24 Most Popular Messaging Apps For Android & iOS

The popular messaging apps are a great way to send and receive quick messages from people in your circle. By enabling convenient chat windows, they enhance communication by means of instant messages, video call or voice calls and media file sharing.


As we all know, the Covid days are making it really challenging for the school going kids, working professionals, business leaders and the socially active people to connect with those in their circles. With the new social distancing rules, the apps for messaging are popular than ever before as the world is trying to connect with remotely.


The possibilities of digital communication have really come handy in these trying times to maintain the relations, keep up the workflow and to connect with the world at the comfort of one’s home.


However, all popular messaging apps have different features to offer. So which one would you choose from the lot?


To help you select the best messaging app, here are a few most popular messaging apps shortlisted for 2023.


Discord Google Duo GroupMe Google Messages
Go SMS Pro Telegram Amino Viber
Textra SMS Signal Chomp SMS Tango
Mghty Text Snapchat Pulse SMS Skype
Messenger Slack Whatsapp Microsoft Teams
Line Hangouts Zoom WeChat


1) Discord

discord - popular messaging apps

This is an amazing all-in-one communication app that introduces new ways to chat, explore and keep in touch with your communities, gaming arena, and friends.


There is no better way to plan your next meet-up or hop into a game together as the app features organized text channels and open voice channels.


The advanced features of the app allow users to create VIP channels where special community members can chat in a place just for them.

App Features

  • Easily create an invite-only place to talk
  • Organized channels let you to share videos or coordinate meetups
  • Easy options to group your community of 5 or 500,000
  • Open voice channels make hanging out easy and friends can talk without making calls
  • Easily gather up for a screen-sharing session any time or watch friends stream their games
  • Turn any image into your own custom emojis and share them with friends

Rating: 4.5/5

Installs: 100,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

2) Google Duo

google duo app logo - popular messaging apps

Just like all other Google apps, this amazing app has also won hearts of millions in a shot span of time. It is one of the highest quality video calling apps available today that is known for its simplicity and reliability and it works across platforms and device types.


The app lets you make voice only calls to your friends when you can’t chat over video. It lets you capture photo of your video calls and automatically share with other members. Unlike many similar popular messaging apps, you can stay in touch with Duo whether you are on your phone, tablet, or on the web.

App Features

  • Let you make calls between Android and iOS
  • Easily share and join group calls with just a link
  • Make group video call with up to 32 people
  • Send and receive personalized video and voice messages & photos
  • It lets you make video calls even in poor lighting conditions
  • Conversations are encrypted for your privacy

Rating: 4.5/5

Installs: 1,000,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

3) GroupMe

group me - popular messaging apps

This is a cool platform that features simple ways to stay connected with your friends, family, co-workers or other groups. Simply add anyone to the group using their email id or phone number and start the conversation right away through SMS.


The app is flexible enough to start or resume conversations from your mobile or computer. It is ideal for both one to one and group conversations that made it a great choice among friends and school and work groups.

App Features

  • App lets you choose when and what type of notifications you receive
  • Easily leave or end group chats and mute specific chats
  • See content shared from URLs displayed in the chat with one tap
  • Be expressive in your conversations through exclusive emojis
  • Let you explore the photos and videos that were shared in the group
  • Easily search and send GIFs and meme images

Rating: 4.5/5

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

4) Google Messages

google messages - popular messaging apps

This is Google’s official app for texting (SMS, MMS) and chat (RCS). It is the most reliable option for texting anyone across the globe. Users can stay in touch through group chats and share pictures, videos and audio messages.


The search option lets users to track back the old conversations with a particular contact that may include photos, videos, addresses and links that were shared earlier.

App Features

  • Send and receive messages over Wi-Fi or your data network on supported carriers
  • Communication can be faster and more fun with instant messaging and smart replies
  • Let you send audio messages, emoji, stickers, or your location
  • Users can send and receive payments with Google Pay
  • Dark mode lets you use Messages comfortably in low-light situations

Rating: 4.4/5

Installs: 1,000,000,000+

Download: Android

5) GO SMS Pro – Messenger, Free Themes, Emoji

Go SMS Pro

This is a simple and intuitive messaging app that can be personalized to your needs with fun options like lovely stickers and beautiful themes.


The best part is the Private box that helps to encrypt messages & protect your privacy. The pro version even support disabling all sponsored messages and unlimited cloud storage space for message backup.

App Features

  • Allows Pop up of new messages for quick viewing and replying
  • Sticky conversations let you focus on important contacts
  • Enjoy GO chat support for free messages and group chat
  • Identify calls identify unknown calls and block spam calls
  • Delay to send option helps to correct the wrong messages before sending

Rating: 4.4/5


Download: Android, iOS

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6) Telegram

telegram - popular messaging apps

Telegram is designed for those who seek fastest messaging experience along with great security. It is reliable, secure and powerful. The app has over 400 million active users and works well on both desktop and mobile platforms.


The securities of the chats are ensured by 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, Diffie-Hellman secure key exchange and 2048-bit RSA encryption.


This app does not have any advertisements and is completely free. They are keeping on expanding the boundaries of what you can do with messaging apps.

App Features

  • It uses cloud to store the chat history and never compromise the device space
  • Easily create group chats for up to 200,000 members and share large videos, documents of any type
  • All expressive needs are met as it supports GIFs, stickers, video, and photo editing
  • Allows no third-party access to data to assure utmost privacy
  • Users can program Secret Chat messages to self-destruct automatically

Rating: 4.4/5

Installs: 500,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

7) Amino

amino - popular messaging apps

The app is a great choice for those looking for friends with the same hobby or passion as this platform lets you easily share your ideas and thoughts at your finger tips. You can explore your interests, tell your story and find your people on Amino.


The latest update empowers users to create videos, communities, posts, and quizzes to represent the interests to the world, the fandom, or just within the favorite group of friends.

App Features

  • Awesome place to watch stories, videos, and read blogs
  • Create own blogs, polls, quizzes, and stories using built in video editing features
  • Customize the profile using handcrafted stickers and profile frames available in digital store
  • Allows you to add text, background music, and even turn horizontal videos into vertical ones
  • Make new friends and chat with people like you across the globe

Rating: 4.4/5

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

8) Viber


This convenient messaging app does the login by using the phone number of the user and it syncs with the user’s phone to find contacts. Users can communicate with other Viber users through stickers, emoticons, text, photos, videos and voice messages and make free international calls with just a data plan or Wi-Fi connection.


Users can perform unlimited calls, endless texting and high quality video chat through this app for free and perform group video call with up to 20 people.


Users can enrich the conversation with Chat Extensions and interested users can even start a Viber community with unlimited members to share a common interest or passion.

App Features

  • Allows you to make crystal-clear audio and instant video calls
  • Self-destructs your secret chats
  • Easily make low-cost calls to landlines with Viber Out
  • The group chat feature allows to connect with up to 250 members
  • Chat and call with 100% privacy through end to end encryption

Rating: 4.4/5

Installs: 500,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

9) Textra SMS

textra sms

This is a fast and highly customizable alternative to regular messaging apps with a set of remarkable features. It can be easily customized to your preferred theme & bubble colours, notifications and signatures or changes can be made for different conversations, as well. Users can pick from over 3000 emoji style choices to express themselves during conversations.

App Features

  • Enhanced notifications and quick reply options
  • Allows MMS GROUP messaging or quick voice memos
  • Copy Partial Text let you to copy any part of the text in a bubble
  • Allows scheduled (future) SMS & MMS
  • Offers slide to delete and call and quick snap camera options

Rating: 4.4/5


Download: Android

10) Signal Private Messenger

signal - popular messaging apps

This messenger app features instantaneous communication across the globe for free and users can stay connected through high-fidelity messages and HD voice/video calls.


The highlight is Signal’s advanced privacy-preserving technology that lets users to share the moments to those who really matters.


The app is optimized to operate in the most constrained environments and its enhanced audio and video quality assures better conversations across town or ocean.


The existing phone number and address book can be used to securely communicate with your friends.

App Features

  • Messages are delivered quickly and reliably
  • Switch to the dark theme for a convenient ambience
  • End-to-end encryption keeps the conversations secure
  • Built-in image editing features let you sketch, crop, and flip your outgoing photos
  • App allows to disable noises completely or set custom alerts for each contact

Rating: 4.4/5

Installs: 50,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

app cost calculator

11) Chomp SMS

chomp sms

This is a user-friendly messaging app that comes with unlimited customization options while sending and receiving messages. Get a personalized touch and feel to your messages by changing the font style, text size, screen colour, and background wallpaper.


Moreover, choose from over 3000 plus Android, Twitter, Emoji One & iOS style emojis to express freely during the conversations.

App Features

  • Offers privacy options including a passcode lock
  • Designed with scheduled SMS sender and reminders
  • Stop a text while sending if you change your mind
  • Easily change notification LED colours and vibrate patterns
  • App is compatible with Yappy, Pushbullet, MightyText and Android Wear

Rating: 4.4/5


Download: Android

12) Tango

tango - popular messaging apps

Tango is one of the most popular messaging apps that come with a variety of chat features that enables the users to chat with friends as well as find new friends to chat with. Unlike similar popular messaging apps, finding new friends is a lot easy by using “nearby” or group chat features.


You can create conversation groups which enables chat option with a number of people at the same time. This messenger even lets you download video games and play with your friends while on call.


This is an amazing platform to show off your talents and get discovered online.

App Features

  • Let’s you watch and create live stream videos as well as broadcast them
  • You can send stickers or photos and add filters while on a live call
  • It lets you to engage with your fans live and make money through hobbies
  • Apply masks and other cool filters to have fun on Live Video
  • DUAL broadcast feature allows to collaborate with other video content creators

Rating: 4.3/5

Installs: 100,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

13) Mighty Text: SMS Texting w/ PC – Free SMS Messaging Communication

SMS from PC

This is an easier, faster, & better option for free and seamless SMS text messaging. With this application, users can send and receive messages from PC, Mac, or Tablet without the need of signing in to mobile. For its user friendliness, efficiency and productivity, the app was listed among Time Magazine’s “Best 50 Android Apps”

App Features

  • No need to check your phone for every SMS notification
  • Text online from the comfort of your computer or tablet
  • Ideal to send quick, professional bulk SMS messages to colleagues & clients
  • Easily turn off incoming SMS notifications during presentations
  • See Caller ID of incoming phone calls without looking at your phone

Rating: 4.3/5

Installs: 5,000,000+

Download: Android

14) Snapchat


The distinctive catch behind the tremendous popularity of Snapchat is its unique instant messaging capability that appeals most to teenagers today.


Laced with video conversations, Snapchat is a free app and offers distinguished self-destructing power to users which destroys shared media files after a fixed period.


As the app opens to camera, you can share the moments in seconds. It now offers more features such as funny filters, photo editing, bitmojis, adaptive chat and story sharing system. Users can even create own Filters to add to photos and videos.

App Features

  • SNAP MAP lets you see where your friends are hanging out
  • Let’s you follow your friends and watch their daily story
  • Free cloud storage helps users to have a look back on memories
  • Friendship profile features moments you have saved together
  • Allows you to video chat with up to 16 friends at once

Rating: 4.3/5

Installs: 1,000,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

15) Pulse SMS (Phone/Tablet/Web)

Pulse plus

This is the next-generation private text messaging app that is designed with a range of impressive features to make quality conversations. The app assures best in class user experience with data security, password protection and is free of ads.


Just an internet connection is all what you need to send and receive picture and text messages seamlessly across computer, tablet, watch, car, or any device.

App Features

  • Easily share GIFs with your messages
  • Automated replies based on contacts and keywords
  • Delayed sending to give you time to edit or cancel messages
  • Powerful searching through messages and conversations
  • Suggested Smart Replies within conversations

Rating: 4.3/5

Installs: 1,000,000+

Download: Android

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16) Skype

skype app logo

This app needs no introduction when it comes to listing it in the best popular messaging apps for 2023. Built with a professional appeal, Skype has globally grown as a most preferred free video calling app.


It features a fast instant messaging interface and promotes ease of file transfer. Skype to Skype calls are always free.


The app is compatible across phones, tablets, PCs and Macs that makes it a solid choice for business communication. The new SMS Connect feature lets you read and reply to your phone’s SMS messages from your laptop/PC.

App Features

  • Allows you to make voice calls to anyone across the globe
  • Easily send photos and videos with your family and friends
  • A group chat or family reunion is at your finger tips
  • Options to make HD video calls with up to 24 users ensures the quality and purpose during business meets
  • Easily liven up conversations with emoticons

Rating: 4.3/5

Installs: 1,000,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

17) Facebook Messenger


Attracting more than 1 billion global users, Facebook Messenger native app effortlessly manages to compete with similar popular messaging apps.


Facebook users can instantly connect with friends through chat messages, voice messages and voice and video calls. It is compatible across platforms and comes with GIF support along with location and media file sharing.


This social media app is constantly improving its features and enhancing user experience with even more compact and light interface with minimal tabs to fast-access the chat features.

App Features

  • Users can make free video calls with up to 8 people and use interactive video features like face filters
  • Send messages that only last for a moment using Vanish Mode
  • Make plans to get together with polls
  • Easily connect with your favourite businesses to make reservations, get customer support, find deals etc.
  • Watch movies live with friends in Messenger Video Chat Rooms
  • Host up to 50 people with no time limits in group chat

Rating: 4.2/5

Installs: 1,000,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

18) Slack


Slack is a team oriented productive messaging app popular among the corporations as well as common people. It supports the features of scheduling, management tools; messaging and app integration.


The option of chat channels allows the users to quickly set subgroups for topic-oriented or task-oriented discussions. Small businesses and large enterprises use the app to bring team communication and collaboration into one place.

App Features

  • Let you message or call any person or group within your team
  • Easy to organise your conversations by topic or project
  • Options to share and edit documents and collaborate with the right people
  • Easily integrate Google Drive, Salesforce, Dropbox, Asana, Twitter etc
  • Allows to easily search a central knowledge base that automatically indexes and archives your team’s past conversations and files
  • Stay focussed on what matters by customising notifications

Rating: 4.2/5

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

19) WhatsApp


It comes as no surprise that WhatsApp has been downloaded by more than five billion users. Its growth has been rapid after Facebook acquired the messaging app. Unlike its counterparts, the app is free of advertisements.


The user can instantly communicate with anyone in their circles just by knowing their mobile number. The app is absolutely free and one can send text, photos, documents, short voice and video messages to their phone contacts.


The latest update has added novel features such as more expressive emojis and stickers and enabled message encryption for enhanced security. The WhatsApp Web feature allows access of messages right from your computer’s browser.

App Features

  • Connect with your contacts easily through phone’s address book
  • No subscription fees or international charges
  • Allows group chats and video calls with your contacts
  • Saves offline messages which can be retrieved anytime
  • Let you share your location and exchange contacts easily
  • It works seamlessly with no usernames or PIN

Rating: 4.2/5

Installs: 5,000,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

20) Microsoft Teams

microsoft teams

This awesome business app is a great platform loved by corporate businesses as this serves as a hub for teamwork in Office 365.


Employees working remotely can depend on the app for quality team conversations and files, meetings, and apps live together in a single shared workspace.


This great application assures the enterprise-level security and compliance you expect from Office 365 and the app offers almost anything and everything that can be integrated for an office space.


Many top businesses are utilizing the possibilities of this messaging app during the covid days to ensure smooth workflow. The group dashboards let you to view important items, shared locations, & upcoming tasks within a group chat for easy coordination.

App Features

  • Team projects can be managed efficiently with file editing and sharing on the go
  • You can chat privately or in groups, and communicate with the entire team in dedicated channels
  • Connect face-to-face with HD audio and video and join meetings despite location
  • Easily save important conversations and customize your notifications
  • Effortlessly switch between work and personal account to stay organized throughout the day

Rating: 4.1/5

Installs: 100,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

21) Line


With over 500 million users, Line is one of the best popular messaging apps across the globe, especially in Asia. With a timeline like Facebook, the users can post and get comments from their friends.


A variety of LINE sticker sets can be used to liven up your messages in your own unique way. The app is number one in popular messaging apps category ranking in 52 countries.


Use polls to quickly see what your friends think and connect with the favourite celebrities and companies through the official accounts and easily follow brands and artists.

App Features

  • Users can connect with others through landline calls, free line calls and Line video or voice calls
  • Let’s you share messages, photos, videos, stickers, voice messages, and locations easily with friends
  • Chats are encrypted and group chat can hold up to 200 members
  • You can make international calls with LINE Out
  • Browse hundreds of popular free stickers in Sticker Shop

Rating: 4.1/5

Installs: 500,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

22) Google Hangouts


This is another great platform from Google that lets users to stay connected through messages and video or voice calls. The conversation can be between individuals or within a group.


The platform lets you to keep in touch with contacts across Android, iOS, and the web and sync chats across all your devices. Users are also allowed to connect the Google Voice account for phone calling, SMS texting, and voicemail integration.

App Features

  • Conversation through group chats are allowed for up to 150 people
  • Express what you feel through status messages, photos, videos, maps, emoji, stickers, and animated GIFs
  • Conversation can be turned into a free group video call with up to 10 contacts
  • Message your contacts anytime whether they are online or offline
  • All calls to Hangouts users are free

Rating: 4.0/5

Installs: 1,000,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

23) Zoom


Just like Microsoft Teams, businesses across the globe are utilizing the possibilities of Zoom to ensure smooth workflow remotely during these trying times.


However, the app has also large numbers of users among common people as there is no licensing required and it is absolutely free.


This video calling app is used by over 500,000 customer organizations and is #1 in customer satisfaction.


The app lets you to easily connect with anyone on Android, other mobile devices, Windows, Mac, iOS, ZoomPresence, H.323/SIP room systems, and telephones

App Features

  • Easily start or join a 100-person meeting with face-to-face video, high quality screen sharing, and instant messaging
  • Effortlessly screen share photos, web and Google Drive, Dropbox or Box files
  • Join as interactive participant or view-only webinar attendee
  • Users can co-annotate over shared content with possibilities of real-time whiteboard collaboration
  • Send group text, images, and audio from mobile and desktop
  • Easily setup auto-receptionists to autonomously answer and route calls

Rating: 3.9/5

Installs: 500,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

24) WeChat


More than just a messaging and social media tool, it has become a lifestyle for over one hundred million users across the globe.


In addition to the basic chat and call options, you can read news, use local services in Official Accounts, exercise with friends on WeRun, scan QR codes and play fun games with friends.


The app is localized in 20 different languages and lets you make calls to mobile phones and landlines around the globe at super low rates (only certain regions).


To add to the overall convenience, users can even enjoy mobile payment features with WeChat Pay.

App Features

  • Message friends using text, photo, voice, video and location sharing
  • Connect with up to 500 members at once through group chats
  • MINI PROGRAMS lets you enjoy countless third-party services without separate installation
  • You can record short videos to post in your Time Capsule
  • Make group video calls with up to 9 people

Rating: 3.6/5

Installs: 100,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

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As the Covid situations are demanding people to follow the new normal, the importance of digital communication is turning out to be very evident. Moreover, it is becoming really difficult to survive the daily life without having such amazing popular messaging apps on our device.

app cost calculator

With rich, user-friendly features, these popular messaging apps are crafted to make communication lively and help us stay in touch with people living in diverse geographical locations.


Even when the current situations call for social distancing, such great options at your finger tips are turning out to be a great companion for your new journey and keep up the relations.

Purpose of Chat Applications

From yahoo chat that started in those early days of internet to Snapchat, WhatsApp and Facebook’s highly sophisticated chat messenger, online Chat applications have evolved dramatically over the last decade.


With multi-tasking mechanism playing the major focus, today’s chat apps are explored globally by billions of users for both personal as well as commercial fulfillment.

At the heart of these chat app innovation lies fascination for mobile technology that was earlier seen as a fleeting fad.


The reason why chat apps are exercised with great sincerity is the fact that there is a subtle opportunity to transform chat application services into a major marketing and purchase channels. Artificial intelligence must also play a curious role here.


As we progress in this blog, we are going to glance at how chat apps are playing several roles, including enhancing engagements, monetization and user retention and more.


Mobile Chat Apps Drive Unprecedented Opportunities

As now more than 70% of total visits on top digital news websites come from mobile devices, the need for developing mobile-specific chat apps has escalated.


A lot of traffic and referrals observed on news organizations belong to social platforms, which translates into a great opportunity for relationship building and audience engagement.


Chat messengers present themselves as representatives of socials on mobile and drive the size of traffic too huge to ignore.


Unique Apps For Prolific Engagement

Unique apps for prolific engagement

WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat and Facebook messenger all created an ecosystem that demonstrates immense uniqueness, each offering opportunity to engage with friends and connection in an unforeseen chat environment.


Providing users with rich features, these apps deliver incredible live chat experience, allowing users to share text messages, images, emoticons, stickers, audio and video clips and other media content.


The ability to send numerous formats of media files among many friends as well as capability to create personalized groups make the experience even more exciting.


As these top-rated chat apps surpassed the initial purpose of ‘staying connected’ by enabling style and elegance, the user engagement as a result grew more prolific than ever.


Multipurpose Use of Mobile Chat Apps

Though, today many chat apps innovations are launched by U.S. and Europe-based software companies, a large number of chat apps are originally thought-processed in Asia on prominent platforms such as LINE and WeChat.


In a flow that seems to move from East to West, Western apps are often derived from these Asian platforms.

Multipurpose use of mobile chat apps

For instance, WeChat has its stronghold in China and resembles the classic chat experience provided by AOL and Yahoo with unusual twists and features.


WeChat is more than just mere chat and news reading; users can pay bills, make purchases, book transportations, doctor’s appointments and reservations, watch traffic updates and report suspicious incidents and also earn loyalty rewards.


Though other markets do not claim the similar success of mobile apps as observed in China, it is considered as no less than an inspiration for Western chat apps makers attempting to imitate such growth and monetization globally.


LINE on the other end is Japan’s original, advanced and feature-rich platform that generated nearly $656 million revenue in 2014 – which in a way casts a big shadow over Western messenger app leaders claiming billion-dollar evaluation through monetization.


Chat Apps For Demographics and Countries



When it comes to being the stronghold in certain regions, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber found home across global countries and yet these tiny group of apps struggle to generate interest in certain countries. On the other side, messengers like LINE, Tango, WeChat and KakaoTalk successfully dominate specific markets and regions while losing its charm in others.


Even across demographics, performance of apps varies among millennials and are never uniform. While Snapchat, LINE and WhatsApp excite young and female millennials, apps like Tango that triumph with millions of active users majorly appeal to users aged between 25 to 50.


Product Promotion, Loyalty and Monetization


Product promotion, loyalty and monetization

There are chat apps that support you well if you wish to drive traffic back to your website or commercial mobile app. Depending on product and services, you can tempt and engage users on specific chat apps like WhatsApp and tell them to click URL links shared in there.


Brands can leverage users’ WhatsApp contact and send messages for order confirmation and promotion, thereby giving them the benefits of loyalty. LINE and Viber come handy for paid Sticker/emoji pack campaign, which helps you monetize subscriptions.


However, this is clearly not possible with Snapchat as it does not support clickable URL links. Chat apps, thus, can be built to serve diverse purposes, each offering different features than the other. You must opt for the one that befits and matches the strategy on your mind.


Carving Chat Bots-Driven Experience

With an aim to perfect the user experience and achieve engagement on a much deeper level, publishers started providing push notifications and even chatbot experiences.

More effective than Facebook and Twitter in their original version, these chat apps with programmable robots can converse with users virtually or prepare ready made expressions and responses to minimize manual hassle.


LINE has dabbled in this initiative for a while as an experiment and found that over 50% of push messages are read by followers with official accounts.


Due to more compact experience and quick access, chatbots offer a high chance to turn into an advantage for modern users. As a result, chat app millennials are likely to replace social network news feeds with chatbot-enabled services.


Connecting with Audience in Novel Ways

Based on what we have observed in the chat app market, the factor that actually boosts prevalence of a chat application has a lot to do with how it connects well with the audience and looks relevant.


Having billions of active users involved in major chat apps, these chat apps reinvent the way people ‘should’ connect. App publishers constantly keep the interest alive in order to develop the large audience.

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Modern Messaging apps for example offer a great deal of engaging features some which are not available on social platforms. Publishers invent novel ways and develop outstanding tools to let people tell their stories creatively.


BuzzFeed is a great example of supplying publisher-branded emojis to improve personal conversations on chat apps like LINE. Snapchat on the other hand lets users fiddle with (write or draw) the ready content from publishers before it is sent.


Collaborative Value

With the inception of chat platforms like LINE, WeChat, Tango that demonstrate diverse opportunities in the chat ecosystem, users can relish chat apps that create special moments for them as they connect, collaborate and share.


For readers and viewers, this is a great way to come together and discuss a range of topics in a unique way. For instance, Kik and Tango are one of those platforms that let you create standalone chat rooms where users can connect to discuss interesting topics.



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On the other hand, there is Snapchat’s Live Stories that best appeals to Snapchat community and allows people from a specific geo-location to share eyewitness media to a crowd sourced video piece.


Such approach in a chat ecosystem is shown to add substantial collaborative value to a chat app, carving an all-new purpose.


From above discussion, it is evident how chat applications are purposed to play various roles in addition to acting as a chat communication medium.


As days pass by, chat messengers are going to be even more advanced in its capability. While app publishers exhibit immense joy, optimism and excitement for their success so far, they all almost agree that chat app industry is still its experimental and exploratory phase.


After spending loads of time perfecting user experience, publishers now gravitate to media-powered partnerships. Hope you have learned enough from chat apps success stories to initiate your own experiment.

24 Best Free Video Chat Apps For Android & iOS

As 3G and 4G technology makes way for faster 5G in 2023, you would find it much easier to use video calls in smartphones. A decade ago, even the best video chat apps were lagged, with constantly dropping frames and poor audio.

But efficient usage of compression algorithms combined with high-speed internet connectivity has completely transformed video calling apps. We are now a few clicks away from making high definition face-to-face conversation anywhere anytime.

Since there is a vast variety of video conference apps in the market, we have shortlisted the top 24 best video chat apps of 2023 that you should try.


Discord Signal Google Duo Instagram
Tango YeeCall ICQ Viber
WhatsApp Snapchat Skype Zalo
ooVoo Glide JusTalk MicrosoftTeams
Camfrog Messenger IMO Line
KakaoTalk Hangouts Marcopolo Zoom



1. Discord


Discord is popular for its in-game chat functionalities. It is one of the best video & audio chat apps for gamers. The app enables easy daily communication and even set up group chats and screen share your activities.


There are regular updates to the app, with the latest update coming in December 2020, and despite few bugs, reviews are very positive from long-term users.


discord - video chat apps


The gaming communication facility helps you to watch your friend’s stream their games and speak like you all are in the same room.



App Features

  • Easy voice channels without calls.
  • Custom emojis & avatars.
  • Pin your favorite images and other content.
  • Private channel creation.

Ratings : 4.5/5

Installs : 100,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


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2. Signal Private Messenger

signal - video chat apps

The name itself implies the purpose of the app. Signal enables users to have highly safe private messages. Extra protection is followed by a PIN generation that is known to you and only you. You can engage in crystal clear voice and video calls in an end-to-end encrypted app platform.

Signal lets users have uninterrupted group video calls and even permanently delete messages and clean message history. The app contains edit tools for your outgoing images & even add text on the images.


App Features

  • Custom alerts on existing contacts.
  • Enhanced audio and video Quality.
  • Active on slow networks
  • Easy to use interface.
  • End-to-end encrypted

Ratings : 4.5/5

Installs : 10,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


3. Google Duo

google duo app logo - video chat apps

Google Duo has been among the best video chat apps since 2018. The app is quite simple to use — Log in, verify your number, and make quick video calls just like standard phone calls. The simplicity of the app’s interface brings the video calling feature to the forefront.

You can get on a group video call with up to 32 people. This video chat app also has the “Family Mode” which has few interesting features like ability to doodle while on video call, add fun masks and effects, etc.


App Features

  • Cross-platform functionality lets you make calls across Android and iOS devices.
  • Check the person who’s calling you before you decide to answer it or not.
  • Faster and reliable video calls regardless of Wi-Fi or mobile connection.
  • Extremely simple interface makes it easier to make video calls.

Rating : 4.5/5

Installs : 1,000,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


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4. Instagram

instagram-app-logo - video chat apps

You probably use this frequently to share video and pictures from your daily lives with added captions, edits, filters, emojis, and tweak settings to entertain your followers.

In 2018, the app introduced video calling feature in Instagram Direct allowing users to video call individuals or small groups of up to 4 people.

In mid 2020, Instagram rolled out messenger rooms, allowing you to join on a video call with up to 50 people. It’s free, doesn’t put a time limit and is easy to use.

The Instagram app is primarily focused on visual content, and you can find plenty of high quality entertainment on this social media app.

As typical with social media, you can follow your favourite accounts, which could be friends and family, or celebrities and see what they are up to.


App Features

  • Instagram Messenger Rooms – Video Chat with up to 50 people with no time limit.
  • Allows multi-tasking while video calling
  • Has the option of messaging, posting, reading news feeds etc and much more

Rating : 4.4/5

Installs : 1,000,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


5. Tango


With over 400 million user base, Tango is one of the popular video chat apps of this generation. This app offers the great quality video calling facility.

This app is more focused on video streaming and social features. But the video calling facility is quite good, with the ability to create video chat rooms. You can chat publicly and privately to anyone of your preference.


App Features

  • Accessible on both iOS and Android devices.
  • Easily switch between voice and video calls while being on call.
  • Add friends, subscribe to sources, keep a timeline, and receive newsfeed.
  • Follow your favourite live video broadcasters and engage with fellow creative people.

Rating : 4.4/5

Installs : 100,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


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6. YeeCall

yeecall logo - video chat apps

YeeCall app provides free video and voice calls to all of its users around the globe. The app introduced something called the unblocked video & voice call which allow users to freely use video chat without worrying about being blocked.

It is especially useful for users who live in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Egypt, India, Pakistan and more.


App Features

  • Provides high quality voice and video calls
  • Performs stable connection and data encryption
  • Enables free and unlimited texting with funny GIFs and stickers.
  • Allows group talks which makes all the friends stay connected.
  • Encrypted video calls

Rating : 4.4/5

Installs : 10,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


7. ICQ

icq app - video chat apps

Have fun using this free video chat app. It unifies almost all functions that make a communication fun and moreover easier for the user.

There are some smart features such as converting voice messages to text, video call masks sending videos and images without compression. They make the app experience that much better.


App Features

  • High-quality video and audio calls are available
  • Calls are securely encrypted
  • Voice messages have speech-to-text feature
  • Animated 3D masks are available for video calling
  • Live chat synchronization is available with unlimited members or channels

Rating : 4.4/5

Installs : 50,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


8. Viber

viber-app-logo - video chat apps

Launched in 2010, Viber is another preferred and popular video chat apps that has over 11 million downloads. Filled with cool features and attractive functionalities, Viber is a cross-platform application and can be installed on various devices.

Viber introduced group video chat for up to 20 people (They are set to increase the limit in near future) in early 2020. Whether you are a chef running a cooking class or a Yoga teacher helping students master various poses, Viber is a good option.


App Features

  • Free international video and voice calling app.
  • Add eye-catching and funny emojis and cool stickers to your texts.
  • Hide the messages from the messaging screen that you don’t want others to see and access them later.
  • The automatic encryption secures your messages, video and voice calls, texts, etc.

Rating : 4.4/5

Installs : 500,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


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9. WhatsApp


After proving its worth as the best messaging app, WhatsApp came with another feature: Video calling. It is a cross-platform app that has millions and millions of users who make a tonne of video calls on a daily basis across the globe on Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Whatsapp introduced plenty of new features by end of 2020 including payment facility, dark mode, disappearing messages and also increased group video chat capacity from 4 members to 8 members.


App Features

  • Video call or voice call, it is completely free.
  • Share documents, images, videos, and much more with its multimedia feature.
  • Download WhatsApp on your computer and start receiving messages.
  • Can easily set custom wallpapers, notification ringtones, etc.

Rating : 4.3/5

Installs : 5,000,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


10. Snapchat

Snapchat-app-logo - video chat apps

For most teenagers, this is the most preferred chat app and in a study, it was shown that Snapchat has overcome Facebook and Instagram due to its popularity among teenagers.

There are plenty of filters, emojis, lenses, etc that are fun and cool. Snap Map, Discover, Stories and few other features are also there to keep you entertained.


App Features

  • Short video clips can be shared
  • Snapchat stories which are news feeds can be made up of photos or videos
  • Ad support content is available from famous publishers or brands
  • Has the feature to send GIFs shot
  • Turn your friend and yourself to an augmented reality filter with 3D friendmojis
  • You can start visual parties with Snapchat
  • Best in expressing yourself, to learn about the world and have fun with friends and family

Rating : 4.3/5

Installs : 1,000,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS

app cost calculator


11. Skype

skype app logo - video chat apps

Skype is one of those that absolutely need no introduction. With super new features, design, and a tonne of users, Skype is the app to stay connected with people around the globe.

Skype works on a wide range of devices and is one of the most reliable video chat apps. Just recently, Skype introduced Together Mode, which was an original feature in Microsoft Teams’.

The mode rethinks how video chats are displayed on screen. It puts you side by side with other members giving an appearance of being at the same place together.


App Features

  • Send photos, text, videos, voice messages, and many more.
  • Call any device, Skype, mobile, or landline.
  • Keep your family and friends updated with the Highlights from your day.
  • Enjoy low calling rates to landlines and cell phones across the globe.

Rating : 4.3/5

Installs : 1,000,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


12. Zalo


Zalo is Vietnam’s favourite messaging app. It has a rich set of amazing audio and video call features.

Apart from its core functionalities, the app also has certain unique features like transportation bookings, public transport information, doctor appointment bookings, consumer loan services, etc.

This Vietnamese app is also used by government agencies, companies and celebrities from Vietnam. So you get updates from these accounts regularly.

There is one drawback though. The app is geographically limited. Even though it has an English translation, there is a lot of scope for improvement.


App Features

  • High speed for notifications
  • Fun and cheerful stickers and emoticons available
  • Find friends who are nearby
  • No much effort required to send group messages
  • Zalo Pay, Zalo Shop,
  • Transportation booking
  • Doctor Booking
  • Consumer loan services

Rating : 4.3/5

Installs : 100,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


13. ooVoo

oovoo-app-logo - video chat apps

Started off as a chat app, ooVoo became popular among teens within no time. It lets users have a group call with up to 8 people at one time.

Their powerful, in-app messaging services let you share images, text, video messages, and much more. Also, ooVoo is a cross-platform app, so regardless of the device you use, it can be installed on any phone, tablet, and PC.

Their latest chains feature lets you link your videos together, like youtube playlists, and boasts few social abilities such as sharing and discovering other video chains, collaborating with other creators, etc


App Features

  • Create amazing content for the ooVoo community by linking their videos together to create interesting stories to share with their friends and contacts across the globe.
  • Checkout others’ stories in your network that your friends have uploaded.
  • A cutting-edge technology was used to develop ooVoo which makes it superior to standard messaging applications.

Rating : 4.3/5

Installs : 50,000,000+

Download : Android


14. Glide


Glide claims they are the fastest live video messenger app on the planet. People can enjoy sharing their life moments in real-time with friends they wish to.

The app has cool filters making videos more awesome and loveable. An easy to use design makes the app more and more convenient for users.


App Features

  • Enjoy the app in smartwatches.
  • Live Video streaming
  • Easy texting and clear video calls
  • Intuitive interface.

Ratings : 4.3/5

Installs : 10,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


15. JusTalk

Justalk-app-logo - video chat apps

It’s a free high-quality voice, video, and group chat app which is simple, reliable, fun to use and moreover secure for users. This app which can be used in both Android and iOS is perfect for family and friends. It allows up to 16 people on a single video call.


App Features

  • Make one-to-one or group calls with HD quality video and highly clear voice
  • Best feature is that even at dark times you get a clear vision for seeing for video calling
  • While video calling, you can share an endless number of stickers, doodles, and photos in real-time
  • Even the user can challenge friends video call in this app
  • If your friends or family doesn’t have this app, then you can make use of Boomerang Web call which lets users create a web link and then make calls
  • Other features include- lively messaging, end-to-end encryption etc.

Rating : 4.3/5

Installs : 10,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


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16. Microsoft Teams

microsoft teams - video chat appsOne Microsoft Teams is hands down one of the best tools for kids in their online learning process. You can easily add as many members as you want into a video call & have trouble-free chats. The app is a perfect hub for teamwork assuring collaboration & coordination between every member.

It brings the content collaboration power offered by Microsoft 365 applications, making the app an extremely powerful tool for teams.

You can have occasional chats, group chats, or a dedicated team communication with your colleagues. Users also can switch between the work and personal accounts for convenience.


App Features

  • Convenient cloud storage & access.
  • Manage group dashboards& various tasks.
  • Transfer calls between desktop and mobile
  • File editing & sharing on the go.
  • Timely custom notifications.
  • Enterprise-level security
  • Call-merge, low-data mode

Ratings : 4.2/5

Installs : 50,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


17. Camfrog


This is kind of a cross-platform community with thousands of users available in various chat rooms. Be it on any device- Android, iPhone or Mac, if you are a member of the Camfrog community then you could chat with anyone available.

It is one of the best video chat apps that allows you to connect with strangers globally and make friends or to flirt. It is a great video chat option if you are a social butterfly.


App Features

  • Video conferencing is quite simple using this app
  • Group calling is available with other Camfrog users
  • Easy to find in new users and you can also set up new chat rooms
  • Video and audio communication is available in devices like Windows XP, Mac OS X, and Android
  • It also has a paid version – Camfrog Pro
  • Rewards program
  • Virtual gift store

Rating : 4.2/5

Installs : 10,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


18. Facebook Messenger


As famous as Facebook, this video calling app is trusted by people around the globe. Facebook Messenger is available for free for both iOS and Android users through any web browser logged into your Facebook account.

Backed by facebook, this video chat app is quite rich in quality features. The latest feature would be the Vanish Mode which is available in select countries.


App Features

  • Using either names or phone numbers, you can easily find your friends.
  • Works across devices and operating systems. Connect with people internationally within no time.
  • Add fun art and effects to your pictures and videos and share them instantly with your connections.
  • Vanish Mode
  • Custom Reactions
  • Watch videos, shows and movies together with friends
  • Dark Mode

Rating : 4.2/5

Installs : 1,000,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


19. IMO

imo-app-logo - video chat apps

It is a simple video calling app for Android users that lets users make free video and voice calls over both Wi-Fi and mobile internet, and accessible to both iOS and Android users. You can make video calls with up to 20 members in a single call.


App Features

  • Provides complete end-to-end encryption to all messages and video and voice calls.
  • Cross-platform video calling application.
  • Make group calls, send images, stickers, etc.
  • Consumes less data for both video and voice calls.

Rating : 4.2/5

Installs : 500,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


20. LINE


This app has in turn reshaped the way of communication around the globe. It’s not only a messaging app but also allows users to do audio calls, video calls. There is a fun feature called Face Play you can enjoy in different modes with your friends.


App Features

  • Chat with over 200 friends simultaneously on a group chat
  • Lets voice and video calls anywhere, anytime
  • Browse hundreds of stickers including world-famous celebrities to make your chats more fun

Rating : 4.1/5

Installs : 500,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


21. KakaoTalk


This is fast, fun and a multi-faceted messaging app to communicate with your friends and family, which is used by more than 150 million users worldwide.


App Features

  • Speedy and reliable in whatever network
  • Supports iOS, Android, Windows OS, Mac OS
  • Free chats, audio and video calls available to communicate worldwide
  • Express emotions through the wide range of emoticons and you can also more stickers from the store
  • Chat is available between unlimited friends
  • Another exciting feature is that this app has voice filters for fun free calls with the sounds of Talking Tom, Ben’s voice etc

Rating : 4.1/5

Installs : 100,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


22. Hangouts


Backed up by Google, Hangouts is an excellent video calling app if you are brand specific. Hangouts let you connect with up to 9 people at once.

There is no need to sign up for a new account if you already have one. Not just Android-powered smartphones and tablets, Hangouts can be installed on iOS devices as well.


App Features

  • Include all your contacts with group chats for up to 150 people.
  • It can turn any group conversation into a video call up to 10 people.
  • App works on Android and iOS devices, and syncs chats across all your devices.
  • Easily connect their Google voice account for phone calls, SMSs, and voicemail integration.

Rating : 4.0/5

Installs : 1,000,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


23. Marco Polo

marco polo

Marco polo allows you to hang out with your friends virtually. The app is perfect to share short videos with friends or groups. It has additional doodle features adding fun to your video chat.

One of the app’s major highlights is that it is ad-free. This video chat app delivers your messages tone, context and certainty according to the app creators. The facility of cloud storage gives more room to save limitless content.


App Features

  • End to end encryption
  • No third party ads
  • Marcopolo premium has extra features
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Unlimited chats and groups
  • Voice effects, Camera effects
  • Marco Polo Plus has extra features

Ratings : 3.9/5

Installs : 10,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


24. ZOOM Cloud Meetings


Award-winning video conferencing app launched in 2013. It became the most downloaded android apps on the internet, thanks to the new work from home office culture during the COVID-19 lockdown period.

You can have up to 100 participants in one meeting at a time. The addon versions allow up to 500.


App Features

  • Direct screen sharing from your device
  • Send group text, images, and audios
  • Contact availability status
  • Easy invitations and participation
  • Safe driving mode

Ratings: 3.6/5

Installs: 500,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS


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Final Thoughts


app cost calculator

With social distancing becoming the norm due to the global pandemic, video chat apps are fast becoming part of daily life. These apps are now essential to stay in touch with friends and family from around the globe.

As the competition between app makers intensifies, you are eventually benefitted with innovative features and functionalities. So, in case you aren’t already using a chat app, this is the right time to jump on to the bandwagon and if you do, do try out multiple video chat apps as most of them have a free version. You never know which would be the best fit for you.

How to Create a Messaging App Like WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most popular messaging apps. While it could be tough to rival that, you might want to create an app with features similar to WhatsApp. It could be as an add on for your business or existing app or education institution. In this blog, we unravel how to make a messaging app like WhatsApp.

Why an app like WhatsApp?

As we all know, WhatsApp is gaining much popularity among us. It’s easy & attractive features make users love that app. WhatsApp is available on all operating systems & also active on multiple devices.


You can enjoy boundless communication through text messages, voice messages, video calls, etc. Besides, you can instantly share your photos & videos with your friends either personally or in your group. Thus, creating a messaging app like WhatsApp gains a place.

Table of contents

Steps to create an app like WhatsApp

#1. Select the platform

As we said earlier, WhatsApp is active on multiple platforms. It is essential to decide the platform on which your app should appear whether it be in iOS, Android, or cross platforms.

#2. Choose the best business model for your app

It includes the various factors that decide the success of your app.

Target audience: When creating an instant messaging app, it is obvious to look upon the users and their expectations. Mostly, WhatsApp is used by all age groups especially by young people. Business firms also use such apps for their official purposes. So, you should consider the target audience in advance.

Monetization strategies: Your app is a product of structured development stages with their different costs. You must monetize your app without making your users hesitant about paying the money.

App features: The above monetization is easy when your app stand out unique from similar apps. Your app should contain an extra factor that makes people choose & use your app.

App promotions: Your app must be appearing each day. Once you publish your app, it should automatically make your users install & use it. After uploading in the play store, you can plan various promotion activities to attract your users

#3. Decide your app features

This step can decide the priority of your app among users. You should create a list of the most important features of your messaging app. You can also add brand new features to your app.

#4. Form a development team

Developers are the real heroes of an app story. Their tireless working result in a successful application. You can select an experienced team for creating your preferred app service.

You can either outsource or take In-house members to carry out faultless development stages. Below are some of the personnel who form a development team in a messaging app.

Project manager: He/she with an excellent managing skill inform the client about the project throughout the development process

Project Analyst: An analyst could accompany the project manager and make his/her work at ease.

Developers: Undoubtedly, they make an app technically stable & error-free. It includes front-end development; Back end development. Number of developers can vary upon the complexity of the app. Developers of iOS & Android form a separate team.

Designers: Users should feel the purpose of your app through the design itself. An unattractive design can make your venture into a failure. You should have a skilled team of UI/UX designers who can create intuitive designs for your app.

Testing & QA engineers: Your app shall go through various testing stages & ensure its proper performance. A good team of testers constantly working on bug-fixing & errors can make your app a highly responsive one.

Marketing manager: If your app needs promotional activities, an efficient marketing manager can make it happen.

#5. Set up the budget of your app

The pivotal factor of an app development process is its cost. The cost can vary with the complexity, development team, their location, features, etc. You should be able to estimate the overall cost & commence your app development.

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Features of a messaging app

Let’s explore the various features that shape an instant-messaging app.

whatsapp features

#1. User Registration

The first and foremost feature of a messaging app is an authentic registration. Users can register via e-mail or other social media accounts. WhatsApp opens up its world via mobile number following an SMS verification.

#2. Add contacts

WhatsApp like apps helps users to find out their friends who already have a registered account. The more friends they engage with, the more they stay connected with the app.

#3. Profile

Setting up your profile is the main thing. Users create a username with a bio about whatever matter they like to share. There is an option to change the display picture & upload status. So, developers should make space for profile options.

#4. Instant Messaging & Backup

As a messaging app, its sole service is to let users send & exchange messages. It has an option to create a group chat, where any number of people can react & exchange messages at a time.

In addition to this, a messaging app has to back up the chat history of the users. Instant messaging permit users to reply & get notified about the message which was received offline. Stickers & emojis in messages give users an emotional connect with the app.

#5. Push notifications

Giving Instant notifications on updates is a must have feature. They make users notified about invites on a new group conversation.

#6. Multimediality

Here, you can share pictures, short voice notes, text messages & videos. It can be considered as a typical feature to combine use of multiple media. Many users rely on messaging apps to send lengthy multimedia content.

#7. Favourites

Users can feel free to speak with their favourite contacts easily. They can add more people to this list or erase contacts.

app cost calculator

#8. Active on multiple platforms

If you are planning to start a messaging app, adding this feature will ensure a wide customer base. When available on multiple platforms, it can make their activities at ease.

#9. Contact sharing

Building long term relations through messaging apps can be noticed today. One can share contacts with other users. But no one can pose a threat to a person by sharing his/her contact with unknown users.

#10. Quick search

You can search for old content by typing anything related to it or even the date. You can allow search via keywords in your new app.

#11. Voice & video calling

Voice calling is a feature where you can have a call with a group of persons or individuals. This feature takes your app to the next level through video calls. Users love to see & speak with their friends limitlessly. Video calls are also helpful in official matters.

#12. Presence management

A feature to know who else is free to chat with you. Your online friend, their last seen, etc are familiar terms among instant chat app users.

#13. Security & Privacy

Ensuring the security of the content users share is the best thing you can include in your app. This feature enhances the reliability of your app.

The users can decide about their contents & make it visible to whom they wish to. Any unauthorized or third-party engagement cannot be encouraged. Various encryption options can make the app more secure.

#14. Cloud synchronization

This very feature makes the contents viewable across any device of the users. But the various systems should be good to accept changes. Any synced device can allow users to see their contents.

#15. Updates & upgrades

An app without advancements make users bored using the app. So, after publishing an app, the developers should work on the features to make it better & unique. You should include feedback systems to know your app issues & resolve them asap.

#16. Status

Users can express their thoughts, views & emotions in a creative style with our status feature. Status can be either in video, photo, or text format.

#17. Payment Gateway

Users can send and receive money via the app with our UPI-based payment service. The in-chat payment feature will allow users to make transactions with users on their contact list.

#18. Payment History

Users can keep track of their transaction history and identify their expenses at any time.

#19. Ad Integration

With the implementation of an active directory, you can store all your user’s data in one place. The administrators can quickly add or remove groups, users & resources quickly & efficiently through a single directory dashboard.

#20. Offline Support

Implementing offline messaging to your chat app will enable users to send messages even when they are offline. The only condition is the other user must be among your contact list and be under a 300-feet radius from you.

Technology stack of a messaging app

Authentication Nexmo API (via phone number), Facebook SDK, Twitter Kit (via email/social media accounts)
Chatting WebSocket
Programming language Java, Cotlin (Android), Swift, Objective-C(iOS)
Database PostgreSQL
File storage Amazon S3
Notifications Google Cloud Messaging, Apple Push Notifications
Cloud services Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote
Video & Voice calling WebRTC

How much will it cost to create an app like WhatsApp?

The cost of an app can vary from app to app. As it is known, the complexity, number of platforms, features & functionalities of the app determines the cost.

Apart from this, the location of your development team is also a deciding factor in the cost of your app development.

Countries Cost per hour
US $50-$250
UK $40-$170
Canada $55-$250
Western Europe $35-$170
Eastern Europe $20-$150
India $10-$80

Popular messaging apps

Instant messaging apps are now part of our daily life. Everyone is looking upon newer features on their existing apps & welcoming brand-new apps too.

Discord Specializes in various types of communication between communities ranging from gamers to other users. The app indulges its users to let them share video content via organised channels. It allows users to view content on various platforms.
Telegram It is considered as a secure & reliable source of messaging. This app work on multiple platforms with about 400 million active users. Telegram is constantly working on its features having an ad-free interface.
Amino Amino lets users share their thoughts & ideas instantly with their friends. The latest features include creating videos, read blogs, quizzes, etc. The easy customization of user-profiles makes it unique.
Hike One of the popular amazing apps well known for hikemojis. Users can create personal stickers & emojis. Advanced features include location sharing, videos, audio, etc.


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Social Media App cost

Creating a messaging app is not at all a bad idea. You can create an app like WhatsApp but not with the same features. Know the main purpose of your dream app & add exclusive features in it. The era of messaging apps is evolving & your chances are remaining.

How to Create an App Like Zoom

2020 has brought an onslaught of uncertainties where people across the globe are being advised to maintain physical distances from each other. Such unique circumstances have forced the majority of the population and businesses to transfer to an online working approach.

To ensure that work gets done smoothly, many are increasingly becoming reliant on conference calls. Having said that, studies report that working and speaking with co-workers without actually seeing them can be a cause for distraction.

zoom app

This paves the way for apps like Zoom that have proven to excellent platforms for businesses to conduct their meetings.

On the lighter note, apps like Zoom are also being increasingly used to remain in touch with friends and family members, conducting online classes to ensure that communication channels are always open.

Lets see how we can create a video chat app like Zoom and its development cost

Why Has Zoom Shot To Fame In Recent Times?

Web conferencing tools are available in plenty. That said, not every platform is suited to conduct group meetings involving a large number of employees.

While most support up to 10 members, you will struggle to find applications that can include higher employee numbers than that.

There isn’t a ‘one size, fits all’ solution that will ensure that your video meetings go smoothly.

But in recent times, Zoom as a video conferencing app has shot to fame as the application has been able to meet the operational demands for both businesses and personal individuals.

By enabling HD video conferencing and supporting up to 1000 participants in a single session, Zoom capitalized on the growing needs of the market that was looking for platforms to conduct online meetings.

Start-ups and entrepreneurs, inspired by the skyrocketing demand for video conferencing platforms are viewing this as a viable opportunity for investment. Many are keen to create an app like Zoom too.

So, the question is, how to create an app like Zoom from scratch? Let’s find out.

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Start With selecting a Platform

Before you commence with the application development, you need to decide on the type of target platform that you will be using. This is essential as it helps in determining the cost outlay and the tools required in the development process.

Ask yourself this key question. Where do you want your application to run – Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops? You can choose one or even all of these platforms to host your application.

Alternatively, you can opt to use WebRTC which does not restrict you to a particular platform only as it can support all of them. That said, you should go with an approach that is best suited to your app’s requirements, the resources available at your disposal, and the budgetary allocations.

In the current scenario, your available options are to go native or web-based.

Native Apps

If you choose to go the native route, you need to select which platform will you be deploying the application on. Officially, Android and iOS are supported by their respective programming languages, namely, Java and Swift/Objective-C.

So, you will have to create a separate application for both iOS and Android platforms.

On the other hand, you can also utilize frameworks such as React Native that permits you to develop native apps that can run on both Android and iOS devices.

Web-based Apps

A web-based application is what most developers think of first. Since WebRTC APIs come included with all major browsers, the app can be accessed on any device that has any one of these browsers installed.

Moreover, using web-based applications is advantageous as there is no need for an additional third-party tool. You can use simple HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create the application. Or else, go withReactJS, Angular, or Vue that makes the app more powerful.

Developing your video conferencing app is convenient on the web-based application as many desktop platforms offer it as a default inclusion with the system.

It is said to be ideal for those apps that are looking to enter both general computers and laptop markets. But it has been said to work well on mobile devices too.

If you wish to give more power to your app as an individual entity for respective platforms, opting for the native route makes more sense. Also, if your objective is to support legacy devices, native is the way to go as it is not supported by WebRTC APIs.

Progressive Web App

Progressive Web App or PWA is a concept that has been recently gaining in popularity. This combines the best of web and native which you may wish to consider as a third strategy when creating an app like Zoom.

Define Your Video Chat App Features

zoom app features

Now that you have your target platform sorted, the next step is to make a list of features and functionalities that will be highlighted through your application.

A lot will depend on the requirements of your application and the budget allocations.

Here is a list of recommended features that can be included in your video- conferencing application.

#1. Pre-call Video Preview

Allow your app users to check the camera before joining in on a video call. Enable them to disable video, if they wish to do so.

#2. Chat

While enabling video is a must for online meeting applications like Zoom, you also need to integrate a chat feature as an add-on channel of communication that users can utilize during a call.

#3. File-Sharing

When creating a Zoom clone application, having a feature that allows users to exchange files during the online meeting offers convenience. That said, you must ensure that the app provides a secure platform to store and transport these files.

#4. Multi-party Conference

An online meeting app will only be successful with the users if it allows more than two users to join in the call. A multi-party conference feature is a tough task to accomplish but is the heart and soul of any video-conferencing application.

Enabling more than 10 users to join in the call will require adequate backend support and reinforcements to ensure that the app works smoothly.

#5. Desktop Sharing

Integrating a desktop sharing feature is a key functionality that comes in handy when users are connecting from remote work locations and wish to share the content of their screens during the online meeting.

This is especially useful in cases where technical support is needed and an expert can guide users to get a specific task accomplished.

#6. Recording

Recording during an online meeting can be advantageous for very many reasons. Having said that, if you consider offering this feature then make sure that you provide storage for these recordings too.

Although, you can allow the user to save the recording on the Cloud or locally on their device too. You should also think about security measures to ensure that access is not granted to unauthorized users.

hire ios app developers

#7. Filters or Icons

If your Zoom clone application is being used in an informal capacity, then having a feature that allows users to add funny filters and icons during a call can help to attract a larger user base.

This will encourage more private calls to be initiated even though your target market primarily caters to a business audience.

#8. Whiteboard

If your application is being used by educational purposes, then a Whiteboard feature helps the initiator, or in this case, the teacher to impart a class through a tool that adds graphics to an idea.

#9. Live Streaming

Thanks to social media live streaming as a feature has become extremely popular. It allows a specific user to live stream audio, video, or both to a particular group in real-time.

From a business context, it can be helpful in live streaming conferences and meetings to a large group of audiences or help the government to gain access to disaster zones or rescue missions.

#10. Virtual Hand-raising

During an online meeting especially when there is a large group of members, having a virtual hand-raising feature enables a user to convey their wish to speak or voice concern by signaling to the host.

This is usually through a virtual emoji that is designed in the format of raising a hand. This feature prevents multiple users from speaking at once, thus ensuring that the meeting progresses coherently and seamlessly.

#11. Polls

As the online meeting ensues, the host can create a poll that is shared with the participants. This Poll feature enables the host to collect participant responses about a specific issue or topic.

#12. Mute Participants

When the host of a meeting wants to ensure that users do not speak out of turn, he or she can make use of the ‘Mute Participants’ feature. This mutes the mic of one or more of the online meeting participants according to the desire of the host.

Know the Technology Stack

With a well-defined platform and the list of features out of the way, you need to know on how actually to create an app like Zoom.

Here is the recommended technology stack.

Native Apps

  • Android:
    • Programming Languages – Java, Kotlin
    • Toolkits – Android Studio
    • SDK – Android SDK
    • Video Chat – WebRTC
  • iOS:
    • Programming Languages – Swift
    • Toolkits – Apple Code
    • SDK – iOS SDK
    • Video Chat – WebRTC


  • WebRTC uses 3 APIs
    • MediaStream
    • RTC PeerConnection
    • RTC DataChannel
  • Third-party APIs
    • ContusFly
    • Pubnub
    • CometChat
    • Willio

The Development Process

Take a look at the steps that you cannot ignore when developing your video conferencing app.

Step 1 – Back-end Development

To create your video conferencing app like Zoom, you need to figure out how to create the server part that contributes to the proper functioning of the platform. This has to be done right at the very onset.

A ready-made BaaS solution can be used for some select apps. That said, a video conferencing application is quite complex and may require more robust technologies such as building a server from scratch.

Step 2 – UI/UX Design

The design of the app is the next step. You must design the app user interface and experience making it attractive for popular usage to the end consumer.

The navigation should be simple and convenient to understand. The user should be able to quickly grasp the functioning and performance of individual features and functionalities.

Your team should consist of the following experts:

  • Project Manager – 1
  • Tech Lead – 1
  • iOS Developers – 2
  • Android Developers – 2
  • Backend Developer – 1
  • UX/UI Engineer – 1
  • QA Engineer – 1

If you are building an MVP app, here is a stage-wise break-up of man-hours that you may expect to invest in the development process.


Stages MVP Hours Full Feature Hours
Business analysis + UX 50—70 80—100
Technical Specification 20—40 50—60
UI/UX 40—60 for each platform 80—120 for each platform
iOS/Android development 400—450 for each platform 500—700 for each platform
Backend 150—200 300—400
QA 50—60 for each platform 80—100 for each platform


With a limited set of features, you are looking at a time investment of approximately 1200 to 1450 man-hours, whereas if you go with a full-blown, feature-rich version, the man-hours may range anywhere between 1750 to 2400 hours.

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How Much Does It Cost To Create An App Like Zoom ?

Basis these two ranges, here is a rough cost estimate to create an app like Zoom.


Country Average hourly rate MVP Full feature set
USA $80 $96 000 – 116 000 $140 000 – 192 000
UK $70 $ 84 000 – 101500 $ 122 500 – 168 000
Western Europe (Germany) $60 $ 72 000 – 87 000 $ 105 000 – 144 000
Eastern Europe (Ukraine) $30 $36 000 – 43 500 $52 500 -72 000
India $25 $ 30 000 – 36 250 $ 43 750 – 60 000


This is only an estimate and the actual cost will depend on several factors such as the final list of app features, the constitution of your app development team, their location, total man-hours put in the process, etc.

Final Thoughts

Zoom has set itself as a benchmark in the video conferencing app space. Having said there, there are still a lot of lee-ways available for more players to make their presence felt in the domain.

communication app cost

The benefits and subsequent returns to create a video chat app like zoom are crystal clear. Plus, the trends promise it a long life.

So, what are you waiting for? Start working on your idea today. Get in touch with our experienced consultants if you want to create an app like Zoom.

How to Make an App Like Facebook?

Across the entire modern demographics of developed civilizations, there is one thing running common: Mobile Technology. Be it teenagers or elderly people, Mobile app is where socials now come alive and thrive.


Facebook is mainly accountable for pioneering this incredible trend of virtual gatherings in 2004, followed by Twitter and Instagram.


Social Media App cost


Its mobile app continued to keep intact the legacy for years now, leaving many of app entrepreneurs curious as to what exactly they need to imitate a success as glorious as Facebook.


If you are one of those business startups seeking expert insight into creating a social engagement world on mobile like Facebook, you have landed in the right place.


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This blog is going to enlighten you on Facebook facts while walking you through the actual development process and its development cost


About Facebook

fb application

Mark Zuckerberg found Facebook partnering with Chris Hughes, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, and Dustin Moskovitz. It was launched in the market in the year 2004.


To everybody’s surprise, it eventually became the world’s most renowned social networking and social media app.


The Facebook app is a user-friendly app that follows the basic concept of allowing users to find friends, relatives, and colleagues with the help of their location.


It targets almost every kind of users who are at the age of 13 or above 13.


The features of Facebook like, share and comment people express their thoughts and feelings with others.


Facts and Statistics on Facebook:

Today nearly 2.01billion daily active users are relying on Facebook not only for personal expression but also to publish advertisement and marketing visuals.facebook app statisticsIt would be interesting to learn some of the compelling facts and statistics around Facebook mobile app:



How to make a Social Media App?

To deliver a quality product to users, you need some basic steps to develop a social media app.


1) Strategy

After having an idea to develop a social media app, build an overall strategy. Your strategy should include market analysis, targeted audience, and competition research.

You must go through other social media apps to see their strong features and the things they lack.


2) Design the app

It is important to create an attractive design for the app; to engage users and retain them. Choose a unique app design enhanced beautifully with some unique app features.

facebook app design

Choose the right technology and user-specific features to design the app.Facebook stands out and stay on top due to its incredibly powerful, addictive and engaging UI elements.

Nothing is redundant in there, which interestingly allows users to promote their network more actively.

3) Preparing for the development


Make a list of all the functions of a future project. It will decide your social media app goals and all its functions.

Domain Name

Before developing your app, select the name for your social networking app and domain name also. The purchase domain name and hosting from a trusted platform.

mobile app development


If you are planning to start a large networking app with assumptions of 5 million users, use powerful servers like VPS. Powerful servers will enable you to bear high loads.

4) Development of social network

The development of the social networking app starts with the technology you used. You can use two types: ready-made CMS and frameworks.

Social Network CMS

These are a market-ready social network with typical functions and template design. You’ll only need to develop a design and customize it with your requirements.

Despite the fact that these CMS contain some struggles and pose known challenges, some of the most popular CMS for social networks are: Dolphin, Php Fox, Buddy Press, Social Engine, etc.

facebook app cms

The problems you are likely to face with them are:

  • These CMS are very slow in working because they can’t bear the high load.
  • If you want to add new features, it will levy more efforts and concerns about time and cost.
  • The customization of the project needs a lot of time.


These are used for the development of different web applications. Frameworks are designed to improve and increase the speed of the coding process.

facebook app frameworks

Frameworks provide high stability, scalability and high speed. There are as many as 10 famous frameworks that you can use to develop social networking app like Facebook. A few amazing app builders tools are:

  • React Native
  • PhoneGap
  • Ionic
  • Flutter
  • Xamarin
  • Corona SDK
  • Mobile Angular UI
  • JQuery Mobile

The only challenge of using a framework is that the project needs to be developed from scratch, starting from the fist block up.

Although, it is inevitable that this process needs time and resources, it always works auspiciously like a stable architecture for structurally intricate social apps.

The key purpose of any great framework is having ability to rapidly transform a non-uniform idea into a well-organized, functional and aesthetically appealing product for end users.

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5) Testing and launching of social media app

When you finish developing your social media app, it is necessary to test the app. Remove all the bugs during sign up or log in; as it will affect your app promotion. The users of your app should enjoy the experience.

facebook app gif

6) Marketing

It is very important to approach to the right audience for your app; who will feel your social media app as the part of their life. So it is important to conduct an active advertising campaign.

It is necessary to attract at least 50,000 visitors per day. You can use Google Adwords, Facebook ads, and Guest Post to create enough traffic for your app.

7) Monetizing your social media app

Most of the networking sites are kept free like Facebook. Users should have free access to most of the functions of the app. But make sure that some functions need a small fee to get access.

From your 100% users, only 1% of users will access those functions of your app; but still that 1% will give you a good income.


You can make money from Facebook’s advertising space that appears on users’ wall on homepage, at the bottom of the current page or occasionally at landing page.

The advertisers should pay every time users click on it through your app. For this, you have to manage a separate platform for the advertisement.

8) Investment

Once your app becomes famous; investors are attracted automatically towards your project. You have to take care of your app; check your app constantly that it should be bugless and it should not crash.

Nowadays social media apps are a part of everybody’s life. Every person is different and they try to find social media app according to their suitability.

Make an app that contains everything like friends, posts, profiles, a news feed, messenger, searching, push notifications, photos, videos, and offline working options.

Estimated Cost to Develop a Social Media App

The cost to develop the social media app depends on the functionality, time, design scope, the platform used, developers fee, and additional features.

Following the usual contemporary practice, the cost of the application is calculated on the basis of the hourly rate.

The app cost ranges from $20 to $200 which is again subject to the consideration that the ultimate cost would be a reflection of the number of advanced features expected of the app.

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Final remarks: Building an app like Facebook

The incessant global gravity to using Social media apps doesn’t seem to wear off and so the demand for developing a widely celebrated app like Facebook will remain unquenched.

The Facebook not only helps people from every corner of the world connect, but it also helps marketers and emerging commercial bodies promote their business.

mobile application development cost

Hence, even from the perspective of future profitability, the time to emulate Facebook is now.

On your journey, however, it is best to connect with an adroit and seasoned mobile app development agency and solicit their consultation.

Hence, for all the good reasons involved, you may find it favorable to communicate your project scope with us. We will make sure all the depth and vision of your requirements are addressed perfectly while forming a working rapport.

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How To Develop An App Like Viber For Android?

In 2015 only, nearly 75% of mobile users preferred to use instant messaging apps for quick communication. Because of this, the soaring demand to create a chat app has emerged. One such app that has enhanced the quality of interpersonal communication is Viber. Used by people from all walks of life, Viber is a social networking phenomenon and has amazing features which has made it one of the most celebrated chat apps in the world.

communication app cost

Many businesses and companies crave apps like Viber in order to deliver messages conveniently, without any time delay. People who loved Viber want more of such sophisticated experience in their daily life to make their personal conversations more delightful and spontaneous. Since the launch of Viber, the technology to create a chat app for Android users has improved in many ways.

Viber’s History of Making

In later days of 2010, Viber was first launched for iPhone, as competition for Skype. Founded by four Israeli partners (Talmon Marco, Igor Megzinik, Sani Maroli and Ofer Smocha), as a part of an Android app development project, the first Android version of Viber was released in May 2011. This was the restricted version, though, with a limited group of users. After receiving the positive response, Viber was then launched for Blackberry and Windows phone in mid 2012. In July, 2012, the first ever unrestricted version was out.

The Success Factors of Viber: Features and Functionality

Viber’s functionality varies depending on the platform where it is installed. Upon installing, it asks to make a user account where phone number is a username. After the installation process, Viber interacts with phone’s local address book, creating a synchronized organization of contacts.

Viber doesn’t require users to log in to the app to communicate through messages, images or voice calls over 3G/4G and Wi-Fi networks. The software works across various popular mobile and desktop platforms, including Mac OS and Microsoft Windows. The software also supports as many as 30 languages.

Developing apps like Viber for Android

The need for real time communication has inspired the growth of Android app development for Android users. Any chat application must be enriched with stunning features to ensure intuitive messaging and sharing experience. Ever since Viber’s launch, technologies have transformed a lot and now enables spontaneous conversations as expected by today’s users.

As more and more creative updates are introduced in chat apps, it is possible for developers to develop similar apps that improve chat communication standards every time. Each app that ends up in app store has unique attributes and personalized architecture made to amaze its users.

Technologies for Instant Messaging Apps


It is the superiors programming language used by many high-rated real-time chat apps (Whatsapp, Wechat, etc). It is a general purpose language that enables Android app development for instant messaging apps with great usability and intuitive user experience.


It is the best easily available chat app creator with reliable scalability. One can replicate multiple datacentres using it and it provides ease to restrict local data outage instances.

Amazon Simple Storage Service:

Amazon cloud storage instils true power to real-time instant messaging apps. Amazon S3 offers secure and scalable cloud storage for data objects and makes the app accessible from everywhere.

Ideal Features of Most Desirable Chat App

The success mantra behind real-time instant chat app lies in its ability to serve users something they desire or something they never really expected. Touching the right sentiment and creating a finest appeal of chat communication is what makes such apps special among users. To create a chat app like Viber, one must make sure it will not just be about serving the purpose of text messages since these users have mature tastes and love surprises in form of unforeseen features and unique approach.

Some of the ideal traits that can make your chat app perform best would be:


Real-time chat app is the most preferable communication option among today’s folks because of its prompt message delivery. Therefore the app must offer instant connectivity for users.

Quality conversations:

One-on-one and group conversations must be enabled in any modern instant messaging app. The group talk should have the capability to offer quality conversations and convenience to share documents, multimedia files, location details, audio message, and contacts.

Security standards:

Android app development team must focus on providing high security in chat application so that users can rely on the app without having concerns about losing their privacy or data to any third party.

Voice and video calling:

Viber, WhatsApp and Skype lets users avail voice calling services; skype had video calling since the beginning. Team video/voice call, conference talk are some of the features that set business standards in the app and enhance communication experience, making it scalable and more usable.

Presence and availability:

The chat must be laced with clear presence indicators, which is the requirement for any instant communication chat. The different presence status that signal the availability of users are: Online, offline, away, On Break, Busy, In meeting, Be back in, etc.

Search options:

The presence of search functionality enables users to look for conversations of recent past. It gives easy access to specific contacts or their conversations based on shared numbers and facts.

Favourite list:

To create a chat app means giving the users power to do more. By adding an option of gathering friends in favourite list, users can enjoy even more personalized experience.


this is the most prominent feature of any instant chat app as it allows users to create their virtual profile with personal details, image and an elaborate stylish status.


When it comes to creating an instant messaging chat app like Viber, the ideas can be endless. You can do as much as you think in your app. You can find the best Android app development team that understands the concept of developing a real-time chat app thoroughly and have proven experience in the area. It can be a business purpose app or an app that is intended for personal/social conversations with elaborate features and high-quality functionality. You can also make it a fusion of both. No matter what your approach is, the app must turn out to be an intuitive experience for users and engage them in fastest and most personalized communication ever.

Must-have Features for Modern Mobile Messengers

Nowadays users wish to use messenger apps not just for basic texting but wish to perform more superior actions such as calling, sending multimedia objects(audio, video, images, documents etc.) while still keeping their security intact.

Like Whatsapp, you may want to create a chat app with outstanding features that define its success. Some of them are:

1) User Login:

There are two options when it comes to allowing users to subscribe to your app’s messenger services. Whatsapp comes with little restrictions and offer users to sign up by typing their phone number and receiving a confirmation message from the app. It simplifies onboarding process for them.

However, things have changed and your app can now support multiple devices. Also, users will be asked to go through a proper sign up process in order to avoid security issues so that people you exchange messages with will have limited access to your online profile. You can decide ultimately which option is more viable for your audience.

2) Rugged and Capable Backend:

You must not compromise while adding high capability to your backend architecture from scratch. Your server will eventually deal with loads of content and messages, which requires you to avoid any occurrence of system downtime. Whatsapp had a robust protocol called XMPP to handle and organize heavy load of messages that are exchanged between users and servers.

The protocol supports group as well as one-on-one communication with its secure, scalable and flexible system. Ejabberd is one of scalable, customizable and system-friendly XMPP server that ensures massive security and trustworthy SSL/TSL encryption.

To create a chat app, you can even opt for other available dedicated servers to process and store multimedia files and messages of dynamic nature for seamless management of high-load communications.

3) Emoticons:

People have gone crazy with the usage of emoticons. There are entire conversations that make use of just emoticons. A chat app cannot ignore them quite easily.

4) Personalized Experience through Geo-location Sensing:

Like Whatsapp, you can allow your mobile chat app users to share their status and specific location. It will be great if you can even capitalize on this feature to generate small revenue per each user.

Take Geolocation to next level by monetizing it and letting nearby stores to advertise their products deals and offers through several messages that will appear on users’ mobile as they stroll by the store.

5) Push Notifications:

Push notification is a handy message used by service providers for communication between a provider and a user. From time to time, these messages update users about small events/activities that may matter to you.

You can avail push messages to tell users about available online friends, group friends status, message reception, and if they have read it and responded. You can think of many creative ways to use push notifications to keep your chat app users interested, engaged and active.

6) Encrypted Messages for Inviolable Security:

People have grown smarter with smart technology and they demand highly secure network apps. Security level offered by an app influences their decision to choose an instant messenger app. Message security and protection is an essential feature needed to create a chat app.

The western people are more agitated about the security of their information they share online and wand off the criminals hacking their devices. Due to increasing world concerns about information safety, messengers like Telegram, Snapchat have strengthened the security of their services.

Whatsapp also provides an end-to-end encryption system now that will restrict the intrusion from any third party decoding the messages of users. Signal, a chat messenger app, offers unique authentication system where each conversation is protected by random app-generated phrase that participants use to confirm their identity.

You can use open source or your own in-house encryption protocol for sure-fire pre-emptive security.

Wickr messenger app offers security of another level by generating a new key for each conversation.

7) Data Back-up Services with Cloud:

Cloud sync is the best option to keep files stored in a different virtual place in organized fashion. It updates itself when you initiate the action of changing a file on your device. In messenger apps, this can be achieved by allowing users to save their chat histories and files in cloud and access them anytime.

This can be quite a boon for those who are likely to lose their devices or delete their chat app by mistake or use multiple devices. WhatsApp, for instance, offers an option to back up your chat content using Google Drive or iCloud.

There are several other messengers that furnish mature cloud sync service where cloud chats are stored on their servers using keys set on local devices.

8) Broadcast Messages for Additional Control:

It will be wonderful for your users if they can create a group of their favourite contacts and send them personal messages that are non-group messages. To create a chat app, this feature (aka Broadcast messages) can be an excellent exciter for users.

In this message exchange system, the recipients can’t identify who all received the same message content. This comes handy when you have something to announce or spread ahead. This can be a perfect tool for marketing agencies who want to reach the customers with special promotional messages.

On the whole, a good and efficient messenger is certainly the tool every smartphone must have. Despite the fact there are plenty of offers within apps like Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and others, users still keep searching for messaging apps that is more efficient and provide more off user friendly features. No matter what strategy you opt for, make sure that you follow a long-term value to turn your app into recognized and well-established brand in the niche.

7 Things to Keep in Mind Before Creating a Chat App

From Viber to Whatsapp, Chat apps are all the rage now. They have enabled communication like never before. It’s natural that you would want to build one either as a standalone app or as an addition to your existing product or service. Either way, it’s quite exciting to create a chat app for businesses.

So how can you replicate the grand successes of WhatsApp and Facebook messenger?

Here are 7 things to keep in mind before creating a chat app.

1. The basic essentials of any successful chat app

a) The best way to launch the chat app is to first launch its MVP (Minimal Viable Product). Whatsapp followed the same method and presented the essential features that can pique users’ interest and grab their attention. You can then continue developing the app capitalizing on users’ intuitive feedback. This way, you will follow a careful and confident path to create a chat app, and curb the initial cost of development and learn about your market impression.

b) Make up your mind about whether the platform is going to be native (iOS or Android) or Hybrid. Whatsapp first created their app for iPhone, and then went for Android after seeing tremendous success. Whatsapp now offers satisfying Windows PC and Mac messenger services and have evoked incredible response in Asian countries. You can walk on the same trail and build a native app. Android chat app development also sounds perfect for this approach.

c) Whatsapp focused on putting users first as they presented the chat app free from annoying advertisements. You can also surrender to users’ needs and avoid in-app monetizing tricks and emphasize on excellent user experience. Thus, you will receive thumbs up from your messenger users.

d) The way your app appears to users can tell a lot about your app success. If you are/have developers who work delicately on UX/UI, there is a big chance you will create a chat app that will be downloaded by many people. Almost 90% users judge your app based on their first impression about its design, icons and style.

e) Whatsapp designed a chat app that took off quite gloriously. The reason is being consistent in their ability to add new features and capabilities from time to time. Initially it was a simple messenger app, the interface of which then evolved to become feature-rich and user-friendly. It added new capabilities to make audio/video calls, send emojis, pictures, PDF and multimedia, stickers, etc. By improving the inner app structure periodically, users remain surprised, captivated and glued to your app.

2. Learn a great deal about the Target Audience

There are so many things that are usually determined by your target audience including features, design interface, mobile platform, etc. Mobile platform relies majorly on the target audience that is going to use your chat app. You don’t want to create a chat app without considering how well it will touch its users.

If you want your app to end up on a massive number of mobile screens, make sure you build the app on both iOS and Android. These two platforms are the most popular mobile operating systems present in around 95% of total smartphones in existence. Android has a huge share in the market engaging close to 80% of the users. However, iOS users are more loyal and promise bright revenue opportunities for app makers.

3. Documentation of your chat app idea

It is difficult to protect your ideas with legal system since the protection available is minimal. But it is crucial to preserve and shield your app development idea before you create a chat app. This becomes important when you reach the developmental stage. So you can find one solution to this: Documentation.

The documentation of your ongoing experimental ideas is proof that it belongs to you. You can’t achieve success in the first attempt, and the development process often involves many attempts, failures, refinements and partial breakthroughs. You may even need to save your attempts in a document for a while before they can be reused for future success. This is how an idea works out and meets the best results.

Make documents simple, concise and crisp in a way that you can understand better. It will help you for future reference. Note down all your scenarios and use cases, all the combinations of layouts and widgets and colours.

Also jot down the suitability of a specific platform for your app and thoughts on the vision of UI choices each time you try different screen sizes and resolutions. To remember more precisely, draw frameworks with details of how each element will be placed, and where, and how it will affect the overall layout of the app.

4. The estimated cost for creating a chat app

The cost of creating a chat app is a complex subject as it involves a lot more than what comes to mind initially. It is more than just about calculating development time, hourly rates and investment of resources.
The team you need to create a chat app encompasses UI/UX designer, 2-3 experienced developers, project manager and a QA expert. You may also need a developer to handle back end app infrastructure and develop an API.

Considering design, development and testing scope, the ultimate moderate development price may stretch upto $5000 to $15000 for a basic to medium range app.

If you want a high-quality work from professional developers, the price will definitely hit around $10,000, which includes a fully functional instant messenger like Whatsapp.

The final price is again subject to the amount of complexity involved and intensity of challenges while giving shape to unprecedented features. So it all comes down to the following deciding factors:

a) Backend development: This is the logic-based operating system that enables the exchange of data between mobile app and a database.

b) Third-party integrations: Third-party integration of libraries, frameworks and other essential services are accountable for enabling many functions in real-time mobile chat apps.

c) Admin panel development: This is a dashboard sort of tool that helps monitor and operate apps, manage users, statistics and various types of content.

d) In-app s: Nowadays there are lots of virtual rewards, objects and merchandises that can be implemented as in-app s for a chat app.

e) Types of devices/OS: In both Android and iOS, the chat app must be compatible enough to work consistently across the recent previous as well as latest versions of OS updates.

f) Customization: It is obvious that custom interface designs are a little higher in price as compared to those built using standard components. Further animations and combination of standard and custom designs drive the cost up.

5. Tools that matter for an instant chat app

Open source cross-platform app frameworks are the best way to reduce app development cost. They are free to use and available on different websites online with fully fledged SDK and code libraries. As you create a chat app, some features can be directly integrated using third-party plug-ins with smattering of customization.

For instance, Puship is one of the best options for implementing push notification function for iOS and Android devices.

Below are a few handy app development tools that help create a scintillating app and diminish costs:

AppGyver: Very popular web-based tool today that also offers hosting services for cross-platform iOS and Android apps made of multiple pages.

Alpha: It is considered as a rapid app development tool that creates web as well as hybrid mobile apps that support offline functioning.

ViziApps: it is a viable combination of an online visual designer and customizable sample apps that support building iOS and Android native apps with code generation.

Appcelerator: based on Java-script, it provides an excellent cloud service for using a wide selection of automatically scaled network features and suitable data objects for your app across iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry.

 PhoneGap: An excellent open source chat app development tool that uses standard languages like HTML and Javascripts and allows developers to create a chat app for Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry devices. Developers can also work with hardware components of mobiles like GPS, camera, sound, accelerometer, etc.

Sencha: It uses HTML 5 and supports handful of devices across different platforms. It helps developers improve development speed and boost their productivity with its pre-built components. Its HTML5 code can be translated into both android and iOS platforms.

Corona: Initially designed for Windows OS, it can be used for developing apps for many platforms. It enables you to start coding for the app in minimal time, making your implementation process faster. The language used for programming is Lua in C.

Xamarin: An efficient chat app building tool. It is multi-task app developer tool that supports virtual testing on multiple devices, app monitoring and performance testing, and app store delivery.

RhoMobile: It enables you to create native apps across a wide range of OS and devices. Its framework is open source, based on Ruby. You can build apps for Android, Windows Mobile, iOS, and many types of Smartphone devices. The best part about this open-source framework is that it just requires one-time coding.

6. Incorporate the latest technologies and trends

There are plenty of chat apps available in the market. This stiff competition makes it difficult to create a stand out app. The best way is to incorporate features that are in tandem with the latest trends. It can help gain attention of the general audience.

For Instance, Snapchat arrived on the scene with a truly unique concept and revolutionised how the western world approached social media. Instagram and messenger followed suit with AR features. Similarly, there should be some unique selling point that makes your app unique.

7. Making lucre from your mobile chat app

Monetization is a good idea of balancing the cost of chat app development as it generates great amount of revenue. Look around to see how other apps are doing it in the market.

Whatsapp started to make small revenue from each user by initially charging a tiny subscription fee of $0.99 a year. The app creators allowed the users to enjoy the chat services free for one year. As number of users soared, this augmented total earnings. However, modern messenger apps are free of cost nowadays.

Whatsapp’s historical success ceased the archaic philosophy of annoying users with frequent in-app advertisement. People began to choose chat apps that offer no intrusion. You may find it wise to make users’ experience enjoyable by exempting them from punitive ads.

Surprisingly, stickers sell a lot and are hot favourite among young audience who would like to make their conversations more expressive, fun, interesting and lively. Think of paid stickers as a good, try-worthy source of revenue generation as used by many contemporary messengers. You can offer them on a decent price to engage more users.

If you are to create a chat app with multiple facilities, you will find that specially designed paid wallpapers and themes can also be used for customization purpose and are loved by users who like to experiment different things every day.

You can also add small fun games in chat threads with exciting levels, currencies, virtual objects and other thinkable in-app s.

In a way, there is no limit to how much you can play with your messenger app and augment its progressive features to create more monetization opportunities.


SMS texting has been long replaced by instant chat messengers due to its ability to offer smarter, quicker and exciting ways to communicate with people across the globe. Such chat apps allow people to remain seamlessly connected without paying anything for the service. Competition among chat apps is definitely fierce, but the messenger market always welcome apps that have power to surprise users with fascinating features and unseen capabilities.

Also, chat apps have become a necessity for custom enterprise software. If you plan to create a chat app that offers incredible potential to change the existing standards of traditional communication, you can contact a reliable mobile app development company in India. Share your rough sketch on messaging application with a company that has unparalleled programming skills and competitive resources, and get it done.

How To Create A Chat App Successfully

Messaging or the use of chat apps are surging in popularity these days as people prefer chat-based apps over text messages as it provides real-time interactions and gives them a personal touch experience. Compared to the previous year, the number of persons who use chat apps for messaging has increased by 15.5% when compared to previous year.

How To Create A Chat App

Being a cheaper service when compared with text messaging, most of the chat apps, provide service at very low cost or is completely free to use. 2018 is again considered to be a year of growth, where 1.85 billion people annually might use these kind of apps.

communication app cost

Features of a Chat App:

1) Send messages all over the world

2) Add social networking features

3) Simple and uncluttered

4) Free audio/video calling and messaging services

5) Enable individual as well as groupchats etc.

6) Mostly cloud-based

7) High reliability, scalability

8) Higher load support

9) A faster way of sending messages

10) Support graphical emoticons for enhanced user experience

11) Works in multi-platforms

12) Cost-efficient service

13) Improve security with an end to end encryption

With the explosion of popular, easy-to-use messaging apps like WhatsApp, Line, Telegram, WeChat, Tango, SnapChat, Skype, Google Hangouts, Hike etc., the demand of chat apps is growing day by day. Almost all of these apps provide real-time messaging, free voice and video calls, group chats, end-to-end encryption messaging, unlimited sharing of data and files, contact sharing,  and much more either over the mobile data plan or using Wi-Fi.

When it comes to building a chat app, the main advantage for businesses is:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased visibility
  • Brand promotions
  • Quicker marketing facilities

Chat Application Trend that Companies Need to Leverage On:

1. Use of Emojis:

When it comes to building a user-friendly chat app, one of the main factors to include is emojis which lets users express their emotions with just a click. Usage of emojis not only enable overall interaction but even makes the app more attractive and fun to use.

2. Integration of AI:

Now app developers are leveraging on AI to seamlessly connect and integrate with the audience. Deep learning, face recognition, emotional perception etc. are integrated into chat apps to make a better and smarter communication.

3. Multi-platform:

This feature lets you access the same account on any device, thus giving more access to their communication tools.

4. Ephemerality:

Living in the moment or end-to-end encryption is another feature that it taking over in almost all chat apps. The best thing about this feature is that you need not worry about the messages or the media that your sharing because it only exists for a very short time span.

5. Geo-location Integration:

Geo-location provides users the facility to tag the exact location to provide an effective flow of interaction on a real-time basis.

6. Cloud Service Synchronization:

This helps users to monitor, scale, store and update the hosting environment and data.

Overall, a chat app is not only for texting or sharing pictures, but it can be used for all sort of content. To attract users, brands and businesses need to generate new trends and techniques to top the chart.

Each successful chat app needs to have specific salient features, so let’s take a look at the steps to create a chat app successfully with the best functionalities.

The Startup Idea- What Makes your App Idea Special?


Having a strong app idea can lead you through the process in a well-defined way. As marketer/businessmen, look at all ideas in the app world through the lens of “how this is going to make money.”

When you’re coming up with an idea to build a chat app, you need to ask yourself two basic questions.

“How many levels are you going to have in an app?”
“What’s the design of the app going to be like?”

So, if you want to take in an advice, then, it’s way better to focus on an existing model and make it better with add-on unique features.

As you think about your idea, make sure that it is perfect from the start to end of the development process.

A major feature of innovative products is their combination of three major aspects: human desirability, financial viability, and technical feasibility. It is important to consider all three aspects to develop a fairly detailed concept before spending unnecessary efforts in implementing a solution. Get feedback from others, including potential users, to help refine your idea.

If you are to opt for developing your own chat site, you should consider these things:

1) First, explore your own resources
2) Study your competition
3) Conduct a broad analysis
4) Expand your vision by exploring other industries that are not related to yours
5) Keep an intimate relation with people whom you want to serve
6) Think about the platform where you need your app to work on

Who is your Competition? Does your Idea have a Chance?

Chatting is still the easiest way to send messages. Brands follow audiences, so, it’s not that surprising to see the explosive growth of chat apps in all fields. There are quite few from which most of us choose. Here, is our list of ten of the top chat apps that can be your app competitor.

1) Telegram:

Kicking this list off is Telegram, which is free to use. The only thing you’ll have to do is, install and start using it. Telegram focuses strongly on encryption and security. Users looking for a chat app more focused on delivering secure messages in a speedy manner certainly can go for this app.

2) WeChat:

WeChat is a popular option to consider and there are plenty of reasons to love this app. It supports Android Wear, which can help you send messages from your wrist if you have one of the supported devices. It also has a PC client so that you can message from your laptop or desktop.

3) Whatsapp:

It is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to send messages without having to pay for SMS. It’s available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Symbian.

With free voice and video calls, you can have face-to-face conversations, when voice or text just isn’t enough, by using your phone’s Internet connection. The latest version of the app has introduced an end to end-to-encryption to keep the personal data of the users secure.

4) Facebook Messenger:

This is easily the biggest and most widely used chat app among social media chat apps. You can talk with any of your Facebook friends or set group chats for multiple people.

5) LINE:

LINE is actually one of the biggest chat apps out in store, and it offers group chats, free video calls, free voice calls with your LINE contacts no matter where you are.

6) Hangout:

It is surely one of the most recognizable chat apps, and like a few in the list, it can be used on multiple platforms like tablets, smart phones and the computer.

7) Snapchat:

This isn’t like the traditional chat apps, but it is a chat app nonetheless. Instead of just your typical typed up messages, it lets you take a quick picture with the option of attaching a caption before sending it to your contacts.

8) Hike:

One of the unique features of hike is its offline chat facility for users. The amazing collection of stickers enhances the experience of chatting, by helping to convey real emotions.

Competition is a good thing. Go through the stories behind leading brands. Google wasn’t the first search engine and Facebook wasn’t the first social network. There are too many examples to count on.

The above-listed apps are just a few from lots left. Unless your app can do something exceptional, it will be certainly very difficult to stay in the market.

Documentation of your Idea

Complete Guide to Create a Chat App Successfully

“A really great talent finds its happiness in execution.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

There is no legal protection for ideas. Protecting the idea is crucial, especially during developmental stages. Although no legal filings can protect your app idea, the documentation can certainly help you.

Experimentation is an ongoing process that involves trying, retrying and continuous refining. Take into account different scenarios as possible and give each, a type of logic. While you begin first, think about your layout and widget choices. Make an idea of which platform you are going to use and how your UI will look on different screen sizes and resolution densities.

Sketched layouts also known as wire frames will help to show where each element will be placed and how important it will be in relation to other objects on the page. In this, you visually conceptualize the features, and approximate the layout and structure of your application.

Choosing your Platforms- iOS/Android/Windows

The popularity of mobile enterprise and consumer-based mobile apps has grown tremendously in the last decade. The app stores are flooded with millions of mobile apps covering myriad of topics and genres. Since Mobile App Development can be a lucrative business, an app developer hoping to develop the next big thing is always on the horizon.

Mobile platforms have sprung up over the years to cater to the increasing demand, but to choose which platform is best for your app is a tough one.

Knowing about the basic functionalities of iOS, Android, Windows doesn’t give you the full picture of the good and bad of each platform. The capabilities of one operating system may not be possible with the other. Know the limitations of each platform and choose.

Here are a few tips to decide which platforms you have to develop your app for.

1. Target Audience for Your App:

One of the biggest determining factors when it comes to selecting mobile platform is your app’s target audience. If your app targets the mass market, make sure that the most popular platforms such as iOS and Android are your priorities.

Android and iOS have the largest user base. Windows take a significantly smaller share of the pie. According to Business Insider, Android has captured almost 80.2% of the users while iOS trails behind at 14.8% of its users.

In the case of mobile revenue, iOS users are comparatively more loyal than Android by creating greater revenue opportunities for developers who wish to work on the iOS platform.

2. Piracy Issues:

Piracy is a prime concern for mobile app developers. Android is reported to have a whopping number of pirated apps in the playstore and can easily be pirated, circulated as apk files and installed on devices without having to root them. But in the case of iOS, be it free or paid, it requires a validation by the Apple App Store before downloading anything.

The open nature of the Google Play Store compared to the iOS App Store has created circuitous routes for downloading more apps without actually having to pay for them. This is a major cause for the concern to developers who aim to monetize their applications.

3. Environment:


Developers looking to create apps on iOS have to work with Xcode, which supports C, C++, Objective-C++, Java, Python, Ruby, Rez and Swift source code with a variety of programming models.

The latest version, Xcode 6, includes interesting features like “Playground”, a live debugging tool and an entirely new programming language called as Swift in iPhone App Development. Even though Xcode is sleek and powerful, latency and editing errors in Xcode 6 can create issues for the developers.

Android Apps:

Android developers now have a choice between Eclipse and Android Studio during development:

a) Eclipse

The program components provide the environment for writing, modifying, compiling, debugging and deploying the software. Support system is available for C++, CBOL, Python, Ruby on Rails etc.

The advantage is that a wide range of cohesive tools is available and it runs on a variety of operating systems. But on the downside, it can be extremely slow and resource intensive.

b) Android Studio

Android Studio is now officially called IDE (Integrated Development Environment). One of the newly integrated features in Android Studio is Gradle, which is deeply integrated that users who have not used this feature may find it extremely challenging.

One of the commendable features is its layout designer with a drag-and-drop interface. This enables the creation of visually appealing chat applications.

The main drawback is the complexity, lack of resources and tutorials for beginners. New users may find it challenging to learn the ropes in Android Studio.

Windows Apps

Windows phone users make approximately 3.5% of the worldwide smart phone market share. Comparing with other mobile platforms, Windows is definitely not the top choice for an app developer.

Even though the features of Windows may not be as promising as iOS/Android, Windows App Development does provide some pretty versatile tools. This platform supports a variety of languages such as C# or C++ with XAML, C++ with Direct X and JavaScript with HTML/CSS.

Although the Windows platform may not have as large market share as Android or iOS, many of their development options are expertly designed for everyone from beginners to veteran developers.

Cross Platform Development

One more option to reduce time & cost is to go for the Hybrid Mobile App Development also known as cross-platform development.

Here, one code language runs on multiple platforms and is a cheaper and faster solution. They provide a native look and feel with the help of an HTML UI framework and CSS, JS Technology.

But, as discussed, each tool has its pros and cons, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

How much will it Cost you to Create a Chat Application?

how much cost for chat app

Mobile App development cost estimate not only hinges on development time and hourly rates, but also the price depends on a number of factors that are needed to successfully implement an idea.

Depending on project requirements, the development team can be basic or extended. A basic app team includes a UI/UX designer, project manager, at least two developers and a quality assurance engineer. If the app requires a back end infrastructure to develop, then, an API and a back end developer should also join the team.

The price of building a mobile chat app is made up of various components:

1. UI/UX design- up to 100 hours
2. Development-up to 900 hours, plus 25% of the PM and QA services.

Considering all this, the medium development price would score around $1,000- $15,000 for a an app.
Generally, a professional company takes somewhere around $5,000 to $10,000 to develop a fully functional instant messaging application like WhatsApp and Hike.

Obviously, complexity of a product is the main factor when it comes to app development costs, and out of this, the following three factors affect the final cost:

1. Technical complexity
2. Number of devices and OS
3. Custom designs and animations

1) Technical Complexity

There are several features that can add technical complexity to a project. Some common examples include:

a) Third-party integrations: Some functions in mobile apps require integration with third party libraries, frameworks, and services. Real-time chats can be easily implemented with the help of Layer, Pubnub etc.

b) Backend development: A backend is an operating system with APIs to enable the exchange of data between a mobile application and a database. The back-end implements the application business logic.

c) Admin panel development: This is a very useful tool that makes it easier to operate apps, manage users, content, view stats, and more.

d) In-app s: From virtual goods to additional functionality, there are different forms of in-app s that we can implement.

e) Use of hardware components: Smart phones are packed with different hardware components such as gyroscopes, heart rate sensors, NFC, Bluetooth, GPS, barometers etc. Finding the right one for each device and testing how different components communicate with the software may increase the cost and time.

2) Number of devices and OS

When it comes to an iOS app, it should be compatible with the latest and previous versions of iPhone and support the latest and previous iOS versions (iOS 9 and iOS 8).

This is also applicable to Android OS versions.

3) Custom designs and animations

Custom user interface costs would be higher than the price of building from standard components.
This includes the choosing of custom and standard UI components.

Designing & Developing your Chat App

Designing & Developing your Chat App- What are the Must have Features?

The dominance of social networking sites has been curbed by the emergence of messaging chat apps. Currently, the demand for live chat apps has increased to such an extent that they are heading towards dethroning the social media sites.

Messaging app is an understatement. Because there are so many features developed in an instant messaging application that has made them deployable for numerous applications.

When you are looking to build a feature-rich and sturdy chat app, you will have to use the appropriate technologies.

Features to be incorporated while creating a Chat App:

  • Location based information
  • Group chats becomes mandatory
  • Auto sync feature
  • Offline messages
  • Last Seen for the recent online activity time
  • Screen Sharing enables users to share their screens with their contacts
  • Multimedia sharing allows sharing unlimited multimedia data
  • Voice Calling feature
  • Social Integrations
  • Video Calling for real time conversation

The trend of bots has already taken off, where a large number of brands run bots. Bots make customer service interactions easier for customers, and for brands. Apps like WeChat, Kik and even Facebook messenger has started using bots in their chats.

Hiring a Developer to Create Chat App 

Hiring a Developer to Create Chat App

When you are going to hire a developer, you tend to have so many options- a firm, an individual, a small team, overseas etc. The hardest part in this would be where to start and whom to trust.

Here are few great ways to start your developer search:

Enquire Around:

This can be through co-workers, friends, family or discussion boards, websites, and review sites. Ask for referrals and explain to them what you’re looking for.

Google – Enables search of different firms and their portfolio/service offerings with their contact details.

Freelancing Sites -You can browse in freelancing websites and find job postings that are similar to yours and see what people write as their job request. You can later do research on these forums by going through their profile pages or on their main web pages, and maybe, even follow up with their contact form.

Choosing a Developer:

  • Individual Developers

Personal and collaborative– If it’s the right one, they may act more like a partner than a hired person

Specific skill sets– Every developer has their own strengths and if you get one that matches exactly what you’re doing, you will get the best results.

Cheaper– This can either be for better or for worse because you’re not paying for project management and overhead.

  • Firms

Highly deliverable and time-oriented– Firms focus on project plans and time lines. You’ll be reported with updates on project in regular basis telling you where things stand.

Project management– You’ll have one prime person who can take the lead on everything you want to discuss about the entire project.

Have backup Plans– This means that if something comes up with any of the developers, there is always a backup plan to continue your project.

Testing/QA– This helps to detect bugs and get multiple perspectives on the project.

Whomever you opt for, your primary goal is to generate revenue with your chat app. The developer needs to know exactly how to build in features to make an income out of it.
If you opt for a free app, be sure that the freelancer/the firm is well versed in integrating mobile display ads, in-app s or paid subscription services.

Which are the Best App Development Tools?

Complete Guide to Create a Chat App Successfully

Different cross platform tools have different specialities. Each platform is unique and exhibits different features, capabilities and behaviour. Multi-platform apps are truly in-today; so, you will have to find solutions to develop the best cross-formatted apps, without emptying all your resources.

Here is a list of some great tools for Mobile App Development:

1) RhoMobile: It offers an open-source framework based on Ruby. This permits to create native app, spanning over s stunning range of OS’ and smart phones. This includes Android, Windows Mobile, iOS etc. The framework supplied by this tool is in such a way that you only need to code once. This can be used to build apps for most of the major smart phones.

2) PhoneGap: Allows developers to create chat application for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iTouch and iPad devices. It uses standard web development languages such as HTML and JavaScript, and allows the developer to work with device hardware features such as accelerometer, GPS/location, camera, sound etc.

3)MoSync: Yet another SDK tool based on standard web programming. This offers the developer integrated compilers, libraries, run times, device profiles and various other useful tools. MoSync now also includes Eclipse-based IDE for C/C++ programming.

4)WidgetPad: This is a collaborative, open-source environment for development which uses standard web technologies, such as JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3.

It includes source code editing, collaboration, debugging, project management, distribution. Widget Pad, which is now in private beta, can be used to create a chat application for iOS and Android.

5) Sencha: Helps to develop your tools in HTML5 and works across a handful of devices on different platforms and boosts productivity with pre-built components. Once you have developed the HTML5 code, then you can translate it to both android and iOS platforms.

6) Cocos2d: It is primarily used in two-dimensional game development. It allows the developers to use C++, JavaScript, C#, Xcode, Python etc.

7) Corona: This tool comes with the promise that you can start coding your new app in as little as five minutes after the download. The programming language is Lua, which is written in C.

8)Xamarin: Includes app store delivery, performance testing and monitoring, and the ability to do virtual tests on more devices to test whether everything is working properly.

Making use of these tools can make things easier for you to develop a reliable chat app.

How to Monetize your App?

how to monitize app

Finally, when you are finished with your app and polished it as a result of beta testing feedback, the next step is to think about business. When you plan your own development, monetization should be one of the key elements of your design.

Five strategies to design the financial aspects are given below:

Pay per Download:

Using pay per download for your app, each user will have to pay as they download and install it on their phone. Payment can be handled by an app store, mobile operator or you can set up a mechanism. Payment is generally handled in one of two ways: operator billing or credit/debit-card payments.

In-app payment:

It’s a way to charge for specific actions or assets within your application. Alternatively, you can offer some basic features of your application for free, but, charge for premium contents like videos, virtual credits, premium information and additional features.

Mobile Advertising:

As it is common on websites, you can think of earning money by displaying advertisements. Many companies offer tools to display mobile ads and it is the easiest way to make money.


The user gets your app for free and in return, is prompted to sign-up for a newsletter of your sponsor. The sponsor will pay the developer an amount for each newsletter registration.


Premium sticker packs are a mixture of the app’s own-produced content and content from established producers such as Disney or Sony, and from smaller providers. The rich, graphical nature of stickers can create interesting and engaging content.

Official accounts:

Such accounts allow brands, celebrities and merchants to connect and engage with users. The official account uses familiar features within the app so that they can connect with users as friends and share contents and messages.

Content Merchandising (themes, filters, wallpapers):

There are different content types that can be retailed within a messaging app. Whether this works or not depends on the implementation of the idea. This content extension can also help in core messaging experiences.


With a large number of users and the presence of brands in official accounts it’s likely that mobile commerce will be a direction for ambitious chatting apps to go in. WeChat has already included a scanner used to read QR codes to help users share their accounts and connect with friends. These bar codes help the users to pay for the product from WeChat.

App Publishing

app publishing

Publishing refers to the process that takes the completed Mobile App development project to the App Store.

The final step in the development of an application is to publish the application. It involves two essential tasks:

Preparing for Publication – ‘Release version’ of the application is created so that it can be deployed to compatible devices.
Distribution – The release version of an application is made available through one or more of various distribution channels.

iOS Devices

In order to distribute applications to all iOS devices, Apple requires apps to be published through the App Store, making it the one-stop shopping location for iOS applications.

With over 500,000 applications in the store, developers of many types of apps capitalize on the massive success of this single point of distribution. The App Store is a main solution, offering app developers both distribution and payment systems.

The process of submitting an application to the App Store involves:

1. Creating an App idea and selecting entitlements
2. Creating Distribution Provisioning Profile.
3. Submitting your application through iTunes Connect.

After you submit an app for publication, it goes through a review process by Apple to ensure that it meets the guidelines for quality and content. If the application fails to meet these guidelines, iOS will reject it and you’ll have to resubmit it.

Android Devices

The simplest way to distribute an Android App is via the Google Play store. It is also the simplest way to reach millions of users.

The starting point is the Google Play Developer Console. It is the dedicated dashboard for developers, which lets you manage your apps in the Play Store.

After you have signed up and paid the registration fee, complete your account details, including Developer Name (the name that is displayed on the Google Play store).

Once this is done, officially, it can take up to 48 hours for your Google Play Developer registration to be fully processed. Confirm the verification mail. After the account has been created, you can publish your apps.


In order to publish your app in Windows Store you need to create a Windows Store Account. Once you create your account, go to Dashboard using the live ID.

Verify your payment method link. Once you get the message that your account is verified, you are ready to begin submitting your app.

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization

ASO is the process of optimizing mobile apps to rank it higher in the search results of an app store. The higher the app rank is, the more will be its visibility to its potential customers. The increased visibility can bring in more traffic to your app page in the app store.

If you’re not using ASO for your app, then you are losing the largest channel available to search your app. With thousands of apps in different app stores, majority of the developers do not utilise the ASO facility to promote their app. So, you can use this as a secret weapon to rank your app in the app store and for its overall success.

Main factors that affect ASO:

  • Title: The keyword used in the title should be the one with the most search traffic. For best results with ASO, use relevant keywords within your title.
  • Keywords: To improve your search rankings, you need to use keywords which are relevant and which are most often used by your target audience.
  • App Description: This one main field has to be filled with your apps data. This includes ‘above the fold’ and ‘below the fold’. Most of the customers only read the ‘above the fold’ which includes 1-2 sentences as description.
  • Publishers Name: Make sure that the developer’s name has relevant keywords which could help you rank better for people doing generic search.
  • Total number of Downloads: Your number of downloads are important to ASO
  • Ratings and Reviews: This is also important and difficult to control. However, there are ways to motivate happy users to rate and review your app.
  • Follow the Content Policy: You need to determine the proper app content rating and follow the content policy which is laid down for Android, iOS and Windows devices.
  • Minimize your Code Size: You should aim to minimize the code size by removing any redundant code and thus, eventually reduce the size of your app.
  • Design an attractive icon: Having a unique and attractive icon can grab customers’ attention. Attractive icons can make the users curious to know about the app.
  • Include Screen shots and Videos: Including tempting videos and images can give the user a clear idea about your app.
  • Localize your app listings: To globalize your app, you need to focus on the localization. It is the method of marketing your app to a non-English speaking audience in their native languages.
  • Update App Regularly: Keep updating your app to ensure that they meet the changing guidelines of different devices. If you fail to keep up with the guidelines, your app can be blocked in the store.

Like SEO, ASO also takes a substantial amount of time before showing results, but, you need to constantly work on it and keep on improving it. Monitor it regularly and be aware of the competitor’s ranking.

Marketing Strategy

marketing strategy

Your work doesn’t end with the launch of the app. Rather, the real work just starts. You need to start marketing your app to the maximum possible levels.

If you have a well planned and executed marketing strategy, it can yield immense benefits among the users.
Your main focus has to be the end-users of your app. So, you will have to study their mobile behavior and understand the same, before embarking on a particular marketing strategy.

Some things to be noted to achieve success with your marketing strategy:

1) Study Customer Behavior Patterns:

Focus on your target audience and find ways to engage them. Study them keenly and recognize their unique behaviour patterns where each user is unique in their own ways.

2) Main Objective should be kept in mind:

Your main aim should be to provide maximum benefits to your users through the application. To achieve this, you will have to keep active interaction with the audience, and offer them, irresistible deals and offers .

3) Refine your Marketing Strategy:

This involves the process of planning, including a team to handle various aspects of your app, publicizing and advertising your service, gathering and processing user information and choosing the right mobile platform to market your app.

4) Select the right mobile technology:

SMS is the best method to reach the maximum users, which also adapts to almost all types of mobile phones. This method of communication is the most direct and one which your audience can opt-in to receive as well.

5) Find your niche and be exclusive:

To differentiate your app with others, introduce features that no one else has given. By doing so, you enable your app to live alongside other messaging juggernauts like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, We Chat, LINE, Hangout etc.

It’s easy to assume that your app can become the next Snapchat or WhatsApp as long as you build a solid product. However, what makes the app successful isn’t the fact that it exists, but. the efficiencies it creates.

6) Digital/Content Marketing:

Best of all, you can start a micro site and start blogging to your audience and promote your app as you would promote any other product. You can use a variety of valuable content in different forms to attract users from search engines and more.

7) Organic Promotion: 

To trace your mobile app distribution process, make sure you sign up for a good analytic tool. Let the app review sites as well as authors and pen down your app’s review. This will help in more downloads and popularity for your app. Share your app and the content on various social media platforms. You can also request users to review or rate your mobile app. Mobiles are holding a considerable share of the digital world, but, web still matters and thus, it is strongly recommended that you create a web page for your app.

8) Paid Promotion: 

Install a tracking tool to figure out the paid ad source the visitor is coming from. Calculate the total number of downloads needed to be in the top chart list. Once your app has created a buzz, cut short the paid marketing and maintain keyword rankings organically.

By focusing on marketing strategies, you can create chat application that not only makes life better for your users, but also makes a profit for your start up plan.

Post App Launch Services

post app launch services

Considering the kind of competition we have these days, post app launch services are vital for app success.

Customer Support:

Ensure that you provide your users the best customer support or risk losing them. Why? Simply because they have plenty of alternatives available.

Bug Fixing:

No software is ever bug-free. Also, with a number of software updates happening to operating systems, the chances are ever so high for bugs. So, test and fix buggy software within a short period. Otherwise users would leave you indefinitely.

New Features Incorporation:

There are so many new features cropping up every now and then. To stay in the race, you should adapt new features and work on providing fresh features as well.

app cost calculator

On the whole, create chat application is an amazing option and is becoming powerful for most brands and consumers. The greatest opportunity of a chat app lies in its ability to promote all areas of the brands strategy into a great user experience. When creativity is blended with traditional business, it makes an app complete.

Experiences suggest that apps which save money or time are most attractive, followed by games and business tools. But, the success of any app cannot be predicted. Success usually comes with a lot of experimentation and perseverance.

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