10 Best Free Pregnancy Apps For Mom

It might be a little offensive to see expecting fathers spending good chunk of time frantically fiddling with their smart gadgets.


But with pregnant woman curiously expecting a baby to enter the world, you will do all it takes to make sure everything goes smooth. Just a shadow of small concern about imminent baby is enough to have you googling the smallest of information.


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Both mothers and fathers spend stretch of time interacting with MidWives, other Moms or Instagram club asking for advises on late night screams. It is inevitable to be worried and agitated as the belly grows larger.


However, having some of the free dedicated pregnancy apps comforts you at times of emergency. As Technology for parental guide is booming, many free apps have already entered the online app store to help you prepare for good news to pregnancy.


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We have picked from the lot the 10 best free pregnancy apps in UK for baby care and parenting.


1) Mush


It is a great pregnancy app for expecting mothers and is from British native entrepreneurs Katie Massie-Taylor and Sarah Hesz. It works best as a parental aid when you need it most by connecting you with other like-minded moms in your neighborhood.


Mush - best free pregnancy apps


This is something that especially comes handy if you are on parental leave. It contains useful parenting guides, mom-friendly discussions and best places to purchase baby gear.


Mush - rating - best free pregnancy apps


To integrate moms’ social tendencies, the app offers Peanut, connecting moms with other pregnant moms.

Google PlayApp Store



2) Glow Nurture


Essentially a good pregnancy tracker app, Glow Nurture joins the list because it targets almost all pregnancy tracking needs a pregnant woman seeks. It keeps you informed with daily updates on baby size.


Glow Nuture - best free pregnancy apps


Hence fathers and mothers will always remember the healthy growth of a baby.


Glow Nuture - rating - best free pregnancy apps


You will be in the know of baby’s ongoing inputs about developmental milestones, symptoms, forums as well as tracking mothers’ health during the phase.

Google PlayApp Store



3) Baby Monitor 3G


It is a baby monitoring app that uses the best of both smartphone and its camera.


Baby Monitor - best free pregnancy apps


With this app, you can forgo expensive video baby monitors and just rely on the magical internet-connected device in your pocket to watch your little ones.


Baby Monitor - rating - best free pregnancy apps


Just pair two smartphones with internet and let the magic begin! This is a wonderful app when parents are compelled to be away on trips or at work.

Google PlayApp Store



4) Ask The Midwife


Ask the Midwife is a potential alternative comes handy in cases of emergency baby check late in the night.


Ask the Buddy - best free pregnancy apps


Users who are parents to expected babies can easily use this paid app to ask for a quick consultation with a professional midwife when they are most worried.


Ask the Buddy - rating - best free pregnancy apps


All they need is to initiate a text message or a video chat with a baby expert. Ask The Midwife gives you some first-aid care when you are unable to contact NHS Healthcare Visitor.

Google PlayApp Store





5) The Wonder Weeks


Named after the hot famous pregnancy book, the Wonder Weeks is a great women-friendly alternative in pregnancy tracker app category. The app is quite a rage among new parents already.


The Wonder Weeks - best free pregnancy apps


The purpose here is to provide week-by-week updates on your child’s development.


The Wonder Weeks - rating - best free pregnancy apps


After the baby is born, parents can investigate into why their sweet angel suddenly turned into a squalling crier at night. The app looks after your baby’s different phases of development.

Google PlayApp Store



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6) The Bump Pregnancy app


This app is highly recommended for weekly pregnancy comparison guide and checking conditions of a baby inside the womb. It uses a comparison fruit to help you compare and monitor each stage of pregnancy, which clarifies a lot for curious parents.


The Bump - best free pregnancy apps


The app is regularly updated with good fresh editorial content by the Bump staff. Users can also clear their doubts by asking questions to the medical experts, editors or other connected moms.


The Bump - rating - best free pregnancy apps


Additionally, it is an opportunity to document your pregnancy with the weekly photo albums.

Google PlayApp Store



7) Ovia Pregnancy Tracker


Dedicated to mom’s general wellness, Ovia Pregnancy Tracker keeps the process of 40 weeks of pregnancy in fine tune while supporting the process.


Ovia Pregnancy - best free pregnancy apps


Ovia checks on mum’s health and makes sure you never forget about it. Considering your age, BMI and previous history, the app also sends personalized feedback and lets you set up notifications and reminders for medications.


Ovia Pregnancy - rating - best free pregnancy apps


It also imports all the details of daily activity and sleep pattern on your fitness tracker while helping you keep the weight gain under control.

Google PlayApp Store



8) Belly Bump App


Created by celeb dads Justin Baldoni, Travis Clark and Travis Van Winkle, Belly Bump app is an awesome time lapse pregnancy tracker app that stays with you through the reverse count down to the delivery.


belly bump - best free pregnancy apps


The unique app makes the best of technology to show bump photos in 180-degree angle transformed then into an incredible time-lapse video.


Ask the Buddy - rating - best free pregnancy apps


Go ahead and share with your friends on your social media.

Google PlayApp Store



9) Pabobo


This app is created by the nightlight maker and makes for the reliable pregnancy app especially as a travel-friendly resource.


Pabobo - best free pregnancy apps


Built to work on iOS devices, the app interacts with iPhone’s environment and reads its color, light intensity and suggest a lullaby to send your baby to sleep.


Disney life - rating - best free pregnancy apps


Google PlayApp Store



10) WebMD Pregnancy app


WebMD is what online medical advice seekers look to when in the need for quick information or common medical practices.


WebMD Pregnancy - best free pregnancy apps


The app opens up the full access to over 900 article content you need to enhance your pregnancy knowledge and they are all approved or recommended by doctors.


WebMD Pregnancy - rating - best free pregnancy apps


Moreover, you will also track the belly progress and pregnancy journal. WebMD pregnancy app is an excellent source of dependable maternity support and tips coming from its community of medical experts.

Google PlayApp Store




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You will find many other free pregnancy and parenting apps that guide you well while you expect a baby or even after your baby is born. However, the top 10 best free pregnancy apps in UK described above ends your struggle for discovering the best in the niche.



If you are a UK denizen, these free apps accompany you when you are most worried and accommodate almost everything you need during pregnancy or post-pregnancy phase.