Must-have Features for Modern Mobile Messengers

Nowadays users wish to use messenger apps not just for basic texting but wish to perform more superior actions such as calling, sending multimedia objects(audio, video, images, documents etc.) while still keeping their security intact.

Like Whatsapp, you may want to create a chat app with outstanding features that define its success. Some of them are:

1) User Login:

There are two options when it comes to allowing users to subscribe to your app’s messenger services. Whatsapp comes with little restrictions and offer users to sign up by typing their phone number and receiving a confirmation message from the app. It simplifies onboarding process for them.

However, things have changed and your app can now support multiple devices. Also, users will be asked to go through a proper sign up process in order to avoid security issues so that people you exchange messages with will have limited access to your online profile. You can decide ultimately which option is more viable for your audience.

2) Rugged and Capable Backend:

You must not compromise while adding high capability to your backend architecture from scratch. Your server will eventually deal with loads of content and messages, which requires you to avoid any occurrence of system downtime. Whatsapp had a robust protocol called XMPP to handle and organize heavy load of messages that are exchanged between users and servers.

The protocol supports group as well as one-on-one communication with its secure, scalable and flexible system. Ejabberd is one of scalable, customizable and system-friendly XMPP server that ensures massive security and trustworthy SSL/TSL encryption.

To create a chat app, you can even opt for other available dedicated servers to process and store multimedia files and messages of dynamic nature for seamless management of high-load communications.

3) Emoticons:

People have gone crazy with the usage of emoticons. There are entire conversations that make use of just emoticons. A chat app cannot ignore them quite easily.

4) Personalized Experience through Geo-location Sensing:

Like Whatsapp, you can allow your mobile chat app users to share their status and specific location. It will be great if you can even capitalize on this feature to generate small revenue per each user.

Take Geolocation to next level by monetizing it and letting nearby stores to advertise their products deals and offers through several messages that will appear on users’ mobile as they stroll by the store.

5) Push Notifications:

Push notification is a handy message used by service providers for communication between a provider and a user. From time to time, these messages update users about small events/activities that may matter to you.

You can avail push messages to tell users about available online friends, group friends status, message reception, and if they have read it and responded. You can think of many creative ways to use push notifications to keep your chat app users interested, engaged and active.

6) Encrypted Messages for Inviolable Security:

People have grown smarter with smart technology and they demand highly secure network apps. Security level offered by an app influences their decision to choose an instant messenger app. Message security and protection is an essential feature needed to create a chat app.

The western people are more agitated about the security of their information they share online and wand off the criminals hacking their devices. Due to increasing world concerns about information safety, messengers like Telegram, Snapchat have strengthened the security of their services.

Whatsapp also provides an end-to-end encryption system now that will restrict the intrusion from any third party decoding the messages of users. Signal, a chat messenger app, offers unique authentication system where each conversation is protected by random app-generated phrase that participants use to confirm their identity.

You can use open source or your own in-house encryption protocol for sure-fire pre-emptive security.

Wickr messenger app offers security of another level by generating a new key for each conversation.

7) Data Back-up Services with Cloud:

Cloud sync is the best option to keep files stored in a different virtual place in organized fashion. It updates itself when you initiate the action of changing a file on your device. In messenger apps, this can be achieved by allowing users to save their chat histories and files in cloud and access them anytime.

This can be quite a boon for those who are likely to lose their devices or delete their chat app by mistake or use multiple devices. WhatsApp, for instance, offers an option to back up your chat content using Google Drive or iCloud.

There are several other messengers that furnish mature cloud sync service where cloud chats are stored on their servers using keys set on local devices.

8) Broadcast Messages for Additional Control:

It will be wonderful for your users if they can create a group of their favourite contacts and send them personal messages that are non-group messages. To create a chat app, this feature (aka Broadcast messages) can be an excellent exciter for users.

In this message exchange system, the recipients can’t identify who all received the same message content. This comes handy when you have something to announce or spread ahead. This can be a perfect tool for marketing agencies who want to reach the customers with special promotional messages.

On the whole, a good and efficient messenger is certainly the tool every smartphone must have. Despite the fact there are plenty of offers within apps like Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and others, users still keep searching for messaging apps that is more efficient and provide more off user friendly features. No matter what strategy you opt for, make sure that you follow a long-term value to turn your app into recognized and well-established brand in the niche.