How to Make an App Like Facebook?

Across the entire modern demographics of developed civilizations, there is one thing running common: Mobile Technology. Be it teenagers or elderly people, Mobile app is where socials now come alive and thrive.


Facebook is mainly accountable for pioneering this incredible trend of virtual gatherings in 2004, followed by Twitter and Instagram.


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Its mobile app continued to keep intact the legacy for years now, leaving many of app entrepreneurs curious as to what exactly they need to imitate a success as glorious as Facebook.


If you are one of those business startups seeking expert insight into creating a social engagement world on mobile like Facebook, you have landed in the right place.


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This blog is going to enlighten you on Facebook facts while walking you through the actual development process and its development cost


About Facebook

fb application

Mark Zuckerberg found Facebook partnering with Chris Hughes, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, and Dustin Moskovitz. It was launched in the market in the year 2004.


To everybody’s surprise, it eventually became the world’s most renowned social networking and social media app.


The Facebook app is a user-friendly app that follows the basic concept of allowing users to find friends, relatives, and colleagues with the help of their location.


It targets almost every kind of users who are at the age of 13 or above 13.


The features of Facebook like, share and comment people express their thoughts and feelings with others.


Facts and Statistics on Facebook:

Today nearly 2.01billion daily active users are relying on Facebook not only for personal expression but also to publish advertisement and marketing visuals.facebook app statisticsIt would be interesting to learn some of the compelling facts and statistics around Facebook mobile app:



How to make a Social Media App?

To deliver a quality product to users, you need some basic steps to develop a social media app.


1) Strategy

After having an idea to develop a social media app, build an overall strategy. Your strategy should include market analysis, targeted audience, and competition research.

You must go through other social media apps to see their strong features and the things they lack.


2) Design the app

It is important to create an attractive design for the app; to engage users and retain them. Choose a unique app design enhanced beautifully with some unique app features.

facebook app design

Choose the right technology and user-specific features to design the app.Facebook stands out and stay on top due to its incredibly powerful, addictive and engaging UI elements.

Nothing is redundant in there, which interestingly allows users to promote their network more actively.

3) Preparing for the development


Make a list of all the functions of a future project. It will decide your social media app goals and all its functions.

Domain Name

Before developing your app, select the name for your social networking app and domain name also. The purchase domain name and hosting from a trusted platform.

mobile app development


If you are planning to start a large networking app with assumptions of 5 million users, use powerful servers like VPS. Powerful servers will enable you to bear high loads.

4) Development of social network

The development of the social networking app starts with the technology you used. You can use two types: ready-made CMS and frameworks.

Social Network CMS

These are a market-ready social network with typical functions and template design. You’ll only need to develop a design and customize it with your requirements.

Despite the fact that these CMS contain some struggles and pose known challenges, some of the most popular CMS for social networks are: Dolphin, Php Fox, Buddy Press, Social Engine, etc.

facebook app cms

The problems you are likely to face with them are:

  • These CMS are very slow in working because they can’t bear the high load.
  • If you want to add new features, it will levy more efforts and concerns about time and cost.
  • The customization of the project needs a lot of time.


These are used for the development of different web applications. Frameworks are designed to improve and increase the speed of the coding process.

facebook app frameworks

Frameworks provide high stability, scalability and high speed. There are as many as 10 famous frameworks that you can use to develop social networking app like Facebook. A few amazing app builders tools are:

  • React Native
  • PhoneGap
  • Ionic
  • Flutter
  • Xamarin
  • Corona SDK
  • Mobile Angular UI
  • JQuery Mobile

The only challenge of using a framework is that the project needs to be developed from scratch, starting from the fist block up.

Although, it is inevitable that this process needs time and resources, it always works auspiciously like a stable architecture for structurally intricate social apps.

The key purpose of any great framework is having ability to rapidly transform a non-uniform idea into a well-organized, functional and aesthetically appealing product for end users.

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5) Testing and launching of social media app

When you finish developing your social media app, it is necessary to test the app. Remove all the bugs during sign up or log in; as it will affect your app promotion. The users of your app should enjoy the experience.

facebook app gif

6) Marketing

It is very important to approach to the right audience for your app; who will feel your social media app as the part of their life. So it is important to conduct an active advertising campaign.

It is necessary to attract at least 50,000 visitors per day. You can use Google Adwords, Facebook ads, and Guest Post to create enough traffic for your app.

7) Monetizing your social media app

Most of the networking sites are kept free like Facebook. Users should have free access to most of the functions of the app. But make sure that some functions need a small fee to get access.

From your 100% users, only 1% of users will access those functions of your app; but still that 1% will give you a good income.


You can make money from Facebook’s advertising space that appears on users’ wall on homepage, at the bottom of the current page or occasionally at landing page.

The advertisers should pay every time users click on it through your app. For this, you have to manage a separate platform for the advertisement.

8) Investment

Once your app becomes famous; investors are attracted automatically towards your project. You have to take care of your app; check your app constantly that it should be bugless and it should not crash.

Nowadays social media apps are a part of everybody’s life. Every person is different and they try to find social media app according to their suitability.

Make an app that contains everything like friends, posts, profiles, a news feed, messenger, searching, push notifications, photos, videos, and offline working options.

Estimated Cost to Develop a Social Media App

The cost to develop the social media app depends on the functionality, time, design scope, the platform used, developers fee, and additional features.

Following the usual contemporary practice, the cost of the application is calculated on the basis of the hourly rate.

The app cost ranges from $20 to $200 which is again subject to the consideration that the ultimate cost would be a reflection of the number of advanced features expected of the app.

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Final remarks: Building an app like Facebook

The incessant global gravity to using Social media apps doesn’t seem to wear off and so the demand for developing a widely celebrated app like Facebook will remain unquenched.

The Facebook not only helps people from every corner of the world connect, but it also helps marketers and emerging commercial bodies promote their business.

mobile application development cost

Hence, even from the perspective of future profitability, the time to emulate Facebook is now.

On your journey, however, it is best to connect with an adroit and seasoned mobile app development agency and solicit their consultation.

Hence, for all the good reasons involved, you may find it favorable to communicate your project scope with us. We will make sure all the depth and vision of your requirements are addressed perfectly while forming a working rapport.

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