How Much Does Outsourcing App Development Cost?

Digitization has revolutionized the business world and with the number of smartphone users growing each year, businesses are making their own apps. Many businesses even have their own app development team within the organization – which is great, except when they have to face certain hurdles that only outsourcing app development can solve.



For example, your app development team might be well-versed in Android and iOS development, but you are in need of an app that works on a different OS. In such situations, outsourcing app development works better.


What are the Reasons to Outsource App Development?


Let us find out.


  • Lack of experience in app development


You might be the jack of all trades – the owner of successfully running businesses with experience in different business processes and industries. But when you want to create a mobile app of your own, you might have zero knowledge or experience in it. So the best solution will be to hire an app development company. The most experienced of these companies, in general, have gone through trial and error throughout their journey in the field and are constantly analysing the risks and errors and rectifying them, which works in your favour when you hire them. They are capable of providing you with the efficient results you expect.


  • Not enough workforce

As a business owner, you might be handling multiple projects at a time that might require the entire efforts and time of your existing workforce. So, it is better to outsource the lesser important projects, like building your business app to maintain the pace of your projects.


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  • Improving existing projects

Maybe it is time for your business app to have a makeover – adding a new feature or improving the UI design for example. But you might have invested your resources and employees in another important project. In such situations, outsourcing works better than building a new team. You can save money and time and focus on other projects.


  • Global economic differences

App development costs in developing countries are much lesser than in developed countries. You can hire an entire development team from countries like India and China with the same amount of money required to hire one or two developers in the USA and Germany. So, outsourcing app development will help you save costs.


  • Find the right person for the job

Your geography, company size and more have an influence on the app development limitations you face during a project. For example, you might want to use one of the latest technologies in your app. But, you might not find anyone who is experienced in it to help you out. Or you might have started out a project, but could not complete it because of lack of resources or knowledge. In such situations, outsourcing helps. You can find someone who is suitable for the job from around the globe with expertise to fulfil your project requirements on time and budget.


  • Prioritization of tasks

Prioritizing tasks is a great way to improve work efficiency and also to manage time so that all major tasks of a project will be completed on time. When your workforce handles majority of them, there might still be things like app testing, marketing and other management processes that still require staff. Outsourcing is the best solution that works in such situations.


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Let us now


look into the different Benefits that Outsourcing App Development Offer?



  • Cost-effectiveness

One of the highlights of outsourcing app development is obviously the monetary benefits it offers. You will have to pay only for the work they do – on an hourly or weekly basis or at a fixed rate. You can get into an agreement with the app development company you hire to decide on the costs. Another way you can cut down costs by outsourcing is that you can save on operational and business expenditures. Also, you will not have to spend extra in training your workforce. You can just hire an app development company and do not have to worry about keep improving your in-house team to fit each project requirement.


  • Technical resources and expertise

When you outsource app development, you get a well-experienced team, in terms of specifications of your project as well as tools and other technical and physical resources that help build your app in an efficient manner, all in one place. Also, the team you hire will be with you through the app development process – from planning to deployment and beyond. You can either go for an app development company with a development team or hire people of each role – developers, designers, industry experts, etc. and benefit from their expertise and skills.


  • Improve knowledge and make technology-related decisions

When you outsource your app development, you come across people with varied experience and specializations in different technologies. This can help in healthy technical discussions and suggestions regarding the project, which gives you an idea of the benefits and risks of each technology. You can eventually provide your own technical input that you think will work for your project.


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  • Saves time

When you work on a project with your in-house team, it takes a lot of time because the project is not the only thing you have to look after. You need to have an eye on your employees to ensure that they are doing it right and that the project will be completed within the deadline, review works, provide feedback and besides all these, you might have a handful of other projects waiting for you. Outsourcing comes as a relief in such situations. The company you hire will be responsible for ensuring that the project meets the decided deadline. You will have to just review the project and give feedback which helps save lots of time that you can invest in other projects.


  • 24/7 support

Another benefit of outsourcing app development is the unrelenting 24/7 support. The app development company you outsource your app development project to will take care of the issues that arise any moment during the process and after. You will get the technical guidance from a skilled team that can help you fix the issues in a fast and proper manner.


  • Transparency and control of the project

When you outsource your project, the company you sign the agreement with will be transparent with you through the app development process. This gives you a control over the process, where you can look into the milestones met and what else is left to be completed and whether the company is working in the way you expect it to. You can also give feedback and suggest changes in the process that will help save lots of time.


  • Access to knowledge pool

You may have ideas about your app development project and the app development company you hire will put in their knowledge to gather options and features to build a profitable business model that works for you. This gives you an opportunity to access the various kinds of talents and the knowledge they possess that will benefit your project. Also, you can learn about the different development processes and the way the varying working patterns that differ with geography out of which you can choose the one that best suits you.


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Now that you have an idea about the benefits, Hire an Outsourcing Company.


You can do it in the following ways.


  • Research

Spend time to properly research about the outsourcing companies that match your requirements. Ensure that all important factors are included when you look for one. You can also look for a consultant who will do the research for you.


  • Shortlist companies from multiple sources

Do not go for one source to find the app development company you want to hire. Instead, go for different sources and shortlist the relevant companies based on online reviews. You can also look in online marketplaces for offshore outsourcing teams. You can also seek referrals from people you know or go for directory listing to find a freelancer who suits the role.


  • Analyse requirements

Have a clear idea of your project requirements before you go for outsourcing, with project deliverables and scope of work included. This helps save money and time. You do not have to spend hours explaining to them about the requirements and also make sure that the company you hire is good at handling emergency situations.


  • Analyse skills of the developer

Make sure that the developer you hire is an ace at what they do. Analyse their industry experience and success rate and also ensure that they have worked on projects similar yours to evaluate their skills and expertise. Also make sure that their work prices are reasonable.


  • Flexibility

Ensure that the company you hire is flexible with their job. They should be able to handle emergency situations and tackle issues, if any. Also, remember to ask for documentation that proves the credentials of the company and qualifications of their team.


  • References and testimonials

Remember to ask for references and relevant testimonials that give you a clear idea of whether the team is capable of handling your project. You can also look into their portfolio.


  • Tools used for app development

Have a check on the tools they are using for app development. You can talk freely on any suggestions and go forward with the team only if you are convinced with their tools. Talk with them about their policies of adopting new tools if situation demands in the business process.


These are many more tips to find out the best outsourcing company for you. Consider all these factors to ensure that the outsourcing company you hire is worth it.

Outsourcing App Development Costs


Before we go to costs, it is important to know that there is no fixed rate for app development. There are a number of factors that affect the outsourcing app development costs.


  • Location

The location of the company you hire has an effect on the development costs. Companies located in developed countries cost more than those in developing countries.


  • UI/UX design

Whether you need a simple UI/UX design or one with animations and graphics affects the app development costs.


  • App features

If you need complex features in your app, the development costs tend to increase. The features depend on the type of app you need


  • Platform

The platforms you choose for your app also have an effect on your app development costs.


  • Experience of developers

The cost of hiring developers varies with their experience. Hiring a well-experienced developer will definitely cost more than one with intermediate-level experience.


  • Testing

The time, efforts and tools used for app testing will also have an effect on the app development costs.


  • Tech Stack

The costs of tech stack used to create an app that fulfils your business requirements can differ and also has an impact on the overall development costs.



Basic outsourcing app development costs vary between $25,000 and $40, 000 in total. This can even vary depending on where the company is located.


North America: In North America, developers from the US and Canada earn more than those in other regions. The companies there charge between $100 and $150 per hour.


Oceania: If you are hiring from any of the Oceania countries, the average rates will be between $100 and $150 per hour.


Eastern and Central Europe: These regions have considerably cheaper rates of app development than that in North America and Oceania. The average rates are between $40 and $55 per hour.


Asia: Asia has the cheapest rates when it comes to outsourcing app development making it one of the favourite outsourcing destinations. The costs vary from $20 to $49 per hour in Asia.


If you are looking forward to outsourcing an app development company that will help you build the app of your idea at reasonable rates and with high quality and performance, India is one of the best options.

Indian app development companies are known for their flexibility and cost-effectiveness and we, at Redbytes, are definitely a part of the list. With over 350 projects to our credit and a development team that are up to date with the latest trends and technology and with over 13 years of experience in the field, we can help you build an app that matches all your business requirements. If you wish to hire our services, do get in touch with us.

How to Hire React Native App Developers in India

When you start a project involving app development, the tech stack you would most likely choose is React Native. It is the most popular platform among developers for its benefits and cost-effectiveness. The best part is the reusability feature of the code in React Native which can be used for both iOS and Android – the two most popular platforms, meaning you do not have to find separate iOS and Android developers for your project.


Yes, you have decided to use React Native and you are pretty impressed with what the platform has to offer. But there is another dilemma – how would you find the right React Native app developer? By now, you might have plenty of questions fogging your mind – whether you should go for a freelancer, maybe hire an in-house developer or whether you should go for an app development company. Well, each of these options has their own advantages and disadvantages, especially based on where you are located.

cost to hire an app developer

Why hire a React Native App developer?


Understanding your business requirements and whether you can afford an experienced developer based on where your business stands are very important before you go to hire a React Native app developer. If you are a start up or a small business, hiring an experienced React Native app developer can be a struggle. Therefore, you must have a clear idea of what your business needs to succeed and how the person you hire will help you with that.


And about why you should hire a React Native app developer, here are a few reasons.

In case you are a start up, you barely have any time to waste. Your investors will be behind your back for results and your aim will be to release your app to the market as fast as possible. In such conditions, building an MVP seems to be a feasible option and the best way you could have that is by hiring an experienced React Native app developer.


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Now, if your intention is to migrate your app to another platform, hiring a React Native app developer will be of great help. But at first, you must have a clear idea of your requirements – both short term and long term. If you have an iOS app and you feel the need to make an Android version of it because it is more beneficial for your business, you can hire a React Native app developer instead of an Android development team to create a cross-platform application. React Native allows code reusability; so, you can use the same codebase for both platforms, helping you save money and resources.


If you already have a web application created by your in-house development team, but you also need a mobile version of it, the most beneficial option will be hiring a React Native app developer. It would be great if your in-house development team has knowledge in React; it will help them to easily handle the transition to React Native so well. Also, you will just have to hire experienced React Native rather than hiring a new Android or iOS team.


When you do have to build a mobile application, but you do not have a deadline, you can help train your in-house development team in React Native, maybe through online learning programs. This is cost-effective and also easy for them to learn if they have a JavaScript background. However, hiring a developer seems to be a better option, especially when you are creating a mobile app from scratch and you do not want to compromise the outcome because of the lack of proper knowledge of the framework.


For all the above-mentioned scenarios, there is a proper way to hire your talented React Native developers while guaranteeing an ideal skill set. Looking for the right talents is a hard task especially when software development industry has high demand. But, it gets easier if you have a clear idea of your options.


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Hiring a React Native App developer in India – the challenges


India provides some of the best and affordable React Native app development services compared to other countries. But like everywhere else, hiring a React Native app developer in India is not an easy task. It is a time-consuming process and there is no guarantee that the particular person would be hired.


Here is why.


  • Many job search platforms

You might know a lot of job search platforms – Upwork, Fiverr and LinkedIn to name a few, outsourcing companies and other tools that are meant to aid you to find a talented React Native app developer. But too many platforms can also make it hard for you to find the right person.

  • Cross-platform apps versus native apps

React Native is a great cross-platform tool to create a mobile app. Part of it is because, with React Native, developers can create mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms using JavaScript. And almost every developer knows something about JavaScript, but it may not be enough to meet your requirements.

  • Urgency of projects

Finding the right React Native developer or a development company can be challenging especially if you have a tight deadline. So finding a well-experienced and trusted developer will be a great option.

  • Hiring process

There is no such thing as a perfect candidate. The idea of “perfection” differs per person based on their personalities, experiences and technical backgrounds. So, choosing the right person that fits your criteria for a developer – with the required skills, expertise, confidence and everything in between is quite the challenge.



How to hire a React Native app developer in India?


Hiring a React Native app developer in India is economical compared to other countries. But there is no fixed cost and it differs based on the different factors that affect the development process. The expenses increase if the person you chose for the job is not the right one. So, before you go on to hire them, have a clear understanding of how you are going to do it. Here are few ways you can do it.


  • Hire an in-house developer

The first option you might consider is to hire an in-house React Native app developer by yourself. You can do that by setting a budget, checking whether the candidates’ experience and background align with your requirements, creating job offers, and advertising the vacancies on different job search platforms.


The advantages of doing so are that you will have complete control over the process and the developer you hire will be a part of your team, will work in the same environment and will be a part of long-term projects. But, the process of interviewing and recruiting the right candidate is a time-consuming process and also since there is a high demand for React Native developers, it will be hard for you to find the right person. Also, in case you choose the wrong person, it can affect your budget.


  • Hire a freelancer developer

If you do not want a permanent team member and instead, prefer someone to work on just one project, hiring a freelancer is the right option. You can look up React Native developers on popular job search platforms and conduct the hiring process based on the candidates’ profiles and the review of their work. This method is cost-effective for short-term projects.


Also, when you look for the candidates in a job search platform, you might even come across reviews of their work from other companies, which helps in the initial screening process. But again, the process is time consuming and you cannot expect much engagement with your in-house team because they are not really a part of the team.


Hire a development team from a software development company


This is an expensive solution. But when the traditional process of hiring a React Native developer takes at least four weeks, it is better to go for a development company to get the project done quickly.

Development companies have their own development process and this is an advantage because they will be able to adapt to your methods or can even contribute to improving yours by collaborating with your in-house development team.


Another benefit is the flexibility – you just have to pay them for the days they worked on your project. Also, hiring a development company means you add a bunch of experienced professionals to your team who do the job well, while also guiding you so that you do not make any expensive mistakes. Since the development team is able to join you remotely, the hiring process will be fast. They will also be more dedicated as they have to maintain the reputation of their company.


The only concern, while hiring a development company, is the budget as you expand your team with a React Native developer from a software development company. It can be more expensive than hiring an in-house developer or a freelancer. The cost also depends on the number of hours required from one developer and if your project is short or long term.


However, when you consider the other benefits, especially saving time and money, it seems to be a better option than hiring a permanent or freelance React Native developer.


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Find experienced React Native developers through a software development partner


Hiring a React Native app developer can be a herculean task if you have no clear idea of your long-term and short-term business requirements and goals.


Hiring a freelancer or an in-house developer is time consuming as you have to make sure that they have what you are looking for in a React Native developer. However, hiring a software development partner is of great help in the following conditions:

  • If you want to develop a new product and release it to the market in a short time, but cannot afford to invest a lot in recruiting a React Native developer from the start
  • If you barely have any idea about hiring React Native developers, by performing designing and technical assessments, which are necessary to analyse the developer’s knowledge and performance
  • If your business is a start up or is small and you need experienced professionals who can help boost your software development and guide you on your performance
  • If your project is short term that only needs a few months and there is no need to hire an in-house React Native developer


In case your business falls under any of the above-mentioned categories, and you are looking for a software development partner, we, at Redbytes Software, are ready to help. We are a team of experienced professionals who have been on the development scene since 2009 and have been providing mobile app solutions to businesses – big and small.


We have walked side-by-side with many businesses through their digital journey and have experienced many of our clients climb the ladders of success through our services. If you need an experienced team who can help you with your React Native app development project – staying with you through the process and providing additional guidance, maintenance and support if you need it, do get in touch with us.

React Native App Development Cost in India

The number of smartphone users has only increased thanks to the phones being affordable with time as well as the availability of internet that gives people the opportunity to use their phone for almost everything – more than just making calls. And this has motivated businesses to undergo digital transformation and make their services available to their customers through mobile apps.


App Cost Calculator


If you observe the app development industry, you will see how development companies try to be in sync with the latest technologies, trends and standards at every step to create apps that help bring success to businesses across different industries. In terms of frameworks used to develop an app, the most popular one being used today is React Native. 42% of the developers across the globe prefer using React Native.


What is React Native?


React Native is an open-source JavaScript framework developed by Meta Platforms, Inc. It is used to develop applications across different platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, web, etc., allowing developers to combine the power of React framework with native platforms. The framework allows 90% code usability between Android and iOS platforms and has native-like capabilities, making it one of the most used frameworks for app development. Since React Native allows using the same codebase for Android and iOS to create mobile apps, it is also the best choice for a framework to create cross-platform apps. Therefore, apps created using React Native are fast, robust, and cost-effective.


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React Native works like React and uses the same component-based approach. Therefore, a developer who is used to working with React will find it easy to work with React Native framework as well. React Native has large community support. So, React Native developers can easily get help when they face issues while developing an app using the framework.


Advantages of React Native


Why exactly is React Native one of the most preferred choices of app development frameworks? Let us have a look.

  • Gives native-like feel

React Native gives the native-like experience to the app users, completely removing their doubts over the performance of the application. Also, the framework provides easy accessibility to third-party APIs and plugins, making it easy for developers to achieve the native-like experience and functionalities in the apps.

  • Code reusability and ready-made components

Like we mentioned earlier, React Native allows 90% code reusability for Android and iOS platforms, making it easy to create cross-platform apps using the same codebase. Also, the framework has many libraries and pre-built solutions that developers can easily use while building an app. This helps increase the development speed and efficiency, which means faster time to market and lesser maintenance.

  • Less manpower

React native app development does not require many resources compared to other native app development. So, you might need only a few team members for the work. This is one reason even small businesses use React Native framework to develop apps.

  • Live reloading

React Native comes provides live reloading features that allow developers to work on the changes in the source code in real-time. The changes can be made as the app is loading and once done, an automatic reload will show the changes in the app. You can also reload a specific area of change to save time. This helps reduce the app development time.

  • Saves cost

The reusable code of React Native helps reduce the app development cost by at least 40%. You do not have to hire development teams individually for Android and iOS. Also, the different pre-built components of React Native help lower the overall development costs.

  • Focus on UI

React Native has a React Javascript library that helps developers build fast and responsive user interfaces. The good rendering abilities and the component-based approach make it easy to create both simple and complex UI designs.


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React Native App Development Scene in India


Compared to other parts of the world, the cost of React Native app development is economical while not compromising on the quality. However, there is no fixed cost for Reactive Native app development due to the different factors that affect the costs- the purpose of the app, developer costs, etc.

Let us have a deeper look into the different factors that affect React Native app development costs in India.


Complexity and functionality

We can calculate the time and cost taken for developing an app until its completion by determining the complexity and functionality of an app, which means this is one of the biggest deciding factors of the cost. A complex app with the latest features tend to take more time to complete than an app with simple features. The apps can be categorized into those of simple, medium and high complexity based on the following points:

  • Development of Admin panel
  • Architecture model of deployment
  • Third-party integration
  • In-app purchases
  • Integration with legacy system
  • Usage of in-built features and functionality


App features

The cost of app development increases with the increase in features. This is because the development time increases if there are more number of features. This is why feature-rich apps cost more than standalone apps like clocks and calculators.



Developers can use React Native to build robust and scalable apps. But if you need it customized as per your business requirements, especially if you need add-ons, it might cost extra. Integrating an app with social media or a third-party app can all affect the cost of app development.



Use of hardware can add to the complexity as well as cost of an app. For example, when you develop IoT apps with React Native, it costs more than developing native apps.


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UI/UX Design

The front-end of an application plays a huge role in deciding the fate of the business and therefore, there is always demand for an efficient app that serves many users at a time. The visually appealing elements and the speed and efficiency are all important factors that are necessary to attract users and at the same time, affect the cost of development as well.



App development does not end with deployment. It is also necessary to maintain the app and keep it updated with the latest features to keep it interesting for users. The timely changes in design, bug and error fixing and app updates all come under maintenance. This has an effect on the app development costs. The cost of yearly app maintenance amounts to at least 20% of the app development cost.



The expertise of developers also affects the cost of React Native app development cost in India. For developing simple apps, hiring a React Native app developer of middle or junior level would be enough. But if it is a highly complex or feature-rich app you need, you will have to hire a senior developer with lots of experience. The salary of the developer also affects the cost of app development. If you want to reduce the costs, you can hire a junior or middle-level developer instead and have to maybe compromise the quality of your app,


Deployment platform

The platforms you choose to deploy your app also have an effect on the development costs. Deploying your app on any platform costs an amount and each of these platforms have a fixed cost. You need to pay $100 in Google Play Store and App Store as developer license costs. You will also have to take permission from the host to ensure that your app complies with the policies and standards.


User login

An app with user authorization or login costs more than the one that does not require a login. This is because including the functionality in the app increases the development time which will have an effect on the development costs. Also, the extra steps needed to ensure that the feature works well and is safe cost extra.


Size of development team and location

A software development team usually consists of the following members – front-end developer, back-end developer, project manager, QA analyst, and tester. Each of these members charges an hourly rate for their efforts which can vary with where they are located. When you hire a React Native app development company to develop your app, the labour costs will be more compared to that of hiring a freelancer. But the advantage is that each of these members takes care of a specific part of the app, which means there will be fewer errors and the apps will be of good quality.


Hire App Developer


Cost of React Native App Development in India


If you are looking for app development within a budget, React Native is the most cost-effective framework that you can use. In India, the cost of hiring a React Native developer costs around $15 to $25 per hour. However, like it was mentioned above, there are many factors that affect the development costs and therefore, there are no fixed charges. All you can do is look for the average cost and see if it fits your budget.


If you see the costs based on team size, hiring a freelance developer costs between $800 and $8000 in India, while for a small team of developers, it costs between $10,000 and $100,000. However, if you intend to hire a React Native app development company, it costs between $15,000 and $150,000.


Now, if you look at the costs based on the project complexity, a simple app development project takes around 2 to 3 months and costs $5000 to over $20,000. Developing moderate app takes about 4 to 6 months and costs between $20,000 and over $50,000. Complex app projects take over 8 months of time and cost between $90,000 and over 120,000.


If you need a proper breakdown of these costs, it is as follows: the requirement gathering and planning step costs between $500 and $1000. The design and development step would cost between $1000 and $20000. App testing costs between $800 and $5000. The maintenance and marketing costs between $1000 and $20,000.


Before React Native was launched in 2015, businesses had to pay a lot to develop different apps for different platforms. Meta Platforms then launched the React Native – the cross-platform framework to reduce the development costs. This framework allows developers to build different apps using the same code base. It improves the development speed while reducing the costs.



Developers can efficiently create native-like apps using React Native. The other factors that motivate developers to choose the framework are live reloading, code reusability and easy implementation of updates.


If you want to build a high-quality React Native app, hiring a professional app development company would be the best option. They would ensure to do everything that helps reduce the costs. A good development team will be with you through the development process and will further provide app maintenance and even community support.


If you are in search of an experienced company that can help you to develop a high-quality React Native app at a reasonable rate, we, at Redbytes Software can help you. Redbytes Software provides app development services that involve building applications across different domains and platforms for clients across different industries.

With an experience in the app development industry that spans over 13 years and over 350 projects to our credit, we have accumulated our knowledge and skills, while keeping up with the latest trends and industry standards to create quality applications that meet all requirements of our clients. We are ready to give you the best experience of our services and if you are ready to collaborate, you can get in touch with us.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Social Media App?

The tech-savvy is no stranger to social media apps. Today, almost everyone owns an account on all popular social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to name a few.


Social media apps are of different types: social network apps, media sharing apps, discussion forums, blogging platforms, anonymous social networking and interest-centric apps. With additional features being added and consistent upgrading using the latest technologies, the possibilities that social media app offers have immensely widened. From platforms for purely social networking, they have grown to serve different purposes with communication as the key.

With businesses moving from traditional to social media platforms, start-ups and small businesses no longer have to run around spending hefty amounts on advertisements to reach their target audience. Also, large businesses can continue their stint, but in digital mode. If you have observed, you will realise how social media has blurred the line between personal and professional. Take a brand for an example. A brand’s social media page gives more information about its products and services than any brochure or a salesperson can. With visuals and captions that seem more personal than just having selling intent, it piques the interest of people.


Seeing how businesses are leveraging social media apps, many mobile app development companies have already ventured into business-related social media app development. This includes creating custom apps as well as features supporting existing social media apps, like chatbots, private messaging, etc.


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From a business perspective, what do social media apps offer? Let us see.


Build relationships:– Grow your network and find more opportunities. Connect with mentors who can guide you in your professional journey or customers who are likely to use your products and services.


Share what you know: – Social media is a great place to share what you know and learn something new at the same time. When you share content based on your knowledge, you will be able to connect with like-minded people and also build credibility.


Improve visibility:– Visibility is an essential factor for any business and social media apps offer more chances to make yourself or your brand known. Share good quality content that people would see and share and also engage with other people’s content.


Curate content:– You can see tonnes of info on social media – both relevant and irrelevant. You can use the apps to curate the topics of your interest and use the information to educate yourself.


Know what is trending:– Social media apps are a great place to keep up with the latest trends in real time. Social media is transparent and you can see unfiltered customer-brand interactions, giving you an idea of what they need and what they dislike. Then there are social media activities – popular hashtag trends, for example, that give you an insight into the latest industry trends.


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Most social media apps come with analytics features, where you will be able to see statistics on the performance of posts and user engagement. This gives you an idea of what to change in your strategy and what else you need to do.


Better customer service: – Social media has the benefit of connecting with everyone, especially through comments or messages. So, you get real-time or direct feedback from your customers, helping you address concerns and improve your service at a faster pace.


What is happening in the social media app market?


Statistics of July 2022 say that there more than half (59%) of the world use social media apps today, which amounts to 4.70 billion people. And in the last 12 months, 227 million new users have come online. The growth is indeed exponential when you compare it with the 2.07 billion users in 2015.


Social media usage had slowed down at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown period, owing to the user behaviour changes influenced by the pandemic and its aftereffects. But when comparing the last two years, there has been a tremendous increase in digital and online activities.

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77% of marketers have found marketing their business through social media apps highly effective. However, 37% agree that the adaptive changes in strategy thanks to the pandemic have made the use of social media marketing less effective than intended.


Facebook continues to remain in the top spot as the most preferred social media app with over 2.94 billion active users in 2022. The second most popular platform is YouTube with 2.48 billion active users amounting to 84% of Facebook users. WhatsApp, Instagram and TikTok are the next on the list of popular social media platforms as of 2022.


The social media app industry has been rapidly flourishing over the last few years. As per reports of 2022, the social media app market generates total revenue of $43.39 billion and this is expected to further increase at a CAGR of 23.4% by 2028. The main reason for the increase in revenue is that 40% of internet users across the globe use social media for work purposes.


All the statistics point out one thing – now is the best time to invest in social media app development. If you still have doubts, the following statistics in 2022 might convince you.


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Revenue from in-app purchase-based social media apps is expected to reach $15.54 billion in soon, whereas the paid app revenue in the social media app industry is expected to grow to $0.03billion. Also, the revenue through business advertising on social media is expected to reach $27.82 billion.


In short with the increase in new users, the social media app industry will continue thriving.


Factors influencing the continuous growth of the social media app market



The main factors that are reasons for the consistent growth in the social media app industry are the following:

  • 5G technology
  • Easy to access in-app purchase features in the social media app
  • Increase in investment in providing in-stream ad-free features
  • Increase in demand for social networking apps with free gaming subscriptions
  • The rise in popularity of live streaming and OTT platforms
  • The growing popularity of social commerce


Factors influencing the cost of social media app development


As much as people are aware of the business benefits social media apps offer, they are still lacking in terms of deep knowledge about the apps as well as the costs of developing a social media app.


In terms of app development, social media apps generally have a three-tier architecture comprising backend, database and mobile client. However, the functionalities and elements of the apps can vary based on the purpose.


Similarly, the following factors influence the cost of social media app development:


Target audience and platforms

While planning to develop a social media app, the first thing to consider is your target audience. Think of whom the app intends to serve and what features will grab their attention. For this, you will need to understand the problems of the audience and come up with functionalities that provide effective solutions. You can do this by gathering data and deeply analysing the audience persona.


As you figure out your target audience, you will have an idea of the target platforms as well. You will learn more about the preferred platforms- iOS, Android or Windows. And when you find the answer, you will be able to decide on whether you just have to develop the app for just one platform or go for cross-platform development. All these factors you consider will have a direct influence on the cost of social media app development.


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Complexity of features and functionalities

The app development cost varies based on the complexity of features and functionalities of social media apps. The generally found features of social media apps include the following: user registration, newsfeed, user profile with editing options, in-app messaging, and options to upload and share posts, images, and videos.


Apart from these, there might even be some additional features that are specific to the apps based on their purpose. Some of these features include image filters, live video streaming, chat, multi-language support, in-app purchases, etc. The app development cost will increase with the increase in complexity of these functionalities.


Custom UI and animations

A visually appealing user interface and additional features like animations can have a positive effect on user engagement in any app. Implementing a custom user interface is a complex task and therefore, the cost can go up based on the complexity.


Animations are a part of many popular apps we know and like the user interface, the quality, length and process of the animations can influence the development costs. However, the positive side is that these interfaces and animations are capable of improving traffic.


Traffic estimates

While you build a social media app, you will have traffic estimates in mind. Think of the traffic you would expect as you launch the app and how you want it to grow as your business expands with time. Go for the kind of social media app that would withstand the increase in traffic based on your estimates.


Apart from traffic scalability, the app also needs to have a robust and scalable database for support. All these can have an effect on the app development cost.


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How much does social media app development cost?


The development process of social media apps is pretty much similar to any other app – ideating the app, planning, developing, testing, and deploying. However, there might be some extra steps based on the app requirements and complexity. All these factors dominate the cost of social media app development.


The average cost of social media app development varies between $20,000 and $25,000. The cost can vary based on the factors that were listed above. Now, in terms of the features, hiring a UI/UX designer can cost between $1500 and $2000 and hiring an Android developer will cost around $120 and $170, whereas hiring an iOS developer will cost you around $100 and $150. The cost-effective option is to hire a development company that would help you build a social media app that meets all your requirements.



There are many factors that affect the cost of social media app development. However, if you do not have the right development partner to guide you through the process, you will end up spending more. If you are looking for a team with expertise and skills to develop a social media app that complies with your ideas and requirements, Redbytes Software can help you.


Redbytes Software is mobile solution provider that offers development services across different domains and platforms. Our talented team provides cost-effective social media app development services while leveraging the best development methodologies to provide you with the results you are looking for.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire An App Developer?

The application market is proliferating day by day. Be it ordering a cab or food, tracking your health, playing games, or communicating with your friends through social media. Moreover, mobile applications have been growing for years now. Mobile applications are having a big impact on people throughout the world, mostly the youth.


Mobile apps have turned out to be one of the most beneficial options for business, sales, and marketing points of view as well. A mobile app for your business provides you the exclusive opportunity to ensure that you reach them quickly in this digital era. Mobile apps have evolved into a dominant form of digital interaction. Since businesses from around the globe offer a wide range of goods and services, entrepreneurs have begun migrating from the physical world of leaflet distribution and printing ads to the world of mobile technology.

When you’re establishing a business and want to develop a mobile app, the first thing that comes to mind is, “how much does it cost to hire an app developer?”


Hiring an app developer in today ’s marketplace seems to be more difficult than coming up with a fantastic app concept since so many aspects come into the equation like“how much does it cost to hire an app developer”


We have covered all the key point related to hiring an highly skilled app developer and how much does it cost in this post.


The Main Factors Influencing The Cost Of App Developers


1. Qualifications and Skills

It’s simply about where the developer got their education, and what skills they possess. The more skills, the more expensive it will cost you per hour. Since some of these skills are equivalent such as UI/UX and do not often influence the hourly rate of the mobile app developer but hiring a full stack developer to cover several phases of development can have a substantial impact on the hourly pricing.


2. Experience

Obviously, a developer who has years of experience and positive reviews will charge more per hour than one who has just graduated from his or her respective course. Even though it is not directly related to the quality of the work, it is still significant to consider experience when determining the cost of hiring.


3. Geographic location

Among the most important variables that impact hourly rates is geographical location. It is heavily influenced by the standard of living, cost of living, and the saturation of the labor market in the country. We will notice that American coders can be six times more expensive than Indian coders when we compare the amount app developers charge per hour in the USA with that of India.


4. Tech Stack

It is also important to take into account the specific tech stack you are seeking when determining the cost per hour. Since the IT market is flexible and quick to adapt, programmers quickly occupy in-demand niches, but hiring developers who specialize in more rare technologies (whether it’s programming languages or frameworks) tends to be more expensive.


5. Complexity

The Complexity of the app also influences the cost. Developers usually prefer to stick to patterns that they are familiar with and do not like to break from their comfort zones while some others enjoy challenges, but most of the time, it affects the rate.


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Comparing The Costs Of Hiring Android, iOS, And Cross-Platform App Developers


When analysing mobile app development cost per hour, we can’t ignore the iOS vs. Android conversation. Do you choose iOS, Android, or a Cross-Platform alternative for your company, and how does this affect the cost?


Statistics show that Android apps outnumber iOS apps four to one, mostly because of their flexibility, ease of publishing, and the number of users. iOS platforms, on the other hand, are highly renowned for its performance, user experience, and compatibility with Apple products. It is wise to develop a cross-platform application if you want to engage both audiences.


Based on the common opinion, the average cost of hiring an app developer for an iOS application is cheaper than that of an Android application due to the shorter development period. Besides the difference in screen sizes, Android’s primary language (Java) is larger than Swift’s (iOS), and the testing environment for iOS is more effective and sufficient. Since the coding is so simple, the app developer’s hourly rate decreases.


The Cost Of Various Hiring Options


Hire a Freelancer

Considering the price, freelancers might seem like a perfect option. In comparison with other options, freelancers are certainly more budget-friendly, with their hourly rates ranging from $20 (coding professionals in China and India) to $120 (coding professionals in the US). The range of hourly rates is very broad so everyone can find developers to fulfill their requirements.


You must take into account both the hourly fee and the entire cost of hiring a mobile app developer, which includes the impediments you will inevitably have when hiring them when you go it alone.


Hiring Using a Recruiting Agency

If you go with this option, you can save time and effort since the recruiting agency will do all of the work for you, picking a considerable pool of applicants from whom you may hire your developer. This would require the developer to charge an hourly rate plus paying an agency for its services.


One notable downside to this approach is the agency’s lack of strong technical understanding, which is inconvenient to non-technical CEOs.


Hiring through an outstaffing company

Outstaffing companies may not seem like a budget-friendly option, but when you choose one, you are choosing a high-quality partner who will not only help you find developers for your company but can also assist you with technical issues. The final cost is usually the sum of a per-hour rate plus a markup. With that price, you get a seasoned developer without having to go through the hiring process, and after the project is complete, the developer can be dismissed without any issues.


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How To Hire Low-Cost Mobile App Developers


Knowing just what an app developer costs per hour is useful for SMEs and medium-sized enterprises looking to enhance their restricted budget. In such instances, simply knowing the rates is insufficient.


Mentioned below are a few tips which will help you hire a developer for an affordable price:


1. Do in-depth marketplace research to determine the pay rates for mobile app development.

While conducting an interview during the hiring process, you will need to know how the candidate’s desired wage compares to the average market rate. Getting to know the developer’s average wage is also important when evaluating the project’s projected budget.


2. Find the ideal tech stack for estimating a mobile app developer’s hourly rate.

Technical credentials have an impact on hiring costs, so it’s important to decide on them as soon as possible. This way, you will have a better understanding of how much a tech stack costs so you will not have to pay extra for unnecessary features. Also, you should decide which platform to use for your application.


3. Make use of staff augmentation services.

You can use staff augmentation companies to design an application if you only need a developer for a short period of time. Having a higher hourly rate may seem expensive at first glance, but when sick leave, vacation time, and the provision of essential equipment are taken into account, the benefits outweigh the price. In addition, the long-term cost will be lower.


4. Offshoring may be a good option for lowering app developers hiring costs.

A great advantage of offshoring for companies looking to save money without sacrificing product quality is that the costs vary widely from country to country. You can easily hire an app developer with high qualifications and a more experienced developer, to begin with, and you also might be able to hire him for a longer period of time. Overall, this is an excellent deal.


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App Developer Hourly Rates Vary By Geographical Regions


We have previously discussed how diverse development rates may be highly reliant on geographical regions. In this section, we’d like to look more closely at the pricing in various places. North and South America, Europe, and Asia are the most popular locations for hiring developers but all of them are not the cheapest.

Pricing listed below are estimates for companies, not freelance app developers, for whom prices might be considerably cheaper. You might well be attracted to choose the cheaper alternative, but you don’t want to compromise on quality.


1. North America – It is one of the most costly app development regions in the world. This is why companies there demand higher rates, ranging from $130 to $200 per hour, as compared to a freelancer charging $60 per hour.


2. Australia – Among the regions with the most expensive app development prices, Australia is second with a price range of $120-160 per hour, whereas freelance app development costs $60 per hour.


3. South America – Regional app development charges in South America range from $60 to 130 per hour, with freelancing services starting at $20.


4. European Union and the UK – You can get app development services for $60-160 per hour in the EU and the UK, but you can also get them for as little as $40 per hour from individual freelance app developers.


5. Eastern Europe – It costs $40-130 per hour to develop an app in Eastern Europe, whereas it costs $20-30 to hire a freelance app developer.


6. Asia – The cheapest region for app development is Asia with countries like India, Vietnam, and Indonesia costing around $20 per hour on average for app development services. Countries like China used to be cheaper, but now the hourly rate there is $30 whereas Singapore and South Korea costs around $30-35 for the services.


Most Affordable Place To Hire An App Developer


It is well known that India has a vast pool of talent in IT sector, including many app developers for both iOS and Android. Hiring in India may be quite cost effective if done correctly. The expenses of app development vary based on a variety of aspects, including those stated above. The trick is to find out the right partner to accompany you on your way to progress. The best app development company in India can build the best application for your established company or fresh startup. Since Indian companies are fair with pricing and also the best in the industry, clients are no longer concerned about mobile app development costs in India after consultation. Count on them for all their app development needs, regardless of size, sector or location.


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Conclusion –

When hiring an app developer, every business owner and entrepreneur strives for the appropriate balance between quality and cost. A developer’s location and level of expertise can have a significant impact on the cost. Therefore, you may want to consider hiring app developers from places like India or Indonesia, where developer rates are low.


If you planning to hire an app developer to build your app, then your wait is over. Redbytes software can make your app idea into reality in no time without any hassle. Our app development company has highly skilled app developers with vast experience in their specialized field. Redbytes has already helped many businesses and firms to grow by delivering them the best services. We assure you that you will get all your requirement fulfilled with the best quality possible.

How Much Does It Cost To Make An Ecommerce App?

Those days are gone when kids used to go with their parents shopping at a local shop or in marts. Nowadays, we can get every item utilized by us at our doorstep. This looked unbelievable a few years ago, but it’s a reality for households and the local shops today. It is significantly stated that daily turnover using Mobile eCommerce trading has increased up to 53%. It is not surprising to say that every entrepreneur is investing their capital in building their business Mobile Apps for procurement of huge turnover ratio.


Up until now, eCommerce Mobile Apps has become a brand. Every outlet or a local store has its Mobile App for sustainable growth of their business with more reliability of recurring customers. Mobile Apps have occupied the space of a brand that has gained familiarity in every house, from kids to adults. eCommerce Mobile Apps are exclusive applications used on handsets, tablets, and computer servers, aiming to provide a significant facility for trading and transacting anytime around the clock. Commercial buying and selling are reliable with top-level security, facilitating online bill payments with a single click.


Before the pandemic, some of the top eCommerce giants were Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, and eBay. Apps like these had an immense market presence, but after the covid pandemic, the craze for online shopping and hopping increased exponentially. The local offline and physical stores gained popularity in the online market.


eCommerce Mobile Apps keep the customer base intact while managing the consensual tracking data of the users. These apps aim to provide content user experience while keeping the user data safe and secure. eCommerce Mobile App is a comprehensive approach to the modern world’s shopping needs. In simple terms, eCommerce means accepting and vending goods and services in just a single click, using the handiest gadget of the current times. eCommerce has marked its global presence in the past years and has become the shark tank of entrepreneurship and innovative startups. Now, it’s not only a mere buying or selling platform but has evolved into something that shares the emotions of the buyer and seller, defining an intrinsic relation between the two.


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eCommerce Mobile App is now featuring the physical or offline store. The shops have got an online presence and a superior marketing reach. The pandemic period, though insignificant for all of us, was a boom for the offline stores to have a door-to-door global presence. A click can bring you anything by your side. Mobile Apps have become more user-interactive. Even small kids of a particular age or senior adults now use these applications and enjoy exceptional flexibility while purchasing.


eCommerce Mobile Apps taking over the market of tomorrow


This article efficiently describes that the eCommerce Mobile App has dominated the market and has a long-lasting future. One can comprehensively gain the business in the long run, aspiring to the youth to a far greater extent.


How much does it cost to make an eCommerce app for your business?


The striving market scenario accomplishes attaining newer opportunities for the startup and enthusiastic holders. Meeting the intense competition in the market, it becomes salient to manage the eCommerce Mobile App more efficiently. eCommerce Mobile App helps overlook the online trading challenges and reach a higher customer base.

Generally, freelance mobile app developers charging hourly rates develop the application through outsourcing.


On average, the cost of developing an eCommerce Mobile App ranges from $1500 to $25000. Costing has a significant influence on different factors such as:


• Proficiency of the developers

• Intricate faced while developing

• Elements embodied in the Mobile App

• Duration of development


Significant factors influencing the eCommerce Mobile App Development Cost


Costing in any field plays a sequential role that majorly influences the general development of the application. Nowadays, everyone prefers to have a comfort zone. Therefore, it will be reliable to state that we are dependent on the Mobile Applications.


Elaborating the same, here are some of the substantial aspects that impact the cost of an eCommerce Mobile App:


1. Application Designing Features:

In every application development project, designing deals a vital role in attracting reliable customers. The user interface consecutively brings the traffic within. It has always been a difficult task for UI/UX Developers to prepare authentic apps that are customer-centric. Intriguing designs lead to additional costs with a high volume of designing strategy. Some crucial design factors include Icons, Images, Notifying Buttons, pop-ups, and other small features.



2. Reliable Application:

The significant factor in attaining the security of the application. The data essayed in the application is retrieved and is used by the application holders extensively for future use. The data compilers keep the data safe without misplacing it to a third party. The application reliably tracks the potential and repeated customers. Therefore, it is liable for a certain percentage of the cost of developing a secured application.


3. Attributes & Beta:

This is a prevalent factor influencing the cost of the mobile App. The crucial aspect of mobile-based applications is their features. Therefore, it becomes mandatory for the development team to propose beta campaigns for users. Besides, the users must know about the working potential of the application. People must get trouble-free service for the application to get final authentication. As and when the attributes of the application are tested, thus extending the cost of the product. Some of the main features affixed are the incorporation of location, payment status, and tracking of the product. This precipitates cost in the development of the application.


4. Up keeping of the Application:

Upgradation is the most vital aspect of application development. Periodic up-gradation keeps the customers intact. Every application undertaken requires maintenance, which leads to the reliable and smooth functioning of the technical application. Regular updates and assistance are a must due to the upgrading technological market, demands of the customers, newly launched products, and various other minor aspects. For improving the experience of customers, certain expenditure is released for API maintenance in the Mobile Application. The developers are responsible for debugging the concealed bugs while monitoring the application.


5. Application Teaming Up:

The chief factor that affects the expense of the developing structure. An integrated and dedicated team is required to be proposed to carry on various functions of the development. Every aspect of development must be considered, from sufficiency to intricacy of the application. Teaming up is an important aspect while crossing the developmental race. The team must have a creative team for handling the entire project efficiently.

Important and Advanced Features that Improve the Performance of Your Mobile Ecommerce App


In order to attract and retain users, UI/UX design plays a major role in the development of an eCommerce app. The services and user experience you offer your consumers determine how successful your app and business will become.


So let’s examine some advanced features that you should incorporate into your eCommerce app:


1. Push Notification: You can utilize this feature to show your customers new offers, discounts, and rates on your products and services, order and payment confirmation details, and more, in order to keep them engaged with your app. It is also considered a very good feature for marketing.


2. Social Login-Sign Up: With this feature, users can log in and sign up on the eCommerce app using their Facebook or Gmail accounts. Using the same credentials for your eCommerce app as you use for your social media accounts will make it simpler for your users to log in and sign up.


3. Chatbot and Customer Support: This feature will not only enhance customer experience, but it will save you a lot of time and money as well. Chatbot support adds an interactive element to any eCommerce app by answering all of the general questions of customers. A company that develops eCommerce apps can also customize this feature for your app if you prefer.


4. Role-Based Dashboard: The role-based dashboards are not so popular since they display data that is relevant to the role of a particular admin. They are designed in a way to ensure a better understanding of data and to provide real-time data of the application on different dashboards.


5. Analytics: You can determine your app based on transactions, online users, and more trending items by integrating real-time analytics in your app. Usually, an eCommerce app has a vast user base which makes managing and monitoring app data very challenging if doing it manually, that’s where this feature will assist you.


6. Artificial Intelligence (AI): An app with AI can generate voice support, image search, and product recommendations for online retailers by analyzing users’ behavior and leveraging advanced eCommerce analytics based on their previous actions.


Adding advanced features to the app development can lift the budget but also increase the chances of achieving success in this cutthroat competitive market, which is why it is difficult to survive. A modern eCommerce app must be developed using the following technologies to meet the market’s modern demands.


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How to Monetize Your e-Commerce App?


Find out the best strategies to monetize your free app so you may emerge from this intense competition looking more professional with your eCommerce business.


1. In-app Purchase:

Using in-app purchases, you can offer users a point-of-sale experience within your app – an idea designed to make your app more accessible and valuable to those who are only able to use limited features for free. By doing so, you are able to maintain the user base that wants some access to your store, but realizes only basic services, while at the same time enabling you to gradually push them toward more services in exchange for a fee. By affixing assured gifts and exciting offers to your in-app purchase campaigns, you can also promote them with various offers. As a result, your app can be effectively monetized by engaging users with your attractive purchase plans – triggered by strategic value penetration that is perfectly supported by authentic acquisition funnels that are well conceived and executed.


2. In-app Advertising:

Regardless of the type of commerce you operate, in-app advertising is one of the most effective monetization strategies an app can use. You will see an increase in in-app ad revenue by introducing clever analogous advertising, which groups products from similar segments and presents them as a suggestion to users looking to purchase from a particular product line. Experts nowadays consider it an essential part of the anticipatory design and provide stress on ensuring that results are relevant. This makes the buying process more intuitive, intelligent, and interactive.


3. Affiliate Marketing:

You can explore more possibilities with your monetization endeavor with affiliate marketing, as it is the most aggressive and penetrating approach. Associating with similar sellers can help you generate leads and cross-promote your products. The process can be performed in different ways by entering into mutual contracts based on different models. Additionally, you can collaborate with your vendors to promote their brands and your app on different digital channels, or maybe even run campaigns through their own platforms.


By enhancing your perception of your business associating with another brand, you can achieve great monetization benefits for your M-commerce business, resulting in the creation of strong brand value and helping you build a decent user base.


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Running and managing your business requires a lot of effort in today’s digital-driven market. A number of factors contribute to the success of an eCommerce business, from market research to best business strategies to adopting the latest technologies. Hopefully, you have found all the key parameters, including features and estimated costs, that will help you make a future decision about developing an eCommerce application.


If you wish to make an eCommerce app and want to know how much does it cost to make an eCommerce app to improve your business, you should definitely consider hiring our app development company which has vast experience in the field. The team of highly skilled developers at Redbytes will help you turn your app idea into a reality in no time. To get an estimate of how much does it cost to make an eCommerce app for your business, you can use the Redbytes app cost calculator.

How Much Does it Cost to Make an Educational App?

Nowadays, cutting-edge technology enables mobile applications, allowing people to access digital education at their fingertips. An educational app functions as a virtual link between students and teachers. The increasing trend and need for e-learning drive educational institutions to develop educational applications for a wide range of courses. Without a doubt, the recent trend of educational app access makes institutions and businesses aware of the potential for business expansion.


Development Cost of Educational App


There are numerous factors involved that strongly influence the cost of developing educational apps. Therefore, whenever you begin your cost calculator, you must evaluate the important features, such as the choice of an os, schedule of activities, specified functionalities, and so forth. The requirements and the current online learning trends also decide the educational app development cost. The cost is also decided by the developer efficiency you require for your project. In this scenario, you may enlist the help of a skilled team to satisfy your needs precisely, or you can hire independent freelancers. A high-quality educational application will cost you between $12,000 to $45,000, based on conservative estimates of essential and must-have features. The per-hour cost in India ranges from $15 to $40.


Considerable Cost Of Educational App


Market experts believe that you should constantly consider a more effective strategy to support the technological needs of educational app development. You may choose between a native app and a cross-platform app here.

If you consider developing a native educational app, then it will only run on either the Android platform or the iOS platform. Furthermore, in order to fulfill the most updated consumer needs, the native app development procedure constantly necessitates a significant investment. Moreover, in order to accomplish all separate phases of native application development, you need to consider some factors in mind. They are as follows:

  • Higher Pricing
  • Prerequisites for a highly skilled developer
  • Developers with a high level of efficiency

If you consider developing a cross-platform educational app, you may do it at a reasonable cost. Also, there are a few quality-based cost factors for the key phases of cross-platform app development. The factors are listed below:

  • limited scope for implementing smooth features like animation and graphics.
  • low cost project.

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So you have to decide between native app and cross-platform app according to your preference. Do consider the customised and integration-oriented clean exposure of a native app as you first choice if you have problems choosing one. Though it demands a significant investment but it also fulfills a wide range of requirements.


However, when deciding on a technology stack for your educational app development, you should always solicit credible suggestions from experts in the field. The type of tools and technologies that should be employed by the development team to bring you a fully functioning app primarily determined by the specific pattern of services and facilities provided by your institutions. So, before using your cost calculator for your educational app project, be prepared to discuss about it with the professionals.


Factors Influencing the Cost of Educational App Development


1) Platform for App: It is important to consider the platform on which you are developing an application. Is it iOS or Android? Each platform carries its own development complexities that require varying levels of effort and experience. In compared to Android platforms, iOS platforms are less expensive. The development costs for android applications are actually higher.

iOS applications reach financially secure people. It is important to keep in mind that Android has a greater market share than iOS. This means you can make a lot of money from it. The operating system selection will totally depend on the purpose of your application. This will play a big role in determining the cost of building your application.


2) App’s Features and Functionality: It is important to decide what features and functionalities your application will have, because the number of features and functionalities will have a significant effect on cost. The more functionalities your application has, the greater the cost will be. Therefore, you must differentiate between the main and secondary functions of your application.


3) Points of Integration: There are a couple of ways of building an app. You can either develop it as a stand-alone or integrate it within an enterprise system. Developing an app for internal users is less expensive, since you have total control over the devices and platforms supported. Integration points will cost you more money to build, but they’ll pay off in the long run.


4) Advanced Animation/Visual Effects: Your app may cost more if your app will consist of visual animations or other sort of interactive animation. When your app is designed with simple functionalities, it might not cost much. Visual effects make your app attractive and engaging. Complex animations conveying the actual concept of your app is necessary. Consider how to invoke some animations and make them cost-effective.


5) Maintenance and Support: After your application is launched, maintenance and support is very important. It requires a considerable amount of money to keep your app up-to-date and to fix any issues users may encounter.


6) Location of the Developer: The geographical location of a developer or development team also have an impact on the cost of an educational app development.


• In Eastern Europe it can vary from $80 to $190USD

• In the US and Canada, it can vary from $90 to $260 USD

• In India it vary from $15 to $60 USD

• In the United Kingdom it can vary from $80 to $190 USD

• In the Australia it can vary from $110 to $160 USD


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How can you get developed your Education App



Hire freelancers: Hiring freelancers is less expensive than alternative engagement strategies. As a consequence, it’s a good alternative if you’re looking to save money or build a simple application. However, the recruiting process may be difficult in and of itself. Furthermore, working with freelancers is tough owing to communication issues and geographical differences. Furthermore, this approach may not always provide a high-quality end result.


Outsource your app development: Outsourcing your project to a reputable business appears to be the most cost-effective and dependable method of developing an application. After all, they have teams of skilled developers, UX/UI designers, and testers that can produce high-quality software in accordance with your company objectives. However, selecting the correct agency for a full project might be difficult. Your disengagement from the creative process and other procedures might lead to unexpected results.


Hire a dedicated development team: When designing a complicated application, a specialized development team approach works well. In this approach, app development businesses supply their clients with a team of developers and designers that collaborate as an extended team to build excellent software using their expertise while adhering to their clients’ work culture, processes, and best practices. This strategy guarantees that project requirements are communicated to clients in a smooth manner. It also sticks to a continuous development approach, which facilitates progress tracking and accountability.


Make Money From Your Educational App


1) Freemium:

A freemium approach allows customers to utilize an educational app for free for a short period. Following that, users must pay a monthly or yearly membership. The app can be segmented into two sections: the free version and the premium version. From the free version, you can take advantage of orientation modules and pilot components, but the premium version contains advanced tutorials with more elaborated content.


It is best to give a trial version of the educational app to the users. This is because they can try out the app and learn more about it. Once they learn more and feel good using the app, they can go for the premium features that is being offered.


2) Advertisements:

With the help of the advertisements, you can make money through the educational app. Most educational related businesses nowadays go for advertisements to grow their business. Therefore, one of the best place to put an advertisement is an educational app.

This is achievable with the assistance of affiliate marketing. Popup advertising show on the app’s screen constantly. Indeed, it is essential to assure that advertisements do not constantly display well before user’s eyes. Put advertisements based on the goods that the app user would be interested in for the best advertisements. And, as time passes, adverts will enhance user reach, allowing for a bigger profit.


3) In-App Purchases:

This strategy allows users to access the majority of educational app features for free. But, expanded amenities with added value might be provided at an additional fee. A language learning app is a great example of in-app purchases.


4) Subscription Fees:

If you want to monetize an educational app, you can provide free access to many things. You can give free access to the courses, lectures, and much more. In return, the user will pay a subscription fee that can be monthly or annually. Based on the users, you can set some courses available for them under a subscription. You can decide the best plan that suits them.


5) Course Fees:

Educational apps can be used as a platform to sell popular and copyright courses, and it is common practice to charge for courses. There are free workshops and webinars that can be held to attract more audiences for a particular course. Moreover, the prices can be raised for these courses after a while. This will happen only if the demand for the courses is high.


There is an average price for the courses and it is important to search for an adequate price. You can search according to the demand of the courses. It is impractical to change the pricing policy so keep that in mind. You will have to follow a product strategy when you are thinking about the price.


The price can be increased for premium access, but if broad coverage is desired, the course fee should be maintained as low as possible. Monetizing an educational app by collecting course fees necessitates regular assessment of its worth. As a result, while determining course costs, extra attention should be given.

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How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Netflix?

Back in the 1920s when television was first introduced, people were startled by the power of modern technology. Little did they know that something more powerful is on the way that would isolate televisions forever. Internet is one such powerful, magical invention that has transformed everything that it touches.



According to the recent Global Digital report, it is estimated to be nearly 4.3 billion internet users all around the world which is increasing every year.


With the advancement of internet and mobile technologies, online video streaming applications like Netflix are sprouting and pushing the old televisions in the dark drawing-room corners.


With its rich content, smooth user interface and easy access, the media platform Netflix is winning millions of hearts all around the world.


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According to the Netflix financial report 2018, the company’s annual revenue has crossed total $15.79 billion while in 2018, the company had earned a total amount of $1.21 billion.


Share of respondents using Netflix in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2015 to 2016, by age group


Like all other mobile applications, video streaming apps are also in its boom now.


Let us give a detailed insight regarding the cost and features of video streaming apps so that you can also develop an app like Netflix.


Know More About Netflix


As we all know, Netflix is the most popular and widely used streaming media these days. A study reveals that this platform has already crossed more than 150 million users  globally. However, the idea of Netflix is quite old, more than twenty years.


It was during 1997-1998 when two Americans Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph brought the revolutionary idea of online movie rental. Their idea freed the customers from the hassle of receiving and returning DVDs from the local stores.


By 2006, the number of Netflix subscribers increased to 4.2 million which inspired the team to change the concept of movie watching once again. And as a result during 2007 they introduced online movie or video streaming allowing the subscribers to enjoy live shows and movies directly on their computers.


Key Features of Netflix


key features of netflix


The key features of Netflix that make it unique in the market are as follows:

  • High-quality streaming
  • Original content
  • Ad-free movie and shows streaming
  • Valuing the viewers – their experiences and ratings
  • 30days free trial


Why Should One Use the Video Streaming Apps?


video streaming apps

How cruel it sounds when you need to leave a movie in the middle and rush for urgent work. Unlike a smartphone or a tab, it is inconvenient to carry your laptop everywhere you go.


With a fast and smooth video-streaming app, you will never miss your favourite shows or movies even if you are not at home. Take a glance over the benefits of using a video streaming app:


  • Free Access: You can access and browse a video streaming app anywhere and at any moment. It is like carrying a whole television inside your pocket.


  • Customize Shows: One can easily watch and re-watch their favourite shows and movies that will be saved in the cloud. Also, they can choose the type of content they prefer to watch.


  • Time-saving: Apart from customizable content, these streaming apps also help in saving a lot of time. There is no tension of missing the important match or show. The app will store everything for you.


  • Ad-Free Content: Unlike televisions or other platforms, you can enjoy ad-free content for hours using a mobile video streaming app. 


  • Different Payment Schemes: Another benefit of using a video streaming app is its payment schemes. You can share the account with multiple users, maybe your friends or family and share the payment. Hence it becomes affordable as well.


How Can Video Streaming Apps Benefit Your Business?


video streaming app business


It is true that in today’s busy world, people hardly get enough time to snuggle in their couches with a bowl full of snacks and watch their favourite shows. Watching television has eventually become an old concept.


Streaming media is a new-age concept that has changed the way people used to watch shows, movies or other content on television or their computers using DVDs.


Every TV production house is now trying to make their services digital and reach to a broader audience. Apart from that, some entrepreneurs are trying to develop video streaming apps with new and unique content to engage the viewers.


Let us brief the business advantages of a mobile video streaming app:


  • Easy Access: All they need is a mobile device, headphones or other sound equipment and a decent internet connection – subscribers can enjoy watching their favourite shows and movies anywhere they go anytime.


  • Wide Audience: With the help of a video streaming app, you will get the potential audience who will invest their time and money on your app and explore the content you share. These apps do not limit your business by geographical range. The videos can reach millions of people.


  • Live Streaming: Some apps allow live streaming of sports, news, or any other events where many people can’t reach physically. These Live streaming apps help to reach a wider audience remotely. 


  • Unique and Rich Content: Unique content always invites more audience than the usual ones. Through your video streaming app, you can deliver some rich and unique content to the subscribers to retain their interest. 


  • Audience Feedback: Collecting audience feedback for the mobile app is easy. You can set the feedback forms of polls that will pop up while closing or opening the app and your audience can drop their feedback. 


  • Tracking Analytics: Using smart technology you can always keep a track about the analytics and overall performance of the app and ensure the better customer experience. Also with the use of analytical tools, you can evaluate audience behaviour and engagement every time they interact with the app. This is how you can know your potential customers.


  • Free of Advertisement: Advertisements are the pillars of any business but for the viewers, the advertisement might look disturbing as they often stream in the middle of a movie or show. The subscribers of a video streaming app can enjoy a movie without being distracted by the advertisements.


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Let’s Learn the Important Factors to Develop an App Like Netflix

Netflix factors

In case you are dreaming to develop your successful video streaming app like Netflix, then these are the following things or features that may influence the app cost:


  • Integrate Social Media: Social media is not only limited to communicating with your dear ones, but it has evolved into a strong marketing and advertising platform. Integrating your app with sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram will help you in sharing the videos directly on social media and invite more people.


  • Live Video Streaming: Live streaming feature can engage your viewers and make their experience with your app interesting


  • Monetization: Include email marketing, sponsorships, in-app advertisements, affiliate marketing, in-app purchase, and others to ensure earning from your app.


  • User Experience: Help your users to make an easily manageable profile on your app. Make it customizable so that the users can choose the type of content they want to watch, scroll through the viewed content to find their favourite ones to re-watch, check their subscription details and pay for up-gradation without hassle. 


android app development


  • Review: Let the viewers review your app and share their experiences and opinions. Their review and ratings will not increase their involvement with the app but will also help you to understand what they are looking for. 


  • Subscription and Payment: Convert your viewers into potential customers by offering lucrative subscription offers and features. Different subscription packages with multiple features and benefits, e.g. unlimited content, ad-free content and others might lure viewers to subscribe. 


  • User Registration: User registration will help the users to one-time register into their account on the device. This feature helps them to use directly without wasting time logging in every time until they decide to shift to another device. 


  • Multiple Device support: Let the user access his or her account on multiple devices at the same time.


Cost to Develop an App Like Netflix

app cost

Over the past few years, Netflix has spread its wings and reached in every corner of the world. It has only been possible because of the increasing rate of mobile and internet users.


The statistics of Netflix are shocking as it reveals that nearly 58% of US adults watch Netflix regularly and 1 billion hours per week is the average amount of the total hours of Netflix streaming among the subscribers.


However, every successful app needs some good amount of time and money investment. But the first thing you need to build a clone application like Netflix is a strong team.


Without a team of professionals, app development will not bring the success you are expecting.


However, let’s meet the team:


  • UX Designer: UX designers will give your app a smooth and attractive interface.


  • Android/iOS Developers: These professionals will help the app perform without any difficulty on various mobile platforms like Android or iOS.


  • Backend Developer: Starting from taking care of the data to the server performativity – these backend developers ensure the software and the server is running smoothly.


  • Quality Analyst: The responsibility does not end with just developing the app. Quality assurance is necessary. The primary job of a quality analyst, in this case, is to test the quality and performance of the app before and after its launch. 


  • Business Analyst: Without strong business strategies it becomes difficult for the new app to adjust to the competitive market. Business analysts are there to boost the growth with their incredible smart strategies. 


  • Project Manager: The entire project is executed, monitored and managed with the help of a project manager, who is also responsible to release the project or the app within the deadline. 


The cost to develop an app like Netflix usually depends on several factors which primarily include:


  • Multiple features that you would like to add to enhance the user experience.
  • Mobile platforms that you choose to release and perform the app.
  • App complexity and designs to boost performance.
  • Maintenance charges.


However, the average cost to develop a video streaming mobile app like Netflix is estimated to be around $10,000 to $25,000.


The per-hour cost of the app developers also depend per location – in North America, the average per hour rate is nearly $140 while in the Eastern countries the rate becomes nearly $60 per hour depending on the app complexities.


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Bottom Line


app idea


Now that you have all the information that you were looking for developing an app like Netflix, are you now ready to step into the competition of the video streaming market and make your brand successful?


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How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Mint

There are over 2.7 billion smartphone users across the globe. The mobile application market is naturally growing at a very fast and at a steady rate. With the continuous development of technology, the users are available to facilitate this rapid adoption of technology with ease making the industry thrive with loyal customers.


It is also estimated that by 2023 that this market will have a revenue worth $189 billion. Thus, building an application for your business can get you the perks of staying ahead in your league and at par with the leading competitors of your niche.




Technology today has taken over all aspects of every individual’s life and finance is also under its umbrella. For a generation that loves to have everything on their fingertips, wouldn’t it be great to have a singular solution to all of their financial problems?


We are talking about apps that have changed the way people view finance. Award-winning apps like Mint provides financial tools not only to individuals looking for better budget trackers but also provides solutions to businesses.


A financial application of your own can be a great advantage for your business idea and put you ahead in the market competition. If you are looking towards to develop an app like Mint, its very important to know about the cost of development and features to be included.


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What Does Mint Do?


Mint app - cost to develop an app like mint


Mint is the brainchild of innovator Aaron Patzer which was initially introduced to focus solely on the US and the Canadian markets. With time, it grew to provide a solution beyond budget tracking.


It has systems like TurboTax and Quicken to look after the accounts and taxes of its clients. It is a rather compatible application and is available on almost all operating systems including Android, iOS and Windows.


The financial solution they provide to the customers are well-suited according to their habits and can help them prepare for a more secure financial future. It has more than 15 million active users and is reliable amongst its audience.


The users can keep a track of their expenditures, loans, credit cards, mortgages, bill payments and do their financial planning accordingly.


The users can provide the information related to their accounts and expenditures while the structured database of the app will provide budget tracking solutions. The users can track their transactions and get structured details of it on the app.


The ease of using the app is what makes it so popular among people. The budgeting tools and solutions are flexible, well-integrated and customized according to the users. The users also receive regular updates or reminders through various communication channels.


The app is well categorised and the customers have the option of evaluating their assets and liabilities. Not only this, but it is a platform that will track the spending and suggest options to save money.


The cost to develop an app like Mint will depend on a lot of factors. Thus, before getting into the details of the cost structure it is important to look at certain aspects of its developmental processes.


Things to Keep in While Developing an App Like Mint


1) Data Security:

data security - cost to develop an app like mint


This should be the most important concern for your app development team as your target audience will prioritise on this aspect the most.


A finance management app requires its customers to insert their bank details. Any breach of security will lead you to face legal issues and will downgrade your business’ reputation in the market.


For a long term goal, it is better to develop a system that assures its users of multi-level security. The information databases must be secure and the data must be effectively used.


This aspect must also be checked regularly and ways to improve data security must be introduced and updated regularly.


2) Data Collection and Recovery:


data recovery - cost to develop an app like mint


Your users will be having multiple accounts on various platforms. Thus your app must be compatible enough to the level so that it is able to support all the information and utilise all the information effectively.


The users must also have the liberty to choose and erase the data from the database and recover it on another device. Data stealing is one of the primary concerns and must be looked after by your app development team.


How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Mint?


Keeping in mind all the factors to perform well in the market, your app must have an attractive design. Most importantly, it must be user-friendly and with a smooth interface.


Charging an additional cost from your users might turn into being a disadvantage as your competitors are already doing it for free. The algorithms must be updated regularly to provide improved and efficient strategies to your customers.


The cost to develop an app like Mint will depend on the features you want in there. Here are some factors that can affect your expenses on developing a financial application.


Basic Features of Your Application


What features do you exactly need? How do you want your application to function? What will the basic structure be like? Discuss these aspects with your team and prepare a basic structure or an outline for your application.


If you are low on budget, keep the features simple and customized rather than hopping on the bandwagon of blindly following trends. More feature will cost you more.


android app development


Prioritise your needs and plan the features accordingly. Extensive market research will help you manage your app development costs.


To cut down on your expenses, you can proceed with your developmental process with the ready made templates already available. A wide range of pre-built features is available at a much lower rate as opposed to custom-designed ones.


1) Advanced Features


advanced features - cost to develop an app like mint


You might be thinking of getting a customised UI/UX design for your application or maybe that one attractive feature. A better UI might improve and provide a better user experience, but customizations will increase your expenses to some extent.


Remember, you can always add more features even after the launch of the app.


2) Application Development Team


application development team


Whether you hire freelance developers or get yourself a team working for you full-time is going to be the factor determining your overall costs. While choosing freelance developers or outsourcing can be effective money wise but it will be a problem in the long-term.


A finance app needs to be updated and bugs need to be fixed quite regularly too. In such a scenario, choosing a team can be a better option as the team of the developers can fix the problems in a short and effective period.


3) Compatibility of The App


Mobile applications are mostly divided into two categories based on their compatibility- Native and hybrid. A native app is good to work on only a specific operating system whereas a hybrid app is more compatible and works on all operating systems effectively.


While choosing the native way, it will require your team to code separately for different platforms. A hybrid app will save up on both your time, money and effort.


Differentiation between the two categories must be done while keeping in the business needs in mind.


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4) Costs After the Launch

app cost - cost to develop an app like mint

The cost to develop an app like Mint might also vary significantly after the launch of the product. Constant updates on improving the features and functioning, resolving customer issues and providing them maintenance support, all of this might add up to the costs.


You might also need to get legal licensing or certifications for your applications which will also cost you something from your capital.


What Features Should Your App Have?


1) Ability to Link to Various Accounts:




Owning several accounts is a common thing nowadays. Your application must be user-friendly and have the feature that lets them connect various accounts to your finance app.


The algorithm of your app must be designed to assess the data efficiently and provide better and personalised money tips. The tips must be easy to implement in the lives of the users. This will keep them engaged to increase the reputation of your app.


2) Monitoring Transactions:


monitoring transactions


The application must allow the users to monitor their expenses wisely- be it credit or debit cards or any online monetary portal. The user must be able to avail all the useful information under the same screen.


All the online payments, loans, card transaction and due payments must be easily accessible to the user.


3) High-End Security:


app security - cost to develop an app like mint

The application must be secured with different levels of security aspects. This will bring credibility to your brand’s name.


4) Financial Targets:


financial targets


The app must have a feature that lets users set financial targets for themselves. This can be anything from buying a car to planning a vacation.


The algorithm must be suitable to fit the varied needs of the users and provide them with ways they can achieve it. The track down of records, short-term goal setting can help them reach their target more efficiently.


5) Regular Updates:

regular updates


To keep your audience engaged you can also send them regular updates through communication channels like email and text messages.


These updates can be about some unusual activity on their account, target achievements or updates on their expenditure.


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While an application like Mint comes with a series of solutions and are undoubtedly the best in their league. They have strategies that have proven to work among their target audience.


It thus becomes primarily important to know your target audience first. Market research and advice from experts can help you with that.


app development company uk


It is also crucial to understand that features can always be added afterwards and cost to develop an app like Mint. If you are low on budget, then maybe you can start with a cheaper process and then move on the expensive features according to the revenue generated.


Innovation is something that can get you going in the business for a long time. Even the existing financial solutions have certain problems to fix. If you can identify them and have a unique solution for these problems, then your app can be the next big thing.


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How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like eBay

The rapidly evolving technology has considerably changed the way we look and consume things around us. With smartphones in almost every hand, every possible human need is addressed and available at our fingertips.


It has taken over almost all aspects of life and e-commerce is just one of them. People love shopping from the comfort of their homes. Businesses too have developed safe channels for its users that enable ease and comfort of usage as well as security.


ecommerce app development


It is estimated that 42% of smartphone prefer shopping online and are planning to use more of it in the coming year. Thus, if you have a business that involves selling and buying, you must get an app.


About 53% of smartphone users make their online purchases from apps that are specific to a certain company. This provides them with a sense of reliability on your product while you can focus on building a brand for yourself.


It can put you ahead in the existing market competition and help you climb the success ladder.


If you are planning to build to an e-commerce platform like that, then the eBay application can be a great example for you. It is one of the leaders amongst its peers and has users from across the globe.


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Let’s have a look at the features and factors influencing the development cost when comes to develop an app like eBay.


What Does eBay Do?

cost to develop an app like ebay

eBay is an e-commerce platform that enables its users to make purchases from the biggest marketplace online. eBay has made shopping easy for its customers. It is budget-friendly and has a wide variety of products available for different audiences.


The users have also the ease of making instant payments through their cards or any other online channel and the product is delivered to their doorstep. It is available on almost all operating systems including iOS and Android.


The e-commerce platform has great deals and offers to attract customers. They have the latest items available for their users and the recommendations based on their shopping history keep the users engaged.


The prices are affordable, and it keeps the users updated about any latest feature, alerts, and offers. The users can not only buy but also sell items online through the channel. The customers can list and sell the items using their already created account.


Regular notifications keep the customers coming back to them. It also lets them keep track of their orders and purchases. The customers can also write their feedback on the products or the delivery through the platform.


Whether it is selling, purchasing or reading reviews, eBay provides a one-stop solution to all the needs of their customers.


Things You Need to Keep in Mind


cost to develop an app like ebay


Developing an application like eBay means that you have to deal with a huge amount of data. This data can be used in several ways to develop and improve the application regularly.


Thus, it is important to have structured data that lets you use the user data while segregating the useless ones. Data is an integral part of any e-commerce platform.


This can help to develop algorithms that can be suitable for the need of the customers which in turn can get you more users on board.


Usually, an app like eBay has a system architecture that can be divided into four parts, namely the back-end part, the front-end part, database servers, and application compatibility.


Developing an application is only one part, elaborate research and efforts will ultimately make the app successful.


If budget is not a problem for you, then you can focus on the nativity of the application. A native application is suitable and compatible with the operating system it has been programmed for.


If your developers’ team have programmed the application for iOS, then they can’t use the same code while developing it for android. A separate code is required for each platform.


Hosting and Domain:


cost to develop an app like ebay


It is necessary to have an attractive domain name for your website. An attractive logo that speaks for your brand is necessary. The next step can be getting a website script.


You can choose from the various CMS solutions like WordPress available. Custom PHP scripts are also commonly used for e-commerce platforms.


Site Design:


cost to develop an app like ebay


This can be one of the most important cost deciding factors for your application. It is thus crucial for you to discuss the important factors and carry out a design outline with your team.


If you are looking to save up on some capital, it is advisable to keep the features simple and customized according to your needs. This can be done by some market research, observing trends, knowing your audience and prioritising the features keeping in mind your budget accordingly.


One can also save up by using readymade templates already available. A wide range of pre-built features is available at a very low rate.


An attractive, customised UI/UX design is like a cherry on the pie but it is important to note that heavy customizations will increase your expenses to some extent.


Payment Gateway:


cost to develop an app like ebay


One of the most important things to consider while developing an e-commerce application is to create a secure payment gateway. This gateway must provide complete security to the users and a smooth transaction from your side.


Logistic Support:

cost to develop an app like ebay

However, this is probably the last step of the developmental process but is a crucial one. The products purchased by the customers must reach the customers on time and at the right location.


For this, you might need to tie-up with logistics groups that can help the smooth transitioning of your business. Better customer experience will help you build a good reputation among your market.


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How Much Will the cost to Develop an app like eBay?


The cost to develop an app like eBay will depend on the features you want in there and the number of developers on your team. Here are some factors that can affect your expenses on developing an application like eBay.


android app development


App Development Team:

cost to develop an app like ebay

The cost to develop an app like eBay depends on the number of hours that the developers spend on building the app. For e-commerce applications, a native mode of app is preferred as it provides smooth functioning and better user-experience.


This requires more time and effort of your team and will naturally increase the cost. It also depends on whether you want to hire freelancers or get a developer’s team.


However, for a long-term benefit, a developer’s team is suggested as you would need to fix bugs and update features accordingly.


Application Design:

cost to develop an app like ebay

The UX/UI design of your application can be a deciding factor for developmental prices. It is important to have a well-categorised application and attractive graphics can be a win-win.


But these will also shoot up the costs of developing the app. You can also start with the basic and default features available and improve them after customer feedback.


Tips on Managing the Developmental Costs


Start with The Basics:


cost to develop an app like ebay


Before you kick start your business, you need to evaluate and assess the needs of your business as well as predict the feedback of your customers. Therefore, it is advisable to start with a basic layout of the app.


A simple logo and UI designs and an interface that provides a decent customer experience. As and when the business becomes profitable, you can add in features and customizations to improve the app.


Engaging Content for Loyal Customers:


engaging content


Now that you have your store, it is necessary to have regular customers. To keep your customers engaged and keep coming to your site, it is important to send out regular reminders.


You can achieve this through communication channels like email and text messages. These updates can be about offers, tracking down orders and other updates about features.


However, no customer likes spam. Make sure your reminders are customized and at regular intervals.


Know Your Market:

know your market

Before you start, it is necessary to go through extensive market research as it will help you understand your competitors.


To stay ahead of them, you can try and find the existing problems and focus on fixing them. You have to make a statement with your brand and focus on the things that set it apart from others.


Customer Support:


customer support


It is the customers that will make your product and business success. Set up customer support that assists them with their orders and requirements and resolves their issues quickly.


This will help you build trust among your people. A good customer support system indicates the reliability of the product and will keep you ahead of your competitors.


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Final Thoughts


A platform like eBay provides a series of buying and selling a solution to its customers. While it has features that make it best in class, it is important to understand that success doesn’t come instantly.


It sometimes can be a series of trial and error methods. One can always start with the basic features and update them regularly keeping the customer feedback in mind.


app idea


Above all, know and understand your niche audience. You can always look up to experts in the fields and seek their advice or refer your market research.


If you are low on budget, you can always consider getting basic features and designs for your application. Try to develop an app that speaks for a brand like eBay and is clear with things that set it apart from other factors like cost.


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