11 Best Podcast Apps For Android & iOS

The inception of Podcast creation and listening is rooted somewhere around 2002, but it was all casual back then. Over a decade, Podcast media format has evolved and come a long way, finding its way into many digital devices including Amazon Echoes, CarPlay, SmartWatch, Google Home, and Android Auto(paid  & free) as official podcast apps.


Addictive and engaging, these podcast apps are most preferred on smartphones and some of them provide their network with an extensive line of free superhit podcast shows and programs across vast categories.



Podcast apps usually offer great content and unique features with new episodes of subscribed shows appearing in your feed. A few of them enhance your experience with total control over download limits and offline listening capability.


But huge varieties of free podcast apps may leave you confused as which one to pick.


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To help you choose the most suitable podcast, we have listed here the top 11 trending and popular free podcast apps available in the UK.


1. Acast


Acast thrives on its simplicity of features yet offers everything expected in an ideal podcast app. You have a wide variety of content topics from news, sports, comedy to cultural content and it lets you listen to podcasts for free online.


Acast - best free podcast apps


It allows you to easily search for podcasts on favorite topics using a keyword or simply browse through categories and trending shows. Like YouTube, you have the option to download and listen to podcasts offline.


The app also gives you topic recommendations based on your interests and habits.


Acast - rating- best free podcast apps



  • Simple design and feature-rich
  • Offers a huge range of content topics and shows
  • Easy to search capability
  • Download for Offline listening experience
  • Personalized Suggestions based on subscriptions
  • Ability to share links on social networks

Google PlayApp Store



2. Plex


Although Plex has been a media player for streaming music and videos, it is now offering podcasts to users. Pleasantly enough, you don’t need a paid subscription to enjoy its podcasts since it is freely available to all.


Plex- best free podcast apps


The app has a well- designed interface that allows you to access all your favorite music and movies. Plex has also got Mac and Windows apps along with a online version.


It offers interesting podcast recommendations and helps you import your subscriptions from another podcast app.


Plex - rating- best free podcast apps



  • Freely available podcast listening service
  • Well-designed interface
  • Interest-specific podcast recommendations
  • An added benefit of streaming music and movies
  • Import your subscriptions from another app

Google PlayApp Store



3. BBC Sounds


As the name suggests, BBC Sounds unsurprisingly features podcast content created by the BBC. You have hours of podcasts on a variety of topics to choose from,  as BBC offers ample variety on diverse topics.


BBC Sound- best free podcast apps


However, you will not find podcasts provided by the third-party content publisher. Using BBC Sounds, you can listen to live radio broadcasts and music and subscribe to favorite BBC radio shows.


BBC Sound - rating- best free podcast apps



  • Unique app with radio and podcast capability
  • A huge variety of content topics
  • Listen to hours of high-quality BBC podcasts
  • Listen to live radio broadcast and music
  • Subscribe to BBC radio shows
  • Suggestions of podcasts and music mixes you may like

Google PlayApp Store



4. Pocket Casts


Pocket Casts is one of the most embraced free podcast apps in the UK It has neat as well as  organized interface and great features.  It lets you see what’s in your subscription list and unfinished episodes.


Pocket cast- best free podcast apps


It has awesome audio features including audio pace adjustment and ability to connect and play podcasts on Amazon Alexa Echo speaker.


Pocket cast - rating- best free podcast apps



  • Impressive range of podcast features
  • Ability to adjust the audio listening pace
  • Neat and smart interface for better viewing
  • Connect to Alexa and play podcasts on Echo smart speaker
  • Cloud storage for listeners and creators
  • Huge variety of App icons and themes

Google PlayApp Store



5. Castbox


Castbox is a freemium podcast app that lets you discover new podcasts. Its hook suggests new podcasts using a unique recommendation engine. The free version populates ads and limits subscription to 100 channels.


Castbox- best free podcast apps


The premium app delivers ad-free experience, personalized homepage, unlimited subscriptions and early access to new features. Castbox costs $0.99 per month. The app is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple Watch, CarPlay, Google Home, and Android Auto.


Castbox - rating- best free podcast apps



  • Excellent podcast recommendation engine
  • Unusual podcast suggestions
  • Access to great many podcast topics
  • Personalized homepage and unlimited subscriptions in the premium version
  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Apple Watch and Android Auto

Google PlayApp Store





6. Spotify


Spotify is known as the best music streaming app but has also added a podcast player feature to its services.


spotify- best free podcast apps


This free app has stunning personalized features to enhance the listening experience, including the one that lets you conduct all your podcast activities separately in its dedicated zone away from your music department.


spotify - rating- best free podcast apps


Although you don’t have a lot of settings in the free version, Spotify premium ($9.99 per month) returns value by elevating podcast listening experience.



  • Podcast coupled with music streaming in a single app
  • Personalized features
  • Separate dedicated area for podcast activities
  • High-quality audio
  • Spotify Premium version eliminates ads

Google PlayApp Store




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7. Laughable


Laughable is designed for humor cravers and delivers great laugh-inspiring podcasts. This app promises podcast content that is focused on comedy.


Laughable- best free podcast apps


It puts the world’s popular hilarious comedians in one spot. You can search and discover your favorite comedians and their podcasts.


You may also stumble on the list of other shows they have appeared on. The comedians’ database also includes actors, athletes and some public figures.


Laughable - rating- best free podcast apps



  • Suitable for comedy lovers
  • A wide database of world comedians
  • Ample range of podcast subscriptions
  • Offline listening
  • Adjustable playback speed with sleep timer

Google PlayApp Store



8. Luminary


Luminary is an elegant podcast player that has free and paid ($7.99 a month) versions. You can access its range of original debut programs starting with 40 shows scheduled in 2019, including Hear to Slay, Fiasco, The Axe Files with David Axelrod, The Daily by The New York Times, Trevor Noah’s On Second Thought, etc.


Luminary- best free podcast apps


Luminary is set to become the Netflix of the podcasting world. The paid version has exclusive ad-free podcasts while free-tier users will listen to free podcasts.


Luminary - rating- best free podcast apps



  • Amazing selection of exclusive debut shows
  • A range of good podcasting app features
  • Handy search and discovery tools
  • Smooth Playback controls
  • Offline listening mode

Google PlayApp Store



9. RadioPublic


RadioPublic is another recently famous and brilliant app in the podcast space for UK podcast fans. It pleases listeners and creators by giving them access to thousands of interesting podcasts across various categories.


RadioPublic- best free podcast apps


It is built to crack the fair deal for its users, offering a commendable ad-supported design that delivers a better experience and results.


RadioPublic - rating- best free podcast apps



  • Ample variety of podcast categories
  • Experiences gets better with more time spent listening
  • Automatic download option
  • Streaming playback
  • Great organization tools
  • Audiobook support

Google PlayApp Store



10. Stitcher for Podcasts


Stitcher for podcasts is a free podcast network that hosts greatest hits like Freakonomics Radio and Levar Burton Reads. Stitcher premium ($4.99 a month) delivers quality content.


Stitcher- best free podcast apps


Although it doesn’t impress you with incredible listening features, it lets you play stitcher content on mobile, web and Amazon Alexa device, CarPlay and Android Auto.


It creates a custom playlist and presents the latest episodes while providing you with offline listening capability.


Stitcher - rating- best free podcast apps



  • Podcast player and network
  • Latest episodes of super hit shows
  • Supports devices including Alexa, CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Downloads and Offline listening capability
  • News audio alerts for breaking stories
  • Recommendations based on your podcast tastes and those of mutual listeners

Google PlayApp Store



11. Procast


Procast is a fascinating podcast app that allows users to share their favorite shows and talk about the moments they find special.


Procast- best free podcast apps


To enable this activity, users can download a short clip from the podcast audio episode on their device and share it with friends on their social accounts.


Apart from this, the Procast app also facilitates a consolidated inbox to update you on the newest episodes of the podcasts you have subscribed to.


Procast - rating- best free podcast apps



  • Elegant design
  • Tinder-like swipe control
  • Good variety of podcast topics
  • Ability to share favorite podcast episode clips with social media friends
  • Consolidated inbox to suggest the latest subscribed podcasts

Google PlayApp Store




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Final words: pick the one you like


Whether you are an avid listener of podcast shows or have a passion for creating your podcast content, the list of these top free 11 podcast apps in the UK might come handy.



We have put them all together based on user preference, podcast listening trends and online reviews. Make sure the one you pick for your smart device has everything you expect in your favorite podcast app including its features and content offerings.

How to Create an App like Tinder?

Nowadays, it is very easy to create a mobile app like Tinder. In order to create a Tinder-like app for dating you need to have three key elements such as design, app itself (iOS, Android, or both) and API.


In fact, dating apps have made it easier for people to find someone they are compatible with. It is considered that, online dating is a great, non-intimidating way to put yourself out there.



In the last few years, online dating has taken the concept of relationships to a completely different level.


In fact, statistics says that approximately 27% of relationships are the result of online dating.  Thus, it can be said that the online dating phenomenon is no longer a taboo.


A whopping 40% of heterosexual couples have been estimated to have met via dating websites and apps in the US alone.


There is little doubt that access to smartphones is one of the key reasons for this meteoric rise in online dating. The percentage of online dating service users via smartphones is as high as 48%.


Data predicts that approximately 50% of married couples globally would have initiated their relationship online by the end of 2031. An active user spends a staggering US$ 243 on an average on online websites and apps offering dating services.


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The ARPU or average revenue per user presently amounts to roughly US$ 4.30 for dating services.


The Dating World Has Transformed


dating world


Posting pictures of the meal you’ve had, or expressing your thoughts on Twitter, no wonder you need an online platform to find your love too.


With such platforms on trend, experts predict that over a 5 year period, the dating industry revenue is likely to increase by 11.9% and as of 2018 has reached $3 billion.


But what is more popular with users – websites or apps? That’s the question you need to answer.


Websites or Apps: Which One Should You Opt For?



The debate between which one is a better platform – websites or apps, still ensues.


But most people are likely to opt for mobile apps when it comes to online dating. A number of reasons support this thought. The main reason is accessibility which has led to such rising popularity of dating apps.


This segment has shown promise and is only expected to grow in doubles and quadruples. Create an app like Tinder is now easier if you hire the right developers and support team to do the job.


With so many online dating apps flooding the dating market, there is one that has achieved phenomenal success.


So, if you are aiming for the best, then Tinder is your benchmark. And there has never been a better time than now to create a dating app like Tinder.


Getting to Know Tinder






What made tinder famous Since the time the platform was made live, a significant single population has had it on their smartphones due to its revolutionary swipe right (like) and swipe left (dislike) feature. But there is a secret weapon that Tinder has – a gaming spirit.


By means of gamification, Tinder completely overcomes the stigma of online dating. And users simply love swiping and looking for their ideal match to date at the same time, undeniably, leading to the app’s increasing popularity.


Let’s look at statistics showing Tinder’s success:


Features in an App Like Tinder


app features



The features of the dating app will generally determine your overall development and design cost. The top functionalities that you should definitely consider in your online dating app are as follows:


1) Logging In


The login process is pretty straightforward. It can be done using your phone number or Facebook.


Your basic user information is extracted by Tinder algorithms from Facebook which means that you can skip the conventional form-filling steps to create a profile.


2) Profiles


The app can import basic user information from your Facebook account, or you can also choose to do it manually. Add photos and short description and you are good to go.


Typically, you will need the following information to make your profile live:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Brief description
  • Mutual friends on Facebook
  • Mutual interests


3) Location


The concept of tinder depends on connecting people on the basis of their present location. Therefore, proximity is absolutely vital. Therefore, geolocation in the app is an essential feature that Tinder uses to fetch the user’s location constantly.


4) Discovery Settings


Tinder allows users to adjust discovery settings by age, sex and distance. Even in the free version, a Tinder user can set a search radius of 10 miles.



5) Swipe


This functionality is a unique proposition that Tinder offers to its users. The idea behind the feature was to improve the process of searching for a date.


With the swipe right to like and left to dislike has made online dating easier and more entertaining.


6) Matchmaking


A match is possible, only if there is a mutual interest between users. Users can begin chatting when the match has been made.


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7) Real-Time Chat


A private chat becomes accessible as soon as users are matched. They can exchange messages, emojis and GIFs too.


8) Social Media Integration


Your dating profiles on Tinder can be seamlessly integrated with your Snapchat and Instagram accounts. This feature enables more interactions and conversations within the app.


9) Push Notifications


For a dating app, this is a must-have feature that makes sure that your users are engaged and are returning to the app often. With push notifications in place, users are alerted of new matches, messages and app updates.


Tinder App Features and Technologies in Use


tinder app features


The features discussed are functionalities that has more to them. Implementing them requires investment in terms of time and money.


Let’s look at them one by one.


1) Authorization and User Profile


Facebook authorization engine is what you should use when you  consider to create an app similar to Tinder. An open authorization protocol like OAuth can be used to get it done.


With this implementation, the app does not save the login and password of the social media account but only uses the credentials to create a new account within the application.


Alternatively, using your phone number to login can also be done.


This step should be followed by an introduction to the app’s functionality with the assistance of a sliding tutorial.


Allow room for users to edit their profiles on the application and have the architecture to save the necessary records on the server side.


Tinder has the feature where users creating a web profile can use it beyond the Tinder app. This is something that you too can consider for your dating app.


2) App Settings and Notifications


In order to create the app convenient to use, Tinder allows an adjustment of settings. For instance, the user can enable or disable the notification alerts for new matches, receive messages, super likes and likes.


You can also adjust the distance of measurement as per your preference in miles or kilometres.


In addition to the usual adjustment of settings, Tinder allows specifics enabling and disabling of their discovery feature. This basically means it is up to you when prospective dates can look at your profile through search parameters like age and distance.


3) Geolocation and Communication


The actual foundation of a dating app of this standard is its geolocation feature. Without this functionality, there is very little use of this app as the purpose is to find matches within easy distances.


By integrating either of the Google / Apple Locations and Maps services, this feature can be implemented easily.


With the concept of mutual likes in play, Tinder users are able to chat with each other. This function is implemented via the RESTful API or through HTTP.


Integration with third party applications like Instagram is possible with profiles on Tinder. However, the Tinder content must not be showcased on these external applications in any format.


Monetizing the Application with In-App Purchases


Tinder, like a number of apps has a premium version where users can purchase a subscription to access more features. For any dating application, this can be achieved by integrating an In-app Billing API for Android applications and Store Kit framework for iOS.


Other than these key features and functionalities, you must consider essential elements like database structure, data access object (DAO) layer, Rest API, etc. when it comes to create an app like Tinder.


Techniques That Make Tinder-like App Popular


Even though the features in an app like Tinder may be quite simple. In fact, the fairly complex algorithms stay hidden from the users.


You need to consider these key points, while creating Tinder like app

  • While there may be thousands of possible matches, users should be able to see only one individual at a time
  • The profiles should be structured into different groups at the developer level so that each user can view people in a separate order
  • Matches that are shown to users should be a mix of attractive and unattractive people in a non-repeatable frequency
  • Algorithms should be in place to define who, when and to whom should be shown to create a match in applications like Tinder


Implementation of all these logics should be from the application’s server side which can be supported with backend comprising of PHP, .NET, Java, Python, or other server-side technologies.


Tinder App Design


tinder app design


The design element, though simple, has maintained a standard of quality which is one of the primary reasons why users are eager to be on Tinder.


Moreover, the user interface (UI) of Tinder is simple and easy to navigate, hence, more and more users like to spend time on it, as they find the app quite intuitive.


The placement of buttons on the app’s interface also ensures that the users get a highly rated user experience.


Therefore, the UI/UX should be one of the biggest investment outlays that you should plan for when your dating app is at its planning stage.


Creating an App Like Tinder: Development Team


The composition of your development team will determine the quality of your dating application.  You need to pay attention to the location of your development team.


If you are thinking of a team based in Europe or USA, the cost of your project will be too high. However, Eastern Europe will cost you less.


So, if you want to build Tinder clone, the project team will consist of:

  • 2 backend developers
  • 1 designer
  • 2 Android developers
  • 2 iOS developers
  • 1 project manager
  • 1-2 QA engineers


Taking this into consideration, let’s find out how much it costs to create a dating app like Tinder.


Cost of Developing an App Like Tinder


With the features and functionalities outlined, you will be looking at a development time such as this:

  • Authorization – 22 hours
  • GPS location – 7 hours
  • Settings – 60 hours
  • User profile – 85 hours
  • Matching functionality – 90 hours
  • Notifications – 25 hours
  • Communication – 125 hours
  • 3rd party services integration – 30 hours


The above is applicable for both Android and iOS developers working on the basic functionalities of a dating application like Tinder.


Do bear in mind that it is not enough just to be aware of the development timelines of the application. You should be well-prepared to cover expenses, if the timelines extend which can add to your overall expenditures.


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Wrapping It Up


In the next few years, you are looking at a massive revolution in the dating app segment. This is because although there are significant players in the game, there has not been a definite unicorn yet.



While you look at incorporating all or a selection of these features, there must be something that sets your online dating app apart from the rest of the pack.


Download button

10 Best Free Budgeting Apps UK

With smartphone constantly enhancing your life, it has become easier now to manage and control your everyday finance. Mobile apps provide the simplest and smartest way to budget and curb your spending habits.


There are great, highly accessible free budgeting apps in UK, that you can install on your Android or iOS device to keep track of your spending, monitor money in and money out and plan your financial goals for better savings.



Money management is as challenging as money making, and one reckless spending can spoil your monthly budget. In UK, if you are helpless to your spending habits, you just need some free budgeting apps on your device.


Many of these free budgeting apps compile all your accounts in one place and make it easier for you to manage your finance, control your spending and improve your budget goals without switching to different banking apps.


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If you are a UK citizen looking for budgeting and money management solutions, you can consider these 10 best free budgeting apps


Money Dashboard Mint
Bean Emma
Wally Yolt
Monzo Personal Capital
Cleo Moneyhub


1) Money Dashboard


This app gives you a read-only window into all your financial activities to keep your budget in control. It connects with all your accounts to bring all the information in one common attractive dashboard, so you can make better budgeting decisions.


Money Dashboard - best free budgeting apps uk


It has organized charts and graphs to track your spending habits in categorized way for six months. You can get a clear idea of ways to save some pounds.


Money Dashboard - rating - best free budgeting apps uk



  • Precise tracking of spending
  • Collates all your bank accounts in one place
  • View all your financial activities and spending
  • Neat charts and graph to know your savings each year
  • Shows you the effect of everyday routines on total savings

Google PlayApp Store



2) Mint


This popular budgeting app is enriched with impressive range of features to help you manage and track finance coming from financers like banks, credit card companies, lenders, etc.


Mint - best free budgeting apps uk


It is quite a handy budgeting tool that puts spending and transactions in specific categories such as credit or debit cards.


Mint - rating - best free budgeting apps uk



  • Track transactions with all finance providers in one place
  • Array of features to help with money management
  • Categorized transactions and spending
  • Customizable budget that incorporates user needs
  • Notifications and alerts in the event of exceeding your budget
  • Provides category-wise overview of cash flow each month

Google PlayApp Store



3) Bean


If you are determined to turn your budget around, then this app will help you shop smartly. It shows you awesome deals on all your general spending such as house bills, insurance, interest and more.


Bean - best free budgeting apps uk


All you have to do is connect the app with all your existing financial connections in a read-only format. The budgeting app will change your mind for weekly magazine or other overpriced streaming subscriptions in order to balance the spending Vs savings.


Bean - rating - best free budgeting apps uk



  • Encourages you to shop smartly
  • Directs to best saving options by controlling spending urges
  • Helps you focus on better pocket-friendly deals
  • Integrates all financial connection read-only
  • Shares tips to economize and shape up your budget

Google PlayApp Store



4) Emma


Emma gently pushes you away from the pit of spending and adds to your saving each month. Emma in Jane Austen’s style shows you read-only picture of accounts and cards and stops you from increasing your expenses.


Emma - best free budgeting apps uk


The app is built on the concept of affordable savings to slim down your budget while also letting you live happily.


Emma - rating - best free budgeting apps uk



  • Helps you achieve affordable saving target each month
  • Stops all your unnecessary expenses
  • Gives read-only accounts view
  • Keeps budget goals maintained
  • Sends buzzes when busting set budgets on overpriced items
  • Reminds you of high bank fees and related deadlines

Google PlayApp Store



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5) Wally


This famous budgeting app respects those who love old-school approach to banking. You can try this unique old-fashioned banking app to manage your money and boost savings.


Wally - best free budgeting apps uk


It is slick and elegant and built for those who don’t fancy open banking and don’t mind doing the hard work of entering the data themselves. It shows all accounts with ability to set weekly budgets and savings targets.


Wally - rating - best free budgeting apps uk



  • Slick and stylish app design
  • Creates read-only format from manually inputted data
  • Technology supports conventional non-open banking
  • Get insight and alerts about spending
  • Setup weekly budget and saving goals
  • Group joint accounts for ease of management

Google PlayApp Store




6) Yolt


This app is perfect for tracking your spending across multiple accounts. Like many other free budgeting apps in UK, this app also elevates your saving. But it doesn’t just act as read-only finance management app, as it also allows you to transfer money to different accounts.


Yolt - best free budgeting apps uk


Here, you have access to charts that show the graph of spending history and reports. You can easily set your budget goals and spending target.


Yolt - rating - best free budgeting apps uk



  • Great for tracking spending across multiple accounts
  • View all of your accounts in one place
  • Set budget goals and track your bills
  • View Spending reports for spending target
  • See charts that highlight spending history
  • Easily transfer money between different account

Google PlayApp Store



7) Monzo


With this app, it is easier to view the lucid summary of spending and also set up budget goals. The app uniquely offers a little more than other usual apps focused on budgeting. It sends instant notifications of transactions and allows you to set up direct debits and standing orders.


Monzo - best free budgeting apps uk


Unlike static budgeting tool, this budgeting app also lets you pay people. It helps you save surcharges and fees on spending abroad. Its amazing feature ‘coin jar’ sets the payment to the nearest pound, putting away extra money as saving.


Monzo - rating - best free budgeting apps uk



  • Set spending budgets
  • Clear summary of spending
  • Set up direct debits and standing orders
  • Instant notifications
  • Pay people within the app
  • ‘coin jar’ feature allows you to save some cents with the nearest pound
  • Withdraw cash or spend it abroad without unnecessary fees

Google PlayApp Store



8) Personal Capital


This app is your tech-powered investment adviser that you can rely on without paying a cent. The great investment and purchase tracking tool, Personal Capital is a hybrid combo of robot and human advisor service that offers money tracking dashboard packed with impressive budgeting features.


Personal - best free budgeting apps uk


It favors your saving goals by emphasizing the use of investment tools that automatically analyze asset classes, investment fees, etc.


Personal - rating - best free budgeting apps uk



  • Unique budgeting tool for investors
  • Saves money through sensible investments
  • Offers handy investment side of tools
  • Automatic analysis of investment fees, assets and more
  • Not a typical cash flow management and budgeting solutions
  • Automated tracking of purchases across linked accounts

Google PlayApp Store



9) Cleo


Robo money management and saving advisers are picking up a pace now. Based on artificial intelligence that drives the finance of many banking apps nowadays, Cleo uses AI (artificial intelligence) to deliver effective spending and saving solution.


Cleo - best free budgeting apps uk


Unlike everyday AI built to improve general human life, Cleo’s chatbot assistant has read-only access to your accounts from which it generates informative answers to your queries regarding spending history and saving. There are also charts and graphs to show you the spending summary.


Cleo - rating - best free budgeting apps uk



  • Smart finance management chatbot assistant
  • Good for generating quick, reliable spending and saving advises
  • Gets you better control on your spending and budget
  • Graphs and charts showing your previous spending

Google PlayApp Store



10) Moneyhub


This is a handy spending-oriented budgeting app that not only mirrors your spending habits but also maintains your data privacy. You get this excellent spending analysis tool that gets you detailed insight about spending history across all your linked accounts, so that it is easy to set spending targets.


Moneyhub - best free budgeting apps uk


The app also sends notifications and reminders for due bills along with financial advice.


Monzo - rating



  • Set up spending targets to meet your budget
  • View all your accounts in one place
  • Receive notifications and reminders for due bills
  • Receive financial advice if needed
  • Comes with monthly subscription

Google PlayApp Store



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Based on our thorough market research and reviews, we could sum up these 10 free budgeting apps in UK. You may read all about their features and usability and try a few before finalizing on the one that perfectly suits your budgeting needs.

GraphQL : The Future of APIs

When discussing API design, REST or Representational State Transfer is what comes to mind first. It is a standard tool used for data retrieval from the server that accesses data by URLs.


Client applications whilst progressing into the new millennium was relatively simple. That is when REST had been developed and it became a good fit for many applications in due course of time.




It was revolutionary for its time as it brought forward vital API design concepts to the forefront like stateless servers and structured access to resources.


With design getting more complex and increasingly data driven, these were the following key assessments:

  • Efficient data loading was needed as depending on mobile usage rose manifold
  • REST was limited in terms of developing an API that was able to cater to a variety of client requirements
  • There was an expectation for a swifter feature development


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Solving the Shortcomings of REST

rest api

IBM, Twitter, Walmart Labs, The New York Times, Intuit, Coursera were some of the first companies to have migrated from Representational State Transfer or RESTful to GraphQL APIs for internal usage and they claimed that the switch was a successful one.


Some like AWS, Yelp, GitHub, Facebook, and Shopify went a step further because their migration from RESTful to GraphQL APIs was for both external and internal reasons.


But are you aware of GraphQL?




Simply put, GraphQL is an open-source query language and the protocol for APIs. You can think of GraphQL similar to SQL which is applicable only for APIs instead of databases.


It is the modern alternative for REST-based architecture. Unlike REST, GraphQL allows for requesting specific data that a client needs, departing from the fixed data structure approach.


The Reason for GraphQL Hype

graphql merit

Does GraphQL have any real merit and can it be a key game changer?


Interestingly, all of the companies that have been mentioned so far that have the following in common:

  • They have several clients that also includes mobile
  • They are planning to shift to or are already using a microservices architecture
  • Their dependence on RESTful APIs multiplied and became more complex
  • They are looking at ways to remove dependencies of their client teams and move it to API teams
  • They care about the developer experience and value good API documentation


As GitHub Engineering rightly puts it, “Using GraphQL on the frontend and backend eliminates the gap between what we release and what you can consume. We really look forward to making more of these simultaneous releases.


GraphQL represents a massive leap forward for API development. Type safety, introspection, generated documentation, and predictable responses benefit both the maintainers and consumers of our platform.


We’re looking forward to our new era of a GraphQL-backed platform, and we hope that you do, too!”


GraphQL Basics

basics of graphql


A pre-defined schema is offered to clients by the GraphQL server. This is basically the model data that can be retrieved from the server where the schema acts as the connector between the server and the client whilst defining the process of accessing the information.


The basic elements of a GraphQL schema are written down in SDL or Schema Definition Language. It explains all sorts of objects that can be requested on that specific server including the fields that they possess.


The queries that are permitted to be requested such as what types of data can be fetched and the relationships between these types are defined by the schema.


In fact, the GraphQL schema can be developed and an interface can be created around it with any programming language.


To make sure that the server is able to respond to the query, the client can validate their query against the schema. You will be able to predict the outcomes depending on the shape of the GraphQL query that closely resembles the result.


This additionally scrubs out any unwelcome surprises, for example, incorrect structure or unavailable data.


At the point when the GraphQL operations reach the backend application, the interpretation is made against the complete schema. Only then is the data for the front end application is totally and accurately resolved.


GraphQL Operations

graphql operations

In a nutshell, there are three primary operations in play with GraphQL. These are:

  • The query for reading data
  • The mutation for writing data
  • Subscription for automatically receiving real-time data over time


The client driven approach has made GraphQL so attractive to developers. This is simply because of the progress made in querying in one request and receiving the data that is required instead of the complete set.


The data type being returned is decided when the control of the data is handled over to the clients GraphQL.


On the other hand, REST encounters the issue of over-fetching. The server defines the data that is available for each resource.


Even if only a part of the data is needed, the client will have to request the entire information in a resource via repeated network requests.


GraphQL Advantages in Comparison to REST


graphql vs rest


GraphQL and REST are both specifications that are needed to build and consume APIs. A common feature in both technologies is that they can return JSON data in the request when they both retrieve resources by sending queries.


Additionally, they can both be operated over HTTP. Moreover, the endpoints of REST and GraphQL fields are more or less similar because they act as entry points into the data that call functions on the server.


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In spite of the commonalities, there are a few stark differences with their conceptual models. GraphQL is built on graphs whereas REST is developed on file.


Take a look at how the developer experiences of building and consuming an API differs.


android app development


In terms of speed, GrapgQL is way faster as you can actually minimise time by cutting down on your request by choosing the fields that you want to run the query on.


These are the obvious benefits of utilizing a GraphQL API instead of a REST API.


1) Good Match for Multifaceted Systems and Microservices


GraphQL is able to unite and hide complexities by integrating multiple systems behind the API. Fetching the data from the current systems and then packaging them in the GraphQL response format is the job of the GraphQL server.


For third-party APIs and legacy infrastructures that have been on an expansion spree over the years, this is specifically relevant as it presents a maintenance burden.


Merging multiple microservices into a GraphQL schema can assist in handling communication between them too when migrating from a monolithic backend application to a microservices architecture.


It can be consolidated into a global schema through one GraphQL API gateway even though each microservice defines its own GraphQL schema and has its own GraphQL endpoint.


2) Obtaining Information with A Single API Call


Multiple endpoints need to be combined by the developer to collect all needed data because REST is scattered around individual endpoints.


This is the main difference between GraphQL and REST. The developer can request the required information with just one API call whereas GraphQL concentrates on the primary task.


3) No Over and Under Fetching Difficulties


There is an element of erratic in the responses received from REST. Either they contain less data or too much data making another query request inevitable. This problem has been solved by GraphQL as it fetches the exact data that is required in a single request.


4) Adapting Requests to Your Requirements


There are only specific endpoints, their related functions, parameters, etc. that can be requested from by a REST API documentation by a developer.


On the other hand, GraphQL is able to describe data types, fields and any interaction points between them. This allows developers of GraphQL to customise the request to access the necessary information.


5) Authentication and Type Checking Out-Of-The-Box


The introspection feature by GraphQL enables navigation into the types and finding the schema to make sure that apps only request for what is possible and in the right structure.


Having said that, developers are able to add new fields to current queries with the help of a GraphQL IDE without any further validation of the data format. All that needs to be done is to write resolvers by the developers.


6) Auto-Generating API Documentation


The documentation is kept in sync with API changes with GraphQL because it is tightly entwined with code. Therefore, a change even in a single field, query or types triggers a change automatically in the documentation too.


7) API Evolution without Versioning


REST offers several API versions that it is an evolving API which means that developers have to keep the old version until the switch to the new version has been made.


GraphQL skips this step as ageing fields can be removed from the schema without influencing existing queries at a future time or date.


This ensures that GraphQL’s evolving version allows constant access to the app’s new features, therefore, encouraging a server code that is cleaner and easier to maintain.


8) Code-Sharing


If the need for reuse arises, then fields used in multiple queries in GraphQL can be shared at a higher component level. These are known as fragments that enable you to access various types of data whilst still adhering to the same schema field.


9) Detailed Error Messages


To ascertain what has gone wrong and what needs to be done to handle it, checking the HTTP headers for a status of the response is adequate in REST.


However, in GraphQL, if there is an error during processing, a detailed message is provided by the backend which also includes resolvers. These refer to the exact part of the query where the fault lies.


10) Permissions


Choose which functions and their workings to showcase when creating a GraphQL schema. Comparing this feature to REST views, it tends to be all or nothing.


Hence, the idea is that individual view should possess the knowledge of what can or cannot be made visible under certain situations. And this is not a simple feat to achieve.


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Putting It Together


hire mobile app developers


It would be incorrect to say that GraphQL can completely substitute REST since the former is a tool, whereas the REST is an architectural pattern. Which one will be a better fit will depend on their unique interaction scenarios.

10 Best Free Pregnancy Apps For Mom

It might be a little offensive to see expecting fathers spending good chunk of time frantically fiddling with their smart gadgets.


But with pregnant woman curiously expecting a baby to enter the world, you will do all it takes to make sure everything goes smooth. Just a shadow of small concern about imminent baby is enough to have you googling the smallest of information.


health app development


Both mothers and fathers spend stretch of time interacting with MidWives, other Moms or Instagram club asking for advises on late night screams. It is inevitable to be worried and agitated as the belly grows larger.


However, having some of the free dedicated pregnancy apps comforts you at times of emergency. As Technology for parental guide is booming, many free apps have already entered the online app store to help you prepare for good news to pregnancy.


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We have picked from the lot the 10 best free pregnancy apps in UK for baby care and parenting.


1) Mush


It is a great pregnancy app for expecting mothers and is from British native entrepreneurs Katie Massie-Taylor and Sarah Hesz. It works best as a parental aid when you need it most by connecting you with other like-minded moms in your neighborhood.


Mush - best free pregnancy apps


This is something that especially comes handy if you are on parental leave. It contains useful parenting guides, mom-friendly discussions and best places to purchase baby gear.


Mush - rating - best free pregnancy apps


To integrate moms’ social tendencies, the app offers Peanut, connecting moms with other pregnant moms.

Google PlayApp Store



2) Glow Nurture


Essentially a good pregnancy tracker app, Glow Nurture joins the list because it targets almost all pregnancy tracking needs a pregnant woman seeks. It keeps you informed with daily updates on baby size.


Glow Nuture - best free pregnancy apps


Hence fathers and mothers will always remember the healthy growth of a baby.


Glow Nuture - rating - best free pregnancy apps


You will be in the know of baby’s ongoing inputs about developmental milestones, symptoms, forums as well as tracking mothers’ health during the phase.

Google PlayApp Store



3) Baby Monitor 3G


It is a baby monitoring app that uses the best of both smartphone and its camera.


Baby Monitor - best free pregnancy apps


With this app, you can forgo expensive video baby monitors and just rely on the magical internet-connected device in your pocket to watch your little ones.


Baby Monitor - rating - best free pregnancy apps


Just pair two smartphones with internet and let the magic begin! This is a wonderful app when parents are compelled to be away on trips or at work.

Google PlayApp Store



4) Ask The Midwife


Ask the Midwife is a potential alternative comes handy in cases of emergency baby check late in the night.


Ask the Buddy - best free pregnancy apps


Users who are parents to expected babies can easily use this paid app to ask for a quick consultation with a professional midwife when they are most worried.


Ask the Buddy - rating - best free pregnancy apps


All they need is to initiate a text message or a video chat with a baby expert. Ask The Midwife gives you some first-aid care when you are unable to contact NHS Healthcare Visitor.

Google PlayApp Store





5) The Wonder Weeks


Named after the hot famous pregnancy book, the Wonder Weeks is a great women-friendly alternative in pregnancy tracker app category. The app is quite a rage among new parents already.


The Wonder Weeks - best free pregnancy apps


The purpose here is to provide week-by-week updates on your child’s development.


The Wonder Weeks - rating - best free pregnancy apps


After the baby is born, parents can investigate into why their sweet angel suddenly turned into a squalling crier at night. The app looks after your baby’s different phases of development.

Google PlayApp Store



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6) The Bump Pregnancy app


This app is highly recommended for weekly pregnancy comparison guide and checking conditions of a baby inside the womb. It uses a comparison fruit to help you compare and monitor each stage of pregnancy, which clarifies a lot for curious parents.


The Bump - best free pregnancy apps


The app is regularly updated with good fresh editorial content by the Bump staff. Users can also clear their doubts by asking questions to the medical experts, editors or other connected moms.


The Bump - rating - best free pregnancy apps


Additionally, it is an opportunity to document your pregnancy with the weekly photo albums.

Google PlayApp Store



7) Ovia Pregnancy Tracker


Dedicated to mom’s general wellness, Ovia Pregnancy Tracker keeps the process of 40 weeks of pregnancy in fine tune while supporting the process.


Ovia Pregnancy - best free pregnancy apps


Ovia checks on mum’s health and makes sure you never forget about it. Considering your age, BMI and previous history, the app also sends personalized feedback and lets you set up notifications and reminders for medications.


Ovia Pregnancy - rating - best free pregnancy apps


It also imports all the details of daily activity and sleep pattern on your fitness tracker while helping you keep the weight gain under control.

Google PlayApp Store



8) Belly Bump App


Created by celeb dads Justin Baldoni, Travis Clark and Travis Van Winkle, Belly Bump app is an awesome time lapse pregnancy tracker app that stays with you through the reverse count down to the delivery.


belly bump - best free pregnancy apps


The unique app makes the best of technology to show bump photos in 180-degree angle transformed then into an incredible time-lapse video.


Ask the Buddy - rating - best free pregnancy apps


Go ahead and share with your friends on your social media.

Google PlayApp Store



9) Pabobo


This app is created by the nightlight maker and makes for the reliable pregnancy app especially as a travel-friendly resource.


Pabobo - best free pregnancy apps


Built to work on iOS devices, the app interacts with iPhone’s environment and reads its color, light intensity and suggest a lullaby to send your baby to sleep.


Disney life - rating - best free pregnancy apps


Google PlayApp Store



10) WebMD Pregnancy app


WebMD is what online medical advice seekers look to when in the need for quick information or common medical practices.


WebMD Pregnancy - best free pregnancy apps


The app opens up the full access to over 900 article content you need to enhance your pregnancy knowledge and they are all approved or recommended by doctors.


WebMD Pregnancy - rating - best free pregnancy apps


Moreover, you will also track the belly progress and pregnancy journal. WebMD pregnancy app is an excellent source of dependable maternity support and tips coming from its community of medical experts.

Google PlayApp Store




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You will find many other free pregnancy and parenting apps that guide you well while you expect a baby or even after your baby is born. However, the top 10 best free pregnancy apps in UK described above ends your struggle for discovering the best in the niche.



If you are a UK denizen, these free apps accompany you when you are most worried and accommodate almost everything you need during pregnancy or post-pregnancy phase.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Netflix?

Back in the 1920s when television was first introduced, people were startled by the power of modern technology. Little did they know that something more powerful is on the way that would isolate televisions forever. Internet is one such powerful, magical invention that has transformed everything that it touches.



According to the recent Global Digital report, it is estimated to be nearly 4.3 billion internet users all around the world which is increasing every year.


With the advancement of internet and mobile technologies, online video streaming applications like Netflix are sprouting and pushing the old televisions in the dark drawing-room corners.


With its rich content, smooth user interface and easy access, the media platform Netflix is winning millions of hearts all around the world.


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According to the Netflix financial report 2018, the company’s annual revenue has crossed total $15.79 billion while in 2018, the company had earned a total amount of $1.21 billion.


Share of respondents using Netflix in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2015 to 2016, by age group


Like all other mobile applications, video streaming apps are also in its boom now.


Let us give a detailed insight regarding the cost and features of video streaming apps so that you can also develop an app like Netflix.


Know More About Netflix


As we all know, Netflix is the most popular and widely used streaming media these days. A study reveals that this platform has already crossed more than 150 million users  globally. However, the idea of Netflix is quite old, more than twenty years.


It was during 1997-1998 when two Americans Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph brought the revolutionary idea of online movie rental. Their idea freed the customers from the hassle of receiving and returning DVDs from the local stores.


By 2006, the number of Netflix subscribers increased to 4.2 million which inspired the team to change the concept of movie watching once again. And as a result during 2007 they introduced online movie or video streaming allowing the subscribers to enjoy live shows and movies directly on their computers.


Key Features of Netflix


key features of netflix


The key features of Netflix that make it unique in the market are as follows:

  • High-quality streaming
  • Original content
  • Ad-free movie and shows streaming
  • Valuing the viewers – their experiences and ratings
  • 30days free trial


Why Should One Use the Video Streaming Apps?


video streaming apps

How cruel it sounds when you need to leave a movie in the middle and rush for urgent work. Unlike a smartphone or a tab, it is inconvenient to carry your laptop everywhere you go.


With a fast and smooth video-streaming app, you will never miss your favourite shows or movies even if you are not at home. Take a glance over the benefits of using a video streaming app:


  • Free Access: You can access and browse a video streaming app anywhere and at any moment. It is like carrying a whole television inside your pocket.


  • Customize Shows: One can easily watch and re-watch their favourite shows and movies that will be saved in the cloud. Also, they can choose the type of content they prefer to watch.


  • Time-saving: Apart from customizable content, these streaming apps also help in saving a lot of time. There is no tension of missing the important match or show. The app will store everything for you.


  • Ad-Free Content: Unlike televisions or other platforms, you can enjoy ad-free content for hours using a mobile video streaming app. 


  • Different Payment Schemes: Another benefit of using a video streaming app is its payment schemes. You can share the account with multiple users, maybe your friends or family and share the payment. Hence it becomes affordable as well.


How Can Video Streaming Apps Benefit Your Business?


video streaming app business


It is true that in today’s busy world, people hardly get enough time to snuggle in their couches with a bowl full of snacks and watch their favourite shows. Watching television has eventually become an old concept.


Streaming media is a new-age concept that has changed the way people used to watch shows, movies or other content on television or their computers using DVDs.


Every TV production house is now trying to make their services digital and reach to a broader audience. Apart from that, some entrepreneurs are trying to develop video streaming apps with new and unique content to engage the viewers.


Let us brief the business advantages of a mobile video streaming app:


  • Easy Access: All they need is a mobile device, headphones or other sound equipment and a decent internet connection – subscribers can enjoy watching their favourite shows and movies anywhere they go anytime.


  • Wide Audience: With the help of a video streaming app, you will get the potential audience who will invest their time and money on your app and explore the content you share. These apps do not limit your business by geographical range. The videos can reach millions of people.


  • Live Streaming: Some apps allow live streaming of sports, news, or any other events where many people can’t reach physically. These Live streaming apps help to reach a wider audience remotely. 


  • Unique and Rich Content: Unique content always invites more audience than the usual ones. Through your video streaming app, you can deliver some rich and unique content to the subscribers to retain their interest. 


  • Audience Feedback: Collecting audience feedback for the mobile app is easy. You can set the feedback forms of polls that will pop up while closing or opening the app and your audience can drop their feedback. 


  • Tracking Analytics: Using smart technology you can always keep a track about the analytics and overall performance of the app and ensure the better customer experience. Also with the use of analytical tools, you can evaluate audience behaviour and engagement every time they interact with the app. This is how you can know your potential customers.


  • Free of Advertisement: Advertisements are the pillars of any business but for the viewers, the advertisement might look disturbing as they often stream in the middle of a movie or show. The subscribers of a video streaming app can enjoy a movie without being distracted by the advertisements.


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Let’s Learn the Important Factors to Develop an App Like Netflix

Netflix factors

In case you are dreaming to develop your successful video streaming app like Netflix, then these are the following things or features that may influence the app cost:


  • Integrate Social Media: Social media is not only limited to communicating with your dear ones, but it has evolved into a strong marketing and advertising platform. Integrating your app with sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram will help you in sharing the videos directly on social media and invite more people.


  • Live Video Streaming: Live streaming feature can engage your viewers and make their experience with your app interesting


  • Monetization: Include email marketing, sponsorships, in-app advertisements, affiliate marketing, in-app purchase, and others to ensure earning from your app.


  • User Experience: Help your users to make an easily manageable profile on your app. Make it customizable so that the users can choose the type of content they want to watch, scroll through the viewed content to find their favourite ones to re-watch, check their subscription details and pay for up-gradation without hassle. 


android app development


  • Review: Let the viewers review your app and share their experiences and opinions. Their review and ratings will not increase their involvement with the app but will also help you to understand what they are looking for. 


  • Subscription and Payment: Convert your viewers into potential customers by offering lucrative subscription offers and features. Different subscription packages with multiple features and benefits, e.g. unlimited content, ad-free content and others might lure viewers to subscribe. 


  • User Registration: User registration will help the users to one-time register into their account on the device. This feature helps them to use directly without wasting time logging in every time until they decide to shift to another device. 


  • Multiple Device support: Let the user access his or her account on multiple devices at the same time.


Cost to Develop an App Like Netflix

app cost

Over the past few years, Netflix has spread its wings and reached in every corner of the world. It has only been possible because of the increasing rate of mobile and internet users.


The statistics of Netflix are shocking as it reveals that nearly 58% of US adults watch Netflix regularly and 1 billion hours per week is the average amount of the total hours of Netflix streaming among the subscribers.


However, every successful app needs some good amount of time and money investment. But the first thing you need to build a clone application like Netflix is a strong team.


Without a team of professionals, app development will not bring the success you are expecting.


However, let’s meet the team:


  • UX Designer: UX designers will give your app a smooth and attractive interface.


  • Android/iOS Developers: These professionals will help the app perform without any difficulty on various mobile platforms like Android or iOS.


  • Backend Developer: Starting from taking care of the data to the server performativity – these backend developers ensure the software and the server is running smoothly.


  • Quality Analyst: The responsibility does not end with just developing the app. Quality assurance is necessary. The primary job of a quality analyst, in this case, is to test the quality and performance of the app before and after its launch. 


  • Business Analyst: Without strong business strategies it becomes difficult for the new app to adjust to the competitive market. Business analysts are there to boost the growth with their incredible smart strategies. 


  • Project Manager: The entire project is executed, monitored and managed with the help of a project manager, who is also responsible to release the project or the app within the deadline. 


The cost to develop an app like Netflix usually depends on several factors which primarily include:


  • Multiple features that you would like to add to enhance the user experience.
  • Mobile platforms that you choose to release and perform the app.
  • App complexity and designs to boost performance.
  • Maintenance charges.


However, the average cost to develop a video streaming mobile app like Netflix is estimated to be around $10,000 to $25,000.


The per-hour cost of the app developers also depend per location – in North America, the average per hour rate is nearly $140 while in the Eastern countries the rate becomes nearly $60 per hour depending on the app complexities.


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Bottom Line


app idea


Now that you have all the information that you were looking for developing an app like Netflix, are you now ready to step into the competition of the video streaming market and make your brand successful?


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