10 Best Health and Fitness Apps in UK

It’s the New Year time and we all are in verge of getting back for health and fitness goals for the year.


Every New Year it is no wonder that we hit gym and promise all good things we would do in the rest of the year to keep us healthy and fit.


While many of this rings away, we still try and manage to get back in track and attempt to work on it. In UK, the increasing number of apps for health and fitness are further encouraging us to work on our fitness targets.


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The overwhelming number is making us confused to choose the right app which may fit us and work with us for similar goal. Hence we all are on the same board, looking for health, physical and mental well-being.


This article will help all of us to see what are the best health and fitness apps in UK this year to achieve our goals.


Here is a list of best health and fitness apps in UK for this year.


Strava Fiit
Runkeeper Cyclemeter
MyFitnessPal SWORKIT
Intervals One You Couch to 5K
Nike+ Run Club Lifesum


1. Strava: Best for sharing activities


Strava is popular with over ten million users who work and track around one billion activities. It helps to track our daily activities and share the records with other users.


strava - fitness apps


  • Share the runs and rides with users
  • Congratulate other’s efforts
  • Ask for advice and communicate with others
  • Compete with friends and rivals
  • Simple interface


Download : Android, iOS


2. Fiit: App for Exercise classes


One of the best app for giving a video of exercise classes when you are at home is Fiit. With the several subscription-based apps floating around which can provide you gym based experience at home, Fiit is best to make their users attracted to this app.


fit app - fitness apps


  • Classes are broken down as per duration
  • Type of classes category for ease
  • Difficult to easy levels
  • App pairs with others to count reps and duration
  • Can compete with oneself
  • Excellent trainers


Download : Android, iOS


3. Runkeeper: Best for tracking one’s run


This is one of the popular fitness apps  in UK for tracking one’s run in detail. While this app is free, there also exists a pro version which costs around £7.99 per month.


runkeeper - fitness apps


  • Clear and easy interface
  • Strong user base with 50 million
  • Weekly training plans available in the pro version


Download : Android, iOS


4. Cyclemeter: App for Tracking Cycling


Cycling has been a growing trend and phenomenon these days. Cyclemeter is one such app which helps to arrange data available for cyclists through a smartphone app. It helps track our rides easily and with clear detail.


cycle meter - fitness apps


  • Stat, map, and graph features available
  • Easy user face
  • Can sync rides with other apps like strava easily
  • The free version, pro available from £9.99 per year.


Download : Android, iOS


5. MyFitnessPal: App for counting calories


While there are several apps floating around the digital platform to count calories in our day to day life, MyFitnessPal exceeds all of our expectations with several features and database availability.


my fitness pal - fitness apps


  • Wide database of foods
  • Easy to log meals
  • Tracks calorie intake and macros
  • Helps effortlessly undertake healthy diet
  • Free version available, a pro from £7.99 a month


Download : Android, iOS


6. SWORKIT: App for bodyweight workouts and guidance


One of the most prominent apps for body weight workouts and exercises is SWORKIT. It has a variety of list of exercises which helps to choose while deciding what to focus on.


sworkit - fitness apps


  • Several body weight exercises from cardio, yoga to stretching
  • Exercises for all parts of the body
  • Onscreen aminations available to guide us through a workout
  • Lasts from five minutes to one hour
  • Can also build one’s own session from the beginning
  • Charged every month, from £3.99 every month


Download : Android, iOS


7. Intervals: Best app for building customized interval workouts


In case you are the one who enjoys detailed and interval workouts then this app is for you. It helps track all such activities and workouts once you begin to do.




  • Plan the sessions through intervals and track through timers
  • Specific details on every moment you do
  • Simple and well designed
  • The free version is available, pro features available from £2.99


Download : Android, iOS


8. One You Couch to 5K: App for beginner runners


With several apps floating around online which may help you in the beginner stages of running, couch to 5k is that app which you need and can get addicted to.


one you couch


  • Free completely, not paid
  • Plan and customize individual training sessions clearly
  • Sessions narrated by real individuals apart from the coaches
  • Makes you interested and hooked into it
  • No paid features at all and hidden costs


Download : Android, iOS


9. Nike+ Run Club: App for Guided Running and Workout Sessions


In among the several running apps, the nike+ run club offers features which can help us get hooked to this platform. This is recommended by several runs and fitness lovers.


nike run club


  • Audio guided runs from Nike coaches and athletes directly
  • Personalized training plan for your goal
  • Gives you fitness advice
  • Reminds about sessions and can customize plans as you wish
  • Free completely, no hidden costs


Download : Android, iOS


10. Lifesum: The Diet Planning App


Now comes the celebrated Lifesum app, which sets apart from several of other diet apps through several special features which can be customized and individualized as we wish to.




  • Smooth design and interface
  • Set a goal- be it lose weight or gain weight
  • Track of every diet and exercise
  • Recommendations to progress and reach the target
  • Integrates with other apps and their interface and you won’t miss any activity
  • Has a gold version which can help with recipes and meal plans
  • Gives you all nutritional details


Download : Android, iOS




With several such apps floating around the internet for promoting health and fitness, the above mentioned apps successfully top the list among the best recommendations in the UK.


These are easy to handle yet gives you an array of features which can keep you hooked to them constantly.


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Not only does the fitness enthusiasts love these apps, but the layman also promotes them due to the way they encourage us to take up activities and keep ourselves healthy.


They further help to promote a healthier and happy lifestyle to everyone.