How Much Does It Cost To Hire An App Developer?

cost to hire an app developer

The application market is proliferating day by day. Be it ordering a cab or food, tracking your health, playing games, or communicating with your friends through social media. Moreover, mobile applications have been growing for years now. Mobile applications are having a big impact on people throughout the world, mostly the youth.


Mobile apps have turned out to be one of the most beneficial options for business, sales, and marketing points of view as well. A mobile app for your business provides you the exclusive opportunity to ensure that you reach them quickly in this digital era. Mobile apps have evolved into a dominant form of digital interaction. Since businesses from around the globe offer a wide range of goods and services, entrepreneurs have begun migrating from the physical world of leaflet distribution and printing ads to the world of mobile technology.

When you’re establishing a business and want to develop a mobile app, the first thing that comes to mind is, “how much does it cost to hire an app developer?”


Hiring an app developer in today ’s marketplace seems to be more difficult than coming up with a fantastic app concept since so many aspects come into the equation like“how much does it cost to hire an app developer”


We have covered all the key point related to hiring an highly skilled app developer and how much does it cost in this post.


The Main Factors Influencing The Cost Of App Developers


1. Qualifications and Skills

It’s simply about where the developer got their education, and what skills they possess. The more skills, the more expensive it will cost you per hour. Since some of these skills are equivalent such as UI/UX and do not often influence the hourly rate of the mobile app developer but hiring a full stack developer to cover several phases of development can have a substantial impact on the hourly pricing.


2. Experience

Obviously, a developer who has years of experience and positive reviews will charge more per hour than one who has just graduated from his or her respective course. Even though it is not directly related to the quality of the work, it is still significant to consider experience when determining the cost of hiring.


3. Geographic location

Among the most important variables that impact hourly rates is geographical location. It is heavily influenced by the standard of living, cost of living, and the saturation of the labor market in the country. We will notice that American coders can be six times more expensive than Indian coders when we compare the amount app developers charge per hour in the USA with that of India.


4. Tech Stack

It is also important to take into account the specific tech stack you are seeking when determining the cost per hour. Since the IT market is flexible and quick to adapt, programmers quickly occupy in-demand niches, but hiring developers who specialize in more rare technologies (whether it’s programming languages or frameworks) tends to be more expensive.


5. Complexity

The Complexity of the app also influences the cost. Developers usually prefer to stick to patterns that they are familiar with and do not like to break from their comfort zones while some others enjoy challenges, but most of the time, it affects the rate.


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Comparing The Costs Of Hiring Android, iOS, And Cross-Platform App Developers


When analysing mobile app development cost per hour, we can’t ignore the iOS vs. Android conversation. Do you choose iOS, Android, or a Cross-Platform alternative for your company, and how does this affect the cost?


Statistics show that Android apps outnumber iOS apps four to one, mostly because of their flexibility, ease of publishing, and the number of users. iOS platforms, on the other hand, are highly renowned for its performance, user experience, and compatibility with Apple products. It is wise to develop a cross-platform application if you want to engage both audiences.


Based on the common opinion, the average cost of hiring an app developer for an iOS application is cheaper than that of an Android application due to the shorter development period. Besides the difference in screen sizes, Android’s primary language (Java) is larger than Swift’s (iOS), and the testing environment for iOS is more effective and sufficient. Since the coding is so simple, the app developer’s hourly rate decreases.


The Cost Of Various Hiring Options


Hire a Freelancer

Considering the price, freelancers might seem like a perfect option. In comparison with other options, freelancers are certainly more budget-friendly, with their hourly rates ranging from $20 (coding professionals in China and India) to $120 (coding professionals in the US). The range of hourly rates is very broad so everyone can find developers to fulfill their requirements.


You must take into account both the hourly fee and the entire cost of hiring a mobile app developer, which includes the impediments you will inevitably have when hiring them when you go it alone.


Hiring Using a Recruiting Agency

If you go with this option, you can save time and effort since the recruiting agency will do all of the work for you, picking a considerable pool of applicants from whom you may hire your developer. This would require the developer to charge an hourly rate plus paying an agency for its services.


One notable downside to this approach is the agency’s lack of strong technical understanding, which is inconvenient to non-technical CEOs.


Hiring through an outstaffing company

Outstaffing companies may not seem like a budget-friendly option, but when you choose one, you are choosing a high-quality partner who will not only help you find developers for your company but can also assist you with technical issues. The final cost is usually the sum of a per-hour rate plus a markup. With that price, you get a seasoned developer without having to go through the hiring process, and after the project is complete, the developer can be dismissed without any issues.


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How To Hire Low-Cost Mobile App Developers


Knowing just what an app developer costs per hour is useful for SMEs and medium-sized enterprises looking to enhance their restricted budget. In such instances, simply knowing the rates is insufficient.


Mentioned below are a few tips which will help you hire a developer for an affordable price:


1. Do in-depth marketplace research to determine the pay rates for mobile app development.

While conducting an interview during the hiring process, you will need to know how the candidate’s desired wage compares to the average market rate. Getting to know the developer’s average wage is also important when evaluating the project’s projected budget.


2. Find the ideal tech stack for estimating a mobile app developer’s hourly rate.

Technical credentials have an impact on hiring costs, so it’s important to decide on them as soon as possible. This way, you will have a better understanding of how much a tech stack costs so you will not have to pay extra for unnecessary features. Also, you should decide which platform to use for your application.


3. Make use of staff augmentation services.

You can use staff augmentation companies to design an application if you only need a developer for a short period of time. Having a higher hourly rate may seem expensive at first glance, but when sick leave, vacation time, and the provision of essential equipment are taken into account, the benefits outweigh the price. In addition, the long-term cost will be lower.


4. Offshoring may be a good option for lowering app developers hiring costs.

A great advantage of offshoring for companies looking to save money without sacrificing product quality is that the costs vary widely from country to country. You can easily hire an app developer with high qualifications and a more experienced developer, to begin with, and you also might be able to hire him for a longer period of time. Overall, this is an excellent deal.


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App Developer Hourly Rates Vary By Geographical Regions


We have previously discussed how diverse development rates may be highly reliant on geographical regions. In this section, we’d like to look more closely at the pricing in various places. North and South America, Europe, and Asia are the most popular locations for hiring developers but all of them are not the cheapest.

Pricing listed below are estimates for companies, not freelance app developers, for whom prices might be considerably cheaper. You might well be attracted to choose the cheaper alternative, but you don’t want to compromise on quality.


1. North America – It is one of the most costly app development regions in the world. This is why companies there demand higher rates, ranging from $130 to $200 per hour, as compared to a freelancer charging $60 per hour.


2. Australia – Among the regions with the most expensive app development prices, Australia is second with a price range of $120-160 per hour, whereas freelance app development costs $60 per hour.


3. South America – Regional app development charges in South America range from $60 to 130 per hour, with freelancing services starting at $20.


4. European Union and the UK – You can get app development services for $60-160 per hour in the EU and the UK, but you can also get them for as little as $40 per hour from individual freelance app developers.


5. Eastern Europe – It costs $40-130 per hour to develop an app in Eastern Europe, whereas it costs $20-30 to hire a freelance app developer.


6. Asia – The cheapest region for app development is Asia with countries like India, Vietnam, and Indonesia costing around $20 per hour on average for app development services. Countries like China used to be cheaper, but now the hourly rate there is $30 whereas Singapore and South Korea costs around $30-35 for the services.


Most Affordable Place To Hire An App Developer


It is well known that India has a vast pool of talent in IT sector, including many app developers for both iOS and Android. Hiring in India may be quite cost effective if done correctly. The expenses of app development vary based on a variety of aspects, including those stated above. The trick is to find out the right partner to accompany you on your way to progress. The best app development company in India can build the best application for your established company or fresh startup. Since Indian companies are fair with pricing and also the best in the industry, clients are no longer concerned about mobile app development costs in India after consultation. Count on them for all their app development needs, regardless of size, sector or location.


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Conclusion –

When hiring an app developer, every business owner and entrepreneur strives for the appropriate balance between quality and cost. A developer’s location and level of expertise can have a significant impact on the cost. Therefore, you may want to consider hiring app developers from places like India or Indonesia, where developer rates are low.


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