10 Best Free Diabetes Apps for Android & iOS

Healthcare industries have evolved by a huge difference ever since they have been enormously transformed by digital technology. Now there are mobile apps for fitness tracking and monitoring blood glucose, weight loss and even your diabetes as well. With these free apps, it is easy to watch and control your diabetes as you go about living your day.


Although the diabetes-centric mobile apps have unique features to assist you, their basic approach is to encourage good lifestyle habits including food intake, physical activity as well as blood sugar level maintenance.



They all are designed to focus on weight loss, calorie control, carb counts, insulin doses and diabetes-friendly diet.


Whether you have type 1, type 2, or progressive symptoms, these free diabetes apps ensure that your health data is accessible in one dashboard to simplify your diabetes management.


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In this blog, we will take a look at the 10 best free diabetes apps available in the UK.


Fooducate Accu-Chek
MyFitnessPal MySugr
Beat Diabetes Diabetic Diet
Diabetes Connect BeatO
Diabetes: M OneTouch Reveal


1) Fooducate


It all starts with what you choose to put in your body. Fooducate knows how important it is to manage diabetes and therefore keeps you informed of all the good foods you can try to maintain your blood sugar level.


Fooducate - free diabetes apps


It helps enhance your knowledge about which food is wholesome for keeping sugar in control and what carbs to avoid. Fooducate allows you to scan foods and see its calorie quality, sugar content and hidden ingredients.


Fooducate - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Ideal for a food-driven diabetes management approach
  • Encourages diabetes-friendly food choices
  • Suggests sugar-free lifestyle changes
  • Helps you discriminate between good and bad carbs
  • Scan and track food for its calorie quality

Google PlayApp Store



2) Accu-Chek Connect


Accu-Chek Connect is for those who are already advised to keep their body’s insulin level maintained for good health. This is the first-ever FDA-approved app that updates you with accurate insulin advice.


Accu-check - free diabetes apps


To get the best result, the patients require an activation signal from their professional doctor. Its insulin measurement feature then gets activated to generate information on blood glucose patterns that you can identify.


Accu-check - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Best for diabetic patients
  • Precise insulin level check
  • Doctor-approved app activation
  • Shows blood glucose patterns and trends

Google PlayApp Store



3) MyFitnessPal


MyFitnessPal might not be a typical diabetes management program, but it definitely works by focusing on individual weight loss goals. It works on the principle of maintaining a healthy weight, which is a vital part of diabetes management.


MyFitnessPal - free diabetes apps


It keeps your weight in control by monitoring your overall food intake and customizing what you eat. It features a food barcode scan that uses an internet connection to operate.


MyFitnessPal - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Best for individual weight loss goal
  • Helps maintain a healthy weight for diabetes management
  • Monitors and customizes your daily food intake
  • Food barcode scan
  • Focuses on low-carb Atkins diet

Google PlayApp Store



4) MySugr


MySugr distinguishes itself from other diabetes apps in the list by offering a clean, user-appealing and intuitive interface and it is completely free. It comes with a customizable dashboard and also allows you to link with your glucose monitor.


mySugar - free diabetes apps


MySugr app also sends reminders to push you to follow up with more specific details such as blood sugar levels before and after a workout session. You can also share this accurate data with your doctor so that you can discuss plans to manage diabetes or change insulin treatment accordingly.


mySugar - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Clean and intuitive interface
  • Ability to sync with a glucose monitor
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Reminders for checking blood sugar at different stages
  • Sharable information and charts

Google PlayApp Store




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5) Beat Diabetes


Popular as a pocket guidebook, Beat Diabetes is one of the best free diabetes apps available in the UK especially for beginners recently diagnosed with the condition. The app provides a great resort for patients who seek reliable information to quickly get on track.


Beat diabetes - free diabetes apps


You have here sea of diabetic information about avoidable foods, carb control, adding physical activities, complications, etc. The app sets you on the right sugar-free path in no time keeping you up-to-date with medical treatment.


Laughable - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Pocket guidebook with handy diabetes 101 information
  • Boosts your knowledge on best organic ways to defeat diabetes
  • Recommendations on workout routines, food, treatment options & more
  • Alerts you on unforeseeable complications

Google PlayApp Store





6) Diabetic Diet


Diabetic Diet, as the name hints, follows the basic approach towards diabetic care for people with or without diabetes. This app is a great tool that provides a wealth of resources designed to focus mainly on choosing a balanced diet and good food.


Diabetes Diet - free diabetes apps


It is all about what to eat, food routines and safest weight loss methods to fight the diabetic or prediabetic condition. It is even perfect for those who care about someone with diabetes.


Diabetes Diet - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Information-driven approach for diabetic conditions
  • Straightforward and informative do’s and don’ts
  • Focuses on a balanced diet and healthy food habits
  • Safe weight loss suggestions
  • Useful for pros and the newly diagnosed

Google PlayApp Store



7) Diabetes Connect


Diabetes Connect provides you a great way to track and manage your diabetes symptoms, treatment and food intake habits. By enabling features that you can toggle on and off, Diabetes Connect helps you control the diabetic condition.


Diabetes Connect - free diabetes apps


You can access your health dashboard either in an app or via a web browser. You have all the data consolidated in one spot so that you can easily track your weight, sugar level, insulin dosage, meals, calories, medications, etc. It also gets synced across various devices in use so you can monitor it anytime anywhere.


Diabetes Connect - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Brings all data in one common dashboard
  • Accessible across multiple devices
  • Updates on all-round diabetic parameters
  • Easy to print and share data with your doctor

Google PlayApp Store



8) BeatO


With BeatO turning your smartphone into an active Glucometer, you don’t need a different glucose monitor. This app easily pulls data from its BeatO glucometer and allows you to measure and monitor your glucose level right on your smartphone.


BeatO - free diabetes apps


A team of BeatO-associated medical experts maintains sanity and intervenes with reminders of higher glucose levels and a health-centric lifestyle guide.


BeatO - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Reliable diabetic management
  • Backed by a team of medical experts
  • Pulls data of glucose level from Glucometer
  • Uses color coding to depict high, low and normal blood sugar levels

Google PlayApp Store



9) Diabetes: M


Diabetes: M is a full-fledged log app with all-round features to aid diabetes conditions including diet and nutrition logging and tracking, blood test reminders, blood sugar patterns mapping, insulin bolus calculator and integration with fitness apps.


Diabetes M - free diabetes apps


Its powerful tools show charts of trends for excellent glucose control in adjustable timeframes. It is also compatible with Apple Watch and lets you add multiple members with a paid subscription.


Diabetes M - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Ideal for minute diabetic management
  • Packed with a range of features
  • Nutrition logging, blood test reminders
  • Integration with a fitness app
  • Nutrition-based insulin bolus calculator
  • Tools to check trend graphs and charts
  • Subscription lets you add multiple profiles

Google PlayApp Store



10) OneTouch Reveal


This app works like a highlighter of trends in blood sugar if you have diabetes. OneTouch Reveal automatically generates insights and trends in response to your blood glucose readings.


OneTouch - free diabetes apps


This is especially beneficial if your blood sugar mysteriously goes off within a certain timeframe. The app highlights this as a crucial easy-to-see trend in a timeline and alerts you to take action.


Based on your log history, your physician can modify your diet plans and carb intake.


OneTouch - rating - free diabetes apps



  • Automatic insights and trends in blood sugar
  • Highlights important trends events on the timeline
  • Color-coded interface to highlight daily high/low readings
  • Close analysis of blood sugar patterns
  • Physician-recommended healthy diet plans

Google PlayApp Store




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Conclusion: Choose the best fit for your Diabetes type


These are the 10 best free diabetes app in the UK that you can prefer to install on your Android or iOS device. Some of these apps are still getting better with new updates as technology progresses over time.



The way modern AI-enabled platforms and chatbots are constantly disrupting the healthcare industry, we are likely to see the rise of more interactive and intelligent healthcare apps in the future, all enhanced with astonishing features.


This also sounds like a vivid prospect for startup enthusiasts striving to break into the digital healthcare market and build successful fitness-focused diabetes management apps.

10 Best Free Pregnancy Apps For Mom

It might be a little offensive to see expecting fathers spending good chunk of time frantically fiddling with their smart gadgets.


But with pregnant woman curiously expecting a baby to enter the world, you will do all it takes to make sure everything goes smooth. Just a shadow of small concern about imminent baby is enough to have you googling the smallest of information.


health app development


Both mothers and fathers spend stretch of time interacting with MidWives, other Moms or Instagram club asking for advises on late night screams. It is inevitable to be worried and agitated as the belly grows larger.


However, having some of the free dedicated pregnancy apps comforts you at times of emergency. As Technology for parental guide is booming, many free apps have already entered the online app store to help you prepare for good news to pregnancy.


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We have picked from the lot the 10 best free pregnancy apps in UK for baby care and parenting.


1) Mush


It is a great pregnancy app for expecting mothers and is from British native entrepreneurs Katie Massie-Taylor and Sarah Hesz. It works best as a parental aid when you need it most by connecting you with other like-minded moms in your neighborhood.


Mush - best free pregnancy apps


This is something that especially comes handy if you are on parental leave. It contains useful parenting guides, mom-friendly discussions and best places to purchase baby gear.


Mush - rating - best free pregnancy apps


To integrate moms’ social tendencies, the app offers Peanut, connecting moms with other pregnant moms.

Google PlayApp Store



2) Glow Nurture


Essentially a good pregnancy tracker app, Glow Nurture joins the list because it targets almost all pregnancy tracking needs a pregnant woman seeks. It keeps you informed with daily updates on baby size.


Glow Nuture - best free pregnancy apps


Hence fathers and mothers will always remember the healthy growth of a baby.


Glow Nuture - rating - best free pregnancy apps


You will be in the know of baby’s ongoing inputs about developmental milestones, symptoms, forums as well as tracking mothers’ health during the phase.

Google PlayApp Store



3) Baby Monitor 3G


It is a baby monitoring app that uses the best of both smartphone and its camera.


Baby Monitor - best free pregnancy apps


With this app, you can forgo expensive video baby monitors and just rely on the magical internet-connected device in your pocket to watch your little ones.


Baby Monitor - rating - best free pregnancy apps


Just pair two smartphones with internet and let the magic begin! This is a wonderful app when parents are compelled to be away on trips or at work.

Google PlayApp Store



4) Ask The Midwife


Ask the Midwife is a potential alternative comes handy in cases of emergency baby check late in the night.


Ask the Buddy - best free pregnancy apps


Users who are parents to expected babies can easily use this paid app to ask for a quick consultation with a professional midwife when they are most worried.


Ask the Buddy - rating - best free pregnancy apps


All they need is to initiate a text message or a video chat with a baby expert. Ask The Midwife gives you some first-aid care when you are unable to contact NHS Healthcare Visitor.

Google PlayApp Store





5) The Wonder Weeks


Named after the hot famous pregnancy book, the Wonder Weeks is a great women-friendly alternative in pregnancy tracker app category. The app is quite a rage among new parents already.


The Wonder Weeks - best free pregnancy apps


The purpose here is to provide week-by-week updates on your child’s development.


The Wonder Weeks - rating - best free pregnancy apps


After the baby is born, parents can investigate into why their sweet angel suddenly turned into a squalling crier at night. The app looks after your baby’s different phases of development.

Google PlayApp Store



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6) The Bump Pregnancy app


This app is highly recommended for weekly pregnancy comparison guide and checking conditions of a baby inside the womb. It uses a comparison fruit to help you compare and monitor each stage of pregnancy, which clarifies a lot for curious parents.


The Bump - best free pregnancy apps


The app is regularly updated with good fresh editorial content by the Bump staff. Users can also clear their doubts by asking questions to the medical experts, editors or other connected moms.


The Bump - rating - best free pregnancy apps


Additionally, it is an opportunity to document your pregnancy with the weekly photo albums.

Google PlayApp Store



7) Ovia Pregnancy Tracker


Dedicated to mom’s general wellness, Ovia Pregnancy Tracker keeps the process of 40 weeks of pregnancy in fine tune while supporting the process.


Ovia Pregnancy - best free pregnancy apps


Ovia checks on mum’s health and makes sure you never forget about it. Considering your age, BMI and previous history, the app also sends personalized feedback and lets you set up notifications and reminders for medications.


Ovia Pregnancy - rating - best free pregnancy apps


It also imports all the details of daily activity and sleep pattern on your fitness tracker while helping you keep the weight gain under control.

Google PlayApp Store



8) Belly Bump App


Created by celeb dads Justin Baldoni, Travis Clark and Travis Van Winkle, Belly Bump app is an awesome time lapse pregnancy tracker app that stays with you through the reverse count down to the delivery.


belly bump - best free pregnancy apps


The unique app makes the best of technology to show bump photos in 180-degree angle transformed then into an incredible time-lapse video.


Ask the Buddy - rating - best free pregnancy apps


Go ahead and share with your friends on your social media.

Google PlayApp Store



9) Pabobo


This app is created by the nightlight maker and makes for the reliable pregnancy app especially as a travel-friendly resource.


Pabobo - best free pregnancy apps


Built to work on iOS devices, the app interacts with iPhone’s environment and reads its color, light intensity and suggest a lullaby to send your baby to sleep.


Disney life - rating - best free pregnancy apps


Google PlayApp Store



10) WebMD Pregnancy app


WebMD is what online medical advice seekers look to when in the need for quick information or common medical practices.


WebMD Pregnancy - best free pregnancy apps


The app opens up the full access to over 900 article content you need to enhance your pregnancy knowledge and they are all approved or recommended by doctors.


WebMD Pregnancy - rating - best free pregnancy apps


Moreover, you will also track the belly progress and pregnancy journal. WebMD pregnancy app is an excellent source of dependable maternity support and tips coming from its community of medical experts.

Google PlayApp Store




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You will find many other free pregnancy and parenting apps that guide you well while you expect a baby or even after your baby is born. However, the top 10 best free pregnancy apps in UK described above ends your struggle for discovering the best in the niche.



If you are a UK denizen, these free apps accompany you when you are most worried and accommodate almost everything you need during pregnancy or post-pregnancy phase.

Tips for Developing the Best Healthcare App

App development is pretty big these days and more and more people are getting into it. Almost every industry is dependent on technological advancements for their progression and those who are not are heavily investing in new technologies. One such industry is the healthcare industry.


If you are thinking about making a healthcare app then you must first learn about the healthcare industry in general. You need to learn about all the tips and stats of the industry if you want to involve in the development of best healthcare app.


healthcare app development tips


Many things go into the process of developing a new app. And in this article, we are going to discuss the tips and tricks in healthcare app development.


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The Healthcare Industry


The healthcare industry has been investing heavily in developing digital apps which will help the industry develop and achieve new heights.


Among all the other industries, the healthcare industry is utilizing smartphones for app development and they are incorporating more and more digital technology to further their business.

healthcare app development tips

The term health is often used in the medical and healthcare industry to describe the application of mobile phones and other devices in the industry. Healthcare apps are really useful, and they have a lot of benefits.


Healthcare apps are dominating the market as of now and they have become quite popular. There are more than 97,000 apps available on Android and iOS. With these, patients can check their status and order meds online.


Most doctors these days rely on these apps to help them keep a proper record of their patients. Currently, North America is dominating the global health market.


But countries like India and China aren’t far behind either. Europe is also developing rapidly in this regard and the UK and Germany are among the best options for digital healthcare solutions.


Benefits of Healthcare apps


Healthcare apps have immense benefits. The apps are easy to use and as mentioned above almost all doctors and their patients use these apps.


These apps give the user access to many services and features. Earlier if you wanted to book an appointment with the doctor then you either had to physically go to the clinic/hospital and book an appointment or you can call the hospital/ or clinic.


healthcare app development tips


But now you can do that with an app and it’s a lot easier and saves a lot of time. You can even interact with doctors or check your medical reports without physically visiting the hospital. But apart from this, there are any other services provided by these apps.


The apps help the doctors and nurses to collect data with ease and they ensure easy and immediate access in the remote areas. By keeping a record of everything, these apps minimize the risk of incorrect data.


Patients can gain access to their medical record anytime etc. This also provides scope for new business opportunities.


Types of healthcare apps


If you or your company wants to create amazing healthcare apps then you should learn about the types of healthcare apps that are out there. Healthcare apps are used by doctors and patients and this is how the apps can be differentiated.


The apps used by the doctors are best when it concerns medical records. But the apps that the patients use have a wide range of features and services which they can use at their discretion.


healthcare app development tips


But there are many apps which can be used by both doctors and patients. Apps that help you track your weight, lifestyle, mental health are a few such apps. Some apps will let you keep track of your schedule or let you book appointments with doctors.


The apps that let you track your weight is probably the one that’s the most used by the two parties i.e. the doctors and the patients.


These apps also offer many other services and also monitor your heartbeat which is very essential these days. Healthcare apps do not take up much space which is why almost everyone can download and use them.


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Tips for facing Problems That Arise in the Development of  a Healthcare App


Making an app for the healthcare industry can be quite difficult. You have to consider many factors before you start developing such apps.


1) HIPAA Guidelines


The first thing you will have to do is follow the HIPAA guidelines. For those of you who don’t know what HIPPA stands for, it’s Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.


This protects all the information related to health which can be identified individually. And if you’re wondering why this is important then you should know that this is the only law that checks how is being stored and how it is being shared over an application.

healthcare app development tips


Before you or your company starts developing apps, go through this guideline thoroughly and if you decide to hire a developer then make sure that they know all the laws, and constraints.


But some apps do not have to follow these guidelines, but those apps usually offer general information about health and nothing more.


But this isn’t the only constraint, modern healthcare apps have a tough time integrating with the outdated systems that the hospitals and clinics use.


As a developer, you will have to make an app which can be accessed by both the parties and only then will you be able to develop the best healthcare app.


2) Good UI/UX


Making a good UI/UX is very important.  Most of the apps have a complicated user interface which makes it difficult to use and they also tend to have complex user navigation. After a while, this can get quite annoying hence you should spend a considerable amount of time on the app’s UI.


You will have to make sure that your app’s UI is user-friendly and that it doesn’t consume a lot of battery while running in the background. If you make your UI unique the chances of people downloading your app will increase significantly.


healthcare ui ux


The app developers usually have direct access to the patient’s health records. Therefore, it’s important to maintain a certain level of transparency. Your app needs to have good privacy settings and the terms and conditions should be mentioned.


Otherwise, people might complain, and they can even file a lawsuit against the app if they please. So be careful while creating the app’s privacy settings.


3) Test Your App


Finally, the most important thing that you have to do is test your app. You need to make sure that your app is functioning properly before releasing it because if the app malfunctions then it can give out false or negative information to its users which can have some serious consequences.


The things that you should give priority while checking are the privacy settings, whether it’s following the HIPAA guidelines or not and the authenticity for PII and PHI regulations.


mobile app testing


If your app is a fitness tracker and uses location services, then you should also check whether the services are working properly or not. Make sure to test your app in low connectivity.


If your app uses a scanner then make sure that the scanner works properly. And lastly, your app should be compatible with both Android and IOS. Also, make sure that the app doesn’t take up too much space.


4) Marketing and Monetizing the App


Now that you know how to make the app of your dreams, it’s time for you to focus on how to monetize your app once you are finished developing the app. You can start by creating paid accounts and adding ads to your app.


This way it will be easier for you to earn money. And there are many other options besides this which you can look for on the internet. You will have to promote your app all over social media to get the best response.




Your app needs to reach everyone and as you know the competition is fierce, there are thousands of healthcare apps out there. Therefore, you will have to make sure that your app gets exposure.


If you can then try to make your app unique (as mentioned earlier) or at least add a unique feature to your app that will make people want to download your app.


Consult other developers on how to promote your app and how to sell it to a healthcare company. The more you talk to other developers the more you will be able to understand the industry and make your dream app a success.


The health industry is flourishing as of now and you won’t have to struggle too much to find success. Everyday people are downloading healthcare apps and using them.


New developers and companies are launching apps almost daily. More than 84000 health app developers have launched their apps recently and the numbers just keep growing.


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Final Thoughts


If you’re a young and budding app developer and have decided to make it big in the healthcare industry, then you have made a good choice. The need for technology is ever-growing and soon all of the hospitals will rely on digital tech to get their work done.


mobile app development


And make sure to sell your app to a legit company otherwise your app could be misused by a lot of people. And if you manage to sell it, then be sure to promote it as much as you can and of course, the company will help you with this.


So do not worry too much, and start developing your app. If you follow the above development tips and stats, then you will surely make the best healthcare app.

13 Best Mental Health Apps UK 2023

Technology, especially social media is referred to as one of the primary causes of mental illness nowadays. It is criticized most of the time for worsening the mental health people across the globe. So, how can mental health mobile apps help you in bettering your overall mental health?


mobile app development


If you are not one of them who gets affected by what is going on in the social media domain or your mental health is not affected by screen-time, then mental health apps can be used along with treatment to better the situation.


Around 39 percent of the people in the UK are suffering from mental illness, stress, anxiety disorder or other forms of mental health issues.


Experts are of the opinion that by using certain tools and applications for managing their stress levels reduces anxiety and has a more positive impact on the mental wellbeing of the individual.


NHS has started a new service of Apps Library which has various apps and tools mainly for positively influencing the mental health of its users.


It is a strategy of the NHS to promote a productive outlook on mental health and work towards gaining traction to include more and more people in its circle.


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If you are not trying to cut off with your phone or if you do not get affected by scrolling down the social media posts of your friends having a gala time at some exotic location,


Then here are eleven mental health apps to help you in your mental well-being in UK.


1) Moodrise


This is one of the newest applications for creating mental well-being by taking care of your mood and mind. It is referred to as ‘digital nutrition” where the content of these apps has been created to provide a better experience to the brain. It -helps reduce pain and increase your emotional resilience.


Moodrise - mental health apps


  • The application primarily focuses on the different state of mind/ mood which includes happiness, confidence and focuses as the fundamentals.
  • It also directed to take care of the other neurotransmitters in the brain that lead to mood change.
  • The content on this application is created for delivering such chemical reactions in the brain that would lead to happiness, confidence and make the individual more focused. *
  • All these are backed by scientific research. The content is often termed as “digital pills” to enhance mental health and build up emotional strength.


Moodrise - rating - mental health apps


Google PlayApp Store



2) EleFriends


This is an online community which is created by Mental Health Charity Mind to support people suffering from mental health issues. This is a platform where one can share their thoughts, difficulties and that too without any fear.


Elefriends - mental health apps


People suffering from these issues need to be heard and this platform caters to all of the primary needs. The features of the platform are:


  • You can read posts uploaded on the community offline
  • The platform is password protected
  • You can share photos on the platform via your device
  • Posts updates
  • Set up your notification alerts
  • Moderated by the admins from 10am to midnight.


Elefriends - rating - mental health apps


Google PlayApp Store




3) Echo


When a person has an anxiety disorder, he or she does not want to think about the issue after the phase is over.


This also includes missing medicines knowingly or unknowingly which can possibly worsen the individual’s mental health condition and aggravate anxiety disorder.


Echo pharmacy - mental health apps


  • To take care of this situation, the application ‘Echo’ has been developed which is a ‘prescription app’ that reminds the user of the timing of taking their medicines.
  • Even if the patient forgets about the time of taking the medicine after having an anxiety attack, this app helps him or her remember the same.
  • There are different alerts which can be set to remind you of the timing of taking the medicines.


Echo pharmacy - rating - mental health apps


Google PlayApp Store



4) Headspace


This is one of the most popular mental health apps in the UK at present where you will find various resources like articles, guides on meditation, animated videos and other videos on how to de-stress yourself.


Head space - mental health apps


If you are new to meditation, this application is just right for you.

  • It has a structured approach starting from basic to advanced level guides for meditating which creates an environment of calmness in you.
  • This application is also simple to use and the language used in the application for the resources is very easy to understand.
  • The application is not free and comes with a monthly charge of 9.99 GBP. Alternatively, you go for an annual subscription which reduces the monthly charges to 5.99 GBP.


Head space - rating - mental health apps


Google PlayApp Store



5) Drugstars

Have you ever thought that by taking medicines on time you can help other patients too? If not, then this app is making such distant and never-thought dreams possible.


Drugstars - mental health apps


Yes, with this application on your phone, whenever you take the medicine right at the time as prescribed by your doctor


  • you earn stars
  • These stars can get converted into real money when you donate them to some charities in the United Kingdom like No Panic which works for people having anxiety disorders and also to Crohns & Colitis UK which is a centre for treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases
  • This application alerts you when you need to take your medicine and once you take it, you earn stars.


Drugstars - rating - mental health apps


Google PlayApp Store



6) Calm


This is an application which is great for sleep and guided meditation for bettering your mental health. Sleep is one of the most important things that a person with certain mental issues, need to have.


Calm - mental health apps


This application has guides about meditation to reduce anxiety and stress level in the body.


  • This helps the individuals to get a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • The application is one step ahead and also has various audio clips, stories to make you fall asleep easily.
  • In addition to stories, the app has a library of music tones; tracks which are soothing to the ear and make you fall asleep quickly.
  • This application also has podcast facilities where experts from different parts of the world talk about meditation and mental wellbeing.
  • There are videos for simple stretching activities to make your body fitter and flexible.
  • The application is not free and the price that you need to pay for the same is 34.99 GBP/ year.


Calm - rating - mental health apps


Google PlayApp Store



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7) Tomo


Talking to someone is really important when one has a mental health issue. But finding the right person who has the time to hear you out is difficult in today’s time.


Tomo - mental health apps


So, Tomo which is a CHAT-BOT can help you break the monotony.

  • You can talk to Tomo and it understands and learns about your lifestyle and also understands how to handle challenges.
  • Then it offers new solutions, health tips, and lifestyle habits to make your life better.
  • If you are able to indulge yourself in the new lifestyle and habit, then take a photo of your achievement and post it in the chat community.
  • You will receive a lot of motivation to go forward from the community itself.
  • Here, you can be anonymous and there is no such pressure like you feel on social media.


Tomo - rating - mental health apps


App Store


health app development

8) Waking Up


This is a complete meditation app where you will be able to join Sam Harris who is an expert in meditation and has been practising the same for over thirty years.


Waking Up - mental health apps


He is also a PhD holder in neuroscience.

  • The application takes you through a fifty-day introductory course at the beginning and then you get to join the regular – daily meditation program.
  • This is regarded as one of the most useful meditating apps and helps the app users to achieve their goals in slow but steady steps.
  • This application comes for 49.99 GBP per year or 6.49 GBP per month.


Waking Up - rating - mental health apps


Google PlayApp Store



9) HealthUnlocked Communities


Often people with mental illness are ill-treated and misunderstood. This is because their thinking process gets disturbed at times.


Health Unlocked - mental health apps


They may not be able to make themselves coherently understandable to others.

  • This application provides a platform for people with similar issues to connect and share their individual stories and experiences and meet each other and have healthy social interactions.
  • This is really important as a person with mental illness should not feel deprived of society.
  • If he or she is completely cut off from society, then it will only worsen the situation.
  • There are charities and mental health organizations that monitor this application and the communities in it. You can find this application on the App Store.


Health Unlocked - rating - mental health apps


App Store


10) Pacifica


NHS CBT therapist, Joseph Croft recommends this application for users to improve their mental well-being. The app is free to download. Users can browse through the application to help reduce their stress levels, reduce anxiety and achieve an overall calmness.


Pacifia - mental health apps


It also helps in dealing with depression.

  • There are tools and resources in this app which users need for the same purpose.
  • The application is based on the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and also on mindfulness meditation.
  • This application helps in tracking your mood which results in a better treatment outcome.


Pacifia - rating - mental health apps


Google PlayApp Store



11) Mindscape


It is a new mental well-being application which has been created and launched by Creative Agency Cult in 2018.


Mindscape - mental health apps


The application uses a super-advanced technology-based application with artificial intelligence, voice technology, and science-based music therapy to provide calmness and peace to your brain.


  • This application has been developed by taking suggestions from consultants in Mind – which is a mental health charity organization to deal with the people having panic and anxiety attacks.
  • There are breathing exercises with the help of voice tool, monitoring of sleep, mood to track the changes in behaviour and treat the patient accordingly.


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12) Moodpath


It is an application for depression and anxiety management.


Moodpath - mental health apps


The features of this application are:

  • It has a series of questions and answers to make you more aware of the emotions that you go through.
  • This application can generate a report of the mental state that you are in after collecting the answers from you for fourteen days; this report can be discussed with the medical practitioner.
  • There are videos and exercise guides available on the application for your use.


Moodpath - rating - mental health apps


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13) 7 Cups


The name of the application may sound weird but the application is one of the most effective applications for depression and anxiety management at present in the United Kingdom.


7Cups - mental health apps


Its features include:

  • There are therapists on this platform that can listen and guide you.
  • There are more than lakhs of the listeners to whom you can simply speak whenever you are upset.
  • There are support chat rooms and Guided discussion groups.


7Cups - rating - mental health apps


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mobile app development


These are the top mental health apps that are currently trending in the UK markets. Experts wholeheartedly believe that these applications are a credible form of alternative treatment for those undergoing mental health therapies.

Growing Prevalence of Healthcare Mobile Apps in the UK

UK, in the last few years has suddenly seen an upsurge in the usage of mobile healthcare apps. Developing into a vivid ecosystem, the market is dynamic and has holds potential in terms of growth and expansion.


digital healthcare mobile apps


With more and more people in the country inclined to using healthcare apps, the business opportunities in the mobile healthcare industry has practically doubled overnight.


What has actually brought about this disruptive change in the market? Its the result of a collision between the fast paced digital industry and relatively slow moving healthcare sector.


However, with positive adoption of healthcare apps in the market has encouraged a steady growth over the last five years. New technologies combined with innovative business models have added new workflows that has transformed the healthcare sector totally.


healthcare mobile apps


Giving life to mobile health solutions are the stakeholders from within the health industry. Through advancements in technology, healthcare app development is accelerating at a tremendous pace.


Holding a lot of promise, evidence suggests that apps are going to play a positive role in patient outcomes along with minimising costs of patient care.


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A Snapshot of the Growing Market


With over 318,000 healthcare apps in the market, the growth has been substantial. This figure has nearly doubled from number of healthcare apps in 2015. Latest figures suggest that approximately 200 apps are now being added on a daily basis.


The global healthcare mobile app development market is at a projected value of US$ 28.320 billion. It is expected to increase to a whopping US$ 102.35 billion by 2023.


An increased adoption of smartphones, along with heavy investments in digital health are the driving forces that has fuelled this growth.


The Consumer Graph


The research conducted by Accenture shows that a strong use of digital technology is prevalent, and the numbers are on the rise every year. To the majority of respondents, managing their help with technological assistance was important.


A key element that is highlighted through this research is the range of mobile technology in use encompassing health records, social media, wearables and online communities. From just 16% in 2014, the consumer numbers have doubled to 485 in 2018.


The survey also established that consumers of healthcare apps are adapting to this transformation simply because they wish to avail of care, anytime, anywhere.


Medical Economics says in its report that almost 79% of consumers will probably choose a provider that performs interactions on healthcare through their online platforms, either web or a mobile device.

healthcare mobile apps

On the other hand, Business Wire  published that 50% of consumers more likely to leave their current service providers if the competition offered better technology.


The primary factor that pushes consumers towards healthcare apps is convenience. Secondary factors such as having access to their patient records, paying bills, filling prescriptions, accessing test results and scheduling appointments tag along.


Service providers developing healthcare apps have an opportunity to create marked differentiators by offering modernised services that are technologically advanced and work to satisfy consumer expectations.


The Competition


A continuous influx of new entrants is propelling the digital health market to expand at this phenomenal pace. Research to Guidance states more than 84,000 mobile health apps in the medical, health and fitness markets have been published in 2017 alone.


The types of mobile health app publishers have significantly diversified.


The Key Categories Include:


  • Traditional healthcare providers such as hospitals, pharma companies and health insurers at 32%
  • Digital players including app companies at 28%
  • Non-healthcare entrants such as app developing companies stand at 23%
  • Universities, non-profits, educational organizations have captured 10% of the market
  • Telecommunication companies only have 1% market share


The difference between traditional healthcare stakeholders offering mobile solutions and pure digital health companies is distinct. Traditional players use mobile health solutions as an extension on their core businesses on the digital front.


Digital companies, on the other hand, are purely focussed on mobile products and services. As the market for mobile health apps have experienced such fast-tracked growth, several non-health players, for example, market research organizations, IT companies and app development agencies have been new entrants in the segment.


healthcare mobile apps


In 2017, the healthcare app market was estimated to reach a staggering 3.7 billion in downloads. This was a 16% jump from the 2016 figures. Nevertheless, competition is brutal and achieving the targeted app downloads is a definite challenge.


Not so surprisingly, only 4% of healthcare apps get over a million downloads annually and only 15% get between 50,000 to 250,000 every year.


The Market Potential


1.5 billion units of smartphones have been sold globally this year. Add a decade and almost everyone will have a smartphone in their hands. The devices too are going too far more advanced than what they are today.


The UK is one of the robust markets for healthcare apps due to their attractive market size, more convenient access to potential investors and acceptance by healthcare practitioners and patients.


digital health solutions


Diabetes, Obesity and Depression are the top 3 segments that has the best in terms of market potential geared towards mobile healthcare solutions.


Having said that, the market potential is largely determined by the therapy whereas in reality the penetration is on the lower end.


The number of cases worldwide that have been registered for diabetes, obesity and depression stand at 422 million, 600 million and 300 million respectively.


The number of mobile users continue to rise thus creating market opportunities for healthcare apps as a result of the prevalence of chronic conditions.


The NHS in UK allocated US$ 148 billion budget towards healthcare of which 70% was dedicated to caring for long term conditions. The healthcare sector in the UK has progressed slowly towards the adoption of healthcare apps.


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However, with the NHS under tremendous pressure that has led to increased waiting times, patients now have no alternative but to turn to healthcare apps for solutions.


The benefits of mobile healthcare apps are not just limited to patients only. Healthcare practitioners too can use them to treat and diagnose multiple diseases at an early stage.


The patient data stored on mobile apps accessible to both concerned parties can be used by physicians to make an assessment of the patient’s case history prior to attending to appointments.


The Last Word


Converting to healthcare apps from traditional platforms has advantages in terms of cost cutting along with maintaining and enhancing the quality of patient care via the NHS, private clinics and hospitals.


healthcare mobile apps


However, the industry is not without its challenges.In a time where both public and private sector healthcare establishments are fully stretched, shifting the focus on healthcare apps either fully or partially will provide valuable support and give patients a better understanding of their health conditions.

10 Best Health and Fitness Apps in UK

It’s the New Year time and we all are in verge of getting back for health and fitness goals for the year.


Every New Year it is no wonder that we hit gym and promise all good things we would do in the rest of the year to keep us healthy and fit.


While many of this rings away, we still try and manage to get back in track and attempt to work on it. In UK, the increasing number of apps for health and fitness are further encouraging us to work on our fitness targets.


mobile app development


The overwhelming number is making us confused to choose the right app which may fit us and work with us for similar goal. Hence we all are on the same board, looking for health, physical and mental well-being.


This article will help all of us to see what are the best health and fitness apps in UK this year to achieve our goals.


Here is a list of best health and fitness apps in UK for this year.


Strava Fiit
Runkeeper Cyclemeter
MyFitnessPal SWORKIT
Intervals One You Couch to 5K
Nike+ Run Club Lifesum


1. Strava: Best for sharing activities


Strava is popular with over ten million users who work and track around one billion activities. It helps to track our daily activities and share the records with other users.


strava - fitness apps


  • Share the runs and rides with users
  • Congratulate other’s efforts
  • Ask for advice and communicate with others
  • Compete with friends and rivals
  • Simple interface


Download : Android, iOS


2. Fiit: App for Exercise classes


One of the best app for giving a video of exercise classes when you are at home is Fiit. With the several subscription-based apps floating around which can provide you gym based experience at home, Fiit is best to make their users attracted to this app.


fit app - fitness apps


  • Classes are broken down as per duration
  • Type of classes category for ease
  • Difficult to easy levels
  • App pairs with others to count reps and duration
  • Can compete with oneself
  • Excellent trainers


Download : Android, iOS


3. Runkeeper: Best for tracking one’s run


This is one of the popular fitness apps  in UK for tracking one’s run in detail. While this app is free, there also exists a pro version which costs around £7.99 per month.


runkeeper - fitness apps


  • Clear and easy interface
  • Strong user base with 50 million
  • Weekly training plans available in the pro version


Download : Android, iOS


4. Cyclemeter: App for Tracking Cycling


Cycling has been a growing trend and phenomenon these days. Cyclemeter is one such app which helps to arrange data available for cyclists through a smartphone app. It helps track our rides easily and with clear detail.


cycle meter - fitness apps


  • Stat, map, and graph features available
  • Easy user face
  • Can sync rides with other apps like strava easily
  • The free version, pro available from £9.99 per year.


Download : Android, iOS


5. MyFitnessPal: App for counting calories


While there are several apps floating around the digital platform to count calories in our day to day life, MyFitnessPal exceeds all of our expectations with several features and database availability.


my fitness pal - fitness apps


  • Wide database of foods
  • Easy to log meals
  • Tracks calorie intake and macros
  • Helps effortlessly undertake healthy diet
  • Free version available, a pro from £7.99 a month


Download : Android, iOS


6. SWORKIT: App for bodyweight workouts and guidance


One of the most prominent apps for body weight workouts and exercises is SWORKIT. It has a variety of list of exercises which helps to choose while deciding what to focus on.


sworkit - fitness apps


  • Several body weight exercises from cardio, yoga to stretching
  • Exercises for all parts of the body
  • Onscreen aminations available to guide us through a workout
  • Lasts from five minutes to one hour
  • Can also build one’s own session from the beginning
  • Charged every month, from £3.99 every month


Download : Android, iOS


7. Intervals: Best app for building customized interval workouts


In case you are the one who enjoys detailed and interval workouts then this app is for you. It helps track all such activities and workouts once you begin to do.




  • Plan the sessions through intervals and track through timers
  • Specific details on every moment you do
  • Simple and well designed
  • The free version is available, pro features available from £2.99


Download : Android, iOS


8. One You Couch to 5K: App for beginner runners


With several apps floating around online which may help you in the beginner stages of running, couch to 5k is that app which you need and can get addicted to.


one you couch


  • Free completely, not paid
  • Plan and customize individual training sessions clearly
  • Sessions narrated by real individuals apart from the coaches
  • Makes you interested and hooked into it
  • No paid features at all and hidden costs


Download : Android, iOS


9. Nike+ Run Club: App for Guided Running and Workout Sessions


In among the several running apps, the nike+ run club offers features which can help us get hooked to this platform. This is recommended by several runs and fitness lovers.


nike run club


  • Audio guided runs from Nike coaches and athletes directly
  • Personalized training plan for your goal
  • Gives you fitness advice
  • Reminds about sessions and can customize plans as you wish
  • Free completely, no hidden costs


Download : Android, iOS


10. Lifesum: The Diet Planning App


Now comes the celebrated Lifesum app, which sets apart from several of other diet apps through several special features which can be customized and individualized as we wish to.




  • Smooth design and interface
  • Set a goal- be it lose weight or gain weight
  • Track of every diet and exercise
  • Recommendations to progress and reach the target
  • Integrates with other apps and their interface and you won’t miss any activity
  • Has a gold version which can help with recipes and meal plans
  • Gives you all nutritional details


Download : Android, iOS




With several such apps floating around the internet for promoting health and fitness, the above mentioned apps successfully top the list among the best recommendations in the UK.


These are easy to handle yet gives you an array of features which can keep you hooked to them constantly.


mobile app development


Not only does the fitness enthusiasts love these apps, but the layman also promotes them due to the way they encourage us to take up activities and keep ourselves healthy.


They further help to promote a healthier and happy lifestyle to everyone.