19 Best iPhone apps UK 2023

Finding suitable and most popular apps across different categories for your iPhone system could be a daunting task.


App Store is crowded with millions of iOS apps and scouring this digital ocean to discover finest mobile apps will make you feel giddy.


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To rescue your day from the drudgery of vigorous hunting, we chose to present you with only the best iPhone apps available in UK.


From health & fitness, photo editing and entertainment to food and education, these top iPhone apps are making a huge wave in UK this year.


Without wasting any further moment, check out these popular iPhone apps in UK that give life to your sophisticated iPhone devices.


Camera+ Splice
Duolingo Elevate
Slack Buffer
YouTube Netflix
SnapChat Airbnb
Lifesum Calm
Bumble Hinge
OpenTable Tasty
Venmo PayPal



Photography and Video Editing


1) Camera+


User-friendly and straightforward, Camera+ gives you the power of creativity in photo editing with minimal interface and multitude of options.


Across the top of the screen lies a strip of modes, zoom slider and shutter. You can also view more options in modes accompanied by a stabilizer, timer and smile detection.


camera +2 - best iphone apps


Viewfinder area takes you to ‘pro’ mode for manual controls and light-specific shooting followed by editing solutions that include adjustments, filters and frames.


The app consists of enough features to keep you engaged.


Download : Android, iOS


2) Splice


Originally intended to edit video clips from GoPro devices, Splice has emerged as much appreciated video editing apps.


Able to work on any type of footage, it appeals to users with an unfettered range of functions and features not usually found in any other apps.


splice video editor - best iphone apps


Simple and fast, it lets you do text overlays and use a library of stock footage in your video.


Moreover, you can even import video from social media or any other file hosting sites such as Instagram.


Download : iOS




3) Duolingo


Fun and edifying, Duolingo is the perfect app to know and boost your knowledge on foreign languages, making learning them a breeze for school kids.


Laced with essential gamifications (such as ‘levels’ and ‘hit points’), Duolingo is an enjoyable learning app using which you can master popular and fictional languages.


duolingo - best iphone apps


They are tailored to maintain the order in which the language skills are cultivated.


Download : Android, iOS


4) Elevate (Brain training)


Elevate Brain training apps is designed to surprise learners with a great collection of puzzles, each helping you develop a specific skill or talent.


Elevate stands out among others by assessing your performance with some score upon completion of puzzles.


elevate - best iphone apps


The skills you gain include improved writing, omission of redundant words and speed-reading. It has both free and paid version with paid one offering more skillset.


Download : Android, iOS




5) Slack


Snazzy and productive, Slack is a great workplace app to ensure seamless collaboration for business or social purpose.


It is a platform for private and group conversations and supports integration with office space tools such as Dropbox and Google Docs.


slack - best iphone apps


You can add images, GIFs, videos in your chats. To enable on-the-go engagement while travelling, it automatically syncs all your Slack accounts.


Download : Android, iOS


6) Buffer


Leveraged by many marketing executives, Buffer lets you control and schedule your social posts on twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.


Not only is it handy to publications and businesses, but it also useful for an individual seeking to schedule updates and posts regularly.


buffer - best iphone apps


Buffer allows you to pin your expressions, customize the schedule and view the performance of posts (like, share and views) on handful of analytics tools.


Download : Android, iOS


Music & Entertainment


7) YouTube


YouTube’s marvelous success has inspired the rise of compelling virtual youth cultures where YouTubers have freedom to create their own channels.


You can watch diverse videos such as film trailers, product marketing and explainer clips, educational bits and more.


youtube - best iphone apps


Lately, YouTube has started offering more personalized features for socializing, kids section and chat.


Download : Android, iOS


7.) Spotify


Spotify has pioneered the music streaming industry and established the new global cult of online music listeners.


PC and tablet users can enjoy it for free but iPhone users will pay $10 a month for enjoying the personalized experience of creating own playlists and listening to all full albums.


spotify - best iphone apps


Download : Android, iOS


8) Netflix


Netflix has spawned another cultural phenomenon in the world of streaming shows and movies. The app has had many viewers addicted to its original shows such as House of Cards, 13 Reasons why,

The Crownand Stranger Things, which are far superior than what Cable TV usually offers.


Netflix - best iphone apps


Illustrious for serving rich quality of content, Netflix also allows users to view them offline. Its subscription starts at $7.99 a month.


Download : Android, iOS




9) SnapChat


Giving the unique visual experience, SnapChatis fun to use and secure messaging app. SnapChat can be used to share ephemeral content and interesting pictures with your friends.


To ensure privacy, messages you send disappear from the receiver’s device after as little as 10 seconds. Message visibility can be controlled with a duration limit.


snapchat - best iphone apps


Take a picture, overlay text or draw something on top of it and set the duration users can see it for and send it.


Download : Android, iOS




10) Airbnb


Airbnb is an essential Travel app that transforms the methods of finding accommodation in out-of-station cities. You can use the app to pay and rent out rooms from other app users.


Once you have an app installed on your iPhone device, you can effortlessly reach your contacts, search for places and talk to hosts and even pay with the app while on the go.


Airbnb - best iphone apps


Download : Android, iOS


Health and Fitness


11) Lifesum


Your vigorous fitness program, Yoga and meditation may not be as effective in the absence of a supporting healthy diet.


Lifesum helps you simplify keeping the track of your meals with a range of intuitive diet and exercise plans.


lifesum - best iphone apps


Lifesum is there to treat you with a chart of balanced food routine and water intake if you want to lose or gain weight or grow healthier.


You also get suggestions on diet improvement. The app even integrates with Apple Watch.


Download : Android, iOS


12) Calm


Calm is quite a sought-after app used frequently by UK citizens to receive therapeutic guides on meditations.


It has healthy programs and sessions for beginners as well as those on intermediate or advanced level.


calm - best iphone apps


You can pick soothing yoga-friendly nature sounds, breathing exercises or adult bedtime stories.


Download : Android, iOS




13) Bumble


Bumble celebrates women’s freedom of choices when dating and empowers them to make the first move.


You can swipe through dating options just like Tinder and pick the best match. When a match is found, the woman can initiate the conversation to take things further.


Bumble - best iphone apps


If no action is taken in 24 hours, the match disappears, which is an outstanding feature of the app.


Download : Android, iOS


14) Hinge


Hinge finds you potential matches using your Facebook connections, specifically the friends-of-friends perspective.


You can also satiate your curiosity and see users’ relationship status.




This suggests that Hinge encourages more than shallow hookups and focuses on building long-term connections.


Download : Android, iOS


Food and outing


15) OpenTable


OpenTable is your most reliable resort at times when you urgently need to make reservation at a local favorite restaurant or nice food place recommendations.


open table


It supports booking at thousands of restaurants to eat around the globe.


Download : Android, iOS


16) Tasty


Your culinary passion and creativity is answered by Tasty as it delivers step-by-step recipe guide in form of videos right on your iPhone device.


The app practically offers organized solutions to cooking various cuisines by means of ingredients search.




You can even filter by your specific diet and filter out the ingredients you don’t prefer.


Download : Android, iOS


Payment & money transfer


17) Venmo


Venmo has already emerged as the exemplary and laudable payment iphone apps for the people in UK.


In Venmo, you connect directly with your debit card, transfer credit with a small fee and enjoy the ease of free person-to-person money transfers.




The icing is that it works compatibly with many shopping apps, accelerating the checkout process.


Download : Android, iOS


18) PayPal


PayPal facilitates an alternative international payment and offers an account to conduct transactions.




Send, request and receive money effortlessly, and even capture the snaps of checks or credit cards to precisely add them to your account.


Download : Android, iOS




19) Twitch


If you are fond of game streaming, Twitch is the app you need to indulge in the world of games unleashed right at your fingertips.


Compatible with AirPlay and Chromecast, Twitch enables you to chat with other users, view the channels of your favorite streamers or watch recorded videos of top gamers.




Download : Android, iOS


Pick the best


2020 has started presenting a bounty of options in the world of mobile apps to enhance the entire spectrum of human lifestyle.


The suggestion of top iPhone apps in UK mentioned above are all well worth checking out if you fancy blending your real life actions with digital adventures right onto your iPhone device.


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The UK culture is bursting with some vibrant trends and these iPhone apps know how to make the most out of the wave.


If you got your hands on new iPhone device, you will need these apps to bring it alive.