 cities globally.


Easy taxi - ridesharing apps


Its services are also available in Southeast Asia, which makes Easy Taxi another alternative – apart from Grab – if you are located in one of those group countries. The app’s Request Taxi feature is unique as it automatically scans for rides near you.


Easy taxi - rating - ridesharing apps


Easy Taxi app is available for download in Google Play Store & App Store.


Google PlayApp Store



4) Placie


What makes this Australia-based app is that it acts as a one-stop location to find the cheapest or closest ride to you. The app provides live fare estimates of different rideshare, taxi and limo hiring platforms – all at one place, allowing you to choose from the best.


In the app, you can filter by price and find the cheapest ride around or by distance or availability in case you are looking for a fast ride. You can find fare from brands, such as DiDi, Ola, 13cabs, Silvertop and Black and White cabs in the Placie app.

Placie App

You can make your bookings through Placie app and even find your receipts and journey history in there.


The app is available for download in Google Play Store & App Store.


Google Play

App Store




5) Lyft


Lyft often seems to steal the show away from Uber and emerges as one of the second-largest rideshare and carpooling apps for short distances in the US.


Much like Uber, you can either get a full ride or opt for a carpool. Lyft also has a range of vehicles including Lyft autos and larger Lyft Plus cars. Unlike Uber, Lyft offers you comparatively affordable rides and more liberal, relaxing and informal atmosphere.


Lyft - ridesharing apps


During high-demand business hours, the pricing goes a little high. This is where the Lyft Line, its carpooling service, comes handy and allows you to split fares between passengers for a large vehicle.


Lyft - rating - ridesharing apps


US have many diverse transport apps which intensify the competition, but Lyft surely makes for reliable service with reasonable prices. It offers transport in over 300 U.S. cities and is also available in major cities of Canada.


You can download the app in Google App Store


Google PlayApp Store



6) Hitch


Hitch is a US-based ridesharing platform that provides safe, fast and affordable hitchhiking services. The app matches riders and drivers going to the same city, assuring an easy, social and fun trip.


Hitch - ridesharing apps


Here the ‘social’ element stands for the unique advantage of getting along with your Facebook connections so that you don’t have to cope with complete strangers while availing rideshare and carpooling services. The best part about the app is that there is no pre-booking required


Hitch - rating - ridesharing apps


Hitch app can be downloaded from Google Play Store & App Store.


Google PlayApp Store



7) BlaBlaCar


BlaBlaCar is the best reliable resources if you are aiming to go on long-distance travel across Europe using solid carpooling solution. Seemingly zany, the car sharing service is basically named after the concept of talking to strangers (BlaBla) and is available in in 22 countries so far.


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As you create an account, you need to enter the details about departure point, destination and travel date. You will then see a list of drivers on similar itineraries along with the profiles of both drivers and other passengers.


Blablacar - ridesharing apps


You are also kept updated on the exact pickup and drop-off points, vehicle and the journey cost. Your request sent for the carpool is usually approved by the BlaBlacar driver.


Blablacar - rating - ridesharing apps


There are female-oriented services, too, where female drivers can take liberty to allow only female travelers to view their trips or female passengers can search only for female drivers.


You can download BlaBlaCar app from Google Play Store & App Store.


Google PlayApp Store



8) PopaRide


PopaRide is a great, straight-forward ride-sharing app you can use if you are in Canada. It helps you find drivers who have similar itineraries while traveling in Canada and who you can request for the rides.


This ride sharing service is exclusively for those who are travelling within Canada, but sometimes you also get the rides between the country and US. In the app, there is a feature “Private Networks” that lets you connect with work colleagues or employers and more to take advantage of specific group of drivers.


Poparide - ridesharing apps


There is a feature “Private Networks” that lets you connect with work colleagues or employers and more to take advantage of specific group of drivers.


Poparide - rating - ridesharing apps


There are drivers in Canada who are like PopaRide experts with several pleasant 5-star reviews on their profiles. Not only that, you can also view the profiles of other passengers you are going to share your ride with.

PopaRide app is available for download in Google Play Store & App Store.


Google PlayApp Store



9) Wingz


Based in San Francisco, Wingz provides private car service –pre-scheduled rides with a private driver, especially airport rides.


The app offers around-town ride services in many urban settings and metro areas. The unique aspect is that you can also schedule airport rides in advance for up to two months with a flat rate that forgoes hidden charges and surcharges.


Wingz - ridesharing apps - ridesharing apps


Additionally, riders can choose their favourite from available choices. Wingz promises to make the service more affordable than a regular taxi or limo in future.


App rating - ridesharing apps


Additionally, riders can choose their favorite from available choices. Wings promises to make the service more affordable than a regular taxi or limo in future.


You can download Wingz app from Google Play Store & App Store.


Google PlayApp Store






10) Zipcar


Zipcar is another US-based car-sharing mobile app service that you can leverage to order a car on demand. Built only for US dwellers, it offers a range of vehicles, including Sedan, hybrid, UV or simple van.


Zipcar - ridesharing apps


Being an on-demand service, it allows you to drive by hour and day and its charges include gas and insurance.


Zipcar - rating - ridesharing apps


For convenience and uniqueness, there is a membership system starting from $7 a month that ensures a ride whenever you need to get to the other side of the city.

The app is available for download in Google Play Store & App Store.


Google PlayApp Store



11) Gett


Short version of GetTaxi, Gett is a useful Taxi booking service for Israel denizens. Similar to GrabTaxi and Easy Taxi, Gett is a comfortable e-hailing mobile app that is used to order a cab.


Gett - ridesharing apps


Taxi drivers follow three different flexible payment modes for ride service depending on your location and regions: per ride fee, monthly dispatch fee and Corporate rides fee.


Gett - rating - ridesharing apps


Apart from being active in 13 Israeli cities, Gett is also available now in London, Moscow and New York.

You can download Gett app from Google Play Store & App Store.


Google PlayApp Store



12) Ola


Ola Cabs is a simple, intuitive taxi hailing app based in Mumbai, India. It allows users to book taxis via app and calls. Ola has two basic cab services: Economy and Luxury. All the payments are done either using inside-the-app Ola money or through cash.


Ola - ridesharing apps


In the app, you can choose from different modes of transport, including cars and auto rikshaws (tuk-tuks). The app is successfully operating in 65 cities at present


Ola - rating - ridesharing apps


The app is successfully operating in 65 cities at present and supports three mobile platforms.

You can download Ola app from Google Play Store & App Store.


Google PlayApp Store



13) Wundercar


Albeit being close to Lyft, Wundercar works on an unprecedented mechanism and a royal twist. The app allows you to carpool with people who are going in the same direction as yours. Most of those e-hailing and ridesharing apps earn revenue from its online marketplace theme, but Wundercar on the other hand is not only on-demand, but is also ‘free’ in its literal meaning.


Wondercar - ridesharing apps


Riders do not pay drivers but are free to either make donations or choose not to pay at all. The company will take 20% if paid. This outlandish business model is transparent and unconditional and works wonders for those hitchhikers who have a generous reputation of helping and always sharing rides with others for free. The only rule to follow is that drivers and passengers would have to rate each other.


Wondercar - rating - ridesharing apps


You can download Wundercar app from Google Play Store & App Store.


Google PlayApp Store



14) sRide


Of several popular taxi booking and ride sharing apps in India, sRide is another substantial name you can consider while travelling in the country.


Although you might not meet as many options as Uber in India, sRide still appeals to many due to the social experience it offers. Great for travel within the cities, the service aims to connect those people who are going in the same direction as its passengers.


sRide - ridesharing apps


This is quite different from what Uber and Lyft does and is similar to BlaBlaCar carpooling. sRide currently support carpooling for many big Indian cities like Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, etc. Apart from car and taxi, the app has instigated a bikepool feature to accommodate bike rides as well.


sRide - rating - - ridesharing apps


You can download sRide app from Google Play Store & App Store.


Google PlayApp Store




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15)  Gojek


Gojek is another ridesharing app that is being actively used in five countries – Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, and Philippines. The app also provides other services, like payments, food delivery, logistics, etc.

Gojek App

Gojek app is very similar to Grab, but also unique in its own way as the vehicles used for commute are two-wheeler taxis.


You can download Gojek app from Google Play Store & App Store.


Google Play

App Store





Of all the transport apps described above, Uber does still dominate the rest with its value touching $40 billion mark and its availability in 300 cities across the globe.



However, as the region-specific ridesharing requirements are different, Uber is still having hard times facing legal restrictions for global reach in a few countries.


Therefore, Uber alternatives like Lyft and many other unique ridesharing apps and platforms outside the U.S. are considerable locally.

How to Make an Online Taxi Booking App Like Uber?

To most daily commuters, a taxi booking app like Uber is a godsend. You not only get a cab ride, but the app ensures that drivers abide by all traffic rules and regulations along with offer exemplary customer service.


The overall taxi booking app segment is was estimated to be around USD 183,677 million in valuation in 2019. With a yearly growth rate of 14.8%, the market is projected to hit a valuation of USD 318,765 by 2023.


These figures clearly show a shift in people’s attitude and their acceptance of technology in something as mundane as hailing a taxi.


The success story of Uber has opened the floodgates for more interested players to create their version of a taxi booking mobile app.


Before you kickstart the process, let’s deep dive into how to create an Uber like app and its cost estimation.


How Uber Works

It is vital to understand the inner operations of the Uber app. This will help you in your ideation and fine tuning your taxi booking app concept further.

uber - create an app like uber

#1. Submit a Ride Request

The prospective rider places a ride request by sharing Pick Up and Drop Locations using the app. Drivers near the Pick-Up location receive this request information.


#2. Uber Matches the Rider with the Driver

The algorithm in the app matches the nearest available driver with the rider. However, the driver can opt to accept or cancel the request. The request is then transferred to the next available driver.


#3. Sharing Ride Confirmation

As the driver accepts the ride request, the rider receives a booking confirmation on the app. It also shows the cab’s estimated arrival and the route taken by the driver in real-time.


#4. Making a Payment

The rider can view the fare on the app at the pre-booking phase. The payment is processed on ride completion either via online modes or through cash.


#5. Driver Ratings

Uber shares driver ratings and customer reviews on the allotted driver with the prospective rider. This helps build trust and reliability between the service provider and the rider.

While it is important to study how Uber operates, start-ups can only see any form of success if they can bring some form of innovation and novelty in their version of the taxi booking app. This is where the feature-list comes into play.


What Are The Key Features To Create An App Like Uber?


All taxi booking apps come with 3 sets of features. These include:

  • Rider features
  • Driver features
  • Admin Panel

Let’s take a look at these feature lists in detail.

uber app features - create an app like uber

Rider App Features

#1. Registration & Profile Management

Every taxi booking app requires the user to register with their information on the application to use the platform. Common registration practices include using Gmail ids or social media handles other than using mobile numbers and email ids.


#2. Save Destinations

Having a feature where users are able to save the most frequented destinations with keywords such as Home, Work, Others, can be convenient and time saving. Every time they wish to choose these destinations, they can type the keywords instead of the address.


#3. Multiple Drop-off Points

User may have work at multiple journey points, or perhaps they are sharing rides with family or friends who need to be picked up or dropped off along the route. Users can change or add points whilst travelling too. For this, Uber has introduced multiple drop-offs that have given them an edge over the competition.


#4. Ride Cost Estimate

When the user submits the Pick-Up and Drop Off locations, the app displays a range of products and their individual fares. The app uses a backend algorithm to calculate the fare.


#5. Schedule a Ride in Advance

The functionality to pre-book rides in advance allows users to plan their travel ahead. Uber offers its users to schedule rides anywhere between 15 minutes to 30 days.


#6. Fare Splitting

While not an absolute must on the feature list, having the option to split the fare between friends and family members adds to the appeal of your taxi booking application.


#7. Driver Matching

When riders generate a request, the algorithm in the backend automatically matches it with the nearest available driver taking several factors such as passenger location, the status of the driver, car models, driver ratings, etc. into account.

The allotted driver gets around 15 to 20 seconds to accept the ride request, post which it is transferred to the next available driver automatically.


#8. Geolocation and Routing

Any taxi booking application stands on the foundation of a solid geolocation feature. The GPS works two ways. It identifies the rider’s pick-up and drop-off points and shares it with the driver.

The routing of the journey from the driver location to the pick-up points is chartered on the map. On picking up the rider, and initiating the journey, the GPS again works out the most efficient and quickest possible route to the drop-off points.


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#9. Booking Cancellation

The driver can cancel the ride request on receipt if he or she is unable to fulfil the request at that point of time. The rider, too, can cancel the request within a designated time span before a cancellation fee is charged on the ride.


#10. Panic Button (SOS)

Uber has ensured that all riders feel safe and secure when availing a cab on their platform. The app comes in-built with an SOS or a Panic button that is connected to a dedicated call centre.

If the rider feels unsafe or threatened in any way, he or she can immediately press the Panic Button and speak to an agent who is trained to deal with people in such situations.


#11. In-app Chat Or Call Feature

It is essential to have a feature that connects the driver with the rider seamlessly. To ensure zero leakage of personal information such as the mobile number, an in-app call or chat functionality can become the preferred mode of communication between both concerned parties.


#12. Payment Method Integration

The taxi booking service is no different than any eCommerce platform. It is a transaction between the driver and the rider and Uber, here, acts as the facilitator.


To provide another layer of convenience to the customers, the taxi booking service has integrated online payment options Credit or Debit Card, through which the riders can pay the fare for the completed trip.


A receipt is generated on trip completion which gives the rider the following break-up:

  • Base fare
  • Cost per mile
  • Cost per minute
  • Safe rides fee


#13. Rating and Feedback

Users get an alert to rate the ride once the trip is completed. This is a key functionality for any taxi booking service as it helps maintain consistent levels of service.


Drivers with low ratings will automatically get fewer ride requests allotted to them. The ratings can be combined with specific feedback.


This gives more in-depth and elaborate information to the service provider on the driver and the customer’s experience of the trip. Good driver reviews are shared along with their profiles for prospective riders to see.


#14. Trip History

The section that outlines the Trip History basically acts as a point of reference for the app’s user. It generally displays information like date and time of travel, distance covered, driver information and more.


#15. Booking and Payments History

A dedicated section to show user booking and payment history would be very useful for your app users. The information that is generally captured here includes booking details such as the date, time, cost, driver/passenger name, car model, pickup and drop-off locations, rating etc.; and invoice, date, method of payment etc.


#16. Communication and Notifications

When there are active customers using your taxi booking app frequently, you need to have a medium of communication in place to alert them of news, updates, changes in terms and conditions, etc.


The best way is to have a Push Notification system that automatically shares these updates with every single app user.


hire android app developers

Driver App Features

#1. Go Online

Uber does not employ its driver partners but offers them a platform to work at their convenience. They can choose their own working hours simply by activating a feature known as ‘Go Online’.


As soon as the bar is active, the taxi booking app can start sending ride requests to the driver. When the drivers are ready to call it a day, they can simply deactivate the bar and they will no longer get any further ride requests.


#2. Accept A Ride

A rider request comes through and is shared with the nearest available driver partner. The driver may be hunting for trips or maybe on an existing journey already. It is up to the driver to accept or reject the ride request.


#3. Route Optimization

Once the driver accepts the ride request, the map automatically charts out the most efficient route to the pick-up location. This is repeated once the driver starts the ride and the GPS displays the most optimized route to the drop-off point.


#4. Trip Planner

The Trip Planner feature allows driver partners to plan their day more effectively in order to generate maximum revenue. This can be done by sharing customer preference and hourly trends with the drivers.


#5. Quest Earnings

Uber Quest is a unique feature on the application where it enables driver partners to earn more revenue if they are able to complete a number of pre-defined trips within a designated time frame.


Having a similar feature on your taxi booking mobile app can motivate and incentivise driver partners to use your application over the competition, accept more ride requests and stay productive.


#6. Notifications for Drivers

Just like users, driver partners too need constant notification on app features, latest upgrades, company announcements, etc. All of this again can be effectively communicated to them via a Push Notification feature.


#7. Status Bar

This is a more advanced app feature on any taxi booking service. Activating this functionality alerts driver partners whenever they are on the periphery of entering a busy area.


This also gives them the option to continue with their journey towards the busy location or change to an alternative route or destination.


#8. Earnings Tab

Drivers need a dedicated segment on the app to keep track of their earning during the day, week, month, year, and more. They should also be able to monitor the earnings that are being transferred to the bank account by the service provider via this same feature.


#9. Reviews &Ratings

Every time a trip is completed, the driver too has the option to rate and review the passenger. As the user profile builds up, the same is shared with the drivers when they get ride requests.


#10. Trip History

The Trip History on the driver app acts as a reference point for all the trips that the said driver has fulfilled till date. If there is any discrepancy later on, both the company and the driver can check this section to sort out the issue.


#11. Driver Destinations

This is a unique feature that allows drivers to choose their favourite location and only accept ride requests from passengers opting to travel in that direction. This is a functionality that has gained in popularity in taxi booking apps such as Uber.


#12. Heat Maps

Introducing the heat map feature on the taxi booking app can be extremely handy as drivers can view areas that are generating maximum ride requests. Those willing to earn more can drive around in these specific locations.


#13. Driver App Basics

Driver partners may find it difficult to operate or navigate the application. A section that contains explanations, how-to videos and app tutorials can help clarify the concepts and doubts enabling them to use the app instantly.


#14. Driver Referral

Driver partners when they are happy with the taxi booking platform and the company as a whole can refer more such individuals who may be interested in partnering with the service provider. A Driver Referral program in place helps in growing the driver database.


#15. Boost Area

The taxi booking app must be able to function even when internet connectivity is poor. In the absence of such functionality, driver partners may lose out on potential earnings if they are unable to connect to the app.

Admin App Features

#1. Assign Trips

The role of the admin can be extended to facilitate trip bookings when prospective riders are not able to make a booking themselves in a situation where there are network or connectivity issues.


The admin can also make trip assignments to drivers when ride requests shoot up in specific locations.


#2. Driver Report

The admin is able to view a dedicated Driver Report from the Admin Panel. This outlines individual driver partners and gives an overview of key parameters like the driver’s driving style, obedience to traffic rules, etc. over a period of time.


If the report finds a driver guilty of rash driving or committing several traffic-related offences, the service provider can ban the driver from using the taxi booking application.


#3. Fare Management

A vital function of the admin is to manage the fare prices. This is determined taking into various factors such as time of day, fuel price, location, and more.


#4. Driver Commission

Every driver receives a commission on completing a trip. The admin manages the rate of commission that is passed on to partner drivers taking into consideration parameters like performance, customer feedback, driver professionalism and experience.


#5. Customer Grievances

It is important for the admin to analyse and assess customer feedback. This can be done by recording all customer complaints and later used as a source of generating key insights to enhance the client experience.


#6. Admin Dashboard

The admin panel is a unified platform through which the administrator can monitor practically everything. Be it upcoming or ongoing trips, cancelled or completed rides, all these can be tracked via this dashboard.


Technology Stack and Team To Create An App Like Uber

To create an Uber like app, the following technology stack is recommended.

Programming languages for backend: Node.js, Python, Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails.

GPS: OpenStreetMap API for both iOS/Android can be used

  • For Android: Google Maps and Google Location Services API
  • For iOS devices: MapKit or CoreLocation framework

In-app payments: Credit cards, Paypal, Stripe, BrainTree, Paytm, PayPal mobile SDK.

Push notifications: Google Firebase for Android, and Apple Push for iOS phones

For SMS send outs: Twilio, Plivo, Nexmo, Tropo

As far as the tech team is concerned, you can kick-start the project with the following composition:

  • UI/UX designer
  • Android / iOS engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Back-end developer
  • QA engineer

How Much Does It Cost To Create An App Like Uber

The cost to create an Uber clone will vary depending on the complexity of the app.


  • MVP with basic UI/UX design: $6,500 to $8,500
  • Apps with medium to advanced features: $22,000 to $28,000
  • An advanced Uber-like application: $45,000 to $65,000


In case you are developing an app for a single platform, the hours for every feature and functionality is estimated to take around:


Features & Functionalities Estimate of Hours
Registration (in-app or via social networks) 32 to 40
Client profile 16 to 24
Driver profile 16 to 24
Placing an order (customer) 80 to 96
Booking (driver) 48 to 56
Pickup location and route 32 to 40
Booking history (customer) 16 to 24
Booking history (driver) 16 to 24
Payment 40 to 48
Database schema 24
Business logic 240
Admin dashboard 160
System performance report 160


To create an Uber like app for iOS and Android can take double the time.

Statista shares the average per hour rate of developers from around the globe:

  • North America: $60-250 per hour
  • United Kingdom: $60-150 per hour
  • Western Europe: $40-120 per hour
  • Eastern Europe: $20-100 per hour
  • India: $10-80 per hour


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Final Thoughts

taxi booking app cost

Behemoths like Uber have firmly established themselves in the industry and are working on expanding globally in an aggressive manner. That said, there is still room for start-ups to enter the market with innovative taxi booking apps.

24 Most Popular Messaging Apps For Android & iOS

The popular messaging apps are a great way to send and receive quick messages from people in your circle. By enabling convenient chat windows, they enhance communication by means of instant messages, video call or voice calls and media file sharing.


As we all know, the Covid days are making it really challenging for the school going kids, working professionals, business leaders and the socially active people to connect with those in their circles. With the new social distancing rules, the apps for messaging are popular than ever before as the world is trying to connect with remotely.


The possibilities of digital communication have really come handy in these trying times to maintain the relations, keep up the workflow and to connect with the world at the comfort of one’s home.


However, all popular messaging apps have different features to offer. So which one would you choose from the lot?


To help you select the best messaging app, here are a few most popular messaging apps shortlisted for 2023.


Discord Google Duo GroupMe Google Messages
Go SMS Pro Telegram Amino Viber
Textra SMS Signal Chomp SMS Tango
Mghty Text Snapchat Pulse SMS Skype
Messenger Slack Whatsapp Microsoft Teams
Line Hangouts Zoom WeChat


1) Discord

discord - popular messaging apps

This is an amazing all-in-one communication app that introduces new ways to chat, explore and keep in touch with your communities, gaming arena, and friends.


There is no better way to plan your next meet-up or hop into a game together as the app features organized text channels and open voice channels.


The advanced features of the app allow users to create VIP channels where special community members can chat in a place just for them.

App Features

  • Easily create an invite-only place to talk
  • Organized channels let you to share videos or coordinate meetups
  • Easy options to group your community of 5 or 500,000
  • Open voice channels make hanging out easy and friends can talk without making calls
  • Easily gather up for a screen-sharing session any time or watch friends stream their games
  • Turn any image into your own custom emojis and share them with friends

Rating: 4.5/5

Installs: 100,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

2) Google Duo

google duo app logo - popular messaging apps

Just like all other Google apps, this amazing app has also won hearts of millions in a shot span of time. It is one of the highest quality video calling apps available today that is known for its simplicity and reliability and it works across platforms and device types.


The app lets you make voice only calls to your friends when you can’t chat over video. It lets you capture photo of your video calls and automatically share with other members. Unlike many similar popular messaging apps, you can stay in touch with Duo whether you are on your phone, tablet, or on the web.

App Features

  • Let you make calls between Android and iOS
  • Easily share and join group calls with just a link
  • Make group video call with up to 32 people
  • Send and receive personalized video and voice messages & photos
  • It lets you make video calls even in poor lighting conditions
  • Conversations are encrypted for your privacy

Rating: 4.5/5

Installs: 1,000,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

3) GroupMe

group me - popular messaging apps

This is a cool platform that features simple ways to stay connected with your friends, family, co-workers or other groups. Simply add anyone to the group using their email id or phone number and start the conversation right away through SMS.


The app is flexible enough to start or resume conversations from your mobile or computer. It is ideal for both one to one and group conversations that made it a great choice among friends and school and work groups.

App Features

  • App lets you choose when and what type of notifications you receive
  • Easily leave or end group chats and mute specific chats
  • See content shared from URLs displayed in the chat with one tap
  • Be expressive in your conversations through exclusive emojis
  • Let you explore the photos and videos that were shared in the group
  • Easily search and send GIFs and meme images

Rating: 4.5/5

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

4) Google Messages

google messages - popular messaging apps

This is Google’s official app for texting (SMS, MMS) and chat (RCS). It is the most reliable option for texting anyone across the globe. Users can stay in touch through group chats and share pictures, videos and audio messages.


The search option lets users to track back the old conversations with a particular contact that may include photos, videos, addresses and links that were shared earlier.

App Features

  • Send and receive messages over Wi-Fi or your data network on supported carriers
  • Communication can be faster and more fun with instant messaging and smart replies
  • Let you send audio messages, emoji, stickers, or your location
  • Users can send and receive payments with Google Pay
  • Dark mode lets you use Messages comfortably in low-light situations

Rating: 4.4/5

Installs: 1,000,000,000+

Download: Android

5) GO SMS Pro – Messenger, Free Themes, Emoji

Go SMS Pro

This is a simple and intuitive messaging app that can be personalized to your needs with fun options like lovely stickers and beautiful themes.


The best part is the Private box that helps to encrypt messages & protect your privacy. The pro version even support disabling all sponsored messages and unlimited cloud storage space for message backup.

App Features

  • Allows Pop up of new messages for quick viewing and replying
  • Sticky conversations let you focus on important contacts
  • Enjoy GO chat support for free messages and group chat
  • Identify calls identify unknown calls and block spam calls
  • Delay to send option helps to correct the wrong messages before sending

Rating: 4.4/5


Download: Android, iOS

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6) Telegram

telegram - popular messaging apps

Telegram is designed for those who seek fastest messaging experience along with great security. It is reliable, secure and powerful. The app has over 400 million active users and works well on both desktop and mobile platforms.


The securities of the chats are ensured by 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, Diffie-Hellman secure key exchange and 2048-bit RSA encryption.


This app does not have any advertisements and is completely free. They are keeping on expanding the boundaries of what you can do with messaging apps.

App Features

  • It uses cloud to store the chat history and never compromise the device space
  • Easily create group chats for up to 200,000 members and share large videos, documents of any type
  • All expressive needs are met as it supports GIFs, stickers, video, and photo editing
  • Allows no third-party access to data to assure utmost privacy
  • Users can program Secret Chat messages to self-destruct automatically

Rating: 4.4/5

Installs: 500,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

7) Amino

amino - popular messaging apps

The app is a great choice for those looking for friends with the same hobby or passion as this platform lets you easily share your ideas and thoughts at your finger tips. You can explore your interests, tell your story and find your people on Amino.


The latest update empowers users to create videos, communities, posts, and quizzes to represent the interests to the world, the fandom, or just within the favorite group of friends.

App Features

  • Awesome place to watch stories, videos, and read blogs
  • Create own blogs, polls, quizzes, and stories using built in video editing features
  • Customize the profile using handcrafted stickers and profile frames available in digital store
  • Allows you to add text, background music, and even turn horizontal videos into vertical ones
  • Make new friends and chat with people like you across the globe

Rating: 4.4/5

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

8) Viber


This convenient messaging app does the login by using the phone number of the user and it syncs with the user’s phone to find contacts. Users can communicate with other Viber users through stickers, emoticons, text, photos, videos and voice messages and make free international calls with just a data plan or Wi-Fi connection.


Users can perform unlimited calls, endless texting and high quality video chat through this app for free and perform group video call with up to 20 people.


Users can enrich the conversation with Chat Extensions and interested users can even start a Viber community with unlimited members to share a common interest or passion.

App Features

  • Allows you to make crystal-clear audio and instant video calls
  • Self-destructs your secret chats
  • Easily make low-cost calls to landlines with Viber Out
  • The group chat feature allows to connect with up to 250 members
  • Chat and call with 100% privacy through end to end encryption

Rating: 4.4/5

Installs: 500,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

9) Textra SMS

textra sms

This is a fast and highly customizable alternative to regular messaging apps with a set of remarkable features. It can be easily customized to your preferred theme & bubble colours, notifications and signatures or changes can be made for different conversations, as well. Users can pick from over 3000 emoji style choices to express themselves during conversations.

App Features

  • Enhanced notifications and quick reply options
  • Allows MMS GROUP messaging or quick voice memos
  • Copy Partial Text let you to copy any part of the text in a bubble
  • Allows scheduled (future) SMS & MMS
  • Offers slide to delete and call and quick snap camera options

Rating: 4.4/5


Download: Android

10) Signal Private Messenger

signal - popular messaging apps

This messenger app features instantaneous communication across the globe for free and users can stay connected through high-fidelity messages and HD voice/video calls.


The highlight is Signal’s advanced privacy-preserving technology that lets users to share the moments to those who really matters.


The app is optimized to operate in the most constrained environments and its enhanced audio and video quality assures better conversations across town or ocean.


The existing phone number and address book can be used to securely communicate with your friends.

App Features

  • Messages are delivered quickly and reliably
  • Switch to the dark theme for a convenient ambience
  • End-to-end encryption keeps the conversations secure
  • Built-in image editing features let you sketch, crop, and flip your outgoing photos
  • App allows to disable noises completely or set custom alerts for each contact

Rating: 4.4/5

Installs: 50,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

app cost calculator

11) Chomp SMS

chomp sms

This is a user-friendly messaging app that comes with unlimited customization options while sending and receiving messages. Get a personalized touch and feel to your messages by changing the font style, text size, screen colour, and background wallpaper.


Moreover, choose from over 3000 plus Android, Twitter, Emoji One & iOS style emojis to express freely during the conversations.

App Features

  • Offers privacy options including a passcode lock
  • Designed with scheduled SMS sender and reminders
  • Stop a text while sending if you change your mind
  • Easily change notification LED colours and vibrate patterns
  • App is compatible with Yappy, Pushbullet, MightyText and Android Wear

Rating: 4.4/5


Download: Android

12) Tango

tango - popular messaging apps

Tango is one of the most popular messaging apps that come with a variety of chat features that enables the users to chat with friends as well as find new friends to chat with. Unlike similar popular messaging apps, finding new friends is a lot easy by using “nearby” or group chat features.


You can create conversation groups which enables chat option with a number of people at the same time. This messenger even lets you download video games and play with your friends while on call.


This is an amazing platform to show off your talents and get discovered online.

App Features

  • Let’s you watch and create live stream videos as well as broadcast them
  • You can send stickers or photos and add filters while on a live call
  • It lets you to engage with your fans live and make money through hobbies
  • Apply masks and other cool filters to have fun on Live Video
  • DUAL broadcast feature allows to collaborate with other video content creators

Rating: 4.3/5

Installs: 100,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

13) Mighty Text: SMS Texting w/ PC – Free SMS Messaging Communication

SMS from PC

This is an easier, faster, & better option for free and seamless SMS text messaging. With this application, users can send and receive messages from PC, Mac, or Tablet without the need of signing in to mobile. For its user friendliness, efficiency and productivity, the app was listed among Time Magazine’s “Best 50 Android Apps”

App Features

  • No need to check your phone for every SMS notification
  • Text online from the comfort of your computer or tablet
  • Ideal to send quick, professional bulk SMS messages to colleagues & clients
  • Easily turn off incoming SMS notifications during presentations
  • See Caller ID of incoming phone calls without looking at your phone

Rating: 4.3/5

Installs: 5,000,000+

Download: Android

14) Snapchat


The distinctive catch behind the tremendous popularity of Snapchat is its unique instant messaging capability that appeals most to teenagers today.


Laced with video conversations, Snapchat is a free app and offers distinguished self-destructing power to users which destroys shared media files after a fixed period.


As the app opens to camera, you can share the moments in seconds. It now offers more features such as funny filters, photo editing, bitmojis, adaptive chat and story sharing system. Users can even create own Filters to add to photos and videos.

App Features

  • SNAP MAP lets you see where your friends are hanging out
  • Let’s you follow your friends and watch their daily story
  • Free cloud storage helps users to have a look back on memories
  • Friendship profile features moments you have saved together
  • Allows you to video chat with up to 16 friends at once

Rating: 4.3/5

Installs: 1,000,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

15) Pulse SMS (Phone/Tablet/Web)

Pulse plus

This is the next-generation private text messaging app that is designed with a range of impressive features to make quality conversations. The app assures best in class user experience with data security, password protection and is free of ads.


Just an internet connection is all what you need to send and receive picture and text messages seamlessly across computer, tablet, watch, car, or any device.

App Features

  • Easily share GIFs with your messages
  • Automated replies based on contacts and keywords
  • Delayed sending to give you time to edit or cancel messages
  • Powerful searching through messages and conversations
  • Suggested Smart Replies within conversations

Rating: 4.3/5

Installs: 1,000,000+

Download: Android

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16) Skype

skype app logo

This app needs no introduction when it comes to listing it in the best popular messaging apps for 2023. Built with a professional appeal, Skype has globally grown as a most preferred free video calling app.


It features a fast instant messaging interface and promotes ease of file transfer. Skype to Skype calls are always free.


The app is compatible across phones, tablets, PCs and Macs that makes it a solid choice for business communication. The new SMS Connect feature lets you read and reply to your phone’s SMS messages from your laptop/PC.

App Features

  • Allows you to make voice calls to anyone across the globe
  • Easily send photos and videos with your family and friends
  • A group chat or family reunion is at your finger tips
  • Options to make HD video calls with up to 24 users ensures the quality and purpose during business meets
  • Easily liven up conversations with emoticons

Rating: 4.3/5

Installs: 1,000,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

17) Facebook Messenger


Attracting more than 1 billion global users, Facebook Messenger native app effortlessly manages to compete with similar popular messaging apps.


Facebook users can instantly connect with friends through chat messages, voice messages and voice and video calls. It is compatible across platforms and comes with GIF support along with location and media file sharing.


This social media app is constantly improving its features and enhancing user experience with even more compact and light interface with minimal tabs to fast-access the chat features.

App Features

  • Users can make free video calls with up to 8 people and use interactive video features like face filters
  • Send messages that only last for a moment using Vanish Mode
  • Make plans to get together with polls
  • Easily connect with your favourite businesses to make reservations, get customer support, find deals etc.
  • Watch movies live with friends in Messenger Video Chat Rooms
  • Host up to 50 people with no time limits in group chat

Rating: 4.2/5

Installs: 1,000,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

18) Slack


Slack is a team oriented productive messaging app popular among the corporations as well as common people. It supports the features of scheduling, management tools; messaging and app integration.


The option of chat channels allows the users to quickly set subgroups for topic-oriented or task-oriented discussions. Small businesses and large enterprises use the app to bring team communication and collaboration into one place.

App Features

  • Let you message or call any person or group within your team
  • Easy to organise your conversations by topic or project
  • Options to share and edit documents and collaborate with the right people
  • Easily integrate Google Drive, Salesforce, Dropbox, Asana, Twitter etc
  • Allows to easily search a central knowledge base that automatically indexes and archives your team’s past conversations and files
  • Stay focussed on what matters by customising notifications

Rating: 4.2/5

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

19) WhatsApp


It comes as no surprise that WhatsApp has been downloaded by more than five billion users. Its growth has been rapid after Facebook acquired the messaging app. Unlike its counterparts, the app is free of advertisements.


The user can instantly communicate with anyone in their circles just by knowing their mobile number. The app is absolutely free and one can send text, photos, documents, short voice and video messages to their phone contacts.


The latest update has added novel features such as more expressive emojis and stickers and enabled message encryption for enhanced security. The WhatsApp Web feature allows access of messages right from your computer’s browser.

App Features

  • Connect with your contacts easily through phone’s address book
  • No subscription fees or international charges
  • Allows group chats and video calls with your contacts
  • Saves offline messages which can be retrieved anytime
  • Let you share your location and exchange contacts easily
  • It works seamlessly with no usernames or PIN

Rating: 4.2/5

Installs: 5,000,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

20) Microsoft Teams

microsoft teams

This awesome business app is a great platform loved by corporate businesses as this serves as a hub for teamwork in Office 365.


Employees working remotely can depend on the app for quality team conversations and files, meetings, and apps live together in a single shared workspace.


This great application assures the enterprise-level security and compliance you expect from Office 365 and the app offers almost anything and everything that can be integrated for an office space.


Many top businesses are utilizing the possibilities of this messaging app during the covid days to ensure smooth workflow. The group dashboards let you to view important items, shared locations, & upcoming tasks within a group chat for easy coordination.

App Features

  • Team projects can be managed efficiently with file editing and sharing on the go
  • You can chat privately or in groups, and communicate with the entire team in dedicated channels
  • Connect face-to-face with HD audio and video and join meetings despite location
  • Easily save important conversations and customize your notifications
  • Effortlessly switch between work and personal account to stay organized throughout the day

Rating: 4.1/5

Installs: 100,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

21) Line


With over 500 million users, Line is one of the best popular messaging apps across the globe, especially in Asia. With a timeline like Facebook, the users can post and get comments from their friends.


A variety of LINE sticker sets can be used to liven up your messages in your own unique way. The app is number one in popular messaging apps category ranking in 52 countries.


Use polls to quickly see what your friends think and connect with the favourite celebrities and companies through the official accounts and easily follow brands and artists.

App Features

  • Users can connect with others through landline calls, free line calls and Line video or voice calls
  • Let’s you share messages, photos, videos, stickers, voice messages, and locations easily with friends
  • Chats are encrypted and group chat can hold up to 200 members
  • You can make international calls with LINE Out
  • Browse hundreds of popular free stickers in Sticker Shop

Rating: 4.1/5

Installs: 500,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

22) Google Hangouts


This is another great platform from Google that lets users to stay connected through messages and video or voice calls. The conversation can be between individuals or within a group.


The platform lets you to keep in touch with contacts across Android, iOS, and the web and sync chats across all your devices. Users are also allowed to connect the Google Voice account for phone calling, SMS texting, and voicemail integration.

App Features

  • Conversation through group chats are allowed for up to 150 people
  • Express what you feel through status messages, photos, videos, maps, emoji, stickers, and animated GIFs
  • Conversation can be turned into a free group video call with up to 10 contacts
  • Message your contacts anytime whether they are online or offline
  • All calls to Hangouts users are free

Rating: 4.0/5

Installs: 1,000,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

23) Zoom


Just like Microsoft Teams, businesses across the globe are utilizing the possibilities of Zoom to ensure smooth workflow remotely during these trying times.


However, the app has also large numbers of users among common people as there is no licensing required and it is absolutely free.


This video calling app is used by over 500,000 customer organizations and is #1 in customer satisfaction.


The app lets you to easily connect with anyone on Android, other mobile devices, Windows, Mac, iOS, ZoomPresence, H.323/SIP room systems, and telephones

App Features

  • Easily start or join a 100-person meeting with face-to-face video, high quality screen sharing, and instant messaging
  • Effortlessly screen share photos, web and Google Drive, Dropbox or Box files
  • Join as interactive participant or view-only webinar attendee
  • Users can co-annotate over shared content with possibilities of real-time whiteboard collaboration
  • Send group text, images, and audio from mobile and desktop
  • Easily setup auto-receptionists to autonomously answer and route calls

Rating: 3.9/5

Installs: 500,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

24) WeChat


More than just a messaging and social media tool, it has become a lifestyle for over one hundred million users across the globe.


In addition to the basic chat and call options, you can read news, use local services in Official Accounts, exercise with friends on WeRun, scan QR codes and play fun games with friends.


The app is localized in 20 different languages and lets you make calls to mobile phones and landlines around the globe at super low rates (only certain regions).


To add to the overall convenience, users can even enjoy mobile payment features with WeChat Pay.

App Features

  • Message friends using text, photo, voice, video and location sharing
  • Connect with up to 500 members at once through group chats
  • MINI PROGRAMS lets you enjoy countless third-party services without separate installation
  • You can record short videos to post in your Time Capsule
  • Make group video calls with up to 9 people

Rating: 3.6/5

Installs: 100,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

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As the Covid situations are demanding people to follow the new normal, the importance of digital communication is turning out to be very evident. Moreover, it is becoming really difficult to survive the daily life without having such amazing popular messaging apps on our device.

app cost calculator

With rich, user-friendly features, these popular messaging apps are crafted to make communication lively and help us stay in touch with people living in diverse geographical locations.


Even when the current situations call for social distancing, such great options at your finger tips are turning out to be a great companion for your new journey and keep up the relations.

10 Best Free Diabetes Apps for Android & iOS

Healthcare industries have evolved by a huge difference ever since they have been enormously transformed by digital technology. Now there are mobile apps for fitness tracking and monitoring blood glucose, weight loss and even your diabetes as well. With these free apps, it is easy to watch and control your diabetes as you go about living your day.


Although the diabetes-centric mobile apps have unique features to assist you, their basic approach is to encourage good lifestyle habits including food intake, physical activity as well as blood sugar level maintenance.



They all are designed to focus on weight loss, calorie control, carb counts, insulin doses and diabetes-friendly diet.


Whether you have type 1, type 2, or progressive symptoms, these free diabetes apps ensure that your health data is accessible in one dashboard to simplify your diabetes management.


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In this blog, we will take a look at the 10 best free diabetes apps available in the UK.


Fooducate Accu-Chek
MyFitnessPal MySugr
Beat Diabetes Diabetic Diet
Diabetes Connect BeatO
Diabetes: M OneTouch Reveal


1) Fooducate


It all starts with what you choose to put in your body. Fooducate knows how important it is to manage diabetes and therefore keeps you informed of all the good foods you can try to maintain your blood sugar level.


Fooducate - free diabetes apps


It helps enhance your knowledge about which food is wholesome for keeping sugar in control and what carbs to avoid. Fooducate allows you to scan foods and see its calorie quality, sugar content and hidden ingredients.


Fooducate - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Ideal for a food-driven diabetes management approach
  • Encourages diabetes-friendly food choices
  • Suggests sugar-free lifestyle changes
  • Helps you discriminate between good and bad carbs
  • Scan and track food for its calorie quality

Google PlayApp Store



2) Accu-Chek Connect


Accu-Chek Connect is for those who are already advised to keep their body’s insulin level maintained for good health. This is the first-ever FDA-approved app that updates you with accurate insulin advice.


Accu-check - free diabetes apps


To get the best result, the patients require an activation signal from their professional doctor. Its insulin measurement feature then gets activated to generate information on blood glucose patterns that you can identify.


Accu-check - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Best for diabetic patients
  • Precise insulin level check
  • Doctor-approved app activation
  • Shows blood glucose patterns and trends

Google PlayApp Store



3) MyFitnessPal


MyFitnessPal might not be a typical diabetes management program, but it definitely works by focusing on individual weight loss goals. It works on the principle of maintaining a healthy weight, which is a vital part of diabetes management.


MyFitnessPal - free diabetes apps


It keeps your weight in control by monitoring your overall food intake and customizing what you eat. It features a food barcode scan that uses an internet connection to operate.


MyFitnessPal - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Best for individual weight loss goal
  • Helps maintain a healthy weight for diabetes management
  • Monitors and customizes your daily food intake
  • Food barcode scan
  • Focuses on low-carb Atkins diet

Google PlayApp Store



4) MySugr


MySugr distinguishes itself from other diabetes apps in the list by offering a clean, user-appealing and intuitive interface and it is completely free. It comes with a customizable dashboard and also allows you to link with your glucose monitor.


mySugar - free diabetes apps


MySugr app also sends reminders to push you to follow up with more specific details such as blood sugar levels before and after a workout session. You can also share this accurate data with your doctor so that you can discuss plans to manage diabetes or change insulin treatment accordingly.


mySugar - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Clean and intuitive interface
  • Ability to sync with a glucose monitor
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Reminders for checking blood sugar at different stages
  • Sharable information and charts

Google PlayApp Store




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5) Beat Diabetes


Popular as a pocket guidebook, Beat Diabetes is one of the best free diabetes apps available in the UK especially for beginners recently diagnosed with the condition. The app provides a great resort for patients who seek reliable information to quickly get on track.


Beat diabetes - free diabetes apps


You have here sea of diabetic information about avoidable foods, carb control, adding physical activities, complications, etc. The app sets you on the right sugar-free path in no time keeping you up-to-date with medical treatment.


Laughable - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Pocket guidebook with handy diabetes 101 information
  • Boosts your knowledge on best organic ways to defeat diabetes
  • Recommendations on workout routines, food, treatment options & more
  • Alerts you on unforeseeable complications

Google PlayApp Store





6) Diabetic Diet


Diabetic Diet, as the name hints, follows the basic approach towards diabetic care for people with or without diabetes. This app is a great tool that provides a wealth of resources designed to focus mainly on choosing a balanced diet and good food.


Diabetes Diet - free diabetes apps


It is all about what to eat, food routines and safest weight loss methods to fight the diabetic or prediabetic condition. It is even perfect for those who care about someone with diabetes.


Diabetes Diet - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Information-driven approach for diabetic conditions
  • Straightforward and informative do’s and don’ts
  • Focuses on a balanced diet and healthy food habits
  • Safe weight loss suggestions
  • Useful for pros and the newly diagnosed

Google PlayApp Store



7) Diabetes Connect


Diabetes Connect provides you a great way to track and manage your diabetes symptoms, treatment and food intake habits. By enabling features that you can toggle on and off, Diabetes Connect helps you control the diabetic condition.


Diabetes Connect - free diabetes apps


You can access your health dashboard either in an app or via a web browser. You have all the data consolidated in one spot so that you can easily track your weight, sugar level, insulin dosage, meals, calories, medications, etc. It also gets synced across various devices in use so you can monitor it anytime anywhere.


Diabetes Connect - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Brings all data in one common dashboard
  • Accessible across multiple devices
  • Updates on all-round diabetic parameters
  • Easy to print and share data with your doctor

Google PlayApp Store



8) BeatO


With BeatO turning your smartphone into an active Glucometer, you don’t need a different glucose monitor. This app easily pulls data from its BeatO glucometer and allows you to measure and monitor your glucose level right on your smartphone.


BeatO - free diabetes apps


A team of BeatO-associated medical experts maintains sanity and intervenes with reminders of higher glucose levels and a health-centric lifestyle guide.


BeatO - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Reliable diabetic management
  • Backed by a team of medical experts
  • Pulls data of glucose level from Glucometer
  • Uses color coding to depict high, low and normal blood sugar levels

Google PlayApp Store



9) Diabetes: M


Diabetes: M is a full-fledged log app with all-round features to aid diabetes conditions including diet and nutrition logging and tracking, blood test reminders, blood sugar patterns mapping, insulin bolus calculator and integration with fitness apps.


Diabetes M - free diabetes apps


Its powerful tools show charts of trends for excellent glucose control in adjustable timeframes. It is also compatible with Apple Watch and lets you add multiple members with a paid subscription.


Diabetes M - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Ideal for minute diabetic management
  • Packed with a range of features
  • Nutrition logging, blood test reminders
  • Integration with a fitness app
  • Nutrition-based insulin bolus calculator
  • Tools to check trend graphs and charts
  • Subscription lets you add multiple profiles

Google PlayApp Store



10) OneTouch Reveal


This app works like a highlighter of trends in blood sugar if you have diabetes. OneTouch Reveal automatically generates insights and trends in response to your blood glucose readings.


OneTouch - free diabetes apps


This is especially beneficial if your blood sugar mysteriously goes off within a certain timeframe. The app highlights this as a crucial easy-to-see trend in a timeline and alerts you to take action.


Based on your log history, your physician can modify your diet plans and carb intake.


OneTouch - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Automatic insights and trends in blood sugar
  • Highlights important trends events on the timeline
  • Color-coded interface to highlight daily high/low readings
  • Close analysis of blood sugar patterns
  • Physician-recommended healthy diet plans

Google PlayApp Store




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Conclusion: Choose the best fit for your Diabetes type


These are the 10 best free diabetes app in the UK that you can prefer to install on your Android or iOS device. Some of these apps are still getting better with new updates as technology progresses over time.



The way modern AI-enabled platforms and chatbots are constantly disrupting the healthcare industry, we are likely to see the rise of more interactive and intelligent healthcare apps in the future, all enhanced with astonishing features.


This also sounds like a vivid prospect for startup enthusiasts striving to break into the digital healthcare market and build successful fitness-focused diabetes management apps.

Purpose of Chat Applications

From yahoo chat that started in those early days of internet to Snapchat, WhatsApp and Facebook’s highly sophisticated chat messenger, online Chat applications have evolved dramatically over the last decade.


With multi-tasking mechanism playing the major focus, today’s chat apps are explored globally by billions of users for both personal as well as commercial fulfillment.

At the heart of these chat app innovation lies fascination for mobile technology that was earlier seen as a fleeting fad.


The reason why chat apps are exercised with great sincerity is the fact that there is a subtle opportunity to transform chat application services into a major marketing and purchase channels. Artificial intelligence must also play a curious role here.


As we progress in this blog, we are going to glance at how chat apps are playing several roles, including enhancing engagements, monetization and user retention and more.


Mobile Chat Apps Drive Unprecedented Opportunities

As now more than 70% of total visits on top digital news websites come from mobile devices, the need for developing mobile-specific chat apps has escalated.


A lot of traffic and referrals observed on news organizations belong to social platforms, which translates into a great opportunity for relationship building and audience engagement.


Chat messengers present themselves as representatives of socials on mobile and drive the size of traffic too huge to ignore.


Unique Apps For Prolific Engagement

Unique apps for prolific engagement

WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat and Facebook messenger all created an ecosystem that demonstrates immense uniqueness, each offering opportunity to engage with friends and connection in an unforeseen chat environment.


Providing users with rich features, these apps deliver incredible live chat experience, allowing users to share text messages, images, emoticons, stickers, audio and video clips and other media content.


The ability to send numerous formats of media files among many friends as well as capability to create personalized groups make the experience even more exciting.


As these top-rated chat apps surpassed the initial purpose of ‘staying connected’ by enabling style and elegance, the user engagement as a result grew more prolific than ever.


Multipurpose Use of Mobile Chat Apps

Though, today many chat apps innovations are launched by U.S. and Europe-based software companies, a large number of chat apps are originally thought-processed in Asia on prominent platforms such as LINE and WeChat.


In a flow that seems to move from East to West, Western apps are often derived from these Asian platforms.

Multipurpose use of mobile chat apps

For instance, WeChat has its stronghold in China and resembles the classic chat experience provided by AOL and Yahoo with unusual twists and features.


WeChat is more than just mere chat and news reading; users can pay bills, make purchases, book transportations, doctor’s appointments and reservations, watch traffic updates and report suspicious incidents and also earn loyalty rewards.


Though other markets do not claim the similar success of mobile apps as observed in China, it is considered as no less than an inspiration for Western chat apps makers attempting to imitate such growth and monetization globally.


LINE on the other end is Japan’s original, advanced and feature-rich platform that generated nearly $656 million revenue in 2014 – which in a way casts a big shadow over Western messenger app leaders claiming billion-dollar evaluation through monetization.


Chat Apps For Demographics and Countries



When it comes to being the stronghold in certain regions, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber found home across global countries and yet these tiny group of apps struggle to generate interest in certain countries. On the other side, messengers like LINE, Tango, WeChat and KakaoTalk successfully dominate specific markets and regions while losing its charm in others.


Even across demographics, performance of apps varies among millennials and are never uniform. While Snapchat, LINE and WhatsApp excite young and female millennials, apps like Tango that triumph with millions of active users majorly appeal to users aged between 25 to 50.


Product Promotion, Loyalty and Monetization


Product promotion, loyalty and monetization

There are chat apps that support you well if you wish to drive traffic back to your website or commercial mobile app. Depending on product and services, you can tempt and engage users on specific chat apps like WhatsApp and tell them to click URL links shared in there.


Brands can leverage users’ WhatsApp contact and send messages for order confirmation and promotion, thereby giving them the benefits of loyalty. LINE and Viber come handy for paid Sticker/emoji pack campaign, which helps you monetize subscriptions.


However, this is clearly not possible with Snapchat as it does not support clickable URL links. Chat apps, thus, can be built to serve diverse purposes, each offering different features than the other. You must opt for the one that befits and matches the strategy on your mind.


Carving Chat Bots-Driven Experience

With an aim to perfect the user experience and achieve engagement on a much deeper level, publishers started providing push notifications and even chatbot experiences.

More effective than Facebook and Twitter in their original version, these chat apps with programmable robots can converse with users virtually or prepare ready made expressions and responses to minimize manual hassle.


LINE has dabbled in this initiative for a while as an experiment and found that over 50% of push messages are read by followers with official accounts.


Due to more compact experience and quick access, chatbots offer a high chance to turn into an advantage for modern users. As a result, chat app millennials are likely to replace social network news feeds with chatbot-enabled services.


Connecting with Audience in Novel Ways

Based on what we have observed in the chat app market, the factor that actually boosts prevalence of a chat application has a lot to do with how it connects well with the audience and looks relevant.


Having billions of active users involved in major chat apps, these chat apps reinvent the way people ‘should’ connect. App publishers constantly keep the interest alive in order to develop the large audience.

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Modern Messaging apps for example offer a great deal of engaging features some which are not available on social platforms. Publishers invent novel ways and develop outstanding tools to let people tell their stories creatively.


BuzzFeed is a great example of supplying publisher-branded emojis to improve personal conversations on chat apps like LINE. Snapchat on the other hand lets users fiddle with (write or draw) the ready content from publishers before it is sent.


Collaborative Value

With the inception of chat platforms like LINE, WeChat, Tango that demonstrate diverse opportunities in the chat ecosystem, users can relish chat apps that create special moments for them as they connect, collaborate and share.


For readers and viewers, this is a great way to come together and discuss a range of topics in a unique way. For instance, Kik and Tango are one of those platforms that let you create standalone chat rooms where users can connect to discuss interesting topics.



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On the other hand, there is Snapchat’s Live Stories that best appeals to Snapchat community and allows people from a specific geo-location to share eyewitness media to a crowd sourced video piece.


Such approach in a chat ecosystem is shown to add substantial collaborative value to a chat app, carving an all-new purpose.


From above discussion, it is evident how chat applications are purposed to play various roles in addition to acting as a chat communication medium.


As days pass by, chat messengers are going to be even more advanced in its capability. While app publishers exhibit immense joy, optimism and excitement for their success so far, they all almost agree that chat app industry is still its experimental and exploratory phase.


After spending loads of time perfecting user experience, publishers now gravitate to media-powered partnerships. Hope you have learned enough from chat apps success stories to initiate your own experiment.

24 Best Free Video Chat Apps For Android & iOS

As 3G and 4G technology makes way for faster 5G in 2023, you would find it much easier to use video calls in smartphones. A decade ago, even the best video chat apps were lagged, with constantly dropping frames and poor audio.

But efficient usage of compression algorithms combined with high-speed internet connectivity has completely transformed video calling apps. We are now a few clicks away from making high definition face-to-face conversation anywhere anytime.

Since there is a vast variety of video conference apps in the market, we have shortlisted the top 24 best video chat apps of 2023 that you should try.


Discord Signal Google Duo Instagram
Tango YeeCall ICQ Viber
WhatsApp Snapchat Skype Zalo
ooVoo Glide JusTalk MicrosoftTeams
Camfrog Messenger IMO Line
KakaoTalk Hangouts Marcopolo Zoom



1. Discord


Discord is popular for its in-game chat functionalities. It is one of the best video & audio chat apps for gamers. The app enables easy daily communication and even set up group chats and screen share your activities.


There are regular updates to the app, with the latest update coming in December 2020, and despite few bugs, reviews are very positive from long-term users.


discord - video chat apps


The gaming communication facility helps you to watch your friend’s stream their games and speak like you all are in the same room.



App Features

  • Easy voice channels without calls.
  • Custom emojis & avatars.
  • Pin your favorite images and other content.
  • Private channel creation.

Ratings : 4.5/5

Installs : 100,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


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2. Signal Private Messenger

signal - video chat apps

The name itself implies the purpose of the app. Signal enables users to have highly safe private messages. Extra protection is followed by a PIN generation that is known to you and only you. You can engage in crystal clear voice and video calls in an end-to-end encrypted app platform.

Signal lets users have uninterrupted group video calls and even permanently delete messages and clean message history. The app contains edit tools for your outgoing images & even add text on the images.


App Features

  • Custom alerts on existing contacts.
  • Enhanced audio and video Quality.
  • Active on slow networks
  • Easy to use interface.
  • End-to-end encrypted

Ratings : 4.5/5

Installs : 10,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


3. Google Duo

google duo app logo - video chat apps

Google Duo has been among the best video chat apps since 2018. The app is quite simple to use — Log in, verify your number, and make quick video calls just like standard phone calls. The simplicity of the app’s interface brings the video calling feature to the forefront.

You can get on a group video call with up to 32 people. This video chat app also has the “Family Mode” which has few interesting features like ability to doodle while on video call, add fun masks and effects, etc.


App Features

  • Cross-platform functionality lets you make calls across Android and iOS devices.
  • Check the person who’s calling you before you decide to answer it or not.
  • Faster and reliable video calls regardless of Wi-Fi or mobile connection.
  • Extremely simple interface makes it easier to make video calls.

Rating : 4.5/5

Installs : 1,000,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


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4. Instagram

instagram-app-logo - video chat apps

You probably use this frequently to share video and pictures from your daily lives with added captions, edits, filters, emojis, and tweak settings to entertain your followers.

In 2018, the app introduced video calling feature in Instagram Direct allowing users to video call individuals or small groups of up to 4 people.

In mid 2020, Instagram rolled out messenger rooms, allowing you to join on a video call with up to 50 people. It’s free, doesn’t put a time limit and is easy to use.

The Instagram app is primarily focused on visual content, and you can find plenty of high quality entertainment on this social media app.

As typical with social media, you can follow your favourite accounts, which could be friends and family, or celebrities and see what they are up to.


App Features

  • Instagram Messenger Rooms – Video Chat with up to 50 people with no time limit.
  • Allows multi-tasking while video calling
  • Has the option of messaging, posting, reading news feeds etc and much more

Rating : 4.4/5

Installs : 1,000,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


5. Tango


With over 400 million user base, Tango is one of the popular video chat apps of this generation. This app offers the great quality video calling facility.

This app is more focused on video streaming and social features. But the video calling facility is quite good, with the ability to create video chat rooms. You can chat publicly and privately to anyone of your preference.


App Features

  • Accessible on both iOS and Android devices.
  • Easily switch between voice and video calls while being on call.
  • Add friends, subscribe to sources, keep a timeline, and receive newsfeed.
  • Follow your favourite live video broadcasters and engage with fellow creative people.

Rating : 4.4/5

Installs : 100,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


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6. YeeCall

yeecall logo - video chat apps

YeeCall app provides free video and voice calls to all of its users around the globe. The app introduced something called the unblocked video & voice call which allow users to freely use video chat without worrying about being blocked.

It is especially useful for users who live in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Egypt, India, Pakistan and more.


App Features

  • Provides high quality voice and video calls
  • Performs stable connection and data encryption
  • Enables free and unlimited texting with funny GIFs and stickers.
  • Allows group talks which makes all the friends stay connected.
  • Encrypted video calls

Rating : 4.4/5

Installs : 10,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


7. ICQ

icq app - video chat apps

Have fun using this free video chat app. It unifies almost all functions that make a communication fun and moreover easier for the user.

There are some smart features such as converting voice messages to text, video call masks sending videos and images without compression. They make the app experience that much better.


App Features

  • High-quality video and audio calls are available
  • Calls are securely encrypted
  • Voice messages have speech-to-text feature
  • Animated 3D masks are available for video calling
  • Live chat synchronization is available with unlimited members or channels

Rating : 4.4/5

Installs : 50,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


8. Viber

viber-app-logo - video chat apps

Launched in 2010, Viber is another preferred and popular video chat apps that has over 11 million downloads. Filled with cool features and attractive functionalities, Viber is a cross-platform application and can be installed on various devices.

Viber introduced group video chat for up to 20 people (They are set to increase the limit in near future) in early 2020. Whether you are a chef running a cooking class or a Yoga teacher helping students master various poses, Viber is a good option.


App Features

  • Free international video and voice calling app.
  • Add eye-catching and funny emojis and cool stickers to your texts.
  • Hide the messages from the messaging screen that you don’t want others to see and access them later.
  • The automatic encryption secures your messages, video and voice calls, texts, etc.

Rating : 4.4/5

Installs : 500,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


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9. WhatsApp


After proving its worth as the best messaging app, WhatsApp came with another feature: Video calling. It is a cross-platform app that has millions and millions of users who make a tonne of video calls on a daily basis across the globe on Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Whatsapp introduced plenty of new features by end of 2020 including payment facility, dark mode, disappearing messages and also increased group video chat capacity from 4 members to 8 members.


App Features

  • Video call or voice call, it is completely free.
  • Share documents, images, videos, and much more with its multimedia feature.
  • Download WhatsApp on your computer and start receiving messages.
  • Can easily set custom wallpapers, notification ringtones, etc.

Rating : 4.3/5

Installs : 5,000,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


10. Snapchat

Snapchat-app-logo - video chat apps

For most teenagers, this is the most preferred chat app and in a study, it was shown that Snapchat has overcome Facebook and Instagram due to its popularity among teenagers.

There are plenty of filters, emojis, lenses, etc that are fun and cool. Snap Map, Discover, Stories and few other features are also there to keep you entertained.


App Features

  • Short video clips can be shared
  • Snapchat stories which are news feeds can be made up of photos or videos
  • Ad support content is available from famous publishers or brands
  • Has the feature to send GIFs shot
  • Turn your friend and yourself to an augmented reality filter with 3D friendmojis
  • You can start visual parties with Snapchat
  • Best in expressing yourself, to learn about the world and have fun with friends and family

Rating : 4.3/5

Installs : 1,000,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS

app cost calculator


11. Skype

skype app logo - video chat apps

Skype is one of those that absolutely need no introduction. With super new features, design, and a tonne of users, Skype is the app to stay connected with people around the globe.

Skype works on a wide range of devices and is one of the most reliable video chat apps. Just recently, Skype introduced Together Mode, which was an original feature in Microsoft Teams’.

The mode rethinks how video chats are displayed on screen. It puts you side by side with other members giving an appearance of being at the same place together.


App Features

  • Send photos, text, videos, voice messages, and many more.
  • Call any device, Skype, mobile, or landline.
  • Keep your family and friends updated with the Highlights from your day.
  • Enjoy low calling rates to landlines and cell phones across the globe.

Rating : 4.3/5

Installs : 1,000,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


12. Zalo


Zalo is Vietnam’s favourite messaging app. It has a rich set of amazing audio and video call features.

Apart from its core functionalities, the app also has certain unique features like transportation bookings, public transport information, doctor appointment bookings, consumer loan services, etc.

This Vietnamese app is also used by government agencies, companies and celebrities from Vietnam. So you get updates from these accounts regularly.

There is one drawback though. The app is geographically limited. Even though it has an English translation, there is a lot of scope for improvement.


App Features

  • High speed for notifications
  • Fun and cheerful stickers and emoticons available
  • Find friends who are nearby
  • No much effort required to send group messages
  • Zalo Pay, Zalo Shop,
  • Transportation booking
  • Doctor Booking
  • Consumer loan services

Rating : 4.3/5

Installs : 100,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


13. ooVoo

oovoo-app-logo - video chat apps

Started off as a chat app, ooVoo became popular among teens within no time. It lets users have a group call with up to 8 people at one time.

Their powerful, in-app messaging services let you share images, text, video messages, and much more. Also, ooVoo is a cross-platform app, so regardless of the device you use, it can be installed on any phone, tablet, and PC.

Their latest chains feature lets you link your videos together, like youtube playlists, and boasts few social abilities such as sharing and discovering other video chains, collaborating with other creators, etc


App Features

  • Create amazing content for the ooVoo community by linking their videos together to create interesting stories to share with their friends and contacts across the globe.
  • Checkout others’ stories in your network that your friends have uploaded.
  • A cutting-edge technology was used to develop ooVoo which makes it superior to standard messaging applications.

Rating : 4.3/5

Installs : 50,000,000+

Download : Android


14. Glide


Glide claims they are the fastest live video messenger app on the planet. People can enjoy sharing their life moments in real-time with friends they wish to.

The app has cool filters making videos more awesome and loveable. An easy to use design makes the app more and more convenient for users.


App Features

  • Enjoy the app in smartwatches.
  • Live Video streaming
  • Easy texting and clear video calls
  • Intuitive interface.

Ratings : 4.3/5

Installs : 10,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


15. JusTalk

Justalk-app-logo - video chat apps

It’s a free high-quality voice, video, and group chat app which is simple, reliable, fun to use and moreover secure for users. This app which can be used in both Android and iOS is perfect for family and friends. It allows up to 16 people on a single video call.


App Features

  • Make one-to-one or group calls with HD quality video and highly clear voice
  • Best feature is that even at dark times you get a clear vision for seeing for video calling
  • While video calling, you can share an endless number of stickers, doodles, and photos in real-time
  • Even the user can challenge friends video call in this app
  • If your friends or family doesn’t have this app, then you can make use of Boomerang Web call which lets users create a web link and then make calls
  • Other features include- lively messaging, end-to-end encryption etc.

Rating : 4.3/5

Installs : 10,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


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16. Microsoft Teams

microsoft teams - video chat appsOne Microsoft Teams is hands down one of the best tools for kids in their online learning process. You can easily add as many members as you want into a video call & have trouble-free chats. The app is a perfect hub for teamwork assuring collaboration & coordination between every member.

It brings the content collaboration power offered by Microsoft 365 applications, making the app an extremely powerful tool for teams.

You can have occasional chats, group chats, or a dedicated team communication with your colleagues. Users also can switch between the work and personal accounts for convenience.


App Features

  • Convenient cloud storage & access.
  • Manage group dashboards& various tasks.
  • Transfer calls between desktop and mobile
  • File editing & sharing on the go.
  • Timely custom notifications.
  • Enterprise-level security
  • Call-merge, low-data mode

Ratings : 4.2/5

Installs : 50,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


17. Camfrog


This is kind of a cross-platform community with thousands of users available in various chat rooms. Be it on any device- Android, iPhone or Mac, if you are a member of the Camfrog community then you could chat with anyone available.

It is one of the best video chat apps that allows you to connect with strangers globally and make friends or to flirt. It is a great video chat option if you are a social butterfly.


App Features

  • Video conferencing is quite simple using this app
  • Group calling is available with other Camfrog users
  • Easy to find in new users and you can also set up new chat rooms
  • Video and audio communication is available in devices like Windows XP, Mac OS X, and Android
  • It also has a paid version – Camfrog Pro
  • Rewards program
  • Virtual gift store

Rating : 4.2/5

Installs : 10,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


18. Facebook Messenger


As famous as Facebook, this video calling app is trusted by people around the globe. Facebook Messenger is available for free for both iOS and Android users through any web browser logged into your Facebook account.

Backed by facebook, this video chat app is quite rich in quality features. The latest feature would be the Vanish Mode which is available in select countries.


App Features

  • Using either names or phone numbers, you can easily find your friends.
  • Works across devices and operating systems. Connect with people internationally within no time.
  • Add fun art and effects to your pictures and videos and share them instantly with your connections.
  • Vanish Mode
  • Custom Reactions
  • Watch videos, shows and movies together with friends
  • Dark Mode

Rating : 4.2/5

Installs : 1,000,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


19. IMO

imo-app-logo - video chat apps

It is a simple video calling app for Android users that lets users make free video and voice calls over both Wi-Fi and mobile internet, and accessible to both iOS and Android users. You can make video calls with up to 20 members in a single call.


App Features

  • Provides complete end-to-end encryption to all messages and video and voice calls.
  • Cross-platform video calling application.
  • Make group calls, send images, stickers, etc.
  • Consumes less data for both video and voice calls.

Rating : 4.2/5

Installs : 500,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


20. LINE


This app has in turn reshaped the way of communication around the globe. It’s not only a messaging app but also allows users to do audio calls, video calls. There is a fun feature called Face Play you can enjoy in different modes with your friends.


App Features

  • Chat with over 200 friends simultaneously on a group chat
  • Lets voice and video calls anywhere, anytime
  • Browse hundreds of stickers including world-famous celebrities to make your chats more fun

Rating : 4.1/5

Installs : 500,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


21. KakaoTalk


This is fast, fun and a multi-faceted messaging app to communicate with your friends and family, which is used by more than 150 million users worldwide.


App Features

  • Speedy and reliable in whatever network
  • Supports iOS, Android, Windows OS, Mac OS
  • Free chats, audio and video calls available to communicate worldwide
  • Express emotions through the wide range of emoticons and you can also more stickers from the store
  • Chat is available between unlimited friends
  • Another exciting feature is that this app has voice filters for fun free calls with the sounds of Talking Tom, Ben’s voice etc

Rating : 4.1/5

Installs : 100,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


22. Hangouts


Backed up by Google, Hangouts is an excellent video calling app if you are brand specific. Hangouts let you connect with up to 9 people at once.

There is no need to sign up for a new account if you already have one. Not just Android-powered smartphones and tablets, Hangouts can be installed on iOS devices as well.


App Features

  • Include all your contacts with group chats for up to 150 people.
  • It can turn any group conversation into a video call up to 10 people.
  • App works on Android and iOS devices, and syncs chats across all your devices.
  • Easily connect their Google voice account for phone calls, SMSs, and voicemail integration.

Rating : 4.0/5

Installs : 1,000,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


23. Marco Polo

marco polo

Marco polo allows you to hang out with your friends virtually. The app is perfect to share short videos with friends or groups. It has additional doodle features adding fun to your video chat.

One of the app’s major highlights is that it is ad-free. This video chat app delivers your messages tone, context and certainty according to the app creators. The facility of cloud storage gives more room to save limitless content.


App Features

  • End to end encryption
  • No third party ads
  • Marcopolo premium has extra features
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Unlimited chats and groups
  • Voice effects, Camera effects
  • Marco Polo Plus has extra features

Ratings : 3.9/5

Installs : 10,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


24. ZOOM Cloud Meetings


Award-winning video conferencing app launched in 2013. It became the most downloaded android apps on the internet, thanks to the new work from home office culture during the COVID-19 lockdown period.

You can have up to 100 participants in one meeting at a time. The addon versions allow up to 500.


App Features

  • Direct screen sharing from your device
  • Send group text, images, and audios
  • Contact availability status
  • Easy invitations and participation
  • Safe driving mode

Ratings: 3.6/5

Installs: 500,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


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Final Thoughts


app cost calculator

With social distancing becoming the norm due to the global pandemic, video chat apps are fast becoming part of daily life. These apps are now essential to stay in touch with friends and family from around the globe.

As the competition between app makers intensifies, you are eventually benefitted with innovative features and functionalities. So, in case you aren’t already using a chat app, this is the right time to jump on to the bandwagon and if you do, do try out multiple video chat apps as most of them have a free version. You never know which would be the best fit for you.

15 Best Facebook Apps For Android and iOS

Nowadays, people relied on Facebook for sharing their thoughts, mingling and opinions with their friends. Facebook  with around its billion registered users makes it a heavy app by consuming device storage & taking time for loading and reloading. So, the Facebook has created great alternative apps with various functions in-depth.


For those who feel increasingly dismayed of auto-play videos, strange requests and fake news feed, etc. the following Facebook alternative apps will undoubtedly make you choose and install the best of them.


Let’s take a short peep at some of the finest Facebook apps available for Android and iOS users.

Video downloader for Facebook Swipe for Facebook Maki
Save story for Facebook Friendly for Facebook Folio for Facebook
Messenger Messenger lite Faster for Facebook Lite
Simple social Unseen for fb lite Facebook lite
Swift for fb lite Fb pages manager Workplace from Facebook


1. Video downloader for Facebook

video downloader - facebook apps

Video downloader for Facebook is one of the best apps for Facebook. You can just copy the video link, paste it & download the video in minutes.

The app also includes an easy built-in browser to play your favourite video on Facebook itself. Besides, the app lets you share content with your friends anytime.

App Features

  • Pause, resume & delete downloads.
  • Download through links/built-in browser.
  • Guarantee safety & privacy on the contents.
  • Easy to use UI.

Ratings: 4.7/5

Installs: 5,000,000+

Download: Android

2. Swipe for Facebook

swipe for - facebook apps

Swipe is a perfect alternative for Facebook that reduces battery consumption. You can simply chat &  download  video/audio files by saving your phone space. Users can manage notifications from both Facebook & messenger.

App Features

  • Highly customizable & user-friendly interface.
  • Biometric or PIN security lock.
  • Change the overall theming of the app.
  • Block sponsored ads & other content.

Ratings: 4.3/5

Installs: 1,000,000+

Download : Android

3. Maki

maki - facebook apps

Maki is a trouble-free app comprising both Facebook and messenger features. One can save space & time in this single app without any interruptions.

Maki has default news feed updates where users can engage with the latest news in chronological order. Built-in social sites like Instagram, Reddit, etc make Maki the most popular & accepted among its users.

App Features

  • Multi-account support
  • Hassle-free audio & video calls.
  • No third-party ads.
  • Alter day/night themes

Ratings: 4.3/5

Installs: 1,000,000+

Download: Android

4. Save story for Facebook stories

save story - facebook apps

Facebook stories are familiar in recent times. Save story enables you to view your friend’s latest stories & their moments. It also lets users block sponsored content or other ads.

You can change the overall theme of your app including an app security lock.

App Features

  • Intuitive UI
  • Edit accidental likes/reactions.
  • Battery & data saving
  • Download photos/videos privately.

Ratings: 4.3/5

Installs: 1,000,000+

Download: Android

5. Friendly for Facebook

friendly social browser - facebook apps

Friendly allows you to customize & filter the content you wish to see. It follows a keyword search with a decent & attractive interface.

Friendly is one of the newer apps that has both Facebook & messenger functionalities together in the app. Users can depend on this app for uninterrupted messaging & downloading contents.

App Features

  • Block sponsored ads & posts
  • Switch b/w multiple accounts.
  • Quiet hours for no notifications.
  • Pro version unlocks extra features.

Ratings: 4.3/5

Installs: 1,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

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6. Folio for Facebook & messenger

folio - facebook apps

Folio is an exciting Facebook wrapper. You can engage with recent news feeds in default or by a quick search option.

The app has focused on the smallest features to make the user’s mobile experience more appealing. Folio is a sincere app where users can enjoy both Facebook & messenger features in the app.

App Features

  • Convenient to operate.
  • Instant downloads of photos & videos
  • Full-featured & faster services.
  • Personalized experience.

Ratings: 4.3/5

Installs: 500,000+

Download: Android

7. Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free

messenger - facebook apps

With its 1 billion+ users, Messenger is an all-in-one communication app till now. Messenger lets easy syncing of contacts on your phone & chat or call anyone anytime. Users can have clear high-quality audio and video calls with around eight people at a time.

You can also record, save & share voice messages instantly. The latest room feature where you can send group video chat links & host up to 50 people makes it more popular.

App Features

  • Simple & intuitive UI
  • Express with stickers & emojis
  • Compatible on multiple platforms.
  • Unlimited free calls.

Ratings: 4.2/5

Installs: 1,000,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

8. Messenger lite

messenger lite - facebook apps

Messenger Lite is a miniature form of Facebook messenger with less than 10 MB. You can contact anyone on Facebook, Facebook lite & messenger via this app.

Messenger lite notify about your friends who are active now and available to chat. The app lets you to have  unlimited calls with friends in other countries too.

App Features

  • Quick loading & saves data.
  • Chat in groups or personal.
  • Free voice & video calls over wi-fi.
  • Easy sharing of photos or other contents.

Ratings: 4.2/5

Installs: 500,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

9. Faster for Facebook Lite

faster for facebook lite

Faster uses templates of Facebook lite instead of Facebook. Faster is an effective web wrapper where users can switch to classic Facebook mode.

Other features include a chat head facility, timely notifications, etc. Users can view every type of content including GIFs and videos here.

App Features

  • Optimize & save battery.
  • Easy sharing & downloads.
  • Protect Facebook account with lock screens.
  • Login using multiple accounts.

Ratings: 4.2/5

Installs: 5,000,000+

Download: Android

app cost calculator

10. Simple social

simple social

Being one of the best 15 Facebook apps, Simple social is an all-in-one app for your social networks. You get instant notifications on new messages & reply within chat heads.

The app requires lesser time to download & share photos. The app also provides great technical support to users.

App Features

  • Select from pre-defined themes.
  • Multiple social add-ons.
  • High security & 4-digit pin lock.
  • Auto-sync of each account.

Ratings: 4.2/5

Installs: 500,000+

Download: Android

11. Unseen for fb lite


Unseen helps you to use Facebook as you wish to. If you dislike showing your friend about reading their messages, install unseen & control read receipts.

You can hide delivery receipts also. Users can disable every notification & use Facebook without any interruptions. Users can switch to the Facebook mode for data saving.

App Features

  • Easy account data backup.
  • Intuitive themes.
  • Hide third-party ads.
  • Favorite your messages/contents.



Download: Android

12. Facebook lite

facebook lite

Facebook Lite is the most used Facebook alternative app. It is more data saving than Facebook. This app contains many features  like timeline updates, quick search, edit your profile, etc.

Users can get instant notifications about the likes and comments on their posts. Facebook lite lets you and your friends plan meetups & join on social events.

App Features

  • Follow people to know their latest news.
  • Personal organizer for storing & saving content.
  • Completely free & exciting updates.
  • Post status updates & communicate anytime.

Ratings: 4.1/5

Installs: 1,000,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

13. Swift for fb lite


Swift is an amazing alternative app for both Facebook lite & messenger s. You can upload photo/video, post updates & interact with your friends via this app.

It is a free, customizable app introducing a simplified Facebook layout. The app consists of a built-in messenger where you can communicate with your Facebook friends.

App Features

  • Simple & easy to use the app.
  • Download & view Facebook contents.
  • Collection of stickers & emoticons
  • Strong privacy & encryption.

Ratings: 4.1/5

Installs: 1,000,000+

Download: Android

14. Fb pages manager

facebook pages manager

Fb pages manager is your perfect business partner enabling you to monitor your business easier. Make sure that your eyes are reaching every event which needs your attention.

The app also lets you get insights for your audience & actively track your business.

App Features

  • Manage pages anytime & anywhere.
  • Notifications about important activities.
  • Easy & simple navigations.
  • View all messages, comments, and activities

Ratings: 4.1/5

Installs: 100,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

15. Workplace from Facebook

workplace from facebook

Workplace is one of the best Facebook apps for both android and iOS platforms. The sole purpose of the app is to make an easier workflow via effective communication.

You and your colleagues can share ideas, update unlimited projects, files & folders, etc effectively with Workplace. Easy video, audio & voice chats are other advantages of the app.

App Features

  • Collaboration tool of your team
  • Sign in with an existing account
  • Create groups for separate teams
  • Exciting ad-free UI.

Ratings: 4/5

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

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We all have our best and favorites among thousands of mobile apps. Thankfully, Facebook has amazing alternatives now for iPhone and Android users.

app cost calculator

To avoid encountering current problems with Facebook mobile app loading, you can try these alternatives and feel at ease and enjoy your social sessions with your friends without losing your calm.

Hopefully, you will end up selecting your favorite from the list and install it on your device right away.

10 Best Flight Booking Apps UK

For anyone who is looking forward to book flight tickets, the first thought that comes to mind is to be able to do it in a convenient manner and at cheapest rates possible. And that is made possible today with the help of the plethora of flight booking apps available in your smart phones. You get your tickets booked in few clicks and you also get many exclusive features and discounts that help you further lower your ticket rates.


However, with the large number of flight booking apps available today, you are more likely to be confused as to which one to choose and which ones will provide the best services. And if you do not choose wisely, you might end up with a bad user experience or even overpaying. time and you may end up overpaying on an impulse.


flight booking apps


This is why collecting a bunch of the right travel resources can help you ensure the smooth experience from booking to reaching the destination.


In this blog, we have compiled 10 best flight booking apps in the UK that will help you find great deals at reasonable rates.


SkyScanner Hopper
TravelPerk Kiwi.com
Kayak Hipmunk
Google Flights Momondo
Skiplegged Expedia


1) SkyScanner


SkyScanner app takes care of almost all of your traveling needs, thus helping you discover cheap flights, hotels, car rental, etc. The smooth, intuitive interface of the app makes it easy for you to book your destination.

Skyscanner - flight booking apps


The Top Deals Feature of the app shows the best prices and quickest routes to reach the spot. You can also find out the time to book the cheapest flight in the Price Chart feature. The intuitive monthly bar chart in the app shows the best search results.


You can set notifications in the app for a price drop and even look for last-minute holiday travel choices. The Explore option helps you find the cheapest locations to fly to within a set period or fixed dates. SkyScanner app is a great companion when you are planning the itinerary of all your trips while choosing the best city to visit for your multi-city exploration.


Skyscanner - rating - flight booking apps


The app like SkyScanner also comes handy for planning the itinerary of all your trips while choosing the best city to visit for your multi-city exploration.

You can find SkyScanner app in Google Play Store as well as App Store

Google PlayApp Store



2) Hopper


Hopper app is perfect for those who are looking to travel within a budget as it helps you to save big on holiday trips. The user-focused algorithms of the app recommend the best time to fly and travel so that you would not have to take trouble guessing low-airfare days, and thereby, grab the best flight discounts available.


You can search up destinations and Hopper sneaks into its database to display a calendar with color-coded dates (green, orange, red) reflecting prices from lowest to highest. You can plan your trip based on the calendar, you can decide whether to wait or go.

Hopper - flight booking apps


You also get sends notifications on price changes in the Watch This Trip feature of the app. You can also use the app to book hotels. The extraordinary price predictor feature of the app reveals the possibility of price rise, if any.


Hopper - rating - flight booking apps


You can find Hopper app in Google Play Store as well as App Store

Google PlayApp Store



3) TravelPerk


TravelPerk app focuses on business travel. With the app, you have your business travel itinerary at your fingertips. You can also access the booking confirmations for flights, hotels, trains, and rental cars in the app. The best part? You do not have to go through the hassle of printing passes or tickets. You get each and every detail of your trip in one place.

Travel Perk Flight Booking App

You also have the TravelPerk Trip Assistant feature in the app to guide you through your business trip planning and the assistants are not chatbots, but real travel agents. You can have all your questions about the trip answered in just a couple of taps.


The TravelPerk Trip Assistant also saves all details of your trip in your mobile and you can see all the information even in offline mode.


You can find TravelPerk app in Google Play Store as well as App Store


Google PlayApp Store



4) Kiwi.com


Kiwi.com is for you if youa re looking to book your tickets or explore new holiday destinations in peace. The app has a great design that has been thoughtfully implemented for you to book flights, cars, hotels, tours and more.

You can find selected airports for flights, lounges, baggage carousels, and ATMs in the app. You can even measure your bags in the app with a phone camera.


Kiwi - flight booking apps


The app also provides a multitude of flight booking options, including round-trip, one-way, multicity and more. The Nomad feature in the app provides customized itineraries for you with offer packages of several days and nights across different exotic places.


Kiwi.com - rating - flight booking apps


You can find Kiwi.com app in Google Play Store as well as App Store

Google PlayApp Store



5) Kayak


Kayak is your ultimate dependable low-priced edition in travel and flight resources. The best part about the app is that it facilitates the cheapest prices for all traveling tools at rates that are cheaper than many of the travel booking apps if booked in advance.


Kayak is one reliable app if you are looking for economical fares. The app gathers information on all airlines and flights for booking and offers options for booking at the airline itself. Like many apps, Kayak also lets you book everything from flights, hotels to car rentals all of which you can add to your watch list and get notifications on a price drop.


Kayak - flight booking apps


Other important features of the app are that you can track your flight status, measure your bag, share your destination guides and recommendations with other travellers and play cool games in the app.


Kayak - rating - flight booking apps


You can find Kayak app in Google Play Store as well as App Store

Google PlayApp Store



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6) Hipmunk


Find irresistible airfare deals and take the burden of booking your travel off your shoulders using Hipmunk app. The app simplifies everything while you map out your trip. To make it all easy, the app provides you with handy charts that reflect results filtered by price, date, time, airline, Wi-Fi availability of aircraft. The app also tracks flight prices and sends notifications suggesting the best time to book at cheap rates.


Hipmunk - flight booking apps


The Discover feature of the app often offers amazing deals for destinations like Canada or Mexico, based on the destinations specific to your interests (the nightlife, adventure or food hub cities)



You can find Hipmunk app in Google Play Store.


Hipmunk - rating - flight booking apps


Upon booking a flight, you will be redirected to airline websites and OTAs for hotel or rental car reservations.

Google Play



7) Google Flights


The flight booking app of the search engine giant is user-friendly and intuitive and provides you all flight booking data you need to know. The flight list presented in the app is visually pleasing – creating a smart, tidy presentation highlighting the best possible flight options to ensure an awesome journey.


google-flights - flight booking apps


You can view affordable flights around the selected travel dates and receive price change alerts via email. As you select a flight, it shows the details of flight performance and Wi-Fi availability inside. The app is great for finding fair flight fares for both long-term and short-term bookings.


Hopper - rating - flight booking apps


You can find Google Flights app in Google Play Store.

Google PlayApp Store



8) Momondo


Find, compare and book flights and hotels – you can do it all in Momondo app. This app is the perfect choice for an affordable multi-city trip and a colourful, appealing interface. It is a reliable airfare search app that finds you the cheapest day to fly on the price calendar and hooks you to the best sites to book flights.


It beats its rivals in The app is much ahead of its competitors when it comes to planning multi-city short-term trips and even helps you save your money. Momondo app focuses on treat you with cheap flights and is not a destination guide.


Momondo - flight booking apps

You can find all good flight and hotel-based information in the app. The app fetches information from 1000 airlines and travel agencies to return with the best price. The top screen has bar charts for price estimates that look pocket friendly on certain dates. You can swimmingly tweak your flight search results with handy filters. You can also use Momondo to track flight status and measure your bag.


Momondo - rating - flight booking apps


You can find Momondo app in Google Play Store as well as App Store

Google PlayApp Store



9) Skiplegged


Skiplagged app provides you honest and transparent flight rates without any hidden or extra charges. You can also look up flights that are often not visible in other flight booking apps. The search feature of the app provides you the best deals on flights when you type in destination. You can also receive alerts in the app for new deals and offers.


Skiplagged - flight booking apps


Skiplagged app also allows you to book hotels, including last-minute bookings and with special deals. You can also read reviews about a hotel and view traveller ratings before you book the app. The app also offers car rental services. The Stories feature of the app allows you to book holiday activities.


Skiplagged - rating - flight booking apps


You can find Skiplagged app in Google Play Store.

Google PlayApp Store



10) Expedia


Booking flights, hotels, getaways and more are all easy and convenient with Expedia app. The app also provides you membership option that comes with plenty of offers and even double Expedia Rewards points for selected bookings.

Expedia Flight Booking App

You can find the best-suited hotels, flights within your budget, hire cars, book holiday activities and much more in the app.


LoungeBuddy - rating - flight booking apps

You can find Skiplagged app in Google Play Store.

Google PlayApp Store



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The above list was prepared based on usability, design uniqueness, popularity, user experience as well as innovative features of the mentioned flight-booking apps. Though the purpose of all apps is similar, they all have something unique of their own to offer to users.


app concept


When you choose a flight booking app, make sure that it accommodates all your traveling needs while offering a smart presentation of information, hassle-free booking experience, and great deals.