18 Best Android Apps UK 2023

Today both businesses and individuals require mobile apps that make digital devices worthwhile. Modern life in UK 2023 does not look complete without android apps.


They are indispensable and UK is not an exception when it comes to leveraging the power of Android apps. As nearly 80% of all devices in use live on Android platform, Android apps are an inevitable necessity.


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From remote collaboration, news feed and productivity to food and travel, these apps can assist you in everything you need. To save you from the horror of searching the Play Store for suitable apps,


We have prepared a list of top Android apps popular in UK in 2023.


Dolphin WhatsApp
Skype Soundcloud
Spotify BBC News
Flipboard Feedly
Flickr Happy Cow
Zomato Dropbox
Evernote Tasker
Uber TheTrainLine
NordVPN LastPass


1) Dolphin


Feature-rich and optimized, Dolphin can work as a secure, superior alternative to browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Opera.


It features a Flash Player to view old websites and an ad blocker to eliminate annoying popups, banners, ad-videos for uninterrupted experience.


Dolphin - android apps


Anonymous browsing stops your device from logging your browsing history. You can use your own gestures to personalize the browsing and make navigation easy.


Download : Android, iOS




2) WhatsApp business


Already a rage an instant messenger among individual chatters, WhatsApp Business is a dedicated business version that hosts incredible features built to enrich B2C interactions.


whatsapp business - android apps


The business profile gives customers information of businesses, fixed landline numbers and ability to create an FAQ page. WhatsApp business is also accessible via web browser.


Download : Android, iOS


3) Skype


Skype has come a long way since its initial days and has removed highlights and captures in response to user feedback.


Simplicity and practical value are two principles the app revolves around. The app has been whittled down to essentials and improved for better user experience.


skype - android apps


Used for free calling, Skype has rearranged features to empower on video calling.


Download : Android, iOS


Music and distractions


4) Soundcloud


Creators and lovers in the music industry equally enjoy the Soundcloud app that has over 150 million tracks and the largest music database.


The innovative app satiates your music cravings perfectly and lets music makers upload and share their own songs with followers.


sound cloud - android apps


Listeners can explore their tastes in their favourite artists and personalize their playlists to receive fresh tracks from Soundcloud matching your preferences.


Download : Android, iOS


5) Spotify


Spotify leads the music steaming world as it is used by millions of music listeners and composers.


The app offers highly managed platform to create personalized music playlist, share it and find rare files that are not available anywhere else.


spotify - android apps


Users leverage its simple search function and browse tracks through genre, listen to the new releases or play Song Radio for great many numbers of genre-specific tracks.


Download : Android, iOS


News & weather


6) BBC News


One of the most flexible news apps, BBC News is the legacy news channelthat doesn’t levy any subscription charges to view its best content in its app.


Compact and less extensive than original website, it simply offers a digest of top stories of the day. You can select the topics of interest to customize home screen and control the news feed.


BBC News - android apps


Additionally, you receive breaking news notifications and can tap into the live BBC news channel coverage.


Download : Android, iOS


7) Flipboards


Busy hustling crowd despises the labour of visiting news sites to scoop up interesting read.


Flipboard allows you to set news preferences about stories from its categories such as film, technology, politics, etc.


flipboard - android apps


Based on your interests, Flipboard creates an eye-catching magazine view of organized content to personalized newspaper experience.


You can search for specific stories, save them and share its magazine style with friends.


Download : Android, iOS


8) Feedly


For users who seek content specific to their taste, Feedly compiles user-oriented news sources such as blogs, magazines, YouTube channels, using over 40 million feeds.


You can find content related to business, tech, design, home décor and more in a neat and easy-to-read form as well as keep up with news trends by tracing keywords and brands.


feedly - android apps


It also allows you to share your stories with others on Facebook, Evernote, Twitter, Pinterest, Buffer, Linkedin, IFTTT, etc.


Download : Android, iOS




9) Flickr


Flickr gives you the generous one terabyte of space when you sign up to enable photo storage. Not only can you store photos in original resolution but Flickr also lets you explore your artistic side with its fun filters.


flickr - android apps


It is easy to upload and share pictures on social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr while controlling your privacy setting for who can view your photos.


Download : Android, iOS




10) Happy Cow


The Happy Cow is a free restaurant finder app dedicated to vegetarians and flexitarians and its search function helps locate the restaurants, showing you nearest ones first.


Filters like ‘Vegan’ and ‘Veg Options’ can also be used. Most listed eateries and restaurants indicate price levels with some showing customer reviews and photos to fuel your decision making.


happy cow - android apps


Happy cow doesn’t ruin your plan and treat you with memorable vegan feast and exhilaration.


Download : Android, iOS


11) Zomato


Zomato makes the job of finding good restaurants less strenuous. The app accesses your phone’s GPS to suggest best options in eateries in your location.


You can search by specific cravings, cuisine, location or instead just pick from its well-curated collection of newly opened places, famous eateries or gluten-free cafes and more.


zomato - android apps


You can also follow other app users and view their posts.Its admirable features are opening times, average costs, photos and menus, call to book, etc.


Download : Android, iOS


Office and productivity


12) Dropbox


Popular cloud storage device, Dropbox free version offers 2GB of storage which can be further upgraded to 18GB upon fulfilling certain tasks and actions.


The app is synchronized across all devices in use, enabling users to access them from anywhere anytime.


drop box - android apps


Videos can be uploaded manually though you can automatically upload any photos from your Android phone.


Users experience fantastic speed when transferring files between Android device and PC.


Download : Android, iOS


13) Evernote


Widely used office productivity app, Evernote has gone through lots of stunning updates and now allows users to preview PDF files and personalize your notes by adding mark-ups.


Evernote users can create searchable to-do lists, take and share snaps and set voice reminders for important tasks.




The app also alerts users with tips and recommendations and users can sync all the app data across all your devices where you have installed Evernote.


Download : Android, iOS


14) Tasker


Taskers app enhances your productivity by automating certain functions of your Android device after a fair amount of setup efforts.


Once the setup is completed, you can ask it to send pre-written responses to contacts, manage incoming notifications, adjust screen brightness or turn on media player as you plug-in headphones and more.




This ambitious app lets you adjust your device to your taste, work pattern and lifestyle.


Download : Android, iOS


Travel and transport


15) Uber


Uber kills the trouble of finding intercity transportation and lets you book a stress-free ride to any location within the city.


The app accesses your device’s GPS to display the nearest Uber drivers in your location along with driver’s name and details. You can also check the driver’s progress en-route.




The payment is done via PayPal or linked bank card and the receipt is sent to your email. You can even split the fare with a friend. Uber services are available in Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle and more.


Download : Android, iOS


16) TheTrainLine


People who don’t own or drive cars keep a sharp watch on train schedules for smooth morning routine.This app comes handy for keeping the track of live arrivals and departures at nearest tube or stations.


You can view calling points in an individual journey and the information is consistent with National Rail Inquiry system.




Due to its streamlined and clear system, TheTrainLine is one of the hot &favorite Android apps in UK that lets you booktrain tickets and hotelsto desired destination.


Download : Android, iOS


Security & Password


17) NordVPN


For business users who are awfully concerned about the data security when using mobile at work, NordVPN pleasingly lets you browse in secure private networks.


Effective and easy-to-use, the app enables you to route your device traffic by means of an optimal server based in a country you choose.

nord vpn

The paid app allows you to mask your session activities with strong 2048-bit encryption, blocking out intrusive snoopers.


This way NordVPN adds a layer of security and ensures utmost privacy.


Download : Android, iOS


18) LastPass Password Manager


This is another smart app that stores all your passwords in “Vault” a virtual place where you can organize and manage data as you wish.


Once you create your LastPass account and save information, the app will auto-fill your login details in future so you save time and go worriless.


lastpass password


Its auto sync keeps everything updated and in your control. For the ease of secure online shopping, LastPass Password Manager lets you create credit card profiles, too.


Download : Android, iOS




Your Android smartphone isn’t really smart enough without having these phenomenal apps installed on it. The list above encompasses a gamut of Android mobile apps in UK you need in 2023.


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You are presented with unlimited choices if you are to pick and choose from top Android apps in UK this year. Go ahead and make a smart move, download them if you haven’t yet and add a sharp edge to your digitally modern lifestyle.