How To Develop An App Like Viber For Android?

In 2015 only, nearly 75% of mobile users preferred to use instant messaging apps for quick communication. Because of this, the soaring demand to create a chat app has emerged. One such app that has enhanced the quality of interpersonal communication is Viber. Used by people from all walks of life, Viber is a social networking phenomenon and has amazing features which has made it one of the most celebrated chat apps in the world.

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Many businesses and companies crave apps like Viber in order to deliver messages conveniently, without any time delay. People who loved Viber want more of such sophisticated experience in their daily life to make their personal conversations more delightful and spontaneous. Since the launch of Viber, the technology to create a chat app for Android users has improved in many ways.

Viber’s History of Making

In later days of 2010, Viber was first launched for iPhone, as competition for Skype. Founded by four Israeli partners (Talmon Marco, Igor Megzinik, Sani Maroli and Ofer Smocha), as a part of an Android app development project, the first Android version of Viber was released in May 2011. This was the restricted version, though, with a limited group of users. After receiving the positive response, Viber was then launched for Blackberry and Windows phone in mid 2012. In July, 2012, the first ever unrestricted version was out.

The Success Factors of Viber: Features and Functionality

Viber’s functionality varies depending on the platform where it is installed. Upon installing, it asks to make a user account where phone number is a username. After the installation process, Viber interacts with phone’s local address book, creating a synchronized organization of contacts.

Viber doesn’t require users to log in to the app to communicate through messages, images or voice calls over 3G/4G and Wi-Fi networks. The software works across various popular mobile and desktop platforms, including Mac OS and Microsoft Windows. The software also supports as many as 30 languages.

Developing apps like Viber for Android

The need for real time communication has inspired the growth of Android app development for Android users. Any chat application must be enriched with stunning features to ensure intuitive messaging and sharing experience. Ever since Viber’s launch, technologies have transformed a lot and now enables spontaneous conversations as expected by today’s users.

As more and more creative updates are introduced in chat apps, it is possible for developers to develop similar apps that improve chat communication standards every time. Each app that ends up in app store has unique attributes and personalized architecture made to amaze its users.

Technologies for Instant Messaging Apps


It is the superiors programming language used by many high-rated real-time chat apps (Whatsapp, Wechat, etc). It is a general purpose language that enables Android app development for instant messaging apps with great usability and intuitive user experience.


It is the best easily available chat app creator with reliable scalability. One can replicate multiple datacentres using it and it provides ease to restrict local data outage instances.

Amazon Simple Storage Service:

Amazon cloud storage instils true power to real-time instant messaging apps. Amazon S3 offers secure and scalable cloud storage for data objects and makes the app accessible from everywhere.

Ideal Features of Most Desirable Chat App

The success mantra behind real-time instant chat app lies in its ability to serve users something they desire or something they never really expected. Touching the right sentiment and creating a finest appeal of chat communication is what makes such apps special among users. To create a chat app like Viber, one must make sure it will not just be about serving the purpose of text messages since these users have mature tastes and love surprises in form of unforeseen features and unique approach.

Some of the ideal traits that can make your chat app perform best would be:


Real-time chat app is the most preferable communication option among today’s folks because of its prompt message delivery. Therefore the app must offer instant connectivity for users.

Quality conversations:

One-on-one and group conversations must be enabled in any modern instant messaging app. The group talk should have the capability to offer quality conversations and convenience to share documents, multimedia files, location details, audio message, and contacts.

Security standards:

Android app development team must focus on providing high security in chat application so that users can rely on the app without having concerns about losing their privacy or data to any third party.

Voice and video calling:

Viber, WhatsApp and Skype lets users avail voice calling services; skype had video calling since the beginning. Team video/voice call, conference talk are some of the features that set business standards in the app and enhance communication experience, making it scalable and more usable.

Presence and availability:

The chat must be laced with clear presence indicators, which is the requirement for any instant communication chat. The different presence status that signal the availability of users are: Online, offline, away, On Break, Busy, In meeting, Be back in, etc.

Search options:

The presence of search functionality enables users to look for conversations of recent past. It gives easy access to specific contacts or their conversations based on shared numbers and facts.

Favourite list:

To create a chat app means giving the users power to do more. By adding an option of gathering friends in favourite list, users can enjoy even more personalized experience.


this is the most prominent feature of any instant chat app as it allows users to create their virtual profile with personal details, image and an elaborate stylish status.


When it comes to creating an instant messaging chat app like Viber, the ideas can be endless. You can do as much as you think in your app. You can find the best Android app development team that understands the concept of developing a real-time chat app thoroughly and have proven experience in the area. It can be a business purpose app or an app that is intended for personal/social conversations with elaborate features and high-quality functionality. You can also make it a fusion of both. No matter what your approach is, the app must turn out to be an intuitive experience for users and engage them in fastest and most personalized communication ever.