How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Social Media App?

The tech-savvy is no stranger to social media apps. Today, almost everyone owns an account on all popular social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to name a few.


Social media apps are of different types: social network apps, media sharing apps, discussion forums, blogging platforms, anonymous social networking and interest-centric apps. With additional features being added and consistent upgrading using the latest technologies, the possibilities that social media app offers have immensely widened. From platforms for purely social networking, they have grown to serve different purposes with communication as the key.

With businesses moving from traditional to social media platforms, start-ups and small businesses no longer have to run around spending hefty amounts on advertisements to reach their target audience. Also, large businesses can continue their stint, but in digital mode. If you have observed, you will realise how social media has blurred the line between personal and professional. Take a brand for an example. A brand’s social media page gives more information about its products and services than any brochure or a salesperson can. With visuals and captions that seem more personal than just having selling intent, it piques the interest of people.


Seeing how businesses are leveraging social media apps, many mobile app development companies have already ventured into business-related social media app development. This includes creating custom apps as well as features supporting existing social media apps, like chatbots, private messaging, etc.


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From a business perspective, what do social media apps offer? Let us see.


Build relationships:– Grow your network and find more opportunities. Connect with mentors who can guide you in your professional journey or customers who are likely to use your products and services.


Share what you know: – Social media is a great place to share what you know and learn something new at the same time. When you share content based on your knowledge, you will be able to connect with like-minded people and also build credibility.


Improve visibility:– Visibility is an essential factor for any business and social media apps offer more chances to make yourself or your brand known. Share good quality content that people would see and share and also engage with other people’s content.


Curate content:– You can see tonnes of info on social media – both relevant and irrelevant. You can use the apps to curate the topics of your interest and use the information to educate yourself.


Know what is trending:– Social media apps are a great place to keep up with the latest trends in real time. Social media is transparent and you can see unfiltered customer-brand interactions, giving you an idea of what they need and what they dislike. Then there are social media activities – popular hashtag trends, for example, that give you an insight into the latest industry trends.


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Most social media apps come with analytics features, where you will be able to see statistics on the performance of posts and user engagement. This gives you an idea of what to change in your strategy and what else you need to do.


Better customer service: – Social media has the benefit of connecting with everyone, especially through comments or messages. So, you get real-time or direct feedback from your customers, helping you address concerns and improve your service at a faster pace.


What is happening in the social media app market?


Statistics of July 2022 say that there more than half (59%) of the world use social media apps today, which amounts to 4.70 billion people. And in the last 12 months, 227 million new users have come online. The growth is indeed exponential when you compare it with the 2.07 billion users in 2015.


Social media usage had slowed down at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown period, owing to the user behaviour changes influenced by the pandemic and its aftereffects. But when comparing the last two years, there has been a tremendous increase in digital and online activities.

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77% of marketers have found marketing their business through social media apps highly effective. However, 37% agree that the adaptive changes in strategy thanks to the pandemic have made the use of social media marketing less effective than intended.


Facebook continues to remain in the top spot as the most preferred social media app with over 2.94 billion active users in 2022. The second most popular platform is YouTube with 2.48 billion active users amounting to 84% of Facebook users. WhatsApp, Instagram and TikTok are the next on the list of popular social media platforms as of 2022.


The social media app industry has been rapidly flourishing over the last few years. As per reports of 2022, the social media app market generates total revenue of $43.39 billion and this is expected to further increase at a CAGR of 23.4% by 2028. The main reason for the increase in revenue is that 40% of internet users across the globe use social media for work purposes.


All the statistics point out one thing – now is the best time to invest in social media app development. If you still have doubts, the following statistics in 2022 might convince you.


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Revenue from in-app purchase-based social media apps is expected to reach $15.54 billion in soon, whereas the paid app revenue in the social media app industry is expected to grow to $0.03billion. Also, the revenue through business advertising on social media is expected to reach $27.82 billion.


In short with the increase in new users, the social media app industry will continue thriving.


Factors influencing the continuous growth of the social media app market



The main factors that are reasons for the consistent growth in the social media app industry are the following:

  • 5G technology
  • Easy to access in-app purchase features in the social media app
  • Increase in investment in providing in-stream ad-free features
  • Increase in demand for social networking apps with free gaming subscriptions
  • The rise in popularity of live streaming and OTT platforms
  • The growing popularity of social commerce


Factors influencing the cost of social media app development


As much as people are aware of the business benefits social media apps offer, they are still lacking in terms of deep knowledge about the apps as well as the costs of developing a social media app.


In terms of app development, social media apps generally have a three-tier architecture comprising backend, database and mobile client. However, the functionalities and elements of the apps can vary based on the purpose.


Similarly, the following factors influence the cost of social media app development:


Target audience and platforms

While planning to develop a social media app, the first thing to consider is your target audience. Think of whom the app intends to serve and what features will grab their attention. For this, you will need to understand the problems of the audience and come up with functionalities that provide effective solutions. You can do this by gathering data and deeply analysing the audience persona.


As you figure out your target audience, you will have an idea of the target platforms as well. You will learn more about the preferred platforms- iOS, Android or Windows. And when you find the answer, you will be able to decide on whether you just have to develop the app for just one platform or go for cross-platform development. All these factors you consider will have a direct influence on the cost of social media app development.


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Complexity of features and functionalities

The app development cost varies based on the complexity of features and functionalities of social media apps. The generally found features of social media apps include the following: user registration, newsfeed, user profile with editing options, in-app messaging, and options to upload and share posts, images, and videos.


Apart from these, there might even be some additional features that are specific to the apps based on their purpose. Some of these features include image filters, live video streaming, chat, multi-language support, in-app purchases, etc. The app development cost will increase with the increase in complexity of these functionalities.


Custom UI and animations

A visually appealing user interface and additional features like animations can have a positive effect on user engagement in any app. Implementing a custom user interface is a complex task and therefore, the cost can go up based on the complexity.


Animations are a part of many popular apps we know and like the user interface, the quality, length and process of the animations can influence the development costs. However, the positive side is that these interfaces and animations are capable of improving traffic.


Traffic estimates

While you build a social media app, you will have traffic estimates in mind. Think of the traffic you would expect as you launch the app and how you want it to grow as your business expands with time. Go for the kind of social media app that would withstand the increase in traffic based on your estimates.


Apart from traffic scalability, the app also needs to have a robust and scalable database for support. All these can have an effect on the app development cost.


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How much does social media app development cost?


The development process of social media apps is pretty much similar to any other app – ideating the app, planning, developing, testing, and deploying. However, there might be some extra steps based on the app requirements and complexity. All these factors dominate the cost of social media app development.


The average cost of social media app development varies between $20,000 and $25,000. The cost can vary based on the factors that were listed above. Now, in terms of the features, hiring a UI/UX designer can cost between $1500 and $2000 and hiring an Android developer will cost around $120 and $170, whereas hiring an iOS developer will cost you around $100 and $150. The cost-effective option is to hire a development company that would help you build a social media app that meets all your requirements.



There are many factors that affect the cost of social media app development. However, if you do not have the right development partner to guide you through the process, you will end up spending more. If you are looking for a team with expertise and skills to develop a social media app that complies with your ideas and requirements, Redbytes Software can help you.


Redbytes Software is mobile solution provider that offers development services across different domains and platforms. Our talented team provides cost-effective social media app development services while leveraging the best development methodologies to provide you with the results you are looking for.

10 Best Free Social Media apps in the UK 2023

Free social media apps have gone to a new level all over the world but in 2021, we were able to witness its enhanced form in the UK market.


As per the analysis, there were more than 85% of the adult population that spent their time on snapping, gaming, tweeting and even moving from one channel to another.


mobile app development


In simple words, the majority of people spend time on free social media apps in uk, whether it is for business marketing or even for personal time.


The statics states directly that there has been an immense increase in the overall social media usage in the UK over the years.


Here are the best free 10 social media apps that are famous in the UK.


Facebook Twitter
LinkedIn YouTube
Instagram Snapchat
Pinterest Tumblr
Reddit Medium
1. Facebook


There is no doubt that Facebook has spread-out widely with the increase in popularity in the past few years. As per the analysis, there are more than 30 million users in the UK that actively use Facebook on daily basis.


This makes it the wide user base with 75% of the male user and 85% of female users along with the ratio of urban to rural goes like 80% to 77%.


facebook app - free social media apps in uk


  • The topmost feature of Facebook is that it allows an individual to share and update a post and status on it on the timeline.
  • It helps in increasing the connectivity of throughout the world irrespective of location.
  • It also helps in keeping a track of events that might be occurring around the area.
  • This also has a social plugin that allows one to easily comment on other’s site such as pages etc.
  • Personal details are another aspect that is covered on Facebook that is visible to the public if the settings allow it.


Download : Android, iOS


2. Twitter


It is a great way to be connected with people all around the world with the total user depending on it. However, if we only talk about the UK ratio than more than 15 million users are active on Twitter.


On top of that, this number is not of the recent year but of 2013. After that, there has been an increase in the total Twitter users without a doubt.


twitter app - free social media apps in uk


  • The platform is similar to Facebook that allows one to keep a track of other activity.
  • The main difference between this platform with Facebook is that if one is following an individual then they can easily check on their updates.
  • It allows live streaming of videos as well that gives a live update to the users about an event and individual.
  • The faster and lighter UI makes it easy for users to work on the whole setup whether it is retweeting or replying in real-time.
  • The latest update of Twitter gives a new feature to the users preventing cyber bullying and harassment on the social
  • There are options such as mute option, notification filtering, time-out, reporting transparency, safe search, preventing abuse, hiding abusive tweets, etc.


Download : Android, iOS


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3. LinkedIn


In the year 2016, it was claimed in the UK that over 20 million people use LinkedIn on daily basis. Out of which, 33% are always online through the day or even at a time.


However, there was no estimation made after that but since then there has been an increase in the overall percentage of users on a wide range. The users are hitting millions in number over time.


linkedIn app - free social media apps in uk



  • This professional social networking site allows users to get in touch with other professionals.
  • It is one of the major platforms that help professional to stay connected and even find new jobs online.
  • There are also features that help in hiding out the connection to ensure security and privacy for users.
  • In addition to this, in the latest update, one can even export the connections with a contact management system for topmost security.
  • It is easy to work add, delete or update the skills sets on a profile along with endorsing it for relevant employers.


Download : Android, iOS


4. YouTube


This is one of the most popular video hosting platforms that is used by 40 million adults. This count makes it the second most used social media app among others as per the analyses of 2021.


It was observed that there are over 5000 videos watched by the population of 18 to 24 years old on an average.


youtube app - free social media apps in uk



  • This platform allows a user to easily check out the video among other features.
  • It also has other features such as searching for the video and even saving it offline.
  • Not every video can be saved in the offline mode since some are not available to it.


Download : Android, iOS


5. Instagram


Just like Facebook, Instagram has managed to have huge popularity with people. In 2021, there were approximately 700 million people that were using the platform a lot.


This ration increases with 200 million every year with a clear scope of the data usage. It becomes even more interesting with the involvement of the majority of people that with time.


Instagram app - free social media apps in uk



  • It is another form of a Facebook platform that has made it easy for an individual to share photos, videos, etc.
  • This also has story features in which one can easily share the stories format with others. These features are also adopted by Facebook later on.
  • One can also handle multiple accounts on Instagram making it easy to have personal and page account.


Download : Android, iOS


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6. Snapchat


Over the year, many people had an issue while wondering on the working of Snapchat. However, Instagram and Facebook copied its core feature and included in their application have given it immense


The companies are working on the advancement with the addition of the major features such as video songs etc. However, in 2018, many people signed a petition due to flow IPO that makes it reverse all of the designing parts.


snapchat - social media apps


  • This is a feature that allows a person to make their video or click a picture to chat with others.
  • There is a different face lens that is used in Snapchat that makes it easy for them to have multiple options to have a snap.


Download : Android, iOS


7. Pinterest


This is another of the social media site that is famous with approximately 200 million users in a month. This has increased the number with time and every month more than 50% of people add on to the platform.


pinterest app



  • In this feature, one can easily pin the pictures on the profile to make it accessible for others.
  • One can also share it and make it possible for them to easily keep the checklist such as wedding ideas or home interior decorations.


Download : Android, iOS


8. Tumblr


Another application that is similar to Pinterest but is a little different is also a major part of the UK social media life. It falls at the 10th rank in the social media usage with the social networking and micro blogging options available for users.


tumblr app



  • In addition to this, it also have the option of sharing photos, videos, photos, links, audios, etc. making it a lot more popular.
  • It also a wide platform that is well-known for finding anything whether it is related to fashion or cuisine.
  • This will look similar to other websites due to a large number of blogs available on the platform but is a bit different from the different options added to it.
  • Even for the company aspects, industries in the UK are depending on it with the micro blogging options.


Download : Android, iOS


9. Reddit


With the ranking of 9th position, Reddit is among one of the free social media apps in uk that are used on a huge level.


reddit app



  • The front page of the internet is an amazing platform that offers us services such as discussion, adding an image, links, asking the question and even voting for the relevancy.
  • One can consider it as forums that are known as subreddits with an engagement between users that helps in going to a whole new level.


Download : Android, iOS


10. Medium


It is one of the major platforms that is used all over the world. The social networking element that is added to online In addition to this, it is free of cost for posting or even reading an article that makes it easily accessible to anyone.




  • There are a few articles that are only for the premium members and others only get sneak peek of it.
  • Apart from this, it is also a common platform where one can easily republish their blogs of the original content to increase the audience reach. This helps the marketer to have a strong online presence with the right set of rules and regulations without hampering the image of the company.
  • It also helps with pinning down the views of the audience easily on a large platform allowing people to revert their views on the articles.


Download : Android, iOS


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These are the major free social media apps that is extremely famous in the UK and in coming years will have a major impact on the personal and professional lives of individuals.


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The UK might be taking its time in adapting to all the free social media apps but slowly it is taking a leap.