Growing Prevalence of Healthcare Mobile Apps in the UK

UK, in the last few years has suddenly seen an upsurge in the usage of mobile healthcare apps. Developing into a vivid ecosystem, the market is dynamic and has holds potential in terms of growth and expansion.


digital healthcare mobile apps


With more and more people in the country inclined to using healthcare apps, the business opportunities in the mobile healthcare industry has practically doubled overnight.


What has actually brought about this disruptive change in the market? Its the result of a collision between the fast paced digital industry and relatively slow moving healthcare sector.


However, with positive adoption of healthcare apps in the market has encouraged a steady growth over the last five years. New technologies combined with innovative business models have added new workflows that has transformed the healthcare sector totally.


healthcare mobile apps


Giving life to mobile health solutions are the stakeholders from within the health industry. Through advancements in technology, healthcare app development is accelerating at a tremendous pace.


Holding a lot of promise, evidence suggests that apps are going to play a positive role in patient outcomes along with minimising costs of patient care.


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A Snapshot of the Growing Market


With over 318,000 healthcare apps in the market, the growth has been substantial. This figure has nearly doubled from number of healthcare apps in 2015. Latest figures suggest that approximately 200 apps are now being added on a daily basis.


The global healthcare mobile app development market is at a projected value of US$ 28.320 billion. It is expected to increase to a whopping US$ 102.35 billion by 2023.


An increased adoption of smartphones, along with heavy investments in digital health are the driving forces that has fuelled this growth.


The Consumer Graph


The research conducted by Accenture shows that a strong use of digital technology is prevalent, and the numbers are on the rise every year. To the majority of respondents, managing their help with technological assistance was important.


A key element that is highlighted through this research is the range of mobile technology in use encompassing health records, social media, wearables and online communities. From just 16% in 2014, the consumer numbers have doubled to 485 in 2018.


The survey also established that consumers of healthcare apps are adapting to this transformation simply because they wish to avail of care, anytime, anywhere.


Medical Economics says in its report that almost 79% of consumers will probably choose a provider that performs interactions on healthcare through their online platforms, either web or a mobile device.

healthcare mobile apps

On the other hand, Business Wire  published that 50% of consumers more likely to leave their current service providers if the competition offered better technology.


The primary factor that pushes consumers towards healthcare apps is convenience. Secondary factors such as having access to their patient records, paying bills, filling prescriptions, accessing test results and scheduling appointments tag along.


Service providers developing healthcare apps have an opportunity to create marked differentiators by offering modernised services that are technologically advanced and work to satisfy consumer expectations.


The Competition


A continuous influx of new entrants is propelling the digital health market to expand at this phenomenal pace. Research to Guidance states more than 84,000 mobile health apps in the medical, health and fitness markets have been published in 2017 alone.


The types of mobile health app publishers have significantly diversified.


The Key Categories Include:


  • Traditional healthcare providers such as hospitals, pharma companies and health insurers at 32%
  • Digital players including app companies at 28%
  • Non-healthcare entrants such as app developing companies stand at 23%
  • Universities, non-profits, educational organizations have captured 10% of the market
  • Telecommunication companies only have 1% market share


The difference between traditional healthcare stakeholders offering mobile solutions and pure digital health companies is distinct. Traditional players use mobile health solutions as an extension on their core businesses on the digital front.


Digital companies, on the other hand, are purely focussed on mobile products and services. As the market for mobile health apps have experienced such fast-tracked growth, several non-health players, for example, market research organizations, IT companies and app development agencies have been new entrants in the segment.


healthcare mobile apps


In 2017, the healthcare app market was estimated to reach a staggering 3.7 billion in downloads. This was a 16% jump from the 2016 figures. Nevertheless, competition is brutal and achieving the targeted app downloads is a definite challenge.


Not so surprisingly, only 4% of healthcare apps get over a million downloads annually and only 15% get between 50,000 to 250,000 every year.


The Market Potential


1.5 billion units of smartphones have been sold globally this year. Add a decade and almost everyone will have a smartphone in their hands. The devices too are going too far more advanced than what they are today.


The UK is one of the robust markets for healthcare apps due to their attractive market size, more convenient access to potential investors and acceptance by healthcare practitioners and patients.


digital health solutions


Diabetes, Obesity and Depression are the top 3 segments that has the best in terms of market potential geared towards mobile healthcare solutions.


Having said that, the market potential is largely determined by the therapy whereas in reality the penetration is on the lower end.


The number of cases worldwide that have been registered for diabetes, obesity and depression stand at 422 million, 600 million and 300 million respectively.


The number of mobile users continue to rise thus creating market opportunities for healthcare apps as a result of the prevalence of chronic conditions.


The NHS in UK allocated US$ 148 billion budget towards healthcare of which 70% was dedicated to caring for long term conditions. The healthcare sector in the UK has progressed slowly towards the adoption of healthcare apps.


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However, with the NHS under tremendous pressure that has led to increased waiting times, patients now have no alternative but to turn to healthcare apps for solutions.


The benefits of mobile healthcare apps are not just limited to patients only. Healthcare practitioners too can use them to treat and diagnose multiple diseases at an early stage.


The patient data stored on mobile apps accessible to both concerned parties can be used by physicians to make an assessment of the patient’s case history prior to attending to appointments.


The Last Word


Converting to healthcare apps from traditional platforms has advantages in terms of cost cutting along with maintaining and enhancing the quality of patient care via the NHS, private clinics and hospitals.


healthcare mobile apps


However, the industry is not without its challenges.In a time where both public and private sector healthcare establishments are fully stretched, shifting the focus on healthcare apps either fully or partially will provide valuable support and give patients a better understanding of their health conditions.

10 Best Android Games Popular in the UK

Gaming has become a new passion for several individuals. While games are good to relieve from stress and help to have a fun time for a while, it is loved by several groups of individuals, from kids to adults for a variety of reasons.


Be it on a tablet or phone; playing games may range from few minutes to hours exercise something which many love. Hence gaming developers have also tremendously increased in the last decade to meet the huge demand in the market.


mobile app development


While most of us used to love iOS games before, now android is no less in providing a variety of games which every gamer ever wanted. Every game would come to the Android interface within a fraction of time.


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This article will help you give the best,and most liked android games popular in the UK.

Infinity OPS Major Mayhem 2
PUBG Marvel Strike Force
Hitman Sniper Minecraft Game
Franz Kafka Framed 2
Stranger Things Game Goat Stimulator


They range from free to play ones to paid games which are loved by the vast majority of gamers. Here we go.


1. Infinity OPS


This is also was known as Destiny Warfare which is a well known multiplayer shooter game. Developed by Azur Interactive games, it is Sci-Fi in nature which is successful because of giving the real-time experience of being in frantic action. This game makes us feel like playing within space settings with good graphics and mechanics.


  • Has optimization settings which arean advantage for lower spec phones. It can help to play just as well.
  • The depth of the game is high for a mobile shooter
  • Three multiplayer options and character customization options
  • Colorful interface with sci-fi scapes and jetpacks. Loaded with different class types.
  • Free of cost.


google play - android games



2. Major Mayhem 2


Finally, the long-awaited sequel to the original arcade shooter has arrived. This game has set standards on havoc-wrecking and ninja killing in another level.


The game will make you stick on to it with the control of titular Major. All you would do is run your way to wipe out the enemy and their vehicle which stands amidst your way.


  • Several improvements in the sequel which is developed by Rocket Jump
  • A significant boost to graphics and size of the game
  • Free to play


google play - android games



3. PUBG ( Player Unknown Battlegrounds mobile)


Battle Royale game for android is here brought to you by Lightspeed Quantum Studios. It needs heavy speed internet network as the interface of this game is quite huge and gives us a quick and real-time interface.


One of the most popular games for android in UK, this game comes up with colorful and quality experience with a high range of speed making us addicted.


  • Free of cost
  • Hundred player warzones present in the game
  • Great graphics and intuitive interface; easy to use
  • Need to pay for character customization and similar features in the premium


google play - android games



4. Marvel Strike Force


Strike Force is mobile addition to their cinematic universe. This game is developed by FoxNet gives you combat-likea scenario where players can control a team of heroes from the Marvel universe franchise to battle the evil forces. This game has got immense popularity as one would feel the similar experience of star wars.




  • Cool graphics boards and fight animations
  • Can unlock and use favorite Marvel characters and fight missions
  • Must play for die hard marvel plan
  • Character building and training the crew of superhero teams


google play - android games



5. Hitman Sniper


This game is set in the Hitman game series where you can play the game from the shoes of agent 47 who is the deadliest marksman ever born.


There are several missions and locations which you need to cross going across fulfilling targets and snipe them.


  • Several variations in the simple concept of assassination ranging from accident kill to lure kills and so on
  • Paid game for £ 0.79.
  • Can extend more to death valley and other lands which make you hooked and addicted to a series of events


google play - android games



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6. Minecraft game


This game which was called Minecraft: Pocket Edition is well known worldwide phenomenon for creating a crafting experience on android mobile.


The app version is considerably well versed with 3D buildings and improvements with huge graphics.


  • Regular updates
  • The paid game, from £6.99
  • Massive in size due to huge graphics and sound animations
  • Keeps us hooked for at least half a day due to the fantasy reality which is nonexistent yet addictive


google play - android games



7. Franz Kafka


Developed by Daedalic Entertainment, this game is the most popular puzzle-centric adventure games for android users in UK. It is based on writings of author Franz Kafka. It is creative with several puzzles as interactions between talking animals and others.


mobile app development


  • Several difficulty levels with puzzles all around to crack
  • Rich in art and design
  • Impressive soundscapes and audio tones
  • The paid game costs £3.49.


google play



8. Framed 2


Although this is not among the list of celebrated android games, Framed 2 is known to be keeping the gamers hooked on their seats for creating thriller mystery puzzler series from Loveshack games.


It is follow up the sequel to multi award-winning game Framed.


  • The paid game, at £ 4.49
  • Action plays out with comic animation style which looks like a cartoon
  • Order of frames should be kept on rearranged to progress ahead
  • Solve the puzzle to survive


google play



9. Stranger Things Game


Those who are addicted to the series would know what this game is all about. It would not only tell new stories of the town of Hawkins in a colorful and mysterious way but also brings in addictive action puzzler which makes us feel living real in the year of 1984.


  • Players can swap between Hawkins inhabitants from a top-down perspective
  • Clue hunting, solving puzzles and overcoming dangerous environments will make you stick on it for hours
  • Simple yet fun controls
  • Authentic and addictive


google play



10. Goat Stimulator


This game is known to break all records in the goat stimulator technology. This is not a serious game yet gives the feeling of what it is like being a goat to control the nature and environment around you with power.


This may look unpractical yet fun game which makes you think creative and applauds the whole superficial yetthe marvelous idea of the game.


  • Free to download but can avail full game at £ 4.99
  • Not realistic and serious game yet addictive with the fantasy
  • Great user face and experience.


google play



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mobile app development


The above are the list of top and best android games popular in the UK. Although all the above may not very well know, they are for sure going to make you keep hooked and involved with them due to the great experience, interface, graphics, and concept.

Logistics Mobile Apps to Replace Traditional Process. How?

Due to the immense adoption, rapid innovation and increased affordability of mobile technology, mobile apps have gained enough potential to alter the legacy logistics processes for good in UK.


In UK, logistics and supply chain businesses, the chief advantage of using mobile apps stems from the ability to deliver improved customers experience and ease of connectivity with customers.


logistics mobile apps


As individuals remain connected and instantly accessible 24/7 via mobile technology, the way companies operate, manage and engage with customers.


Since mobile technology is capable of executing multiple operations, having logistics mobile apps translates to handling myriad business aspects including inventory and warehouse management, vehicle & transportation control, order fulfillment, customer service and overall process efficiency.


With this idea in mind, lets understand how logistics mobile apps would replace traditional processes in UK.


The realized necessities for building logistics mobile apps in UK.



It is quite a challenge to operate the entire logistics business in a traditional fashion, managing each segment of its processes from different perspectives.


This calls for a reliable system that streamlines, synchronizes and gathers operational information on a single spot, just like mobile apps.


Modern logistics industry scenario has the increased number of connections within its route, meaning to address on-demand service requirements for thick population of customers.


The usual expectations here are shortest delivery route, faster order fulfillment and high-quality experience from start to finish.


The current ripple in logistics involves growing number of shipments of fragile, sensitive devices and high-value equipment that demand sophisticated care during transition, displacement and packaging.


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Additionally, due to massive B2B rush inspired by online retail commerce, the transportation system looks for much more transparency, real-time location tracking and fleet management.


Another factor that impregnates business-critical consequences is the shift to a strategic delivery from a merely tactical one, which further impacts the industry’s promising revenue generation potential.


These points altogether lead us to acknowledge the pressing need to integrate Logistics mobile apps that can address complicated challenges and bring significant value in terms of:

  • Higher accuracy
  • Timeliness
  • Improved consistency
  • Operational efficiency
  • Customer satisfaction


Smooth and accurate data management


logistics mobile apps


Digital tracking by means of mobile devices has exceeded the limits of traditional processes of data-driven action implementation.


Additionally, with mobile technology allowing business systems to compatibly integrate software backend, paperwork is eliminated and all essential data files land directly into integrated database and reflect in dashboard analytics.


Smooth and seamless data flow ensured by mobile app system (bar code and scanner) minimizes the scope of human error while making the data entry of order details and shipment information automatic.


This ultimately boils down to accuracy in supply chain and logistics management.


Location Tracking for better monitoring


As almost every modern digital device has an integrated GPS, which gives you a direct advantage of easily tracking transition trucks and shipment on the go. The knowledge of precisely where the fleet stands mean transparency of the entire delivery process.


Having a transparent location tracking empowers the logistics businesses to maintain speed, efficiency and integrity while addressing customer expectations since they are able to monitor and prevent undesirable hazards or unfavorable delays on the road.


Seamless Inventory and Order Management


logistics mobile apps


In UK, Mobile apps intended for revamping logistics industry are accessed by local warehouse operators and order management teams, primary departments that receive the best effects are inventory, dispatcher and order fulfillment.


They can use apps to:

  • Track product quantity and location
  • Scan arrived and outgoing goods
  • Make order packaging faster and accurate
  • Quick access to main database
  • Real-time stock updates and replenishment
  • Avoid human errors


Proactive Fleet management


Trouble-free and smart vehicle management is one of the critical milestone achieved by logistic mobile apps.


With every minutest aspect of fleet connected to agile business data management system of logistic mobile apps, you can easily access the utility data such as fuel efficiency, mileage, battery performance, network coverage, engine status, tires and optimal route choices to ensure nimble fleet movement in UK.


As vehicle-critical parameters are kept in check constantly by receiving predictive information from connected points, maintenance and repair scenario becomes more proactive than reactive.


Transportation Resources for dispatch efficiency



Logistics mobile technology has disrupted the world of transportation services with an array of valuable features that offer unique value to large corporations in terms of zero damage, faster routes, local overage and LTL shipments.


Amazon and Uber are the exemplary examples of mobile-driven logistics enhanced by a huge variety of transportation resources to ensure rapid product transition and better dispatcher efficiency in many global markets.


Drivers receive shipment requests on the mobile app along with precise information on optimized routes to expedite the delivery.


Without advanced transportation resources like location tracking and GPS navigation, keeping updated with vehicle mileage, distance, driver roster and delivery schedules and making prompt decisions would be unimaginably challenging.


Transformation of Customer-focused experience


Although the major effects drawn from implementing logistics mobile apps relate to business side of success, the mobile technology also essentially impacts the consumer side of experience, especially the one that comes post order placement.


Revolving around delivering delightfully smooth customer experience, logistic mobile apps laced with special capabilities can help customers save time on service delivery.


As employees and customers come together via on-demand logistics apps, customer service professionals become more informed and equipped enough to handle diverse customer queries.


Thinking Forward with Mobile Apps


More and more forward-thinking companies have begun to realize how mobile technology is a superior solution to drive value and ROI to logistic business operations.


Not only do you achieve better visibility for warehousing, inventory management and transportation, but cost optimization and efficiency gain are reaped as regular outcome.


Mobile apps enable real-time data accuracy which sharpens your business decisions related to resources allocation and future expansion.


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On the other hand, from the consumers’ side, experience gets richer as customer interactions with your business gets smoother and frictionless.


Since doing business with a company feels like a breeze, there is more perceptible satisfaction among customers who would feel inspired to choose your brand frequently.


Remarkable logistics mobile apps in UK


1. EazyStock – Inventory Optimization and Planning Software



The cloud-based inventory optimization and planning tool helps you create more demand-specific and systematically managed stock levels at your warehouse, eliminating unnecessary or obsolete goods.


It strips cost down and increase profitability by ensuring you maintain only healthy inventory. EasyStock has slick dashboard and is compatible with any ERP tool in place to target automated procurement and replenishment process, neutralizing the guesswork, cutting the cost.


Download : Android


2. Veeqo – WMS



Veeqo makes for a convenient and competitive Warehouse Management System for easily managed Warehouse operations for multichannel retailers, bringing multiple warehouses in one place.


It has the much-needed set of comprehensive features for omnichannel retailing operations including scanning, locating, picking, packing, shipping management, etc. The app synchronizes shipment details across all sales channels, warehouses and marketplace.


Download : Android, iOS


3. CoPilot Truck – Map & Direction Routing



CoPilot Truck changes the way professional truck drivers manage their route to dispatch the goods on time. The app’s intuitive dashboard offers turn-by-turn navigation unlike a regular Google Maps.


It has underlying smart algorithms in place that keep drivers updated on more efficient routes in real time inform them on load type for critical material, routing parameters, truck weight and height and more.


Download : Android




The major advantage of creating logistics mobile apps in UK is that it manages real-time data that targets both business operations and customer experience.


While such applications address leading problems involved in traditional processes, it also enables the flow of critical information for the decision makers of companies to leverage.



With everything being available at your fingertips, mobile apps for logistics industry adds convenience, process efficiency and speed along to a more durable model of processes fulfilment that allows you to conduct, monitor and control business anytime anywhere in UK.

How are businesses benefited with iBeacon Technology?

The biggest challenge any business would ever face is to stay on top of the competition by staying relevant to customers. Other bigger challenges also include earning customer loyalty, building innovative strategies and keeping up with upcoming trends and updates of emerging technologies.


Embracing latest technological solutions is the best way to overcome all these challenges and achieve business advantages in the frenetic market



Since technologies are injecting new advancements and trends in our lives, including them in your business marketing strategy is the only way to adapt to changing customers.


Beacons especially stand out as a beneficent for reaching existing customers with effective product marketing content and customized recommendations.




iBeacon technology in particular shows huge potential for businesses across various industries including retail, entertainment, sports, hospitality and more in UK.


Here you will get to know how businesses can benefit most from adopting iBeacon technology in UK.


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What is iBeacon technology?


As a business owner, haven’t you ever thought of automatically sending alerts and notifications about special offers to mobile screen of people stepping into your store?


Did you ever envision a technology that pulls in data-driven analysis on all of the people inside your shop? Well, Apple’s iBeacon is here to address these business fantasies


iBeacon is Apple’s technological endeavor that revolutionizes the ways businesses interact with their customers (or vice-a-versa) by connecting with the iOS device of users.


The technology detects the presence of an iOS device of users as they appear within the detectable distance from iBeacon transmitters in UK.


in UK, Based on the Bluetooth Wireless Technology, the iBeacon implementation requires two basic elements:

  • Bluetooth based iBeacon device
  • An iOS device with the brand’s app


The iBeacon device works as a Broadcaster which generates and sends signals to customer’s iOS devices (receiver) soon as they come in its proximity. The receiver then responds accordingly


How does iBeacon Technology work for your business in UK?


ibeacon technology


Imagine a person strolling to the food market with an iPhone device and comes near local food outlets. In a moment or two, he sees Starbucks app generating certain alerts, suggesting directions to nearest Starbucks coffee shop in, say, 50 meters of distance. He follows the guide and appear at the coffee shop


This is when iBeacon technology detects the customer’s presence through his iPhone app. The app then shows unique suggestions and recommendations about ongoing promotional offers.


The customer feels ecstatic and is tempted to place the order and makes payment within the app.


Easy to implement and set up


In UK, setting up an iBeacon technology to start using its services is affordable and easy. You need a few iBeacon transmitters (3 to 4) that will be connected as hardware to your business app.


The process of setting up a beacon hardware is quite simple and straightforward and be wrapped up with a UUID (Universally Unique Identifier). Once this is accomplished, you can commence implementing the strategic actions, messages and tags.


Setting up an iBeacon technology to start using its services is affordable and easy. You need a few iBeacon transmitters (3 to 4) that will be connected as hardware to your business app.


The process of setting up a beacon hardware is quite simple and straightforward and be wrapped up with a UUID (Universally Unique Identifier). Once this is accomplished, you can commence implementing the strategic actions, messages and tags.


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Personalized recommendations


iBeacon majorly revolves around personalizing the ways customers choose to interact with brands. The world of mobile commerce has already experienced the power of personalization in terms of enhancing brand value and customer loyalty.


With iBeacon solutions, personalization becomes integral as the technology makes offer coupons and product recommendations quite compatible to consumer’s specific lifestyle and expectations.


Thus, beacons can help retailers send personalized, more targeted, efficacious notifications to recommend quality products for consumers to consider.


Hudson’s Bay department stores rolled out beacons at many Lord and Taylor stores across North America in 2014 with an aim to send shoppers location-specific notifications, targeted content and personalized offers.


Cost effective operations


When iBeacon and NFC are both compared for their overall cost efficiency, beacon seems to overshadow NFC. NFC (Near Field Communication) is a short-range communication solution whose range lasts only up to a few centimeters.


In UK, iBeacons on the other hand can stretch its power up to 50 meters, which means installing NFC in your retail shop would levy higher cost than beacon technology. As discussed, the hardware part (transmitters) used in iBeacon-enabled Broadcast device also appears economic and facilitates low-cost installation.


Improved Sales and Customer Loyalty


Integrating iBeacon technology in your device paves way for better and more relevant push notifications that lure customers into buying custom products or offers in UK. The strategy yields increase number of sales, enhanced revenues and improved level of customer loyalty.


The Major League Baseball (MLB) witnessed more than double fans in 2014 as they rolled out iBeacons in 28 ballparks and started promoting merchandise coupons and seat upgrades via MLB app.


With iBeacons located at fan entry and exit points of MLB ballparks, iPhone users could tap into their MLB app and check-in to receive special offers and personalized content


In-store engagement with data-driven retailing


Merchants can tailor the novel shopping experience for in-store customers using iBeacon apps, which eventually reflects in larger footfalls and bulk sales.


Adopting creative user engagement methods on special holiday seasons, iBeacon broadcasters can smartly lure new customers inside their stores by tracking their in-store movements with data-driven retailing.


For example, Macy’s launched beacons in nearly 800 stores partnering with Shopkick which is a location-based coupon distribution app used by leading retailers.


Macy’s found an unusual way to deliver offline data-driven retail experience in which beacon tech is implemented to track customer movements in store. Based on this data, shoppers receive notifications on special discount and recommendations.


The promise of unflawed customer experience


iBeacon not only delivers well-crafted notification suited to consumers’ private tastes, but it also supports cashless payment, a facility that enables customers to purchase anything anytime without hassle of tangible money.


Aside from this, Hotel and hospitality industry can especially benefit to a great extent when it comes to transforming customer experience.


For example, Starwood Hotels & Resorts leverages iBeacon technology in its hotels that helps concierges make greetings more natural and personal, improves check-in process and keeps housekeeping services tuned to guests’ needs.


The most exemplary guest service at the two of Starwood U.S. hotels will have guests skipping the entire check-in process, entering their room, and using keyless entrance open the room doors.


The guests have a partner app installed on their smartphone and can simply open the room by tapping or gesturing the device.


Lower Advertising Cost


Without employing dedicated service professional such as advertising agency or greetings, iBeacon apps take care of building custom notifications, welcome greetings and offers at the time of check in.


These apps will save a lot of cost rather spent on advertising efforts so that businesses can think of enhancing their existing service quality with more iBeacons inside the store.


More iBeacons translate into more efficient connectivity with customers’ app. Moreover, merchants can target more customers at times with user-controlled, non-obtrusive ad notifications, reducing the overall advertising cost.


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Businesses can unanimously agree that iBeacon technology seems to work wonders by shaping a distinguished method of mobile marketing and reaching customers.


With iBeacons in place, merchants can present users with interesting offers and personalized products on their iPhone device.


Retails shops especially have a lot to gain from installing iBeacon hardware since the technology drives tremendous sales to retail industry.


Businesses are most likely to see immense influence of beacon on customer engagement, retention, purchases and experience at beacon-equipped premises.


ibeacon technology


In a way the technology also guarantees a competitive advantage over those who are still unaware of its power. The possibilities you explore using iBeacon powered apps are unlimited.


It is therefore time for merchants to boost their marketing capabilities by adopting iBeacon apps in everyday engagements.


10 Best Free Music Apps on Android & iOS

Rapid changes in technology in the last decade have seen consumers switch from CDs to downloading music to live streaming on computers and finally on smartphones.


There are quite a few live streaming services and competition between these channels are extremely fierce.


Of the available services, the 4 major ones are Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music and Amazon Music Unlimited.


mobile app development


Though the four free music apps have many users on android in UK and offer access to extensive music catalogs, each one has its uniqueness.



This can make it hard to decide which audio app to choose. In addition, there are several other equally good music apps to choose from.


Thanks to intense competition in the mobile app development arena, streaming music and live video has become so much easier.


With an array of free music apps available for download, listeners have unimaginable access to all kinds of music – whether it is internet radio, portable DJ stations and even streaming apps (android & ios).


Even if a listener wanted to download, it would take a lot of time and phone memory to -accommodate every single app.


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Since it is not possible to have all these, here is list of the 10 Best Free Music Apps on Android & iOS in the UK.


Spotify Shazam
Google Play Music Apple Music
Amazon Music iHear Radio
YouTube Music SoundCloud
Tune In Slacker Radio


1. Spotify (Android, iOS: Free)


This extensive music streaming service with 30 million tracks has over 80 million subscribers around the globe. With a rating of 4.6 out of 5 in the Play Store, this can be downloaded for use on the phone and even on a tablet.


Listen to Spotify’s list of musicians or make your own playlist. This is one of the free music apps also offers access to many original podcasts, not found anywhere else.


spotify -free music apps


  • Listen for free on your phone or tablet
  • Download for offline listening
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Subscribers can listen to ad-free music on Spotify premium
  • Cancel subscription anytime


Spotify also uses Nielsen software which allows market research on popular listener choices. The easiest and quickest way to find and enjoy new music.


Download : Android, iOS


2. Shazam (Android, iOS: Free)


As one of the top music apps in UK, Shazam is a great resource when you are trying to find a particular song. Shazam recognizes music clips and returns with information in seconds.


With millions of new users signing up every month, users can listen to their favorite artists 24/7.


With a 4.4 out of -5 rating in the Google Play store, some features that users can look forward to are:


shazham -free music apps


  • Identify any music clip in seconds
  • Watch videos
  • Preview songs and add them to lists
  • Listen to music offline
  • Check out recommendations
  • Check out and share


It is one of the great free music apps and offers information about an artist, including biographies and song lyrics.


Download : Android, iOS


3. Google Play Music(Android, iOS: Free)


The Google Play Music app offers free and ad supported music anywhere, anytime based on your mood.


Subscribers have access to on demand music and can download what they want for offline listening.


With a 3.9 out of 5 rating and YouTube access and subscriptions, users can check out the following features:

google play -free music apps

  • Music curated by experts
  • Ability to store up to 50,000 songs from personal collections
  • Discovering new podcasts
  • Smart recommendations based on user’s listening patterns and tastes


For those interested in a subscription, the family plan lets 6 family members listen to music for a low price. Users get access to over 35 million songs.


With YouTube Music set to take over, let’s see what new stuff we can look forward to.


Download : Android, iOS


4. Apple Music (iOS only)


Similar to Spotify, users can create playlists or access Apple’s vast music collection. Integration with Siri, the smart assistant, controlling features is now easier with voice commands.


Users can also add their own music to the Library from their CD collection. With a rating of 3.5 out of 5, Apple music’s key features are:


apple-music -free music apps


  • Streaming 50 million+ songs from their catalog
  • Download and listen to music anywhere, anytime
  • Create profile and follow friend’s music lists
  • Personalized recommendations based on listening patterns
  • Exclusive videos and films


Subscriptions are also available too. Unfortunately, Android phone users seem to have issues with using this app to listen to music, even though app installation is possible.


Download : iOS


5. Amazon Music Unlimited (Android, iOS: Free)


Amazon ventured into the music arena with its app not too long ago with an Unlimited version. Users can look forward to multiple genres of music and 40 million songs with new releases and classics.


Like Spotify, this is easy to use with multiple devices. With a 4.3 out of 5 rating, users can access these standout features:


amazon music -free music apps


  • Adfree listening
  • Listening offline
  • Unlimited access to millions of songs
  • Free 30 day trial
  • Easy to use


Currently Amazon Music is a free music app for prime members. Membership is open to those who are not Prime members with the same kind of access to exclusive music.


Download : Android, iOS


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6. iHeart Radio(Android, iOS: Free)


This is one of the best free websites for listening to streamed music. With a 4 out of 5 rating in the Play Store, the app which is powered by Global Player.Users can have fun listening to free music to their heart’s content.


  • High quality music live
  • Download and listen to music whenever, wherever
  • Take control and skip songs even on live radio
  • Subscribe to favorite shows with automatic downloading


Latest news, features and even HeartTV


Only available to UK users, iHeart Radio can be accessed not just on Android and iOS but many other devices too.


Download : Android, iOS


7. YouTube Music(Android, iOS: Free)


Google has instituted a lot of changes in the last year with regards to this channel. As the official channel for Android based tablets and phones, each user can watch the latest music videos, movies and even news.


With a 4.4 rating out of 5 and a new design, explore the app to your heart’s content. Users find these features fascinating:


youtube music


  • Personal recommendations based on previous views
  • Latest on subscription channels
  • Share music etc. and comment on favorites
  • Upload and edit one’s own videos with music and effects, directly from the app


Users can also pay to watch movies. One of the main issues for free users is the presence of ads.


Download : Android, iOS


8. SoundCloud(Android, iOS: Free)


This app offers users a channel to enjoy new music and discover new artists. Many artists and talk show hosts use this platform to bring programs to their listeners.


As the world’s largest music and audio streaming platform and a choice of 150 million tracks, SoundCloud is an app that is gaining users quickly. With a 4.5 out of 5 rating, some of the key features are:


sound cloud


  • Discover new music, stream and share all kinds of music wherever, whenever
  • Over 120 million tracks and counting, finding new artists is much easier
  • No ads
  • Download and listen to collection offline
  • Subscription model also available


Whether you are Go+ subscriber or want to use Pulse as a creator of content, SoundCloud is the way to go.


Download : Android, iOS


9. Tune In(Android, iOS: Free)


If you like listening to the radio on your phone on the go, then the TuneIn mobile app is the perfect choice. Sports updates, news, music and podcasts are all there for your listening pleasure.


With a rating of 4.4 out of 5, it is gaining in popularity with users as they discover that they can tune-in to any radio station. Other features to look forward to are:


tune in


  • Live Play by Play of multiple sports
  • Commercial free music curated by well-known DJs and special guests
  • Talk radio
  • Ability to stream over 100,000 AM and FM radio stations from around the world


Users can also subscribe to the premium channel to enjoy their favourite programs. It can also be played via Alexa.


Download : Android, iOS


10. Slacker Radio


This internet radio service app lets users listen to online radio easily. If you want music, then Slacker Radio can help in this matter. The free version is ad supported and the number of skips is limited.


With little information available on ratings, users can still look forward to their favorite programs with facilities like:


slacker radio -free music apps


  • Streaming and listening to multiple radio stations
  • Downloading music for offline listening
  • Multiple genres to choose from, anywhere, anytime


Download : Android, iOS


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Whether you have a brand-new device or not, having access to a list of free music apps in UK will make it easier to figure out which one you like best to download and create new playlists.


There are many free music apps in UK to choose from and this list should be able to help.


mobile app development


App development is making it easier for customers to use their phones to do all kinds of fun stuff and also work simultaneously.


With the development and availability of new free music apps in UK, it has become very easy to get hooked on to entertainment on the go.

10 Best Educational Apps For Teachers in the UK

Compared to even a decade ago, technology has brought about a staggering change in the way people learn. This is especially true now with the availability of smartphones and tablets and our approach to engaging with the world.


E-Learning which seemed like a foreign concept is now quite common place with lessons on YouTube and university courses online. While these formats were mostly accessible on computers, mobile app development is disrupting the way we learn.


mobile app development


No doubt, the education field is working on fresh formats and models to stay relevant and address the constantly evolving student and educator needs across the globe.


Toddlers and youngsters these days are more comfortable using tablets and smartphones.


Educational apps are making it easier for college students and teachers to learn new skills using mobile platforms. With thousands of apps which cover all subjects (beginner to advanced), it is a bit difficult to present a comprehensive list.


Here are the top 10 best educational apps available –for teachers in the UK in 2022 to work with every possible student age groups:


Google Classroom Classtree
TED Pocket
Edmodo Kahoot
BrainPOP UK Nearpod
Quizlet Showme


1. Google Classroom


A free service for non-profits, schools and just about anyone who has access to a personal Google account, Google Classroom is a platform where educators and teachers connect easily with learners.


This can happen both inside or outside of schools. The educational apps in UK are huge time saver for teachers as they allow the user to create lessons, distribute assignments and communicate completely through digital channels.


google classroom - educational apps


  • Key features: Teachers can add their students easily in the class by sharing a code. The workflow process is simpler, allowing instructors to develop, distribute, review and mark assignments faster
  • Post review, students are able to view their corrected assignments along with class materials directly in their Google Drive.
  • Teachers are able to notify students of any updates and start discussions instantly
  • The app is both secure and affordable and should a part of any teacher’s app suite.


Download : Android, iOS


2. Classtree


With the Classtree app, teachers can save up to two hours per day from avoiding to manually sift and sort through paper forms. All communication via this app are private and secure.


These are the reasons why this educational app is a definite advantage for teachers to have on their smartphones:

class tree - educational apps

  • The app has a very simple 3 step process of attaching the consent form, inserting an e-signature link and emailing it to the user’s parents’ group.
  • Teachers may send out a unique class code to parents. Invites may also be done via uploading an excel sheet with email ids on the Classtree web dashboard.
  • Other benefits include reporting in real time, sending out event reminders, permission slips and photo sharing.


Having this app on the smartphone ensures that there are no more missed consent forms or permission slips anymore.


Download : Android, iOS


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3. TED


Thousands of teachers across the UK use the TED app as a medium to satisfy their curiosity and expand their horizons.


ted - educational apps


  • The app is a rich resource for teachers and shares exceptional presentation practices, encompassing an extensive range of interesting topics
  • TED has a number of online debates, unique lesson plans that effectively supplements educators by turning classroom discussion even more interactive and knowledge rich


Teacher use TED as platform to innovate education processes and systems through continuous student engagements, delivering content via subject matter experts.


Download : Android, iOS


4. Pocket: Save. Read. Grow


Pocket is a unique app that allows teachers to curate various types of content, articles and videos from across online platforms. This is especially useful as users can incorporate information into their classroom lectures.


pocket - educational apps


  • Key Features: Users may save stories that are relevant to their area of teaching which may eventually be used to fuel the minds of the students through an experience garnering a fresh approach to education.
  • The app interface has a clean, customizable layout that offers a relaxing reading experience to its users.
  • The app has a clutter-free UI that lets the user concentrate on the information at hand.


Download : Android, iOS


5. Edmodo


This educational app is designed for both students and teachers. Concentrating on best practices of communication, teachers are able to reach individual students in their class.


key features: Edmodo is typically used for communication as well as assignments and quizzes.


edmodo - educational apps


  • Classroom management becomes much easier as students can reach out to their teachers with homework assignments or messages.
  • Edmodo reduces a teacher’s work load and makes it easier for them to stay connected with their classroom.


Parent accounts are also part of the structure and allows parents to monitor their child’s progress, grades, assignments, the school calendar and messages from different teachers.


Download : Android, iOS


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6. Kahoot!


Making learning really cool and fun, this educational app is a tool for teachers to send quizzes, start a discussion or even surveys through games.


Key features: Set up to be a game, this classroom-based response system lets a whole class participates in real time.




  • Children can answer questions which are displayed on a screen and the answers are given via a smartphone, computer or tablet.
  • Add on features include homework and remote training sections that helps in engaging the students in a more innovative manner.


Download : Android, iOS


7. BrainPOP UK Featured Movie


The creators of this app ensured that it offers cross-curricular educational content which is in animated form to capture a student’s attention.


It helps teachers to engage a class with exciting lessons. Used in primary and secondary level classrooms, it can be accessed on mobile devices.

brain pop

  • The featured movie topics are on a rotational run with a choice of current events, historical milestones and figures, holidays, and more.
  • The app suits those who like to learn on the go.
  • BrainPOP uses resources which explain the world to children with animated videos, games, interactive quizzes and a multitude of online activities.


Download : Android, iOS


8. Nearpod


One of the award winning educational apps directed towards teachers in UK for engaging students with learning experiences that are innovative, yet rich in knowledge.


Key Features: This easy to use tool helps teachers to create interactive lessons, presentations, digital content and assessments.


near pod


  • Teachers can then use it to track a student’s progress and level of learning.
  • Lessons comprise slides created by the teacher containing text, images, videos, resource websites, quizzes and assignments.


Students can follow a lesson at their own pace on their devices and then go to a synchronized session with a real time lesson.


Download : Android, iOS


9. Quizlet


A staggering 30 million students use Quizlet across the globe, which makes this an app that every teacher should have access too.


Studying languages, history, vocabulary and science has not become more interesting by using flashcards on the app.




  • This app consists of 1000s of quizzes on a specific subject, created by other teachers. This material covers a given subject comprehensively and helps students learn well and earn top scores.
  • The Quizlet app have resources for every subject, at every level.
  • Revising subjects is fun and students can test their knowledge using interactive flashcards, diagrams and games. Some of the subjects covered are languages, science, math, history and more.


Paid versions of the app include Quizlet Go and Plus that allows access to unlimited number of classes along with some more premium features. Avail of the 7 days free trial and get the hang of it.


Download : Android, iOS


10. ShowMe Interactive whiteboard


Now turn your iPad or tablet into your very own interactive whiteboard. Use the ShowMe app and boast of your knowledge with your students, friends, family, or even the world.


show me


  • This  educational app allows teachers and students (in any age group and class) to create presentations. These can be shared online or via the device with a small audience/community.
  • The user makes presentations on a specific topic using the available tools such as text, drawings and images.
  • ShowMe lets a user record a tutorial and do a voice over and share them online. This easy to use app is easily understood by the old and young quite easily.


Download : Android, iOS


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Even in 2022, software companies are hard at work with iOS app development as well as android app development to ensure high quality educational apps which are easily navigated.


These are designed to make teaching and learning easy in UK – good educational apps are not just provocative, these are also open-ended to encourage students as well as teachers to think for themselves.


mobile app development


After testing educational apps in a classroom and getting inputs from students and teachers, curriculum is developed to make it interesting and learning easy as well fun.

10 Best Free Social Media apps in the UK 2023

Free social media apps have gone to a new level all over the world but in 2021, we were able to witness its enhanced form in the UK market.


As per the analysis, there were more than 85% of the adult population that spent their time on snapping, gaming, tweeting and even moving from one channel to another.


mobile app development


In simple words, the majority of people spend time on free social media apps in uk, whether it is for business marketing or even for personal time.


The statics states directly that there has been an immense increase in the overall social media usage in the UK over the years.


Here are the best free 10 social media apps that are famous in the UK.


Facebook Twitter
LinkedIn YouTube
Instagram Snapchat
Pinterest Tumblr
Reddit Medium
1. Facebook


There is no doubt that Facebook has spread-out widely with the increase in popularity in the past few years. As per the analysis, there are more than 30 million users in the UK that actively use Facebook on daily basis.


This makes it the wide user base with 75% of the male user and 85% of female users along with the ratio of urban to rural goes like 80% to 77%.


facebook app - free social media apps in uk


  • The topmost feature of Facebook is that it allows an individual to share and update a post and status on it on the timeline.
  • It helps in increasing the connectivity of throughout the world irrespective of location.
  • It also helps in keeping a track of events that might be occurring around the area.
  • This also has a social plugin that allows one to easily comment on other’s site such as pages etc.
  • Personal details are another aspect that is covered on Facebook that is visible to the public if the settings allow it.


Download : Android, iOS


2. Twitter


It is a great way to be connected with people all around the world with the total user depending on it. However, if we only talk about the UK ratio than more than 15 million users are active on Twitter.


On top of that, this number is not of the recent year but of 2013. After that, there has been an increase in the total Twitter users without a doubt.


twitter app - free social media apps in uk


  • The platform is similar to Facebook that allows one to keep a track of other activity.
  • The main difference between this platform with Facebook is that if one is following an individual then they can easily check on their updates.
  • It allows live streaming of videos as well that gives a live update to the users about an event and individual.
  • The faster and lighter UI makes it easy for users to work on the whole setup whether it is retweeting or replying in real-time.
  • The latest update of Twitter gives a new feature to the users preventing cyber bullying and harassment on the social
  • There are options such as mute option, notification filtering, time-out, reporting transparency, safe search, preventing abuse, hiding abusive tweets, etc.


Download : Android, iOS


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3. LinkedIn


In the year 2016, it was claimed in the UK that over 20 million people use LinkedIn on daily basis. Out of which, 33% are always online through the day or even at a time.


However, there was no estimation made after that but since then there has been an increase in the overall percentage of users on a wide range. The users are hitting millions in number over time.


linkedIn app - free social media apps in uk



  • This professional social networking site allows users to get in touch with other professionals.
  • It is one of the major platforms that help professional to stay connected and even find new jobs online.
  • There are also features that help in hiding out the connection to ensure security and privacy for users.
  • In addition to this, in the latest update, one can even export the connections with a contact management system for topmost security.
  • It is easy to work add, delete or update the skills sets on a profile along with endorsing it for relevant employers.


Download : Android, iOS


4. YouTube


This is one of the most popular video hosting platforms that is used by 40 million adults. This count makes it the second most used social media app among others as per the analyses of 2021.


It was observed that there are over 5000 videos watched by the population of 18 to 24 years old on an average.


youtube app - free social media apps in uk



  • This platform allows a user to easily check out the video among other features.
  • It also has other features such as searching for the video and even saving it offline.
  • Not every video can be saved in the offline mode since some are not available to it.


Download : Android, iOS


5. Instagram


Just like Facebook, Instagram has managed to have huge popularity with people. In 2021, there were approximately 700 million people that were using the platform a lot.


This ration increases with 200 million every year with a clear scope of the data usage. It becomes even more interesting with the involvement of the majority of people that with time.


Instagram app - free social media apps in uk



  • It is another form of a Facebook platform that has made it easy for an individual to share photos, videos, etc.
  • This also has story features in which one can easily share the stories format with others. These features are also adopted by Facebook later on.
  • One can also handle multiple accounts on Instagram making it easy to have personal and page account.


Download : Android, iOS


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6. Snapchat


Over the year, many people had an issue while wondering on the working of Snapchat. However, Instagram and Facebook copied its core feature and included in their application have given it immense


The companies are working on the advancement with the addition of the major features such as video songs etc. However, in 2018, many people signed a petition due to flow IPO that makes it reverse all of the designing parts.


snapchat - social media apps


  • This is a feature that allows a person to make their video or click a picture to chat with others.
  • There is a different face lens that is used in Snapchat that makes it easy for them to have multiple options to have a snap.


Download : Android, iOS


7. Pinterest


This is another of the social media site that is famous with approximately 200 million users in a month. This has increased the number with time and every month more than 50% of people add on to the platform.


pinterest app



  • In this feature, one can easily pin the pictures on the profile to make it accessible for others.
  • One can also share it and make it possible for them to easily keep the checklist such as wedding ideas or home interior decorations.


Download : Android, iOS


8. Tumblr


Another application that is similar to Pinterest but is a little different is also a major part of the UK social media life. It falls at the 10th rank in the social media usage with the social networking and micro blogging options available for users.


tumblr app



  • In addition to this, it also have the option of sharing photos, videos, photos, links, audios, etc. making it a lot more popular.
  • It also a wide platform that is well-known for finding anything whether it is related to fashion or cuisine.
  • This will look similar to other websites due to a large number of blogs available on the platform but is a bit different from the different options added to it.
  • Even for the company aspects, industries in the UK are depending on it with the micro blogging options.


Download : Android, iOS


9. Reddit


With the ranking of 9th position, Reddit is among one of the free social media apps in uk that are used on a huge level.


reddit app



  • The front page of the internet is an amazing platform that offers us services such as discussion, adding an image, links, asking the question and even voting for the relevancy.
  • One can consider it as forums that are known as subreddits with an engagement between users that helps in going to a whole new level.


Download : Android, iOS


10. Medium


It is one of the major platforms that is used all over the world. The social networking element that is added to online In addition to this, it is free of cost for posting or even reading an article that makes it easily accessible to anyone.




  • There are a few articles that are only for the premium members and others only get sneak peek of it.
  • Apart from this, it is also a common platform where one can easily republish their blogs of the original content to increase the audience reach. This helps the marketer to have a strong online presence with the right set of rules and regulations without hampering the image of the company.
  • It also helps with pinning down the views of the audience easily on a large platform allowing people to revert their views on the articles.


Download : Android, iOS


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These are the major free social media apps that is extremely famous in the UK and in coming years will have a major impact on the personal and professional lives of individuals.


mobile app development


The UK might be taking its time in adapting to all the free social media apps but slowly it is taking a leap.

18 Best Android Apps UK 2023

Today both businesses and individuals require mobile apps that make digital devices worthwhile. Modern life in UK 2023 does not look complete without android apps.


They are indispensable and UK is not an exception when it comes to leveraging the power of Android apps. As nearly 80% of all devices in use live on Android platform, Android apps are an inevitable necessity.


mobile app development


From remote collaboration, news feed and productivity to food and travel, these apps can assist you in everything you need. To save you from the horror of searching the Play Store for suitable apps,


We have prepared a list of top Android apps popular in UK in 2023.


Dolphin WhatsApp
Skype Soundcloud
Spotify BBC News
Flipboard Feedly
Flickr Happy Cow
Zomato Dropbox
Evernote Tasker
Uber TheTrainLine
NordVPN LastPass


1) Dolphin


Feature-rich and optimized, Dolphin can work as a secure, superior alternative to browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Opera.


It features a Flash Player to view old websites and an ad blocker to eliminate annoying popups, banners, ad-videos for uninterrupted experience.


Dolphin - android apps


Anonymous browsing stops your device from logging your browsing history. You can use your own gestures to personalize the browsing and make navigation easy.


Download : Android, iOS




2) WhatsApp business


Already a rage an instant messenger among individual chatters, WhatsApp Business is a dedicated business version that hosts incredible features built to enrich B2C interactions.


whatsapp business - android apps


The business profile gives customers information of businesses, fixed landline numbers and ability to create an FAQ page. WhatsApp business is also accessible via web browser.


Download : Android, iOS


3) Skype


Skype has come a long way since its initial days and has removed highlights and captures in response to user feedback.


Simplicity and practical value are two principles the app revolves around. The app has been whittled down to essentials and improved for better user experience.


skype - android apps


Used for free calling, Skype has rearranged features to empower on video calling.


Download : Android, iOS


Music and distractions


4) Soundcloud


Creators and lovers in the music industry equally enjoy the Soundcloud app that has over 150 million tracks and the largest music database.


The innovative app satiates your music cravings perfectly and lets music makers upload and share their own songs with followers.


sound cloud - android apps


Listeners can explore their tastes in their favourite artists and personalize their playlists to receive fresh tracks from Soundcloud matching your preferences.


Download : Android, iOS


5) Spotify


Spotify leads the music steaming world as it is used by millions of music listeners and composers.


The app offers highly managed platform to create personalized music playlist, share it and find rare files that are not available anywhere else.


spotify - android apps


Users leverage its simple search function and browse tracks through genre, listen to the new releases or play Song Radio for great many numbers of genre-specific tracks.


Download : Android, iOS


News & weather


6) BBC News


One of the most flexible news apps, BBC News is the legacy news channelthat doesn’t levy any subscription charges to view its best content in its app.


Compact and less extensive than original website, it simply offers a digest of top stories of the day. You can select the topics of interest to customize home screen and control the news feed.


BBC News - android apps


Additionally, you receive breaking news notifications and can tap into the live BBC news channel coverage.


Download : Android, iOS


7) Flipboards


Busy hustling crowd despises the labour of visiting news sites to scoop up interesting read.


Flipboard allows you to set news preferences about stories from its categories such as film, technology, politics, etc.


flipboard - android apps


Based on your interests, Flipboard creates an eye-catching magazine view of organized content to personalized newspaper experience.


You can search for specific stories, save them and share its magazine style with friends.


Download : Android, iOS


8) Feedly


For users who seek content specific to their taste, Feedly compiles user-oriented news sources such as blogs, magazines, YouTube channels, using over 40 million feeds.


You can find content related to business, tech, design, home décor and more in a neat and easy-to-read form as well as keep up with news trends by tracing keywords and brands.


feedly - android apps


It also allows you to share your stories with others on Facebook, Evernote, Twitter, Pinterest, Buffer, Linkedin, IFTTT, etc.


Download : Android, iOS




9) Flickr


Flickr gives you the generous one terabyte of space when you sign up to enable photo storage. Not only can you store photos in original resolution but Flickr also lets you explore your artistic side with its fun filters.


flickr - android apps


It is easy to upload and share pictures on social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr while controlling your privacy setting for who can view your photos.


Download : Android, iOS




10) Happy Cow


The Happy Cow is a free restaurant finder app dedicated to vegetarians and flexitarians and its search function helps locate the restaurants, showing you nearest ones first.


Filters like ‘Vegan’ and ‘Veg Options’ can also be used. Most listed eateries and restaurants indicate price levels with some showing customer reviews and photos to fuel your decision making.


happy cow - android apps


Happy cow doesn’t ruin your plan and treat you with memorable vegan feast and exhilaration.


Download : Android, iOS


11) Zomato


Zomato makes the job of finding good restaurants less strenuous. The app accesses your phone’s GPS to suggest best options in eateries in your location.


You can search by specific cravings, cuisine, location or instead just pick from its well-curated collection of newly opened places, famous eateries or gluten-free cafes and more.


zomato - android apps


You can also follow other app users and view their posts.Its admirable features are opening times, average costs, photos and menus, call to book, etc.


Download : Android, iOS


Office and productivity


12) Dropbox


Popular cloud storage device, Dropbox free version offers 2GB of storage which can be further upgraded to 18GB upon fulfilling certain tasks and actions.


The app is synchronized across all devices in use, enabling users to access them from anywhere anytime.


drop box - android apps


Videos can be uploaded manually though you can automatically upload any photos from your Android phone.


Users experience fantastic speed when transferring files between Android device and PC.


Download : Android, iOS


13) Evernote


Widely used office productivity app, Evernote has gone through lots of stunning updates and now allows users to preview PDF files and personalize your notes by adding mark-ups.


Evernote users can create searchable to-do lists, take and share snaps and set voice reminders for important tasks.




The app also alerts users with tips and recommendations and users can sync all the app data across all your devices where you have installed Evernote.


Download : Android, iOS


14) Tasker


Taskers app enhances your productivity by automating certain functions of your Android device after a fair amount of setup efforts.


Once the setup is completed, you can ask it to send pre-written responses to contacts, manage incoming notifications, adjust screen brightness or turn on media player as you plug-in headphones and more.




This ambitious app lets you adjust your device to your taste, work pattern and lifestyle.


Download : Android, iOS


Travel and transport


15) Uber


Uber kills the trouble of finding intercity transportation and lets you book a stress-free ride to any location within the city.


The app accesses your device’s GPS to display the nearest Uber drivers in your location along with driver’s name and details. You can also check the driver’s progress en-route.




The payment is done via PayPal or linked bank card and the receipt is sent to your email. You can even split the fare with a friend. Uber services are available in Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle and more.


Download : Android, iOS


16) TheTrainLine


People who don’t own or drive cars keep a sharp watch on train schedules for smooth morning routine.This app comes handy for keeping the track of live arrivals and departures at nearest tube or stations.


You can view calling points in an individual journey and the information is consistent with National Rail Inquiry system.




Due to its streamlined and clear system, TheTrainLine is one of the hot &favorite Android apps in UK that lets you booktrain tickets and hotelsto desired destination.


Download : Android, iOS


Security & Password


17) NordVPN


For business users who are awfully concerned about the data security when using mobile at work, NordVPN pleasingly lets you browse in secure private networks.


Effective and easy-to-use, the app enables you to route your device traffic by means of an optimal server based in a country you choose.

nord vpn

The paid app allows you to mask your session activities with strong 2048-bit encryption, blocking out intrusive snoopers.


This way NordVPN adds a layer of security and ensures utmost privacy.


Download : Android, iOS


18) LastPass Password Manager


This is another smart app that stores all your passwords in “Vault” a virtual place where you can organize and manage data as you wish.


Once you create your LastPass account and save information, the app will auto-fill your login details in future so you save time and go worriless.


lastpass password


Its auto sync keeps everything updated and in your control. For the ease of secure online shopping, LastPass Password Manager lets you create credit card profiles, too.


Download : Android, iOS




Your Android smartphone isn’t really smart enough without having these phenomenal apps installed on it. The list above encompasses a gamut of Android mobile apps in UK you need in 2023.


mobile app development


You are presented with unlimited choices if you are to pick and choose from top Android apps in UK this year. Go ahead and make a smart move, download them if you haven’t yet and add a sharp edge to your digitally modern lifestyle.

19 Best iPhone apps UK 2023

Finding suitable and most popular apps across different categories for your iPhone system could be a daunting task.


App Store is crowded with millions of iOS apps and scouring this digital ocean to discover finest mobile apps will make you feel giddy.


mobile app development


To rescue your day from the drudgery of vigorous hunting, we chose to present you with only the best iPhone apps available in UK.


From health & fitness, photo editing and entertainment to food and education, these top iPhone apps are making a huge wave in UK this year.


Without wasting any further moment, check out these popular iPhone apps in UK that give life to your sophisticated iPhone devices.


Camera+ Splice
Duolingo Elevate
Slack Buffer
YouTube Netflix
SnapChat Airbnb
Lifesum Calm
Bumble Hinge
OpenTable Tasty
Venmo PayPal



Photography and Video Editing


1) Camera+


User-friendly and straightforward, Camera+ gives you the power of creativity in photo editing with minimal interface and multitude of options.


Across the top of the screen lies a strip of modes, zoom slider and shutter. You can also view more options in modes accompanied by a stabilizer, timer and smile detection.


camera +2 - best iphone apps


Viewfinder area takes you to ‘pro’ mode for manual controls and light-specific shooting followed by editing solutions that include adjustments, filters and frames.


The app consists of enough features to keep you engaged.


Download : Android, iOS


2) Splice


Originally intended to edit video clips from GoPro devices, Splice has emerged as much appreciated video editing apps.


Able to work on any type of footage, it appeals to users with an unfettered range of functions and features not usually found in any other apps.


splice video editor - best iphone apps


Simple and fast, it lets you do text overlays and use a library of stock footage in your video.


Moreover, you can even import video from social media or any other file hosting sites such as Instagram.


Download : iOS




3) Duolingo


Fun and edifying, Duolingo is the perfect app to know and boost your knowledge on foreign languages, making learning them a breeze for school kids.


Laced with essential gamifications (such as ‘levels’ and ‘hit points’), Duolingo is an enjoyable learning app using which you can master popular and fictional languages.


duolingo - best iphone apps


They are tailored to maintain the order in which the language skills are cultivated.


Download : Android, iOS


4) Elevate (Brain training)


Elevate Brain training apps is designed to surprise learners with a great collection of puzzles, each helping you develop a specific skill or talent.


Elevate stands out among others by assessing your performance with some score upon completion of puzzles.


elevate - best iphone apps


The skills you gain include improved writing, omission of redundant words and speed-reading. It has both free and paid version with paid one offering more skillset.


Download : Android, iOS




5) Slack


Snazzy and productive, Slack is a great workplace app to ensure seamless collaboration for business or social purpose.


It is a platform for private and group conversations and supports integration with office space tools such as Dropbox and Google Docs.


slack - best iphone apps


You can add images, GIFs, videos in your chats. To enable on-the-go engagement while travelling, it automatically syncs all your Slack accounts.


Download : Android, iOS


6) Buffer


Leveraged by many marketing executives, Buffer lets you control and schedule your social posts on twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.


Not only is it handy to publications and businesses, but it also useful for an individual seeking to schedule updates and posts regularly.


buffer - best iphone apps


Buffer allows you to pin your expressions, customize the schedule and view the performance of posts (like, share and views) on handful of analytics tools.


Download : Android, iOS


Music & Entertainment


7) YouTube


YouTube’s marvelous success has inspired the rise of compelling virtual youth cultures where YouTubers have freedom to create their own channels.


You can watch diverse videos such as film trailers, product marketing and explainer clips, educational bits and more.


youtube - best iphone apps


Lately, YouTube has started offering more personalized features for socializing, kids section and chat.


Download : Android, iOS


7.) Spotify


Spotify has pioneered the music streaming industry and established the new global cult of online music listeners.


PC and tablet users can enjoy it for free but iPhone users will pay $10 a month for enjoying the personalized experience of creating own playlists and listening to all full albums.


spotify - best iphone apps


Download : Android, iOS


8) Netflix


Netflix has spawned another cultural phenomenon in the world of streaming shows and movies. The app has had many viewers addicted to its original shows such as House of Cards, 13 Reasons why,

The Crownand Stranger Things, which are far superior than what Cable TV usually offers.


Netflix - best iphone apps


Illustrious for serving rich quality of content, Netflix also allows users to view them offline. Its subscription starts at $7.99 a month.


Download : Android, iOS




9) SnapChat


Giving the unique visual experience, SnapChatis fun to use and secure messaging app. SnapChat can be used to share ephemeral content and interesting pictures with your friends.


To ensure privacy, messages you send disappear from the receiver’s device after as little as 10 seconds. Message visibility can be controlled with a duration limit.


snapchat - best iphone apps


Take a picture, overlay text or draw something on top of it and set the duration users can see it for and send it.


Download : Android, iOS




10) Airbnb


Airbnb is an essential Travel app that transforms the methods of finding accommodation in out-of-station cities. You can use the app to pay and rent out rooms from other app users.


Once you have an app installed on your iPhone device, you can effortlessly reach your contacts, search for places and talk to hosts and even pay with the app while on the go.


Airbnb - best iphone apps


Download : Android, iOS


Health and Fitness


11) Lifesum


Your vigorous fitness program, Yoga and meditation may not be as effective in the absence of a supporting healthy diet.


Lifesum helps you simplify keeping the track of your meals with a range of intuitive diet and exercise plans.


lifesum - best iphone apps


Lifesum is there to treat you with a chart of balanced food routine and water intake if you want to lose or gain weight or grow healthier.


You also get suggestions on diet improvement. The app even integrates with Apple Watch.


Download : Android, iOS


12) Calm


Calm is quite a sought-after app used frequently by UK citizens to receive therapeutic guides on meditations.


It has healthy programs and sessions for beginners as well as those on intermediate or advanced level.


calm - best iphone apps


You can pick soothing yoga-friendly nature sounds, breathing exercises or adult bedtime stories.


Download : Android, iOS




13) Bumble


Bumble celebrates women’s freedom of choices when dating and empowers them to make the first move.


You can swipe through dating options just like Tinder and pick the best match. When a match is found, the woman can initiate the conversation to take things further.


Bumble - best iphone apps


If no action is taken in 24 hours, the match disappears, which is an outstanding feature of the app.


Download : Android, iOS


14) Hinge


Hinge finds you potential matches using your Facebook connections, specifically the friends-of-friends perspective.


You can also satiate your curiosity and see users’ relationship status.




This suggests that Hinge encourages more than shallow hookups and focuses on building long-term connections.


Download : Android, iOS


Food and outing


15) OpenTable


OpenTable is your most reliable resort at times when you urgently need to make reservation at a local favorite restaurant or nice food place recommendations.


open table


It supports booking at thousands of restaurants to eat around the globe.


Download : Android, iOS


16) Tasty


Your culinary passion and creativity is answered by Tasty as it delivers step-by-step recipe guide in form of videos right on your iPhone device.


The app practically offers organized solutions to cooking various cuisines by means of ingredients search.




You can even filter by your specific diet and filter out the ingredients you don’t prefer.


Download : Android, iOS


Payment & money transfer


17) Venmo


Venmo has already emerged as the exemplary and laudable payment iphone apps for the people in UK.


In Venmo, you connect directly with your debit card, transfer credit with a small fee and enjoy the ease of free person-to-person money transfers.




The icing is that it works compatibly with many shopping apps, accelerating the checkout process.


Download : Android, iOS


18) PayPal


PayPal facilitates an alternative international payment and offers an account to conduct transactions.




Send, request and receive money effortlessly, and even capture the snaps of checks or credit cards to precisely add them to your account.


Download : Android, iOS




19) Twitch


If you are fond of game streaming, Twitch is the app you need to indulge in the world of games unleashed right at your fingertips.


Compatible with AirPlay and Chromecast, Twitch enables you to chat with other users, view the channels of your favorite streamers or watch recorded videos of top gamers.




Download : Android, iOS


Pick the best


2020 has started presenting a bounty of options in the world of mobile apps to enhance the entire spectrum of human lifestyle.


The suggestion of top iPhone apps in UK mentioned above are all well worth checking out if you fancy blending your real life actions with digital adventures right onto your iPhone device.


mobile app development


The UK culture is bursting with some vibrant trends and these iPhone apps know how to make the most out of the wave.


If you got your hands on new iPhone device, you will need these apps to bring it alive.

10 Best Health and Fitness Apps in UK

It’s the New Year time and we all are in verge of getting back for health and fitness goals for the year.


Every New Year it is no wonder that we hit gym and promise all good things we would do in the rest of the year to keep us healthy and fit.


While many of this rings away, we still try and manage to get back in track and attempt to work on it. In UK, the increasing number of apps for health and fitness are further encouraging us to work on our fitness targets.


mobile app development


The overwhelming number is making us confused to choose the right app which may fit us and work with us for similar goal. Hence we all are on the same board, looking for health, physical and mental well-being.


This article will help all of us to see what are the best health and fitness apps in UK this year to achieve our goals.


Here is a list of best health and fitness apps in UK for this year.


Strava Fiit
Runkeeper Cyclemeter
MyFitnessPal SWORKIT
Intervals One You Couch to 5K
Nike+ Run Club Lifesum


1. Strava: Best for sharing activities


Strava is popular with over ten million users who work and track around one billion activities. It helps to track our daily activities and share the records with other users.


strava - fitness apps


  • Share the runs and rides with users
  • Congratulate other’s efforts
  • Ask for advice and communicate with others
  • Compete with friends and rivals
  • Simple interface


Download : Android, iOS


2. Fiit: App for Exercise classes


One of the best app for giving a video of exercise classes when you are at home is Fiit. With the several subscription-based apps floating around which can provide you gym based experience at home, Fiit is best to make their users attracted to this app.


fit app - fitness apps


  • Classes are broken down as per duration
  • Type of classes category for ease
  • Difficult to easy levels
  • App pairs with others to count reps and duration
  • Can compete with oneself
  • Excellent trainers


Download : Android, iOS


3. Runkeeper: Best for tracking one’s run


This is one of the popular fitness apps  in UK for tracking one’s run in detail. While this app is free, there also exists a pro version which costs around £7.99 per month.


runkeeper - fitness apps


  • Clear and easy interface
  • Strong user base with 50 million
  • Weekly training plans available in the pro version


Download : Android, iOS


4. Cyclemeter: App for Tracking Cycling


Cycling has been a growing trend and phenomenon these days. Cyclemeter is one such app which helps to arrange data available for cyclists through a smartphone app. It helps track our rides easily and with clear detail.


cycle meter - fitness apps


  • Stat, map, and graph features available
  • Easy user face
  • Can sync rides with other apps like strava easily
  • The free version, pro available from £9.99 per year.


Download : Android, iOS


5. MyFitnessPal: App for counting calories


While there are several apps floating around the digital platform to count calories in our day to day life, MyFitnessPal exceeds all of our expectations with several features and database availability.


my fitness pal - fitness apps


  • Wide database of foods
  • Easy to log meals
  • Tracks calorie intake and macros
  • Helps effortlessly undertake healthy diet
  • Free version available, a pro from £7.99 a month


Download : Android, iOS


6. SWORKIT: App for bodyweight workouts and guidance


One of the most prominent apps for body weight workouts and exercises is SWORKIT. It has a variety of list of exercises which helps to choose while deciding what to focus on.


sworkit - fitness apps


  • Several body weight exercises from cardio, yoga to stretching
  • Exercises for all parts of the body
  • Onscreen aminations available to guide us through a workout
  • Lasts from five minutes to one hour
  • Can also build one’s own session from the beginning
  • Charged every month, from £3.99 every month


Download : Android, iOS


7. Intervals: Best app for building customized interval workouts


In case you are the one who enjoys detailed and interval workouts then this app is for you. It helps track all such activities and workouts once you begin to do.




  • Plan the sessions through intervals and track through timers
  • Specific details on every moment you do
  • Simple and well designed
  • The free version is available, pro features available from £2.99


Download : Android, iOS


8. One You Couch to 5K: App for beginner runners


With several apps floating around online which may help you in the beginner stages of running, couch to 5k is that app which you need and can get addicted to.


one you couch


  • Free completely, not paid
  • Plan and customize individual training sessions clearly
  • Sessions narrated by real individuals apart from the coaches
  • Makes you interested and hooked into it
  • No paid features at all and hidden costs


Download : Android, iOS


9. Nike+ Run Club: App for Guided Running and Workout Sessions


In among the several running apps, the nike+ run club offers features which can help us get hooked to this platform. This is recommended by several runs and fitness lovers.


nike run club


  • Audio guided runs from Nike coaches and athletes directly
  • Personalized training plan for your goal
  • Gives you fitness advice
  • Reminds about sessions and can customize plans as you wish
  • Free completely, no hidden costs


Download : Android, iOS


10. Lifesum: The Diet Planning App


Now comes the celebrated Lifesum app, which sets apart from several of other diet apps through several special features which can be customized and individualized as we wish to.




  • Smooth design and interface
  • Set a goal- be it lose weight or gain weight
  • Track of every diet and exercise
  • Recommendations to progress and reach the target
  • Integrates with other apps and their interface and you won’t miss any activity
  • Has a gold version which can help with recipes and meal plans
  • Gives you all nutritional details


Download : Android, iOS




With several such apps floating around the internet for promoting health and fitness, the above mentioned apps successfully top the list among the best recommendations in the UK.


These are easy to handle yet gives you an array of features which can keep you hooked to them constantly.


mobile app development


Not only does the fitness enthusiasts love these apps, but the layman also promotes them due to the way they encourage us to take up activities and keep ourselves healthy.


They further help to promote a healthier and happy lifestyle to everyone.