How to Choose the Best Mobile App Development Technology?

With the onset of the rise of technology in our everyday lives, the focus has shifted to mobile app development. Almost every brand that involves anything related to selling or assisting with services aims to create an application for itself.


Applications are also being used as a method of branding. This creates a stringent competition in the market. In such a time, choosing the right mobile app development technology for your business can be one huge task.




This needs to be done keeping in mind the demand of the business, it’s budget and what results are desired out of it.The demand for smartphones is ever-increasing and the potential customers can be seen spending a lot of time on their phones.


It thus becomes crucial to know about the various technologies used for the applications that are ultimately landing up on these smartphones. Understanding what suits your business the most and serves your need will yield better results.


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Before you begin the development process, it is important to know the basic outline of your app. For this, you need to consider many factors.


  • Cost Consideration: If you are looking for a cheaper option, to begin with, go for a hybrid app. It is important to understand the need, know the target audience of the business and then invest in the additional features at a later stage.


  • Speed and Other Features: If speed is what you need to deliver to your customers then you must consider a native app. Hybrid apps are slower when compared to their native counterparts. Native apps are more compatible to feature support. However, they require constant maintenance whereas hybrid apps need less of your maintenance support.


It then becomes important to choose the right mobile app development technology for you. A technology stack deals with choosing from a range of programming languages, designing tools, database and other technologies used for the development and the execution of the app.

mobile app development technology


Native or Hybrid?


A lot of mobile application technologies are used for a different platform. Based on the compatibility of the applications to function on different operating systems, applications are classified as hybrid and native apps. A hybrid app is more popular among professionals because of its ability to function on various platforms with a single developed code.


1) Native Apps


Native apps are developed to be specific to a particular operating system like Android or iOS. To make the app compatible with all the systems, the developer needs to write their codes separately.


Native apps allow a better user experience. The various features like GPS, the camera can be used effectively through a native app. Most of the gaming apps are native since it allows architecture speed enhancements.


Intensive and custom graphics work better in a native app. Customization and performance are the key features of this type of application. However, all the capital spend on the app is worth it. If providing an optimal user experience is what you want, then you must go for this.


This type of application is ideal for those who intend to spend an amount of money that is more than usual on the development. The cons of developing this type are the extra amount of time and money required.


An android based app and an iOS-based app do not share similar codes. It takes double the amount of time to develop it for various platforms. Testing the app also requires more time.


2) Hybrid Apps


If your aim is to make your business reach more and more people but, on a shoe,-string budget and less time, then a hybrid app is an ideal option for you.


These apps can be operated from any operating system. The pros of building this app are that it is easy to develop. The code needs to be developed once and is similar. It cuts down on the extra work and money.


However, the developer may need to write certain native codes. Speed and smooth access to various features is the major issue of any hybrid app.


3) Web Apps


This is another kind of an app which is cheap but cannot be published in app stores. There are of three kinds- traditional, adaptive and responsive.


The traditional app is basically a website. The responsive app has a different design based on the device it is opened on whereas an adaptive app fits in different screen sizes of the different devices.


It is easier to develop these apps and the developmental cost is relatively low. However, features like GPS and phone camera cannot be used. The visibility and reach are also less as it is not present in various app stores.


mobile app development technology


Which Programming Language to Choose?


There are multiple technologies available for you to develop your app that is fast and provides an optimal user experience. The main programming languages used for application development are:


1) C++


It is the simplest form of programming language. It is also effective and can be used to create applications for various platforms. It is simpler and can be used as a versatile developmental tool. It is also said to be a sister language of Objective-C. Objective-C is used to develop iOS-based applications.


2) Swift


Swift is an ideal programming language to develop iOS-based apps. It can be used to build advanced and customised features and can be developed with minimal coding.


They also require less time on maintenance. Swift has an effective run-time capability and can be used for object-oriented development.


The code is less prone to errors and provides to create a variety of features. Swift also lets you cut down on the app size which naturally increases the performance of the application.




3) Java or Kotlin


This programming language is widely used for android app development. There are many open-source libraries and the language is also relatively easy.  Kotlin, on the other hand, is a more stable language.


Kotlin provides an efficient and smooth developmental process to the applications. Both Java and Kotlin are ideal for android-based app development.


4) PHP and HTML5


PHP is ideal for making mobile and web apps. It is an easy language to use and is object-oriented. It follows a three-layered model and is ideal for apps that need database integration. Whereas HTML5 is suitable for web front-end applications.


mobile app development technology


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What Are Various Toolkits to Choose From Mobile App development Technology?


There are several toolkits available to choose from, some of which are mentioned below. This should be chosen wisely keeping in mind the needs of your business.


1) SDK


SDK is required to program different features. SDK for iOS connects the various software applications and the operating platforms. SDK for androids can be downloaded separately with third-party add-ons.


SDK has an inclusion of API which included a number of libraries and tools. Apple and Google offer their own developing tools. These also include interface elements and is ideal for a native approach.


2) PhoneGap


This is open-source software uses programming languages like JavaScript, HTML5 to build dynamic native applications for various platforms and operating systems.


The framework is ideal for mixing certain parts of hybrid and native code. PhoneGap supports a number of framework libraries that help the developers as they do not have to heavily depend on HTML or CSS to build an interface. It is ideal for cross-development apps.


3) RhoMobile and MoSync


Both are ideal for native app development for various platforms and provides an open-source framework. Developers can choose from a range of languages for the different operating systems.


MoSync is integrated with Eclipse-based IDE and thus the app development can be done using C or C++ programming.


4) Appcelerator


This is ideal for developing hardware-based applications. The open-source framework uses HTML, PHP and JavaScript for building applications for different platforms.


mobile app development technology


Things to Consider While Choosing A Mobile App Development Technology 


Now that we have discussed the various technologies you can use for your apps, let us take a look at the factors that you must consider before choosing them. The right decision will help you to work more efficiently.


1) Know the Project


This is the most important thing to consider. You should not directly follow what others are doing. Try to take a note of the things that will benefit your business and add features accordingly.


Choose your priorities wisely. If speed and modified UI designs are the most vital parts of your app then try going for a native app and use Kotlin or Swift languages.


2) Target audience


Not just developing the application but ensuring that it reaches the right people in the right amount of time is necessary to get the work done effectively.


Thus, choose from the mobile app development technology keeping in mind the likes of your audience. Optimise the UI designs and integrate the min to various social media platforms to increase the reach.


3) Adapt and optimize


It is important to know the complications and intricacies of mobile application development. Thus, getting everything right in the first go may not be possible.


Thus, improvising should always be part of the plan. Know the budget properly and work accordingly. Find a solution that serves your needs and reaches to the people along with fitting in your budget. This is possible, you just need some research.


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Final Thoughts


To conclude, the choice of the mobile app development technology is a vital process of application development. Before beginning with the project, it is very important to consider all the factors and complications that may arise.


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Take into account the work of your team; divide the tasks keeping deadlines that are not too tight. This will help in building an efficient application and will be good for the long run. You might also seek expert advice if you feel confused before starting the work on your project.


13 Best Mental Health Apps UK 2023

Technology, especially social media is referred to as one of the primary causes of mental illness nowadays. It is criticized most of the time for worsening the mental health people across the globe. So, how can mental health mobile apps help you in bettering your overall mental health?


mobile app development


If you are not one of them who gets affected by what is going on in the social media domain or your mental health is not affected by screen-time, then mental health apps can be used along with treatment to better the situation.


Around 39 percent of the people in the UK are suffering from mental illness, stress, anxiety disorder or other forms of mental health issues.


Experts are of the opinion that by using certain tools and applications for managing their stress levels reduces anxiety and has a more positive impact on the mental wellbeing of the individual.


NHS has started a new service of Apps Library which has various apps and tools mainly for positively influencing the mental health of its users.


It is a strategy of the NHS to promote a productive outlook on mental health and work towards gaining traction to include more and more people in its circle.


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If you are not trying to cut off with your phone or if you do not get affected by scrolling down the social media posts of your friends having a gala time at some exotic location,


Then here are eleven mental health apps to help you in your mental well-being in UK.


1) Moodrise


This is one of the newest applications for creating mental well-being by taking care of your mood and mind. It is referred to as ‘digital nutrition” where the content of these apps has been created to provide a better experience to the brain. It -helps reduce pain and increase your emotional resilience.


Moodrise - mental health apps


  • The application primarily focuses on the different state of mind/ mood which includes happiness, confidence and focuses as the fundamentals.
  • It also directed to take care of the other neurotransmitters in the brain that lead to mood change.
  • The content on this application is created for delivering such chemical reactions in the brain that would lead to happiness, confidence and make the individual more focused. *
  • All these are backed by scientific research. The content is often termed as “digital pills” to enhance mental health and build up emotional strength.


Moodrise - rating - mental health apps


Google PlayApp Store



2) EleFriends


This is an online community which is created by Mental Health Charity Mind to support people suffering from mental health issues. This is a platform where one can share their thoughts, difficulties and that too without any fear.


Elefriends - mental health apps


People suffering from these issues need to be heard and this platform caters to all of the primary needs. The features of the platform are:


  • You can read posts uploaded on the community offline
  • The platform is password protected
  • You can share photos on the platform via your device
  • Posts updates
  • Set up your notification alerts
  • Moderated by the admins from 10am to midnight.


Elefriends - rating - mental health apps


Google PlayApp Store




3) Echo


When a person has an anxiety disorder, he or she does not want to think about the issue after the phase is over.


This also includes missing medicines knowingly or unknowingly which can possibly worsen the individual’s mental health condition and aggravate anxiety disorder.


Echo pharmacy - mental health apps


  • To take care of this situation, the application ‘Echo’ has been developed which is a ‘prescription app’ that reminds the user of the timing of taking their medicines.
  • Even if the patient forgets about the time of taking the medicine after having an anxiety attack, this app helps him or her remember the same.
  • There are different alerts which can be set to remind you of the timing of taking the medicines.


Echo pharmacy - rating - mental health apps


Google PlayApp Store



4) Headspace


This is one of the most popular mental health apps in the UK at present where you will find various resources like articles, guides on meditation, animated videos and other videos on how to de-stress yourself.


Head space - mental health apps


If you are new to meditation, this application is just right for you.

  • It has a structured approach starting from basic to advanced level guides for meditating which creates an environment of calmness in you.
  • This application is also simple to use and the language used in the application for the resources is very easy to understand.
  • The application is not free and comes with a monthly charge of 9.99 GBP. Alternatively, you go for an annual subscription which reduces the monthly charges to 5.99 GBP.


Head space - rating - mental health apps


Google PlayApp Store



5) Drugstars

Have you ever thought that by taking medicines on time you can help other patients too? If not, then this app is making such distant and never-thought dreams possible.


Drugstars - mental health apps


Yes, with this application on your phone, whenever you take the medicine right at the time as prescribed by your doctor


  • you earn stars
  • These stars can get converted into real money when you donate them to some charities in the United Kingdom like No Panic which works for people having anxiety disorders and also to Crohns & Colitis UK which is a centre for treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases
  • This application alerts you when you need to take your medicine and once you take it, you earn stars.


Drugstars - rating - mental health apps


Google PlayApp Store



6) Calm


This is an application which is great for sleep and guided meditation for bettering your mental health. Sleep is one of the most important things that a person with certain mental issues, need to have.


Calm - mental health apps


This application has guides about meditation to reduce anxiety and stress level in the body.


  • This helps the individuals to get a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • The application is one step ahead and also has various audio clips, stories to make you fall asleep easily.
  • In addition to stories, the app has a library of music tones; tracks which are soothing to the ear and make you fall asleep quickly.
  • This application also has podcast facilities where experts from different parts of the world talk about meditation and mental wellbeing.
  • There are videos for simple stretching activities to make your body fitter and flexible.
  • The application is not free and the price that you need to pay for the same is 34.99 GBP/ year.


Calm - rating - mental health apps


Google PlayApp Store



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7) Tomo


Talking to someone is really important when one has a mental health issue. But finding the right person who has the time to hear you out is difficult in today’s time.


Tomo - mental health apps


So, Tomo which is a CHAT-BOT can help you break the monotony.

  • You can talk to Tomo and it understands and learns about your lifestyle and also understands how to handle challenges.
  • Then it offers new solutions, health tips, and lifestyle habits to make your life better.
  • If you are able to indulge yourself in the new lifestyle and habit, then take a photo of your achievement and post it in the chat community.
  • You will receive a lot of motivation to go forward from the community itself.
  • Here, you can be anonymous and there is no such pressure like you feel on social media.


Tomo - rating - mental health apps


App Store


health app development

8) Waking Up


This is a complete meditation app where you will be able to join Sam Harris who is an expert in meditation and has been practising the same for over thirty years.


Waking Up - mental health apps


He is also a PhD holder in neuroscience.

  • The application takes you through a fifty-day introductory course at the beginning and then you get to join the regular – daily meditation program.
  • This is regarded as one of the most useful meditating apps and helps the app users to achieve their goals in slow but steady steps.
  • This application comes for 49.99 GBP per year or 6.49 GBP per month.


Waking Up - rating - mental health apps


Google PlayApp Store



9) HealthUnlocked Communities


Often people with mental illness are ill-treated and misunderstood. This is because their thinking process gets disturbed at times.


Health Unlocked - mental health apps


They may not be able to make themselves coherently understandable to others.

  • This application provides a platform for people with similar issues to connect and share their individual stories and experiences and meet each other and have healthy social interactions.
  • This is really important as a person with mental illness should not feel deprived of society.
  • If he or she is completely cut off from society, then it will only worsen the situation.
  • There are charities and mental health organizations that monitor this application and the communities in it. You can find this application on the App Store.


Health Unlocked - rating - mental health apps


App Store


10) Pacifica


NHS CBT therapist, Joseph Croft recommends this application for users to improve their mental well-being. The app is free to download. Users can browse through the application to help reduce their stress levels, reduce anxiety and achieve an overall calmness.


Pacifia - mental health apps


It also helps in dealing with depression.

  • There are tools and resources in this app which users need for the same purpose.
  • The application is based on the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and also on mindfulness meditation.
  • This application helps in tracking your mood which results in a better treatment outcome.


Pacifia - rating - mental health apps


Google PlayApp Store



11) Mindscape


It is a new mental well-being application which has been created and launched by Creative Agency Cult in 2018.


Mindscape - mental health apps


The application uses a super-advanced technology-based application with artificial intelligence, voice technology, and science-based music therapy to provide calmness and peace to your brain.


  • This application has been developed by taking suggestions from consultants in Mind – which is a mental health charity organization to deal with the people having panic and anxiety attacks.
  • There are breathing exercises with the help of voice tool, monitoring of sleep, mood to track the changes in behaviour and treat the patient accordingly.


Google PlayApp Store



12) Moodpath


It is an application for depression and anxiety management.


Moodpath - mental health apps


The features of this application are:

  • It has a series of questions and answers to make you more aware of the emotions that you go through.
  • This application can generate a report of the mental state that you are in after collecting the answers from you for fourteen days; this report can be discussed with the medical practitioner.
  • There are videos and exercise guides available on the application for your use.


Moodpath - rating - mental health apps


Google PlayApp Store



13) 7 Cups


The name of the application may sound weird but the application is one of the most effective applications for depression and anxiety management at present in the United Kingdom.


7Cups - mental health apps


Its features include:

  • There are therapists on this platform that can listen and guide you.
  • There are more than lakhs of the listeners to whom you can simply speak whenever you are upset.
  • There are support chat rooms and Guided discussion groups.


7Cups - rating - mental health apps


Google PlayApp Store



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mobile app development


These are the top mental health apps that are currently trending in the UK markets. Experts wholeheartedly believe that these applications are a credible form of alternative treatment for those undergoing mental health therapies.

Top Reasons to Use Cloud Mobile Applications

5 million+ apps are available today between the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This number is only increasing exponentially with each passing day.


But, a key point to bear in mind is that all of the applications are not developed equally.Historically, mobile applications have being designed and developed as native.


mobile app development


Users would have to download these applications to their devices in order for them to work. Also, native apps are quite specific to platforms like Android or iOS.


To make it possible for apps to work across multiple platforms, app developers are starting to build hybrid apps that work on both Android and iOS devices seamlessly.


Presently, however, the focus is on cloud-based mobile applications. These apps have emerged as a basic necessity for businesses, but yet, there are a number of business owners who are yet to experience the power of cloud computing.


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Cloud computing is transforming the ways applications are created, distributed and scaled. It enables enterprises and individuals to share a pool of resources and reduce operational costs.


There is just not one reason for using cloud technology, but there are several. Let’s take a look.










1) Smooth Database Integration Capabilities


The ability of cloud-based apps to provide seamless database integration is one of the most important reasons to opt for cloud mobile apps and solutions. This is a very basic feature that almost all businesses need to smoothly run their various processes.


The database integration process can be tricky and overwhelming to conduct for some businesses. It may even result in a confusing procedure if done with a native mobile app.

Custom Mobile App - cloud mobile apps

When importing your database information on native apps, it is critical for you to remember that it should be connected with your application. This results in a very time-consuming procedure.


On the other hand, data integration becomes easier with cloud mobile apps. Here, all the data is to be synced with the cloud server. This is why cloud app developers do not have to worry about writing complicated codes to integrate databases when they are building a cloud-based application.


2) Cost-Effective


The cost factor is another important reason why most businesses, especially entrepreneurs, are excited about.You must already be aware that the cost of mobile app development depends on the various features that you are hoping to integrate.


cost effective - cloud mobile apps


For instance, a native Android application takes 2 to 3 times longer than building an iOS development. Also, if you want to build native apps for both the platforms, you have to be ready to spend a lot of money on app development.


This is where cloud apps are a lot more appealing. They cost less! Also, you only have to build them once and they will work perfectly on both the platforms.


Even cloud app maintenance costs lesser compared to native app maintenance.


3) Saves Precious Time


Building an app takes time and not all apps are created equally. Therefore, it depends on how long an application takes to be built.


Coming up with realistic development timelines based on the type of app you are building is crucial.


Development of native apps is a lengthy process. If you are building it with complicated features, the app may take anywhere between 6 and 12 months to be complete. There are some apps that take longer than a year to be completed.


time saving - cloud mobile applications


But, do you have so much time to invest in building an app?


Fortunately, you don’t have to answer that because cloud mobile apps do not take that long to be developed. Also, there is no need for you to go through the developmental process twice.


With a cloud app, you can establish your presence on both platforms simultaneously.


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4) Not Specific to Any One Platform


When it comes to cloud computing, you do not have to choose between iOS or Android. This is because the developer can launch the app simultaneously across both the platforms.


This is one of the biggest advantages of cloud apps – they work across both the operating systems.So, with a cloud app, you can expose your app to a much wider user base.


android app development


5) Installation Is Not Required


Cloud apps do not have to be downloaded and installed to the mobile devices of the user. The interface can be seen by the users and used on a mobile browser.


no install - cloud mobile apps


This is not the case with native apps. The only way that native apps will work is if you install them on your device. Also, when you download native apps, there will be different versions, as well as, updates on the basis of the type of device that you are using.


But cloud mobile apps work a lot like web-based applications. They directly interact with the cloud in order to fetch data and runs smoothly to provide a great user experience.


6) Safe and Secured Storage of Data


Cloud applications can free users from downloading data and storing them on their devices. So, there is no risk of the data getting lost. Also, there is no worry of any kind of app malfunctioning in the case of cloud mobile apps.


You can directly access data from the cloud and enjoy the highest level of security. This is great news for businesses as they do not have to worry about customer information breach of any kind. All of the information is safe and securely stored in the cloud.


7) Ease of Recovering Data


For a native application, the data is mostly stored on a local server. So, in case the server goes down and cannot be recovered, the entire data is lost forever.


As you know, any data loss is not good for either the business or its users. Unless you already have some part of the data backed up, you can look at permanently losing your entire database.


recover data - cloud mobile apps


When the mobile application is hosted on cloud technology, data is stored on not one, but multiple servers. This means that you can easily recover data on the event of any data loss.


So, when one server is down, there are several others that are working. Your data will always be safe, and you can recover it anytime.


8) Enhanced Scalability


Cloud applications offer enhanced scalability, irrespective of it being a mobile or desktop application. When users start using the app, the application goes through a period of continuous upgrades and feedbacks to improve performance and cater to the user’s expectations.


With cloud applications, the developer updates and constantly makes changes to the application with a lot of ease. This is done even without pushing updates to the users as users do not actually download and install the app on their devices.


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To sum up, it can be said that entrepreneurs and businesses looking for an easier and cost-effective alternative for app development should opt for mobile applications developed with the help of cloud solutions.


mobile app development


The main benefits of cloud computing are its security factor, speed and efficiency that it brings to the table. Besides this, it gives businesses the opportunity to launch their app on both iOS and Android platforms without having to develop two separate applications.

Why Golang is better than Other Programming Languages?

With the advancement in the technology, there is something new created and developed every day and some of these inventions are quite revolutionary. One such invention is the GoLang which is a programming language that has changed the way programming were looked upon. It has created an overwhelming scenario around it because of its various attributes.


mobile app development


This programming language has proved itself to be a game-changer in the programming industry. It has paved new ways for the developers and the researchers to bring on new developments and innovations.


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Why Golang Is Skyrocketing in Popularity?


The 2017 TIOBE Index for Go, shows a tremendous spike in Go popularity from 2016. In fact, Golang was actually named TIOBE’s Programming Language Hall of Fame winner for 2016. This was because the programming language has seen the highest increase in ratings within a short span of a year.


Index for Golang - Why Golang


Go’s rise in popularity is also evident from the Stack Overflow Survey 2017. This survey has a sample taken from 64,000 developers. The key question asked during this survey is simple:


  • Most Loved Programming Language
  • Most Dreaded Programming Language
  • Most Wanted Programming Language


Amongst the newer programming languages, the most featured were Mozilla’s Rust, Smalltalk, Typescript, Apple’s Swift, and Google’s Go. However, striking a lucky third, Go, along with Rush and Swift made to the top five list of the ‘Most Loved Programming Languages’.


Programming Languages - Why Golang


GoLang has become one of the popular languages in this era because of its simplicity but a newbie in this field might feel that the language is a bit tough to understand.


However, the learning curve of this language is pretty smooth. If you invest some time into learning this language, you can grasp it within a few weeks.


While few say that this programming language is tough to use and way too advanced of its time, but this language is changing the game in its own way.


Let’s see how it is better than the other programming languages in the market.


Abundance of Opportunities


In the past few years, the GoLang programming language has earned a lot of popularity due to its result-driven approach. The popularity has skyrocketed in recent years when the programs are understanding the language in a better way and implementing it for various developments.


There are definitely programming languages like Java and C, C++ which are ruling the industry for years and with their modern upgrades, they are better for the modern day computing and specifically for cloud-based computing.


However, the advantage of GoLang lies in the fact that it is lightweight. The other reason for its popularity is its suitability for micro-services architecture.


Two of the top applications based on this language are Google’s Kubernetes and Container Darling Docker. The language has been successful in making its impact in the field of data science as well which is the need of the hour and the hottest topic in this industry and also in other business segments.


Data science being the future of every business, GoLang is now strongly holding the ground in this segment as well with its various benefits which are highly advantageous for the data scientists.


For all the reasons, this language has taken the top spot as a programming language across different legions and developers in different parts of the world across various businesses. Products like Pachyderm is created with the use of GoLang and also Tensorflow.


android app development


Why GoLang has become an irreplaceable Programming Language in this Tech world?


The programming language has been introduced in the market in recent times but in the last few years, it has crafted a niche for itself as a result, exceptional developments have become much more possible for this.


The improvements in various software and reduction in the issues which were long-standing before the use of GoLang made the language irreplaceable in the industry.


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This is a language that the millennial developers are using for its exceptional and efficient usage and the ample opportunities attached to it.


Why Golang


Now let’s see what are the features GoLang that has made it stand out language:


1) Simple and Effective


  • The main feature of this programming language which is highly advanced is its simplicity.The GoLang programming language has redefined simplicity in its own way and to another level, that no one has ever been able to think of.
  • While most of the advanced programming are filled with complex characteristics, the GoLangis full of simple features. The language has not taken certain features which are there in the other programming languages such as Java and C++.
  • In fact, what it has is to remove features which have made this language simple and effective instead.There are no templates or generics in GoLang. The programming language is developed without this, though generics are known for hinting at the basis of various other programming languages.
  • However, without this generics, GoLang is much smoother and simple to operate without any complex messages. This has made this a slightly controversial aspect of the language but it has definitely worked in favour of the language and the developers using it.In the recent version of GoLang, libraries can be added from the plug-in packages available for the programming language.
  • The libraries were not there earlier and thus it is still referred to as additional features. There is no risk of mismatch of the versions as there is no separate runtime library. GoLang has been developed to generate single executables, and developers can use it by just copying the same. This feature mainly helps in container-based development projects.


2) Memory Management


This language is excellent at managing memories of the software. The programming language has been developed after a thorough analysis of all the other mainstream programming languages like Java, C++ and C, and others and incorporated all their good features in it.


3) Error handing like a pro


GoLang handles errors in a different way than the other programming languages do. This language in its unique way uses conventional functions never stops at providing the error again as the resulting return value.


4) Goroutines is the cause of its popularity


GoLang’s main feature is Goroutine which makes it this popular amongst the developers across the globe. The Goroutine has the capacity to make the experts connect the features and facilities of multicore machines in the best way possible.


why golang


5) CSP


The Concurrency model of GoLang is based on C.A.R. The idea behind this is to mislead any type of synchronization which comes via the shared memory within the threads of execution which is prone with error and is a labour-intensive job.


6) Channels


With these channels, exchanging information is really easy on Goroutine. This channel can be used for both writing and reading information. You can create a channel and pass it.


7) Go routine synchronization


It can be used for synching Goroutine groups.


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With the rise in Data Science implications and micro-service architecture helping in making the applications we use swifter and smooth, the need for a more advanced programming language is there.


mobile app development


GoLang perfectly suits this requirement of the new age developers with its cutting edge features and simplicity of use making it a top choice among developers today, globally.

Why should you invest in Video Streaming App Development?

As we write this, we already bear the knowledge that technology has entered as much in the video entertainment sectors as it has across many other industrial sectors. At the moment, TV entertainment is reshaped by the much appreciated video streaming app development which has started tarnishing long-standing cable subscription system.



Since entertainment industry embraced the new era of live video streaming apps, TV cable service is losing its mainstream role. There are several reasons why video content is increasingly being consumed via mobile apps.


First being, the low-rate high-speed internet, and second, the insatiably wild use of smartphone devices. This is why many business giants have looked to launching a high-quality video streaming apps in the market.


The result is the burgeoning interest in video streaming app development. If you are wondering why you should also invest in developing video content streaming apps, you have just landed on the right place to find the answer.


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The general facts about Video Streaming Apps


The age of video streaming applications was originally pioneered by YouTube that allowed users to watch high-quality video contents and also upload videos on their personal channel. Users like subscribe and share their opinions and connect with others.


Today we have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon video, Disney, and Twitch and they all have unique concept and monetization models. Their success has recently inspired many entrepreneurs to invest in video streaming app development.


Due to triggered interest in video streaming activities, there is an explosive abundance of video streaming apps in app stores. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu are a few top-rated, most downloaded video streaming apps at this time.


Main reasons to invest in Live Video Streaming App


Television world as we knew is going to recede soon because the future is live video streaming apps.


1) High Quality viewing experience


This is the age of high resolution videos and video streaming apps deliver impressive quality. Unlike old fashioned TV, video streaming apps deliver the video content whose quality surpasses that of other existing media especially television set.


high quality viewing - video streaming app development


These apps allow users to watch their favorite visuals and motion pictures in 4K resolution. For a cable service provider, it is impossible to reach this standard.


2) Freedom of choice


The users enjoy full control with live video streaming apps especially when it comes to choosing what to watch and when. It is absolutely user’s decision to choose the channel they like to watch in video streaming apps.


Cable TV system does not offer such sheer freedom of choice, of watching their favorite show at desired time. In fixed cable service, users can only choose which channel to watch.


3) Portability and mobility


This is another most important reason for developing a live video streaming app. Cable TV lacks mobility and is not a portable option for viewing shows or live sports.


mixer-create - video streaming app development


Video streaming apps are more usable for the fact that they enable users to remain mobile while watching the videos on their smartphones and tablets.


This is why video streaming apps feel more comfortable a choice for today’s dynamic busy bees than any traditional media.


4) The rising Fresh Greentrend


The trend of mobile TV is never going to cease as Forbes research reveals that the mobile traffic will only rise as smartphones rule the world, and that more than half of online videos are watched using smartphone devices.


The trend doesn’t seem to end any time soon since global users now tend to prefer mobile apps like YouTube and Netflix since they were launched. With growing use of mobile devices, it is natural to believe that video streaming apps are here to overwhelm TV trends.


5) No data storage issues


Built with next-gen innovation, the video streaming applications usually relish a great advantage over other video content viewing options as it does not enforce any storage or download hassle.


no data storage issue - video streaming app development


The best part about video streaming app development is that it deciphers the true meaning of streaming, enabling users to experience uninterrupted flow of video content on their screen as it is transmitted without having to save files offline or on devices.


6) The power of social sharing


Socials fuel the dynamics of youthful people who also form the major portion of video streamers across the globe. To keep with the trend, the app can integrate the power of social media so that viewers can share videos globally with individual comments.


The facility of social sharing also helps make your app more popular and usable.


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7) Future-friendly attitude


If we envision the big picture of evolving digital media market, we can easily understand that the video streaming apps are built to survive the future.


live-streaming - video streaming app development


Sports fans are already leveraging YouTube to relive the memorable sports moments by watching best games for years to come. Moreover, Ericsson Mobility Report unveils that the current traffic observed on live streaming apps will continue to rise by more than 50% each year until 2020.


This is enough to infer that video streaming app development is worth investing in since it shows positive future-friendly attitude.


8) Bounteous opportunities for monetization


It is an admissible truth of video streaming mobile app development, or any mobile apps, to drive regular revenues from app services. However, making money from video streaming apps can get tricky if you don’t hit the target and fail to engage the right audience.


With that being a focal point, you can monetize your app in 3 potential ways:

  • Creating a Paid App (Straightforward with good benefits)
  • Freemium (Highly recommended)
  • Ads (works for popular apps)

netflix - video streaming app development

Paid apps will levy some fixed charges to users who download your app from the Google Play or App Store. This straightforward approach seems to be working for certain video streaming apps without having to implement a layered strategy in place.


If you are planning to launch a video streaming app startup, having a freemium model would be the best possible solution. Create a Free version with limited features and encourage opting for premium in-app purchases.


YouTube charges a small amount for watching recent hit movie releases. Netflix and Amazon Prime take a fixed charge after a certain period of free service.


The last method of Ads will show advertisements of your sponsor partner’s business during the live video viewing without spoiling the experience. Apps like YouTube mostly capitalize on Ads that often appear at the start and the middle of the video.



Top rated Video Streaming Apps


1) Amazon Video


Hugely popular, Amazon video can be a great inspiration to consider while creating your own video streaming app. It has variety of payment models with $99 per annum being the most opted for.

The pro is that users have offline saving capability. Subscribers also enjoy the perks of Amazon Prime free shopping and access to Kindle library, music and photos.


2) Netflix


Netflix provides on-demand video streaming experience where viewers can watch variety of movies, TV shows, documentaries on internet-supported devices.


Subscribers have unlimited ad-free access to its content. Its iOS users will now have the smart feature of offline viewing that will automatically delete the episode from the saved list once it is watched.


3) Hulu


Hulu streamlines all the greatest shows from respective network and cables to which users have all the access after it is aired.


Subscribers can even watch the current season of a show or all of its seasons. Hulu in addition is the host of many original shows and interesting programs.


The estimated cost of developing a video streaming app


The overall cost of developing a video streaming app depends on your:

  • App Vision/concept
  • Monetization plan
  • Advanced features
  • Target platforms
  • Business engagement model
  • Region of development


While estimating the final cost, factors like features & functionalities, device platforms and development partner you hire. The cost is highly subject to countries you choose to outsource your business to and company’s resources.


Considering hourly rates, the cost of development varies from $10 to $240. In India and other nearby Asian regions, hourly charges are $10 – $70 whereas USA and AUS usually takes $50 – $240 per hour.


While discussing the cost part with your developers, it is important to first confirm their hourly rate for video streaming app development.


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Mobile users are inherently addicted to speed, exceptional quality and instant fulfillment of needs. Video streaming app development helps address all of these elements especially accommodating young people falling within 16-35.



Make sure you leverage only the latest powerful technology resources to build a video streaming app with advanced features and users-oriented capabilities.


A professional team of app developers at Redbytes can meet the critical needs of your startup business at competitive pricing. You may consult with us to discuss your vision and concept.

Top Mobile App Development Companies in UK 2023

In 2019, mobile solutions have become one of the biggest factors in the success of a business. It is a well-known fact that developing a quality mobile app is no mean feat.


On the contrary, it involves a hectic and long-drawn process. Therefore, you will always need a team of good developers who are willing to work with you through every step of the process, giving your concept its ultimate result.


mobile app development


To expand your business and generate more revenue, it is vital that you invest in a mobile app as that is the demand of modern day businesses. If you’ve not done your research, then it will be hard to find a good development company who will be able to execute this.


In the UK, there are several such agencies that are highly qualified and adept at developing mobile apps. Here is a list of some of the top mobile app development companies in the UK who can help you build the app you want. Take a look.


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Best Mobile App Development Companies In UK


Here is the list of Top 10 mobile app development companies of the UK which can help you in creating a brand new mobile application in 2023.


1) Redbytes Software

redbytes - mobile app development companies in uk

 In the last few years, Redbytes has managed to build a stronghold with a massive team of 150+ employees. This includes talented designers, developers, coders, etc. who are eager to experiment with new age digital technologies to build innovative applications that are trendsetters in their respective domains.


Redbytes UK is quickly reaching for the summit of being of the good mobile app development companies in the UK. Building their niche through a host of core capabilities like IoT App Development, Firebase Development Services, Android App Development and iOS App Development, Redbytes have sealed their position in the market pretty firmly.


The apps developed by this team have been acknowledged as some of the highest performing applications across industries especially when it comes to features such as customer engagement and location-based services, online food delivery, taxi booking, e-learning and many more.


Some of their most sought after services –include Android App Development, eCommerce Development, iPhone App Development, hybrid apps, react native apps etc.


So if you are looking for the best mobile app development companies in the UK, then Redbytes can be your first choice in many instances.


2) 21Twelve Interactive

21Twelve-Interactive - mobile app development companies in uk

21Twelve Interactive is one of the renowned agencies working in the mobile app development industry in the UK. They provide a range of services in business transformation and project management.


21Twelve Interactive also works closely in the field of management, integration, development and designing of mobile applications. They have a team of more than 50+ highly qualified developers who are way ahead of their game when it comes to app productivity enhancements.


3) Intelivita

intelivitia - mobile app development companies in uk


Intelivita is a leading mobile and web application agency that is functioning both in the UK and India. With more than 100+ projects successfully completed, the team has gained significant experience and exposure in the industry.


There are no arguments that when it comes to mobile app development, they have certainly made their mark in the top 10. Intelivita’s core competencies are based on building an application which comes with real-time updates and constant customer support.


Their range of services includes Augmented Reality App Development, Game Development, Mobile App Development and Virtual Reality App Development.


Their key to success has been strategic planning and implementation of modern tools and technologies that offer some of the best possible features.


4) Brightec

brightec - mobile app development companies in uk

Founded in the year 2006, Brightec is a top mobile app development company in the UK. Their top class services have made them so popular that they now have offices in Brighton and Amsterdam.


Their customer service approach is heavily based on business understanding, user experience design and technology. Brightec helps businesses to evaluate and build a strong strategy that will help them cater to the requirements of their customers in the long run.


The experts at Brightec offers immersive UI and UX experience to all their customers. They will work closely with you to understand all your requirements. Their field of specialization includes Mobile Application Development, Technical Teams Build and UI & UX design.


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5) Pocket App

Pocket-Logo - mobile app development companies in uk


Pocket App is an independent UI and UX mobile app development company. For the past five years, the agency has been working closely with several clients to help them develop top quality mobile apps that are feature driven.


With more than 250+ completed projects from prestigious companies not only in the UK but also from the global sphere, Pocket App can help you to turn your ideas into reality.


Some of the projects and products of the Pocket App has also received several accolades around the globe. Their collaborative approach through multi-layered teams to build an app by understanding your needs and requirements provides you with 100% satisfaction.


Pocket App’s main area of expertise includes Mobile App Development, Pre Design Services, Web Design and Web Development.


android app development


6) Intellectsoft

intellectsoft-logo - mobile app development companies in uk

Working with some of the top Fortune 500 companies surely gives you an edge over other agencies, right? Intellectsoft is, therefore one of the top mobile app development companies in the UK.


Their highly qualified and experienced developers work towards providing world-class IT engineering and mobile app development solutions to several clients.


The agency has learnt to successfully cultivate the adoption of new technologies which has allowed them to solve several key issues by finding the most efficient solution always.


Intellectsoft has five dedicated labs that largely deals with Cognitive Computing, AR & VR design, Decentralized Applications, Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Premier Customer Experience (CX).


7) Hedgehog Lab



Hedgehog Lab has been previously awarded “Newcastle Business Awards: Outstanding Performance in International Growth” and is one of the most successful mobile development agency in the UK today.


Established in the year of 2007, the agency has worked for more than 200+ global software consultant firms and businesses to develop apps for their respective business.


With their headquarters in London, they have branches across three continents now catering to a more global client base. Their professional and proactive approach has launched them into the ranks of one of the top emerging brands in the United Kingdom.


8) Magora



With more than 50+ trained and talented developers, Magora is the agency you will go to if you like new innovations and progressive ideas.


In 2017, Magora was awarded the “Business of Apps: Top UK Mobile App Developers 2017”. This tells you volumes about this top mobile app development companies in the UK.


Their team’s project management skills are some of the best in the industry. All the development related to your project will be carried out with total transparency.


Majora’s timeliness, full-time support and encouraging team members will not fail to make their mark on you. They have already done some very notable work and have immense potential to do more.


9) The Distance

distance logo


A really quirky name for a mobile app development company, right? But, Distance is a promising and quickly emerging mobile app development company in the UK.


The company’s timeline can be extended back to the time when the first iPhone was launched and since then they have efficiently assisted numerous customers with realising their mobile app visions.


Some of their popular services include Android App Development, App Consultancy, App Design and also iOS Development. The very first priority of the teamwork here is to make sure that their customers get the best services from them without any comprise.


10) Zudu


A pioneer in the digital and mobile app development industry in the UK, Zudu always has had the flair for developing their core competencies in a progressive fashion.


Their team of developers are trained and capable of managing several different projects related to various fields of specializations including Digital Marketing, Ideation and Consultancy, Mobile App Design and Development and Web Design.


They’ve always worked with the latest technologies, tools and innovative technical solutions. For more than a few years Zudu has managed to attract several customers from across a variety of industries and sectors.


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When developing mobile apps your first choice would always be to go to the best vendor. However, there are several key parameters that will determine who you ultimately give the contract to.


mobile app development


If the best is out of reach, there are still a number of reliable agencies that have done great work in this domain.

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Manchester

We are at 2021 and the IT sector is booming throughout the world. New innovations and technology are being introduced almost every month.


Around the world developers and IT experts are conducting studies, experiments in order to bring more and more advanced technological innovations which are aimed towards enhancing the overall quality of life.


mobile app development


In today’s world, mobile apps have a very significant role to play in our lives. Whether you want to book your film tickets, reserve a restaurant table or play a game, mobile apps you can to do just about anything.


This management of different aspects of mobile applications is what makes them usable and efficient. In order to achieve this goal, the contribution of any mobile app development company aggregates towards the success of the application.


Not only do they keep working on new projects, but they also need to make sure that the older ones are functioning effectively.


If you are looking to develop a mobile application and are based out of Manchester, then there are several companies which can help you to develop the same.


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The idea is to align your overall goals with the best possible app developing company that can help you reach them.


Top Mobile App Development Companies in Manchester


Here are some of the top mobile app companies that you can partner with.


1) Redbytes Software

redbytes - mobile app development companies

Redbytes Software is one of the top android app development companies in Manchester. Their technical team consists of experienced developers and app creators who constantly experiment with upcoming technologies that assist them in developing top-notch mobile applications.


With around 100-150 employees and a portfolio of about 350+ mobile applications designed and developed; Redbytes Software is undoubtedly one of the top mobile app development companies in Manchester.


As a leading mobile app development company, they are committed to delivering the best quality work at reasonable rates. This company specializes in android app development, app designing, iOS app development, IoT development, Digital Marketing, AI and VR marketing.


Their deliverables are at par with some of the best in the country which undoubtedly positions them as one of the best mobile app development company in Manchester.


2) Hyperlink Infosystem

Hyperlink - mobile app development companies

One of the best mobile app development companies in Manchester is none but Hyperlink Infosystem. They have an experienced and talented group of developers who work with the most advanced set of tools and resources to make sure that your application has taken the best form possible.


With a team of 50-200 employees who have been assigned different responsibilities, their end goal is to combine segregated effort to design and develop a successful mobile app.


Apart from developing an app, Hyperlink Infosystem can also fulfil most of your IT demands. They use a different set of methodologies which allows them to create some of the most versatile apps in the market.


Hyperlink Infosystem specialize in many domains but are most sought after for their wearable app development, VR app development, UI-IX design, AR and IoT app development.


3) AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. Ltd


appsquad - mobile app development companies

This is one of the fastest growing mobile app development companies in Manchester since its inception in 2011. AppSquadz Technologies consists of a versatile and experienced team of developers who have taken the company forward year on year.


The company has over 100+ employees today who are work in collaboration to make sure that the projects are executed and completed on time. These are highly trained and experienced developers who are not afraid to experiment with new age ideas.


4) SemiDot Infotech


semidot - mobile app development companies

With more than 6 years of experience in the mobile app development industry, SemiDot Infotech is quickly emerging as a stiff contender as one of the key mobile app development companies to look out for in the future.


They provide high-quality Mobile and Web software solutions to the businesses across sectors. With 40+ highly skilled and professional developers, the company has helped several clients around the globe.


SemiDot Infotech employs highly qualified app developers and engineers. They work consistently to make sure that every app meets their outlined brief, objective and goal.


The company’s key services include Mobile App Development, Website Development, Software Development, Web Designing, E-commerce Development and also Blockchain Technology.


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5) Corporation Pop


Corporation Pop is certainly one of the top mobile app development company in Manchester. The company helps businesses and brands by providing original, engaging and highly efficient applications that allow their clients to communicate and reach out to their customers effectively.


The team of developers work closely with their clients which gives them the opportunity to get an idea about the needs and requirements of their customers.


With the assistance of customized designs, on-time development and glitch-free delivery and Corporation Pop is unquestionably an app development company that you can depend on for great results.


android app development


6) Apadmi


Established by a group of IT developers in 2009, Apadmi is now one of the top companies for over a decade now. The company consists of 50-60 developers who work hard to ensure that all their client’s requirements are fulfilled.


The development team are keen to take up challenges and believe in suggesting to their customers about which new technology will help them to generate more revenue, provide a competitive advantage and at the same time how to build a better profit margin.


Their field of specialization includes Big Data, IoT development, UI-UX design and also mobile app development. They provide you with an all-round solution for all your e-business plan.


7) Nodes




Nodes is undoubtedly a very popular mobile app development company in Manchester for the last 11 years. Nodes maintains a strong team of mobile strategists, app developers and web designers who work in tandem to help brands design and create brilliant mobile apps with standout features.


They focus lied on customer experience. At Nodes, you will be able to get the best UI-UX design which is both intuitive and user-friendly. They always use top quality methodologies to make sure that your app development undergoes a smooth process.


8) CTI Digital


CTI Digital

Functioning for more than a decade in the mobile app development industry, CTI Digital is one of the first and most successful mobile app development company in Manchester.


They have more than 200+ employees who are serving several clients not only from Manchester but also from around the globe.


With the help of the best open source technologies, CTI Digital works to build an app that has contains the features and specifications that you require.


The developers are highly trained which makes them some of the best brains in the industry to work on. The company also provides comprehensive support to various other development projects.


Some of the top services they provide include Branding, E-commerce Technology, Mobile App Development, SEO, UI-UX Development, etc.


9) Desap


Founded almost 6 years back in Manchester, Desap has quickly grown to be a popular choice for businesses as an app development company.


The team of developers, strategists and designers at Desap work with passion to make sure that your ideas are turned into reality. Their customers are 100% satisfied because of their dedication and hard work apart for the meeting expectations of on-time delivery.


Desap brings the latest innovations and technologies to shape quality mobile apps. Their development process and strategy are the representation of the smart usage of modern day technology.


10) Dreamr

Dreamr - mobile app development companies


Dreamr is without any doubt one of the most popular mobile app development companies in the city of Manchester. Dreamr is an award-winning app development agency which was established in 2014.


They have gained a formidable reputation for their excellence and extensive contribution to the mobile app and wearable technology segment. Their team of web designers also works closely to make sure that their client expectations are fully met.


Dreamr is one of those companies who have been working to spread more innovation and positivism around the world with their thought-provoking apps and other new age driven products.


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Closing Thought


All of these companies have created a reputable space for themselves in the mobile app segment.


mobile app development


With such an informed guide handy, the need to find a reliable agency to develop your mobile app in Manchester has certainly become a streamlined process.

Features and Benefits of Fleet Management App

There are several businesses that depend on transportation and make use of fleet management to control costs, productivity, fuel management, and compliance.


Simply put, fleet management includes of a number of tasks related to keeping vehicles and their operations running efficiently and competently.


mobile app development


Recent statistics point towards approximately 40% of non-privately owned commercial vehicles are estimated to integrate the fleet management systems. With such open-armed adopting of these apps, no doubt the market is progressing at such a whirlwind pace.


A fleet management app constitutes a varied range of opportunities. Data logging, satellite positioning, and data communication to a back-office application is only a few of them.


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According to TMR, the global fleet management solution market secured the revenue of US$12.57 bn in the year 2015 and expected to attain a value of US$91.94 bn by the end of the year 2025. The market is anticipated to expand with a CAGR of 22.6 % over the forecast period from 2017 and 2025.


Defining Fleet Management


Spireon puts it best: “Put simply, fleet management is the optimization of costs, risks and efficiency in fleet operations.”


Consequently, manager that are responsible for the fleet managers are in charge of monitoring costs, boosting profitability, and lowering fleet vehicle hazards.

fleet management app

Using a Fleet Management Apps


Its expected that specialised fleet management apps will increase in number exponentially in the near future. Experts predict that this will add a lot of value to the responsibilities and roles of those who are currently operating in this segment.


Next generation social media, internet and 24/7 connectivity will be immensely helpful in enabling fleet operators to remain connected through mobile technology and app-based solutions.


Managing your fleet effectively does not only stop at your vehicles. In fact, it entails over seeing drivers, customer billing, controlling fuel budgets, maintenance schedules and so much more.


If are the owner of your private fleet of vehicles, or perhaps professional equipment, you will undoubtedly be aware of instances of low income, modest performances and driver turnovers. Such issues can be easily resolved with the integration of a fleet management app.


This brings us to the next set of questions.

  • How fleet management apps is helpful?
  • Is creating a fleet tracking app at all required?
  • Can the features in the app solve your business problems?

fleet management

Features of Using Mobile Technology in Fleet Management Application


Experts project that mobile devices will be used universally to manager fleet along with its related operations, almost exclusively, in the next few years.


Reporting mileage, details of the trip, current vehicle locations, searching for vendors and looking up customers are going to performed through smartphones.


With this vital information available to the operators, managing business would be streamlined ensuring enhanced productivity and also increasing longevity of its vehicles.


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Most of these apps offer the following benefits:


1) Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking


This is possibly the most important feature of a fleet management app. Real-time GPS vehicle tracking allows the operator to track the exact location and condition of each individual vehicle in the fleet. This is a must-have feature on this app.


Additionally, the real-time GPS tracking feature can provide the following facilities:

  • You can easily track the location of a stolen vehicle or equipment.
  • You have access to information about damage or inappropriate usage of any vehicle in the fleet immediately.
  • You can gather data about road and weather conditions to detect risky drivers before commencing on a trip.


2) Fuel Consumption Monitoring


Apart from GPS tracking, monitoring fuel consumption is the next important feature that needs to be incorporated in your fleet management app during development.


This is essential as drivers tend to deviate from the charted route for many reasons. This can lead to fuel wastage and additional mileage on the vehicle.


fleet management app


While GPS tracking you know the whereabouts of the vehicle, the fuel consumption monitor helps in keeping a track of how much fuel a particular vehicle on a specific trip is using. It decreases errors, misappropriation, and negligence.


3) Augment the Routing to Lower the Operating Expenditure


While every trip is important, not all trips are profitable. As a business owner, your job also includes identifying profitable routes which will save on fuel and unnecessary expenses. Typically, companies that adopt these solutions reduce total miles driven by 5%-10%.


Ensure that you avoid taking on long distance, one-way or multi-days trips. These tend to cut down on your profits whilst you still have to pay your driver and budget for fuel.


Operating costs can only be reduced by optimising routes. You can combine two or more orders on the same route so that your vehicle does not return empty to the garage.


This can only be achieved with the help of a fleet management app where data and information access can help you identify profitable routes along with opportunities.


4) Improve the Real-Time Shipping to Reduce Overlaps


Schedules, routes, availability of the vehicles, status of orders delivery, etc., are all part of shipping and dispatching in any transport business. Managing all of this in the absence of a centralised system can be a nightmare.


The fleet management app can bring in the system where operators will be able to access this information through a process of automated scheduling and order management.


mobile app development


5) Investigate Your Work to Detect Vulnerable Spots


To boost business growth and expansion, you must examine your work in real-time as much as possible. This can only be done through fleet management apps that have in-built analytics and statistics tools which can acts as indicators for fuel usage, mileage tracking, and drivers KPI (Key Performance Indicator).


As a business owner, having access to this key information is absolutely essential in scaling your organization in the right direction.


6) Set Timely Reminders to Vehicle Maintenance


Being able to track the status and condition of your vehicles is imperative to running a profitable operation. The fleet management app with this feature ensures that situations can be averted where your vehicle is out of work as the due to damage or insurance expiry.


The app makes sure that you receive timely notifications for maintenance for each individual vehicle in your fleet. You will also be sent alerts and reminders that will help you plan for vehicle inspections, repairs and insurance renewals.


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7) Cut Down on Paperwork and Combine Data Across the Distributed Offices


The fleet management app integrates the CMS and CRM functions along with software that deals with accounting and other related systems in an all-in-one platform.


A single mobile interface can combine all of these functionalities without having to duplicate information through implementation several different processes.


fleet management app


Benefits of Fleet Management Applications


Having a fleet management app integrated with your organizational processes has multi-fold benefits.


1) Reducing Fuel Costs


Verizon Connect states that fuel accounts for almost 40% of fleet ownership expenses. Having fleet management software installed can bring these costs down by 20%-25%.


Having such a solution in place triggers alerts whenever you have an idle vehicle thus earning you a prospect to make adequate use of your fleet. Monitoring vehicle performance and education drivers to minimise idle time also works through the app.


2) Increasing Fleet Productivity


By assessing maintenance, minimising idle time, downsizing the fleet, enhancing tracking and routing, keeping up with safety mechanisms, upgrading employee performance together increases overall fleet productivity.


Being proactive with preventive maintenance helps you comprehend the number of hours your vehicles can run.


It can be as advanced as providing data on engine hour and optimising maintenance schedules. These insights will help you figure out exactly when to replace any individual vehicle in your fleet.


3) Enhanced Customer Satisfaction


With a fleet management app you can take the help of all these features put together and reach your customer in the shortest time span.


This ascertains that you do not miss any deliveries or appointments, ensure driver compliance to regulations whilst keeping to your schedules.


With automation, you ensure that you utilise the right resources in combination with your fleet management app to eliminate possibilities of errors.


Closing Thought:


Implementing a fleet management application with your transport business helps in solving in everyday challenges in real-time.


mobile app development


Along with that you can access insights and big data that will help your business reach new heights of success whilst carving a unique identity in a very competitive economic landscape.