Top Mobile App Development Companies in UK 2023

In 2019, mobile solutions have become one of the biggest factors in the success of a business. It is a well-known fact that developing a quality mobile app is no mean feat.


On the contrary, it involves a hectic and long-drawn process. Therefore, you will always need a team of good developers who are willing to work with you through every step of the process, giving your concept its ultimate result.


mobile app development


To expand your business and generate more revenue, it is vital that you invest in a mobile app as that is the demand of modern day businesses. If you’ve not done your research, then it will be hard to find a good development company who will be able to execute this.


In the UK, there are several such agencies that are highly qualified and adept at developing mobile apps. Here is a list of some of the top mobile app development companies in the UK who can help you build the app you want. Take a look.


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Best Mobile App Development Companies In UK


Here is the list of Top 10 mobile app development companies of the UK which can help you in creating a brand new mobile application in 2023.


1) Redbytes Software

redbytes - mobile app development companies in uk

 In the last few years, Redbytes has managed to build a stronghold with a massive team of 150+ employees. This includes talented designers, developers, coders, etc. who are eager to experiment with new age digital technologies to build innovative applications that are trendsetters in their respective domains.


Redbytes UK is quickly reaching for the summit of being of the good mobile app development companies in the UK. Building their niche through a host of core capabilities like IoT App Development, Firebase Development Services, Android App Development and iOS App Development, Redbytes have sealed their position in the market pretty firmly.


The apps developed by this team have been acknowledged as some of the highest performing applications across industries especially when it comes to features such as customer engagement and location-based services, online food delivery, taxi booking, e-learning and many more.


Some of their most sought after services –include Android App Development, eCommerce Development, iPhone App Development, hybrid apps, react native apps etc.


So if you are looking for the best mobile app development companies in the UK, then Redbytes can be your first choice in many instances.


2) 21Twelve Interactive

21Twelve-Interactive - mobile app development companies in uk

21Twelve Interactive is one of the renowned agencies working in the mobile app development industry in the UK. They provide a range of services in business transformation and project management.


21Twelve Interactive also works closely in the field of management, integration, development and designing of mobile applications. They have a team of more than 50+ highly qualified developers who are way ahead of their game when it comes to app productivity enhancements.


3) Intelivita

intelivitia - mobile app development companies in uk


Intelivita is a leading mobile and web application agency that is functioning both in the UK and India. With more than 100+ projects successfully completed, the team has gained significant experience and exposure in the industry.


There are no arguments that when it comes to mobile app development, they have certainly made their mark in the top 10. Intelivita’s core competencies are based on building an application which comes with real-time updates and constant customer support.


Their range of services includes Augmented Reality App Development, Game Development, Mobile App Development and Virtual Reality App Development.


Their key to success has been strategic planning and implementation of modern tools and technologies that offer some of the best possible features.


4) Brightec

brightec - mobile app development companies in uk

Founded in the year 2006, Brightec is a top mobile app development company in the UK. Their top class services have made them so popular that they now have offices in Brighton and Amsterdam.


Their customer service approach is heavily based on business understanding, user experience design and technology. Brightec helps businesses to evaluate and build a strong strategy that will help them cater to the requirements of their customers in the long run.


The experts at Brightec offers immersive UI and UX experience to all their customers. They will work closely with you to understand all your requirements. Their field of specialization includes Mobile Application Development, Technical Teams Build and UI & UX design.


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5) Pocket App

Pocket-Logo - mobile app development companies in uk


Pocket App is an independent UI and UX mobile app development company. For the past five years, the agency has been working closely with several clients to help them develop top quality mobile apps that are feature driven.


With more than 250+ completed projects from prestigious companies not only in the UK but also from the global sphere, Pocket App can help you to turn your ideas into reality.


Some of the projects and products of the Pocket App has also received several accolades around the globe. Their collaborative approach through multi-layered teams to build an app by understanding your needs and requirements provides you with 100% satisfaction.


Pocket App’s main area of expertise includes Mobile App Development, Pre Design Services, Web Design and Web Development.


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6) Intellectsoft

intellectsoft-logo - mobile app development companies in uk

Working with some of the top Fortune 500 companies surely gives you an edge over other agencies, right? Intellectsoft is, therefore one of the top mobile app development companies in the UK.


Their highly qualified and experienced developers work towards providing world-class IT engineering and mobile app development solutions to several clients.


The agency has learnt to successfully cultivate the adoption of new technologies which has allowed them to solve several key issues by finding the most efficient solution always.


Intellectsoft has five dedicated labs that largely deals with Cognitive Computing, AR & VR design, Decentralized Applications, Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Premier Customer Experience (CX).


7) Hedgehog Lab



Hedgehog Lab has been previously awarded “Newcastle Business Awards: Outstanding Performance in International Growth” and is one of the most successful mobile development agency in the UK today.


Established in the year of 2007, the agency has worked for more than 200+ global software consultant firms and businesses to develop apps for their respective business.


With their headquarters in London, they have branches across three continents now catering to a more global client base. Their professional and proactive approach has launched them into the ranks of one of the top emerging brands in the United Kingdom.


8) Magora



With more than 50+ trained and talented developers, Magora is the agency you will go to if you like new innovations and progressive ideas.


In 2017, Magora was awarded the “Business of Apps: Top UK Mobile App Developers 2017”. This tells you volumes about this top mobile app development companies in the UK.


Their team’s project management skills are some of the best in the industry. All the development related to your project will be carried out with total transparency.


Majora’s timeliness, full-time support and encouraging team members will not fail to make their mark on you. They have already done some very notable work and have immense potential to do more.


9) The Distance

distance logo


A really quirky name for a mobile app development company, right? But, Distance is a promising and quickly emerging mobile app development company in the UK.


The company’s timeline can be extended back to the time when the first iPhone was launched and since then they have efficiently assisted numerous customers with realising their mobile app visions.


Some of their popular services include Android App Development, App Consultancy, App Design and also iOS Development. The very first priority of the teamwork here is to make sure that their customers get the best services from them without any comprise.


10) Zudu


A pioneer in the digital and mobile app development industry in the UK, Zudu always has had the flair for developing their core competencies in a progressive fashion.


Their team of developers are trained and capable of managing several different projects related to various fields of specializations including Digital Marketing, Ideation and Consultancy, Mobile App Design and Development and Web Design.


They’ve always worked with the latest technologies, tools and innovative technical solutions. For more than a few years Zudu has managed to attract several customers from across a variety of industries and sectors.


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When developing mobile apps your first choice would always be to go to the best vendor. However, there are several key parameters that will determine who you ultimately give the contract to.


mobile app development


If the best is out of reach, there are still a number of reliable agencies that have done great work in this domain.