10 Best Free Diabetes Apps for Android & iOS

Healthcare industries have evolved by a huge difference ever since they have been enormously transformed by digital technology. Now there are mobile apps for fitness tracking and monitoring blood glucose, weight loss and even your diabetes as well. With these free apps, it is easy to watch and control your diabetes as you go about living your day.


Although the diabetes-centric mobile apps have unique features to assist you, their basic approach is to encourage good lifestyle habits including food intake, physical activity as well as blood sugar level maintenance.



They all are designed to focus on weight loss, calorie control, carb counts, insulin doses and diabetes-friendly diet.


Whether you have type 1, type 2, or progressive symptoms, these free diabetes apps ensure that your health data is accessible in one dashboard to simplify your diabetes management.


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In this blog, we will take a look at the 10 best free diabetes apps available in the UK.


Fooducate Accu-Chek
MyFitnessPal MySugr
Beat Diabetes Diabetic Diet
Diabetes Connect BeatO
Diabetes: M OneTouch Reveal


1) Fooducate


It all starts with what you choose to put in your body. Fooducate knows how important it is to manage diabetes and therefore keeps you informed of all the good foods you can try to maintain your blood sugar level.


Fooducate - free diabetes apps


It helps enhance your knowledge about which food is wholesome for keeping sugar in control and what carbs to avoid. Fooducate allows you to scan foods and see its calorie quality, sugar content and hidden ingredients.


Fooducate - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Ideal for a food-driven diabetes management approach
  • Encourages diabetes-friendly food choices
  • Suggests sugar-free lifestyle changes
  • Helps you discriminate between good and bad carbs
  • Scan and track food for its calorie quality

Google PlayApp Store



2) Accu-Chek Connect


Accu-Chek Connect is for those who are already advised to keep their body’s insulin level maintained for good health. This is the first-ever FDA-approved app that updates you with accurate insulin advice.


Accu-check - free diabetes apps


To get the best result, the patients require an activation signal from their professional doctor. Its insulin measurement feature then gets activated to generate information on blood glucose patterns that you can identify.


Accu-check - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Best for diabetic patients
  • Precise insulin level check
  • Doctor-approved app activation
  • Shows blood glucose patterns and trends

Google PlayApp Store



3) MyFitnessPal


MyFitnessPal might not be a typical diabetes management program, but it definitely works by focusing on individual weight loss goals. It works on the principle of maintaining a healthy weight, which is a vital part of diabetes management.


MyFitnessPal - free diabetes apps


It keeps your weight in control by monitoring your overall food intake and customizing what you eat. It features a food barcode scan that uses an internet connection to operate.


MyFitnessPal - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Best for individual weight loss goal
  • Helps maintain a healthy weight for diabetes management
  • Monitors and customizes your daily food intake
  • Food barcode scan
  • Focuses on low-carb Atkins diet

Google PlayApp Store



4) MySugr


MySugr distinguishes itself from other diabetes apps in the list by offering a clean, user-appealing and intuitive interface and it is completely free. It comes with a customizable dashboard and also allows you to link with your glucose monitor.


mySugar - free diabetes apps


MySugr app also sends reminders to push you to follow up with more specific details such as blood sugar levels before and after a workout session. You can also share this accurate data with your doctor so that you can discuss plans to manage diabetes or change insulin treatment accordingly.


mySugar - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Clean and intuitive interface
  • Ability to sync with a glucose monitor
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Reminders for checking blood sugar at different stages
  • Sharable information and charts

Google PlayApp Store




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5) Beat Diabetes


Popular as a pocket guidebook, Beat Diabetes is one of the best free diabetes apps available in the UK especially for beginners recently diagnosed with the condition. The app provides a great resort for patients who seek reliable information to quickly get on track.


Beat diabetes - free diabetes apps


You have here sea of diabetic information about avoidable foods, carb control, adding physical activities, complications, etc. The app sets you on the right sugar-free path in no time keeping you up-to-date with medical treatment.


Laughable - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Pocket guidebook with handy diabetes 101 information
  • Boosts your knowledge on best organic ways to defeat diabetes
  • Recommendations on workout routines, food, treatment options & more
  • Alerts you on unforeseeable complications

Google PlayApp Store





6) Diabetic Diet


Diabetic Diet, as the name hints, follows the basic approach towards diabetic care for people with or without diabetes. This app is a great tool that provides a wealth of resources designed to focus mainly on choosing a balanced diet and good food.


Diabetes Diet - free diabetes apps


It is all about what to eat, food routines and safest weight loss methods to fight the diabetic or prediabetic condition. It is even perfect for those who care about someone with diabetes.


Diabetes Diet - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Information-driven approach for diabetic conditions
  • Straightforward and informative do’s and don’ts
  • Focuses on a balanced diet and healthy food habits
  • Safe weight loss suggestions
  • Useful for pros and the newly diagnosed

Google PlayApp Store



7) Diabetes Connect


Diabetes Connect provides you a great way to track and manage your diabetes symptoms, treatment and food intake habits. By enabling features that you can toggle on and off, Diabetes Connect helps you control the diabetic condition.


Diabetes Connect - free diabetes apps


You can access your health dashboard either in an app or via a web browser. You have all the data consolidated in one spot so that you can easily track your weight, sugar level, insulin dosage, meals, calories, medications, etc. It also gets synced across various devices in use so you can monitor it anytime anywhere.


Diabetes Connect - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Brings all data in one common dashboard
  • Accessible across multiple devices
  • Updates on all-round diabetic parameters
  • Easy to print and share data with your doctor

Google PlayApp Store



8) BeatO


With BeatO turning your smartphone into an active Glucometer, you don’t need a different glucose monitor. This app easily pulls data from its BeatO glucometer and allows you to measure and monitor your glucose level right on your smartphone.


BeatO - free diabetes apps


A team of BeatO-associated medical experts maintains sanity and intervenes with reminders of higher glucose levels and a health-centric lifestyle guide.


BeatO - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Reliable diabetic management
  • Backed by a team of medical experts
  • Pulls data of glucose level from Glucometer
  • Uses color coding to depict high, low and normal blood sugar levels

Google PlayApp Store



9) Diabetes: M


Diabetes: M is a full-fledged log app with all-round features to aid diabetes conditions including diet and nutrition logging and tracking, blood test reminders, blood sugar patterns mapping, insulin bolus calculator and integration with fitness apps.


Diabetes M - free diabetes apps


Its powerful tools show charts of trends for excellent glucose control in adjustable timeframes. It is also compatible with Apple Watch and lets you add multiple members with a paid subscription.


Diabetes M - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Ideal for minute diabetic management
  • Packed with a range of features
  • Nutrition logging, blood test reminders
  • Integration with a fitness app
  • Nutrition-based insulin bolus calculator
  • Tools to check trend graphs and charts
  • Subscription lets you add multiple profiles

Google PlayApp Store



10) OneTouch Reveal


This app works like a highlighter of trends in blood sugar if you have diabetes. OneTouch Reveal automatically generates insights and trends in response to your blood glucose readings.


OneTouch - free diabetes apps


This is especially beneficial if your blood sugar mysteriously goes off within a certain timeframe. The app highlights this as a crucial easy-to-see trend in a timeline and alerts you to take action.


Based on your log history, your physician can modify your diet plans and carb intake.


OneTouch - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Automatic insights and trends in blood sugar
  • Highlights important trends events on the timeline
  • Color-coded interface to highlight daily high/low readings
  • Close analysis of blood sugar patterns
  • Physician-recommended healthy diet plans

Google PlayApp Store




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Conclusion: Choose the best fit for your Diabetes type


These are the 10 best free diabetes app in the UK that you can prefer to install on your Android or iOS device. Some of these apps are still getting better with new updates as technology progresses over time.



The way modern AI-enabled platforms and chatbots are constantly disrupting the healthcare industry, we are likely to see the rise of more interactive and intelligent healthcare apps in the future, all enhanced with astonishing features.


This also sounds like a vivid prospect for startup enthusiasts striving to break into the digital healthcare market and build successful fitness-focused diabetes management apps.