Benefits of Outsourcing Mobile App Development to India

When you decide to build a mobile app for your business – which is essential in this era of digitization, the dilemma of whether to form an in-house team exclusively for the project or to outsource it lingers. When you weigh both sides, outsourcing seems to be better for the different benefits it offers.


Outsourcing means hiring a third-party agency to build a mobile app. There are mainly two categories of outsourcing: offshore outsourcing, where the outsourcing partner is from a different country and nearshore outsourcing, where the outsourcing partner belongs to the same country.



Usually, app development projects are outsourced to developing countries because development rates are lower there compared to that in developed countries. India, Ukraine and Mexico are some of the countries that top the list of countries to which mobile app development projects are outsourced. It helps businesses save time and money.


Why outsourcing mobile app development is a better option?


Let us find out.


  • Affordability

Outsourcing your mobile app development project to an app development company will help you save lots of time and money. When you hire an in-house team for the project, the recruitment process itself takes months and even after that, you might not be able to find someone who is a perfect fit for your project. You will have to carefully look into their personality, work ethics and behaviour and many such aspects to ensure that they are suitable. And then their salary and the expenses for training the team will cost a lot.


Whereas, when you outsource your project, you just have to make sure that they are reliable. The app development company you hire will be in charge of taking care of everything related to your app development. Also, you can choose the company at a reasonable rate if you outsource to a developing country.


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  • One-stop solution for development needs

As we mentioned before, hiring a team specifically for a project or training your in-house team to meet the project requirements is a time-consuming process. Outsourcing is like a one-stop solution for your app development needs. It provides a large variety of options for you to choose from. You can pick a team that is experienced to work on your project and kick-start the project as soon as possible.


If you have observed, you might have noticed that many of the app development companies provide complete app development services that include the following: Business analysis and specification creation, UI/UX design, backend and frontend development, deployment, testing, digital marketing, etc.


  • Quality products

App development companies are usually experienced in the field and might have previously worked on projects that are similar to yours. So they will have a clear idea of what needs to be done, what could go wrong and ways to quickly fix it. All these aspects will reflect on the quality of the outcome they deliver.


The best part is they will even have an idea of what the end users might expect from the project and will be able to cater great user experience using their skills and expertise. This means the quality of the products is directly connected to business expertise of the outsourcing company.


  • Allows you to focus on other tasks

If your team is focused on app development, who will work on the other aspects like marketing, financing and sales that decide the fate of your product? When you outsource your app development, the company you hire will take care of everything related to development. All you will have to do is to review it and provide feedback. Meanwhile, you can focus on other tasks that are as essential.


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Mobile App Development Outsourcing Scene in India


India is one of the favourite mobile app development outsourcing destinations of businesses around the world. The statistics will tell you why.


According to the 2021 Deloitte survey, out of the total number of businesses that were surveyed, 59% were outsourcing to India, while another 22% were considering outsourcing to India.


India is the world’s second largest English speaking country with a population of over 2 billion English speakers. The country also churns out a large amount of engineering graduates (1.5 million to be specific) every year.



The vast IT industry of India has over 4 million IT experts who work in Indian IT firms. Another 10 million are employed in the industry indirectly. In addition to that, over 200,000 IT graduates join the IT workforce of the country each year, making it the youngest employable population in the world. Also, 40% IT workers will be given training on the technological stack that is in demand in the next four years to meet the requirements of the IT industry.


India is a one of the top destinations for outsourcing software development, thanks to the low development costs and high-quality software services. It is also one of the main sources of revenue in the country as a result of which the Indian IT industry aspires to reach $350 billion in revenue by 2025. India is also a very popular software developer base that has the world’s fastest growing talented pool of developers.


In India, almost all IT solutions providers – from startups to large enterprises take up outsourcing projects. The above-mentioned statistics is the obvious reason.

Outsourcing helps the companies in India to develop their corporate earnings and further strengthen their business foundation with the help of the latest technology and skilled employees. It is safe to say that the app development outsourcing companies in India are ruling the global tech market with their high-quality services and global skills.


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How Do Businesses Benefit From Outsourcing Mobile App Development to India?


  • Large talent pool

India is home to the world’s largest talent pool, – the main reason that draws businesses to outsource their mobile app development projects to India. Every year, about 0.5 million software graduates join Indian IT companies as a result of which 98% of young and skilled developers in the country belong to the age range of 18-35 years.


It is not just about the quantity. The developers in India are talented and capable and cater to the software development requirements of their clients in a quick and efficient manner. Having younger IT staff has its own advantages. They will easily adapt to the abrupt technological changes and are specialized in different areas. They also complete the projects within the deadlines. All these advantages have helped the IT industry to cater to a wide range of industries. They are trained in a variety of skill sets, such as Big Data, AI, IoT, Mobility and Cloud.


  • Knowledge of English language

As we mentioned above, India is the world’s second-largest English speaking country in the world. Therefore, language and communication is never a hurdle in the country. The citizens are proficient in English, which encourages outsources pick India to outsource its projects.


The IT businesses all over the world use a single language at a global level – English. Therefore, hiring developers who are fluent in speaking and writing in English will be beneficial. Many corporations agree that they do not face any communication barriers when they choose their outsourcing partner from India. With English being widely used in the country, India is considered one-stop destination for all global outsourcing issues, especially for mobile app development.




  • Lower costs

India leads the list of countries that provide outsourcing services for the reason that it is the choice of businesses because of the cost saving advantage the country provides. Comparing the developer charges, if it is between $50 and $80 per hour in the United States, it is as low as $15 per hour in India.


The low pricing helps businesses to go about their app development project in a free and creative manner while staying within the budgets. It gives the businesses that outsource their projects to India to stay ahead of their competitors, in terms of economy. Another advantage is the improved ROI, which motivates businesses to hire mobile app developers from India rather than hiring in-house developer or freelancers. The app development companies in India offer flexibility as well as lower capital expenditure, especially in terms of maintenance and infrastructure.


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  • Advantage of time zone difference

The difference in time zones is indeed a blessing when you outsource your mobile app development projects. The developers in India will be available in your time zone as well as theirs, which helps improve productivity. Working from different time zones means you receive the services of the company you outsource 24/7.


The time zone difference allows Indian app development companies to provide round-the-clock support and quick turnaround times to meet project development requirements. Time, like cost, provides crucial competitive advantage for businesses. It works better when in-house development teams collaborate with offshore outsourcing companies in times of need.


  • Quality

Lower app development costs do not always assure quality. But India breaks the notion by providing high-quality products at lower costs. That is why India is one of the most preferred outsourcing destinations.


Last year, India surpassed China to become one of the top investment destinations in the IT industry, with a 55 % share of outsourcing. There is extreme competition within India and abroad, but India’s top software development companies have never failed to deliver high-quality software solutions.


This is possible because of the country’s vast talent pool that always keeps pace with the latest innovations and trends. India is also home to a large number of ISO-certified companies, thus making sure that quality is never compromised. India is definitely the outsourcing location for you if you are looking for the best quality app development services at reasonable rates.


  • Futuristic Technologies

India’s talent pool includes professionals with skillsets in all next-gen technologies – Blockchain, IoT, AI, Machine Learning, analytics advancements and much more. In India, you can find software development companies that are specifically specialized in any of these technologies.

Things to Keep in Mind While Outsourcing Mobile App Development to India


India’s high-quality app development services and reliable work ethics are two main reasons why India is a very popular outsourcing destination among businesses. The software outsourcing principles are at their peak in the country due to which most businesses are seriously considering to outsource their app development projects that benefit their business.


But, before you outsource mobile app development to India, there are certain things you need to consider

  •  Double check the key performance indicators (KPIs) of your business with the services offered by the company you intend to outsource
  • Determine and assign the time-consuming tasks in the project that otherwise make your business inefficient due to lack of knowledge. Never outsource something your in-house team has expertise in
  • Choose an outsourcing company by analysing their portfolio and success rate over the price for which they are willing to offer their services
  • Ensure that the developed applications and the IP address will be secure
  • Include your in-house team while strategizing with regard to the project


Mobile app development companies can be found all around the world. So you do not have to choose an app development company in a hurry that might end up in huge losses. Instead consider your requirements and choose the outsourcing company that suits your needs.


If you are looking to hire an experienced mobile app development service provider based in India who can provide you high-quality apps at reasonable rates, we, at Redbytes Software, can help you. Redbytes has been providing app development services across different domains and platforms since the last 13 years. The team has so far delivered over 350 development projects across different industries – all of which are of high quality and with end-user experience and business requirements as the priority. If you wish to avail our services, get in touch with us!

How Much Does Outsourcing App Development Cost?

Digitization has revolutionized the business world and with the number of smartphone users growing each year, businesses are making their own apps. Many businesses even have their own app development team within the organization – which is great, except when they have to face certain hurdles that only outsourcing app development can solve.



For example, your app development team might be well-versed in Android and iOS development, but you are in need of an app that works on a different OS. In such situations, outsourcing app development works better.


What are the Reasons to Outsource App Development?


Let us find out.


  • Lack of experience in app development


You might be the jack of all trades – the owner of successfully running businesses with experience in different business processes and industries. But when you want to create a mobile app of your own, you might have zero knowledge or experience in it. So the best solution will be to hire an app development company. The most experienced of these companies, in general, have gone through trial and error throughout their journey in the field and are constantly analysing the risks and errors and rectifying them, which works in your favour when you hire them. They are capable of providing you with the efficient results you expect.


  • Not enough workforce

As a business owner, you might be handling multiple projects at a time that might require the entire efforts and time of your existing workforce. So, it is better to outsource the lesser important projects, like building your business app to maintain the pace of your projects.


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  • Improving existing projects

Maybe it is time for your business app to have a makeover – adding a new feature or improving the UI design for example. But you might have invested your resources and employees in another important project. In such situations, outsourcing works better than building a new team. You can save money and time and focus on other projects.


  • Global economic differences

App development costs in developing countries are much lesser than in developed countries. You can hire an entire development team from countries like India and China with the same amount of money required to hire one or two developers in the USA and Germany. So, outsourcing app development will help you save costs.


  • Find the right person for the job

Your geography, company size and more have an influence on the app development limitations you face during a project. For example, you might want to use one of the latest technologies in your app. But, you might not find anyone who is experienced in it to help you out. Or you might have started out a project, but could not complete it because of lack of resources or knowledge. In such situations, outsourcing helps. You can find someone who is suitable for the job from around the globe with expertise to fulfil your project requirements on time and budget.


  • Prioritization of tasks

Prioritizing tasks is a great way to improve work efficiency and also to manage time so that all major tasks of a project will be completed on time. When your workforce handles majority of them, there might still be things like app testing, marketing and other management processes that still require staff. Outsourcing is the best solution that works in such situations.


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Let us now


look into the different Benefits that Outsourcing App Development Offer?



  • Cost-effectiveness

One of the highlights of outsourcing app development is obviously the monetary benefits it offers. You will have to pay only for the work they do – on an hourly or weekly basis or at a fixed rate. You can get into an agreement with the app development company you hire to decide on the costs. Another way you can cut down costs by outsourcing is that you can save on operational and business expenditures. Also, you will not have to spend extra in training your workforce. You can just hire an app development company and do not have to worry about keep improving your in-house team to fit each project requirement.


  • Technical resources and expertise

When you outsource app development, you get a well-experienced team, in terms of specifications of your project as well as tools and other technical and physical resources that help build your app in an efficient manner, all in one place. Also, the team you hire will be with you through the app development process – from planning to deployment and beyond. You can either go for an app development company with a development team or hire people of each role – developers, designers, industry experts, etc. and benefit from their expertise and skills.


  • Improve knowledge and make technology-related decisions

When you outsource your app development, you come across people with varied experience and specializations in different technologies. This can help in healthy technical discussions and suggestions regarding the project, which gives you an idea of the benefits and risks of each technology. You can eventually provide your own technical input that you think will work for your project.


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  • Saves time

When you work on a project with your in-house team, it takes a lot of time because the project is not the only thing you have to look after. You need to have an eye on your employees to ensure that they are doing it right and that the project will be completed within the deadline, review works, provide feedback and besides all these, you might have a handful of other projects waiting for you. Outsourcing comes as a relief in such situations. The company you hire will be responsible for ensuring that the project meets the decided deadline. You will have to just review the project and give feedback which helps save lots of time that you can invest in other projects.


  • 24/7 support

Another benefit of outsourcing app development is the unrelenting 24/7 support. The app development company you outsource your app development project to will take care of the issues that arise any moment during the process and after. You will get the technical guidance from a skilled team that can help you fix the issues in a fast and proper manner.


  • Transparency and control of the project

When you outsource your project, the company you sign the agreement with will be transparent with you through the app development process. This gives you a control over the process, where you can look into the milestones met and what else is left to be completed and whether the company is working in the way you expect it to. You can also give feedback and suggest changes in the process that will help save lots of time.


  • Access to knowledge pool

You may have ideas about your app development project and the app development company you hire will put in their knowledge to gather options and features to build a profitable business model that works for you. This gives you an opportunity to access the various kinds of talents and the knowledge they possess that will benefit your project. Also, you can learn about the different development processes and the way the varying working patterns that differ with geography out of which you can choose the one that best suits you.


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Now that you have an idea about the benefits, Hire an Outsourcing Company.


You can do it in the following ways.


  • Research

Spend time to properly research about the outsourcing companies that match your requirements. Ensure that all important factors are included when you look for one. You can also look for a consultant who will do the research for you.


  • Shortlist companies from multiple sources

Do not go for one source to find the app development company you want to hire. Instead, go for different sources and shortlist the relevant companies based on online reviews. You can also look in online marketplaces for offshore outsourcing teams. You can also seek referrals from people you know or go for directory listing to find a freelancer who suits the role.


  • Analyse requirements

Have a clear idea of your project requirements before you go for outsourcing, with project deliverables and scope of work included. This helps save money and time. You do not have to spend hours explaining to them about the requirements and also make sure that the company you hire is good at handling emergency situations.


  • Analyse skills of the developer

Make sure that the developer you hire is an ace at what they do. Analyse their industry experience and success rate and also ensure that they have worked on projects similar yours to evaluate their skills and expertise. Also make sure that their work prices are reasonable.


  • Flexibility

Ensure that the company you hire is flexible with their job. They should be able to handle emergency situations and tackle issues, if any. Also, remember to ask for documentation that proves the credentials of the company and qualifications of their team.


  • References and testimonials

Remember to ask for references and relevant testimonials that give you a clear idea of whether the team is capable of handling your project. You can also look into their portfolio.


  • Tools used for app development

Have a check on the tools they are using for app development. You can talk freely on any suggestions and go forward with the team only if you are convinced with their tools. Talk with them about their policies of adopting new tools if situation demands in the business process.


These are many more tips to find out the best outsourcing company for you. Consider all these factors to ensure that the outsourcing company you hire is worth it.

Outsourcing App Development Costs


Before we go to costs, it is important to know that there is no fixed rate for app development. There are a number of factors that affect the outsourcing app development costs.


  • Location

The location of the company you hire has an effect on the development costs. Companies located in developed countries cost more than those in developing countries.


  • UI/UX design

Whether you need a simple UI/UX design or one with animations and graphics affects the app development costs.


  • App features

If you need complex features in your app, the development costs tend to increase. The features depend on the type of app you need


  • Platform

The platforms you choose for your app also have an effect on your app development costs.


  • Experience of developers

The cost of hiring developers varies with their experience. Hiring a well-experienced developer will definitely cost more than one with intermediate-level experience.


  • Testing

The time, efforts and tools used for app testing will also have an effect on the app development costs.


  • Tech Stack

The costs of tech stack used to create an app that fulfils your business requirements can differ and also has an impact on the overall development costs.



Basic outsourcing app development costs vary between $25,000 and $40, 000 in total. This can even vary depending on where the company is located.


North America: In North America, developers from the US and Canada earn more than those in other regions. The companies there charge between $100 and $150 per hour.


Oceania: If you are hiring from any of the Oceania countries, the average rates will be between $100 and $150 per hour.


Eastern and Central Europe: These regions have considerably cheaper rates of app development than that in North America and Oceania. The average rates are between $40 and $55 per hour.


Asia: Asia has the cheapest rates when it comes to outsourcing app development making it one of the favourite outsourcing destinations. The costs vary from $20 to $49 per hour in Asia.


If you are looking forward to outsourcing an app development company that will help you build the app of your idea at reasonable rates and with high quality and performance, India is one of the best options.

Indian app development companies are known for their flexibility and cost-effectiveness and we, at Redbytes, are definitely a part of the list. With over 350 projects to our credit and a development team that are up to date with the latest trends and technology and with over 13 years of experience in the field, we can help you build an app that matches all your business requirements. If you wish to hire our services, do get in touch with us.

Top 10 Xamarin App Development Companies in India

India is home to many app development companies, thanks to the talented pool of developers in the country. Some of the main reasons that make Indian development companies the favourite of businesses – national and international alike are the cost-effectiveness, adaptability, flexibility and ability to work across different domains, platforms and tools.


Speaking of app development tools, Xamarin is one of the tools that are popular among app developers in India. Owing to the different benefits it offers over its counterparts, Xamarin is generally preferred by businesses. As a result, there is a good demand for Xamarin app development companies in India.

app cost calculator

What is Xamarin?


Xamarin is an open-source cross-platform mobile app development framework that provides a variety of tools and accessories for developers to work with. It is one of the most popular frameworks used by developers and its demand has been constantly increasing over the years. The framework came into existence in 2011 and was later procured by Microsoft in 2016.


Xamarin uses .NET and C#, unlike the frameworks that use HTML and JavaScript and helps build iOS, Android and Windows apps using the same code. 11% of the developers across the world use Xamarin for cross-platform mobile app development.


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Xamarin App Development Scene in India

In the last decade, Xamarin has been increasingly used to build custom mobile apps. At present, there are over 13,000 mobile apps powered by Xamarin, with over 2 billion downloads. Xamarin has been used to build many popular apps, like Storyo, Just Giving, Olo, Skulls of the Shogun, Fresh Direct, etc.


Businesses and enterprises look forward to creating business apps that attract a large number of mobile users and provide them with standard mobile app experiences through Xamarin app development. While doing so, they also look into solutions that can make the app development process cost-effective and not lacking quality.

Outsourcing Xamarin app development to India helps companies cut down their app development costs by 50%. That is why India is one of the favourite app development destinations of businesses all over the world. As a result, there are more and more app development companies springing up in India with time.


Popular Xamarin App Development Companies in India


If you are looking to build a custom business app, here is a list of Xamarin app development companies in India.


1. Redbytes

Based in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, Redbytes has been providing app development services across different domains, including Xamarin. Since its inception in 2009, Redbytes has been providing complete development solutions – including design, development, testing, deployment, maintenance and support and more. They help clients create creative, intuitive, feature-rich and user-friendly apps that best suit the business needs of their clients. Redbytes intends to provide unique digital experience to its clients through their development services.


Redbytes follows result-oriented and process-driven development methodology to build cross-platform mobile apps using Xamarin. They believe in combining the skills and expertise accumulated over the years working on a variety of projects with the inputs from their clients to give them the exact results they had in mind. You can view their skills in their website portfolio.


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2. Vofox

Vofox Solutions is a software development company based in Kochi, India (headquartered in Texas, USA) that provides next-gen IT solutions and industry-based software products. They provide native-like digital experience through Xamarin app development services. Their services include development of Xamarin mobile app and Xamarin forms, app migration and update, app testing and much more.


Through their different Xamarin development services, Vofox serves different industries, including aviation, ecommerce, healthcare, real estate, etc. believes in providing solutions that are flexible and client-friendly and making the development process profitable for all parties involved.


3. Hyperlink Infosystem

Hyperlink Infosystem is a web and mobile app development company based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and Mumbai, Maharashtra. They believe in helping brands to step up to their next level of success through their solutions. Just like Redbytes, Hyperlink Infosystem also provides complete development solutions to design and develop apps that meet the business needs of their clients. Their services range across different platforms and frameworks – Xamarin being one of them.


The website portfolio of Hyperlink Infosystem gives you a glimpse of their expertise and skills in building apps. Their development approach focuses on results with client and end-user needs and they have managed to serve 700 clients from across the globe with this approach.


4. Appslure Websolution

Appslure Websolution is an app development company spread across different cities in India. They provide app development services across different platforms and frameworks. They believe in providing app development services by considering client needs and demands before strategizing and coming up with the right methods to provide suitable solutions.


Appslure provides custom app development solutions that reflect futuristic technologies that help their clients achieve their business goals. They have so far delivered over 500 mobile apps to clients across different industries.


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5. Hidden Brains

Hidden Brains is yet another company that provides Xamarin app development services in India. They build native-like Xamarin apps using C# and with platform-specific features and functionalities. Their Xamarin development services include Xamarin consulting, custom Xamarin app, migration and upgrade, app maintenance, app testing and more.


The Xamarin development solutions provided by Hidden Brains involve their industry experience and domain knowledge as well as the business needs and demands of customers. They have helped businesses across the world achieve their business goals through their solutions and services.


6. Concept Infoway

Concept Infoway is a Microsoft-Certified offshore development company based in India that provides cross-platform development services using Xamarin. They apply their vast industry experience in providing the best solutions to their clients. Their strength is their team which consists of Microsoft-scalable developers and is scalable as per project needs.


Concept Infoway provides cost-effective services that involve the team’s in-depth knowledge of platforms and frameworks. Through their services, they offer best creative, innovative and feature-rich applications that help their clients be successful.



CMARIX provides a variety of software development solutions that involve developing native-like applications in iOS and Android using Xamarin. They combine their experience in cross-platform development and skills to create feature-rich next-gen applications. Their Xamarin services include Xamarin Forms app development, cross-platform app development, migration and upgrade, app maintenance and support, app testing, etc.


CMARIX follows a Xamarin development process that covers the demands of the clients as well as the development. Through their skills in cross-platform app development and a robust team, CMARIX believes in providing the best Xamarin services.


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8. Peerbits

Peerbits is a digital solutions provider that provides Xamarin app development services across different platforms. The company provides the following Xamarin app development services: Custom app development, app migration, multi-platform app development and support and maintenance.


Peerbits has been offering Xamarin app development services to its clients from across the world since 2011. They help clients provide business solutions in the form of high-performance, cost-effective applications that are a result of their expertise and client-friendly development approach.


9. Divwy Technologies

Divwy Technologies is a software solutions provider based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat that provides Xamarin app development as one of its services. Their app development services include app development, app integration, app migration, consulting and much more.


Divwy Technologies believes in providing high-quality solutions that help businesses reach new heights of success. The company intends to provide the best business solutions to its clients by involving creativity and innovation along with their skills to help their clients meet their business goals.


10. Nevina Infotech

Nevina Infotech is an IT solutions provider based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat that provides a wide variety of business solutions using diverse technology. The company provides Xamarin app development services and helps their clients create adaptable and reliable cross-platform apps. Their Xamarin services include app development across Android, iOS and Windows, app widget testing, app testing, etc.


Nevina Infotech follows a definite app development process to ensure the quality of its apps. They also provide app migration and upgrade services for clients to help them meet their business needs.


The list does not end here. There are many more such companies pan India that provide Xamarin app development services. Choosing one among them can be confusing. You can find the app development company for your project by considering the following: checking their portfolio, expertise, knowledge and skills, technologies they use, delivery time, services offered, communication, etc. It is always better if you choose the best – the Xamarin app development company that checks all criteria you are looking for rather than settling for less.

Best GPS Location-Based Games On iOS and Android 2023

After Pokemon Go hit the game market, the new genre of games came into existence and altered the traditional perception about games in general. Pokemon Go made millions of game enthusiasts to leave their premise and roam around from place to place to catch some peculiar fantasy animal on their mobile screen.


The game became unbelievably popular and inspired a trend of mobile game development that involves built-in GPS, real-time locations and objectives to thrill legions of game lovers all over the world.

The-Rise-Of-Mobile-Game-Industry (1)

After the gigantic success of Pokemon Go, many other game developers have introduced mobile games that rely on Augmented Reality to create a palpable experience for users. If you are intrigued to learn more about such exciting GPS location-based games,


here is the list of 15 best spectacular games you will love to try in 2018:


1. Ingress – Android/iOS



Ingress was born long before Pokemon Go spread its magic all over. This game is based on the Augmented Reality technology, compels you to escape your house and travel a great number of portals to finish the quest successfully. The game gives exhilarating experience especially when played with your friends and neighbours.


The game interacts with your smartphone’s GPS system to track locations. Gamers can rely on in-built map to find hidden energy sources and also keep the track of progress made by other players. More you gain control over portals, more real world points you collect, which can lead your faction to be a winner.


The sci-fi theme of Ingress seems to more superior than Pokemon Go, and more robust and social. It has also earned the interest of wide global community over years.


2. Pokemon Go – Android/iOS



Developed by Niantic, Pokemon Go no doubt is the most beloved game for world’s zealous game players. It has quickly reached the acme in the world of outdoor dynamic games. Its popularity has changed the conventional functioning of mobile game development. Ever since it went public, the game created whirlwind of interest among the audience. The idea of hunting for an imaginary creature (Pokemon) through chasing real world places and nearly erasing the boundary between the tangible and intangible really appealed to today’s spirited gamers.


Pokemon Go has reached the record breaking downloads that touched close to 700 million. This is splendid success no less than a wonder. The historic success of the game encouraged new such game ideas for creative developers.


3. Zombies, Run! – Android/iOS



This is a thrilling mission based game that captures player’s attention through its addictive theme where a player plays a hero and runs away from hostile zombies. All missions have a narrated story that you will have fun with. In the game, zombies come chasing you. So you will need to show enough strength and run with a fastest pace possible to escape them.


While you enjoy the story, the game will allow you to decide on the favourite background music from the given options. Zombies, Run keeps you free from focusing exclusively on the game moves and lets you do whatever you like while playing it. You can take a walk or job along the beach, or stroll in the park or potter about your house.


4. Geocaching – Android/iOS



We all have once loved treasure games when we were young school kids, and we did enjoy finding treasure. Geocaching brings the same time back in your life if you are still very interested to relive those moments. It is one of the best examples of location-based GPS mobile game development. You can have best treasure hunting experience if you have Geocaching on your smartphone. In this game, you can track and discover geocaches scattered at many places across the globe. With friends, this game intensifies and offers exciting adventures that you may fall in love with.


The best part is, you can send messages to your fellow players for hints about treasure locations. For members who really want to take their experience to next advanced level and gain higher access, Geocaching provides premium membership at a fixed price per month.


5. CodeRunner – iOS



CodeRunner is partially a game of intelligence as it explores the theme of account hacking and intrusive surveillances. The game manipulates the fact that we live in a digital world where our online operations often leave behind telltale breadcrumbs for government agencies, marketers and duplicitous to abuse. This is the ultimate theme for CodeRunner – espionage, hacking and surveillance.



CodeRunner treats you as a government agent and gives you a mission to spy on hostile agents using real locations. You can also interact with other players and know some part of their play. Like many other games, CodeRunner gives new concept to mobile game development. It gets even more interesting with involvement of more players in your area. You can live your personal spy fantasy with this excellent game.


6. Turf Wars – Android/iOS



Turf Wars as the name suggests has got surprising war-like elements and is a unique multi-player game. Here players can take absolute control over the real-world places in the game and even protect it from enemy mobsters (who are, actually, other players). Of course, we can’t take such actions in real life, which is exactly what this game offers you. Turf Wars leaves you with power to defend your territory from rival players, making your play even more addictive, exciting and fun. Inside the game, you can increase your calibre and defend your turf by using many different weapons and upgrades. Other players may have to pay for their protection and safety of their turf.


You can grow your empire and obtain massive leverage against law enforcement. In addition, you are entitled to sharing messages with your friends and enemies about game strategy. Turf Wars can appeal most to those who love to indulge in the game of power and ambition to build their personal empire.


7. Landlord – iOS



Landlord is surely a terrific game for entrepreneurial minds who want to be a powerful real estate mogul with skills, luck and intelligence. Players will receive substantial in-game cash that they can invest to buy some portion of landmarks, local buildings and businesses. In this online business game, after buying a bunch of properties, you can make players pay fixed rent when they check in at the location from Facebook or Foursquare. Players can expand their business value and be a giant tycoon by trading or upgrading their properties with amenities like WI-Fi, Karaoke or VIP clubs, etc.


Landlord definitely takes mobile game development to a great level. Here you can even earn referral points from players, and gradually, using your luck and cunning, you can be a superior tycoon in the game. Additionally, the game offers in-app s to get some more game currency using real money.


8. Resources – Android



This is another economic simulation game where you will explore your surroundings to find good resources and use them to manufacture new sellable products. In this multiplayer GPS mobile game development, you will scan your surroundings in the real world. Upon finding some useful resources (like mineral deposits), you can extract and process those minerals into products, encash on it, earn and ultimately upgrade your operations. You have a potential competition, though. Other players can attack, sabotage and even seize your land and build their mine in your area. You have a defence mechanism, too. You can hire workers to boost your power and vandalize other players’ mines.


Resources might be a product of brilliant GPS mobile game development, but it is somewhat complex. Hence, it may not interest children and therefore works better for grown-ups. Also, the resource community actively brings new updates now and then.


9. Parallel Kingdom – Android/iOS



Parallel Kingdom is another majestic game that is made exciting with dungeons and castles that are scattered across the medieval land. It uses the real world map as provided by Google Maps. It stimulates players with 40 riveting levels, dungeons, classes, leader boards, events and chat rooms and many more amazing features. Of course, you can choose to play the game indoors, but venturing outside the house results into real-world experience of adventure.


As you explore the nearby locations, you will encounter many enemy players vying with you in the game. The Augmented Reality game is around for quite some time. Therefore, players will not be disappointed in it.


10. SpecTrek – Android



SpecTrek is a mindblowing augmented reality game that makes you hunt for ghost. In the game, you will chase imaginary story ghosts as if it is the real world adventure. Think about Winchester brothers in Supernatural while playing the game. Ghosts are added in pre-defined locations on Google map. Users can also define their search radius and can play it in various sessions like 15 minutes, 3 hours or 8 hours. SpecTrek is a popular GPS location centric game that players (even kids) can play with their friends.


You just need to see to location and catch the ghost hiding there. You can track your progress, speed, distance travelled and even calories burned. Despite the fact that mobile game development experts are not regular in adding new updates to the game, SpecTrek makes chasing ghosts fun in real world.


11. Recoil



With the launch of the new gameplay ‘Recoil’, Sky Rocket is turning a new category of competitive gameplay. While using this game, the player can turn any outdoor location to multi-player battlefield using the GPS enabled features. As its digitally enhanced, the GPS enabled technology used in this game allows almost 16 players at a time to involve in the battle field of the recoil world. With features like real-time weaponry kickback, 3D positional audio and AR based game play methods this gaming experience turns out to be more explosive where reality has truly caught up to the imagination of the players.


So, definitely, this game is reinvigorating the gaming methods and makes users come out of the couch and interact with players in the real world


12. GPS Tycoon



This is a location-based game for Android users which work on the real world map of your neighbour. Once you register for the game, Google Map will be open and it divides the location into 4 grids. Once your grid is fixed, you can start buying lands. The land you own gets money which the player can reinvest in buying new lands. As it is GPS enables, to buy a land you need to be in that exact location and to keep winning you need to buy lands in wherever location you travel.


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Another interesting feature of this game is that you have a leaderboard and you get to check the status of other players globally and according can target on buying more land and thus strive to reach the top score.


13.  The Great Land Grab



If you are planning a road trip, then this would be one of the best interactive GPS enabled game that can top your game list. While traveling, you can claim lands and further will have to fight against the oppositions. The character called Ol’Henry will be your guide in the game who will help you navigate and come across the claim jumpers.


On the whole, this game is very user-friendly and can be played without any beforehand user experience. And the biggest wow factor related to this game is that it works on the real-time GPS location which will help you stake your claim.



14. Color Planet



This is a massive multi-player online GPS-based game. The main aim of playing the game is to collect resources from the scattered places on Earth and the worker needs to collect them and send them back to their planet in-order to save it. With the help of the crystal resources, you can either increase or change your capability or the worker’s capability from the base. As you send most of the resources back home, you start earning points on the leaderboard.



15. DominAnt



As the name indicates, this is a multi-player ant-controlling game that uses real-time location using GPS settings. Within the game, there are many species of ants who compete each other to get over the ground control. Once you start playing, you are one among them that will help them spread and dominate. The player needs to find colonies, expand them to breed, defend against enemies and other animals. When the colony that you have created becomes big, you can also start attacking other colonies.


Indulge in the best GPS-based game


The above is the quite a comprehensive list of some of the magnificent GPS location-based mobile games you can try this year on your device. Each game offers unique quality and features for players to enjoy, and is different in its architecture, adventure level and the way it interacts. The best part is, these games are authentic and improves your lifestyle and fitness by forcing you to step out of your doors. As the methods of mobile game development grow and Augmented reality integration advances, we can hope to receive more new updates, challenges and themes in upcoming games. For now, these group games are enough to make your time big with your friends.