Benefits of Outsourcing Mobile App Development to India

When you decide to build a mobile app for your business – which is essential in this era of digitization, the dilemma of whether to form an in-house team exclusively for the project or to outsource it lingers. When you weigh both sides, outsourcing seems to be better for the different benefits it offers.


Outsourcing means hiring a third-party agency to build a mobile app. There are mainly two categories of outsourcing: offshore outsourcing, where the outsourcing partner is from a different country and nearshore outsourcing, where the outsourcing partner belongs to the same country.



Usually, app development projects are outsourced to developing countries because development rates are lower there compared to that in developed countries. India, Ukraine and Mexico are some of the countries that top the list of countries to which mobile app development projects are outsourced. It helps businesses save time and money.


Why outsourcing mobile app development is a better option?


Let us find out.


  • Affordability

Outsourcing your mobile app development project to an app development company will help you save lots of time and money. When you hire an in-house team for the project, the recruitment process itself takes months and even after that, you might not be able to find someone who is a perfect fit for your project. You will have to carefully look into their personality, work ethics and behaviour and many such aspects to ensure that they are suitable. And then their salary and the expenses for training the team will cost a lot.


Whereas, when you outsource your project, you just have to make sure that they are reliable. The app development company you hire will be in charge of taking care of everything related to your app development. Also, you can choose the company at a reasonable rate if you outsource to a developing country.


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  • One-stop solution for development needs

As we mentioned before, hiring a team specifically for a project or training your in-house team to meet the project requirements is a time-consuming process. Outsourcing is like a one-stop solution for your app development needs. It provides a large variety of options for you to choose from. You can pick a team that is experienced to work on your project and kick-start the project as soon as possible.


If you have observed, you might have noticed that many of the app development companies provide complete app development services that include the following: Business analysis and specification creation, UI/UX design, backend and frontend development, deployment, testing, digital marketing, etc.


  • Quality products

App development companies are usually experienced in the field and might have previously worked on projects that are similar to yours. So they will have a clear idea of what needs to be done, what could go wrong and ways to quickly fix it. All these aspects will reflect on the quality of the outcome they deliver.


The best part is they will even have an idea of what the end users might expect from the project and will be able to cater great user experience using their skills and expertise. This means the quality of the products is directly connected to business expertise of the outsourcing company.


  • Allows you to focus on other tasks

If your team is focused on app development, who will work on the other aspects like marketing, financing and sales that decide the fate of your product? When you outsource your app development, the company you hire will take care of everything related to development. All you will have to do is to review it and provide feedback. Meanwhile, you can focus on other tasks that are as essential.


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Mobile App Development Outsourcing Scene in India


India is one of the favourite mobile app development outsourcing destinations of businesses around the world. The statistics will tell you why.


According to the 2021 Deloitte survey, out of the total number of businesses that were surveyed, 59% were outsourcing to India, while another 22% were considering outsourcing to India.


India is the world’s second largest English speaking country with a population of over 2 billion English speakers. The country also churns out a large amount of engineering graduates (1.5 million to be specific) every year.



The vast IT industry of India has over 4 million IT experts who work in Indian IT firms. Another 10 million are employed in the industry indirectly. In addition to that, over 200,000 IT graduates join the IT workforce of the country each year, making it the youngest employable population in the world. Also, 40% IT workers will be given training on the technological stack that is in demand in the next four years to meet the requirements of the IT industry.


India is a one of the top destinations for outsourcing software development, thanks to the low development costs and high-quality software services. It is also one of the main sources of revenue in the country as a result of which the Indian IT industry aspires to reach $350 billion in revenue by 2025. India is also a very popular software developer base that has the world’s fastest growing talented pool of developers.


In India, almost all IT solutions providers – from startups to large enterprises take up outsourcing projects. The above-mentioned statistics is the obvious reason.

Outsourcing helps the companies in India to develop their corporate earnings and further strengthen their business foundation with the help of the latest technology and skilled employees. It is safe to say that the app development outsourcing companies in India are ruling the global tech market with their high-quality services and global skills.


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How Do Businesses Benefit From Outsourcing Mobile App Development to India?


  • Large talent pool

India is home to the world’s largest talent pool, – the main reason that draws businesses to outsource their mobile app development projects to India. Every year, about 0.5 million software graduates join Indian IT companies as a result of which 98% of young and skilled developers in the country belong to the age range of 18-35 years.


It is not just about the quantity. The developers in India are talented and capable and cater to the software development requirements of their clients in a quick and efficient manner. Having younger IT staff has its own advantages. They will easily adapt to the abrupt technological changes and are specialized in different areas. They also complete the projects within the deadlines. All these advantages have helped the IT industry to cater to a wide range of industries. They are trained in a variety of skill sets, such as Big Data, AI, IoT, Mobility and Cloud.


  • Knowledge of English language

As we mentioned above, India is the world’s second-largest English speaking country in the world. Therefore, language and communication is never a hurdle in the country. The citizens are proficient in English, which encourages outsources pick India to outsource its projects.


The IT businesses all over the world use a single language at a global level – English. Therefore, hiring developers who are fluent in speaking and writing in English will be beneficial. Many corporations agree that they do not face any communication barriers when they choose their outsourcing partner from India. With English being widely used in the country, India is considered one-stop destination for all global outsourcing issues, especially for mobile app development.




  • Lower costs

India leads the list of countries that provide outsourcing services for the reason that it is the choice of businesses because of the cost saving advantage the country provides. Comparing the developer charges, if it is between $50 and $80 per hour in the United States, it is as low as $15 per hour in India.


The low pricing helps businesses to go about their app development project in a free and creative manner while staying within the budgets. It gives the businesses that outsource their projects to India to stay ahead of their competitors, in terms of economy. Another advantage is the improved ROI, which motivates businesses to hire mobile app developers from India rather than hiring in-house developer or freelancers. The app development companies in India offer flexibility as well as lower capital expenditure, especially in terms of maintenance and infrastructure.


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  • Advantage of time zone difference

The difference in time zones is indeed a blessing when you outsource your mobile app development projects. The developers in India will be available in your time zone as well as theirs, which helps improve productivity. Working from different time zones means you receive the services of the company you outsource 24/7.


The time zone difference allows Indian app development companies to provide round-the-clock support and quick turnaround times to meet project development requirements. Time, like cost, provides crucial competitive advantage for businesses. It works better when in-house development teams collaborate with offshore outsourcing companies in times of need.


  • Quality

Lower app development costs do not always assure quality. But India breaks the notion by providing high-quality products at lower costs. That is why India is one of the most preferred outsourcing destinations.


Last year, India surpassed China to become one of the top investment destinations in the IT industry, with a 55 % share of outsourcing. There is extreme competition within India and abroad, but India’s top software development companies have never failed to deliver high-quality software solutions.


This is possible because of the country’s vast talent pool that always keeps pace with the latest innovations and trends. India is also home to a large number of ISO-certified companies, thus making sure that quality is never compromised. India is definitely the outsourcing location for you if you are looking for the best quality app development services at reasonable rates.


  • Futuristic Technologies

India’s talent pool includes professionals with skillsets in all next-gen technologies – Blockchain, IoT, AI, Machine Learning, analytics advancements and much more. In India, you can find software development companies that are specifically specialized in any of these technologies.

Things to Keep in Mind While Outsourcing Mobile App Development to India


India’s high-quality app development services and reliable work ethics are two main reasons why India is a very popular outsourcing destination among businesses. The software outsourcing principles are at their peak in the country due to which most businesses are seriously considering to outsource their app development projects that benefit their business.


But, before you outsource mobile app development to India, there are certain things you need to consider

  •  Double check the key performance indicators (KPIs) of your business with the services offered by the company you intend to outsource
  • Determine and assign the time-consuming tasks in the project that otherwise make your business inefficient due to lack of knowledge. Never outsource something your in-house team has expertise in
  • Choose an outsourcing company by analysing their portfolio and success rate over the price for which they are willing to offer their services
  • Ensure that the developed applications and the IP address will be secure
  • Include your in-house team while strategizing with regard to the project


Mobile app development companies can be found all around the world. So you do not have to choose an app development company in a hurry that might end up in huge losses. Instead consider your requirements and choose the outsourcing company that suits your needs.


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How to Outsource App Development in the Right Way?

All kind of businesses and services are currently standing on the miracles of an app. Any kind of organization, in order to achieve more public connectivity, relies on a relevant app.


If you too are thinking of launching your own business and eventually building your very own mobile app for that, then outsource the app development, that can actually be a much more affordable option and more efficient for many reasons.



A huge number of businesses have started outsourcing aspects of their jobs to save on resources and time and get service on a more professional level.


It is seen that in 2016, nearly 72% of all businesses worldwide have outsourced their information technology-related needs. And the number is continuously growing very fast.


The best thing about outsourcing is that it can considerably reduce your costs, cutting down the quantity of risk which is involved and create outstanding results.


But running your cell phone app from all over the world surely can be very intimidating.


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Before you embark on this app development journey, it is best to get acquainted with some useful tricks and tips which are very relevant and effective for handling your mobile app’s development and achieving the best possible outcome.


Before you kick start the process you have to know and understand your requirements. You will have to look for a pertinent experience. You are going to have to ask a lot of questions.


Also setting clear expectations and requesting a project brief after collaborating with a partner is a great plan. You will have to always remember that the key is always communication.


Lets’ have a look at some of the key points you should keep in mind before starting outsource your app development.


1) Know and Understand Your Requirements


outsource app development


Before you begin searching for app development choices, you would like to understand what precisely you wish to get out of the app. Knowing what you want will assist you to communicate your needs clearly to the developer.


If you do not understand, it is quite possible for you to end up with an app that does not mix well with your expectations and/or does not work that efficiently. Moreover, the more changes you want, the more you are going to waste your money and your time.


This brings you to some very important questions that you must consider before deciding what are going to be your requirements.

  • Who your customer is?
  • What is the need for the app you want?
  • What’s the conspicuous characteristic of the app?
  • What other characteristics are you going to need?
  • Is the app better of paid or free?
  • What is the monetization strategy going to be of your app?
  • What is better suited for you, a hybrid app or a native app?


2) Picking up the Perfect Development Option


outsource app development


You have to remember that there’s not one option which is going to be perfect for all of the businesses and apps out there. It will all depend on how you require it or want it and obviously how much you can afford.


So, before you decide who it is that you want the app development to outsource, you have to count the cons and pros for all the options.


You can decide to farm out the app development to specialized firms and agencies which generally have expert teams to present you with good results and an approach which is strategy-focused.


Though this option may be comparatively costlier and is most probably not at all apt for medium or small scale businesses which are generally performing or running operations on very tight budgets.


Outsourcing the app development towards an independent or a freelance developer may be a much more economical alternative for small or medium-small businesses.


Furthermore, even if somehow you do succeed in finding a technically enhanced developer, there will be very little chances for you to have any luck with the strategy aspect and market research aspects of the process of app development.


Still, it would be right to say that independent or freelance developers are actually great only if you do not require a very complex, high-end app, or that all you want is decent and usable customization with a technically and visually sound and good product.


Some other options generally include the app being outsourced to foreign developers and firms who uses drop-and-drag building technique to develop mobile apps.


Some foreign developers can actually offer you the most effective solution for your pocket but they may not turn out to be a good mix for your needs and culture.


Without first-hand experience, they might not target the market needs of your society quite rightly, maintaining the quality standards that you aim to achieve.


3) You have to look for Pertinent Experience


outsource app development

Whenever you hire someone for a particular job, the first thing you look at is their ability to do the work. That aspect is best analyzed by finding out more about their experience.


The same thing happens when you outsource a job to a particular developer. The first thing you look at when you hire them is their portfolio.


You will have to remember though that just seeing their usual experience is not going to cut the clutter well enough. You will have to search for the experience which is actually pertinent to the app development process if you want to have a genuinely great product in your hand at the end of the process.


You can look if the developer, who you want to outsource the job to, created any apps which are similar to your app in before or not?


If they don’t have the exact experience as per your required field then find out if they have experience in a similar field or not. It will help you understand if they can manage it or not.


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4) You Will Always Have to Remember That the Main Key Is Communication


outsource app development


You should not even underestimate the power of communication and especially when the thing comes to outsource your app for development.


Remember whenever you are searching to find the perfect developer for your app to hire, you have to search for outstanding communication skills plus responsiveness at the person who is going to do the job.


You can simply go through a simple development process just by making sure that you and the developer both are not frightened to question anything to each other and fix any kind of confusions and also responding to each other.


If you do not communicate very often then it might happen that you are not always in the same chapter as the developer is. That can lead to big-time mess situations, cost problems, conflicts and confusions.


It’s also very important for you to clarify and establish the mediums using which you are planning to communicate in the future with your partner or developer.


For instance, if you are planning using various mediums like a collaborative team effort, then you should email to clarify it with your developer about which channel are you going to use.


Other very common and simple issues include between the clients and developer is that the lack of something called proactive communication.


You should never wait for your partner to ask questions. If you think you need to ask any question or something is not right or there is or maybe any kind of confusion that is going to arise then you must address and clarify the before it becomes a mess.


This can and will help to reduce the amount of time which you would have otherwise wasted by waiting in order to get a relatable question to come up to answer them for the other party to start thinking about solutions regarding it.


You should also never forget about interactive communication which is generally much more useful than addressing communications. You should listen carefully about what your partner or developer wants to say.


You should never just boss them around. You have to make sure that the communication process is generally a two-way conversation, and then you should behave with the developer like a colleague, not a subordinate.


5) You Should Never Back Out on Asking Questions


outsource app development


You should never be frightened of asking relevant questions. Not just in this case but in any case, asking questions is always the right thing.


This is more important in the case of foreign app outsource cases or development relationships where communication is not generally able to flow as it does in proximate cases.


Just remember that if you want to employ someone you should always choose also a responsive person who is always open to having meaningful communication.


When you are interviewing a developer, you should not hire anyone who does not answer the questions you are asking properly.


6) Set the Expectation Perfectly and Clarify Them




This is a very important point especially in the case of outsourcing to an offshore development project.


All you need is to set the expectations as clear as possible in order to make yourself and your partner both understand what you are supposed to do and what you are expected be doing, why and how, when you are doing it.


7) You Should Always Request a Plan Beforehand


You should never think twice to ask your development partner about a project plan before the outsource of the app project.


It is very crucial because it gives you a sense of how much serious your partner is about your app development. The process becomes much more crystal clear to you and you get a sense beforehand so there is no surprise element later.


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If you are serious about outsourcing a job to a developer be it a freelancer or an agency, you first need to believe in his or her skills and achievements.


mobile app development


You have to remember that you both have different mindsets, so have trust in them and they will provide you products accordingly.


Whatever route that you choose to adopt in order to develop your app, at the end of the day, you have to ensure that it is a valuable addition to your overall business goals.