Top Mobile App Development Companies in Manchester

We are at 2021 and the IT sector is booming throughout the world. New innovations and technology are being introduced almost every month.


Around the world developers and IT experts are conducting studies, experiments in order to bring more and more advanced technological innovations which are aimed towards enhancing the overall quality of life.


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In today’s world, mobile apps have a very significant role to play in our lives. Whether you want to book your film tickets, reserve a restaurant table or play a game, mobile apps you can to do just about anything.


This management of different aspects of mobile applications is what makes them usable and efficient. In order to achieve this goal, the contribution of any mobile app development company aggregates towards the success of the application.


Not only do they keep working on new projects, but they also need to make sure that the older ones are functioning effectively.


If you are looking to develop a mobile application and are based out of Manchester, then there are several companies which can help you to develop the same.


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The idea is to align your overall goals with the best possible app developing company that can help you reach them.


Top Mobile App Development Companies in Manchester


Here are some of the top mobile app companies that you can partner with.


1) Redbytes Software

redbytes - mobile app development companies

Redbytes Software is one of the top android app development companies in Manchester. Their technical team consists of experienced developers and app creators who constantly experiment with upcoming technologies that assist them in developing top-notch mobile applications.


With around 100-150 employees and a portfolio of about 350+ mobile applications designed and developed; Redbytes Software is undoubtedly one of the top mobile app development companies in Manchester.


As a leading mobile app development company, they are committed to delivering the best quality work at reasonable rates. This company specializes in android app development, app designing, iOS app development, IoT development, Digital Marketing, AI and VR marketing.


Their deliverables are at par with some of the best in the country which undoubtedly positions them as one of the best mobile app development company in Manchester.


2) Hyperlink Infosystem

Hyperlink - mobile app development companies

One of the best mobile app development companies in Manchester is none but Hyperlink Infosystem. They have an experienced and talented group of developers who work with the most advanced set of tools and resources to make sure that your application has taken the best form possible.


With a team of 50-200 employees who have been assigned different responsibilities, their end goal is to combine segregated effort to design and develop a successful mobile app.


Apart from developing an app, Hyperlink Infosystem can also fulfil most of your IT demands. They use a different set of methodologies which allows them to create some of the most versatile apps in the market.


Hyperlink Infosystem specialize in many domains but are most sought after for their wearable app development, VR app development, UI-IX design, AR and IoT app development.


3) AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. Ltd


appsquad - mobile app development companies

This is one of the fastest growing mobile app development companies in Manchester since its inception in 2011. AppSquadz Technologies consists of a versatile and experienced team of developers who have taken the company forward year on year.


The company has over 100+ employees today who are work in collaboration to make sure that the projects are executed and completed on time. These are highly trained and experienced developers who are not afraid to experiment with new age ideas.


4) SemiDot Infotech


semidot - mobile app development companies

With more than 6 years of experience in the mobile app development industry, SemiDot Infotech is quickly emerging as a stiff contender as one of the key mobile app development companies to look out for in the future.


They provide high-quality Mobile and Web software solutions to the businesses across sectors. With 40+ highly skilled and professional developers, the company has helped several clients around the globe.


SemiDot Infotech employs highly qualified app developers and engineers. They work consistently to make sure that every app meets their outlined brief, objective and goal.


The company’s key services include Mobile App Development, Website Development, Software Development, Web Designing, E-commerce Development and also Blockchain Technology.


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5) Corporation Pop


Corporation Pop is certainly one of the top mobile app development company in Manchester. The company helps businesses and brands by providing original, engaging and highly efficient applications that allow their clients to communicate and reach out to their customers effectively.


The team of developers work closely with their clients which gives them the opportunity to get an idea about the needs and requirements of their customers.


With the assistance of customized designs, on-time development and glitch-free delivery and Corporation Pop is unquestionably an app development company that you can depend on for great results.


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6) Apadmi


Established by a group of IT developers in 2009, Apadmi is now one of the top companies for over a decade now. The company consists of 50-60 developers who work hard to ensure that all their client’s requirements are fulfilled.


The development team are keen to take up challenges and believe in suggesting to their customers about which new technology will help them to generate more revenue, provide a competitive advantage and at the same time how to build a better profit margin.


Their field of specialization includes Big Data, IoT development, UI-UX design and also mobile app development. They provide you with an all-round solution for all your e-business plan.


7) Nodes




Nodes is undoubtedly a very popular mobile app development company in Manchester for the last 11 years. Nodes maintains a strong team of mobile strategists, app developers and web designers who work in tandem to help brands design and create brilliant mobile apps with standout features.


They focus lied on customer experience. At Nodes, you will be able to get the best UI-UX design which is both intuitive and user-friendly. They always use top quality methodologies to make sure that your app development undergoes a smooth process.


8) CTI Digital


CTI Digital

Functioning for more than a decade in the mobile app development industry, CTI Digital is one of the first and most successful mobile app development company in Manchester.


They have more than 200+ employees who are serving several clients not only from Manchester but also from around the globe.


With the help of the best open source technologies, CTI Digital works to build an app that has contains the features and specifications that you require.


The developers are highly trained which makes them some of the best brains in the industry to work on. The company also provides comprehensive support to various other development projects.


Some of the top services they provide include Branding, E-commerce Technology, Mobile App Development, SEO, UI-UX Development, etc.


9) Desap


Founded almost 6 years back in Manchester, Desap has quickly grown to be a popular choice for businesses as an app development company.


The team of developers, strategists and designers at Desap work with passion to make sure that your ideas are turned into reality. Their customers are 100% satisfied because of their dedication and hard work apart for the meeting expectations of on-time delivery.


Desap brings the latest innovations and technologies to shape quality mobile apps. Their development process and strategy are the representation of the smart usage of modern day technology.


10) Dreamr

Dreamr - mobile app development companies


Dreamr is without any doubt one of the most popular mobile app development companies in the city of Manchester. Dreamr is an award-winning app development agency which was established in 2014.


They have gained a formidable reputation for their excellence and extensive contribution to the mobile app and wearable technology segment. Their team of web designers also works closely to make sure that their client expectations are fully met.


Dreamr is one of those companies who have been working to spread more innovation and positivism around the world with their thought-provoking apps and other new age driven products.


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Closing Thought


All of these companies have created a reputable space for themselves in the mobile app segment.


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With such an informed guide handy, the need to find a reliable agency to develop your mobile app in Manchester has certainly become a streamlined process.