Home Design App: Everything You Need to Know

Do you have a huge interior design project coming up soon? In most instances, it is not an easy task to accomplish. Be it renovating a room, office or anything else, home designing means doing a million things.


Starting from choosing the right artwork for the walls or deciding on the level of room lighting, playing around with the furniture arrangement, looking through color palettes are just some of the jobs that need to be done. And trying to stay on top of it all can make your head spin.


The long line of tasks that needs to get done during such an intensive home design project can be quite overwhelming. It may seem endless. However, at the end of the day, it must take into account the ongoing trends, draw inspiration from the aesthetics and your unique sensibilities to get your design fundamentals right.


With only your imagination to rely on, there are high probabilities of an aspect of your renovation project going haywire in a lot of critical junctures. What you are constantly hoping for is all elements to fall into place, exactly the way you envisioned it.


So, maybe a technological intervention is something that can help to get things on a fast track.


And that’s where a home design app is of tremendous help. Because you can look at the result before you begin with your execution. The introduction of this application has made the job of the home design that much easier.


What is Home Design App?


home design app


With more and more home design apps entering the market, there is no need for additional investments on  books, tutorials or computer programs at all. The greatest benefit of having one or more of these apps on your smartphone is that you take the guesswork home design out of the equation. This makes your vision come alive in more ways than you ever imagined.


While many may still be in the hammer and nail mode for their design and home improvement projects, the time to transition to these simpler home design apps is to way the get the job done in 2020.



Regardless of the enormity of your design project, the applications help you remain organized and inspired. Using these apps can also end up saving on your renovation expenses too.


The objective of using these apps is to simplify the process of space design. Plus, you are no longer dependent on an interior designer to carry out your improvement plans.


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Importance of Home Design App


importance of home design app


With the shift in lifestyles, the interior design segment is constantly evolving. More and more people are turning to professional home designs more than ever before. But with the advent of home design apps, space improvement is now accessible for everyone.


With the demands of the modern, contemporary lifestyle, home design is more like a necessity rather than a luxury. Having said that, customers may harp on the following key issues:

  • Client look for price ranged based deliveries
  • Customers will keep comparing prices
  • There may be changes in the blueprints from the client end
  • There may be a mismatch in perspectives and outlooks at the point of delivery
  • You may have to physically be up and about to meet client expectation of good home decor


Developing a customised home design app can present be the appropriate solution for these issues to be resolved. It can handle a range of services including customer demands, blueprint changes, orders, payments and more.


Features in Home Design App


features of home design app


When developing a home design app, you need to reflect on the key features that will essentially make or break your application. Experts recommend inclusion of the following functionalities:


1) Technological Integration That Offers Real-Life Design Experiences


Just like other industries, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality have made its presence felt in the home design segment too. Primarily, applications are using these key technologies to enhance user visualization of space improvement through virtual reality.


Essentially, this makes the otherwise, very technical blueprint real and alive as you can view exactly what is going where. Generally, these experiences occur in a 3D environment.  Advanced technologies can even allow users to play out with things like furniture arrangements or take a look at a range of wall colors.


Overall, the experience offered is more interactive and engaging for the end- user that furthers the prospect of objects co-existing through involvement in a single, immersive scene.


Hence, whilst creating a home design app, these key features of AR and AI should ideally build a solid foundation to support subsidiary features thereon.


2) Introduce Online Retail for Home Decor Products


The Business Wire Report states that the global home decor market is estimated to generate revenues in the range of $792.6 billion by 2025. This is based on a yearly acceleration of 4.9% predicted for the period 2019 to 2025.


With the promise of such rapid growth, it makes absolute sense to include an online store for home decor products with the home design application. General  eCommerce features that the app can consist of:

  • Include a technology that allows for visual recognition such as a simulator experience
  • A 3D zoom-in and zoom-out feature that helps the user to view the space utilization and assist in ascertaining room transformation requirements and expectations
  • Reviews and ratings that acts as a model for trust-building among users before buying products from the application


Even though the primary use of the application is home design, the online store is an additional revenue source  that also keeps your existing client based hooked on to it. It also allows you the opportunity to understand customer purchase patterns of home decor products, key trends, behavior, etc.


3) Integrate Social Media


Social media today is a key player for most industries. The interior design sector has not escaped from its influences. More so, because this is an extremely visual segment.


This feature makes a solid case for inclusion since it largely drives direct marketing via users. By enabling users to share their creativity on their private social channels, the home design app is automatically promoted to a prospective user base.


Being able to showcase their design to their family, friends, co-workers in turn also highlights the user skills through the application.


4) Collaborate with Users


The home decor app is an attractive prospect to  several professionals including interior decorators, architects, general contractors, repair professionals, etc. Therefore, building a forum that allows users to collaborate works to everybody’s advantage.


Moreover, you can be in constant touch with a network of professionals who can help in the process of developing your home designs too.



Other Features


Apart from the core functionalities, your home design app can also feature the following:

  • Push notifications, blogs and emailers driving in-app engagement
  • Virtual assistance offering advice using chatbots
  • Integration of a payment gateway
  • Incorporate social sharing on interactive channels like Pinterest


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Benefits of Home Design App


benefits of home design app


The prospect of using a home design app may sound quite complex and daunting for anyone who has not had the experience of it before. However, mastering online interior design makes it a far easier and economical process.


Using a home design app offers benefits galore. Some of the key advantages are:


1) DIY Can Be Expensive


When renovating your home, you may purchase non-returnable, big-ticket items. What may seem attractive in a store environment may not have a similar impact when you bring it home. It can be in terms of the product’s size, scale, color or influence on the room.


This trial and error method of DIY home decor can end up being an expensive expedition. Therefore, a home design app helps you to visualize how the product is going to contribute to the overall room setting before you end up buying it.


2) Save On Interior Designer Fees


While many home decor apps are accessible free of cost, even the premium versions are available at a nominal price in comparison to the fee that you would end up paying an interior designer for their expert advice. Furthermore, these apps also offer services of industry professionals too should the need arise for you to consult one.


3) 24/7 Service


Being dependent on external forces such as a design expert with limited access can result in the interior design process to be an extremely long-drawn process. In some cases, it can span over months. Unquestionably, this aspect of home improvement can act as an irritant for many.


On the other hand, the home design app is a service that is accessible 24/7. Hence, a project that may have potentially taken months can now be completed in a matter of days.


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With so many home design apps, you would want to create an application that is world-class and caters to the needs of a wider audience. The goal is to provide access to design platforms that can help the user create themes through a process of online visualization.



Having  eCommerce in addition to the core deliverable is a bonus. Remember that this is a growing market that is going to offer a lot of potential for revenue generation in the long run.

How Mobile Apps Will Benefit Construction Industry In UK

Mobile applications are  becoming a popular solution for several layers of issues and concerns across all types of industries not just in the UK, but worldwide.




Because mobile apps offer businesses a platform to operate their organizations seamlessly and smoothly. The applications provide clients with top-notch user experience and a channel for easy connectivity with the business.


Unquestionably, the proof lies in the pudding. More and more companies are moving towards the mobile app phase. This, in turn, presents the businesses to build a brand name for them in the process by supporting it with a mobile application.


Importance of Building Construction Apps


importance of construction mobile apps


Construction businesses typically fall under the category of conventional companies. However, that does imply that business owners in the construction industry are not modern and forward -looking. Business owners have highlighted a strong desire to build a strong foundation for the companies in the cloud.


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What does it mean by  a strong foundation for the companies in the cloud?


It means that they should be using the appropriate technology to promote their business. For instance, the UK is a major construction market, globally with new projects upcoming all year round.


In spite of such a rapid growth rate, why is the construction industry in the UK experiencing such huge financial and time loss?


One of the primary reasons is the lack of efficiency and productivity.


An online study says that 93% of the construction businesses believe that digitization is going to be the main influencer over their operational processes in the foreseeable future. Moreover, it was seen that 36% of construction firms use five or more mobile business apps to complete their projects.



It is not surprising to see that mobile apps are right at the top when it comes to technology adoption for the construction industry. In a survey conducted with 600 construction professionals from both medium and small sized firms, more than 80% were strong in their opinion that mobile technology is a high priority. The key benefits lay in deploying mobile apps to the fullest in the construction industry.


Role of Mobile Apps in the Construction Industry


benefits of mobile apps in construction industry


The role of construction managers is stressful and hectic. . They have to keep track of their teams and sub-contractors, monitor their progress  daily, check their schedules, equipment, quotes and invoicing, bylaws, hours and more.


All of these construction managers today have easy access to smartphones and tablets. This implies that there is a great opportunity to enhance efficiency and productivity, minimize costs, and fast-track project timelines with the integration of appropriate mobile solutions.


Take a look at how mobile apps are important to the construction industry.


1) Enhancing Workforce Efficiency


With access to powerful mobile applications, it is now convenient for construction managers to carry out processes like monitoring, scheduling, and authorization which also increases transparency and efficiency of the operational procedures. By using custom-designed apps in the mechanism, pacifies the overall process of delivery via a faster communication channel.


Mobile apps are  extremely useful, especially in the context of supplier management and scheduling. Additionally, mobile apps are now a paper replacement that leads to a clutter-free workplace. The result – productivity levels are significantly optimized.


2) Maintaining Desired Safety Levels


The construction industry is not free of hazards. Mobile applications can be very handy as it has the power to mitigate these high hazards that are related to the sector. Also, construction managers can keep track of the training sessions using mobile platforms. By complying with all regulatory guidelines, the level of safety for the workers also improves simultaneously.


Mobile apps prove to be important in the construction sector. The apps permit instant reporting of injuries and safety concerns. Plus, the user with the authoritative power  can handle such issues with utmost care which bolters regulatory compliant as and when required.


3) Running Projects on Time


Completion of projects within designated timeline is of paramount importance, especially in the construction industry. But for most construction businesses it is one of the biggest challenges. Frequent delays often lead to rework resulting in cost and time escalations.


With dedicated mobile apps for the construction sector, managers can now organize and sync all of their operational activities and work as per their pre-defined schedules. This also helps in optimizing all available resources.


4) Better Communication Process


The absence of a robust communication system can contribute a lot to complicating things in the construction sector. The gaps in communication between the managers and team members can result in misunderstandings.


A construction mobile app seamlessly connects all necessary stakeholders and gives a complete overview of the project and the communication process. However, you must maintain transparency through increased visibility and involvement in the process fostering better relationships between all involved parties and stakeholders.


5) Mobile Apps Can Boost Productivity


A recent study found that a construction worker spends around 30% of their time on core tasks. Unimportant jobs such as cleaning up, transporting the materials, keeping the site organized, etc. take up the remaining time.


Mobile apps here can optimize the work of construction managers by channelizing their energies in productive areas only. IoT and other updated technologies can be connected to mobile apps so that team managers can keep track of and monitor operations from a single platform. The applications can help in the management of all relevant domains in the logistical chain.



6) Real-Time Analytics


All industries now depend on real-time business intelligence and big data to gain insights. The construction sector is no different. Robust construction mobile applications are in demand since reporting is a daily activity in this business segment.


With easy access to apps and the smartphone, real time analytics is available to managers at their fingertips. What happens is that everyone can remain updated in case of issues concerning monitoring, team performance and the project costs rising.


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Benefits of Mobile Apps in the Construction Industry


benefits of mobile apps in construction industries


When mobile apps are being developed for the construction business, they should be customized to meet the specific needs of the industry. Have a look at the benefits of mobile apps in the construction industry in the UK.


1) Focus on Electronic Tendering


For 80% to 90% of public construction projects, the electronic circulation of tender is in great demand. In the UK, the figure stands at 100% for contracts circulated online over EUR 90,000. Those construction companies that choose not to adapt to these technologies will be left behind.


With established standards in place, the electronic circulation of tender submission ensures security and compliance. It also makes the process more efficient and transparent.


2) Boost Potential for Optimization with Smart Building Site Logistics


70% of the time, the average construction worker ends up devoting their working time to errands such as material transportation, organizing the site, cleaning up, taking care of the equipment, etc. Digital solutions such as business mobile apps are extremely handy in this scenario as they have the potential to optimize the usage of all available resources.


Several construction companies do not implement digital solutions, for example, a supplied software that can optimize worker utilization capacity. IoT in the construction business is largely working towards establishing coordination between construction machinery and vehicles and RFID² technology.


This helps in the identification of products within the construction site. Additionally, the mobile that is integrated with RFID technology is also able to analyze when a freshly laid concrete surface is fitted.


3) Robots and Drones Are the Future of the Construction Industry


Some of the leading construction companies are leaning towards using 3D technology, especially where there is a need to survey the land and the building. Whilst the survey is in progress, the technology can demarcate water pipes, sewers, phone and power lines, fiber optic cables, etc.


Similarly, like 3D technology, a recent entrant in this space is drones which are being used for land surveys, keeping an eye on big construction sites and tracking and monitoring project progress.


4) Digital Sales is Expediting Direct & Better Service


Just like any other sector, the construction industry also has stiff competition. For this, you need to think intelligently and be one step ahead of your peers.


To know what your potential customers are looking for is the competitive edge. Finding out their requirements before your competitor does is essential. Digital solutions have penetrated in the domain  where customer relationship management programs embedded in mobile applications extract volumes of customer data.


The objective here is to analyze the raw data to draw insights and ensure you generate communication that adds value to your end customers. This will certainly ensure that your customer service is far above everyone else’s.


5) Continue With Your Legacy


For a construction business, it does not stop with the completion of a single project. As you invest in more projects, you also get the opportunity to build long term relationships with your customers.


With a post-sales’ mobile app, construction companies can continue to build a strong relationship with their customers.


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To Wrap-up


Construction costs have been typically known to shoot up by 80% because 77% of mega projects around the globe seem to run at least 40% behind schedule. Custom designed mobile apps for the construction industry can significantly benefits this situation in a positive direction.



Therefore, real estate developers and construction businesses are now open to incorporating mobile apps into their systems as it has proven to strengthen the entire construction process.


It is not surprising that forward-thinking developers are joining forces with well-known app developers for customized digital solutions and mobile app development.

10 Best Parking Apps UK 2023

It is not always easy to find a suitable, affordable space for a car park in the UK. In fact, during busy hours, searching for a perfect parking space and navigating to the spot could be stressful. Things get quite challenging if you are driving to a new, unfamiliar region and seek help.


Moreover, keeping change money in your wallet is a bit of a headache, too, when it comes to paying at pay stations that don’t process cards. This is where great smartphone apps for parking in the UK become of great value.


These best parking apps in the UK are built to give information on car park options, real-time space availability and easy payment methods on its user-friendly interface.


Here we have handpicked the 10 best parking apps in the UK that stood out to our expectations:


NCP Parking App PayByPhone
YourParkingSpace RingGO
JustPark Parkmobile
Parkopedia ParkRight
AppyParking ParkMe


1) NCP Parking App


NCP Parking is the car park app released by National Car Parks in 2011 to help drivers locate suitable parking spaces in their nearest parking centers. Since it is developed by UK’s ace car park provider, it helps best if you are looking for paid commercial car parks with many options to choose from.

NCP Car Park Finder

The app aids in navigational directions to the nearest car park along with price and availability. An interesting feature of the NCP parking app is that it allows you to record your car’s location after parking it so that it is easy to locate and walk back to your car when you return.


NCP Car Park Finder - rating


It may not be the cheapest bet, but the app still works best for newbies looking for the nearest car park in their neighborhood without a hassle.

Google PlayApp Store




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2) PayByPhone


PayByPhone literally provides smooth payment options for parking sessions using your phone and has limited but great features. It is the high-ranked parking app in the world with its service available in over 400 cities and 8 countries. Like other apps, it reads the unique code you enter for a car park to display its availability and location.


PayByPhone - parking apps uk


It has an image-recognition system to sign up and add payment cards. You can also choose to pay via Apple/Android Pay. Making Payment for parking sessions with PayByPhone is easy and smooth.


PayByPhone - rating - parking apps uk


You can even set up the stay for one minute and stretch it longer with minimum charges. Here also you have session expiry reminders in text messages and options to extend the time.

Google PlayApp Store




3) YourParkingSpace


Available for both iOS and Android, YourParkingSpace holds 4 stars and is a pretty great car park app. While it might not be suitable for all types of car park options, the app primarily features an option to allow people to rent out their free parking spaces and private driveways.


Your Parking Space - parking apps uk


This kind of arrangement comes handy when you are running out of options with conventional car park choices with other apps. YourParkingSpace solution lets you park your car for a little longer than usually expected which is a big deal to many parkers.


Your Parking Space - rating - parking apps uk


You are allowed to extend the length of stay often in addition to your current session. The app is a great alternative to other parking spots that might be too busy or rigorous or seem like a thumb down.

Google PlayApp Store




4) RingGO


Completely free, RingGo is another largest and high-quality mobile parking app offering its service in over 40 towns and cities all over the UK. Due to its simple and handy payment system, scores of parking providers in the country rely on RingGo app system so that drivers can pay for parking without involving hard coins.


RingGO - parking apps uk


Once you sign up with your vehicle registration and payment details, the easy-to-use RingGo needs a unique car park code for respective pay stations. Enter the code into the app to recognize the parking location.


RingGO - rating - parking apps uk


You can then use its color-coded map to confirm space availability, navigate to the car park and also make payment for the session in advance. It also features an option to extend the session or send reminders in case your session is to expire.

Google PlayApp Store





5) JustPark


JustPark is a popularly used and high-rated free parking app that covers up to 1.4 million spaces across the UK. Its service includes off-street and on-street car parks, free parking zones, private spaces, and driveways.


JustPark - parking apps uk


The outstanding part about the app is that users can land their unused parking space to others on rent including their private space, garage or driveway. The marketplace kind of app also allows you to pick the time for space availability.


The end users can view space availability in real-time, price and associated conditions. The app integrates with other map apps installed on your smartphone for navigation purposes.


JustPark - rating - parking apps uk


Options like  the reservation for parking space are available for over 45,000 locations along with the ability to pay for the sessions using PayPal, card or Apple or GPay. You can even set session expiry reminders and extend the session swiftly.

Google PlayApp Store




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6) Parkmobile


ParkMobile is a great parking app, too, except that it has a tedious registration process as experienced by other app users. Also, navigation is another part where the app seems to discourage.




However, once the process is completed, things get better and you come across a good range of parking suggestions in London. You can select from on-street and off-street park spaces along with availability, space quality, and price.


ParkMobile - rating


You can easily track down to pay for car park space and initiate the timer for the parking period.

Google PlayApp Store




7) Parkopedia


Founded in 2007, Parkopedia is one of the freemium parking apps in UK that provides superior, detailed parking service for more than 70 million parking spaces. This app is used for car parking, parking at streets and private places and is active in 89 countries including the UK.


Parkopedia - parking apps uk


The app color-codes each parking spot based on its price and available space to know the cheap deals. It lets you connect with navigation apps on your phone to enable navigation.


Parkopedia - rating - parking apps uk


You would pay £4.99 for its premium version that unlocks additional features such as compatible car parking spaces and their real-time availability, advanced parking space reservation and payment ability for the service via the app.

Google PlayApp Store




8) ParkRight


ParkRight is a good considerable car park app for the UK dwellers with perfect-looking options. However, a limit with using the ParkRight app is that it is only available to the London area for now.




It is so good its availability to other UK locations can make it a hot favorite. Although its London-restricted park service could dismay you a little, people living in or driving across the capital city will find ease and comfort in its search results for on-street and off-street park spaces.


ParkRight - rating


They all indicate clear information about space availability and fees. It integrates one of the navigation apps installed on your phone and lets you pay via RingGo.

Google PlayApp Store




9) AppyParking


Glorious with five-star ratings, AppyParking is an excellent, full-fledged free parking app in the UK market, covering all-round solutions for on-street and off-street parking.


AppyParking - parking apps uk


It is easy to save money with AppyParking as it helps you find free off-street options or cheap parking spaces with real-time availability. The app also comes with options for disabled motorcyclists and electric charging points.


Its slick and simple interface lets you easily access Google Streetview once you have found suitable space and picture what the car parking space exactly looks like. The app also comes handy while navigating to the precise parking spot right in the car.


AppyParking - rating - parking apps uk


You can pay for parking via card or phone at various UK-wide locations. Also, it is easy to locate your car with its walking route feature when you are leaving.

Google PlayApp Store




10) ParkMe


Developed by INRIX known for automotive and transportation solutions, ParkMe is a fantastic parking app available in 15,000 cities. Although primarily serving the American market, the ParkMe app also covers the UK market and stands out with its unobvious well-designed, slick and easy-to-use interface.


ParkMe - parking apps uk


The app displays space availability, price, distance from your current location and a Google StreetView image as soon as you find a space.


ParkMe - rating - parking apps uk


It also allows you to mark the car location and set up a timer in case the session is to expire. Since it is more exclusive to US users, the UK version doesn’t offer yet the option to pay for parking sessions via the app.

Google PlayApp Store




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Even though there are several more parking apps you could try, these 10 best parking apps in the UK are the effortless way to find parking space, commercial, free or rented.



No matter how busy your day looks, you can always find betters deals for car parks using these phenomenal parking apps. hopefully, you will install and try a few of them to check out whether they suit your parking requirements.

How to Create an App Like Spotify?

The Spotify Story


The Spotify application was officially launched in 2008. Since then, it has become one of the leading music streaming apps boasting a 40% share of online music that is downloaded. To put things into perspective, the application garnered revenues of a staggering EUR 4.09 billion in just four short years.




If you are looking for easily accessible music streaming app to benchmark, then Spotify is the perfect example. Recent app store rating pegs it at 4.8 in iTunes and 4.6 in the Google Play Store.


Why you need to create an app like Spotify?


The Spotify music catalog incorporates more than 11 million music tracks and the number of paid subscriptions was 12.5 million.


Spotify operates  uniquely than any other music apps available in the market. Their primary focus is on making your music streaming experience as consistent as possible.


How is that possible?


spotify statistics

Because they store their music on  several servers. Hence, when you start streaming a specific track, the device automatically surveys through all available servers, which run into millions at a time.


These servers are gadgets and computers of fellow users. Spotify servers make use of their cache memory of the user’s devices to access the newest downloaded data to achieve more accuracy.


So, what’s the idea that led to so many music streaming apps like Spotify entering the market? Simply because entrepreneurs have been able to identify that there is a need to create an app like Spotify.


Therefore, if you wish to gain a strong foothold in the music then you are probably wondering what’s the best way forward to develop a Spotify clone application.


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How to Create A Music Streaming App Like Spotify?


With a multi-million customer base, Spotify today has reached the zenith due to its continued hard work. To reach the same level and standard, here’s what you need to do:



1) Let’s Talk About the Idea


Start the process with a solid and groundbreaking idea; basically what you want your app to look like. Check out similar music streaming applications and examine their pros and cons.


Only practice, hard work and leaving no stone unturned can help you make it big in this sector. It will drive you to create an app like Spotify that is one of its kind.


2) What You Need to Plan and Estimate


While there are tons of opportunities to explore in the music app streaming industry, you still need to build your foundation with a lot of research.


Target users, their likes, their lifestyles are some of the insights that should be available at your fingertips. You should be able to come up with the best conclusion to hit the ground running with your MVP. Have the provision to set your app preferences according to your customer expectations.


3) Have the License to Create A Music Streaming App


You cannot proceed ahead with your plans of creating a music app like Spotify without obtaining a license to stream your audio content. The licence in Europe is handled by the European Stage Authors and Composers.


4) Hire Music App Developers


You will need to kickstart your app development project by hiring a team of developers. This is the recommended team composition:


A Project Manager who will supervise the development of the complete music streaming app. He or she will also act as the point of contact between the development team and you.


UX and UI designers will be responsible to create an app interface that is user-friendly and intuitive.


A team of developers who will build the program structure. They will come up with accurate and readable codings for both Android and iOs platforms.


QA Engineers will be required to test all aspects of your application to make sure that it is bug-free and features and functioning as per expectation.


5) Get Ready with The Prototype


Do not make the mistake of skipping this phase. You should develop an app prototype first that should be shared with your target customer base. Ensure that it is a clickable version.


Your prototype should mirror the actual end product that your customer is expected to receive. This is also the time when you can fix bugs and loopholes after gaining feedback from your users. It also comes at the lowest possible price.


6)Think About the MVP First


You should be prepared to finalize your MVP at this stage. Have all other parameters in place and buckle up for the real game.


An experienced project manager is required to lead the team and start building the application that you envisioned.


7) Test, Test, And Test Again


Another round of testing is mandatory once your application has been created. Make sure that you test the application in depth.


Features to Keep in Mind to Make A Music App Like Spotify


spotify features - create an app like spotify


When you create an app like Spotify, you must incorporate a list of must-have features that will ensure that the application is going to go down well with your target audience.


Here is a list of features for ready reference.


1) Registration – Your Gateway to The Application


Registration is the primary feature of any music streaming application. Once your users download the app from iTunes or Google Play Store, they should be able to get themselves authorized to use it.


The app admin receives the user information during the authorization step. This helps them to recommend personalized music depending on individual user preferences. Ensure that you have sufficient bandwidth to accommodate the volumes of data that you will receive post app launch.


What’s most important is that the interface should be kept simple and smooth. Allow your users with the option to register using their social media accounts or email id/phone numbers. Offer perks if your registered users share the app on their private social media accounts.


Enabling this referral option at this stage will help you to get new subscribers for your music application, plus a strong brand presence on social channels too.



2) Focus on The Music Tracks


Your music application should incorporate features and functions that should enable the user an easy filter or sort through the process to look for music tracks, are best suited to their tastes. You can try out a combination of different settings and variables depending on the level of user access.


Enable features that allow users to customize their playlist. It can depend on several factors including genres, situations, artist, moods, etc.


3) Easier Way to Find the Favourite Track


Have a search function integrated with your music streaming app. This will help your registered users to easily search for their favorite music tracks.


Moreover, the Search feature is important since it makes the process of navigation through the application quite easy as it is going to house millions of songs. Additionally, users can personalize their music experience using this feature too.


This is important as the world is moving quickly towards everything  available fast and on-demand. Getting access to their preferred tracks instantly is how the Search function fulfills this expectation.


4) Socialize Them Through Your App


Your application should drive your users to follow their favorite bands, artists, musicians. They can share their music experiences with the new friends that they make via the app. Such a unique feature is sure to catch everyone’s attention that allows people to socialize over their love for music.


Enable them to share their favorite tracks with friends and loved ones over social media channels too. Remember to add all relevant and popular social media icons for easy sharing when you create a music streaming app.


Great social media exposure will also boost your music app as more subscribers will get added to your network.


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5) Push Notifications


You need to inform your app users of new features, functions, tracks that are being added or updated on the application. In fact, for a music streaming app, this is quite a deciding feature as your users will want to remain updated on the latest music that is available through it.


Push notifications are the way to go about communicating with your user base in a seamless and non-intrusive manner.


6) Let Mobile Network Not Hamper Their Music Experience


Introduce the feature of downloading tracks on the user’s device in exchange for saving some real-time information. At the expense of occupying space on the user device, this helps them to continuously listen to their favorite tracks even if there is no internet connectivity.


So, whether you are riding the underground or riding inside the elevator, your music will always be playing. It is that simple a solution.


How much does it cost to create an app like Spotify?


app cost - create an app like spotify


You will need to take into account some key factors before you proceed. The price for app development will be a deciding element of course.


To help you with that, here are some rough estimations of developer costs on a per hour basis:

  • USA/ Canada: $50 to $250/hour
  • Western Europe: $30 to $170/hour
  • Eastern Europe: $25 to $150/hour
  • Australia: $50 to $150/hour
  • India: $10 to $80/hour


Here is a summarised budget that you will need to create a Spotify like application.


  • MVP model: 50 USD to 80 USD


Support for different platforms:

  • iOS: 80 USD to 120 USD. May be higher in some cases, depending on integrated functionalities


  • Android: 95 USD to 150 USD. Again, features and functions will determine the end cost.


Both platforms:

  • 150 USD – 190 USD.


And again, the price will increase or decrease in case you wish to introduce more complex functionalities and features in your Spotify app clone.


Now you are aware of the necessary information about the price to create a music app. Also, remember to take a look at the app development company’s project history too.


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Final Thoughts


Everyone will  agree that music is the best way that people connect all over the world. Hence, the reason why the music industry is timeless and growing at breakneck speed.



Whilst Spotify has played all their cards right and is currently occupying the top spot, let that not be a deterrent in you coming up with a music streaming application that may be equally good or even better.


If you have an idea and wish to take if further, choose a mobile app development company to help you in the process and become the next big unicorn in the music streaming app industry.