Top 10 Skills in Demand For Software Developers

With the hope of new positions opening in the space of web development, cyber-security and mobile app development, the competition for software engineers to claim the dream spot will also increase. To keep up with the competition we give you the Top 10 software developer skills in 2023.


To grab the favorite opportunity, developers need to be certified in specialized skills. We have found that, apart from skills in Java, Python, JavaScript and C# still maintaining the top positions, there are certain other skills that have emerged as popular in 2023 such as Amazon AWS and React.js.



Driven by global organizations and startups, the IT landscape in 2023 also demands developers to hone their craft in Machine Learning and AI.


Here is the list of top 10 skills we believe are in high demand for software developer in 2023.


1. Mobile Application Development

Mobile app development industry is currently at its peak. With new technologies and evolved capabilities innovating the global business system, mobile app developers have a lot to gain.


Just like past few years, software developer will continue to be in demand henceforth provided they have fluent and competitive skills in programing languages.


Based on the latest annual report by Stack Overflow, a few famous in-demand IT skills in 2023 are:

  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Python
  • Objective C
  • C#
  • .NET
  • Swift
  • Amazon Web Services
  • ReactJS


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2. Creative Practices in UI/UX Design

Seemingly appearing to be same, UI and UX are slightly different concepts altogether high in demand today.


Designers who craft interface for websites and mobile apps focus on enhancing visual appeal and simple navigation flow while UX specialists perform a lot of tests and mull over diverse aspects of ensuring perfect interaction and intuitive user experience.


UI suits those who wish to work on the visual layers and layout while trying to improve the look and feel of the product.


UX is perfect for those who want to mix graphic design creativity with analytical testing while coordinating with UI designers and developers.


3. Familiarity with AI and Machine Learning

The idea of intelligently manage a variety of human tasks involved in a range of industry processes forms the core of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.


The current scenario, however, indicates little understanding about the role of AI implementations and how ML (Machine Learning) can actually impact business productivity and cost-effectiveness.


AI as a futuristic technology offers a great value to overall project management, which presents a bounty of fresh opportunities for young developers who wish to enrich their portfolio by adding familiarity with AI and ML.


4. AR Apps Design and Development

Augmented Reality has sobered to be valued more as educational and training purpose than its initial reputation of gaming and entertainment.


In last few years, since score of companies have dived into developing hardware and software features to integrate AR, developers who are competent in conceptualizing, designing and building apps using interactive APIs have grown to be great in demand.


5. Special Exposure in Data Analytics & Science

It goes without saying how businesses and organization of various niches come to realize the value of compiling, monitoring and processing data from customer engagement to develop personalized and relevant solutions.


From finance, banking & insurance to eCommerce & healthcare, companies are willing to invest their fortune in hiring the best talent in this domain.


This is the reason why data scientists and analysts skilled in Big Data and Machine Learning have become the most sought-after resources in modern industries.

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6. Specialized Knowledge in Cybersecurity

The need for having better security solutions in the world of state-of-the-art digital solutions has never been more urgent especially after the recent instances of system vulnerability and security threats.


Enterprise companies, partners and stakeholders are all growing more insistent on cyber security reinforcement and emphasize on protecting the data flowing through their existing networks.


To help companies, IT security specialists with relevant expertise will be constantly hired.


7. Excellence in SaaS & Cloud Computing

In 2023, cloud computing and SaaS (Software as a Service) are still among the top skills, software developer need to master.


In order to stand out with exceptional talent, software developer ought to respect the importance of learning skills across entire cloud stack including Amazon AWS, virtualized capabilities, Microsoft Hyper-V, IPv6 and other private cloud hosting services along with DevOps.


8. Adoption of Digital Transformation & IoT

Implementing digital platforms across various processes of an organization is the skill considered to be high in demand. IoT sets the goal right for today’s avid mobile app developers, who must make it a part of their characteristics to adapt to upcoming trends and innovations of rising technologies.


According to visionary Tech market leaders and analysts, IoT is predicted to be the most formidable technology with IoT apps already contributing to transforming the business paradigm.


Despite the volatility in technology space, developers who are enthusiastic about learning new launches will be among the successful survivors.


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9. Enthusiasm for Coding and Engineering

Since the technology industry revolves around extensive coding and engineering creatives, it has become indispensable for tech companies and IT leaders to employ software engineers.


It is all about how well you execute what you have learned to build high-quality and capable solutions and apps.


There is an enormous future scope for developers who can apply technically flawless and concise code stream to make the business logic work digitally.


10. Flair for Programming Languages

JavaScript, Python, Swift, .NET are some of the hot famous multi-purpose versatile languages developers must get their hands on.


If you aspire to propel your career as a professional software engineer or senior programmer and have long-term goals, these languages will help you reach desired destination with power.


You can develop scalable systems, automate processes, stream line data management and more using these trending languages of 2023.

Our Cognitive Take on Future Trends


We have created the list of top 10 skills in demand for software developer in 2023 based on comprehensive research and industry experience. Of course, it is impossible to perfectly predict the skills guaranteed to grow popular in future.


But from the market buzz about what fades and what stay is generally the perception of trends and prevalent instincts about technologies in use.


It is therefore wise to have an adaptive attitude towards fluid ecosystem of digital technologies and shifting requirements in skills. Conclusively, to survive the tentative landscape of digital solutions provider, software developer must adopt the versatile training and education model that encourages flexible skills.

9 Skills you Need to Become a Hireable iOS Developer

When it comes to choosing a right career path, generally there are three things aspirants look for- decent pay, job satisfaction, and superior growth & learning opportunities in the future. Well, there is no such rule actually. For some, challenging profiles could be a priority and some might get attracted to flexible working hours.


hire mobile app developers


Even in smart phones, Apple leads others, as usual. iPhones and iPads are arguably ruling the mobile industry and iOS is the operating system. Hence, being a master at iOS app development can secure a bright future for you as they are high in demand and every tech companies welcome brilliant and highly skilled iOS developers with open hands.

Here, in this post, we have discussed 9 skills that an iOS developer must have.


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1. The Swift 3.0 programming language


Just like a cricketer should know how to catch, you need to know Swift 3.0 if you want to be an iOS developer. It is a programming language that is owned by Apple to develop iOS mobile applications.

The Swift 3.0 is the universal language that is used for all iOS mobile app developments. At the initial level, you don’t need to go deep into it, you need to have a basic understanding of the language and its functionalities such as:

  • Basic Syntax
  • Classes, Inheritance & Initialization
  • Objective-C Interoperability
  • Control Flow (If and Switch Statements)
  • Error Handling
  • Optionals


2. Apple’s Xcode IDE


It is another thing that you should be the master at. Xcode IDE is the real reason that makes the app excellent and offers magnificent user experience. It is said that it takes from concept to code to customers.

It is highly integrated with Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks and it is a primary environment to build apps for various Apple devices such as Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch.

It also helps a developer to enable different Apple service such as Passbook and Game Changer too. For an iOS developer, you need to have a thorough understanding of Apple’s Xcode IDE.


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3. Spatial Reasoning


Spatial reasoning is one of the key aspects of developing an app. It is all about thinking from an app user’s point of view and how a user will interact and use the app. You need to think out-of-the-box to make the end user feel good and satisfied while using the app.

By thinking logically as a user, you will be able to design an interface and add functionalities that are more accessible, comprehensive and useful for the user. You need to envision it to make more meaningful and useful apps.


4. Design Guidelines


What Apple users love about different Apple devices is their intuitiveness that literally lures them to buy Apple products. To attain this, there are specific guidelines and defined procedures to follow to create iOS apps. .

During your training program at an iOS app development company, you need to learn how to build such phenomenal apps while sticking to the Apple design guidelines. Once you have developed this art, you will be able to create miracles.


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5. UI and UX design experience


Both UI and UX is related to the design of a mobile app or a web app but functions slightly vary. UI is based on theb look of the app and UX depends on how the user uses the app. Effective execution of UI/UX design in the making of a mobile app can create a drastic change to its entire look which inturn engages more users.


Thus, an iOS developer should be well trained on design concepts and should have the capability to produce intriguing and appealing UI/UX design for any mobile app they create.


6. Apple Human Interface Guidelines


You should be well-versed with Apple Human Interface Guidelines that will make your iOS app developing journey smooth and simple. These guidelines help an app developer to come up with apps that have superior visuals, maximum impact and reach and stupendous user experience.


7. Networking


Get familiar with JSON- JavaScript Object Notation to understand how data are sent and received over web or networking. It is a simple and standard format for data interchange and being an iOS developer, you need to learn it.


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8. Core Data


For a user, it is quite frustrating when the app they use frequently, does not save the data and they have to start from scratch every single time they use the app. Core Data removes this problem by storing data on Apple’s devices.


9. Grand Central Dispatch


We all love apps that are simultaneous in nature. Generally, an app does many tasks simultaneously such as gathering data from the internet, understanding human inputs, displaying data and many more.


For Apple devices, it is actually Grand Central Dispatch that makes it happen. It is also termed as GCD and it gives users a seamless and smooth experience.



So if you want to be a successful professional in iOS app development, aforementioned concepts will work wonders for you.

Remember, iOS developer is not just a mere app developer, they are much more than that. At every phase of the app development, you will be playing a crucial role. From requirement gathering for client’s business needs to planning and development stage to designing a seamless and scalable user interface to coding and integrations, it is your responsibility to ensure that everything goes like a smooth sailing.

There are so many online technical classes available that offer high-quality and thoroughly iOS app development training. You can enroll for it and be a master at the craft.

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