Why should you invest in Video Streaming App Development?

As we write this, we already bear the knowledge that technology has entered as much in the video entertainment sectors as it has across many other industrial sectors. At the moment, TV entertainment is reshaped by the much appreciated video streaming app development which has started tarnishing long-standing cable subscription system.



Since entertainment industry embraced the new era of live video streaming apps, TV cable service is losing its mainstream role. There are several reasons why video content is increasingly being consumed via mobile apps.


First being, the low-rate high-speed internet, and second, the insatiably wild use of smartphone devices. This is why many business giants have looked to launching a high-quality video streaming apps in the market.


The result is the burgeoning interest in video streaming app development. If you are wondering why you should also invest in developing video content streaming apps, you have just landed on the right place to find the answer.


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The general facts about Video Streaming Apps


The age of video streaming applications was originally pioneered by YouTube that allowed users to watch high-quality video contents and also upload videos on their personal channel. Users like subscribe and share their opinions and connect with others.


Today we have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon video, Disney, and Twitch and they all have unique concept and monetization models. Their success has recently inspired many entrepreneurs to invest in video streaming app development.


Due to triggered interest in video streaming activities, there is an explosive abundance of video streaming apps in app stores. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu are a few top-rated, most downloaded video streaming apps at this time.


Main reasons to invest in Live Video Streaming App


Television world as we knew is going to recede soon because the future is live video streaming apps.


1) High Quality viewing experience


This is the age of high resolution videos and video streaming apps deliver impressive quality. Unlike old fashioned TV, video streaming apps deliver the video content whose quality surpasses that of other existing media especially television set.


high quality viewing - video streaming app development


These apps allow users to watch their favorite visuals and motion pictures in 4K resolution. For a cable service provider, it is impossible to reach this standard.


2) Freedom of choice


The users enjoy full control with live video streaming apps especially when it comes to choosing what to watch and when. It is absolutely user’s decision to choose the channel they like to watch in video streaming apps.


Cable TV system does not offer such sheer freedom of choice, of watching their favorite show at desired time. In fixed cable service, users can only choose which channel to watch.


3) Portability and mobility


This is another most important reason for developing a live video streaming app. Cable TV lacks mobility and is not a portable option for viewing shows or live sports.


mixer-create - video streaming app development


Video streaming apps are more usable for the fact that they enable users to remain mobile while watching the videos on their smartphones and tablets.


This is why video streaming apps feel more comfortable a choice for today’s dynamic busy bees than any traditional media.


4) The rising Fresh Greentrend


The trend of mobile TV is never going to cease as Forbes research reveals that the mobile traffic will only rise as smartphones rule the world, and that more than half of online videos are watched using smartphone devices.


The trend doesn’t seem to end any time soon since global users now tend to prefer mobile apps like YouTube and Netflix since they were launched. With growing use of mobile devices, it is natural to believe that video streaming apps are here to overwhelm TV trends.


5) No data storage issues


Built with next-gen innovation, the video streaming applications usually relish a great advantage over other video content viewing options as it does not enforce any storage or download hassle.


no data storage issue - video streaming app development


The best part about video streaming app development is that it deciphers the true meaning of streaming, enabling users to experience uninterrupted flow of video content on their screen as it is transmitted without having to save files offline or on devices.


6) The power of social sharing


Socials fuel the dynamics of youthful people who also form the major portion of video streamers across the globe. To keep with the trend, the app can integrate the power of social media so that viewers can share videos globally with individual comments.


The facility of social sharing also helps make your app more popular and usable.


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7) Future-friendly attitude


If we envision the big picture of evolving digital media market, we can easily understand that the video streaming apps are built to survive the future.


live-streaming - video streaming app development


Sports fans are already leveraging YouTube to relive the memorable sports moments by watching best games for years to come. Moreover, Ericsson Mobility Report unveils that the current traffic observed on live streaming apps will continue to rise by more than 50% each year until 2020.


This is enough to infer that video streaming app development is worth investing in since it shows positive future-friendly attitude.


8) Bounteous opportunities for monetization


It is an admissible truth of video streaming mobile app development, or any mobile apps, to drive regular revenues from app services. However, making money from video streaming apps can get tricky if you don’t hit the target and fail to engage the right audience.


With that being a focal point, you can monetize your app in 3 potential ways:

  • Creating a Paid App (Straightforward with good benefits)
  • Freemium (Highly recommended)
  • Ads (works for popular apps)

netflix - video streaming app development

Paid apps will levy some fixed charges to users who download your app from the Google Play or App Store. This straightforward approach seems to be working for certain video streaming apps without having to implement a layered strategy in place.


If you are planning to launch a video streaming app startup, having a freemium model would be the best possible solution. Create a Free version with limited features and encourage opting for premium in-app purchases.


YouTube charges a small amount for watching recent hit movie releases. Netflix and Amazon Prime take a fixed charge after a certain period of free service.


The last method of Ads will show advertisements of your sponsor partner’s business during the live video viewing without spoiling the experience. Apps like YouTube mostly capitalize on Ads that often appear at the start and the middle of the video.



Top rated Video Streaming Apps


1) Amazon Video


Hugely popular, Amazon video can be a great inspiration to consider while creating your own video streaming app. It has variety of payment models with $99 per annum being the most opted for.

The pro is that users have offline saving capability. Subscribers also enjoy the perks of Amazon Prime free shopping and access to Kindle library, music and photos.


2) Netflix


Netflix provides on-demand video streaming experience where viewers can watch variety of movies, TV shows, documentaries on internet-supported devices.


Subscribers have unlimited ad-free access to its content. Its iOS users will now have the smart feature of offline viewing that will automatically delete the episode from the saved list once it is watched.


3) Hulu


Hulu streamlines all the greatest shows from respective network and cables to which users have all the access after it is aired.


Subscribers can even watch the current season of a show or all of its seasons. Hulu in addition is the host of many original shows and interesting programs.


The estimated cost of developing a video streaming app


The overall cost of developing a video streaming app depends on your:

  • App Vision/concept
  • Monetization plan
  • Advanced features
  • Target platforms
  • Business engagement model
  • Region of development


While estimating the final cost, factors like features & functionalities, device platforms and development partner you hire. The cost is highly subject to countries you choose to outsource your business to and company’s resources.


Considering hourly rates, the cost of development varies from $10 to $240. In India and other nearby Asian regions, hourly charges are $10 – $70 whereas USA and AUS usually takes $50 – $240 per hour.


While discussing the cost part with your developers, it is important to first confirm their hourly rate for video streaming app development.


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Mobile users are inherently addicted to speed, exceptional quality and instant fulfillment of needs. Video streaming app development helps address all of these elements especially accommodating young people falling within 16-35.



Make sure you leverage only the latest powerful technology resources to build a video streaming app with advanced features and users-oriented capabilities.


A professional team of app developers at Redbytes can meet the critical needs of your startup business at competitive pricing. You may consult with us to discuss your vision and concept.